well we know one thing about her husband

Rough week

On Sunday my MIL passed away. All week we’ve been making plans and putting things together. No one else in the family has been very helpful. They all want this giant ceremony, but they don’t have a penny to put towards it. No life insurance or anything, so we ended up fronting almost everything. Bye bye tax return. I obviously don’t mind paying, I just wish that other people weren’t so super particular about everything so that we could do what fits budget-wise a bit easier.

One of husband’s friends came to the visitation. These are people in their 30s, they know how a visitation works. Show up, pay respects, support the family. I was so sad for him. He’s actually doing really well with her death, but of course you’d want those closest to him to be supportive too. I’m sure it’ll sink in more once things calm down.

Tomorrow is the funeral. I hope it goes well.