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Some Comfort [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: i needed to write this for me bc this is going on…yeah…i just needed to…i need seb to comfort me and get my feelings out; im sorry. I promise i’ll write the 3 requests i have tomorrow

WARNING: Mentions of verbal abuse (please don’t get offended; if this is triggering for you, please do not read)

Every kid had their own monster. Like one in the closet, under the bed; in this case, your mom is your monster. Glee is your safe haven. The place where all your worries, all your fears, could just melt away. Well…it was until fifty eight seconds ago.

Standing up from the auditorium seat, you rush towards the exit, poofy black skirt flaring around your thighs. The door swings open, creaking slightly as you let out shallow breaths. Gulping back tears, you lean against the cream pillar, hearing the door catch. “Hey, aren’t you dorks on next?” Comes a cocky voice that belongs to none other than Sebastian Smythe.

Oh no, he can’t see you crying. Turning your head away from him, you sniffle, trying to dry your cheeks…that are covered in mascara. Wonderful. “Hey…what’s up with you?” he asks, this time in a cations tone.

You snort softly, “Why do you care?” you whisper, voice cracking slightly.

Sebastian straightens his back, fixing his striped tie perfectly on his crisp white button down. “You can’t sing well if you’re upset, you know. I’d like to win fair and square.” he grumbles, shrugging. You let out a dry laugh, arms hugging yourself. “But seriously, why…why are you crying? Not that you gotta spill-”

“My mom.” you answer quietly, avoiding his gaze.

His posture stiffens and he frowns, crossing his arms; his blazer wrinkles. “What about her?” he asks, stepping closer to you.

Inhaling, you look at Sebastian, cheeks wet with tears. “She…she keeps trying to contact me and-and I…” you breathe in, shaking your head as you hold yourself tighter. “I want her to stop. She’s… She hated me as a kid… Said I was weak, I never should’ve been born, disgusting; other awful insults… Sebastian, I can’t…” you cry, tears dripping off the end of your nose.

Instantly his hands gently latch onto your upper arms, green eyes boring into yours. One of his hands cup your cheek, thumb collecting the tiny waterfalls. “She’s wrong, so wrong. You are not weak, do you understand me?” Sebastian says sternly, “You are a blessing to this earth. Y/N, please, please don’t listen to any bullshit she says.” he begs, crouching to your level; his light brown locks jumps slightly.

Sniffling, you wait for people to enter the auditorium, toying with your cherry red bow around your waist. The asshole is telling you…you’re a blessing? No, no, no, this can’t be right, Sebastian is…evil. “H-how can I not?” you shout, carding your fingers through your hair. “She-she keeps contacting me in any way possible! And I ca- I can’t do anything! I’m scared, Seb! It's…it’s-”

“Harassment?” he offers, sucking in a deep breath. You shake your head, about to argue with him. “Yes it is, Y/N. I know harassment when I see it.” he bites, licking his lips. Your chest rises and falls, stopping all together when the door pops open. Sebastian glares, “I got this handled, Berry.” he informs, squinting his eyes, nimble fingers dancing up and down your arm.

Rachel sighs, glancing at you for confirmation; you nod faintly. “Mr. Shue said you have fifteen before you need to get backstage… We really need you.” she mumbles shyly, heading back inside.

A heavy breath leaves you and you swallow harshly. “I need to- I need to go.” you whisper, screwing your eyelids shut as you point behind you.

The Warbler nods, still frowning. His lanky arms wrap around your upper body, pulling you to his chest; your arms do the same, fingers curling in the fabric of his navy blazer. “I’m gonna help you, I swear. You aren’t alone.” Sebastian mutters in your ear, lips barely touching your cheek for a kiss.

“Thank you…”

My promises last a lifetime: a Anakin x Reader imagine.

Requested: Yes and one of my favs to write!

Summary: Anakin makes a promise he intends to keep even after all these years of not seeing the reader. 

A/N: Hello! I am back and writing tons of requests! I’m sorry they are taking so long :(

It’s been ten years since I’ve last seen my Mother. It’s been three years since I’ve last seen Y/N. But it’s been ten years to her. How? Well I saw Y/N; she didn’t see me. I was on a mission to Coruscant with Master Kenobi when I passed by her. She was with her slave Master. I never would have recognized her if it wasn’t for the sense of nostalgia I felt when I was close by her. I even had to do a double take. She looked the same, yet so different. She was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Well then I ever DID imagine. There isn’t a day that has gone by that I haven’t thought of Y/N and my Mother. And now on my way back to Tatooine because of a distress call I received by my Mother’s new husband; Y/N and my Mother are all that I can think about. 

Y/N and I grew up on Tatooine together. Well up until I was eight. Our slave Masters worked and lived next to each other. Thus making us work and live next to each other. Y/N and I did absolutely everything together until I left to become a Jedi with Qui-Gon and Master Kenobi. She and I even got “married”. We both knew it was not real or official. We knew we were not old enough to be actually married. And The Justice of the Peace can certainly not be a snail creature we found on the ground. But it was my way of promising her I would ask her to marry me when we grow older. Mother told me to marry my best friend. And Y/N was at the time. Technically she still is considering I don’t talk to anyone else except the Jedi Council and Master Kenobi. Even Obi-Wan doesn’t really KNOW me. The only two people who do are My Mother and Y/N. And that promise of marrying my best friend is still a promise I intend to keep. Once I get my Mother, I’m freeing Y/N too. And I’m marrying that girl. Because I can still tell she is the same girl I use to tell my biggest passions and dreams to. I saw it when I looked into her eyes three years ago. 


“Master Anakin! It is so great to see you!” C-3PO exclaims, greeting me. I haven’t seen this droid since I was eight. He looks very well put together with his silver body and bright glowing button eyes. When left he wasn’t anything except wires. 

“And you 3PO. Now can you please direct me to my Mother?” C-3PO puts his head down slightly.

“I suppose we uh- better go inside. This way Master Anakin,” he leads me to the inside of a sand house. One similar to what I use to live in with my Mother before I was freed. I follow him down a staircase to the main entrance of the house. C-3PO stops as soon as we get down the stairs. I look in front of him to see a guy who looks about my age maybe a couple years older.

“I figured you would come sometime soon. Owen Lars. I’m your step brother. This is my girlfriend Beru,” the guy with the light, brown hair greets me, holding out his hand for me to shake. I’m only here for my Mother. I’m not here to greet the entire house. 

“My Mother. I received a distress signal from here about her. Is she-,”

“Owen, your father is asking- Anakin?” Y/N comes from another room in the house. Her face is written of utter shock.

“Y/N?! What are you doing here?” I ask jumping off the stairs, bringing her into a hug. She hugs me back even tighter. She is still amazing at hugs.

“Anakin, it’s so great to see you! I help out around the house here when the Lars need it. What are you doing back on this sand pile?”

“I received a distress signal a couple days ago and rushed over. I am here for my Mother,” I tell her. The light in Y/N’s eyes dim. And a wave of sadness takes its place. I am sensing something terrible has happen to my Mother.

“Ani, she was taken over a month ago. That distress signal was also sent over a month ago. It must of now gotten to your base. I’m so sorry but she’s gone. It was the sand people, Ani, they got to her before we could. You know how horrible those sand people are,” I stare at the ground, processing everything Y/N is saying. 

“A month you say?” Y/N nods. I begin walking back towards the stairs before my thoughts are interrupted by Y/N’s voice.

“Ani, where are you going?” 

“To find my Mother.”


Hatred. That’s all I can feel right now. Not even the sadness of my Mother’s death. I keep replaying the scene of the life being taken out of her right in my arms.

“I am complete now, Ani.”

Then the glowing life that was my Mother, falls dead in my arms. I slaughtered that whole village. Every last one of them. Dead. Gone. Never to feel again. And I don’t feel any guilt. None whatsoever. 


Driving on the my speeder. My dead Mother rapped in my robe. Not a sane thought going through my mind. I am starting to feel my heart split into two. If you can die from a broken heart. This will be the way I go. I should have never went away. I should have never became a Jedi. I had one job; protect my Mother. And I couldn’t even do that. Now how could I be a loving husband and raise a family? I can’t even protect one person. How am I supposed to protect a whole family? 

“Never break a promise, Ani. If you don’t think you’ll be able to keep it, don’t make it. That’s one of the worst things you could ever do.”


I can see the Lars household. All of the lights are still on. They must be waiting for my arrival thinking my Mother is still alive. I wish I could give them the arrival that have been anticipating. 

Parking my speeder everyone in the house comes out in a rush; hopeful faces eager to see if I have came back with my Mother alive. Grabbing my Mother’s body from off the back of the speeder. Their faces fall. I can hear Y/N weep. 


“Shmi, my love, you were the best wife a man could ever ask for,” Mr. Lars, my step-father says in respects to my Mother. We have buried her body close by the house with a headstone in honor of her. I walk up the the stone then drop to my knees. Fresh tears dare to escape my eyes.

“I’m sorry Mother. I couldn’t save you in time.” I bring my hands up to my eyes, covering them. This is pathetic. Jedi’s don’t cry. I feel a petite hand squeeze my shoulder. I look up to see Y/N’s eyes. Glossy and red. She still looks so stunning when she cries. She helps me up, bringing our hands together. I lean down putting my head on her shoulder.

“It hurts, Y/N, it hurts so much. I don’t know how to make it stop.” I cry. I can feel her shake her head.

“Stop trying to hide your emotions all the time Anakin. It’s okay to feel,” my heart begins to thump at her comforting words. I bring my head up to look into her eyes. I stare at her. Taking in everything. She is who my Mother would have wanted me to be with. She is who I want to be with. I want her to be the Mother of my kids. 

“Marry me,” Y/N looks at me confused.


“When we were six years old we had a wedding. That was my promise to you that we would get married. My Mother told me to never go back on promises. So I am saying to you Y/N, that my promises last a lifetime. And I am telling you right here right now that I want you to be my wife. I want to free you and protect you better than I did my Mother. Marry me,” Y/N looks into my eyes. I can feel the love radiating off of her skin as her thumbs trace circles on my hands. She brings her lips to mine. My body becomes numb. The feelings becoming too much for me to handle. My skin is burning just waiting to touch and hold her. To be able to call her mine. 

“I have loved you since we were six years old Anakin Skywalker. And even though I have not seen you in ten years; I thought you would never ask.” 

Exolvo - Carrows, Cries, and Curses

Some day, I will write a happy Exolvo fic.

Today is not that day.

counterpunches is also super responsible for this, so, you know, blame her.

Rating: T

Harry Potter does not return.

It’s astounding, really, how large a space such a small boy takes up, and how suddenly empty the Gryffindor table looks without his presence, and the two so often found near him.

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Go Viral {Prologue}

Pairing: Ten/Rose, AU
A viral video forces medical researcher John Smith into a fake engagement with Vitex heiress Rose Tyler, who is desperate to keep the tabloids from further blackening her already tattered reputation.

A/N: Thank you to the lovely lostinfic for her help.

For anniviech, my partner in crime :)


It started with a video.

But perhaps it would be more accurate to say that it started with a video that neither of them could remember being in.

One blasted video - gone viral.

Laying the blame on the alcohol, that was too easy, too clichéd, and he was loathe to do so. Besides, that would mean putting part of the onus on himself and on her, given that they had been the ones to ingest said alcohol.

(Which was to say: copious amounts, very unwise and very ill-advised, especially at a party hosted by a certain Mister Jack Harkness.)

(Hell, they ought to lay the blame at Jack’s feet, when all was said and done.)

(He should’ve known better, in other words.)

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bad news;

“It starts with a hastily packed duffle bag in the backseat. A pistol sheathed within the waistband of her jeans.”

summary: where ward keeps his promises, and skye makes sure he delivers. a road trip that includes burning alcohol, dusty motels and route 66 as their race track.

a/n: created in association with this fanmix/graphic. i am nothing but skye/ward trash. 

find at: ao3, tumblr

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