well two of my ovaries have exploded

More Exciting Health Crap

So, you know how I said I sound kind of like a man? This all kind of started before my 20s…slowly getting deeper from hormonal imbalances…then after my surgery in 2016.

Funny thing…Two weeks ago, it started to go deeper and remember…I got real tired, got crazy, then wound up having to get antibiotics for a sinus infection? (Which I’m totally doing great now!) Well…Hahaha…last Friday, apparently I had a huge cyst explode inside my ovary (yes it hurt like hell). Didn’t find out until I got an ultrasound Wednesday… Ovary was blown up with blood and my abdomen had blood too…because I was bleeding internally (not heavily though). I have to get another ultrasound in a few weeks. If it hasn’t stopped by then, I have to have my ovaries taken out.

Anyways, I’m telling you this because NOW…I really do sound like a man. Does it have to do with anything that just happened? I HAVE NO IDEA…BUT IT’S QUITE THE COINCIDENCE! LMAO

Even Kyle FINALLY noticed when he picked babertooth up yesterday. “Man…Your voice is deep…”

I always have the most interesting things happen to me… I should have my own damn show!

Other than that…school’s still good and my husband will be home in 3 weeks!