well this was my acid dream last night

A Court of Night and Spring Pt. 1

Part 1| Part 2

My first ACOTAR fanfiction! 

Word count: 1016

Scene: Feyre wakes up in the Spring Court after last night…

I awoke, breathing hard, instantly ready to do what, I didn’t know, but I was ready. Once the initial bleariness had cleared from my eyes, I scanned the room frantically, trying to remember where I was, who I was.

Pale green, yellow and pink met my gaze. Exquisite vases, floral patterns and the largest jewellery box I had ever seen, filled with earrings and necklaces that, paired with the lacy, puffy number hanging on the outside of the wardrobe, would make me look like a living dress-up doll. The Spring Court.

Just the memories of all of the other times I had woken up in this room, afraid, panicked, made me want to run to the bathing room and hurl my guts up. It was a habit. I stood on shaking legs and tried to carry myself over to the toilet but they failed me and I fell uselessly beside the frilly sheets on the bed. What had I been dreaming about?

Flashes of hot lips on mine, rough hands roving through the countless layers of those horrible, constricting dresses flooded into my half-asleep mind. A strong body pushing me towards the bed, golden hair tangling in his shirt as he pulled it over his head. Golden hair.


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