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Pain of a Broken Heart (Part 3)

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,007

A/N: Alrighty here we go, part 3 as requested to Sorry Will Never Be Good Enough! So I took this request that I got and kinda put it in here, because I thought it would go along perfectly with what I was doing. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I loved writing it.

Warnings: Being shot, being tied up, exorcism, argument, mention of wanting to be dead   

Part 1  Part 2

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Sol 6

Chris Beck x Reader

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7

Summary: You’re part of the Ares III crew, on sol 6 you’re left behind on Mars with Mark. How will the both of you survive and will Beck ever realise your feelings for him.

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NASA had been working day and night to make a shuttle to deliver supplies to you and Mark, now that communication was established with Earth and you guys, NASA had been trying to micromanage everything you guys did. They told you how to grow your potatoes and what rations to eat, tensions had still been high between you and NASA since you found out they hadn’t told the crew you were alive.

It had been over a month and most messages from you and Mark proceeded to tell NASA to go fuck themselves. Of course they had told you to stop swearing considering it was all being broadcast around the world but if you were honest that just amused you even more. You weren’t there for PR, you figured after NASA left you guys on Mars you were well within your rights to express your true thoughts.

Mark came back from an EVA to tell you that the shuttle was almost ready and they predicted it would get to you at a sol in the 800’s. You grimaced at that you were already on half rations and to stretch food that long you would have to cut them down even more, but it was your only option for survival.

Of course life just had to screw you over, or maybe it was just NASA again, because they had skipped inspections the shuttle had exploded before it even left Earth’s atmosphere. So now your future here looked a little bleak. At least you had your potatoes, they had been planted for over 50 sols and would only need another half a month or so before they were ready to be harvested again.

Maybe it wasn’t the best to be living on a potato based diet for several years and you had really begun to hate them. The same thing day in and day out started to wear on you but you struggled through it, most of yours and Mark’s vlogs consisted of complaining about Mars, NASA or potatoes. You told yourself that it would all be okay because if you pushed through it then you would be able to go home.

The Hermes was quiet, everyone was gathered around the common room not talking. The past four months since they left Mars had been hell. Even Martinez, who had always been the joker, was stoic and engrossed in his work.

The data dump was coming through, it was a perk when videos of their families came through but it didn’t lift morale as much as it should have done. You and Watney had been everyone’s favourites and to lose you both had changed everyone.

“Data dump’s complete. There’s one for the whole crew,” Beth said softly, the crew slowly made their way over and gathered in front of the screen and waited for the video to load up.

They were a little confused to see their flight director but figured it was just a routine message, oh how wrong they were. “There’s no easy way to say this,” Henderson started, “But Mark Watney and Y/N Y/L/N are alive. They are still on Mars and we’ve known for two months now but I was given orders not to tell you so you could focus on your mission. We have contact with them and they stress that it wasn’t your fault and they don’t blame you, every time you come up that’s what they say. Um, there isn’t anything you can do but we are planning a way to save them. That’s all,” the message shut up and the crew were silent.

Beck’s heart dropped, he felt like he couldn’t breathe. He had left you there, he had declared you dead and left you on Mars. You were his best friend, how could he do that to you? You probably hated him, he thought, he would deserve it for what he did to you.

“I left them there,” Lewis spoke with guilt in her voice. She was the commander and she had let you down, both of you had been alive and she had left both of you stranded. She wasn’t stupid she knew that there weren’t enough rations to sustain two of you on Mars for another rescue mission, honestly she was surprised that the two of you had managed to survive this long.

“No,” Beck shook his head, “We all did,” he swallowed.

“You were all following orders, I gave them.”

“It was me who told you they were dead,” Beck forced out, there was no point denying it. He knew that if he hadn’t said they were dead Lewis would have kept looking for them, it was him who stopped her from doing that.

Wordlessly Beck turned and left the common room and headed to his quarters, tears fell down his face as he held back sobs till he reached his room. It was all his fault, you had done everything for the crew and him. You had been there when he was feeling down and you were able to make him forget about the stress of training and anything else that was wrong and he had betrayed you. He slid down the side of the wall, tucked his legs to his chest and buried his face in his arms.

He heard someone come in and tried to quieten his cries, the person sat down next to him and he glanced over and saw that it was Beth. He was glad it was her and not someone else, he knew that she wouldn’t tell anyone that he had been crying. “It’s not your fault,” she said.

“Y/N was my best friend, it was me who..” he couldn’t finish the sentence but Beth knew what he was getting at.

“You made the right call,” Beth insisted, “If you hadn’t we would have lost Lewis as well.” Beth knew how hard your death had hit Chris and she knew he must be feeling like utter shit now that he knew that he had left you on another planet. He had fared the worst out of everyone and Beth knew it was because he had loved you, more than he thought or was willing to admit to himself. She hoped, for both your sakes, that you made it back alive.


A/N- so this was shorter than the last one but whatever. How are you guys liking it, I'm over half way done with this now. Are there any specific scenes you would like to see for the rest of this fic or interactions with certain characters? Let me know if you do and I'll see what I can do. Requests are open xx 

The Truth

Ending Part of Business Trip

Dean x Reader (Main) - Cas x Reader (Side)

AU Where you work for a traveling magazine. You have everything: The job, the guy, the friends. But when your boss offers you traveling around the world to write an article, will you be able to stand those green eyes you hate?

Words: 1500

Warnings: ANGST

Catch up with the Business Trip Masterlist

A/N: We’re here! Don’t worry, there’s an epilogue to be posted! Thank you for reading and supporting me through the whole way. Love you all. Sorry I deleted this, here it is one more time

Feedback is super appreciated! Enjoy xx

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Nightmares, Arranged Marriage Phan AU - Final Chapter (8)

Title: Nightmares

Paring: Phan (Dan and Phil)

Warnings: Mention of murder, child abuse

Words: 1580

Plot: AU where all marriages are arranged. Gender, race, and age do not matter. Phil is an 18 year old with his dream job, Dan is a 14 year old about to start high school. When they’re arranged to be married, and Dan has recurring nightmares, this is what unfolds.

Chapter: 8/8

Link for other chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Genre: Fluffy angst?

(A/N: I want to thank everyone who messaged me with encouragements and told me how much they loved this story. You guys kept me writing and it always brightened my day! I hope you guys like this last chapter! Please don’t steal or repost! Likes and reblogs are of course appreciated. :))

~~Dan’s P.O.V~~

I was awakened by the obnoxious sound of my phone ringing. “Hello?” I murmured into the phone and rubbed my eyes. I was in Phil’s arms and I felt him adjust.

“Daniel,” I heard my mother’s voice. “We’d like to meet with you and Phil today. Are you guys available?”

“Phil,” I looked up to him. “Can we meet with my parents today?”

“Sure,” He kissed my forehead.

“Where do you want to meet?” I asked.

“How about at The Violet Spice restaurant?” She asked. We set up a time, and then hung up the phone. We’d be meeting in about an hour.

“I don’t want to get up,” I cuddled myself further into Phil. He chuckled.

“It’s a thirty minute drive, we have to get up, Dan,” he ran his hand through my hair. “Come on now,” he sat up and got out of the bed. I sighed and begrudgingly sat up. We both dressed into a button down shirt and dress pants, since it was a rather fancy restaurant. I grabbed a tie and walked over to Phil to see him ready, tie and all. I held out the tie to him.

“Can you help me?” I asked. He grabbed the tie and put it around my neck. He tightened the knot, and kissed me lightly once he got it fully tightened.

“There,” he smiled. “So beautiful.” I felt myself blush and I buried my face into Phil’s neck. I felt his arms wrap around me and we hugged before we walked downstairs and into Phil’s car. “Did your parents have a specific reason for meeting up today? Or just to see you?” Phil asked while he was driving.

“They didn’t say, I think just to meet up and make sure things are okay,” I replied. The rest of the car ride was silent for the most part. I turned on the radio after a few minutes and felt Phil grab my hand and squeeze lightly. We arrived soon and walked into the restaurant. We met my parents at a table and sat down.

“Hello, I’m Jennifer. I’ll be taking care of you tonight. Can I start you off with something to drink?” She grabbed out a notepad. We all ordered Coke’s and she walked away.

“How is everything?” My father asked.

“Good,” I replied. Phil nodded beside me.

“Are you guys getting along well?” My mum chimed in.

“We do,” Phil replied. He looked over to me and we both smiled.

“Here’s your drinks,” our waitress set down the drinks. “Do you guys need some time or are you ready to order?” We all rambled off various items on the menu, which she scribbled down and walked away. We made small talk until we got our food.

“So Dan,” my father broke the silence when we were all close to finishing our meals. “We wanted to talk to you about something today, and we figured it’d be best to have Phil with you.”

“About what?” I felt my heartbeat.

“Your nightmares, Dan,” My mum chimed in.

“What about them?” I set my fork down and I felt Phil’s hand grab mine under the table.

“Dan, for the first three years of your life, we weren’t your parents. We adopted you when you were three,” My father started off. I took a breath.

“What?” I felt tears brim my eyes.

“Just, hold on for a second. Let us explain,” my dad held up a hand. “Your parents, they weren’t exactly ideal parents. When the police took you into custody, you were found locked in a closet. They both admitted to starving you for days on end, along with locking you in the closet for most of the day. They weren’t able to afford adequate food for you, and your mother refused to breastfeed.”

“Is this a joke?” I stood up, I felt a tear slide down my face.

“No, Daniel,” My mum confirmed.

“The police found you after a murder was tied to your parents. It’s speculated by the police that you may have witnessed it. All of the trauma from early on could be what’s causing the nightmares,” My father continued.

“You told me you didn’t know what caused my nightmares,” I cried.

“We wanted to protect you, Dan,” My mum replied.

“I want to go home,” I looked at Phil. Phil looked to my parents and they nodded, as if giving permission that we could leave.

“We’ll be going then,” Phil stood up. He put down money on the table, grabbed my hand, and we walked out. Once we got outside, I couldn’t contain myself. I coughed from holding in the tears, and felt them pour down my cheeks. Phil pulled me into him and wrapped his arms around me, while I gripped his shirt on his sides. “I’m so sorry, Dan,” he whispered. I hiccuped, my cries were vocal, and I felt my nose run.

“I want to go home,” I repeated.

“We’ll go,” Phil grabbed my hand and led me to the car. He opened the door, and I sat inside. He got into the driver’s seat and started driving back home. I curled into myself, bringing my knees up to my chest. My parents weren’t my parents. And my real parents were killers, who abused me. I whimpered and continued to cry for the rest of the car ride. Once he pulled into our house, I felt him pull me into his arms and carry me to our flat.

“It’s all so fucked up,” I muttered, wiping my eyes.

“I know, bear, I know,” Phil and I stood in the entryway of our house. Phil and I walked back to our bedroom, and I took off the shirt, tie, and pants. I crawled into bed in my boxers, not bothering to put pajamas on. “Is there anything I can do to help?” Phil asked. He was standing at the foot of the bed, still in his clothes. I was cried out, I didn’t have anymore tears for the time being. I felt numb.

“Will you take a bath with me?” I asked. Phil and I have seen each other in our boxers, having changed in front of each other, but never fully naked. I didn’t care, I just wanted to take a relaxing bath, but I didn’t want to be alone.

“Okay,” Phil replied. I sighed and rolled out of bed and to the bathroom connected. “Are you sure?” Phil asked once we both got into the bathroom. I nodded. He started up the bath, checking the temperature a few times before he pulled off most of his clothes, leaving his underwear on. “Maybe we should leave our boxers on,” Phil said.

“Alright,” I shrugged. My eyes burned from crying so hard, and I had a headache. The bath filled, and Phil stepped in. I stepped in after him, sitting on his lap. I curled into a ball and rested my head on Phil’s chest. I closed my eyes and felt myself relax in Phil’s arms. He brought a loofah onto my back, chest, and arms, cleaning me slowly. We stayed like that for a while, before we both started to get cold and decided to step out.

We got into bed and Phil pulled me into him. “I love you, Dan,” he kissed my forehead.

“I love you, Phil,” I murmured. We stayed in silence for a while. “I don’t want to fall asleep,” I admitted.

“I’ll be here,” Phil replied.

~~ 5 years later. Dan is 19. Phil is 23. 3rd person P.O.V ~~

Dan walked out of his weekly therapy session and to his car. He pulled out his phone and called Phil. “Hey, Bear,” Phil answered the phone.

“Lion,” Dan smiled. “I have to stop into work, so I’ll be home a little later.”

“Don’t let them keep you too long. No amount of video production is worth missing me,” Dan could almost sense Phil’s smile while he said that.

“Mhm,” Dan agreed. He graduated from high school last year, and found a career doing video production, something he loved. “I’ll see you soon. Love you.”

“I love you too,” Phil replied. Dan hung up and started driving to his job. He walked into the meeting, apologizing for being late like he always is. They finished the meeting fairly soon, and before he knew it, he was on his way back home.

“I’m home, Philly!” Dan called when he walked in the door.

“I just got the mail,” Phil came out from the kitchen toward Dan. “Margaret’s invited us to her wedding,” he was looking at a piece of paper.

“Good for her, I’m glad she’s found someone she likes,” Dan took his coat off and hung it up. Phil wrapped his arms around him. It has been exactly five years today since the trial against Andrew, they were both acutely aware of that fact. Since he was a minor, he got off with parole, but he stayed out of Dan’s way after that.

Dan rarely got nightmares anymore, through therapy, medication, and the help of Phil, he was finally getting over his past. “Can we get pizza for dinner?” Dan asked Phil, turning around in his arms to face him.

“Whatever you want, love,” Phil kissed Dan’s nose.

“Well, I want pizza,” Dan replied.

“Pizza it is,” Phil replied. They ordered the pizza and curled into each other on the couch, binge watching movies.

(A/N: Gah! I can’t believe it’s over! I paced my kitchen for thirty minutes before finishing it. I really hope you guys enjoyed it. You should give me feedback! Feel free to message me. Thank you for reading, and thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way! P.S sorry for the rather abrupt and strange ending, I’m awful at ending stories)

Here’s a link to my other fics if you’re interested in reading them!


I promised levisrnith (months ago because I’m a DICKBAG) a fic of “Levi leaving Eren for Erwin” which is totally my bread and butter because I’m a horrible hosebeast. I’ve got like .. two fics in progress with the same theme, but they’re taking forever so have this shitty drabble-thing.

Modern AU: Erwin waits too long to ask Levi out on a date, ereri ensues. Kinda. Maybe. Not at all.

For rivaille-heichou because everything I write is for this gorgeous being, and shitty-brat-eren who was my irrated beta (i apologize to your muse, bb, D: ILUSFM) and basically encouraged my shittiness.


“I’m going on a date with Eren,” Levi announces, and Erwin chokes spectacularly on his cereal.

It’s been two long years filled with awkward sexual tension during which the circumspect Erwin has spent unsuccessfully screwing up the courage to ask out his roommate. It has somehow never occurred to him that the opportunity would someday be wasted, or that Levi might find someone else in the interim, so when Levi mentions going on a date, he is somewhat fairly devastated.

“Oh,” he says blankly, as Levi retrieves a cup of yogurt from the fridge. “Eren? That part time new hire you just took on?”

“Mm,” Levi murmurs in response. “He’s probably the only guy I’ve met in the last year that looks even remotely like dating material.” Erwin is wounded, wondering diffidently what it is that might have led Levi to overlook him as a potential date, but Levi only swallows another spoonful yogurt, oblivious to Erwin’s inner turmoil. “So what do you think?”

“Of what?” Erwin asks stupidly. “Of Eren?”

“No, Apartheid. Yes, Eren.”

“Kinda hard to say,” Erwin says, his words muffled by a mouthful of half-chewed corn flakes. “He’s not really my type.”

“What is your type?” Levi asks, and in his brusque way it sounds more like an accusation.

Erwin swallows hard, and looks up with agitation. “Um … I don’t … I don’t really have one?”

“Really?” Levi asks doubtfully. “I figured tall, statuesque, Apollonic, Type A personality would be what you were into.” He chews for a moment. “Someone like you, I guess.”

Erwin looks at Levi, his small frame poured into tight, dark jeans, wearing a nearly-threadbare Queen shirt worn especially thin at the collar, scuffed black leather midhigh boots, his look finished off with cracked leather cuffs around his pale wrists. “Nah,” Erwin replies, looking down to study his bowl of cereal with an acuity that is quite obviously affected. He waits a moment until he’s sure Levi’s not looking him over. “What about you?” he asks, attempting to sound casual. “What’s your type?”

Levi frowns and looks at him for a lingering moment before cutting his eyes away and setting his dirty spoon in the sink. “I don’t have one, either,” he mutters before snatching up his leather jacket from the back of the dining chair and flouncing out the door. “Take care of the dishes for me?”

“I always do,” Erwin says, and he’s left alone to his thoughts and the dirty dishes.  

Later that night, Erwin comes back to the apartment after the world’s longest business meeting and more than a couple of celebratory beers with coworkers. He fumbles with his keys far longer than he needs to in his inebriate haze, and when he finally makes it inside, he is surprised to see Levi and Eren laughing as they emerge from Levi’s bedroom.

“Oh, hey,” Levi greets Erwin with a smile. “I didn’t think you were even coming home tonight, it’s so late. Where’ve you been?”

“Out,” is Erwin’s explanation, and he’s frowning. “We finally managed to broker a deal with that firm that’s been giving us trouble, so we went out to celebrate.”

“Nice,” Levi says, and it’s obvious that he’s more interested in the brunet with the startling eyes who’s slipping his hand in his and tugging at his sleeve like a child. “Well, we’re gonna get out of here. Erd’s band is playing a set at that bar downtown, and I promised I’d help him set up his recording equipment.” He pulls on his leather motorcycle jacket. “Did you want to come? I think Hanji said she’d be stopping by.”

Erwin feels that sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, imagining himself standing around like the extraneous third wheel, downing shitty, over-priced bourbons waiting for the set to start while simultaneously trying to ignore the two of them sucking face next to him. “No, I think I’m just going to go to bed,” Erwin mumbles as he staggers towards his room.

“Ok,” Levi says, shrugging. “Well, don’t wait up.”

Erwin all of a sudden feels like he wants to vomit.

He collapses in utter defeat on his bed, feeling a scraping sort of displaced mortification in his gut. He hears the front door shut, and everything is silent but for the erratic beating of his heart, exacerbated by anxiety and the beer coursing through his system.

“‘Don’t wait up …’” he repeats, throwing his arm over his face, though it is a palty aegis for his discomfort. Erwin manages to roll out of bed and make it to the kitchen, where he promptly and somewhat savagely ripped open a bag of Doritos, Chex Mix and chocolate malted milk balls and caramel chocolates into a giant serving bowl and stomps back to bed.

Half an hour later, the large screen TV in his room is playing two separate basket ball games while Erwin scrolls through a tab after tab of cat memes, classic rock blaring on the surround sound, competing with the sounds of the game and Erwin’s attentions. He scoops handfuls of the nauseating, half-melted and more-than-stale conglomeration into his mouth as his foot taps nervously in time to the music. He washes the food down with his third beer of the night, and it’s as bitter as the frown on his face.

At midnight, Erwin is passed out on his bed, clutching the nearly-depleted bowl of snacks, successfully distracted from his romantic preoccupations. He wakes when he feels the mattress shift from an unfamiliar weight, and it’s Levi, smelling of beer and cigarette smoke and leather and clandestine kisses, and Erwin rubs his eyes in disbelief.

“What are you doing home?” he asks, frowning.

"Eren can’t get hard,” Levi says simply, before reaching over and turning off the lamplight.

And then Levi rides him like the fucking Pony Express and they get married the next spring at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater, and Eren cries big baby bitch tears into a bowl of meat at the reception.

We’re Starting At The End [ch.6]

edit | art

Summary: The end of the world happens just like it would any other day, leaving Percy stumbling on his own until he runs into Annabeth. But the world isn’t that kind, and building a new life is hard when it keeps crumbling at his fingertips every step of the way. Zombie Apocalypse AU.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, The Walking Dead, or anything else you may recognize. The title is from Alone Together by Fall Out Boy.

a/n: This is one of my favorite chapters that I’ve posted so far. Make sure to come by and tell me what you think bc I love to hear from you guys.


Percy’s been staring out of the window most of the time, watching the scenery go by. Reyna has some CD in the player that he doesn’t recognize, but there’s a lot of guitar and drums in the songs. Sure, Percy loved Fall Out Boy before the fucking world ended, but he never really listened to anything anymore hardcore than that, so he’s not familiar with the music that Reyna plays.

For some odd reason, he’s thinking that this area looks a bit familiar. He dismisses the thought though, wondering where it even came from because every place looks familiar when the whole world is a wasteland.

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Hartwin Week: Angst

Two weeks after Kentucky, after V-Day, Eggsy finds himself on his knees on the bathroom floor of Harry’s old house, sobbing into his hands. 

Technically he’s here because the house is now officially his, thanks to Harry’s will, which had been updated a mere two days before his last, fatal mission. It’s his first time back here since V-Day, and he already knows he isn’t going to make it. 

He wanders through the rooms, touching things here and there. The dining room table, the glass decanters still full of expensive liquor. Everything is lightly coated with a sheen of dust. 

Slowly he climbs the stairs. He doesn’t go in the office with its red walls and newspaper headlines. He’s not sure he can ever go in there again, that room where he watched Harry die. 

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second-stringer  asked:

Oooh, I'd love to see a drabble from the missing 5 years between California AU parts 1 & 2. Since you've said Clarke had a drinking problem, maybe she's very drunk and missing Lexa ft. Good friend Raven taking care of her and making sure she doesn't drunk dial Lexa? Anything you wanna do really, I'm just throwing ideas out lol I'm a slut for California AU.

She’s a mess.

Raven knows that well enough by now. Clarke has been her best friend since they were fourteen. Hell, for a little while they were more than that but it was never meant to last. Clarke needed an outlet and well, so did she. But if there was one thing that dating Clarke taught her that being her best friend never did is that her heart? It’s always full. Though the content of it might always belong to the girl she picked up off of the curb.


Before Lexa, Raven could count on one hand the amount of times she’d seen Clarke Griffin cry. Most of those occurred right after her Father died. But now she’d lost track. Raven had never gotten all of the details, Clarke often breaking down before she could get past ‘I love her, I love her so much’.

And maybe it’s the fact that people who love her keep leaving - Raven’s been able to keep track of only a few but she knows Clarke has issues with abandonment. Lexa was just the final stake to her too full heart.

Currently, Clarke has a bottle of tequila gripped in a fist. She’s finished more than half of it, on her own, and Clarke had called her before she even started drinking. “I’m opening this bottle and it’s been a rough day,” she’d said and Raven knew what she meant. She might be unwilling to admit that she needs anybody these days but Raven isn’t dense enough to pretend she didn’t hear the desperation in her voice. Clarke needed her. And she would be there. That’s what best friends did.

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Bittersweet | Carmilla AU | Chapter 7: The One With Will and LaFerry

also known as ‘better late then never???’

read it on AO3 and/or FF.net






















 “For someone so adamant about falling in love, you’re awfully buddy-buddy with the pet store girl,” Will observed, leaning against the counter beside the register.

It was a slow day, for once. Maybe because it was a Wednesday. Or maybe because it was ten in the morning. The store was quiet, save for the never-ending Christmas music in the background. Carmilla and Will had taken it upon themselves to take this sweet moment of relaxation to relax a bit.

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Punk Series: Preference #8 - He cries in front of you
  • A/N: It has been a long time since updating the punk series. so here ya go! Remember feedback it great and you can always request a preference for the punk series! :)
  • ------
  • Niall: "Ni! Are you okay?!" you yelled after finding him on the floor crying. "I-I-..." was all you could get out of him. You didn't know what was wrong and all you could think about was holding him. Wrapping your arms around him you could feel him shaking. He was out of breath. You've never seen anyone this upset, especially Niall this upset. "Babe, i'm so sorry." he finally let out. You could smell alcohol on his breathe. "What are you talking about?" you asked. "I'm so sorry. i'm so sorry." he kept saying. "I did something bad and i dont know how to tell you." he sopped out. "Niall what did you do?" You got harsher as it scared you the more he hid whatever it was he was hiding. He held out his arm, bleeding. "Ni!" you yelled grabbing a towel and covering it up. "Your ex was at the bar, i just got mad, and we went at it.. i hurt him... bad." he said, but at the moment you were just trying to get him to calm down.
  • ------
  • Liam: "Where's my little pups." Liam said walking through the vet office. The vet came out with a clip board and a cage. Loki wasn't the only dog in the house hold anymore, but max has been part of the family for years now. "Hey there!" Liam said poking his finger inside playing with Loki. "Where's max?" Liam asked and the vet didn't say anything. "Max actually, he umm. didn't respond well with the medicine. We're sorry but his heart started speeding up and.." the vet said. Before he could finish Liam was crying. You didn't know what to do. It was the first time he cried int front of you. It was weird to see him cry. You knew he loved that dog and now he is gone. The whole car ride home it was quiet. Besides the barking from Loki. "I'm sorry." you said as you grabbed his hand. He just kissed the top of your hand and you could feel a tear fall from his face and hit your hand.
  • ------
  • Louis: "I let them down. All that hard work and i just let them down. Im not good enough." Louis rambled on in the dressing you. You could tell by his crackling voice that he was on the verge of tears. "It was a mess up. All performers have bad moments." you said trying to comfort him the est way you can. He was pacing back and forth breathing heavy. Walking over to him you patted his back and he just clasped into you. Digging his face deep into your neck. His hot face against your skin. "Louis, you did fine. I promise you. Like i said everyone messes up. The boys dont care and hell no one even noticed when it happened." you tried to calm him. His face was so buried into the crook of your neck that you couldn't make out a think he was saying. "you're just saying that." was the only thing you got coming from him. "No. No i'm not." you said making eye contact with him. "You did great." you said kissing him.
  • ------
  • Zayn: "Did you see this?" Zayn said showing you an article on his phone. Before you even looked at the screen you could tell something was wrong. Zayn isn't the angry type but when he got quiet and soft it usually meant something was up. You looked at the screen to see a picture of the two of you. Reading the article you found how much the fans truly treated you like shit. It hurt but you didn't think much about it. Not like Zayn at least. He was tearing up. "You okay?" he asked you. "Are YOU okay?" you asked him, noticing more tears. "Yeah, it just scares me you know?" he asked. You gave him a confused look and he continued. "Like what if the fans get worse. What if you decided it's too much? I cant lose you." he said putting his face in his hands. You push his face to make eye contact with you. "I'm not going anywhere." you smiled kissing him before he could worry about anything else.
  • ------
  • Harry: "I'm so fucking done with all this bullshit!" you heard Harry yell walking into your flat. It was normal for him to come over here out of nowhere, but you could tell he was pissed. You dropped that dishes that you were washing and went to meet him. "hey." you said hugging him tight. "Whats wrong?" you whispered in his ear. "PR. Everything is PR. I'm sick of everyone looking at me like im some play toy. I dont fuck every girl i see!" he said walking to the couch. You've seen him get upset over this stuff before but never this bad. "I'm with you. Everyone knows it, we aren't hiding and they still want to start bullshit with girls that i dont even talk to for longer than 5 minutes." he softened and you could see him began to cry. All the drama and holding it in just fell out. You sat next to him, making him face you. You wiped the tears off his red face. "babe, i dont believe it and that all the matters right?" the moment you told him that he calmed down.