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171120 Omar Dominick Instagram Update of BIGBANG:

Fukuoka. We had a lot of fun. A lot of good energy well needed for everyone that worked really hard to make every night special!

December 4th-10th

It’s almost time! I’m sure we’re all counting down the days to the most magical week of the year- Garrus Vakarian appreciation week! 

I welcome any type of content, be it art, fic, head canons, songs, moodboards- whatever you put your mind to! Please put NSFW content under a cut, and if it gets too lengthy, utilize that cut feature again as well. 


Remember that this is a week about positivity- there will be zero tolerance for character bashing, be it of Garrus or any other character. 

Be polite to other creators! You’re not required to read/look at their content, and I will be diligent about putting things under a cut and about tagging [though please make my life easier by including trigger warnings in your work!] 

The standard applies- no racism, anti-LGBT sentiment, ableism, etc. 

Tag all posts with#garrusweek2017 and feel free to tag me @bestshotonthecitadel in your posts. 


These prompts are just for fun! You’re not required to follow them. They’re there for those of you that want to utilize them. 

Day 1- Priority: Palaven- What was Garrus’ early life like? Tell us about his family, about his education, about his military training. Anything that came before Shepard is fair game. 

Day 2- Meet the Crew- Garrus as companion. Who does he get along with the best? Who are his friends, and who does he butt heads with? Alternate ships can be talked about here!

Day 3- The Space Between- Just who is Archangel, and how did he come about? 

Day 4- Calibrations- Outside of battle, what does Garrus like to do? How does he unwind? What hobbies does he have? 

Day 5- No Shepard Without Vakarian- You were all waiting for this day. ;) 

Day 6- What Remains- After it’s done and the Reapers are gone, what does Garrus do? 

Day 7- Free Space

Thank you to @bleeding-hoods for the icon! 

Please come celebrate Samantha Traynor Week hosted by @continuousspec on the sideblog traynor-appreciation

Hey, guys–?

I need your input on something. If you could be so kind and tell me three things you associate with Finland, I’d be eternally grateful. And by Finland, I mean the country, not me. I’m not interesting enough for most of you, I believe, so I think it’s fair.

This can be anything, really. I won’t be offended, be honest. I promise.

–It’s kind of important to me, and I never really speak up, as you might’ve noticed. Consider this as my attempt to reach out to you.

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US UF HT bros met their SO on a warm day, and they were just walking down the street. Then out of no where, they hear someone screaming at them "WATCH OUT!!" Then someone crashes into them, but they're wearing rollerblades, so they spin out of control and crash into a poll nearby. What would the bros do?

US Sans: Oh no! Are you alright?!  He will fuss over you, making sure you are alright. Then he will give you a sly grin. Do you always roll into people like that? Maybe you could continue that..somewhere else? Well…not the rolling but…something else? He isn’t sure what though. Maybe..something.

He is stuttering an blushing at the an, not sure where he even wanted to go with this. take mercy on him and accept his offer for…whatever he wants to do. He isn’t sure, you aren’t sure. But it will be fun, I promise.

US Papyrus: You actually crash into him. He is a good dodger and can be perceptive. But only if he actually tries to. Most of the time he barely notices what goes on around him, and often just runs into things straight on.

You are both on the floor, your knee in his rib cage, his elbow in your face.

“eyy…now that you’ve fallen for me…wanna get some ice cream? Or maybe some bandages first, we are both bleeding and that’s not good.” He just want’s to make friends, and takes every opportunity.

UF Sans: Jeez, what the fuck. Can’t you look where your rolling with those things? He doesn’t even look if you are alright, he just walks away. You roll after him, apologizing for almost running him over.

“well, how ‘bout you buy me some food so i can stomach the whole incident better.” He is honestly just hungry, like always, and want’s some free food.

Who would have guessed that you two would part after a few hours of good conversation and bad jokes, both with the number of the other.

UF Papyrus: The moment you roll towards him, and are about to crash into him, he just shoves you to the side. You crash into a poll. He doesn’t even apologize and keeps walking.

You only properly meet a few days later as you skate along the same street again, and suddenly scream “YOU!” as you see Papyrus. Papyrus just gives you a dirty look. You demand an apology, not leaving him alone an…he honestly admires your persistence, even though it is pretty annoying. He will invite you for one coffee, but that’s it.

Spoilers: It’s not it.

HT Sans: Wow, you almost gave him a heart attack, thanks. He is still very jumpy, so you suddenly charging towards him isn’t something he can handle very well right now. But he knows that Papyrus would want him to check if you are alright, and he would do everything to make his brother happy, so he does.

“you..uhm…alright?”, he isn’t good at social things anymore. But you seem nice. You apologize, asking him to buy him a coffee since he seems kinda spooked.

Well, he has nothing else to do anyway.

HT Papyrus: He get’s startled badly when you suddenly charge towards him, but even all those years in what felt like hell, didn’t kill his kindness. He runs to you, asking if you are alright. You are ok, except for a few bruises..bleeding bruises. He can’t see blood anymore since he had to literally cook humans. Living, bleeding, breathing humans.

He finds himself shaking on the floor, you now trying to make sure if he is alright. You offer to buy him a coffee or cocoa, to calm his nerves.

The rest of the day goes by more pleasant then you two would have expected.

anonymous asked:

Gorgeous: the line about making fun of the way you talk, is even more ridiculous now. Forget she has "dated" British men before as well as has British friends, but if this is now supposed to be a Met Gala meeting, she was literally surrounded by British men that night and the night before. Tom and co chair Idris . But she made fun of joe, whose accent is rather mild? The kaylor fandom knows who speaks with a weird accent sometimes.

Exactly. She had also been friends with Ed and Cara for years at that point.

I’ve been tagged...

…by cutie @liloloveyou024, thank you :3

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bold the true statements:

I am 5'7 or taller

I wear glasses

I have at least one tattoo

I have at least one piercing

I have blonde hair

My abs are somewhat defined

I have or had braces

I love meeting new people (depends who tbh)

People tell me I’m funny (at least they make fun of me xD)

Helping people with their problems is a big priority to me

I enjoy physical challenges

I enjoy mental challenges

I’m playfully rude to people I know well

I started to say something ironically, now I can’t stop saying it

There is something I would change about my personality

I can play an instrument

I can sing well

I can do 30 push-ups without stopping

I’m a fast runner

I can draw well

I have a good memory

I’m good at doing Maths in my head

I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute

I have beaten at least two people in an arm wrestle

I know how to cook at least three meals from scratch

I can throw a punch

I enjoy sports

I have learned a new song in the past week

I’ve gone running at least once a week in summer

I work out at least once a week

I have drawn something in the last month

I enjoy writing

I have done martial arts

I have had my first kiss

I have had alcohol

I have scored a winning goal in sports

I have watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting

I have been to an overnight event

I have been in a taxi

I have been in a hospital/er in the past year

I have beaten a video game in one day (shorts one like Journey :p)

I have visited another country

I have been to one of my favourite band’s concerts

I have at least one person I consider a best friend

I live close to my school/university/college

My parents are still together

I have at least one sibling

I live in the US

There is snow right now where I live

I have hung out with friends in the past month

I have a smartphone

I have at least 15 CDs

I share my room with somebody

I have a crush on a celebrity

I have a crush on someone I know

I have been in at least three relationships

I have asked someone out or admitted my feelings to them

I get crushes easily

I have had a crush for over a year

I have been in a relationship for more than a year

I have had feelings for a friend

I have break danced

I know a person called Jamie

I have had a teacher with a last name hard to pronounce

I have dyed my hair

I am listening to a song on repeat right now

I have punched someone in the past week

I have known someone who has gone to jail

I have broken a bone

I have eaten a waffle today

I know what to do with my life

I speak at least 2 languages

I have made a new friend in the last year

By Chance


Summary: The reader never guessed that spilling a drink on a city corner could have such an impact on her life.  She never guessed she would be so enraptured by the man who now wore her drink.  She definitely didn’t expect a relationship to bloom merely by chance.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 851

Y/N-Your Name
B/F/N-Best Friend’s Name

You love how close you live to New York City; you could just decide to visit one of the most popular cities in the world on a whim, while others had to plan for weeks.  You love hopping on a quick train and arriving in the hustle and bustle of the ever beating heart of Times Square.  And you especially love all the fun little moments and memories you have of it, and how most of them happen by chance.  You just never realized that one of those moments would actually be life-changing.

It was fall, the leaves making their changes as lives were as well.  Most of your friends were home from college for the Thanksgiving break, so to celebrate, you planned a fun day in the city.  You met up with your best friend, B/F/N, and got an early start before meeting up with the others.  As you venture out into the cold, autumn air, you both realize you could easily go for a hot drink.  You speed-walk to the nearest Starbucks and each order a festive drink to warm you up.  As you leave the cozy interior and round the corner, you make the mistake of putting your head down to zip up your coat.  As your attention is diverted, you don’t see the handsome boy until you’ve already collided with him.  You don’t see his warm, brown eyes until you gaze past his shirt now stained with your drink.  But there he is.  Tom Holland.  Of course you know who he is; you are a self-described Marvel nerd.  It’d be pretty hard to miss the new Spider-man, after all, you’d seen his face plastered around his character’s home city for months.  

And as all of this is going through your head, you sputter out an “I’m sorry.”

You appear to be about his height, so you gaze straight into his eyes which look to be filled with shock or awe.  Shock.  Definitely shock.  Why would he be in awe of you.  You just spilled your drink all over him — YOU SPILLED YOUR DRINK ON HIM.  You snap out of your daze and hurriedly apologize again.  You reach in your back pocket to grab the napkins you stashed there while juggling your now half-empty, dripping cup, when a strong hand grips your forearm.  The warmth and electricity now surging into your arm causes you to look into his eyes again, and for a moment you two are frozen.

“It’s alright, love, don’t worry about it” he half whispers to you.  

He then glances quickly at his hand, still wrapped around your forearm and quickly removes it, as if touching something hot.  You swallow hard, and are about to say something, anything, when another boy appears in your line of vision over Tom’s shoulder.

“Mate, let’s get going” he says to Tom, looking up from his phone to watch the scene unfold before him.  

Tom looks back over his shoulder at the boy, and then back to you, where you have proceeded to look down with a blush creeping on your face.  

“Ehh —”

“Sorry —” you both start at the same time.  

You blush and look down once more.  

“It was nice to, eh, bump… into you…” he trails off.  

You chuckle and, regaining (part of) your composure, you say, “Sorry again about the drink.  Could I possibly buy you one to make up for it?”

You notice the other boy stealing eager glances from where you had just left, but Tom just laughs and says, “No, no, it’s really alright.”  

The other boy finally approaches and stands next to you while Tom continues to speak.  “We were rushing to pop in before we head off to a meeting, but maybe this is a sign to actually set an alarm for once” he says exasperatedly, fake glaring at the boy.

You laugh while the other boy rolls his eyes and gives a quick tap to his wrist, drawing attention to the time.

“Right” Tom says, “We really must be going.”

He looks up into your eyes once more and looks as if he there’s something more he wants to say.  Instead, he sighs, and, with a smile, says, “Well, I hope you have a nice day.  And try not to spill drinks on any more people.”

You laugh out loud, and say “I’ll try my best.”

You then watch as the two boys walk past you and out into the big city.  

Quietly, you whisper “Bye” to their retreating backs.  

Caught in another daze, you whirl around to the sound of “Y/N” coming from your friend. 

“I’m sorry, but was that Spider-man?!”  she exclaims.  

You gaze up at her, and the camera lens focused on you, realizing she had gotten the entire exchange on video.

“Maybe…” you said, blushing again as you faced the spot now empty in front of you, musing over the fact that you were in this spot, at this time, merely by chance.  But mostly, you are wondering what exactly had just happened, and why you feel so electrified.  

goldenpancakes8  asked:

Its really nice to see someone else use pencil and paper for once :D. I don't know if you answered this already but how long does it take for you to complete a drawing or comic? Your art inspired me to make a few Cuphead comics of my own and I hope that you keep up the good work! Love you and your work!

Aw thank you very much! It is hard to find traditional artists as well! x’D
and it all depends on the piece itself! A comic page could take either a day, or a few hours depending on how much details go into the piece. Full colored pieces take about 1-3 days again depending on the piece. :) 
and oh my gosh that’s great! :D draw what you love and have fun with the comic!!
and thank you so much again!


Tommy x Reader

Requested by Anon

Christmas Prompt List

Christmas Prompt Masterlist

“Well if it isn’t the christmas elf!” Tommy teased when you came in, having been bossing everyone around to make preparations for the holidays.

“Just because you don’t like having fun doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t.” You poked your tongue out at him and John chuckled.

“She;s a cheeky elf.” He muttered and you turned to glare at him.

“Call me elf one more time!” You warned him, waggling a pointy tree topper before hurrying to see what Finn was calling you for.

“You have no idea.” Tommy said before sighing as they both laughed.

anonymous asked:

I feel like (and hope) that Tom will pull a 'Jackie' with Star. Over time he may realize that even if they have feelings for each other, he would not be the best for her. Marco helps her to have fun and also with her royal responsibilities, but in Monster Bash, Tom just wanted her to have fun and not worry about being a queen. Tom isn't wrong about still having fun but I think it shows a tiny glimpse of a potential issue for their relationship. Tom's character would grow for letting go of Star.

That could be a viable scenario, as long as they make it as much about Tom as it’s about Star: even Jackie decided to break up for her own happiness as well, not just Marco’s, otherwise her character would have been useless, devoid of any agency; this is going to be even more important for Tom, a character who has much more depth and relevance to the show than Jackie, and who is likely going to be involved with the show until its end. No easy task, I hope the writers did their homeworks before sailing on this ship!

I just went for a funny gif for tonight’s G’NIGHT FUCKOS post but the more I sit here and try to sum up my day, the more I kind of feel like this is a representation of me.

Much of the time I stay quiet in fandom because everything starts to feel like a fight, that we can’t just leave others to their views, that we have to argue over everything.  So I just scroll past and reblog some pretty gifs instead.  But there are times–especially now that Battlefront II is revving me up for wanting to talk about Star Wars again!–when I just go, “FUCK IT, I’M GONNA DO THIS. I’M GONNA HAVE FUN IN SW FANDOM.”

And I will probably Regret It later at some point, but, eh, well, at least I can make ridiculous gifs of my beautiful darling that make me smile every time I see it.  eta: I think a lot of this was from some other stuff leaking over (thoughts on some family history and loss) that I’ve been trying to put into words for awhile and thinking about it hit some personal places, so I was kind of unnerved.  But I think I’m back to being even keeled.

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I've seen and love your supergirl concept of her wearing like a full suit, and making it look more practical than a skirt. Any chance, when you have time, could you give wonder woman the same kind of make-over. Because she would look well cool in trousers.

that would be fun to try my hand at c: 

I really don’t know when or if i’ll get to it, ‘cause i have to do like, the money paying stuff rn now lol 
but if you check out the injustice costumes, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for c: 

anonymous asked:

ok lowkey.......... since ive seen them a lot in ur fics..... taegi makes me super soft too, those two are cute. ik jikook is the only pairing u like ship, and then everything else is super casual, but what do u find cute about taegi?

idk, i honestly think it’s just because tae is my bias and yoongi is my bias wrecker??? so i just kinda ship them based on that fact alone?? but i also think it’s because i’ts one of those ships that people tend to think would never happen because yoongi “hates” tae or whatever. and because v/hope and yoon/seok are more popular (though i “ship” them as well!!). also, the way they’ve started holding hands a ton recently makes me want to sob. fun fact. that’s cute ass shit. 

anonymous asked:

27m here. My cousin, female and a little younger, and I have always messed around just a bit, when we can. Mostly making out, rubbing on each other. Last time, a few years ago, I jerked off and made myself cum while we were making out in my bed. Well, she's staying with me in my apartment next week. I might try to make a move, but I'm not sure yet. Should be fun :)

Oooh sounds like a great time! 💋

rytorias  asked:

Hello how are you today? I have a question about self-insert characters. What are your thoughts on self-insert characters? Would having one improve the story in any way? I have an idea for a character in my story that is basically a self-insert character. Thanks in advance.

I’m well, thank you, though I’m looking through my ask box and wondering what happened over the weekend to give me so many questions… I’m impressed. 

So, if you’re writing just for yourself or friends, then self-inserts can be fun, but I advise against them for anything the public would see or if you’re being serious about the story. The only exception is if you can find a major, strong, story-based reason to put one in (which is much less often than you may think). They never truly “improve” anything because part of becoming a better writer is learning to make up characters, learning to think like people who aren’t you, and most self-insert stories tend to have very little actual conflict or structure. Even if the writer really tries, there’s still a lack of objectivity which causes other problems. 

So, they can be fun to write for yourself and/or friends, but they’re not usually fun for those outside of your life to read. (FYI, “self inserts” are only applicable to fiction, not memoirs or nonfiction where the entire point is to use reality.)

The reason self inserts don’t make for the best fiction is that they’re a form of wish fulfillment for the writer, and there’s often a severe lack of story objectivity when they’re involved. Without objectivity, it’s almost impossible to tell when there’s an issue with the story. It also makes it extremely personal to take any constructive criticism, and it’s too easy to hide behind the “yeah but this is a real person so I don’t have to listen to you” wall when anything is brought up as needing work or being unrealistic. 

They can be decent practice for some details of writing (like learning to “show, don’t tell”, how sentence structure affects flow and mood, description, etc.) and self inserts can definitely take away the pain of making up a character from scratch, but in the average story, they do nothing to make it better. Usually, they make it worse because of the subconscious “wish fulfillment” or “self punishment” if you go in the other direction. 

It’s a little different to half-base a character on yourself, but even then, I’d argue that you’re too connected to that character to be able to be objective. Yes, it’s common to subconsciously insert parts of ourselves into our characters, but there’s a big difference in how a character gets written when it’s purposeful vs “I understand this trait so they can have it”. 

Another major exception I can think of is a cameo. For example, you have a bartender who only gets three lines and hands the main character a drink. It wouldn’t be hard to make someone up to fit that role, but it’s also easy to just describe them as yourself. The reason the cameo works well is because the character can’t really affect anything and there’s typically not enough room for the issues to come out. But even then, the self insert isn’t making the story better, you’re just adding in an inside joke for anyone who knew that was supposed to be you. The average reader will never know and they aren’t supposed to be able to guess (or you’ve just put a tumor in your story about this bartender who’s over-described and seems to be too involved for someone who doesn’t matter.)

Good luck with your story!

help me please so i can animate this thing

OKAY so we have to write a Shakespearean sonnet for class! we have to follow the ABABCDCDEFEFGG rhyme pattern, as well as iambic pentameter form. I’m also trying to follow the idea of the praise in the first two quartets, a turn in the third, and a “final thought” in the couplet
there’s also an extra credit assignment for another 100 points, which is creating a video of your sonnet! I ran it by him, and I can make an animation for it!!!!! however, for me to be able to finish it in time, I need this bad boy fleshed out and looking fine asap, as I have at max three weeks to finish the extra project and the images/ideas I put in my sonnet will directly affect what I animate

SO here’s my sonnet…any feedback at all would be much appreciated!! like the vibes you get from it, if it’s too corny or archaic (that’s genuinely something he’s looking at), if something reads weird, if I missed a point where I messed up the form, if it generally sucks bc I’ve never written a sonnet before–anything at all please!!

My deer, you are the heaven’s gift, a light;
Your skin is peachy soft and pure divine,
An ombré carámel that’s sweet and bright;
I would transgress to stroke something so fine.
My doe, your shining eyes, they snare me oft’;
They lure me in your bosom’s warm embrace.
You prey, you trust the clouds from which you loft,
To guide thee as you flee from me with grace;
But wolves and beasts care not for pretty things:
Through flesh and beauty carve their cunning claws;
And when the hunters hear those dinner rings,
Ignore your grace to fill their hollow maws.
     Your ruby pulp, it molds after your maul–
     My deer, you are not beautiful at all.

anonymous asked:

I saw that you were taking emergency asks. Well i have a stutter and a lot of the people at my school make fun of me and think I’m faking is for attention. I also have depression and anxiety so that doesn’t really help the way that i deal with it. How would the paladins deal with an s/o with a stutter or other speech impediment? It’s really nice to take emergency asks, thank you♥️

No prob! I’m sorry this took awhile, I had a hectic weekend and didn’t have much time to access my laptop :((


  • He’s honestly not one of the most patient men out there
  • Like sure, he loves you and finds your stutter endearing, but he’s a leader trained in diffusing highly tense situations and wonders why you can’t just say what you need to say
    • then he finds out and Shiro’s like ‘oh shit I’m an accidental dick’
  • would be more patient then, and tries to learn ways of coping with his anxiety for your speech impediment while also finding ways to help you circumvent it


  • Acts a lot like Shiro, except less patient
  • It’s only on the battlefield that his temper gets the best of him, but in private, he’s definitely more patient 
  • would take the time to let you speak, unless there’s an emergency, of course
  • he’s not the best at handling intense emotions 
    • but for you, he would learn how to control his temper and let you take your time
    • he knows that the more he’s skittish, the worse your stuttering will get 


  • Fills in the gaps for you
    • he’s met a lot of people in his life, and something like a stutter doesn’t mark you as different for him
  • the sweetest boy
    • would let you take your time and suggests words for you to use
    • depends if you find it annoying or not
      • if you do, he’s going to stop and let you speak
      • if you don’t, he’ll gently suggest some words
  • Be prepared for him to make a lot of flirtatious jokes like ‘hey baby, cat got your tongue?’
    • Lance, that’s not funny pls


  • Honestly, one of the best people to be around with when you have something on your mind
    • he’s pretty observant, so he sees that you have trouble with your stutter and lets you take your time
  • Smiles encouragingly
  • Would want to invent a device to help you speak better
  • Or just something that you can write down with that would save time or if you’re too nervous to get the words out


  • Similar to Hunk in wanting to build you something to help you 
  • They would want to help you as best to their abilities 
  • Not the most patient, but I can see them struggling with their patience in talking to you
  • Deep breaths in and deep breaths out
    • they would remind themselves that this isn’t your fault and they have to be more patient with themselves in handling your speech impediment
    • would feel guilty for making you feel bad, and encourages you with nods whenever you talk which helps in a way

rowdy-ruff-boi  asked:

I love your art style so much! It's so fun to look at and just makes me feel happy and smile! Dynamic poses and popping colours! I hope you have a great day!

thank you so so much for this lovely ask!!!! makes me really happy to know i can make things that make other people happy as well 😭💕

and thank you for all the nice tags you put on your reblogs as well!!!

Group Consisting of a Small majority of White People: *makes good and fun movie accurately depicting a foreign but well-known cultural holiday from a neighboring country using multiple native contacts and Mexican voice actors*


arvendell  asked:

I hope you're doing well eggy! Sorry my drunk ass is missing lately. Take care of yourself!

MY FRIEND! great to hear from ya! And have fun getting boozy, but if you wake up with a hangover make sure you drink lots of water and eat something greasy because it helps with the stomach pain! ❤️❤️❤️ ILY!