well this was fun to do

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How about they meet while teaching in the same school au? I know there are already ones like this but idk

i like this one. 

thank you, honey x

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Drug Bust

One of my draw ideas come to life! Also ANIMATION! Basic of course but still fun. Learned how to do a muzzle flash but forgot about the smoke. It seems that with all the violent Nick and Judy I’ve drawn, I would have figured out how to draw convincing muzzle flashes by now but today was the first time and I think I did pretty well!

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I'm just amusing myself with the idea that the Asgardians love and miss Loki's plays so much, especially now that Asgard is gone, and so they keep asking him for more plays, which Thor finds kind of ridiculous. And then finally Loki organises more plays, which always show Loki as the hero and saviour, and Thor is just /constant eyerolls/ but he sees how happy it makes people and realises this is Loki's only way of sharing 'triumphs' around a table with ale, as Thor used to do.

I am enjoying this headcanon a lot.

Like, if you need anything on a ship when your lives have been upended and you have no idea where you’re going, it’s entertainment, right? And this is familiar stuff, it’s emotional things about Asgardian history, and it’s fun, and initially Loki’s like “uhhhh what” about it eventually he kind of gets into the idea. Like, hey, well, okay, since you asked, and he’s not actually that humble about it and probably doesn’t take much convincing to dive back into these things. 

Though he probably leaves the heroic sacrifice one out and turns to new subjects - old adventures and such. And there’s limited resources for putting on plays but he can improvise. Black box theater! Experimental work! 

Thor thinks it’s kind of hilarious (really hilarious) and like, okay, Loki, you diva, but he does seem to be having fun and at some point he’s like “hey Thor you know what would be amazing, you could make a cameo as yourself, wouldn’t that be fun :D” and Thor gets…kind of into it. Everyone else is really into it too. It’s Thor! In a play! Cool!

And yeah, I think eventually Thor does work out what Loki is doing and why he enjoys it so much on a level other than just, you know, showing off, because of all the ways that Loki has chased the spotlight this is honestly the most harmless. 

And it does seem to make him happy.

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Anyone else have problems with your friends treating you as stupid/dumb? They often make jokes about how I'm the most likely to fail in life or most likely to accidentally get myself killed. At first it was all in good fun but it got too much. I told one of them that the jokes are hurtful now and she said I was overreacting. "No one really thinks that." At this point I'm not sure what to do except that a recent fight is really making me re-evaluate my friendship with the group.

I would re-evaluate as well. In particular, being told that you’re overreacting when you say that something bothers you, especially when that something is specifically jokes at your expense, is not okay.

Start looking around for other people you may have stuff in common with. It can be difficult to change friend groups, but it’s not impossible.

Followers, do you have any suggestions or advice?


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Do you miss your old friends tord? all the people who are now cops and such? Why did you turn to a life of crime?

Tord: “Well I technically still interact with 4 out of the 5 friends I had.”

“And I turned to crime because I thought it would be fun.”

“And it is.”

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Awww, I wish you were keeping it the way it was. Now it doesn't feel like a Cuphead and Mugman blog anymore. Oh well, good luck

Not expecting to have everyone back me up on it. And if you feel it won’t feel like a Cup and Mug blog then that’s on you I guess? I am pretty comfy with this change and I am keeping majority of the elements of both the game and how BoyScout AU was originally intended. 

The main thing is that they are human. I see a lot of other artists do their versions of human Cup and Mug and they are still Cup and Mug? Can’t a gal have fun?

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since you always make alphys assertive type or dominant in her relation ship with undyne maybe consider drawing underswap alphyne more often it suits you better instead of undertale alphyne....i meant nothing wrong plz don't kill me i love you and i'm simply wanted to give you a fair fun idea that's all nothing more and nothing less >u<




Just kidding, that’s a good idea, also because I love Underswap Alphyne so much!! But… I don’t want to do it because I drawing Alphys as dominant in the relationship is too out of character. Also because she’s totally far away from being confident and stuff like that.

Well… since we’re here I’ll try to explain why I draw that dominant Alphys, because you’re not the only one that finds a little weird.

My Alphys is still Alphys, but I show her more like when in the pacifist she becomes more confident (or at least she tries to be like that, you can notice it from the dialogues in the ending, after you defeat/save Asriel… she looks totally more confident than before and it fills my heart with joy, she’s also funny!) 

Then… about the dominant thing… w-well… she’s a nerd. And I have a headcanon that she hides a lot of R-18 pictures and comics, somewhere in the lab. So. Just imagine: she finally has a girlfriend. I don’t think she could hold all her happyness.

Sooo that’s it! That’s why I usually draw her like that! If I would draw her like she was in the rest of the game she would surely look a bit different! Someone could not approve my point of view but it’s okay! Passive or dominant Alphys is still an awesome character!!


Okay, I let (young) Nadir quit the Beatles cover band XD (means I invested some money to buy a better hairdo for him) and am now quite satisfied how he turned out.

I hope you are as well. Let me now!

He is still somewhere in his twenties here ^^.

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played the new nerf and im about to cry like this isnt even the ground anymore this is the mantle low all the other changes i was fine with they were easy to learn and make new strategies from but i havent been able to rez even once since this new update because i keep getting killed and it seems so pittiful mercys rez is what made playing her different than the other healers and if i cant do that i might as well just play lucio or zen even her fly seems slow but at least im good at moira now

Honestly! Im planning on boycotting mercy and increasing my lucio hours, my mercy hours may finally die. Do have fun as moria now tho yeah yeah >:000

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this just kind of an aside, but i love that you take time to answer so many questions. and it's not just bullshit answers either, i can tell you spend time on the question and articulating what you say. it's really refreshing to see and idk it makes me happy and i thought i'd let you know i appreciate you & your time :)

Thank you, I’m so glad that my effort is appreciated. I feel like I leave so many asks unanswered and I’m actually super self-conscious about that, so to hear that I’m doing well is really nice!


I try to address broader trends in my askbox with the asks that I DO publish, and of course I want to give comprehensive answers to those!! It’s fun! I like engaging with y’all!

Thank you for giving me stuff to ramble about in the first place!!! Please keep sending me more shit!!

There’s some kind of glitch in the coding of either tumblr or xkit where sometimes blognames and tags don’t link to where they should, but instead when you mouseover you see an url like “dashboard/blog/undefined” or something. So I clicked just for fun and what do you know, there is a blog named undefined. Not what I was looking for, but at least now I know the syntax that makes blogs appear in those annoying superimposed windows that don’t show up properly in your history so you can’t find them again. Well, maybe I can now that I know what to start typing in the address bar. Thanks, glitch.

The lesson herer is probably to name yourself after a placeholder error code in order to boost your visitor count.


Y/N: Why are you doing this?

Kai: It is fun. And besides, he is the love of my dear sister. It would be such a shame if he would die before she does. *tells sarcastically and smiles widely*

Y/N: You are going nowhere with your plan. They are not that stupid and will not give in. She will get the control of her power and will beat you. *gets mad*

Kai: Well, in that case, I will tell you this. I’d rather not kill you, but I will. And then you must know, little cupcake, he will come to me no matter what. And there is nothing you can do about it.

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If the show ends this season I don't see them giving him an LI. They'll just have him be Jefferson and his happy ending is his daughter. If it gets a S8 and Colin is still on the show then maybe but Colin's contract wraps this season and he's expressed interest moving on so it wouldn't surprise me if he leaves this season.

No, he hasn’t. He’s said nothing anywhere to indicate whether he plans on staying or going if there’s an eighth season. He’s only ever said positive things about working on the show and seems to genuinely enjoy it. Only he knows what his future plans are, and he hasn’t shared them with us. Period.

If this is the last season, I’m okay with him not having a romance, but I do want to see him at least mingling with the ladies and testing the waters. Might as well give us something fun to watch and speculate over, and I love me some flirty, sassy Killian Jones :)

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if your professor is being a little shit about the situation you could maybe try going over his head? also do you have any kind of peer marking scheme? where like you can rate your team-mates a zero because they didn't do any of the work? have you spoken to your team-mates about this? cos it sounds like they need to be yelled at.

well, i wouldn’t say he’s being a “little shit”– he’s a good, fun professor and i do respect him for teaching me a lot about game design this semester. 
But…as for peer-evaluating, yes, we have to do a peer-evaluation after every group project. but it’s always for AFTER the assignment has been finished and turned in, and regardless of whether or not i can kick my teammates’ grades for being incompetent, i really wanna make a video game! that’s why we’re in this class in the first damn place, yknow?
i gave one of em’ a stern-ish talk in class the other day, but the other hasn’t been in class for two weeks, so……………..

@thatsthat24 So I’ve been meaning to make this drawing for a while and I’ve also been meaning to test out a new art program for a while and I’m happy with both of them!

The battle that won my heart. Thank you Team Chrom and Team Ephraim for that amazing Round 2!!