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soooooo i just hit 4k followers on this hellsite and i thought to celebrate i would do my first follow forever !!! why any of you follow me is a mystery to me bc im obnoxious as fuck but thank you anyways !!!!

while i would love to tag all of my mutuals i follow an insane amount of people and i probably have well over 500 mutuals (that’s so many oh my god who am i) !!! so ill just be tagging mutuals i talk to or that im always seeing in my notifs !!!!! if i forget anyone im so sorry but im kinda stupid so it’s to be expected !!

my loves:

@hoteldumorts - olive i loathe you but we’ve been friends for so long and i don’t know what i would do if i didn’t have you to make up a billion malec headcanons with, talk about MY matt daddy, or make fun of for being in love with shakespeare 

@clarygaywood - rina !!!!!! u were my first friend on here and even though ur mean to me for changing my theme every day im so glad we started talking !!! ur a gorgeous ass makeup hoe and my life would be meaningless without ur 300 second long snapchat rants :-)

@spacelightwood - chlo ur so brilliant and beautiful and u have the cutest accent in the whole world !!!! im sorry i just lost our snapchat streak i suck but i hope u can forgive me :( and ur drunk like 99% of the time, ur probably drunk right now, drink some water and go to bed :)

@magnusragnor - omg elle we just recently became friends but i don’t care you’re literally ALWAYS in my notifs and i love going and looking at your tags on my posts !!!! they are always so sweet and i can’t wait to get to know you better !!!!

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Just wondering, but like

Are there any ask blogs or pony blogs about a pony going through weightloss and tracking their progress and promoting healthy ways to lose weight that actual real humans can also do? As well as healthy recipes for people to follow?

Cuz if not I feel I need to make this happen as I’m starting a weightloss journey and I think it would be fun to track it with ponies and promote healthy ways to lose weight and pass on exercise plans and diet plans through that as well to anyone who might want to do it too.


Ok guys, I’ll try to keep this short. I want to thank you all for making this crazy fun and also frustrating experience what it was, if not for the fandom I would have stopped watching this show for sure. And as much as I like to rant about every bad turn this show has made, it has helped me through some hard times. 

When I was at my worst this show gave me something fun to obsess over, countless hours theorizing, and most of all meeting so many of you amazing humans. Reading all your theories, your stories, I love you all so much<3 

I am going to keep this blog PLL centric for the foreseeable future, I might throw in a sprinkle more of *me* but for now not much will be changing. I’m thinking of doing a gif challenge or a best of pll kind of thing, so keep checking my blog for updates on that:) 

I’m not saying goodbye, because well for one I’m not going anywhere, and also, to all of you: feel free to shoot me an ask, I’ve been too busy to get to them but I’ll try to answer them all by this weekend, and also, send me your thoughts after the finale! 

Love you guys,  


- Diana

06.27.17 // good afternoon!! sorry about the inactivity. i’ve been studying for the SAT and i started volunteering at a nearby hospital! but here’s a handwriting tag (that i was tagged in like 2 months ago by @studylilacs) :) have a nice day! 💗

i tag anyone that wants to do this handwriting tag as well!!

I’ll be honest - I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I did my best and I’m quite happy with how it ended but I feel like there’s more to Tony and the reader’s relationship that I should’ve explored. However, after the conversation with Loki it was just too long. You guys will let me know what you think. Thanks to @thefallenbibliophilequote for the request. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: What’s the chance that you can do a second part to “The Beast” please?

‘The Beast’ (Part 2)

Part 1

It was the season of ice-cream and lemonade. All the windows in your apartment were wide open, as well as the doors to your balcony, on which you sat. After about twenty minutes of sun-soaking fun, you decided that you couldn’t tolerate the sunshine any more.

Despite the shorts and vest you were currently sporting, you could feel the beads of sweat on your forehead, which no amount of wiping away cleared up permanently. You opened your fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. Just holding it helped you feel cooler, and placing it on the back of your neck, as you closed the fridge with your foot, provided small sweet relief from the heat.

You unscrewed the lid and poured a little water down your throat. Heaven.
“Fuck me, it’s hot…” you sighed to yourself as you ambled down the corridor. You’d already passed your front doorway before you realised someone had been stood in it. You froze.
“Perhaps I might be able to assist with that,” the figure said.

Moving onto your back foot, you leaned backwards and peered around the corner. You knew that face. Surely not…

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anonymous asked:

how come every time an anon says something like "there's nothing wrong with having x gross kink" you get weirdos in the replies that are like "uhhhhhh actually that is wrong and you should hate urself and die if u have that kink" Like??? It may be gross and may not appeal to everyone but all in all it's just a harmless kink that doesn't hurt anyone calm down

Yeah well as much as we make fun of ojst and its sex positivity, we are a pretty sex shaming society still, so. Do your thing, as long as no one is getting hurt. You can’t control what your body likes. Like if you are into something gross like poop, at least be aware there’s a large amount of bacteria involved and you should take steps to protect yourself.

Advice for people going into highschool

From someone who’s graduating in two days, and made a lot of mistakes over the course of the past years

- yes you can get through it without studying, believe me, I didn’t open one book for the first few years, but you’ll feel aweful because you didn’t do your best. The feeling of knowing how high your grades could have been is really not nice, so just do your best, but do study.

- make friends, but don’t get so caught up on them that you forget to live yourself. People are still changing in highschool, and if someone drifts away, that’s okay.

- be nice to your teachers, they deserve respect.

- don’t forget to have fun as well

- high school will not last forever. If you’re going through shitty times, remember it’s not forever.

- it’s okay to make wrong decisions and take subjects you don’t actually like. It will make it easier to decide what you want to do at university (I did economics and modern languages with very little maths. Next year I’m doing computer science. I should have chosen science - maths, but hey, I can always catch up during summer. If you’re motivated, it wont be a problem)

- if you’ve decided what you want to do in the future, don’t only focus on certain subjects. Don’t slack off on other subjects because you know you wont be using them anyway later.

- maths isn’t for everyone, but try to find fun in maths. Yes I know how stupid that sounds, but maths is actually really rewarding. Revising at home and getting certain problems and mock tests correct is such a great and satisfying feeling, so do give yourself credit whenever you’ve got something right!

- don’t take languages you know you don’t actually wanna speak (I took german and french, next to dutch and english, and i had no interest in them whatsoever and still suck at them, even after 4 and 7 years)

- don’t chose subjects because your parents want you to take them (I did latin my first two years and I hates everything about it)

- if you think you have an attention disorder or a learning disorder or whatever, get it checked out. For so long i didn’t study because i couldnt concentrate and i just kinda gave up for years because of that. We only “discovered” i have ADHD this year, and since I’m taking my meds my grades went up like crazy

- your mental health is important, yes, but do know the difference between not being able to do something because of mental health and just because of your mindset. I couldn’t study because of my depression and ADHD, but i did give up myself because I’m lazy and really didn’t try anymore after a while tbh

- don’t give up on your hobbies. Really. Don’t. I never started skating less, not even during exams. I always stayed on my (quite heavy) practice shedule. It was hard, sure, but it did work out. Without your hobbies, you could get a burn out.

Well Mamoru showed up, so that’s that fun over.

And actually that’s about time, so I guess that’s where we’ll call it. We did exactly nothing new todayI didn’t even get as far as I usually try to get when we’re doing Pixie Excuses.



If ever there is doubt that I am an absurd human being who somehow manages to function despite all appearances, let days like today remind you, where at one point I was so overcome with Senshi Feelings that I teared up a little for absolutely no valid reason whatsoever.

I hope you guys had fun. I sure as fuck did, and loathe as I am to admit it, I have @docholligay to thank for it. If you enjoyed too, make sure to drop her a note of thanks. That asshole, making me HAVE JOY and EXPERIENCE EMOTIONS.

I leave you with this, which truly is my entire state of being right now.

anonymous asked:

do u have tips for like. not feeling like a total failure at shitty grades or getting shit wrong in class. crippling perfectionism is fun and also i cant stop thinking of how many great writers/accomplished ppl there were at my age while im barely holding my head above water.

the biggest thing is to remember is that there’s always going to be a workaround to bad grades. you can literally flunk out of college and still figure out a way to do what you want to do. i flunked out of college for a year (well, i got banned from college for a year) and was on academic probation for pretty much my entire undergrad career and i literally taught in some of the same rooms i failed courses in. 

“accomplishment” is a matter of luck, finances (and MAN don’t forget the role of finances in “success”), and perspective, and “accomplishment” doesn’t do a lot of good as an end goal because that end goal is going to keep sliding. someone who has straight As, is doing well financially, and is publishing is still going to feel like there’s more to do and that there’s tons of people out there doing better. 

some strategies that worked for me:

  • only be in competition with yourself. that “There’s always someone better” adage is true and the first step to getting on is to let go. you don’t have to write the next great novel in a year or graduate with a 4.0– instead, just try to outdo what you did yesterday.  after i hit my bottom, i kept an informal journal and sometimes what i outdid was really basic things like “take a shower” 

  • find something you like to do that’s not schoolwork (and maybe not even on a screen) and do it for 30mins - 1hr a day. paint, write for fun, exercise, whatever. it’s important to remember that there’s a lot to love outside of coursework

  • figure out what motivates you. it doesn’t have to be deep. spite research is literally what is getting me through the next two years and 9000 projects

  • talk to people. professors, fellow classmates, people in the job you want to go into, etc. you’re going to find that most, if not all, have had some kind of struggle with coursework or school and that it’s totally normal to be feeling that anxiety or overwhelmed

  • “swiss cheese” approaches. poke holes in projects over time, rather than trying to get a lot done in single sittings. i like to break down papers into tiny parts, and then i just focus on getting that one part done in a day. sometimes it’s just a title. sometimes it’s just opening up the word doc (trust me, that’s an accomplishment!)

  • have fruitful procrastination. if you’re going to procrastinate, make it complete procrastination and walk away from the computer/disengage with the work that needs to be done. don’t waffle between procrastinating and working on something. let it fully go, and come back to it later. distance from work is important and ultimately (imo) helpful

  • don’t beat yourself up. college grades are not (and are not meant to be) reflections of your ability, intelligence, or value. 

anonymous asked:

Are you gonna publish more of anon's strip club stuff?


Well, it’s a tough question to answer, hun. I have my own reasons why I don’t post them anymore. Part of it is cos I figured the stuff is becoming too NSFW (I have some young audience following this blog and it gives me major worries about going too much about graphic contents) so I do wonder what I should do with the ones already posted. I don’t want to be rude by deleting them either cos it’s someone else’s asks. It’s fun while it lasted, but I need to draw the lines on the type of contents I post on this blog.

deinde-prandium  asked:

So, I have two faves of yours. On the lighter side, I really liked Mile High. Such a funny, sexy story with the touch of angst and drama that you do so well. But I have to say that the story that impressed and touched me the most was D&C. I know it had to have been such a difficult and cathartic experience to write, if my own experience as a reader (and person who has experienced miscarriage) is any indicator. Truly masterfully done, and I applaud you for it. Sending love your way!

Thank you so much for this, dear! <3333 Mile High was fun to write… the fandom was so supportive and sweet to me about that story. I’m incredibly, eternally appreciative of that. (And Any’s banner for it is still my favorite thing ever). 

Writing D&C was definitely therapeutic to write. With the battery of hormones I was taking during IVF and then the miscarriage and postpartum depression and grief… my brain was (and still is) a murky, messy place. I haven’t really been able to write since the whole process started in January. Words swim on the screen in weird ways, even for answering asks or writing emails… it’s frustrating on top of everything else. So my motives in writing D&C were to try to prove to myself that I could still string together words to make basic, coherent sentences, to prove to myself that I still had the will somewhere in me to write, and to have something to hold onto. But if all anyone had told me in response to it was that it was legible, I would have still been over the moon. Hearing from people that they connected with the story is so much more than I hoped, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been moved to tears that I was able to share her with the world in some small way. 

I’m sending love your way, too! <3c 

anonymous asked:

Which of the people in The Flash and Supergirl would get along the best with each other, do you think?

Well we already know that Kara and Barry are the best of bros, so I suppose that one’s kind of a given. And I do think the ‘counterparts’ would all get along swimmingly. (You know, Winn w/ Cisco, Alex w/ Caitlin, J’onn and Joe, etc. etc.) 

But I haven’t seen as many folks mentioning Jesse and Alex, or Jesse and Kara. I think she’d get along really well with the Danvers sisters. Didn’t Jesse say she had like…five majors, or something crazy like that? I feel like Alex could relate. And then she and Kara could talk about superhero-related stuff. 

Also, I bet a Guardian/Kid Flash/Winn Schott team-up would be really fun. 

anonymous asked:

I hope the progress of the game goes well. It looks amazing so far and I hope one day I'll be able to create something so amazing like this. · What's the most difficult task you had to do while developing this game? Is there anything you've learned by creating this game? Once again, I really hope the game goes well. Your all amazing ❤

Thank you so much anon for the support !

For the moment the most difficult task was to find a good way for us to work toward the demo and how to organize things while keeping track with every member. We learned that things takes time, people can get busy, and timezones are real but we’re still trying our best and have fun while doing it 

- Fatcat dev