well this was fun!!!!!

They adjusted rather well i guess.

I recently “initiated” a few friends into the world of rpgs and pen and paper. After settling the character creation (they went with an elf fighter, a tiefling rouge and a gnome mage)  the party ran into a small goblin ambush in some woods wich they easily defeated.

Tiefling: “I search the bodies for valubles.”

DM(Me): *describes findings briefly*

Elf : “I search the bodies.”

DM: “But…the rouge did it already…”

Elf: “No…as in cut them open and look inside.”

DM: …

Tiefling: …

Gnome: …

DM: “Ok…well…you find entrails and blood…lots of them. The goblins now resemble a jigsaw puzzle more than anything else.“ 

Elf:” I now nail the body parts to the trees surrounbding the area.“



Gnome(OOC under his breath) :” what the fuck…“

Long story short after the gnome threw up several times because of his alcohol problem combined with the over the top violence and the tiefling kept passing out, the group was murdered by abomination sewn together from the body parts of yet another bunch of goblins (the elf was bored) and then came to life after the gnome tried dabbling with necromancy.

What goddess do I petition to make the “polyamorous family” line actually be a prediction for how the main casts relationships over the season develop though ……

I’m so excited for everyone going to the concert!!!! I hope you gathered lots of energy and slept well. Don’t forget to eat and drink water!! Have loads of fun with Bangtan!! Make new friends!!! Be nice to everyone and take care of each other!

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The fear of this flopping is real though

So, this whole discussion about making art/fic/crafts for money and whether that sucks the joy out of it, etc. got me thinking. 

I don’t have any conclusions drawn, just lots of free-floating thoughts.

Like, I enjoy drawing things, and I enjoy when the thing I draw actually makes me a little bit of money, and I wouldn’t mind drawing more things that people like and making a little more money. But the drawing that has made me the most money (cute, colorful collage) is not the kind of drawing I find currently challenging (realistic pencil drawings that maybe don’t reproduce well on phone cases or make for fun or eye-catching t-shirts). And as far as writing, I feel way more possessive about it and really, really don’t want that to be commodified or joyless or even harshly judged in any way–although if money showed up magically, I wouldn’t say no, of course, and I am interested in scrubbing one or more of my fics to be sellable, so….

Who the heck knows. There’s a lot for me to untangle there.

But those of you who do art/craft/write for money, what are your thoughts? How does it work for you? Does being creative for pay take the shine off things?

[Tagging some folks under the cut.]

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  1. I used to love Naruto and my writing style as it is now, lyrical and introspective, became apparent/started existing around the time I wrote my ‘big story’ for that fandom.
  2. I ship one ship at a time, always, not for ride-or-die-otp reasons, but because of obsessive reasons: I literally cannot think about more than one thing at a time, because my mind automatically redirects every bit of creative effort towards this thing that I am passionate about right this moment.
  3. Which is why, usually, when I leave a fandom, I do so for good. But that only happens once I find something else to love just as much, and not spontaneously.
  4. Spring is the hardest part of the year for me, always, which is disconcerting because I love spring, its so beautiful – I love flowers, I love the green, the renewal - but my brain doesn’t rly give a shit about any of that and just wants to shut me down.
  5. I had a very… classical upbringing, I think. Piano classes, art classes, classic musical left and right, poetry, mythology books etc.
  6. I had a goth phase! Yes, I did lmao. Or was it called Emo phase? Idk. But it involved a lt of black clothes (which I still wear), thousand bracelets, the necklaces and all the works, even the dark and unrelenting makeup sometimes. The hard rock music (lmao which I still love), the un-dealt with anger silently feeding my depression before I even knew what that was, was not so much fun however.
  7. I am an excellent liar – or so evidence would suggest - and I hate that about myself more than almost anything.
  8. I am empathetic and more times than not I can understand where people are coming from and why they are saying what they are saying, but that has a ‘dark side’ so to speak, which I hate. Meaning that I know where people are coming from and my brain usually informs me of all the ways this person can be manipulated and what could be said to hurt them the most because I know where it hurts. Which creeps me the fuck out and I never do (more or less…), but it enrages me seeing other people do exactly that without the slightest awareness.
  9. I could see every person that ever abused a child dead, and never feel bad about it. That is not a metaphor or exaggeration. I would smile upon the sight of their graves.
  10. I LOVE FOOD! I love cooking – it’s the one thing that truly manages to stave off my anxiety. But mostly I love food and I love eating.
  11. Im the nicest, most breathtakingly-rage filled ball of randomness and anxiety you will ever meet, probably XD

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A-Typical April

Originally posted by seekingakumas

Hey guys! It is almost time to celebrate A-typical April ^_^ A chance for all of us to give some love and appreciation to the less popular and celebrated things in the ML universe! There is so much about this show that is great other than just our adorable love square, and while we are still on Hiatus I thought it would be good to take some time and focus on that. ^_^  (This does not mean no Adrien or Marinette, just that the focus of all the works should be on something other than the Love Square.) 

For A-typical April I will be providing a series of both Weekly themes and Daily prompts that you can follow. (And will even have one of those fun visual calendars as well.

Now you CAN do art or fics or gifs or anything else following the weekly or daily prompts (and you certainly don’t have to do all of them!), OR you can show support by finding and kudos and reblogging other people’s works! Take a minute to look through the tags at some Tom and Sabine art, or share a link to a great Julerose or Ninoir fic. So many great non-lovesquare works get glossed over, and this is a wonderful chance to take the time and appreciate them! This show has so many amazing aspects to it that make it what it is. 

Anyways: For now Here is a list of the weekly themes! (Daily Calendar coming soon!)

Week 1: Friendship- There are so many amazing friendships on this show we could honestly spend a whole month just talking about that. 

Week 2: Love- As much as the Love square is great, let’s take some time to appreciate some of the other pairings in this fandom, there is no small list to chose from 

Week 3: Villains- This can include all the akumas, the troublesome adults lurking around (may or may not be plotting an Andre Bourgeois drabble for this week) or even some love for our resident butterfly enthusiast. After all without the villains, we wouldn’t have much of a plot now would we? 

Week 4: Daily Life- we all love the magic and the action scenes, but part of what is fun about this show is the regular day to day interactions between the characters. We get just as excited to see Marinette win a videogame contest as we do to see her face off against an actual giant robot!

That’s it for A-Typical April part 1! Part 2 Coming soon. (AKA probably tonight) 

If you want to participate please feel free to like and reblog this post- also use the following tag-        #MLAtypical  #Atypical April

That way people can track the event! 

A-Z Tag game!

Tagged by: @hikikoneetsama ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank youuu~~

A(age): 18

B(biggest fear): insects, bugs, lizards, WORMS

C(current time): 22:11

D(drink you last had): just plain old water

E(easiest person to talk to): my best friends from school & college; internet wise probably @kyoka-izumi and some twitter pals :D

F(favorite song): uhh..currently it’s Symphony by Clean Bandit feat. Zara Larsson. My fav changes whenever new songs comes out 

G(grossest moment): when I accidentally stepped on my dog’s pee vs the time a lizard got on my bed and some other stuff I don’t ever want to recall

H(horror yes, horror no): horror games yes, horror movies no

I(in love with): I’m not in love with someone yet irl but dazai, atsushi, dazatsu, chuuya, akutagawa, kouyou, nalu, 707, aqua, saber, endless list of my favs

J(jealous of): people having things that I want(don’t we all tbh)

K(killed someone): why are you asking this of course not!

L(love at first sight or should i walk by again): I think i would walk by again? 

M(middle name): I don’t have one

N(number of siblings): 2! an older sister and brother

O(one wish): travel to Japan one day

P(person you last called): my dad

Q(question you’ve always been asked): relatives- what grade are you in? im in college already dammit XX ; friends- HAVE YOU DONE (professor)’s WORK YET??!!! or what are you doing?

R(reasons to smile): doing the things I love to do, dazatsu, nalu, my dogs, snuggling under the blankets, my plushies, good music

S(song you last sang): Beauty and the Beast lol

T(time you woke up): 7am since I had a morning class today

U(underwear color):…….

V(vacation destination): Japan, UK, Greece, Hawaii, Korea

X(x-rays I’ve had): never had one

Y(your favorite foods): I HAVE SO MANY AHH korean bbq, pasta, burgers, pizza, ramen, beef bowls, cheesecakes, ice cream, chocolate fudge and tons more~

Z(zodiac): Gemini~

Tagging- @atsushisnakajima, @kyoka-izumi, @weretigerkun, @looking-for-stray-dogs, @skay, @dazushix, @ri-cha1 ( you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to :D)

Sorry little rant coming along coz it bothers me that everyone’s just like yeah yeah Danny is good cuz he’s got a pretty crying face, yes he does, but there’s way more to it, he can do way more! Yes he’s the master of crying sad heartbreaking scenes but he does also fun, love, fighting scenes, simple scenes so well and we should give him credit for this aswell and it’s not that I only love Danny coz he’s got a pretty face or cries pretty (it’s a wonderful gift tho his face) but I love him for his incredible talent no matter what scene he plays he makes me feel all the emotions he makes feel like this is real, like Aaron is real, he gives this character so much life it’s incredible. I think he loves Aaron even more than we do. Also if you’ve seen him in cruel summer holy moly I totally believed him being that psycho. Just woah. So I love Danny for being so talented and amazing and funny and he’s always just him no masquerade just him (drunk Danny is adorable af btw I will never forget him being drunk with Adam at the soap awards lol) anyways this got longer than it was supposed to be haha but to put it short I love Danny but I guess you knew that already haha 😍

anonymous asked:

In your last stream you mentioned the vocal remover in Audacity, and i didn't know about it so i tried it on Star of The Show, just because. and at the "topsy turvy" part it removed the instruments??? instead of the vocals??? and??? i found that so funny for some reason, haha.

yea yea it works by removing any center-panned audio so it doesn’t always work that well hahaha

fun fact tho if you ever need to know the vocal harmonies for my music, use vocalremover in audacity because i always have my harmonies panned to the left and the right so you can hear them if you do that hell yea

somethingscarlet13  asked:

Lefou & Stanley going on double dates with Cogsworth & Lumiere!!! I'm so absolutely happy at this image oh my god. They'd share embarrassing stories as well as fun dates and by nights end Lumiere is in a dress because somebody said that Stanley could pull it off better than anyone and Lumiere took that as a challenge. Aaaaaaa yes!! Give me all of it!!!


Everyone having a good time and laughing and being embarassingly in love together then somehow they break out the Stories and Lefou’s just like “never understood the fuss about dresses before but GOOD GOD does my bf look good in one. No one can wear a dress better than him” and Lumiere just shoots up in his seat like “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” 

Double dates are also the time where they get to tell all the cute but embarrassing stories about their bfs

(and also debate who’s better in bed)

Part One: Dr. Sexy, M.D. (Changing Channels S05E08)

Useful Links: Last Part | All Episodes 
Word Count: 6,412. (OOPS.) 
A/N:Totally didn’t expect this to come out in about twelve pages on Google Docs, oh well! I had way too much fun just writing this episode in general, so that’s why it’s so long. (And if I want to add a few more little scenes in here, parts are gonna be long.) But I hope you guys enjoy this! More out soon!

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anonymous asked:

I read the ask about J and Harley having honeymoon phase. Do you think they still have it when cp is born? Or when she is older? Just wondering because of the staying in bed for a week when you have a child. Or do you think it was before cp? Sorry for the weird question.

Not weird at all doll! I think so, yes. They are so deeply I invested and obsessed and in love e honeymoon thing would never end. Of curse that doesn’t literally mean not move from bed for a week but its a feeling as well. When theyre not having fun around Gotham or fucking around at the club they dont live like normal people. They’d be able to be all over each other do their work and see their daughter. They wouldn’t let the perception that kids take or and ruin your sex life get to them, they dont conform to that societal stereotype for lack of a better word.