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So, Sonia... it's a given Kirigiri doesn't react that often to horror movies, but... you *did* confirm a while ago that she has a really cute shriek for those surprising moments that do manage to scare her... have you ever found a movie that scared her so much you had to turn it off?

Well at first Kyouko was surprised but now she is used to it and she doesn’t react at all so no, I haven’t.


Dale Cooper + Disheveled Hair

Jack is on a show with some other Falconers, answering questions about what it’s like to have the name “Zimmermann” when he offhandedly says “Well, I’m actually thinking of changing it soon.”

The interviewer is a bit taken aback but he’s being less of a douchbag than some interviewers have been so he’s asking follow up questions all politely and with interest but his friends are also surprised so Tater asks the more obvious question of what he’s changing it to.

And Jack smiles and says “Bittle.”

Now if there’s one universal truth about Jack’s friends, it’s that they’re all clueless and they know Bitty but they’re a bit slow on the uptake. So there’s a few moments when they’re all thinking that 110% Jack Zimmermann should chill a little and it’s Snowy who says “Aren’t you going to wait until you get married first?”

The others are nodding but Jack’s just looking at them with his eyebrows raised slightly, waiting, and then the Falcs… stop… nodding…

A few moments later the interviewer is watching in confusion while Team Tater are marching around the studio, singing off key, and holding Jack above them while he’s asking politely to be put down because Zimboni’s getting married!

Jack officially comes out three minutes later just so the interviewer doesn’t feel so lost


(I got three different asks pointing out this, so I’m going to make a post. Thank you all, I hadn’t noticed this! I’d like to credit you, but they were all Anonymous…)

Moon’s pose while casting the “Darkest Spell” in the tapestry is almost identical to the one Star had in Storm the Castle, when she (maybe) dipped down to free Marco from the cage. Toffee even looks surprised for a moment, either impressed by the level of mastery over magic Star had in that split second, or remembering the princess (who is likely related to him) who defeated him in the past.
In My New Wand the Queen even talks about having dipped down for the first time when she was 19 years old, and her appearence in the tapestry could very well be that of a late teenager (as opposed to her younger look and princessy-tiara on the cover of the next issue of the comic)

Everyone that watches YoI think the skaters are amazing and we have only really seen Viktor and Yakov coaching, a little of Celestino so time to appreciate the coaches!

In episode 5 we had Kenjirou and his coach. No matter the result, look how happy they are over a personal record!

Episode 7 gave us more of Guanghong and his coach. Not sure if she is really nice but she calms him and carries his stuffed animals so she looks okay to me!

In episode 6 we got a little of Leo’s coach but this week gave us a bit more and show us how close they are.

Next, Phichit and Celestino. They fit well together, both very lively and cheerful people. I wonder who the woman is tho, is it Celestino’s wife or who is she?

Finally, Chris and his coach. I was surprised to see how nice of a guy it was. He looked like an ass but he is far nicer than Yakov.

Anyway, I love the subtle moments of showing the relations between coach and skater!

To angry johnlock shippers:

I just finished “The Final Problem” and first of all hOLy HeCK sOMeoNe rEMinD mE HoW tO BReatH aLL mY TEArs aRe gONE…
Secondly, immediately after I saw the episode I went to tumblr/instagram wanting to relate to other people who were also currently dying from the finale BUT to my surprise some people are saying the episode was awful, lacking and, disappointing mainly because of the lack of #johnlock that everyone was convinced was going to happen. People are saying that the trailer as well as moffat/gatiss “gueerbaited” them into thinking johnlock was going to become canon.
Excuse me for a moment I just need to *gets megaphone and screams into it*
Think about it, if johnlock did become canon people would be complaining about the show becoming just a “fan-service” for those that shipped them. This is not a love story about Sherlock and John this is a drama about one incredible genius solving crimes with his best friend - end of story. Just because you convinced yourself the finale was going to be about them becoming a couple doesn’t mean it was ever going to happen.
Also THINK ABOUT HOW INCREDIBLE THE EPISODE WAS JUST BECAUSE WE GET TO SEE HOW MUCH SHERLOCK HAS GROWN. The first episode he is so lonely and rigid and now he’s grown into someone who actually has a relationship with his brother, his parents, he has a best friend who he would literally die for, he has empathy, shows emotions, thinks about others before himself, views people as human beings with feelings that he now cares about - ALL THESE THINGS ARE SUCH MASSIVE CHANGES FOR HIS CHARACTER AND ARE SO BEAUTIFUL THAT NOW IM CRYING AGAIN.
Even if there wasn’t a kiss or a display of affection between them they are still so happy - finally. John is finally happy despite his wife’s death and Sherlock has grown into a person who knows what love is and who’s personality now includes friendship and companionship. They are raising Rosie now, they’re happy, they’re a family of sorts even if they aren’t a couple. There’s no doubt that John and Sherlock love each other; the category of that love shouldn’t matter as long as they are happy. And to be honest, an outward display of emotion by either of them is just not in their characters. It’s not realistic to expect Sherlock or John to suddenly spill out hidden feelings and end in a passionate kiss or something. It’s not realistic. The point is - the episode was incredibly written, directed, acted, and the character development is so emotional. If this truly is the last episode of Sherlock ever made, I think it’s amazing and wraps up their lives in the perfect way.

when the time for the snowball comes, mike is obviously heartbroken and refuses to get out of el’s fort, but what surprises him is that the other boys weren’t planning to go anyway, and they all sit in the wheeler’s basement and talk about pink dresses and nose bleeds and things that could’ve (should’ve) been. yet little do they know that el is silently watching them from inside her fort as well, knees drawn to her chest and her arms hugging her knees, smiling fondly at their remembrance of her.

‘promise,’ she whispers silently, leaning her head on mike’s shoulder. in that same moment in the real world, mike could swear he felt the ghost of a being and a whisper of a promise in the stale air.

I just realized something...

I’m so fired up! It’s time to make a theory!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) …..
Okay, let’s get started!

N°1 thing to KNOW:

There is a HUGE progression between episode 3 and 6.
First of all, I’m sure you saw the moment where Yuuri lacked his confident at the beginning of anime. Viktor’s job is to give a confident to Yuuri (it mentioned in episode 2).

Some scenes of episode 3:

Yuuri was kinda shy, he was too nervous when Viktor was here.

Viktor wasn’t surprised.

He knew that Yuuri’s Eros is Pork Cutlet bowls. That was why he said it to make Yuuri become ‘strong’ but he didn’t know yet what is love.

As you see, Viktor was cheering up Yuuri (just like a student-coach relationship).

But, something has changed in episode 6 :

It’s clearly that he wants Viktor. He would be SO pissed off if Viktor is taken away from someone. He even doesn’t care if the whole world hate him. He isn’t interested in women anymore since Yuuko is married.

Viktor starts to see him something off but yet he still doesn’t know Yuuri loves him. He tries to guess hardly what is Yuuri’s true Eros.

Remember these scenes?

Viktor’s eyes look like more dark without aurora (even if it’s a shadow). He asked him to show him his Eros, as if he dared him to do it.
So he did! (Let’s say thanks to these pictures, Yuuri becomes more confident!)

Viktor tells him to not think about Pork Cutlet Bowls & women.

Viktor was surprised when Yuuri gets what Viktor told him. Yuuri will seduce him PICTURING himself (not Pork Cutlet Bowls & women). The real seducive that will make Viktor fall in love.

These moments are importants: Yuuri licks his tongue to seduce, then turns to look at Viktor.
Viktor’s eye shows vivid-colors that shines than usual. It brightes more than in episode 3.

He proved it.

Viktor looks so happy that he could hug Yuuri again. But, I bet he forgets what did he tell to Yuuri in episode 3.

Love wins. What does it exactly means…?

It is thanks to Viktor. Yuuri has some feelings he never had. He never had any girlfriend. He doesn’t know what love is. Now, he feels something like ‘love’ towards to Viktor so he showed his “half true” Eros.

N°2 thing to KNOW:

As we were informed that YOI has total 12 episodes. It’s a number divided by 3. (4 * 3 = 12)
Why 4? Because 3, 6, 9, 12. That is where Viktor’s and Yuuri’s REAL relationships begin from episode 3.
If you count the episodes, the “real Viktuuri” scenes appear EVERY 3 episodes and that proves Viktor’s and Yuuri’s relationships, which are in progress, have improved a LOT during the rest of episodes.

I made a little preview to be more clearly:

Therebefore, Yuuri becomes more confident and, since the episode 6, he starts to make sure that no one takes Viktor away from his student, even if he had to be hated by the whole world!
I’m excited to see what will happen in whole episode, mainly episode 9 and 12!

N°3 thing to KNOW (the result) :

We might have a chance that Yuuri will show his FULL and TRUE Eros to Viktor in between episode 9 - 12.

Once Yuuri finds his true self after finished his performance in The Grand Prix Finals, Viktor is still happy for his student BUT he prevents that he will go back to Russia. There is a thing that I’m more sure than anything is that Yuuri takes Viktor’s hand and tells him that he doesn’t want him to leave. Yuuri looks a way more than sexy that makes him want to rest (I mean his appreance, compared to the first episode!), Viktor is really surprised how Yuuri has changed so much. There is a soft kiss between them and the time stops while they kiss. The flashback appears from the beginning to end. The time reverses in the day where they met, they had a lot of fun, coaching etc. In the end the narrator speaks “He was a genius who never fails to surprise me.” — as if it were Viktor’s thought, it is Yuuri who never fails to surprise him since his first coach with Yuuri.
The scene cuts in black… the end. (I don’t know if there will be a marriage, but, to be honest it would be awesome to see them getting married!)

That is what Eros/Love made in this anime:

  • Yuuri is inspired by Viktor,
  • Yuuri fells in love (in the meaning of platonic, not romantic) with Viktor by imagining “Pork Cutlet bowls”,
  • Yuuri makes his effort to find his true Eros, but it takes too long for him to realize,
  • Viktor helps him to find what is the meaning of Eros,
    coming soon…

*     *     *     *     *

If my theory is correct, that means in episode 9 will be something extra (like a peck/kiss?) before Viktor sends Yuuri off to skate.
For example:

Viktor’s and Yuuri’s hands are held firmly, their looks reunited.
“If you dare to look at someone else, I’ll make you mine.”
Yuuri approaches and gives a small kiss on Viktor’s soft lips, that is the best way to keep Viktor on his mind, then he goes off to skate.

Viktor is speechless. His mind has gone blank and his heart is racing fast than he would imagine. He is reddening.

As the same for the last episode,

Before Yuuri starts his performance at The Grand Prix Finals, Viktor holds slighty Yuuri’s hands and the way Viktor looks at Yuuri is more romantically than before.
“I hope you won’t mess the performance. This is the most important evenement.” - Viktor is worried for Yuuri’s situation.
Yuuri puts his soft hand on Viktor’s back neck, forcing to Viktor approach him, “I promise I will not.” - he whispers and kisses on Viktor’s jaw, then he goes off to enthrall the entire audience.

I apologize for my Bad English (_ _ ;)
EDIT: I forgot about the coaching fee… oops ^^;

Oh and it’s only a theory! ^^

Have a nice day! (More importantly, be SAFE, guys! I don’t have any word for the Election President 2016…… Pray for America.)

You know what I fucking hate? I fucking hate how Taylor never gets a rest. She is CONSTANTLY getting dragged by nearly EVERYONE. Not to mention she was slut-shamed for many years, Kanye and Taylor’s VMA moment, Ellen constantly showing pictures of men Taylor dated on the screen every time she visits, the media manipulating and fabricating stories about her, being bagged for her head-banging during the All Too Well Grammys performance despite the fact she’s done that for most piano, acoustic songs she’s performed on tour, how people dragged her for being surprised cause Random Access Memories was announced instead of Red for Album of the Year, how she wrote an album for a message to younger generations to find themselves and live freely only to be accused of being “pop trash” or accused of not writing all her songs despite the fact she writes all of them, and people accusing her she can’t sing, calling her anti-feminist cause she wrote Bad Blood about how she’s a victim in a friendship’s betrayal, called fake because she has many friends and a squad, called racist cause of her Wildest Dreams video, told she “can’t get over Harry Styles” when she released Out of the Woods when clearly the message was that she found herself, how Adele can remove her music from Spotify and no one bats an eye but Taylor does and everyone loses their minds, how Taylor stood up for (undiscovered) musicians by writing a letter to Apple but was called “money-hungry” and “selfish”, how she’s accused of being greedy for trademarking a couple terms whilst other artists trademark other ridiculous terms and no one says anything, how she sued someone for SEXUAL HARASSMENT and it became a SUING MEME and how she forgave Kanye, wrote a song for him years back to forgive him, presented the VMA Vanguard award for him and now he repays her by being misogynistic and apparently “making her famous”. I don’t know how Taylor has kept her cool but for Christ’s sakes, give this fucking girl a break.


Joonyoung’s message to congratulate his favorite hyung on his special day.

Jongmin was crying so much.

Taehyun was crying so much.

The staff was crying so much.

The whole 1N2D fandom was basically just bawling their eyes out at this moment haha…. ha…. aaaah… T_T

This show really managed to stay on air for so long because it was made by and with such a lovely bunch of caring people!

1N2D is ♡

Your body is a land of beauty, potentials, havoc, catastrophes, surprises, and all that’s in between. Take care of it, nurture and caress it with a tender hand and sound mind. Close your eyes and adore your body without looking at its perfection as well as imperfections. Value the way your wounds hurt, blood clots, and scars lighten. Remind yourself of how wonderful you looked like the moment you put your first smile on your face. Cherish every burst of laughter you have to offer and every drop of tear you have to show. Appreciate how your body fought with colds, fever, headache, even cancer. Because in this world, the first person to genuinely love you for whom you are is yourself.
—  Haydee Ducay
things to do instead of studying

Here’s a list of things you can do when you just really don’t feel like studying but still want to be (kinda) productive:

  • set up a bullet journal or if you have one already organise it and take a look at your spread for the week

↪ reflecting on these smaller goals can help you focus at what’s important at the moment, though you don’t have to do anything yet.

  • declutter your spaces 

↪ you’d be surprised by how much our spaces (bedroom, living room, etc) can get cluttered in just a matter of days! tidying up/cleaning can help organise your mind too, as well as being quite uplifting too (from my experience anyway!)

  • self-care time

↪ perhaps one of the reasons you’re not feeling like studying is because you’ve been overwhelmed by stress. If so, take some time out for yourself - catch up with your favourite tv show, read a book you love, paint your nails, have a bubble bath or whatever else makes you feel at ease.

  • learn to cook a new recipe

↪ cooking can be fun, especially with company or good music in the background! Best of all, you get a meal out of it and you get to switch things up from the usual dishes.

  • learn to play that instrument that’s been under your bed for the past [n] years/months

↪ it engages and positively affects your brain in a way that doesn’t involve cosine, syntactical repetition or grammar! Plus, it’s an impressive skill to pull out in front of your unsuspecting friends.


  • spend time with your family

↪ i like to think that time spent with family (or friends) isn’t time wasted. Strengthening social and relational bonds is a key aspect of life that we shouldn’t ignore! 

That’s all I can think of for now! I hope you find these helpful for when you have that kind of day. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to share - we’re here to support each other.

sonnenstudy - over n out.

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Okay, here's the important question to end all questions: what is the best Tomoyo moment in TRC?

Oh man. Oh man. This is an impossible question if ever there was one. 

Due to my eternal bias every single Tomoyo moment is the best possible Tomoyo moment in TRC. But that’s also a boring answer, so let’s find some good examples. 

JUST TO BE CLEAR, DO I GET TO PICK A DIFFERENT ONE FOR EACH TOMOYO? I’m going to say yes. Those are the rules now. 



The OG Tsubasa version of Tomoyo has only been onscreen for seven pages so far. I’m expecting she’ll have much greater moments in the future, but as of right now? ENTER SASS MASTER TOMOYO

Nihon Tomoyo is here to prove that even being the high priestess isn’t going to dull her dramatic sense of humour. She has maximum marks in showmanship, easily demonstrating that she can be tearfully gazing off into the distance (in delight) one moment and casually cast a complete life altering curse the next. No big deal. This is pancakes for Tomoyo. Sorry Kurogane you never stood a chance. 


Another Tomoyo who was severely under represented on screen, but was incredible nonetheless. Like Nihon Tomoyo, she plays a major part in running the country because hot damn, this is Tomoyo, and every instance of Tomoyo is an absolute pro at everything she touches and easily deserves the unwavering trust of the entire country that she obviously has. 

And then we have THIS MOMENT

Which is only about half a second long, but guys. This is a Tomoyo that has had everything taken from her. We see through Sakura that Villain Guy’s coup was a horrible violent affair that killed her parents and sent her running for her life. Her country and her family were stolen from her in one fell swoop, as well as her bird and her voice. By all rights she should have given up, BUT TOMOYO? NEVER. Despite having nothing but the trust of the people (because hello, this is Tomoyo) she ran the resistance against an all powerful ego maniac for who knows how long - but in this moment she’s lost that as well. She’s in a cage with no ability to move or even communicate. She can’t do a single thing. But what does she do?


Ain’t nobody going to make Tomoyo appear powerless, because Tomoyo is powerful in and of herself. She doesn’t need anything else to back her up. She will go down fighting if it’s the last thing she does. 

It doesn’t go so great, but that only amplifies the fact that Tomoyo stuck to her guns until the very end. She knew exactly what Villain Guy was going to do. She knew she couldn’t stop it. 



Piffle finally gave us the heavenly gift of a Tomoyo that gets plenty of screentime. Piffle’s Tomoyo is just as powerful as the others; she singlehandedly runs the most powerful and influential company in the country, if not the world. Am I elaborating slightly? Yes. But does she deserve it? 

Damn right she does. Piffle’s Tomoyo is massively talented in her own right, but is also willing and able to wield both her company’s assets and it’s reputation to maximum effect, taking complete control of all situations with ease and grace.

She’s also very very gay. 

How could it possibly get any better, you ask? 



In which all of my dreams come true. 

Because Tomoyo with a Gun takes every single instance of Tomoyo’s power structure and inverts it.

Tomoyo has guards. Tomoyo always has guards. Thus, Tomoyo is always The Protected One, and Piffle’s Tomoyo is visibly shown with more guards than every other Tomoyo combined. She is the most protected of all Tomoyos. 

And here she is, in a single instant, leaping into combat faster than an entire room full of trained fighters and becoming The Protector instead. 

Tomoyo has a LOT of good moments. Tomoyo has a lot of GREAT moments. But THIS moment put me into tears with how much it meant. Not only did it empower Tomoyo more than anything else I’ve ever seen, but it slapped every trope into the ground and set them all on fire. 

Because Tomoyo is gorgeous, and she’s talented. She wears dresses and designs fashion and is incredibly enthusiastic about presenting things in just the right way. Tomoyo is resourceful, able to run countries and companies and entire worlds, and is always important enough to be protect. Tomoyo is incredibly feminine, and the biggest lesbian in the universe, and SHE WILL SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE AT THE DROP OF A HAT. Because there is power in all of these things. Tomoyo IS all of these things, and my god, she is not defenseless by any definition of the word. 

And that is just so important. 

Dating Vernon

~ The cute good morning/goodnight texts

~ ”Make sure you’re eating well while I’m gone”

~ Surprise hugs from behind


~ Him pulling you closer to him when any guy looks at you

~ His childlike personality 

“Can we pleasee get a dog if we ever decided to move in together???? I will riot.”

~ Being totally shy around you but having boosts of confidence before and after a performance 

“You definitely were checking me out. I mean look at me.”

~ Cheering you up when you’re sad with lame jokes


~ Freestyle raps about how crazy in love he is in with you 

~ The presence of him around bringing you joy


~ Holding hands in the cold so your hands don’t freeze 

~ Going out with the whole group when they have a break 

~ The sass off between you and Boo that Vernon LOVES to watch

~ Getting a little jealous over Vernon’s past relationship 

~ Him always trying to find time to be with you

~ Just his overall cuteness tbh 

Molly and Sherlock form a short-lived, crime-solving partnership in "The Empty Hearse." Louise: They do. Jace: Why do these two keep coming back to each other? Louise: Well, I sort of...  I know why, why- Molly simply simply loves him. And it's not a sort of... I don't think it's a stupid thing. I think, there's something pure and beautiful about her love for him, and so… He, Sherlock, has become... You know, we've seen more of his vulnerabilities, and humanity, and I think Molly saw it from the start, and I think that that's one of the reasons why she cares for him. And in terms of him with her, I think she surprised him. I dunno, I really like that these tiny moments happen and other stuff’s obviously going on behind, you know, that we don't see, as an audience. And something about those tiny moments tell you that -- this sounds odd, so you might have to winkle out exactly what I'm on about -- but it's like those tiny, tiny moments make you feel like there's something else happening somewhere else. Does that make sense?

here we are again ! another milestone, another moment of utter surprise that somehow, my treasure hunting little convict here has gathered so many lovely people to my blog. i say this each time i make one of these, but i’m honestly astounded, and i’m so so so so very grateful for the support i’ve gotten over my ( almost ) year here. sam means a lot to me and it makes me happy to see interest in him from others as well ! you’ve all been such wonderful additions to my dash, so incredibly fun to interact with, and even though i haven’t been able to form friendships with everyone ( yet ) those i have, you’re an immense joy to talk to. thank you so much for being with me on this journey !    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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“I’m sorry, baby. Wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, consider me surprised.” Tony smiles wobbly, wet against Bucky’s cheek. He could taste the salt of Tony’s tears as they mingle with the rain.

It just so happens that Tony misunderstands Bucky’s clandestine dancing lessons as signs he doesn’t want to get married. Bucky puts that ridiculous thought to rest straight away.

Not one to hold back on grandiose declarations of love, Bucky proposes right then and there, outside in the pouring rain where any moment a car will pass by and soak them even further. Seeing the shy smile that stretches across Tony’s face, he can’t think of a reason why he didn’t asked sooner.

Yeah, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

2016 WinterIron Spring Fling

My gift for Amonae / @amonaewrites​!
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BTS reaction to their s/o winning best female artist


He would be sooo shook. His mouth would be wide open the whole time until one of the members would point it out. When he overcame the shookness he would be so cocky about it he would be like well of course she won she had no competition nobody compares to one and only y/n and everyone would just roll their eyes

Originally posted by softfluffytae


I don’t think in the moment he would have as big of a reaction as the other members, he would probably just smile or clap but when you two were backstage he would give you a surprise backhug and would hold you so tight and kiss you cheek and congratulate you for the award and tell you how proud he is.

Originally posted by joonjuly


I think he would be similar to yoongi in a sense he wouldn’t have as much of a reaction in the moment. He would smile and clap but other then that all the affection would come out of him later on when both of you would be alone backstage ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Originally posted by itsrapmonster


At first he would be sooo shook, like the thought he heard it wrong until he saw you walking up on the stage and in that moment he would turn into an actual fluff. He would giggle and nudge other members and clap and giggle some more. You get the point he is hella cute.

Originally posted by laurenj-hope


This cutie. He would smile really wide and clap obnoxiously from the moment you got up to accept the award to the moment you sat down. He wouldn’t even hear your acceptance speech because of how happy he would be. Literally he would be over the moon about the whole thing.

Originally posted by holdmettightbts


He would feel like he won tbh. He seems like the type of boyfriend to be extremely clingy and affectionate so he would probably get so attached to you he would feel like you two are one person which would be why he is so hyped about you winning such an important award. He would definitely cheer you on from the crowd.

Originally posted by unicornrulerofnarnia


I feel like he would get really emotional. He would clap and smile and be soo proud of you. His eyes would get teary eyes and just duck his head down so nobody could see. When he sees you afterwards he would kiss you and tell you he is proud and that he loves you.

Originally posted by jeonggukk