well this turned out shitty

What your favorite omgcp character says about you:
  • Bitty: wholesome person who just wants this story to turn out well
  • Jack: mental illness?
  • Shitty: white guilt??? I know her
  • Lardo: wow u don't fuck around do u
  • Ransom: anxiety stricken but ambitious, also puppy lover
  • Holster: theatre kid
  • Chowder: Ok u are just lovely I have nothing bad to say okay
  • Nursey: envious of that chill
  • Dex: u propably either love ur family or hate pigeons fiercely
  • Tango: birds trust you. Don't ask me why
  • Whiskey: ur friendgroups hate each other
  • Foxtrot: BIG olD???? LEsbIAN??
  • Fryguy: memelord™
  • Georgia: BIG OLD LESBIAN!!! (also eyebrow enthusiast)
  • Tater: ??????!!!!!! aka , a real emotion u feel
  • Alicia: u secretly bingewatch project runway dont u
  • Bob: such a soft squad papa
  • Suzanne: either u are the boss of a secret underground poker bar or u once had a fist fight over a batch of brownies
  • Coach: cryptid
  • Johnson: u believe in tarot cards
  • Nicholas and Jean-Claude: 99% Science, 1% gay
  • Jenny and Mandy: 99% gay, 1% Science defying
  • Ollie and Wicks: secret spies with secret lifes
  • Kent: u white

“I hope that one day, the world gets to a place where you don’t need to politicize your sexuality any more than someone needs to politicize their race — that we can just act and we can exist in this Zeitgeist, telling stories about one another. And that no one’s afraid, maybe, to come out.”

Happy Birthday Jordan Gavaris || 25.9.1989


the hero we deserve

A Rainy Night

anonymous asked:

I found a funny headcanon for Raven a fee days back and I thought you might like it: Raven has an odd liking to plushies and beast boy is the only one who knows because he walked in on her playing with plushies... Inspired?

The following thing is bad… I mean, really bad… sorry for wasting space in your dash and sorry dear anon because the poorness of this (also she is not playing but I was in one of my “nothing matters” period while doing this)

Don’t hate me I still love you anon TvT


We're going down down in an earlier r o u n d
and SUGAR, we're goin down S W I N G I N G

【I'll be your number one with a bullet】
A 〖loaded〗 god complex
c.o.c.k it and pull it


I thought I would draw Allura because i needed to draw some laaaaadys (also my first time drawing her as well, normally my first drawings of a character turns out really shitty xD) 

shes so pretty in pink, I wanted to do a pastel blue but pink suits her better 

hmmmm >>; (gonnadrawherwithaniceassandsomecutepantieswithwhatcoloridkmymindhasnotdecidedyet)