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Yuri!!! On Ice + Colours Analysis

So thanks to an anon, I ended up looking into Yuuri’s past costumes a few days ago, and noticed something that I couldn’t get off my mind: 

They’re all blue or black, really. I would find more examples to prove myself, but honestly, there isn’t a lot of colour variation. Even in the canon timeline, Yuuri’s costumes are black and then blue: 

I could have screenshotted any moment but I just like to look at the viktuuri kiss okay 

So, what does this mean? Well, in western culture, blue is a colour of coldness, serenity, perhaps sadness too. A colour rather appropriately then often associated with Yuuri, a character who makes these traits apparent. But was this intentional? 

It turns out blue means the same thing in Japan 

Well, kind of. I’m an English clueless who kind of purposely sets my fanfics in countries that are not Japan because I know I’m going to mess the culture up somehow. But basically, a bit of swift research told me that blue means calmness and serenity, but also largely purity. With the added bonus that blue is a feminine colour over there which is kinda cool when you think about Eros

So, Viktor next: 

We’ve seen him in blue and black in his past, but here for a mature Viktor we see him dressed in pink. Because I’m only going to do a brief colour analysis, I’m hence forth going to be referring to him as red (close enough considering pink is a colour on the red spectrum). 

Red is perhaps more universal in meaning than blue is. In Japan, it represents energy, heat, power, love etc. Also the red on the Japanese flag represents the sun apparently so there’s that.

Red and blue: opposite colours for what are, on the surface, opposite characters. 

Blue, the flame that was never lit

Red, the flame that burned too brightly 

And this is incredibly intentional because look, even in the OP:


And then we have the final moments of the anime, where the spectrums meet

P U R P L E 

Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red.” 

Sounds perfect to me.

✰Kokichi & KI-BO✰

Since I’ve watched Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt pretty recently, I got inspired to do this little X-Over ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I’m like around 7 years too late with this, huh ?(゜▽゜;)

ContactSH and Johnlock

The main reason on why I am so excited about the twitter accounts @ContactSH and @ContactJHW… it is because if those accounts turn out to be BBC canon— then Johnlock is BBC canon.

I have been trying to be logical about anything that has been coming out so as to not get my hopes up.  I have been VERY careful with anything coming out that could be potentially troll or malicious in any way— (thus I’ve been turned off the websites for different reasons)

The twitter accounts had never shown to be either malicious or troll, and they have been really entertaining so I had been rather happily following them on the side even while experiencing a LOT of angst regarding BBC and season 4.

However this has started to drift from the “well isn’t this a fun and well done fan account” and more into “omg this might actually be legit tin hat stuff going on here” lately.

I’m having a hard time not getting my hopes up over the twitter accounts.  In addition to the accounts being a professional level (yes they are just that good) there has been at least three things out now -heavily- implying that they are BBC connected.  At this point I am convinced that at the very -least- whoever runs them works for BBC.  We have yet to see proof that it may not be another BBC Three situation where it is being run by a Johnlock fan who happens to also be a BBC employee… but with the time and expense put into this whole deal… I’m starting to wonder if it is leading to more.

As for the confirmed Johnlock in the twitter and for those who have not been keeping up:  On the anniversary of when Sherlock and John met in BBC Canon, On twitter ContactSH and ContactJHW both got drunk to celebrate.

Well come to find the next morning that after a few drinks, they had apparently gotten to know each other better… in a biblical sense.  The next day Sherlock complained about a hangover and then bragged a bit about their ‘activities’ the prior night, much to John’s chagrin.

There is more, and it proved to be both amusing and entertaining.  A lot of tweets were deleted, and I think it was due to John ‘censoring’ Sherlock.

So moving on, a case happened, they traveled, and then comes valentine’s day where sherlock and John went out to a VERY nice restaurant– and then John drug Sherlock to a sex museum afterwards for kicks and giggles.

There is a LOT more of that whole episode.

Anyway, overall they have gone to some rather exotic locations (and no I’m not talking about the museum. They went out of the country) and have shared a lot of really interesting photos, all of which are original… also not talking about the museum, this is one of my fav:

There is a LOT more in those twitter feeds and I encourage anyone who wants to see what had been going on to check the twitter accounts out out because I left out a TON of stuff that happened in the feeds. 

The accounts have been of really decent quality, and now with the links towards BBC I am gaining hope. One of two things are happening.  Either this is a very highly paid employee of BBC, or something more is going on here and the twitter accounts are sanctioned.

Considering that Johnlock is canon in the twitter accounts (rather blatently so), that means that they are canon with BBC if it turns out that this is a part of a larger promotion thing.

And that… That would be absolutely wonderful. 

So that is why I am a freaking out and pleased as punch about this whole deal.  I have been treating every ‘ARG’ thing so far with a heavy dose of skepticism because I didn’t want to be taken for a ride- but so far nothing has happened with the twitters (in contrast to the websites) to raise suspicions of their being anything other then either VERY well done fan run sites or BBC related. Both of which are just grand.

I’m getting very hopeful for the later.


“I used to think you were like me. You were attracted to the darkness. But, Tate, you are the darkness.”

Yana and editor K’s tweets about the Circus arc, Musical (2017) and GFantasy

Source: X, X

English translation:

Yana: 8 years have passed since I wrote the Circus arc. I’ve just remembered that while drawing it, I tried to elaborate on the theme “there are certain things that don’t turn out well no matter how hard you try” (which is actually an improper theme for the entertainment industry) as well as the theme of “the seemingly reversed right and wrong”. Even though Sebastian [a demon] is the main character of this series, all arcs of Kuroshitsuji are supposed to be a paean to human beings.

Yana: The Circus crew were mercilessly eliminated by the servants. You might feel sorry for them but actually, they came to kidnap [a child]. Be it the manga, anime or the musical, I received the feedback that people rather empathised with the Circus crew and thus felt distressed [by their fate]. I guess Sebastian and Ciel really must have looked like the bad guys. Though, actually, they’ve never really been good-hearted to begin with… (lol)

Editor K: That scene in the musical [version of the Circus Arc] where Sebastian and Ciel laugh at Joker, who has just threatened them [to kill anyone at the manor]… They had such “bad guys” vibes, I was really surprised!

Yana: Oh that scene! I’m so thankful to Mr. Furukawa [*Sebastian’s actor] and Mr. Uchikawa [*Ciel’s actor]. They looked very evil indeed (lol) I mean this as a genuine compliment, of course! In that moment Sebastian and Ciel were actually the heroes who punished the serial child kidnapper… …at least in that very moment…

Editor K: It was shocking to see how an adult and an actual child were laughing in the same evil way.

Yana: The Circus arc is an arc where even I as the author can’t judge who was right and who was bad. Back when it was serialized in the GFantasy magazine, anime season 1 was airing in full swing. I’m really grateful to Square Enix for greenlighting this story *under such circumstances. [*Note: Since the atmosphere in the Circus arc was much darker than in the anime, it could have led to confusion for the new audience who got into this series through the anime.]

Editor K: They immediately reject the slightest depiction of underwear, but on the other hand, give full approval to a dark plot like that in the Circus Arc. The GFantasy [editorial department] is such an interesting place, isn’t it?

Yana: Come to speak of it, the drawers and corsets which I always draw so enthusiastically have never been rejected either. GFantasy really is a nice place.

Editor K: Indeed!!

Yana: Sebastian might be amused by the human beings who fight to protect their own world, and laughing at them from a demon’s point of view in the current musical version of the Circus arc. However, in the animated movie of the Luxury Liner arc, which will be released in January next year, he’ll find himself rolling over the floor and vomiting blood due to his self-imposed challenge to maintain the aesthetic [of a butler], so please look forward to it, too. *advertises bluntly*


♡Proofread by lovely @minacchin


I was going to remark on this photo. Come up with a witty comment. Something funny. Something to make all my tumblr followers laugh. 

Then I realised: This photo is actually too horrific for a joke. 

It’s just, well, disgusting. I’m disgusted. It’s beyond words.  

I can’t even attempt a joke. I’m just, well, rather unhappy about how things turned out. And this is the world we live in now.

It’s all very unfortunate. When monsters are in charge.

The biggest highlight of the week was seeing Tom Cavanagh reprise the role of Harry. Not that his H.R. hasn’t been a hoot, but there’s no substitute for the cranky, overbearing Wells of Earth-2. As it turned out, the best scene of the episode didn’t involve gorillas at all, but rather Harry reuniting with his doppelganger and trying to wrap his head around the fact that this goofy, brainless dork has become an indispensable member of Team Flash. Nowhere has Cavanagh’s versatility been on better display. Is it too much to ask for an all-Wells spinoff?
—  IGN [x]

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Valentine Prompt: SDV Farmer can't choose between all of the eligible singles and gives homemade valentines to everyone

Oh boy, ok I probably did spend to much time on this but still, I wanted to finish this so here you go!

I’m sorry that some of these didn’t turn out so well or look kinda weird, I experimented around alot ;;
I know some of these are technically not homemade but rather “homeraised” like the chicken or well, the wool and the eggs, but I just kinda ran out of ideas.
And don’t worry the octopus is just a plush octopus.
Also, I didn’t forget Harvey but I planned something…more unique for him. So I hope I’ll actually be able to draw that cause it’ll be pretty difficult ;w;
But yeah, hope you like it!

The Crown weighs heavy (Ch.5)


Rating:T for now


A/N: Thank you to those who commented and rebolgged this story. IT means so much! I hope you enjoy. Do let me know how you like it!!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4 _________________________________________________ You push passed Negan, practically shoving at his chest as you run out of the RV door, wanting to take a closer look at what he calls the ‘Sanctuary’. You were in actual awe of the place, it seemed pretty well fortified and the buildings appeared to be in good shape for something that probably hasn’t had proper maintenance since the world ended.

“Like what you see, doll?”

You let out a breath when your bag was shoved into your chest and you gripped it tightly to you before it fell from him practically throwing it into you. Negan had strolled up to your side, Lucille hanging over his shoulder as he turned his gaze towards the compound.


“Hm?” You replied rather idiotically, still in a daze over the sight before you. You turned your head to look at Negan who was rolling his eyes at you before motioning to the Sanctuary.

“Impressed, sweetheart? She’s a fucking beauty ain’t she?”

After catching on to what he was asking you quickly nodded your head, not entirely sharing his enthusiasm over the place. It was impressive, without a doubt but you didn’t think beauty was the correct term to use. Especially when you noticed the group of walkers chained to the gates. For some reason, that didn’t sit too well with you. But, you figured saying anything but yes to him was not in your best interest.

“Yea it’s…pretty cool.” Not exactly the most eloquent of words, but it seemed to please him enough.

Negan walked over to a man who had been standing at the gates, and you watched as he leaned down and whispered something into his ear before walking off into the distance. You began to follow after him, assuming that’s what he wanted but the other man’s arm came down in front of you blocking your way. You follow his arm with your eyes until you reach his face, and he’s only staring at you with disinterest.

“Follow me.”

Before you can respond he starts walking off, yelling at the men still in the trucks to make sure everything gets put back where it should be. You allow yourself a glance back, watching as the gates begin to close, and you realize then that this is it. With the number of guards keeping watch at the top, and the ones patrolling the bottom fence as well you lacked a significant chance of escaping. Hopefully, it wouldn’t need to come to that though.

You caught up with the other man, watching the way his face was stuck in a frown. The Saviors were such a lively bunch, you thought solemnly. Might as well make the most of this little walk though.

“So, what’s your name?”

“Simon.” He barely acknowledged your presence, and any questions you asked after were met with either a grunt or one word. You couldn’t believe it, but you were starting to miss Negan. At least he talked to you.

“In here.”

You almost bump into Simon’s back as he stops suddenly, pointing at a door in the hallway. In your daydreaming you hadn’t even realized you were upstairs now, and you mentally scolded yourself for not paying attention because you didn’t know the way back outside or to anything for that matter.

“What’s this?” You ask.

“Your room, Negan’s assigned it to you.”

You mouth a quick ‘oh’ in response to him, looking around the hall real quick before opening your door. Before stepping in you motion at the other doors down the hall. “What’s in there?”

“Negan’s room. Do yourself a favor and stay out of it, unless you want to end up working the wall as a dead man.”

You just blinked at him, not really sure if he was joking with you or he was serious. His face hardly switched expressions so you couldn’t really tell. “Ok…well, thanks.” Simon just bowed his head in acknowledgment before retreating down the hallway again.

“It’s already passed lunch time, but dinner should be ready in a couple of hours. Just head down to the cafeteria like I showed you.”

He called back to you, and you nodded weakly before biting down on your lip. You had no idea where that was…you were too busy lost in your thoughts as he spoke the way here.

“Oh well.” You muttered to yourself, and push the door open as you stepped into your new room. As soon as you stepped foot inside you dropped your bag in shock. This room was definitely larger than your one at Hilltop. The bed alone was doubled in size, and the sheets looked fresh and soft. There stood a small makeshift fireplace in the corner, along with a dresser and bathroom. There was even a small library of books, and old videos next to a TV, with a comfy looking couch in front of it. Whatever this room was before the apocalypse, they did a damn good job of renovating it. And you had to wonder if Negan made sure it looked like this before you came, as if he was planning your stay here even before you woke up the first time in Hilltop. You had to thank him later for all this, but you had to wonder what you did to even deserve such a place to sleep. However, that was a question for a later time; you needed to get settled first. After all it looks like this would be home for…well who knew how long. You reached for your bag and began unpacking some clothes, neatly folding them into the dresser, and placing essentials inside the bathroom, admiring it as you did so. It wasn’t anything too special, but it was clean and actually had a curtain for privacy. After finishing all that you sat on the bed, dusting your pants off and suddenly being very aware that you had no idea what to do next. Sure, Negan had assigned this room to you but it still felt wrong to start sifting through the books and videos, or even sleep. You knew it had to do with you not having any of this for so long, and having it suddenly thrust at you was a more than unnerving. At Hilltop it was always a temporary fix, and you were used to that. Moving around was the lifestyle you held since the beginning, but knowing now that you may be here for quite a while was weird.

You glanced around the room, wondering if maybe you should head out and explore the Sanctuary for a while, but maybe that would get you in trouble. Not to mention you wouldn’t even know where to start or who to talk to, so far none of the Saviors you met seemed like good company. You decided it would be best to stay in, and you walked over to the large window in your room and sat at the edge of it. You watched as people below walked about, going into doors and garages. They all looked so normal, as if they hadn’t a care in the world. Some were even laughing and smiling together. You must have sat there for hours just watching them, not even caring about dinner at this point. You were too caught up in your thoughts, wondering why they could just not care about the world outside of here. You started to wonder if maybe they never even knew how it was out there beyond their walls.

A knock at your door snapped you from your thoughts, and you placed one leg off the windowsill as you prepared to answer it. However, Negan beat you to it. He opened your door, and walked into your room eyeing his work with admiration before setting his sights on you.

“Well hello, darlin’.”

He stretched his arms out, gesturing at all of your room before smirking at you.

“Fine as shit, right?”

You rewarded him with a smile, placing your hands on your knees as you got up. “Yes. Thank you for it. I don’t really know what to say, but thank you.”

He walked over to the couch and plopped down onto it, waving for you to join him. You decided to sit on the coffee table instead, and you didn’t miss the look of disappointment on his face. But, after that little fiasco in your room, which was honestly your fault, you thought it was better to keep a distance between you two. He only sighed, and sat up a little straighter throwing both arms over the back of the couch.

“Now let’s talk options, sweetheart.”

The moment you had been waiting for was finally here, and truthfully you were more excited by the prospect of working than you were for your new room. You get what you earn, and you certainly didn’t like things just being handed to you.

“And those are?”

Negan gives you one of his charming smiles, placing one finger up as he spoke.

“One: You work for points, but you’ll most likely wish you were dead. Two: You work for me, get yourself a brand new set of clothes and you live like a queen!”

His enthusiasm wasn’t very contagious to you right now, both options didn’t sound like the best of lives, and anything that sounded promising never was. You didn’t even think it was possible to live like royalty now days. But, he did give you this room, and that was something to be grateful for.

“What are points exactly?”

He threw his hand up in the air, obviously not recommending choosing that option.

“This place runs because people work, and what gets them to work is points. You earn your keep here, do your job right you get your points, you get to spend them on whatever the fuck you want.”

You nodded along to his words, contemplating on which of the two options sounded better for you. On one hand, you basically do the dirty work around here, probably cleaning up after people, and scrubbing toilets. Not exactly appealing to you, and the other well, it was probably still dirty work only better ‘pay’. But, the choice was clear to you.

“I guess option-“

“Now hold on, sweetheart. There’s one more option for you.”

You blinked at him in confusion, wondering why he didn’t tell you about it before. He got up with excitement, grabbing you by the arm and pulling you up to follow him out of the room. You ended up in the hallway again, and he motioned for you to follow him down the hall, at first you felt a bit nervous about it since his room was down that way and whatever option that entailed you definitely did not want. But, once you saw him pass by his doors you decided to follow him. You found yourselves standing in front of another set of doors, his smile growing as he opened it and allowed you inside first.

“Oh my god…” You quickly turned away at the sight in front of you, heat rising to your cheeks at how much bare skin you had just seen on total strangers. Behind you was a group of women, some lying on couches, others sitting down and painting their nails, but all of them were dressed in fine lingerie. And you had to wonder what in the hell you had walked into, and how this had anything to do with option 3, because you were extremely uncomfortable in here.

Negan only laughed at your reaction, walking deeper into the center of the room before throwing his arms up in his own glory as he proclaimed them all to be his wives.

“Sweetheart, let me introduce you to these super hot ladies, all of them my wives.”

It was then that it dawned on you, and you looked back at him with a bewildered look on your face. You caught the eyes of a few of them, and none of them looked the least impressed at the idea of another woman joining their ranks. Quite frankly, you couldn’t blame them. There were five of them already, and you highly doubted they were all ok with that.

“Ladies, don’t be shy! Introduce yourselves.”

They were hardly forthcoming with their names, but they still recited them anyway. You guessed it was because they didn’t want to anger their husband, even if he was speaking with amusement evident on his voice you knew how quickly his mood could sour. One by one they looked at you, and you had learned there was a Sherry, Amber, Tiffany, Michelle, and Jessie. You paid no mind to their individual features, not really wanting to come face to face with naked flesh. You merely faked a smile, turning just enough to wave behind you at the women.

“A pleasure. I’m Y/N.”

You really wanted to just get out of here and go back to your room, where it was quiet and there wasn’t a bunch of icy glares staring daggers into your back. You wondered briefly how many of them were already plotting your murder.

Sensing your slight discomfort, Negan moved over to you placing a hand on your shoulder as he spoke.

“So what do you say, Darlin’? Isn’t this shit cool?”

His charming southern drawl couldn’t tempt you into a fucking meal at this point, you were so baffled, so disgusted, pretty much every negative emotion in the book at this point. Did he really think having a harem was cool? But, you didn’t make a scene in front of the scantily clad women, you only averted your eyes and responded, mimicking the same words you did earlier in the day because you were mostly at a loss for words.

“Yea, pretty cool…”

Apparently satisfied with his little show, he chuckled and dragged you out of the room not even uttering a goodbye to his wives as he did so. As soon as you were outside the door, he cupped your cheek lifting your face to look up at him.

“Option number three, darlin’. You should know there is no door number four, so I suggest you choose very fucking wisely.”

It wasn’t even a contest, you were in no way going to be a wife of his, handsome or not you didn’t do relationships without meaning.


You said it with such finality that it even caught him off guard, and you brushed passed him to head towards your room. Negan wasn’t going to let you off that easy though, and before you could shut your door he slipped in.

“Now hold on a minute, sweetheart. I suggest you take a step back and think about this real hard.”

“Option number two. That’s what I want, I’ll work for you.”

You could tell he was disappointed with your choice, and he leaned against the wall as he stared at you. His silence was wearing on you, and you knew he was giving you time to change your mind but that wasn’t going to happen. Never. You crossed your arms, and turned your body towards him, finally voicing your opinion.

“You honestly think I’m going to become your wife? Oh, wait. I mean one of your wives. Because, let me tell you now, Negan. That isn’t the kind of woman I am. For so many reasons! First off, marriage is between people who love one another, and even if I did feel that way about you, you can bet I still wouldn’t be tempted to take your hand because there are five other women out there who are already holding it.”

Negan only laughed at you, his dimples showing through his salt and pepper beard as he walked towards you. “Who said anything about love, doll? It’s like a contract. A fucking good contract. You get to live like a fucking queen, everyone here will be waiting on you hand and foot, you’ll want for nothing. You’ll even get to have a little fun in the process.” He bit his lip once he said that last part, his eyes roaming over your body as he edged closer to you. Unfortunately for him, nothing he said was making you want it anymore than you already did. You took a step back, shaking your head at him in disagreement.

“I will work for you. That is the agreement we make. And if that means I lose this room and all this stuff that is completely fine with me. I’ve had much less, believe me. You can set me up a tent outside on the lawn, and I will take that. I prefer anything that doesn’t require me to spread my legs just to get a free pass at everything.”

Your fuming gaze falls upon him, and he no longer seems amused at the situation. He only looks intently at you, and you can’t exactly read beyond the disappointment in his eyes. But, there is something else brewing back there.

“Fair enough, princess. It’s a damn shame though, because I would’ve treated you like one. A fucking queen at my side.”

You scoffed at the notion, sitting on your bed as he turned on his heels to leave. Before that he turned back to you one last time.

“You get to keep all this, as promised in option 2. You get a brand new set of every fucking thing. I don’t usually give people this option, most of them pussy’s aren’t worth it. But, you managed to fucking survive out there on your own, and lucky for you, I can respect that.”

It was all he said to you before exiting your room, and you just sat on the bed wondering what was to come. But, as they say tomorrow brings a new day.

I want those tights

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good eggs aside, your hair is great, what is ur secret????????

the secret is i crack an egg, whisk it up, and coat my hair in it. only good eggs know about this beauty hack. 🥚

jk, I don’t do anything there’s no secret. it’s genetic and unattainable.

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Holding On And Letting Go

Daryl Dixon Imagine

Based on a Request. I hope you like it. :D

Rick asks you to deliver a box to Aiden’s house. When you reach it Aiden starts insulting you and even hits you. When you get home to Daryl the pain in your stomach becomes unbearable.

word count: 1977
approximated reading time: 10 minutes

“Where are ya headin’ towards?”, Daryl asked lying stretched out on the sofa with only one eye open.
“Heading over to Rick, he said he wanted to ask me a favor”, I shrugged grabbing my jacket. It had been rather cold lately and since I had been feeling weird the last couple of days I didn’t want to catch a cold on top of everything.
“You gonna be back soon?” Daryl had opened the other eye too. He was probably awake by now and I cursed myself. He hadn’t slept well lately probably because I had trouble sleeping at night, turning over and over again keeping him awake as well. When I walked down the stairs earlier and found him alseep on the sofa I had really hoped he would finally get some sleep.
“Yes, of course. It’s probably nothing big anyway”, I smiled turning around to leave.
“Hey”, Daryl whispered to stop me and I turned around again to face him.
“Ya feelin’ better?”
“Yeah, I’m sorry I’m keeping you awake at night, I really don’t know what’s wrong lately.”
“I don’t care ‘bout that”, he mumbled shaking his head. “Just glad you’re feelin’ better. You still heading over to Denise later?”
“Yes, I will. As promised”, I said with a smile. Even though I had assured that I was feeling better Daryl still urged me to see Denise, have her check me. I knew he was probably right anyway.
“Good girl”, he muttered closing his eyes again. With his head resting on his arms he soon started snoring again and I was relieved to know that he would get the sleep he needed. I left with a smile and walked down the street to the Grime’s house. Michonne greeted me at the door telling me that Rick was waiting in the kitchen.
“Morning, Rick”, I greeted walking into the kitchen.
“Good morning”, he answered with a big smile.

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Imagine Sam accidentally watching your first kiss with Dean...

Y/N and Dean were taking an awfully long time getting the bags in from the impala, Sam hadn’t heard a fight, but it was worth checking. With the luck that all of you tended to have, it only took 10 minutes for everything to them upside down. He wandered over to the window and parted the blinds.

For a minute, he worried, Dean appeared to have Y/N in a tight embrace, she was faced away and for a moment looked to be crying. Sam peered slightly more intently, straining to see if Y/N was okay.

Before he could take another breath, he saw Dean lift her chin up and kiss her, they looked at each other for a few moments and then turned to pick up the bags.

Sam backed away from the window quickly, eyes wide and looking for something to do. He lunged across the little room and pretended to be coming out of the en suite.

“Hey Sammy, got the bags.” Dean said as he opened the door. Y/N trailed in behind him, a small blush still on her cheeks and a smile playing on her lips.

Sam looked between them and swallowed before composing himself and acting as if he’d not seen a thing…

…And that he couldn’t see the smug grin on Dean’s face.

“You should’ve seen the way he was looking at you while you were out.”
I smiled a little. “How?”
“Like you’re the ocean, and he’s desperate to drown.”

               — Michelle Hodkin, The Retribution of Mara Dyer [x]

Checkmate ~ Part Four

“Are you certain you want to go through with this?”

Ciel’s bright blue eye leveled with your gaze as you turned to look at him.

“Of course. What makes you think that I wouldn’t be?”

“Well, we are making ourselves rather vulnerable. It’s a dangerous situation.”

“Yes, I do realize. I’m no stranger to these types of situations, Ciel.”

Turning your attention away from him, you stared out the window at the snow that was carefully falling from the sky.

“Are you concerned?”

Your tone turned curious as you turned back to study his expression.

“No. I’m simply ensuring you’re as committed to this plan as I am.”

“Well, I do believe you’re forgetting who’s plan it was.”

A smirk settled on your lips as you watched annoyance wash over Ciel’s expression.

“Very well. As long as you’re certain. You know, you’re a rather challenging countess.”

“As you are a rather difficult earl. I only trouble you, because you see so much of yourself within me.”

“Don’t flatter yourself. I don’t believe I see as much as you would like to think.”

“Oh, what’s that? Would you like to find more of yourself in me? Perhaps that could be arranged.”

Throwing a facetious wink in his direction, you ruffled your skirt gently, lifting it enough to show off the pale skin of your leg. His expression remained unchanged, stoic as ever.

“For someone who sold their soul, you have a pretty interesting sense of humor.”

“And you seem to have none at all. Your soul is still yours, you know. May as well use it while you have it. Smile while you can. I, personally, have chosen to see it that way. I used to be shy, bashful, proper; you know. I behaved the way I was expected to. But now, I see no point. We’re all going to die anyway, right? I may as well have some fun before I go. So I’ll partake in lewd humor and empty flirtations if I so choose to, because no one can stop me and it won’t matter once I’m dead, so why care now?”

His naked eye squinted in your direction, scrutinizing your face as if to try and glean a deeper understanding of your psyche, but to no avail.

“What an interesting take. You have an odd view of the morbid situation you have found yourself in.”

“What would make it morbid is how I choose to see it. I gained a greater view when I lost my eye. I see things more clearly now and I see that I can choose to be content, so I am. My situation is one of my own choosing and for that, I’m grateful. ”

Smiling politely, you turned to gaze out the window once more, admiring the fresh snow on the cobbled streets beneath the carriage. Ciel kept his eye on you for a moment, but you were too enamored with the sight outside to notice. He pondered your words carefully, mulling them over in the back of his mind as he turned to look out the opposite window, remaining silent until the carriage came to a halt.

“Master, we have arrived.”

Sebastian’s velvet voice echoed through the carriage just before the door popped open.

“Thank you, Sebastian.”

Nodding politely, you took his gloved hand as he offered it to you, helping you out of the buggy. Ciel followed behind you quietly, standing close to your side.

“That will be all, Sebastian. Do you recall your orders?”

The raven-haired butler bowed with his hand pressed over his heart.

“Yes, my lord. I shall take my leave now. Enjoy your evening. My lady.”

Nodding his polite goodbye, Sebastian climbed elegantly atop the carriage and ushered the horses off, leaving you and Ciel alone.

The streets weren’t vacant yet, a few people still wandered about, bundled up against the chill of the evening. It was late, however, and those with any sense were on their way back to their homes.

“Well, shall we?”

Ciel’s turned to face you as he offered your his arm, which you graciously took.

“I suppose we shall. Thank you.”

Carefully, you linked your arm with his, stepping close to his side as the two of you began to walk down the street.

“I’ve always enjoyed this weather. Fresh snow is just so beautiful.”

Craning your head back, you peered up at the sky, watching the light flurries of snow dance around you. Ciel made no comment, he merely watched your movements, but when you lowered your sight to look at him, you could have sworn you saw an inkling of a smile on his face.

“We should get to somewhere less crowded. You’re positive this is the area the killer prefers?”

Nodding affirmatively, you gestured to the darkness of a nearby alleyway.

“Yes. This block and the next four after it have been the locations for all of the murders.”

“Very well. I suppose this is our best bet then.”

Ciel followed your direction, strolling along with you into the chilly, damp air of the dimly-lit alley.

“Stay close to me, all right?”

A air of protectiveness crept into his expression as he peered down at you, resting his free hand over the arm you had linked with his.

Nodding in understanding and now feeling just slightly unnerved, you placed your hand over his as the light left your figures.

in the future, when we fell in love - Dorian/Bull - M - 12,300 words

Dorian and the Inquisitor spend a lot longer than a few hours displaced in time by Alexius’ magic. Working through all of the consequences takes even longer.

For @tuherrus & @justjasper.


The real problem was the door, of course.

Well, no. To begin with, the real problem was the time travel; but time travel being as it is, it makes for rather a tenuous beginning to anything. It may as well be the end, regardless of which way one’s moving.

So the door it must be, strange and unknown, something in its lines attempting to turn Dorian’s stomach. He on this side; on the other, Alexius. On the other, salvation.

And no clue as to how to open it, not anywhere in the castle they had scoured and scoured again.

“Someone has to come in and out sometimes,” Cadash said, narrowing her eyes at the wretched thing. “We can wait.”

“No,” the shell of Leliana said, the word harsh in her throat. “I think not. I think we must leave now. All of us may die, except for you.”

Dissonant whispers from dying mouths like prayer or abjuration. He comes, he comes.

Have mercy.

Give me an open door and an hour, Dorian thought, and I will work you a miracle.

But the door was closed, remained closed.

“For shit’s sake,” the great Qunari mercenary who called himself the Iron Bull said. Tired, so tired, his voice nearly as lyrium-warped as the people they’d killed.

“Courage, my friend,” Dorian said. “We may all die, but you will at least not die in the basement of this awful place.”

“Not comforting,” Sera said.

“I don’t know,” the Iron Bull said. “Going down fighting sounds like an improvement to me.”

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