well this turned out crappy

  • Tyson: The day Kai confesses his feelings to Lyla, I'm going on a diet.
  • *Kai and Lyla enter the kithen hand in hand*
  • Max: Tyson, man, you better start with something healthier, like fruits. Hilary has prepared a salad.
  • *Glares at him before speaking again*
  • Tyson: Maxie, bring me back those pancakes right now because we both know they're screaming my name. And we both know it's cruel to let them wait.

@mr-smith-i-need-you What a fantastic idea! Sorry it took me so long to finish this; I was unexpectedly busy this weekend. I had a hard time deciding which princess to pick, but what finally made my decision on Sleeping Beauty was realizing how great Crow would look as Maleficent. I know it’s not exactly what you asked for, but I hope it fits your vision nonetheless c:

Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed making this.

arumine-kaoru  asked:

I've been thinking of it like this: Lots of authors say their works/characters are like their children. And some people have turned out great despite having crappy parents. Well then SO LONG SUCKER I'VE ADOPTED YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM YOU THEY'RE MINE NOW and I've been a fan of RK since like 2002, it's how I got the kaoru in my url, references are like household slang with my siblings. All the more reason why MINE NOW! BUT SEE IF YOU EVER GET MY MONEY AGAIN

Mmhm, and I totally get this reaction. Me, personally, I don’t know if I can get to this place. I’d love to… but not sure. Certainly not there yet.

But please yes, they are yours now. I Support This ❤️ Screw. Him.

Aithusa really really wanted to be Merlin for Halloween- so she roped one of the Arthurs in to be her costume partner. Arthur couldn’t resist posing them once they had their costumes complete.