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Just follow up to your anti making us not trust jack theory, remember in Kill Jacksepticeye "if you want him back so badly why don't you save him?" But why would we save him if we don't trust him it's like when we thought schneep was the bad guy and well we know how that turned out he even made us question chase at one point he's making us question our morality by hacking into our minds but we must not believe his lies..

Yup, we don’t know who to trust anymore because of him… - Mod Lily

Her Skeleton Will Lie In The Chamber Forever…

I was going to put lyrics to words fail here, but the whole song is literal gold. Anyway, it’s not my usual style of drawing, but I drew Thomas from his snap story when he sang Words fail from deh. It was amazing! Also, this was going to be watercolored but, quick tip, never rush watercolors before swimming because it won’t turn out well. Luckily I take progress shots of my work!! Anyway, be kind to yourselves!!
I’ll tag, @thatsthat24 and wish him a restful day after Vidcon ((and no more spiders)). I’ll also tag @pattonpending @prinanalogicality @vortexart @pansexualroman @velocifoxy

Hey everyone! It only took me eleven-twelve days (five days of active drawing) and roughly 16-17 hours of drawing time, but I have a new thing! This time it’s The Joker. 

Oh, and just saying, since some people seemed confused on my last drawing, that this drawing is entirely digital. No colored pencils, no paint. Just my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and my free online Paint Tool, GIMP2. I mostly used the paintbrush tool, the spray paint tool, the color picker, and the smudge tool; no textures or anything fancy. I took most of the colors themselves from my reference, to get the best result possible. Not sure if that’s cheating, but since these drawings are more my own way of learning to get more detailed, I don’t think it matters too much? 

Anyway, hope y’all like it. :-) 

  • Summer: Ouch!
  • Taiyang: What happened? *starts walking over to Summer's bed*
  • Summer: My text book gave me a paper cut.
  • Taiyang: How bad is- *bangs his knee on the bed frame* DUST!
  • Summer: Oh my gosh, are you oka- *goes to get up off the bed and trips, falling to the floor*
  • Taiyang: Damn, are you alright?
  • Summer: *gets up, holding her head* Yeah... What is going on with us today?
  • Raven: *screams from the bathroom* QROW!
  • Qrow: *opens his eyes and sits up in his bed* Ugh, what'd I do now?
  • Raven: *storms out, part of her hair burnt off from her straightener* YOU'RE GIVING US ALL BAD LUCK! GET OUT!
  • Qrow: Well damn, my bad. *turns into a crow and flies out the window*
  • Summer: That wasn't very nice of you, Raven! It's not his fault!
  • Taiyang: Yeah, come on- he is your brother after all.
  • Raven: Oh trust me, he loves every second of it. *glares out the window at Qrow as he flies back and forth, cawing/laughing* Especially when it involves torturing me.

yaknow I really wonder if what eventually became The Emoji Movie was in development before movies like Wreck-It Ralph and The Lego Movie came out, or maybe an animator at Sony saw WIR and thought “Man this is so inspiring, I’d love to make a film sort of like this. What kind of story could I tell about the characters that might live inside some more modern technology?”

optimistic about this idea they pitch it to their bosses, after all the studio’s been hitting it out of the park with Genndy Tartakovsky and his Hotel Transylvania movies lately. it gets the greenlight and starts development when suddenly The Lego Movie comes out and their bosses demand they make their lead female character like Wyldestyle. our animator friend tries to make a slightly similar character but each time it gets sent in for review the higher ups keep insisting to make her more and more similar, to the point where she becomes a little too similar, and there’s no arguing with orders from the top.

oh well, our animator friend thinks, maybe it won’t turn out so bad. after all the executives here are finally letting us make Smurfs: The Lost Village instead of those live action atrocities. they’ve definitely realized by now copying and trying to cash in on other popular movies like the live action Alvin and the Chipmunks is a bad idea right?

and then Inside Out comes out

and some corporate goon struts into our animator friend’s office and proudly proclaims “good news, buddy! your movie is now about emojis!” “um… emojis, sir?” “yes, emojis! yaknow those little face things when you send texts? I shouldn’t have to explain it to you you’re a millennial.” “I’m 32.” “right, right. anyway we got a lot of sponsorship tied up in this thing now… candy crush, facebook, dropbox… gotta say, great idea setting a film inside a smartphone! incredibly marketable!” “actually I wanted it to be inside a computer, kind of like this TV show I grew up with called ReBoot but modernized and–” “phone, computer, same thing these days right? they’ve all got apps and more importantly, in-app purchases! anyway you’ll have plenty of time to work on it now that we canceled Popeye!” “you WHAT?”

and so our poor dear animator friend resigned to their fate, dreading the day the critics’ screenings began, seeing their worst fears inevitably realized when the film just narrowly escaped 0% on rotten tomatoes. should this tragic tale indeed be true, let us hope with all our hearts that this animator eventually finds their way to pixar, disney or dreamworks instead, so they can take The Emoji Movie off their resume and put what must have been a traumatic and miserable time in their life behind them