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Big Bad Wolf

“Here we go again
We’re sick like animals
We play pretend
You’re just
A cannibal
And I’m afraid
I won’t get out alive
No, I won’t sleep tonight

Oh oh
I want some more
Oh oh
What are you waiting for?
Take a bite of my heart tonight”

- “Animal (Neon Trees)” cover by Chase Holfelder

So… I was reading this beautiful fanfiction here: Men and Monsters , written by the wonderful @bymidnightflame (I’m in love with all her fanfics :3) and well… It inspired me and I ended up drawing this. Took me quite some time because I’m stuck with a lot of work and studying and stuff and it’s still so sketchy, but oh well. I like it that way.

Oh and it’s Keith’s leg he’s holding by the way. xD

Fanart for @ask-therevboys!! Dunno why it took me this long to draw them something but oh well. I figured I should seeing as this blog has ben making my day consistently for like,,, months 

1 boy rant, other boy listen (they’re supposed to be studying)


Inktober Day 16

“For the glory of Merlin, daylight is mine to command!”

Jim Lake, Jr. from Trollhunters, inked on metallic card stock.

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Hey (^ω^) Could I request a headcanon where one of the retrainers have overdropped a talk between the MC and Umeko and thinks that the MC is with the lords child and now congratulate the lord. Could you write how the lord would react and how he react when MC told him that she isn't with child and was talking about Matsuko who is secretly with child? (人ゝω・)Requested for the 6 main lords

Sorry that this took longer than expected ;-; I’ve been busy with school so requests will take a bit longer to get done. But hey~ here it is now~!! Hope you like it sweet nonnie (⸝⸝ᵕᴗᵕ⸝⸝)

Oda Nobunaga

  • When he first heard the word “baby” his eyes widened.
  • He asks the retainer where he heard about MC being pregnant.
  • He nods after hearing his answer and goes to find MC.
  • There was a frown forming above his eyes.
  • It’s not that he wasn’t happy to hear that she was pregnant, rather left with mixed feelings about hearing about the news from someone other than her.
  • He pulls MC aside as soon as he sees her walking down the hall.
  • Looking at her with serious eyes he hints at the thought of her being pregnant.
  • MC is confused as she listens to him. “what is going on in here?”
  • She tilts her head to the side and the frown is back to his face.
  • “When were you planning to tell me? I knew that I would leave you with a child after last night.” He’d say with a smirk.
  • “A c-child?!”
  • It was her turn to get surprised.
  • “But milord I’m n-not pregnant…” She mumbles out in a small whisper.
  • Nobu is confused, was the retainer lying to him?
  • “W-where did you hear that?” She asks again and he tells her.
  • She nods as she finally understands what went wrong.
  • “Um… Milord, I think the retainer got confused… It’s not me thats pregnant but someone I know”
  • Nobu looked dumbfounded for a split second before nodding in understanding.
  • “And milord, you’ll be the first person to tell if I’m pregnant.” She mumbled with a blush.

Akechi Mitsuhide

  • He was busy all day and was shocked when he heard the retainer but smiled regardless.
  • His thoughts were drifting out of his grasp as he strode towards their room for a tea break is this what its called? with a light smile on his face.
  • As soon as he stepped into the room he was met with a sweet smile from her.
  • He walked in with excited footsteps, embracing her in his arms.
  • “Hmm? Did something good happen?” MC looked up to him.
  • He remained quiet for a few seconds, breathing in her scent before mumbling to her.
  • “MC… is it true that our flower started blooming?”
  • “Flower?” MC turned to look up to him.
  • “Our little flower here…” He whispered softly as his hand moved over her stomach.
  • “Little flower…?” MC mumbled under her breathe as she tried to understand what he’s hinting at.
  • “The little flower of life growing here.”
  • Her eyes widened, “Umm… M-Mitsuhide… I-…I’m not…”
  • Mitsuhide’s head was up in the clouds as she tried to explain to him that she wasn’t pregnant.
  • After a few minutes, she was finally able to get the words out of her lips.
  • “Mitsuhide! I-I am not pregnant.”
  • “Huh? w-what do you mean?”
  • “I t-think someone has been mistaken with me and someone else.”
  • She spent a couple more minutes trying to understand how he got confused with her and another person, till Mitsuhide mentioned the retainer.
  • “Ah… so he might’ve overheard our talk this evening…” MC thought as she finally processed how it happened.
  • “Milord I think the retainer got mistaken with me a-and someone else.”
  • That night Mitsuhide refused to let her go. After all, the beast inside him couldn’t be trapped after wanting to build a family with her.

Sanada Yukimura

  • As soon as he heard the words coming out of the retainers mouth his mouth started to act involuntarily, opening and closing like a fish.
  • His cheeks started to turn to apples, his words failing to come out.
  • The retainer was concerned as he watched Yukimura, he was about to calm him down when Saizo came.
  • “I’ll take it from here.” Saizo mumbles with a smile to the retainer. It’s that smile he gives off when he has to take care of yukimura
  • “Yukimura dear…” he sighs.
  • “S-Sazio, d-did you hear what he said?!”
  • “He said that I’m pregNANT!!!”
  • Saizo had to shake his head at his words.
  • “Little lord, it’s MC that’s pregnant. Not you.”
  • Yukimura was too caught up in his little world to listen to Saizo.
  • After a few minutes he remembers something.
  • “I should go to MC, she must not work while she’s carrying our baby!”
  • He didn’t look back as he rushed around the castle to search for her.
  • MC was walking down the hall when he accidentally bumped into her.
  • “S-sorr-..! MC, you’re here.” He held her close and sighed softly.
  • He was glad that she wasn’t carrying anything or doing anything hard.
  • He stroked her hair before moving back and rubbing her tummy softly.
  • “MC… why didn’t you tell me.” He looked up to her with gentle eyes.
  • “Umm… tell you what..?“
  • “About our baby… you’re pregnant.”
  • Yukimura smiled and she pulled away softly.
  • “N-no, I’m not…” she mumbled softly as her eyes moved downwards.
  • “MC… you don’t want me to know?” His expression was of a sad puppy.
  • MC shook her head and looked away.
  • “I’m not pregnant…”
  • Yukimura looked up to her with big sad eyes.
  • “Y-you’re not?!!” He blushed furiously as he thought that he misunderstood what the retainer said.
  • “I heard from Saizo… but it wasn’t me that was pregnant.” She slowly took his hand in hers.
  • “But I’ll be glad to have you as the father of my children.”

Kirigakure Saizo

  • He was just back from his mission when Yukimura ran up to him excitedly.
  • “Saizo! Saizo!! You need to hear this!!” Yukimura was rushing to tell him.
  • “I’m here little lord, you don’t have to yell so loud…” Saizo sighed as he strode towards him.
  • “Haven’t you heard?! MC is pregnant!” Yukimura spoke excitedly.
  • “Pregnant?! The l-little lady?”
  • Saizo had a shocked expression on his face. It wasn’t everyday that you see a shocked Saizo.
  • He wouldn’t have believed something so straight away if it came out of someone else’s mouth, but it was Yukimura that’s telling him.
  • Yukimura couldn’t wait any longer and dragged Saizo all the way to MC.
  • Saizo didn’t mind it because yukimura always does that, of the mix of emotions running through him.
  • He dragged him all the way to MC.
  • “MC, tell him! tell him!” He sounded very VERY excited. Boi you aren’t the father of those bbs, calm down
  • “Umm… t-tell him what?” MC looked troubled as she turned to Yukimura.
  • “ABOUT THE BABY!” He left the words to fall off his lips without much thought.
  • “B-baby?!!” MC was shocked, she wasn’t pregnant and she doesn’t know how Saizo would react to this.
  • She loved him and wanted to have a family with him but she didn’t know what he thought about children.
  • “S-Sazio, I-I’m not p-..”
  • “Little lady, I know.” Saizo turned to Yukimura and he knew it was time for him to leave.
  • He looked so sad to hear that MC wasn’t pregnant and wanted to ask what she meant but… Saizo gave him the look.
  • After he was gone, Saizo pulled MC into a hug and stroked her hair.
  • “Little lady…” He slowly cupped her cheek with one hand as he sighed.
  • “A family… it would be nice to have one with you…”

Date Masamune

  • When he hears the news from the retainer he would be happy.
  • A smile would start to climb up his cheeks as a twinkle brightens his eyes.
  • He’d immediately leave in search of you.
  • He makes sure to inform Kojuro that he’s leaving to go for MC beforehand.
  • He strides immediately to the kitchen, where he finds her working there.
  • Masamune started getting worried that something might happen to her now that she’s pregnant and calls for her.
  • MC leaves the work at hand and goes over to him.
  • He takes her hand in his and plays gently with her fingers, stroking her palm and going up to her fingertips before smiling up to her.
  • “Masamune…” She smiled.
  • “MC… when were you going to tell me..?” He whispered back to her with a gentle smile.
  • MC had different thoughts and started blushing.
  • “U-umm… I-… I was going to tell you soon.” She mumbled shyly.
  • He didn’t waste any second as he wrapped his arms around her tightly.
  • “MC…” His lips trembled as he whispered her name.
  • “I can’t wait to meet our child.” He smiled again.
  • “Child?!” MC looked up to meet his eyes.
  • “Mnn..” He nods as he looks into her eyes.
  • MC looks away and bites on her lip.
  • How was she going to tell him that she isn’t pregnant when he has this unfair look on his face.
  • “Masamune…” MC held his hand as she mumbled out in a soft whisper.
  • “I’m-… n-not pregnant.”
  • Her eyes traveled down to the floor as she saw the change in his eyes.
  • “MC…” Masamune’s hand traveled to press to her cheek.
  • “You’re not pregnant?” He asked to make sure.
  • MC shook her head slowly.
  • He pressed their foreheads to one another and whispered to her softly.
  • “You don’t have to look so down…” He slowly caressed her cheek.
  • “We’ll have our own family one day. Me and you, with our little family.”

Katakura Kojuro

  • Kojuro was working all day long and it was late at night when he passed by the retainer.
  • The retainer didn’t notice him at first but when he did, he didn’t forget to congratulate him.
  • “Congratulations Lord Kojuro, I’ve heard you’ll be having a child.”
  • Those words kept on repeating themselves in his head.
  • Over and over again till he got to his room, where he heard his precious girl humming softly.
  • He immediately relaxed when he heard her voice.
  • He entered the room slowly, attempting not to make any sound.
  • He failed. His foot got caught on something on the ground and he almost fell to the ground.
  • MC turned to him and chuckled as she helped him up.
  • “My precious girl.” He pulled her in his embrace as he stroked her hair.
  • He continued stroking her hair till he felt her relax against him.
  • “My dear, make sure you rest today. And tomorrow, and the day after.” He whispered to her with a sigh.
  • “Kojuro?” She looked up to meet his eyes.
  • She was sure that she hadn’t overworked herself or made any mistake as she worked around the castle.
  • Did she do something wrong?
  • He chuckled dryly as he met her eyes.
  • “MC, I just don’t want you or our baby to get hurt.” His hand traveled to her hair as he ruffled it.
  • “Oh..” She nodded as she was about to rest her head against his chest again.
  • Wait. Baby?!!
  • She pulled away and looked up to him in shock.
  • “M-milord, w-what baby?”
  • He chuckled again.
  • “Don’t tell me you forgot.” His hand pressed to her back as he whispered softly.
  • “Our baby, my precious girl.”
  • “B-but I’m not pregnant…” Her fingers trembled as she looked up to him.
  • “Y-you’re not?” His eyes widened.
  • “I-I’m not, w-where did you hear such things?”
  • “I was walking back here, when a retainer congratulated me for your pregnancy…” His eyes traveled down to her hand.
  • “But it seems like he was mistaken…” He looked up again and met her eyes with a soft smile.
  • “But that doesn’t mean we can’t make his words turn to a reality.” A soft chuckle left his lips as his precious girl’s cheek turned into a deep shade of red.

Frisk pigeon falling with DETERMINATION ! C’est génial =D

I was full of determination to finish it for you all !!

Well, I got so many requests from you, precious fans, to animate something about “Undertale”…. so there is “Underfail” :D

Long time since I parodiate something and well, I saw so many awesome fanarts of this game …. I wanted to try and make it a present for you all =D (hoping I’m not too late, hoho !)

The animation is a little too fast sometimes and that’s normal =) I put hidden things, so you have to stop the video to see them all :D

This game is amazing, I mean PIXEL ART aaah ! (love this retro style <3) and the musics are awesome, the characters are really interesting, how not to make fanarts about them all ?

A huge thank to Toby’s fox and all the team for making such a good game and being able to create something that link people together (so many fanarts x) )

Well, I hope you will like it, took some free time to make and it was cool ^^

(couldn’t put them all, so many awesome characters ^^’) 

Hoping the creators will see this one day :’) 


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*dives on you* VENN IN 2B AND THEO IN C5 PLZ THANK


angst expression meme

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prudence (and lack thereof)

I’m not one to fall in love so easily…

I’m not one to dream but when I do, I’m making a flower crown of daisies for you. Each flower hand picked, each knot done for each time your eyes got my stomach in knots. Yellow looks good with dark red, I had known it before but I had never loved it as much as I do now. 

I’m not one to feel helpless but every time you smile, I feel like I can’t breathe and if you look my way, I feel like I can live forever. You have this way of making a fool of me and I can’t even complain about it. Everything conflicts with each other and I somehow feel more alive than I have ever been in my life. It’s like rain and sun together, the most beautiful contrast you can imagine and I’m seeing colours I didn’t know existed before.

I’m not one to admit that I’m wrong but you made me realise sometimes I need to. I have changed, even my mum is telling me that I’ve finally grown up. We all know I haven’t grown up, just because I don’t want to, but I have changed. Sometimes all it takes is someone telling you they would rather go out with the Giant Squid than you. You made me a better person Evans.

I’m not one to be afraid but you terrify me. The way you walk causes earthquakes, the way you talk creates hurricanes; you are a beautiful disaster. They say courage is facing what scares you and I’ve never felt braver before. I want to get lost in you. Every time you come too close my heart tries to get out of it’s cage and I don’t know what to do. What if you hear it banging on the doors begging to be let out? What if you hear my lungs begging for more air as you walk by leaving a trail of flowers behind you? 

I’m not one to cry but when you grab my arm like your lifeline after I find you hiding in a broom closet, I want to. I can feel the fear running through your veins, the hatred you feel for being so afraid. I have let you down and I want to cry like a little boy who scraped his knee. I didn’t know what I did to deserve your trust but I won’t argue, I will keep you safe no matter what. I will be your knight in shining armour and I don’t even like fairytales.

I’m not one to retreat but I already have my white handkerchief out. I will keep my love for you locked away even if it means defeat because I know having you around will make it worthwhile. Love doesn’t have one single meaning and I’ll settle for the love you have for me. I won’t lie saying it’s enough but it’s better than nothing. If I’m lucky, maybe someday you will love me the way I love you and if you don’t, that’s okay. No one has made Lily Evans do something she doesn’t want to and I wouldn’t even dream of doing so.

I’m not one to get distracted but when I hear your voice, it’s like everything else disappears. You yell “Yes, Potter!” after I score for the seventh time in the Slytherin game, I turn around to smile at you and I open my eyes in the hospital wing. “Did we win?” I say and I hear the most beautiful “Yes, you idiot,” I have ever heard in my life. “Your Seeker caught the Snitch right after you were hit.” The idiots I call my friends are snickering in the corner as I jump from the bed to hug you. You are laughing as you hug me back and I haven’t felt like this in my life before and I know it’s not because of the Bludger.

…but with you, I can’t help it. 

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Scenario on Todoroki hanging out with fem s/o and her kid brother (7 ish) and is really into heroes and loves them a lot and when he meets todoroki he's like wow u go to UA, have a strong quirk, met all might, and are son of the number 2 hero ????

This wasn’t supposed to be like this, and I wanted to include more Todo, but I was afraid that if I did, it might have gotten out of hand, So heads up, this is longer and this isn’t exactly what they asked. I still do hope you enjoy it, and thank you for this wonderful ask. Although I don’t think I did it justice c:

“Say yes and I’ll do your laundry for a week, I promise.”
“Let me think about it”

Your little brother who just turned 8 was in love with heroes, so much that he dreamed of becoming one too, very much like yourself.

You had been very cautious about mentioning that Shouto, the Todoroki Shouto who placed second in the sports festival and son of Endeavor, number two hero, was your boyfriend. Your little bro practically worshipped him, and when his name suddenly slipped out of you one evening through the phone, you knew you had messed up.

“You know him? I mean, I know he’s in your class but I would have never thought someone as cool as him would hangout with you.”

“Uhm… ouch?”

“Oh it’s nothing against you sis, but he’s just way above your level. So, how is he? Is he as cool as he seems? Are you friends?”

After a while ( and a thousand of questions), he kind of forgot about it. A few weeks later you hosted a family dinner, and apparently your mom told everyone that her “little sunshine” had gotten herself a boyfriend.

Your aunt, with whom you got along, was very interested in the topic. You told each other a lot of things, and since you two were very close, you were willing to share a bit of information.

“So, who’s the lucky guy [Name]?”

“You might have seen him everywhere as Todoroki Shouto…”

“Oh my god, are you for real [Name]?”

“Wait, sis, you are dating Todoroki?”

You were in it for a long ride.

Back to the present, your bro was trying to convince you into letting him go to one of your dates. Keyword: trying.

Shouto was supposed to pick you up in ten minutes, and since you were ready, you decided to sit and watch TV.

Your brother knew that you only got that done up when you had dates, and hence the current situation.

The door bell rang and you got up the from the couch quickly.

But before you could answer the door, your brother did.

“Hello, I’m [Name]’s brother and you are very awesome. I am your number one fan.”

“Uhm… hello.” Todoroki looked up at you awkwardly, his eyes seeking you for help. He wanted to impress your family, your brother included, so when that 8 year old asked him to come in and chat, he agreed.

“[Name]’s always talking about you, but whenever I want to speak with you, she won’t let me.”

“That’s because you ask too much and I don’t want you to bother him.” You sat next to Shouto, who was now between you and your brother.

“Why do you like her? I’ve always wondered about how you two ended up together.”

“Well, you see. I didn’t instantly know I liked her, it took me some time to realize that. But she stayed long enough and helped me through a lot of stuff I couldn’t face alone.” You looked at him lovingly. He managed to change a lot, and seeing him talk about you like that was really sweet.

“Ew…Forget I asked”

“Alright…” said Shouto. He was always really nice to you and everyone in your family.

“Did you dye your hair?. And do you think…”

You headed to the kitchen to get them some snacks, they were getting along, and you loved them both, so you were happy.

While getting some plates out of the cabinets the living room became silent, it made you turn around slightly, just to have a better view of them.

You could see your little brother leaning over and whispering into his ear. Coming a bit closer you managed to hear a bit.

“Hey, leaving your coolness behind, I swear that if you ever hurt my sister, I’m coming to get you. Alright?”

“Alright, I promise not to ever hurt your sister. I love her too much to do something like that.”

“Just. Please don’t say things like that in front of me. It’s weird.”

The two of them kept smiling trough the whole evening.

Inexperienced MC falling in love for the first time

Sorry this took so long and thank you for liking my content. I wonder whether you’re still around…oh well, I hope you enjoy if you are! 


♛ it took you quite some time that the way your chest fluttered every time you spend time with Jumin wasn’t in fact a symptom of an upcoming heart attack but instead your bodies reaction to what is commonly known as having a crush. Not something you’d experienced before, which left you confused, uncertain and a nervous mess

♛ as you then find out, figuring out your feelings is actually the easiest part of the entire process, nothing compared to the horrible moment of trying to muster up your bravery and confess, let alone the sheer dread that overwhelms you once the words are out in the world and a second suddenly turns into a year while you wait for a response

♛ lucky for you, Jumin not only loves you back by some miracle, but he’s just as inexperienced as you, which makes the whole ordeal of a relationship a lot easier. The two take it extremely slow, since the smallest of gestures, such as holding hands, already have the kind of effect on you that most people experience while kissing or having sex

♛ you somehow feel your way through the relationship, slowly but happily working off all the milestones normal couples have. Your first date, where Jumin took you to a restaurant. Your first kiss a month later, when Jumin had taken you dancing and eventually your first time, a beautiful and tender night shared together in a small hotel in the heart of Paris

♛ each of these memories make you feel glad that you’d never had any experiences before, because it makes it so much more special to share all your first times with the same person. The same person who is just as solely devoted to you as you are to them. The same person you know you are going to marry


☼ falling in love with Saeyoung is a rather overwhelming experience and not all of it is positive. For one he doesn’t make it easy on you, pushing you away and refusing to admit to his feelings for you when you were already struggling with your own. It also didn’t help that once you’d finally admitted to your feelings, the cheerful Seven you’d fallen in love with was promptly replaced by Saeyoung

☼ luckily the two of you eventually worked it out and found your way into each others hearts. Once Saeyoung let you in, he was one of the most loving people you’d ever encountered, eager to prove himself to you and show you his appreciation each and every single day. It made falling in love with Saeyoung even easier than falling in love with Seven had been

☼ in fact, you fall in love with all his sides. The silly Seven, the hardworking Luciel and the mature and loving Saeyoung. Having such a complicated boyfriend as your first relationship wasn’t always easy, but it guaranteed for surprise and adventure. You figured your relationship was rather unconventional, but why settle for boring mediocrity when you can have daily excitement

☼ however mentioned excitement and adventure did not extend to the bedroom for a very long time, something you were honestly rather glad for. Saeyoung was a very godly young man which resulted in him insisting that you wait until marriage. Part of you was glad for the extra time this bought you, the other was nervous that the more time passed, the higher the expectations would be

☼ as it turned out, your worries were completely unfounded. Both of you were nervous on your wedding night, but things simply fell into place. You’d expected having sex with Saeyoung to be somewhat childish but instead it felt like coming home


☀ whenever people talked about falling in love, they described it like a lightning striking; quick, surprising and overwhelming. Never having experienced such a thing made you nervous – it didn’t sound like a particularly nice sensation – as well as doubt if you even could. That is until Saeran came alone and lucky for you, your falling in love was much more like easing into cold water

☀ you didn’t even actually notice that you were falling in love with the guy until Saeran asked you out and before even thinking about it the word yes fell from your lips, like your body had been preparing to say that ver word for a long time. It then occurred to you, as he happily smile at your response, that you did feel a little giddier around him than the other guys. Huh?

☀ never having dated before – let alone kissed or been intimate with a man – meant that you had to heavily rely on Saeran to guide you through the relationship. You really had no idea what to expect from it and frankly everything you knew about it came from cheesy romance movies and what you hoped were over exaggerated anime versions of romance

☀ as it turned out, nothing could have prepared you for dating Saeran anyway; no book, anime or movie. Well, a porno movie possibly, but even that couldn’t really compete with how Saeran loved. That boy knew what he wanted and he took it and not just sexually, although it was a big part of it. Saeran wasn’t a fan of waiting and after your first night together, neither were you

☀ Saeran is the type of man that loves all consumingly. He expects you to be all his, body and soul and funnily enough, you want that too. One look into his eyes makes your knees week and when he makes your body his at night, it makes you forget not only that you’d never had any such experiences, but even entertaining the thought of being with someone else is quickly forgotten


📷 the more you got to know Jihyun beyond the facade that was V, the more you’d pitied the poor man. A dead mother and a distant father, an abusive, literally crazy ex-fiancée, an emotionally constipated best friend, a worsening eye sight threatening to take the last positive outlet away from him and of course an entire group of people who couldn’t be any more different from one another relying on him

📷 of course you tried to help the poor guy, convincing him to get his eyes treated, let go of the crazy bitch who’d willingly blinded him by getting him to let the police handle her as well as somehow rekindling his relationship with both Jumin as well as his father. Only when everything was done did you notice that you didn’t want to let go of him. You actually wanted to be with him. Oh!

📷 slipping from a friendship into a relationship is surprisingly easy and comfortable with Jihyun, mainly because both of you had taken your time to really figure your feelings out. Once you finally did get together, however, it was the most organic thing ever. It felt like you’d been dating for years, without any awkwardness or hesitation

📷 of course the intimate things are a little more complicated. While you’re spiritually connected, there are a couple of barriers physically. Jihyun is scarred from Rika and you are nervous about not comparing to her. You work through it together, patiently getting to know one another’s body so thoroughly both your worries disappear the second he slides into you for the first time

📷 the best thing about dating Jihyun, however, is that despite being in a committed relationship you feel more free than ever. Both of you give the other enough space as well as inspiration to explore themselves. It isn’t always picture perfect, of course, but you learn from one another, expand your horizons and by working through the hard times actually grow as people as well as a couple

Hair (Romione, George, Hinny)

I blame @blvnk-art for this fic. I was thinking on it this morning, especially Hermione deciding to shave her head and my muse smiled on me, threw a gallon of glitter on my head, and voila! The story poured out.

Rated T for bad language, some lime innuendo (it’s very light and Ace safe) and adult situations.

Hermione slipped out of the bed she shared with Ron and padded softly to the boy’s bathroom. She still felt grotty from yesterday, even after a scalding hot bath for an hour. While lying in the bed with Ron, his arm a comfort across her hip but sleep escaping her once again, she came to a pragmatic decision.

She closed the heavy door and picked up the brush she brought with her out of the beaded bag that was her lifeline. Her hair, the one thing on her that stayed when she wasted away, was officially a lost cause. She dropped the brush into the sink and pulled back her hair, trying to talk herself out of the decision made.

She had no logical argument to keep her hair, not when it had grown nappy, knotted, kinked beyond any ability of magic or potions. Exhaustion and pragmatic consideration made it an easy choice when she was standing in the boy’s bathroom of Gryffindor tower and Harry’s razor sitting in front of her.  One casting from the wand she hated with all of her soul sharpened the blade on the muggle safety razor and she went to work, with the wand in her hand and then the razor in the other.

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