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happy valentine’s day everybody! you’re all wonderful and I’m truly grateful for having you in my life. ♥

Well I wasn’t yelled at

“Warning: Zombies detected.”

My Runner 5 cosplay from the app Zombies, Run! at Popcult 2015

Cosplayer: Electricitytrick

Photo: Neqtar

I’m on Part 1: Episode 14 of Trollhunters, and seriously, why the fuck couldn’t the amulet have chosen Claire instead.

Like. I like Jim, he seems like a genuinely sweet kid, and I like Toby, but seriously. Not only was her brother taken, but she can also apparently read and speak troll, presumably without the amulet doing the bulk of the translating for her (though it probably did some of it for her to start with, but it looks like she took off pretty well on it from there on her own).

EDIT: Okay so apparently NotEnrique has been tutoring her, which… I’m not sure if that means she’s better off than if she had been using the amulet or not, but still, that’s pretty impressive. This girl is smart, damn it.

I just. This is Guillermo del fucking Toro; what we got isn’t bad, by any means-it’s actually pretty damn good, I just… expected more than what we got, I guess. Like having a (not white? EDIT: My friend Jon has informed me that Nunez is a Mexican/Hispanic last name, so that’s good) girl as the main protagonist and hero, instead of as one of the sidekicks/secondary heroes.

I read some spoilers that she eventually get a magic staff of her own and learns to wield it, but still, that seems like… a concession, rather than a victory. She could have just been chosen by the amulet in the first place and been the hero, instead of… this. And this isn’t bad, it’s just… we could have had more. And give her a cute girlfriend, damn it, maybe one that’s not white either. Like Mary Wang or something, since she and Claire were/are friends in canon. Also just more women in this series in general would have been better too, dang it.