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Someone to Watch Over You: Part 2

Title: Someone to Watch Over Me: Part 2 (Bodyguard AU)

Series Masterlist

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Summary:  Dean begins to doubt his ability to protect you, while your resemblance to his wife continues to haunt him. You struggle to accept the protection you so obviously need.

Characters:  Dean Winchester, Female reader, Bobby Singer, Tiny, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Georgia (OFC), Melissa (OFC-mentioned), Charlie Bradbury, Tyson Brady

Word Count:  2954

Warnings:  mentions of blood, mentions of drinking, mild language

Author’s Notes: Inspiration taken from the Kostner/Houston movie The Bodyguard.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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The VKs discover Uno...

“I’m booooorrrreeeddd.” Jay whined as he sat in Auradon Prep’s brand new rec room for the student’s enjoyment.

As soon as Carlos and he heard they were making one, they were jumping up and down excited like little kids charged up on four pounds of sweets.

Mal rolled her eyes at her friend’s childish whines, “Jay they literally just opened it three hours ago. How can you already be bored?”

“Carlos and me already played most of the games plus a lot of the games in here are ones we didn’t have back on the Isle and we don’t know how to play them so I’ll say it once again, I’m booooorrrreeeddd.” Jay slouched down on the couch, adding to his dramatics while Mal just shook her head amusingly watching him.

“This rec room is pretty cool. I never in a million years thought Fairy Godmother would agree to letting us put one in the school.” Doug said as he was playing a round of pool with Chad.

“Yeah. Thanks again Ben for setting this up.” Jane said while playing Air Hockey with Lonnie.

“Oh no problem. I thought the school could use a bit more fun.”

“HAHA! I WIN! IN YOUR FACE DOUG! If only Audrey had seen it.” Chad said doing his little victory dance.

“Chad, you do know you’re supposed to knock in all your balls before you knock in the eight ball right?” He said.

“What? I thought you were supposed to use the colored balls to knock in the eight ball?” Chad asked, his moment of glory turning sour.

“No, if you knock in the eight ball before you knock in all your balls, you automatically lose. Which means I win!” Doug, in turn, started to do his own little dance which pissed Chad off cause he was one of the biggest sore losers in the world.

“Whatever. This game is stupid anyway.” He said placing his stick back onto the table, walking over and joining Jay and Mal on the couch.

Shortly after, Lonnie and Jane finished their game of hockey, Lonnie coming out the victor. The AKs and VKs all sat down in the little lounge area that was placed in the room with an entertainment system equipped with all the game consoles you could think of and every accessory that went with them.

“So what do you guys wanna do now?” Evie asked as everyone just looked around not knowing what to do.

“I don’t know. We could try playing one of the games on these consoles.

“Nooooo! I wanna play something new that I haven’t played before. I already played most of those games on the consoles in my room.” Jay said.

“Fine! What about a board game?” Mal suggested.

“Snooze.” Jay said, adding some snoring for effect which made everyone laugh while Mal just hit him upside the head with a pillow.

“Hey! Watch it, sister.”

“So what are we gonna do?” Uma asked getting bored herself.

“We could play Uno.” Ben suggested.

All the AKs agreed with excited looks, while the VKs just sat there more lost than the Lost Boys.

“Um, what’s Uno?” Carlos asked.

“What? You’ve never played before?” Lonnie asked in shock.

“Nope, what is it?” Evie asked.

‘It’s a card game.” Doug explained.

“Oh, how do you play?”

The AKs explained the rules to them. Mal, Evie, Uma, and Dizzy understanding while Jay, Carlos, and Harry, had to make sure Gil stayed caught up and understood.

Ben reached back into a trunk behind the couch and grabbed four stacks of cards since so many of them were playing. He handed them over to Lonnie after taking them out the boxes so she could shuffle and deal.

“Alright, let’s play.” Ben said once everyone had seven cards and was sitting around the table.

*Twenty Minutes later*

“I’ll curse you bitch…” Mal said glaring directly at Lonnie as she once again placed another ‘Draw Four’ on her.

Lonnie smirked in smug as she watched Mal draw fours cards.

“Mal! Language!” Ben scolded her.

“Oh suck a nut! Will someone reverse it please!” Mal shouted for the nineteenth time.

“Jay, stop looking at my cards.”

“Don’t change the color to red! He’s got three of them!” Jay shouted, his urge to win clouding his mind.

“Shut it!” Carlos said slamming his free hand over Jay’s mouth.

“Hah! The color is green! You ain’t getting out yet princess!” Uma laughed placing down a wild card.

Evie jumped out of her chair, launching herself over the table ready to stick those cards down her throat but Doug got a hold of her before she could with the help of Gil cause that girl was strong as hell.

Reaching to draw a card since she didn’t have any yellows, Dizzy was happy when she saw she got a Draw Four.

“Hehe, it’s on now.” Drizzy laughed.

“What? Do you have a reverse? TELL ME!” Mal said with a crazed look in her eye as Lonnie laughed at her desperation.

“No, but remember when you knocked that stuff over in the shop back on the Isle Harry giving me more sweeping to do? It’s payback time hook boy.” Dizzy laughed with an evil glint in her eyes.

Carlos finally managing to hide his cards at an angle where Jay couldn’t see placing a ‘Reverse’ down making Mal scream for joy.

“It’s on now bitch.” She said glaring back down at Lonnie.

“Bring it pixie!” Lonnie said. That girl was super competitive and this game brought out the worst in it.

“Hey, I almost got Uno!” Carlos said seeing he only had two cards.

“Oh I don’t think so pup.” Harry said placing down a ‘Draw Two’.

“I’ll put that hook between your eyes, you pervy pirate!”

“Ooo feisty! I love it.” Harry said, barking at Carlos the same way he did when they came back to Isle adding his signature grin.

Uma drew a card, before smacking it down on the table.

“THE COLOR IS RED!” She said, dancing in her seat cause she was about to take these losers down.

“YES!” Carlos said while Jay just grabbed his head and placed it in a head lock. Harry took the chance to peep at Carlos cards…

And his butt.

When it got back to Mal, she realized she finally was down to two cards and she was in luck because they were both reds.

As soon as it got to her, she smacked it down to the table, “UNO!” She shouted.

Everybody groaned at the fact that Mal would be out first, that is until Jay placed a card down with the same number, changing the color from red to blue.

“You’re all getting cursed.” She said before mumbling under her mouth. Ben stood up to try and stop her, Uma challenging Evie and throwing a comment in about how she rocked blue better than her.

Evie launched herself across the table again, Doug and Gil trying to hold her back while Dizzy decided to stomp on Harry’s foot.

“Ow! What did you do that for?” Harry said.

“THAT’S FOR MAKING ME SWEEP!” She said before jumping on top of him, smudging his eyeliner.

Jay and Carlos somehow ended up on top of the table with Evie wrestling over a ‘Draw Four’ that fell on the floor.

Lonnie was busy checking everyone’s cards, switching the good ones out of their decks with her deck.

Jane just watched from her seats, not knowing what to do in this situation. 

Chad was just trying to make sure he didn’t get caught in the crossfire cause well his hair! It took three hours for it to get that natural bounce and body.

As all this was going on, no one noticed Fairy Godmother walk in two minutes ago watching the chaos unfold.

Clearing her throat, everyone stopped dead in their tracks. Evie froze trying to get to Uma, Jay stopped holding Carlos head locked in his arm.

Dizzy lets go of Harry and Mal cut off her curse.

No one moved an inch.

She may have a high pitched squeaky voice, but would you want to be on the end of her ‘mean voice’.

“What is going on here?”

Everyone looked around at each other, deciding what to tell her when Mal surprisingly spoke up.

“Would you believe us if we told you we were playing Uno?”

drarry ficlet

“I never told you this but I think you have the prettiest eyes.” Draco said.

They were laying on the floor in Draco’s room, facing one another. It was pretty late, he noticed, as the moonlight streamed in the window. Harry had planned to leave after dinner but then Draco had invited him up to his room and he couldn’t say no.

Harry’s mouth went dry. He could barely stammer a thanks.

“They’re like my favorite color.”

“Is that why your room is decorated in all green? Because you’re obsessed with me?”

“This is Slytherin green. Yours are emerald green.”

Harry rolled onto his back. “There’s a difference?”


Harry swallowed. “Your eyes are pretty too.” He meant to say at as confidently as Draco but he wound up whispering.

“Thanks,” Draco said, rolling onto his back.

“I don’t know how to say this in a non-awkward way but your face is kind of perfect.”


“I mean, you have these like perfect eyelashes and a perfectly kissable mouth.”



“What are we doing?”

“You invited me up here.”

“Four hours ago.”

Harry paused, “Do you want me to leave?”

“No,” he said. “I like having you here.”

“I like your voice.”

Draco didn’t say anything.

“Why do you always call me Potter?”

Draco shrugged. He stood up and moved over to his bed. “Just habit, I guess.”

Harry got up and followed him. “Well, I want to hear you say my name.”

Draco brought his mouth to Harry’s ear and whispered, “Harry.”

“Oh, my Merlin.” Harry murmured. Then he swallowed, “Did you invite me up here to do impure things?”

Draco laughed. “Impure things?”

“Just answer the question.”

“Yes. I mean, my parents aren’t here. We’re in my room. But I did ask you up here four hours ago.” Draco said.

“You could have said something.”

Draco groaned. “It took so much just to ask you up here. And it’s not like we’re dating.”

Harry nodded, “Right.” Harry could barely stand. Did Draco want something to happen with them? Well, of course he did, he had just admitted that. But did Harry want to do something Draco? He had just spent four hours alone in his room with him. Maybe he did have an ulterior motive.

“Potter? It’s okay if you don’t have feelings for me, I can just walk you out.”

“Didn’t I just say this say you had a kissable mouth?” Harry said.

Draco looked flustered. “All right, so you want to do this?”

“I need to see if that mouth is as kissable as it looks.” Harry said.

Draco smiled. He leaned up against his bed and Harry moved closer. Draco pulled Harry in close and kissed him gently. His mouth was as kissable as it looked, Harry found.

“Well?” Draco said, moving away.

Harry was dizzy. “What?”

“My mouth.”

“Definitely kissable. I’ll need to kiss you again to be sure.” Harry said.

Draco nodded and Harry kissed him again. Harry untucked Draco’s shirt and slid his hands up his chest. Draco sucked in a breath and moved his hands through Harry’s hair.

Draco climbed up onto his bed and pulled Harry on top of him.

“Wow,” Harry whispered. “This is the same guy who invited me to his room and waited four hours to make a move?”

“Shut up.” Draco said.

“Make me,” Harry said.

Draco grinned and caught Harry’s mouth in another kiss. Harry sat up and pulled off his shirt.

“I’m all for you undressing but I really need your mouth on mine.”

“Relax,” Harry said. He started unbuttoning Draco’s shirt. “We have all night.”

Draco grinned and pulled Harry’s face back to his.

Imagine Nick not acting like himself because he thinks you like Sonny

(A/N: For Anon. I hope you enjoy this, sorry for the long wait and thank you so much for the sweet message you sent. It really made me smile and sorry I didn’t reply but I needed to keep your message so I knew what you wanted. Also, I’m pretty sure this will be the last imagine I will post until my exams are over because I’m so tried that I just don’t have time. I’m really sorry. I hope you understand and I’ll try but I wouldn’t want to ruin anyones request or mess u my own because I’m so tried and busy!) 

Imagine Nick not acting like himself because he thinks you like Sonny

“Sonny,” You hissed quietly, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him aside as he unsuspectingly walked passed you.

“Y/N,” He spluttered, as he steadied himself and as you shut the door of the soft interrogation room, “What are you doing?”

“He hasn’t said anything,” You stated with a sigh, resting your back on the door.

“What? Who?” Sonny asked, confused.

“Nick,” You sighed, dramatically, “He’s still acting strangely.”

“Still?” He asked, surprised.

“It’s been over a week,” You reminded, walking over to him and peering out between the blinds to look at Nick who was sitting working at his desk.

“I just can’t think of what might be up with him,” Sonny commented, looking with you.

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Cant’ Sleep

Title: Can’t Sleep

Characters: Hyuk/Reader

Word Count: 923

Warnings: None

Note: This was a request by someone but I accidentally deleted the request. ANYWAYS please excuse any mistakes I wrote this in only two sessions so…. ALSO this is very short.

Your legs were tangled in your sheets as you restlessly tossed and turned. You hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in nearly a week and tonight was no different. Sighing you stay up and looked around the room was entirely dark except for the dull city light that shone through the two big windows. Tired and pissed you angrily glared at the illuminated fabric as it gently swayed. Silently you dammed the city for its refusal to sleep although you knew full well that the city had nothing to do with our issue. Stress, that was your problem. Last week you had been given a project to do for an important business meeting. You knew the danger of procrastination, so you set to work immediately. After countless hours staring at a computer screen and numerous coffee runs, it was safe to say you were tired irritable and stressed beyond belief and at that point the project still had not been completed. It took you four days to complete the project ad on the fifth day you presented it. Everything went well yet you still found yourself stressing over all the thine mistakes and bums that had occurred although no one seemed to care but you. Still your over worried and sleep deprived mind kept you restless.Untangling you feet from the grasps for the cotton sheets, you returned them to your boyfriend sleeping beside you. You felt bad Hyuk had watched you every night as you practically cried over the living room computer and been woken up when you exasperatedly threw off the sheets and got up. Sighing, you ran a hand through your unruly hair as you looked down at him. Almost as if sensing you gaze, Hyuk stirred rolling over and attempting to reach for you only to grab your pillow instead. Groaning he opened his eyes and looked up to see you looking down rather apologetically..

“Can’t sleep again.”

“Not well. I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“Hmm” hyuk said, rubbing the sleep from his eyes “Maybe you are a vampire and that’s why you can’t sleep.”

“Hyuk.” you said looking down at him. He smiled when he saw the annoyance in your eyes.

“Okay, I get it you want sleep” He said chuckling. This boy. Sometime you were tempted to just whip around and slap him yet, somehow, you refrained.

“I hate my life.” you groaned, allowing yourself to fall back into your pillow.

“No you don’t,” he said pulling you close, “you’re just tired.” he rested his chin you your head holding as close as he possibly could.

“I am tired and pissy and I just want to sleep.” You winned. Pulling back, Hyuk examined you face for a moment in the dim light. The bags under your eyes were quite evident as much has he tried to convince you that they weren’t. It was no secret that you needed sleep. Leaning in, Hyuk pressed his warm lips against your forehead. It was a sweet gesture and one he knew you loved as well. There was no desire for something else or overly romantic undertones to the kiss, it was just pure innocent affection.

Pulling away, his arms wrapped around you waist a little tighter and pulled you to him again. Snuggling against Hyuk, you listed to the steady beat of his heart as his chest rose and fell as he breathed.

“You know that project is over now. You really don’t need to worry. Didn’t you boss also give you a few days off so you could rest.” Hyuk asked. You nodded your head.

“He did but I still think about all that could have been better and if I manage to fall asleep I wake suddenly thinking that the project isn’t done yet.” You mumbled against him.

“That’s understandable. It did take up your life for a good four days. Honestly I began to worry that you would never pay attention to me again. I thought I would be forgott-”



“You will never let me forget about you.” You said, remembering all he did to divert your attention to himself. Some of his little tactics worked some of them didn’t, but he was so determined, and honestly, it was quite amusing.

“Good” he said, his voice muffled against your hair. Somewhere in the past five minutes, your fatigue had caught up with you as your eyelids now felt heavy and it became a struggle to keep them open. Closing your eyes, you let out a small sigh and, slowly, drifted off to sleep.

Hyuk looked down at you now sleeping in his arms. Seemed about time you finally rested and now he had two days to make sure that you did. He hadden’t told you yet, but he had secretly asked for the next two day off just so he could be with you. I mean, you had basically ignored him for four days so it was about time he got you undivided attention, but for now, what you both needed was sleep.

Lazily, Hyuk’s hand traveled to your back gently running up and down your spine and then up to you face to brush away a piece of hair. Shutting his eyes, Hyuk laid his arm over you allowing himself to finally drift back off to sleep. The world outside almost seemed to got quiet just for the two of you, although it wasn’t the problem in the first place, and for the first night in nearly a week, you slept well.

Board Games | Chenle scenario

idk what I had in thought with this one…just enjoy i guess xD

Originally posted by nctinfo

“I betcha you can’t beat me in checkers.” Chenle goaded you.

Renjun flopped down with an annoyed groan. He had just lost three times in a row to the younger boy and was quite frustrated. “Chenle, don’t make her lose as well.”

“Shush! I’m not making her do anything.” Chenle shot back.

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“Forever and Always”

Summary: You and Peter, both university students, start off having a normal day- too many classes in a row, a three hour shift of work, getting home late and exhausted. But something’s wrong… 

*Based on the song Forever and Always by Parachute (listen here but I recommend you read this imagine beforehand!) (Tom Holland - Peter Parker)

NOTE: I know I usually tend to write more fluff than sad imagines, but a while ago I reread the ‘Death of Spiderman’ Ultimate Spiderman comic and then accidentally listened to this song and I was essentially traumatized for weeks about how heartbreaking it is to see the person you love most die… SO, enjoy!


11:07 AM

    “An operator in quantum mechanics is the fundamental concept that we’ll be reviewing today, which we’ll expand on and…”

    You zoned out the professor’s voice as you slumped back in your chair, leaning your head against your hand as you sighed. It was only eleven in the morning, but this was already your third science lecture of the day, and you still had three more classes to go. The only thing keeping you sane through the stress of a full day of university classes was your plan of meeting up with Peter for lunch. 

    You and Peter were in your third year of college at Empire State University, him planning on majoring in biophysics and you in biochemistry. The two of you had known each other for years, but had only gotten together when he’d gathered enough courage to ask you out in the tenth grade. Working all throughout your last years of high school, you and Peter pooled your savings and decided to move into an apartment with a couple other roommates. It wasn’t anything special since you both couldn’t afford much, but it was yours- a place where you could come home and relax and just be with Peter. 

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aberette13  asked:

Could u do a HC for child of Demeter?

i’m @vivilevone​ in the place to be 2 pints of sam adams but im workin on three if i was of age which i’m not, drink responsibly people

yes I can

  • Demeter kids are surprisingly bad cooks
  • people assume they’re good because they can grow food
  • but they can not cook
    • last time someone tried to cook they set off the smoke alarm (yes they have a smoke alarm they are not savages)
  • on the other hand they are very good gift-givers 
    • somehow demeter kids always know exactly what someone wants or needs when they want or need it
    • there’s a secret gift exchange type thing around the holidays between cabins and everyone always hopes they’ll get demeter because demeter’s cabin gives the best presents
  • they also have holiday gift exchanges within the cabin 
    • it’s really cute, they make hot cocoa (okay, hot cocoa is provided, they don’t make it) and sit on pillows on the floor and wrap themselves in blankets and exchange gifts and nice cards
  • seriously the demeter kids spread positivity
  • some people think they might be bitter because their mom is….not the kindest soul
  • but they are full of love and want to make everyone around them full of love as well
  • also, consider: board game nights
    • they argue over which game to play
    • “Please, let’s do monopoly” “Karen, we did monopoly last time and it took seven hours”
    • “okay, well what about bananagrams?” “No, we always lose the pieces to that” “Yeah, I found one in my pillowcase yesterday like ????”
    • honestly they just rotate between like three or four games and every joins in and have a great time

you know, i actually kept track this time, and turns out this thing took 16 hours total (spanning over four days) to make. i will never recover

The greatest cheese writing in the whole of literature.

For other breakfast things, George suggested eggs and bacon, which were easy to cook, cold meat, tea, bread and butter, and jam. For lunch, he said, we could have biscuits, cold meat, bread and butter, and jam – but NO CHEESE. Cheese, like oil, makes too much of itself. It wants the whole boat to itself. It goes through the hamper, and gives a cheesy flavour to everything else there. You can’t tell whether you are eating apple-pie or German sausage, or strawberries and cream. It all seems cheese. There is too much odour about cheese.

I remember a friend of mine, buying a couple of cheeses at Liverpool. Splendid cheeses they were, ripe and mellow, and with a two hundred horse-power scent about them that might have been warranted to carry three miles, and knock a man over at two hundred yards. I was in Liverpool at the time, and my friend said that if I didn’t mind he would get me to take them back with me to London, as he should not be coming up for a day or two himself, and he did not think the cheeses ought to be kept much longer.

“Oh, with pleasure, dear boy,” I replied, “with pleasure.”

I called for the cheeses, and took them away in a cab. It was a ramshackle affair, dragged along by a knock-kneed, broken-winded somnambulist, which his owner, in a moment of enthusiasm, during conversation, referred to as a horse. I put the cheeses on the top, and we started off at a shamble that would have done credit to the swiftest steam-roller ever built, and all went merry as a funeral bell, until we turned the corner. There, the wind carried a whiff from the cheeses full on to our steed. It woke him up, and, with a snort of terror, he dashed off at three miles an hour. The wind still blew in his direction, and before we reached the end of the street he was laying himself out at the rate of nearly four miles an hour, leaving the cripples and stout old ladies simply nowhere.

It took two porters as well as the driver to hold him in at the station; and I do not think they would have done it, even then, had not one of the men had the presence of mind to put a handkerchief over his nose, and to light a bit of brown paper.

I took my ticket, and marched proudly up the platform, with my cheeses, the people falling back respectfully on either side. The train was crowded, and I had to get into a carriage where there were already seven other people. One crusty old gentleman objected, but I got in, notwithstanding; and, putting my cheeses upon the rack, squeezed down with a pleasant smile, and said it was a warm day.

A few moments passed, and then the old gentleman began to fidget.

“Very close in here,” he said.

“Quite oppressive,” said the man next him.

And then they both began sniffing, and, at the third sniff, they caught it right on the chest, and rose up without another word and went out. And then a stout lady got up, and said it was disgraceful that a respectable married woman should be harried about in this way, and gathered up a bag and eight parcels and went. The remaining four passengers sat on for a while, until a solemn-looking man in the corner, who, from his dress and general appearance, seemed to belong to the undertaker class, said it put him in mind of dead baby; and the other three passengers tried to get out of the door at the same time, and hurt themselves.

I smiled at the black gentleman, and said I thought we were going to have the carriage to ourselves; and he laughed pleasantly, and said that some people made such a fuss over a little thing. But even he grew strangely depressed after we had started, and so, when we reached Crewe, I asked him to come and have a drink. He accepted, and we forced our way into the buffet, where we yelled, and stamped, and waved our umbrellas for a quarter of an hour; and then a young lady came, and asked us if we wanted anything.

“What’s yours?” I said, turning to my friend.

“I’ll have half-a-crown’s worth of brandy, neat, if you please, miss,” he responded.

And he went off quietly after he had drunk it and got into another carriage, which I thought mean.

From Crewe I had the compartment to myself, though the train was crowded. As we drew up at the different stations, the people, seeing my empty carriage, would rush for it. “Here y’ are, Maria; come along, plenty of room.” “All right, Tom; we’ll get in here,” they would shout. And they would run along, carrying heavy bags, and fight round the door to get in first. And one would open the door and mount the steps, and stagger back into the arms of the man behind him; and they would all come and have a sniff, and then droop off and squeeze into other carriages, or pay the difference and go first.

From Euston, I took the cheeses down to my friend’s house. When his wife came into the room she smelt round for an instant. Then she said:

“What is it? Tell me the worst.”

I said:

“It’s cheeses. Tom bought them in Liverpool, and asked me to bring them up with me.”

And I added that I hoped she understood that it had nothing to do with me; and she said that she was sure of that, but that she would speak to Tom about it when he came back.

My friend was detained in Liverpool longer than he expected; and, three days later, as he hadn’t returned home, his wife called on me. She said:

“What did Tom say about those cheeses?”

I replied that he had directed they were to be kept in a moist place, and that nobody was to touch them.

She said:

“Nobody’s likely to touch them. Had he smelt them?”

I thought he had, and added that he seemed greatly attached to them.

“You think he would be upset,” she queried, “if I gave a man a sovereign to take them away and bury them?”

I answered that I thought he would never smile again.

An idea struck her. She said:

“Do you mind keeping them for him? Let me send them round to you.”

“Madam,” I replied, “for myself I like the smell of cheese, and the journey the other day with them from Liverpool I shall ever look back upon as a happy ending to a pleasant holiday. But, in this world, we must consider others. The lady under whose roof I have the honour of residing is a widow, and, for all I know, possibly an orphan too. She has a strong, I may say an eloquent, objection to being what she terms `put upon.’ The presence of your husband’s cheeses in her house she would, I instinctively feel, regard as a `put upon’; and it shall never be said that I put upon the widow and the orphan.”

“Very well, then,” said my friend’s wife, rising, “all I have to say is, that I shall take the children and go to an hotel until those cheeses are eaten. I decline to live any longer in the same house with them.”

She kept her word, leaving the place in charge of the charwoman, who, when asked if she could stand the smell, replied, “What smell?” and who, when taken close to the cheeses and told to sniff hard, said she could detect a faint odour of melons. It was argued from this that little injury could result to the woman from the atmosphere, and she was left.

The hotel bill came to fifteen guineas; and my friend, after reckoning everything up, found that the cheeses had cost him eight-and-sixpence a pound. He said he dearly loved a bit of cheese, but it was beyond his means; so he determined to get rid of them. He threw them into the canal; but had to fish them out again, as the bargemen complained. They said it made them feel quite faint. And, after that, he took them one dark night and left them in the parish mortuary. But the coroner discovered them, and made a fearful fuss.

He said it was a plot to deprive him of his living by waking up the corpses.

My friend got rid of them, at last, by taking them down to a sea-side town, and burying them on the beach. It gained the place quite a reputation. Visitors said they had never noticed before how strong the air was, and weak-chested and consumptive people used to throng there for years afterwards.

anonymous asked:

Thor accidentally sat on the to remote once. His immediate reaction was to throw his hammer at the loud noise...except he missed the tv. He broke five Windows, three lights, the coffee table, a phone and Clint's fingers.

Is This Yours? (Thor/Barton x reader)

Could you do Thor with 35 (Well, I wasn’t expecting that) please?

Yay!!  This works with one of my requests!!!  Thanks, my friend!!

The flight in from your latest mission took forever, and by the time the team had arrived at the tower it was the beginning of early morning.  Thor had been sitting next to you on the jet for the entire 12-hour flight, not saying anything about your snoring as you laid against his shoulder for three of them, or when you fell over across his lap to sleep for another four. He knew that you were both physically and mentally exhausted, and he wasn’t about to wake you for fear of your reaction and the danger than could ensue.  He wasn’t about to incite that kind of anger; not again and not for much, much longer, if ever at all.

“Steve, if you could…” he whispered, seeking help with moving you but not waking you as the team began to disembark from the jet.  Steve slowly slid his hands under you and lifted you to him, but then stood in place, looking at Thor expectantly.

“Where am I going?”

“Let us put her on the couch for now.  I would feel uncomfortable entering her living quarters without her permission.”

After resting you on the couch, satisfied that he had done so without waking you, Steve left to unpack the gear and to make his way to his own room for what was left of the night. Thor had decided to stay with you so that you didn’t wake up alone and not knowing how you had gotten there.

“Hey, man,” Clint called to him as quietly as he could while still being heard, “I’m gonna throw together some breakfast, now that the sun is about to come up.  You want anything?”

“Perhaps the usual.  I think that I will just try to sleep some here until she wakes.”  Thor looked around the room for what might be the most comfortable place to rest, but given his large stature and broad build, nothing really looked to be appealing. Finally resolving himself to sleep on the floor next to you, he grabbed a few cushions from one of the other couches and made a makeshift bed with a light blanket that you had lying around for cuddling during movie nights.  

“Head’s up, Thunderboy!” Clint peeked his head from the kitchen and tossed a foil packet to Thor, who caught it as it was heading directly to land on your head, remembering that the only time Barton’s aim was a little shaky was when he was hungry.  He gingerly tore away the foil, shoving the first chocolate pastry into his mouth and finishing it within mere seconds.  Grabbing the second treat, he held it in his mouth while arranging the blanket to lie down and cover himself, not realizing that he was leaving a trail of crumbs with every movement, some of them directly over you.  

When he was finally ready, he all but dropped himself down onto the floor with a loud grunt, forgetting that he was trying to not wake you.  Just as his head reached the pillow, a loud voice boomed across the room, coupled with the sounds of traffic and music attacking his senses.  Without skipping a beat, he grabbed Mjolnir and threw it at the offending sound, completely surprised and immediately thrust into a protective stance next to you.

The sounds of breaking glass and furniture echoed throughout the room, followed by a high-pitched scream that sounded nothing like the archer that was next door.  The shock bolted you from your sleep, shaking your head and groaning at the large pieces of chocolate pop tart falling from your hair. “Thor, seriously?  Did you throw crumbs everywhere or just sprinkle them over my hair specifically?”

“I think I need to go to the emergency room,” Clint groaned, stumbling out towards you with his hand held tightly against his chest with a twisted expression filled with pain.  “That damn hammer crushed my fingers.  I hope you know how to shoot, Thor, because Cap’s gonna be pissed.”  He paused for a moment, seeing you picking what seemed like an entire pop tart from your hair, five broken windows, three lamps, one of Tony’s antique coffee tables, and what was left of Steve’s phone on top of it.  “Should I even ask?”

The television was still on, as Thor had completely missed his intended target in his surprise.  “I believe I may have sat upon the remote control device, thereby turning on the television when I was not expecting it. I see now that I may have overreacted.”

“You may have overreacted?” Clint snapped, holding up his moderately deformed hand, now swelling to almost twice its size and turning a dark shade of purple.  “What was your first clue, genius?”

Thor too looked around the room at the damage, growing concerned at the reaction that Tony would surely give him for destroying a part of his house.  “My first clue?  I believe it was when you squealed loudly and not unlike the children who meet Steve at the hospital each week.  It was quite impressive.”      

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Uh, if ur still doing prompts, pLEASE do one where Will has this huge crush on nico and he's been flirting shamelessly for who knows how long and and nico STILL doesn't get it and their friends just sit and laugh as will attempts another pickup line

So I kinda took a lot of liberties with this, but oh well.

Piper took one look at Nico’s scowling face and knew it was going to be a long four hours. They were both in charge of cleaning out the stables and she had been hoping to get a chance to talk to the son of Hades who was always too busy dating Will and hanging out with him to spend time with any of them as of late. The boy shuffled over to one of the pens and pulled himself up on the door, gesturing for Piper to do the same.

“You know we actually have to clean this place up, right?”

“Hush” Nico raised his hands and six skeletons crawled out of the ground. Piper would have been afraid if half of them hadn’t been carrying brooms and the other half mops. As it were, she laughed delightedly.

“Genius Nico!”

He half shrugged. “We still have to keep an eye on them, but at least we won’t get dirty. I can stay and make sure they finish if you want.”

Piper took another long look at him while he stared at the skeletons. These last few months had done wonders on the boy: muscles had begun appearing where only skin and bone had been before. His skin had a healthy glow to it, his hands gestured when he talked, his eyes sparkled when he laughed. And Will had finally dragged him to her cabin a few weeks ago for a much needed haircut. In conclusion, Piper was looking at a completely different person, someone that actually seemed happy.

And yet the scowl was back on his face.

“I think I’ll stay, if I go back to the cabin I’ll probably find some other chore to do. Plus, I feel like you and I haven’t talked in a while. Good time as any to catch up.” She mentioned with a smile, catching the boy by surprise. “So, you going to tell me what’s got you down in the dumps?”

His frown deepened before he bit his lip. “It’s nothing really, just,…” Piper waited patiently, giving the boy the time to order his thoughts. “Will’s been acting kinda weird lately. He just says things that don’t make sense and when I try to help he gets mad and walks away.”

“Problems in paradise then?” She laughed while Nico tilted his head in confusion. “What kind of things?”

“Like, he offered to carry my books the other day. And I wasn’t carrying any books, we were just going to the dining pavilion, so what was I supposed to be carrying? Or yesterday he said ‘Do you mind if I stare at you up close, instead of from across the room?’” Nico badly mimicked his southern accent. “So I told him that the same thing used to happen to Jason, remember? On the Argo II? He kept having to walk up close to the maps and books before you all figured out he needed glasses? So I told him maybe he needed glasses and he got really offended! I was only trying to help!” At some point he had started following up his ranting with wide hand gestures.

“And this morning! He comes up to me before breakfast and asks me if I had realized that screw rhymes with me and you. Like, what am I supposed to do with that information? Does he really think that only Apollo’s kids know how to rhyme? Cause yeah, in English it’s a bit harder than in Italian cause all the pronunciation is whacked off, but it’s not that difficult!”

Piper held her tongue, she was biting down on her knuckles so hard she was sure she’d break skin in a matter of seconds.

“And like twenty minutes ago he asked me if I was from Tennessee.” He told her, dead serious. “I mean, he knows I’m Italian, why would he even think I’m from Tennessee? Does he even know where Italy is? Does he know where Tennessee is?”

“It’s probably because you’re the only Ten he sees.” Piper responded automatically. Her heart went out to Will Solace, it really did. And then it just clicked. Piper mentally unclicked it again in her head and reclicked it, just in case.

Yes. That seemed about right.

Oh Gods.

“Nico, can I ask you a question, a bit out of the blue,…” Piper began, stalling for time. Nico shrugged and she took the plunge. “Are you and Will, not dating?”

She would asked if they were dating, but it didn’t make any sense to her. She thought they had started dating weeks ago. Hades, the entire camp thought they had been dating for at least a month! She had talked with Jason and Hazel and frigging Reyna about what a cute couple they made. Weeks ago!

“What?!” Nico spluttered, turning redder than one of Apollo’s cows. “No! Why would you think that? We’re just friends!” He avoided her gaze and turned his attention to skeleton number four who was currently mopping the pen in front of them. “He doesn’t like me like that anyway.” He mumbled, and Piper thanked all the gods she knew that her world was making sense again. Stretching her hands in front of her she grinned.

“You’re joking, right? The only reason you’re not beating people off with a stick is because Will growls at anyone that comes close. If he could I’m sure he’d pee on you to mark you up as his. All those conversations are attempts at ‘picking you up’, he- ”

“Hey! I know I’m short but I don’t need to be picked up!” Piper was able to straight face through that comment for a full five seconds before a snort turned into a chuckle and finally evolved into a stomach aching laugh that almost made her fall off the stable door. When she finally calmed down she pulled Nico into a one armed hug.

“Look Nico, first thing’s first, when you have a free hour this week come over to my cabin and ask for Mitchell, he can give you a talk that’s a bit overdue. Or you can go to Chiron, but I recommend Mitch first. Second, normally I wouldn’t rush these things, but I think it might need a push. Cause you like Will, right? You want to be more than friends?” The boy tried to look away to hide the blush, but Piper’s grip was strong. In the end he gave a slight nod. “Well, that settles it. Next time you see Will, ask him if he has a map.”

“A map?” He parroted.

“Yes, because you keep getting lost in his eyes. You’ve got to be looking at his eyes Nico, this is very important.” The boy was blushing so hard Piped doubted blood was reaching any other part of his body.

“That. That is the corniest thing I have ever heard. That is never going to work.”

Piper ruffled his hair. “Believe me, it will. And if that doesn’t ask him ‘If I flip a coin what are my chances of getting head?’ and he’ll literally fall on his knees for you Nicks.” She saw his confused expression and the way the innuendo soared half a mile over his head, but then she remembered that they had been notdating for like a month, so she stopped feeling guilty.

“On second thought, go have that talk with Mitchell now. You kinda really need it before thinking about doing anything about Solace.”

The skeletons finished cleaning and they made their way to the Aphrodite cabin together, talking and joking.

Piper just hoped she had enough drachmas to make all the IM’s needed to make. 

Rooster Teeth Podcast #341
  • Burnie: Today was the first time I've ever come to the office and literally the entire parking lot was filled.
  • Gus: I'm glad you brought this up.
  • Burnie: Because I parked in the fire lane.
  • Gus: We had an announcement this morning at the meeting that was very explicitly 'don't park in the fire lane'. I walked outside - your car was in the fucking fire lane! They just said, 'don't do it', and you did it! It's like you took your dick and rubbed it all over Matt's face.
  • Burnie: Well I do that all the time anyway. But, Gus do you understand the logic of what you're saying - they told us in the meeting - I parked there to go to the fucking meeting.
  • Gus: I walked past four hours later and it was still there!
  • Burnie: Well, I'm grandfathered in at that point.
Alpha Tension Part 15

Summary: Dean isn’t the only one who shows up at your motel room 

Characters: Dean X Reader

Series Warning: Swearing, Suggestive Content

Word Count: 1309

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14

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138. You catch him cheating (part 2)

Dan: You were sitting in your friend’s lounge when your phone went off for the umpteenth time. “Don’t answer it,” your friend warned. But you had to. Dan had already tried calling you fifteen times in the last two hours. As much as you didn’t want to talk to him right now, you knew it was probably the best thing to do. “I’m listening,” you said once you answered. “Look. I know I screwed up. And I know it’s gonna take a whole lot more than just an ‘I’m sorry’ to fix this. But I’m willing to do anything and wait as long as I need to in order to gain your trust back.” “Could I just ask you a couple of questions?” “Sure.” “Why?” you asked. Dan knew this question would be coming, but that didn’t mean he had thought of an answer. “I’m not sure,” he responded in a whisper. You could tell that he was now crying. “How long would this have gone on for if I hadn’t overheard?” Dan let out a shaky breath. “I wish I had an answer to that too.” You looked up at the ceiling as you tried not to cry again. This next line was going to be difficult to say. “Maybe we should… take a break,” you said quietly, while a couple tears fell to the ground. You figured that was a lot less harsh than saying that you were breaking up with him. “But-” “Dan, trust me when I say that I don’t want to do this. But I know it’s gonna take me a while to trust you again.” He knew there was no sense in arguing with you. “Alright. But I just want to say that I’ve blocked his number.” His. That was something you hadn’t expected. “I appreciate that, but I still think we should take a break. That doesn’t mean we can’t get back together in the future, but as of right now, I just need some time alone.” “Okay. Just make sure there’s someone with you, okay? I know how you get when you’re alone for long periods.” More tears fell. “You’re not making this any easier,” you laughed slightly. “Sorry. Even though you probably think I’m a proper dick right now, I still care about you.” You were silent for a few seconds as you tried to steady your breathing. “I’ll be over tomorrow to get the rest of my things.” “Alright. I’ll see you then.” You said your goodbyes and hung up. You slumped further into the sofa and sobbed, not caring that your friend was witnessing this.

Phil: You were walking the aisles of a local bookstore when your phone vibrated again. You took it out of your pocket and looked at the screen. It was from Phil. I’m worried. At least respond so I know you’re okay. You looked at the time. It had been four hours. You read over the previous texts that he had sent. There were a total of six of them. I know I’m the last person you want to hear from right now, but I want you to know that I truly am sorry. The next one was sent ten minutes afterwards. You know as well as I do that it’s not in my character to do stuff like that. Another thirty minutes between that and the next. I immediately felt guilty afterwards. Doesn’t that count for something? Another five minutes. Please. The next two texts weren’t sent until forty minutes later. You have every right to be mad at me, but I think this is something we can work through. And. I care about you more than anything else in the world. You sighed and began to type out a reply. You wanted to reply with something snarky like 'k’, but you figured that wouldn’t be the best thing to do. I’ll be home in twenty. You were still a little irked with him, but you knew you had to forgive him. It was only a simple kiss, after all. About twenty minutes later, you walked into the apartment. You walked past the kitchen, but stopped once you saw a bouquet of flowers in a vase with a note attached. I’ll be in the bedroom whenever you’re ready to talk <3  You smiled at this simple gesture and walked towards the bedroom. You opened the door slightly and walked in. “Hi. I saw the flowers. They’re really nice, thank you,” you said sheepishly. Phil stood up from the bed. “I’m really sorry,” he said while looking at the floor. “I know. And I’m sorry for storming out like that. We shouldn’t act like this didn’t happen, but we also shouldn’t dwell on it."  "Agreed. I’m an idiot for letting this happen.” “Yes you are,” you laughed a little to lighten the mood. Phil walked over and hugged you. “But, I’m your idiot,” Phil smiled. “Very true.” About a minute later, he spoke up again. “So, are we okay?” he asked hesitantly. “Yeah, we’re okay,” you whispered as you hugged him tighter.

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I think you've said before that Fenris will answer pretty much anything bluntly if asked. Is there anything he might say that would embarrass Leo unintentionally? Probably asked by Isabela or Varric while he's gathering info for his book.

It was a familiar thing, walking the streets of Kirkwall at Hawke’s side. The sights and smells of the city, the foundry-burned red horizon ahead, the creak of the leather of Hawke’s gear – Fenris could recreate it in his sleep.

What he was less familiar with was this uncomfortable silence between them, the strained, close-lipped smile Hawke gave him when he chanced to meet his eye, the speed with which he looked away.

When Fenris tried to speak, he found the action bearing much more difficulty than anticipated. He could feel himself dragging the reluctant words forth like prisoners mounting the execution block.

“Will you tell me what I did wrong?”

Hawke stopped, and for the first time since they had left the Hanged Man he looked Fenris fully in the face.

Fenris had trouble meeting his eyes. He made himself do it anyway. “If you will explain it,” he said, reluctantly, “Then I will endeavor to ensure I never repeat the offense.”


“You have my apologies. Sincerely.”

Hawke opened his mouth, closed it. He shook his head.

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” he said at last. “Please don’t apologize.”

“I did something,” Fenris insisted. “You’ve barely said a word in half an hour.”

Hawke started walking again, and Fenris followed. After a moment, the mage reached for him, and Fenris took his hand. Hawke used it to pull him closer, and slid his arm around his shoulders instead.

“I guess I was just…embarrassed.”

“Embarrassed?” Fenris echoed. “Over – what I said?”

Hawke shrugged. He said, “Forget it.”

“Hawke, I – I’ve told Isabela worse than that.”

“I know.”

“Detailed things. Very detailed.”

“I know.”

“Positions, size, that thing you do with your tongue – “

“Yes, I know.”

“Does that bother you?”

“No, not really.”

He watched him, but Hawke seemed to be telling the truth. “But it bothered you when I said we took a nap together.”

“A four hour nap. In a sunbeam.”

“It was a good nap.

Hawke huffed softly. He hesitated. “I didn’t say bothered, anyway. I said embarrassed.” He flushed as Fenris stared at him. “Well – it makes me sound like an old man. Stop looking at me like that. I’ll get over it.”

Fenris kept staring at him. “You’re embarrassed because it didn’t make you sound tough enough.”

“Maker, when you put it that way…”

“But you don’t care if I share intimate details of our lovemaking.”


Fenris laughed before he could stop himself. He watched Hawke’s face darken. Red always had been Hawke’s color. “Point taken,” he said. He tried not to sound too amused.

Most witches and wizards have come into contact with a house elf at least once in their lives. It has become a normal occurrence in daily life for those who have their own, and even those who do not are nary surprised when an elf crosses their path. However, it is lesser known that there is more than one type of House Elf.

A smaller, subspecies of elf exists, named Lutins de Noël, a French name which translates to the simplistic “Elves of Christmas,” or, more commonly, “Christmas Elves”. While they look very similar to House Elves there are a few distinct differences between Christmas Elves and House Elves, such as, their size. Christmas Elves tend to be much smaller than House Elves, nearly reaching up to half their size. They also each have their own individual skills; some are painters, some are woodworkers, some excel with molding plastics and metals. Each one of them has their own special skill which is useful in creating toys to give away on Christmas night.

Christmas Elves, also similar to House Elves, have their own special brand of magic. They are invisible to all others except themselves all year round up until the week before Christmas, where their working goes into overdrive whilst they rush to finish up the toys for the year. One can imagine how odd it would be to come across the Christmas Elves prior to that week, only to see floating toys seeming to make and paint themselves.

However, Christmas Elves also have a darker side to them. Despite the happy and kind demeanor one would think the Elves would have, they are rather mischievous. The most well known case was the near breach in magic in 1783 where a Christmas Elf by the name of Joyeux wound up in Muggle London in the middle of summer, being invisible she began to wreak havoc in the streets by knocking people over, moving things around and just doing anything possible to have herself noticed. Naturally, many muggles did. It reportedly took nearly four hours for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to get things cleared up.

Since this incident, enchantments to keep Christmas Elves hidden away have increased by a tenfold, and mishaps with them have significantly decreased. They are far more isolated than house elves, but perhaps it is for the greater good in order to keep them from causing trouble for our kind. Christmas Elves still do plenty of good in making toys for wizarding children, and as long as they keep from making trouble we can continue to see them in a positive light, telling the wizarding children all about their joy and cheer.

Ms. A. Charbonneu, December 1st, 2014.