well this show has some fun props

The Package, 1

Well, this show isn’t love at first sight. It’s fine and has some promise as a grown-up version of The Breakfast Club, but so far none of its characters really speak to me. I really liked the Arrival-style opener, though—was it giving us the tour guide’s backstory? Or was it in fact her future? Thanks to some careful prop management, we can’t really be sure just yet. Also fun are the multiple levels of culture clash—from So So’s French roommate consulting the threatening phrases section of Korean for Dummies to the surly ajusshi pouring Korean-style ketchup over his first real French meal. 

anonymous asked:

how did you go about writing a comic? i want to write one of my own in the future and i could really use some tips if you don't mind c:

I don’t mind at all!

Also okay my advice is probably going to be my own personal preference so keep that in mind! Just remember there’s never one way to do anything and everyone has a different approach; it’s the variety that makes art interesting! :)

First of all, try to balance the length of the story with the amount of information you’re putting in each chapter…basically just make sure you’re not throwing everything out there at once (Which is super hard for me, I always just want to immediately spoil everything…) and make sure you’re not withholding so much it’s hard to stay interested. 

Also one thing I’d wanna say is try not to add too many secondary characters that don’t do much to the plot, depending on what kind of story you’re writing… Like don’t get me wrong, I’m a TOTAL sucker for secondary characters that don’t do much (You have no idea how many secondary characters I’ve wanted to put into Solomon Webb that did like…nothing, and some of them still may make it in,) but just remember that too much of a good thing is not always good…

That being said, write every person like… a person. Even random people who show up once… Even well written “prop” characters really add to your storytelling, so make sure you’re utilizing every written character in a way that adds substance, not just adds dialogue. 

And uh, most of all, have fun. Not EVERYTHING in your story has to have meaning. If you wan’t to write in tiny details, go ahead. It doesn’t even have to be mentioned in the comic. One of my favorite details is where Solomon puts bathtowels down on the motel bed because it’s a dirty motel room, and he’s a little squicked out. Even if not everyone noticed  it’s small crap like that that REALLY makes writing fun for me.  

And overall honestly I think I’m sort of a scatterbrain when it comes to writing. I usually think of tiny details and points in the timeline first then expand that from the plot, so I put together many different arcs that connect to tell the story. For me the hardest part is connecting point A to B to C and so on in a way that makes sense and isn’t overly complicated but still interesting.

Sorry this was long but also not really any in depth advice. I have trouble giving advice solely because I fully believe there is never one way to tackle anything. By not doing any of the things I say above I fully think you could come up with something amazing lmao. But seriously I hope this may have helped even a tiny bit, and I wish you the best in your comic, I fully look forward to it and I’m sure others will as well!

su characters as roles in theatre
  • steven // director: creative, has great vision, loves to make things other people can enjoy and relate to, usually directs musicals and comedies or anything that will make the crowd smile
  • pearl // dramaturg: HISTORY BUFF, honestly didnt even intend to be in theatre but steven was asking her a bunch of shit for a show he was directing and then told her about the role of dramaturg and she was like well yeah sure and now she loves it, barely even needs to do research tbh just knows a bunch of shit about EVERYTHING
  • amethyst // actor: vivacious, loves to play different parts, leans towards comedy but can do any role very well, her favorite shows to do are musicals, she was classically trained and her voice is so amazing some people dont even know how to react to it, is a reeeeeallu good actor but doesnt seem like it, loves to take people by surprise with her skillz
  • garnet // stage manager: natural leader, very authoritative, knows when to be serious and when to have fun with the actors, very reliable, pretty much only works for steven but sometimes branches out to other theaters and directors, amazing at anticipating the needs of others, some people think she can predict the future
  • connie // assistant director/fight choreographer: she is the assistant director for every show that steven does and they make an amazing team. sometimes their differing opinions can complicate things but they always compromise, choreographs fights very well to where its almost a dance, always has people from other theaters asking her to come help them, loves to branch out to other places
  • lapis // props master: loves to create and design new things for the shows, very innovative and is great at creating something out of nothing, works at the coffee shop literally down the road from the theater so she brings coffee in for the crew during production meetings, keeps to herself a lot so none of the actors for the shows really interact with her but gets on pretty well with the production team
  • peridot // master electrician/props: so fucking great at not only working with the instruments and fixing them but also at creating the lighting for the shows, makes very complex lighting sequences, built an instrument that has a bunch of different effects and shit, also sometimes helps lapis with props if the props are technical/lapis cant think of a way to make something
  • jasper // technical director: is so good at putting up and taking down sets its no one’s business holy shit, really knows her way around a screw driver, is very resourceful, can lift 200 pounds, also helps with housekeeping shit around the theater, sometimes shows up randomly at rehearsals to intimidate the actors and hang out with the production team, has a feud with garnet but secretly respects her a lot