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His Roommate

pairing: Jungkook x Reader
genre: Smut, fluff if you squint
warning: M for my lack of self-control
word count: 3020

When your boyfriend suggested the two of you spice up your sex life, you never expected that to include time alone with his roommate.

many thanks to @neoworks for giving it a read <3

“P-please. I really can’t control myself anymore.”

Whipping your head around, you aren’t sure if it is the lust intoxicating your consciousness or if there is actually a half-naked Jungkook watching intently as your boyfriend kneads your ass. What the fuck is going on? One moment you were fooling around with Namjoon in his room, and the next his roommate was standing by the door, cheeks flushed as his chest heaves up and down. You slowly withdraw your hand from under Namjoon’s shirt, the desire to trace lazy swirls on his chest suddenly nonexistent.

“Jungkook. God, what the fuck?” You feel Namjoon’s warm hands on your bottom shift to lift you on to the mattress, leaving you needy and greedy as he turns to address the younger man. Your boyfriend scoots himself to the edge of the bed, his long legs dangling over the wooden frame as he runs a frustrated hand through his pale, pink locks. “You choose now of all time to bring this up.”

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reddie tinder au???

Hello!! This idea randomly popped into my head and just wouldn’t leave me alone! So here we go: a Reddie Tinder AU. Btw, they’re aged up in this, if you couldn’t tell haha. I hope you enjoy! Please leave headcanon/fic requests in my ask box! Reblogs are always welcomed!

  • One day, Eddie is just hanging out in his dorm at like midnight. Let’s be real he should be studying for his upcoming finals, but nah. Then all of a sudden, his phone lights up! It’s a text, from Bev! At first, he’s too lazy to actually respond because literally all the text says is, ‘Edward.’
  • Edward is literally such a big pet peeve of Eddie. He hates being called Edward with such a burning passion in his small soul.
  • Then, his phone buzzes and lights up, he’s got like 5 missed FaceTimes, and he’s pretty sure he got an email too. Of course, they’re all from Beverly Marsh. Now he’s definitely confused so he actually bothers to pick up FaceTime.
  • Once they’re connected all they do is stare at each other. In silence. Because they’re both dorks who are socially awkward. Finally, Bev breaks the silence and is like, “Guess what I just did!”
  • Eddie, intrigued is like, “What?”
  • Bev replies, “ I made a Tinder!”
  • Eddie rolls his eyes because 1.) Tinder is literally Fuckboy Central and 2.) Bev doesn’t need a Tinder!!! She’s literally the apple of every girl’s eye on campus!!!
  • “Oh, it’s not for me! It’s for you! And you’ve got a maaaatch!” Bev says and then she hurriedly tells him the password and username and hangs up.
  • Now Eddie literally almost faints because HE FUCKING HATES TINDER. And well dating itself. He doesn’t really do well with dating. It never works out and he gets too attached afterward. It’s just Not Good.
  • Despite this, Eddie decides to log in because it’s a Friday night and he has no plans. Why not mess around with fuckboys for a bit? It’ll be some entertainment, at least.
  • When he logs in, Eddie doesn’t really look at his profile. He just wants to see who he matched with. He’s pretty nervous, tbh. Bev doesn’t exactly have perfect taste in guys, after all.
  • Once he sees the guy who he matched with, Eddie realizes that Bev must be joking. He literally is wearing a Hatsune Miku shirt, smh. But, he is interested in Tinder!!! So, Eddie decides to play around with it a bit. He mainly swipes left on everyone.
  • BuT THEN!!!! Eddie happens to stumble across a guy who goes by Trashmouth?? Eddie looks at his pics and knows what he has to do. He has to swipe left. For crying out loud, this boy has a bathroom abs selfie. Not today, Satan. Not today…
  • Just then, as Eddie is supposed to swipe left, his phone buzzes and it scares the Heck out of him!! He accidentally swiped right!!! O shit!!!!
  • Eddie literally wants to die. He swiped left on EVERYONE remotely attractive because he doesn’t want to talk to any of these people!! But of course, Bev has to text him at the exact moment he’s going to swipe left on this bathroom boy!!!
  • In exactly five seconds, he gets a notification from Tinder. Eddie’s heart sinks.
  • “Oh no.”
  • As he opens the app fearing the worst possible outcome, his heart sinks to his stomach. THEY FUCKING MATCHED.
  • “NO.”
  • In like two more seconds, he gets a chat from him!!!! Eddie opens it reluctantly and what he sees makes him want to cry. No, it’s not a dick pic, thank God. It’s an actual text.
  • “Hi! I’m Richie!”
  • Okay, Richie. Richie seems like a normal name. Hopefully, he’s a normal guy??
  • Eddie decides to do the most Logical Thing. He ices Richie.
  • Then like three days later, when Bev and Eddie are hanging out in the campus library, Bev has this evil smile on her face the entire time. She’s just typing away on her handy dandy iPhone.
  • Then Eddie comes to the realization that Bev still has is login information for Tinder.
  • “NOOOOO!!!!!!”
  • Eddie practically lunges across the table at Bev trying to grab her phone. But alas!!! It’s too late, she has been talking to Richie for like thirty minutes. And, it turns out, she has scheduled a date for them!!!! How cute!!!!
  • “Quit being a weenie, just go out with him.” Bev rolls her eyes.
  • “But, he is a fuckboy….”  Eddie sighs.
  • Eddie has to admit though, Richie was pretty cute. Although his pictures were kinda weird and he looked like a mix of a 2012 scene kid and a giant grade A douchebag, he was cute. His bio was simply, “What the fuck, Richard.” 
  • Eddie knew it was a Vine reference and lowkey he thought it was funny. But, he would never admit that.
  • “Oh, by the way, did you even look at your profile?”
  • Horrified, Eddie looks at his pictures that Bev uploaded for him. In this exact order it was: A nice selfie, a hoe pic that he took when he was drunk with Bev, a very ugly selfie (Dear God why…), a pic with Eddie and his pals, one of him on the NYC trip he took with his friends, and then a picture of him totally wasted at a party.
  • Those were his exact words when he saw his profile, btw.
  • FLASHFORWARD LIKE MAYBE A WEEK?? Eddie is getting ready for his date with Richie. He had no choice but to go on it because Bev already accepted the invitation for him. They were just going to some restaurant, but Eddie was pretty nervous.
  • Once Eddie gets to the place, he is just standing by the door waiting. It’s been like 12 minutes since the date was supposed to start. Yikes, was Trashmouth standing him up? He better not be, wtf.
  • Soon enough, in comes Richie with his shirt rolled up in a thot knot. Eddie knows at that exact moment he needs to leave because 1.) Richie what the fuck and 2.) He looked good in it um, excuse you, sir.
  • Then all of a sudden, Richie just goes, “IT’S EDWARD FROM TINDER!”
  • Literally, everyone in the fucking restaurant looks at them. Eddie also knows that he has no other choice. He needs to fake his death Right Now.
  • But alas, there is no way that would work, so they get a table.
  • They end up talking and they actually have a lot in common??? They both like Vine, memes, and they both are actually going to the same university? Literally, how did Eddie not notice this attractive boy?
  • As the date comes to an end and Richie walks Eddie back to his dorm like a Proper Gentleman. Then!!!! Richie kisses Eddie on the cheek and says goodbye. Eddie literally loses all feeling in his legs and he almost falls. He is shook. But then all he says is, “What the fuck, Richard.”
  • Richie is in love.
  • Turns out, Tinder isn’t all that bad because a month later, they end up dating LMAO.
Dating Diana Prince Would Include...

anon ask : can you do what dating diana prince would be like?? i really liked your malia tate headcannons so much!! 

 [A/N] : aww im glad you liked it!! i just finished doing my chemistry homework and im in a good mood bc i got an A for it sooo here ya gooo!! (this was supposed to be posted tomorrow but im in a good mood) 

how does one obtain a diana prince in their life 

Masterlist / Ask Me

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  • the first time she saw you she nearly fainted mostly because she lived on an island full of women and she never felt this way before?? 
  • the only time she felt like this was with Steve after he died 
  • she thought that she wouldn’t ever feel that way again but then she saw you and wow?? 
  • you didn’t even look that nice in fact you were a mess 
  • you worked at the louvre too 
  • you were carrying stacks of papers 
  • while struggling from dropping them you accidentally knocked down a very expensive vase 
  • diana caught it in time 
  • the vase was covering your face so she lowered it down 
  • and then she saw you apologizing over and over again with a blush on your cheeks 
  • she dropped the vase

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Imagine getting married with Jensen in secret and going on your honeymoon.

“Jensen stop!” you shrieked when you felt the top of your bikini loosen around you. Your hands instinctively went to your chest to hold it in place and you turned around to glare at the green-eyed man that was smiling at you like a young boy.

“Funny how after so many years this is the first time I hear you say this.” he chuckled, swimming around you as you glared at him “Wow things do change after marriage.”

You scoffed at him, trying to tie back the strings after he’d undone them “You were the one that insisted, mister. Don’t put the blame on me now.”

“Just kidding.” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your bare shoulder “You know, I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world.” he buried his face in the crook of your neck “For anyone. You are the woman I love and will always love. I proposed to you because I want to spend the rest of my life with you, have kids, growl old together. You know how much you mean to me.”

“You’re so lucky I actually do.” you whispered, turning around to look at him, cupping his face and pressing your lips to his in a sweet kiss.

“Why do you have to be such cheeky ass huh?” you asked as he spinned you around in the water with his arms around your waist.

“If I remember correctly you like this cheeky ass quite a lot?” he smirked, raising and eyebrow at you giggled.

“Guilty, but sorry not sorry.” you pecked his cheek “I just don’t understand how you do this every freaking time. All it takes is a few words and you have me melting in your arms and acting like a lovesick teen.”

“Feelings mutual, though.” he shrugged with a soft smile “We wouldn’t be married if we weren’t soulmates, right baby?”

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Warnings: None

Request: Can u do more cute imagines on stage with yn

I wasn’t sure how you wanted the imagine to go exactly but I hope this is good enough, Enjoy! 

Heavy breathing and loud screams. It’s a familiar sound now. 

I’ve been to so many of his concerts that coming just seems to be a second nature. It’s different then it was a few years ago though. Back then, I only saw him once every few years when he would put on a show, and I would usually only be seeing him from a far distance. He didn’t even know I existed. 

But now, my whole world has flipped upside down and as I stood from the wings, watching Justin and his dancers parade around on stage, I couldnt help but look at all the other screaming fans, reaching out for something so small, as simple as a graze of his shoe. 

I used to be like that, before I met him for real.

I remember it so vividly. The day it was absolutely pouring rain and I still had a good 2 miles to walk. I remember sneezing from the cold raindrops that trickled down my skin, leaving me to deal with an ongoing flu the next day. But I also remember seeing the black, tinted SUV pulling up beside me. 

At that moment my heart nearly stopped, and I was readying myself to run if needed. I really thought I was about to be kidnapped when the door to the SUV swung open, but gee was I glad stayed when I did. 

My idol stood in front of me, a concerned look on his face as he glanced at me, then up at the dark grey clouds above. Star struck, I listened to his words, so simple yet so demanding. “Need a ride? Get in! Where are you headed?” 

And from there it was a long spiral of being strangers, to acquaintances, friends, to love interests. Then finally - becoming official 3 months ago - as boyfriend and girlfriend.

“Get used to me holding you. Get used to me woeing you. Oh! get used to it…” The last line was sung. Justin’s jumping stopped as he ended in position, the crowd’s screams only just beginning to pick up.

“Thankyou all so much for coming tonight.” He announced breathlessly into the mic. “Don’t go anywhere guys, we’ll be back in 10!” 

And then he and the dancers ran off stage for a quick break. Justin immediately grabbed ahold of me, smiling like a fool under his head mic. “How am I doing?” 

After handing him his water bottle and wiping down his forehead with a towel as he gulped it down, I smiled and said, “Absolutely amazing baby. You always do great.” while rubbing his sweaty but masculine arms. It’s crazy to think that I have one of the worlds biggest popstars, as well as my dream guy, wrapped right around my finger. Just as well as I am with him.

“Let’s take a snap before you have to go back out.” I exclaimed, removing my phone from the pocket of my jeans.

“”Okay. But it’s only going to your family right?” And here we go again. Justin has been trying to keep our relationship a secret ever since we got together. At first it seemed to just be a privacy thing, so we could enjoy a little time to ourselves before going public to the world, but its been 3 months, and It honestly feels a little as if Justin is embarrassed to be seen in a relationship with me.

I mean, I’m definently not the most attractive girl, and I don’t have a model body either. I’m short, with a little belly. I can barely do my makeup for shit and not to mention, I’m not famous. In the end, I’m just a fan. 

“Oh- uh. Y-yeah. Of course.” I stutted in a failed attempt to hide my disappointment.

Justin’s face fell, eyes wondering over me in a concern. “You okay baby girl?”

“Yeah, yeah. Just forget it. Don’t worry about the snap. You gotta go out there soon and Scooter wants to talk to you.” 


“Go. Scooter’s waiting.” I pushed. I honestly just wanted to be left alone for a little bit, and pushing him away for a while was really the only way I was going to get that.

Justin hesitated and compelled but with some tugging and pushing, I got him over to Scooters side and walked away.

Justin’s POV

“Your doing great Kiddo.” Scooter began, looking down at the show plan in his hand, he hadn’t even realised that Y/N had practically dragged me over here, to busy caught up making sure everything was going according to plan.

“Yeah thanks Scoot.” I rushed. “Hey, do you know what’s up with Y/N?”

“Y/N? No. She was fine earlier.” Scooter answered, glancing up towards me. “Why?” 

“She just seemed like she was in a bit of a shit mood. Or something was making her uncomfortable.”

“Well did something happen?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“No…I mean…I don’t think so?” I questioned. “I don’t know.” I sighed. “We were talking about the show, and then all of a sudden she asked if we could take a snap before I went back out. Then after that she just suddenly said she didn’t want to do it anymore and that I should talk to you before I go back out.” I explained.

“Okay…” Scooter trailed off “Did you say anything before that?”

“No, just that we could take a pic, just as long as she only sends it to her friends and family. No one else.”

That’s when Scooters face lit up in recognition, a sigh leaving his lips. 

“Justin, I honestly don’t know how so many girls love you. You are so oblivious.” Scooter joked.

“What?” I questioned. 

“Justin, did it ever occur to you that maybe Y/N’s feeling a little insecure?”

 “Insecure? About what. She’s perfect, there’s nothing to be insecure about.”

“Maybe not to you but to her…” Scooter explained. “Justin, she’s a wemon - a girl. Shes gonna need constant confident boosters and reminders that she is beautiful because otherwise after a while, the confidence she has will just wither away. And you holding back on telling everyone about your relationship is probably starting to affect her. She probably thinks you don’t want to be seen with her.”

“But that’s not true at all.” 

“But she dosen’t know that.” Scooter stated. 

“Well then…what do I do?” I ask hysterically. Scooter only shrugs and pats me on the shoulder. “That’s for you to figure out Kiddo. Your on in a minute.”

And with that, he walked over to pep up the dancers.

1 minute seconds, that gives me 60 seconds to think of something. C’mon Jay THINK!

Then, a brilliant idea pops in my head. And not only for Y/N’s sake, but i think for the crowds entertainment as well. Guess there’s gonna be one less lonely girl tonight.



I sighed, looking out at the stage. “JUS-TIN…JUS-TIN…JUS-TIN!” the crowd chanted in anticipation. He was soon to go on, and the only thing I was feeling was self-conscious. I didn’t mean to push Justin away like that but I just can’t be around him when I get like that. I don’t like him seeing me sad, it makes him sad, and he needs to be in a good mood for the remaining part of this night.


The name was smooth but rushed as he voiced it from a small distance. Quickly, I straightened up and planted a fake smile on my face, awaiting Justin’s arrival.

“Hey baby, aren’t you supposed to be getting ready?”

“I need to show you something.” He ignored my question.

“Now?” I ask in confusion. Justin only nods and grabs a hold of my hand, mumbling “C’mon.” 

Scooters voice suddenly began echoing throughout the backstage arena, the dancers all running forward towards the wings of the stage. “Alright, where on in 3! 2! 1!”

And then the music began. Light strumming of a guitar. Wait? This isn’t right. the next song should of been trust. This is one less lonely girl…

“Justin, what’s going on?”

But to no avail. All he did was send a wink my way, then began to sing through his head mic, slowly making his was on stage with a firm grip on my hand.

“There’s gonna be one less lonely girl, One less lonely girl, There’s gonna be one less lonely girl,One less lonely girl! How many I told you’s and start overs…”

While He progressed on stage, his grip around my hand tightened as I struggled to pull away. “What are you doing?” I whispered.

I watched as the dancers ran around on stage, planting a stool in the middle.

Justin lead me further and further until I was in sight of every screaming fan. The cheers made my head dizzy and the attention made my body weak but with Justin here, everything seemed to refocus and seem alright. 

Justin smiled and placed me on the stool in the center of the stage, continuing to sing the current verse of one less lonely girl, what in the world was the boy doing?

“Saw so many pretty faces before I saw you. Now all I see is you! No, no, Don’t need these other pretty faces like I need you, And when you’re mine in the world - There’s gonna be one less lonely girl!”

He moved his body from singing towards the crowd, to directing the song towards me. Running his hand down my body and face in a sentimental way, love shining through his eyes.

He continued the lyrics to his old but popular song, half way through helping me off the stool to where he cradled me in his arms and began slow dancing with me, his arms locked around me, pushing my head into his chest.

Then the song began to come to an end, and he stopped moving. Looking me directly in the eyes with his arms stretched slightly, cupping my cheeks. Honey eyes radiating with nothing but love. 

“If you let me inside your world! There’s gonna be one less lonely girl….” Then in a raspy and low voice, he mumbled, “You shawty” Before connecting his lips to mine. 

And although we were accompanied by thousands of people screaming in shock, it was as if no one else was in the room but us. 

The kiss lasted a few seconds at least, before he finally pulled away, pulling me into his side and waving off towards the crowd with a smile.


anonymous asked:

RFA reaction when MC doesn't come back home because she was drunk with her friends. If it's roo much can you only do Zen and Jumin? Love you so much btw you're such an inspiration ♡♡

~Thank you so much, sweetheart!!! ^^ Love you, too! 

◉ Yoosung 

  • He sighed when he realized your phone must be dead 
  • Went through a whole pizza and various snacks as he sat up waiting for you and watching the door 
  • Eventually it got so late that he assumed you must be staying with your friends, you’d never come home at this hour 
  • As soon as you walked in the door he appears from the kitchen in his apron 
  • A slight frown on his face and a mug of coffee in his hands 
    • “I was really worried! I tried to call you…” 
  • He let out a huge sigh of relief and dropped his shoulders before handing you the mug
    • “I’m so sorry…I guess I drank too much and before I knew it I had passed out on the couch.” 
  • The smell of the coffee made your stomach flip and Yoosung must have read your expression with ease 
  • He pulled you into a brief hug and rubbed your back with a laugh
    • “Well, I had a whole speech planned…but I’m thinking this hangover you’ve got is punishment enough. Come on, let’s get some food in your belly.” 

◉ Jumin 

  • He starts to freak out a bit when you aren’t home 
  • Of course, he sends his security to investigate where you are 
  • He doesn’t sleep until he knows for sure that you’re safe
  • When they relay back to him that you are still at your friends house, he calms down finally 
    • “She never could hold her liquor well,” Jumin smiles and talks to Elizabeth 3rd before they head to bed 
  • When you wake up you find Driver Kim waiting outside of your friends house for you 
    • “I have some cold water waiting for you in the back, Miss,” Driver Kim shuts the door behind you 
  • You’re expecting a lecture when you get home 
  • But Jumin just smiled and gave you a kiss 
    • “Your hair is a mess, it’s cute. But perhaps a shower is in order?” 
  • You apologize for not coming home or letting him know what was going on 
  • You know he must have been worried 
    • “I’m just glad you are safe. Next time, please remember to call me…” he caressed your cheek, “We have a lot on the agenda for today. We won’t be home until late, and despite how you are feeling I expect you to keep our plans. But first, a shower.” 

◉ Zen 

  • He ended up drinking a bit at home while he waited for you 
  • And the later it got the more he wanted to smoke to calm his nerves 
  • He tried rehearsing his lines to distract himself but he just couldn’t seem to focus 
  • When he called you and it went straight to voicemail he began to panic 
  • Went to the chat to ask Saeyoung for help 
  • After much pleading, Saeyoung tracked you a bit and placed you at your friends house 
    • “Just let her have fun, dude. She’ll be home in the morning.”
  • When you got home you saw a half empty pack of cigarettes on the coffee table 
  • He must have been so worried
  • Zen appeared from the bathroom as he toweled off his hair, his eyes wide when he saw you 
    • “Babe! You’re home! I was just getting ready to go pick you up.”
    • “I’m sorry my phone died. It got so late I just decided to stay the night there,” you hung your bag up near the door.
  • Zen brushed your hair behind your ear and kissed your forehead, remembering what Saeyoung said
    • “It’s alright, I hope you had a good night! Though, if you really want to apologize for making me worry…I know a few ways you could make it up to me,” he winked and kissed you deeply. 

◉ Jaehee 

  • You were never home late like this
  • Jaehee washed the dishes and scrubbed the counters a second time just to keep busy 
  • she found herself fidgeting on the couch
  • She couldn’t even focus on the new Zen DVD she had popped in 
  • Her eyes kept glancing at her phone 
  • When you walked through the door the next morning you found Jaehee passed out on the couch, TV still on and phone in hand 
    • Had she been waiting for you all night?
  • You turned the TV off and grabbed the blanket from the couch, tossing it over her and giving her a kiss on the forehead 
    • “I’m sorry,” you whispered 
  • Her hand grabbed your wrist before you could walk away and you saw her eyes open 
    • “Where were you?” she looked mad for a brief second but her face fell and her eyes were filled with worry 
    • “I didn’t mean to worry you…I didn’t realize how much I drank and I felt it would be safer to stay there for the night…” 
  • She sighed 
    • “You have bags under your eyes.”
    • “Blunt as always, I see,” you laughed. 
    • “I’m too tired to lecture you right now,” she yawned and got up from the couch, “come on, let’s go to bed for a bit longer.”
  • She squeezed your hand in relief 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • He was sitting at his computer desk eating chips when you came home 
    • “I’m back! Hope you weren’t too worried…”
  • You started walking towards his computer desk
    • “Nope! I figured your phone had died so I texted your friend to make sure you were okay. She even sent me some great pics of you passed out on the couch,” he laughed. 
    • “You’re such a liar!”
  • He held his phone up and through it you heard the sound of your own voice, drunkenly singing karaoke at the bar you guys had been to that night
    • “I didn’t know you could sing, this outta get some good hits on youtube”
    • “Don’t you dare!”
  • You tried to wrestle the phone from his hands while shouting for him to delete it 
  • Finally he agreed and let you watch him delete it, but his face turned more serious and he grabbed your hands 
    • “You really have to be more careful, though…I was worried for a bit that something happened to you.”
  • Seeing his face like that made you feel sad that he worried so much
    • “I will, I’m sorry…” you gave him a kiss 
    • “Oh! That was a good start for your apology. Now only 706 more to go,” he smirked and picked you up in his arms 
Best Friends? Part 3 || l.h.

Thank you to everyone who sent feedback and reblogged/liked part 2!

Again, get this part to 100 notes and part 4 will be posted!

“I was beginning to think you weren’t going to call.” You admit, holding the phone between your ear and shoulder as you reach for your laptop on the night stand beside your bed.

“I know, I’m sorry. There were fans that wanted to meet and get pictures with us, so we stayed behind for awhile.” Luke says, and you can hear some shuffling in the background.

“Is that (Y/N)?” Calum asks, his voice muffled from behind in the background. “None of your business. I’m going for a walk.” Luke tells him, and noise erupts all around in the back.

“Guys! Luke is on the phone with (Y/N)!” You hear Calum yell before the noise goes away in a second.

“Sorry, we’re on the bus because management forgot to get us rooms at a hotel.” Luke apologizes. “Why don’t you stay at your place?” You ask, remembering that he has a place not far from yours. “Sold that awhile ago, sweetheart. The only one who has one near here is Ash, and his is two hours away. Plus, we leave in two days for a festival somewhere.”

You frown a little. “I forgot you’re on tour right now.” You admit. Luke chuckles. “Yeah, we just stopped here for a few days to record.” He coughs, and you hear cars in the background.

“Are you actually taking a walk?” You ask, giggling. “Yes. The boys are too nosey, I can’t stay on the bus and talk to you. They’ll all be trying to listen in.” He says, laughing a little. You giggle some more, and then it’s quiet, only the sound of you and Luke’s breathing behind heard on the line.

“I missed hearing your laugh.” He finally says, and you squeeze your eyes shut, because yes, you missed hearing his laugh too. He sounds so vulnerable and it physically hurts to hear him like that; to hear him sound exactly like he did after Vegas happened.

“Too far?” He asks, snapping you out of your thoughts. “What? No! I was just thinking.” You say, opening your eyes again. “About what?” You sigh. “Remember in Vegas when I was hungry at like three in the morning?” Luke chuckles. “‘Course I do, sweetheart. We had literally just got done messing around and you just sat straight up and demanded pancakes.” You smile. “You ordered me room service and the waiter guy was all mad about it being three a.m..” You say. “You left right after you finished eating.” Luke says quietly, and you bite your lip. The conversation is getting too serious, too fast and you’re not ready for that.

“I’d give anything for pancakes right about now.” You tell him. Luke seems to catch on to how serious that conversation is getting, because he says, “remember how Ashton tried to break into Calum’s hotel room that night?” You grin, sitting up in bed. “Yes! I could never forget that. You asked him why he was trying to get in Calum’s room and he told you it was because he wanted to make love to Calum.” Luke laughs, a sweet sound in your ear.

“Those were his exact words too, you said it perfectly.” He murmurs. “They’re totally gay for each other, I don’t care what anyone else says. I saw it first-hand that night.” You comment, which starts up Luke’s laughter again.

“Wait, hold on. Do you wanna know what the best part about that trip to Vegas was?” You ask, making him pause. “My dick?” He asks, stifling laughter. “Oh, shut up.” You laugh, shaking your head even though he can’t see you. “What was the best part?” He asks, chuckling. “When Michael rolled all the mattresses out of the rooms and tried to play dominoes with them just because he was bored and management wouldn’t let you guys out yet.” You can hear Luke’s grin on the other end when you finish speaking.

“You helped him!” He accuses. “You have no proof of that, Mr. Hemmings.” You can practically see Luke rolling his eyes.

“Hey, (Y/N)?”


“Come open your front door.”

“… Why?”

“Just do it.”

You get out of bed slowly, holding the phone to your ear. “You sound like a fucking Nike commercial.” You tell him, because he does. Luke scoffs. “Hurry up, it’s cold out here.” He mutters. “You’re outside my house?” You ask, walking downstairs. Luke laughs a little.

“Just open the door, (Y/N).” You cautiously open it, afraid of something jumping out at you. But the only thing standing in front of you is Luke. He’s holding a medium sized grocery bag. He lifts it up a little when he sees you. He ends the call, and you do the same.

“Pancakes.” He explains. You glance down at the bag. “You brought me pancakes.” You state. He nods, a small smile on his face. “You said you would do anything for pancakes, and I was on my way over anyway, so I stopped and got some from McDonald’s.” He explains. You smile a little.

“You gonna let me in?” He asks, raising his eyebrows. You bite your lip. “I want to.” You admit, “but I think that’s a bad idea.” Luke chuckles. “Alright, well how about this: I’ll come in and we’ll eat pancakes and chat for a bit, and when we’re done with our pancakes, you can decide if you want me to leave or not.”

You consider this, then pull the door open wider so he can step inside. Luke grins, walking in and slipping off his shoes. He follows you upstairs to your bedroom and sits across from you. You both start eating your pancakes, staring at each other.

“You wanna talk about what happened or are we avoiding that subject until tomorrow?” Luke asks. You hesitate, mid-bite. “We can talk about it.” Luke puts down his plastic fork, licking his lips slightly.

“Alright, well. I fell in love with you, (Y/N).” He blurts out, causing your eyes to widen a bit. “I see we’re not holding anything back here.” You mumble, causing him to chuckle. “How long were you in love with me?” You ask quietly, putting your fork down. “I don’t remember exactly what day I realized I loved you, but it was before Vegas. A long time before that.” You bite your lip.

You never said anything.“

“Would you have told me if you were in love with me?”

“Okay, I see your point. I probably wouldn’t have told you, either.”


Luke takes another bite of his pancakes, blinking at you from a few feet away. You avoid his gaze, looking anywhere but at him.

“(Y/N), you don’t have to be shy with me. Say whatever you’re thinking. I’m not going to be mad.” He says, after a minute of silence. You swallow hard.

“I had no idea. And you acted like I did.” You whisper, meeting his eyes again. “I know, and that’s my fault. I take full blame for that. I was only upset.” Luke says softly, pushing his pancakes aside so that he can move over beside you. “Ashton said you were doing better without me.” You admit.

“So, you talked to Ash, huh?”


“I was doing good. Really good. But after awhile, I noticed how alone I felt. You were always around to make me feel less alone, and then suddenly, you just weren’t there anymore. I was surrounded by crowds every night and I’ve never felt more alone.”

You look over at him, frowning. “Do you still love me, Luke?” You ask. He bites his lip. “I can’t answer that, because I’m not totally sure. But the one thing that I am sure about is that I miss my best friend.” He says, and you sigh.

“Alright, you can stay. You’re sleeping in the guest room, though. And we’re going to talk more about this in the morning, I’m not done yet. I’m just too tired to talk more now.” You say, yawning. Luke grins, kissing your cheek before hopping off the bed. He takes the empty pancake containers and the McDonald’s bag downstairs and throws it away, then pops his head back into your room. Your lying down now, and your back is to him.

“Goodnight, (Y/N). See ya in the morning.” He says, pulling the door closed and going to the guest room across the hall. You squeeze your eyes shut and will yourself not to say anything back, because if you do, then he’ll hear the tears.

And it’s so stupid that you’re crying, you’re sure it is.

Because how ironic is it that you’re falling for him when he’s not falling for you anymore?

anonymous asked:

Could you write something based on that new bughead pic of them fixing up the car?? Your stories are so good they are holding me over until October haha

Thankyou! I sure can try!

Jughead shuffled his feet on the Andrews front porch, he could remember a time where he felt comfortable waltzing into the large family home without even knocking, but that was then and this was now, things had changed, people had changed.

Archie answered the door, his hands covered in paint as he rubbed them desperately on his jeans, the red heads eyes widened, it had been four weeks since he had seen Jughead standing beside him at the hospital, he had disappeared after that. Archie just figured it was too much for him, Fred Andrews almost death had been too much for a lot of people, himself included.

“Jughead? Everything okay?” He motioned for the beanieless boy to come in. Jughead followed Archie and sat on the living room couch.

“have you taken up art in the past month?” Jughead asked, his voice teasing but tense.

Archie looked down at his wrecked clothes and paint stained skin, he chuckled lightly.

“This? Nah, dad needs help around the house. Ya know, it makes him feel better to see things done. I let him think he’s the one doing it then when he goes down for his nap I finish it up, pretend he just forgot that he did it.” Archie shrugged his shoulders, scrubbing at the paint in his fingernails.

Jughead felt the familiar stab of guilt, he should be the one helping Fred, after everything that man had done for him, not to mention Archie was his best friend, no matter what he got into he knew Archie would always be his true best friend. Shedding his leather Jacket on the couch, Jughead tied his flannel around his waist

“Well we better get to it, he can’t sleep forever.” Jughead stared evenly at Archie, a wide but cautious smile sneaking onto the quarterbacks face.

“Well alright then.”

Two hours later the entire kitchen was painted minus a few casualties (who needed a blender anyway?) and Archie and Jughead had talked, more like spilled their guts like little girls on the schoolyard. Jughead felt better and he could see the way Archie’s shoulders seemed to be a bit higher. Soon Jughead was back on the porch and Archie was promising to pay him in burgers, the familiar voice of Alice Cooper drew his eyes to the house next door.

“That’s it Polly, just a few more steps left. bed rest? I mean really? I don’t see why they couldn’t just induce you right there. This wait is getting tedious. Never the less there will be no moving from you from this point on” Alice Cooper rambled, leading a very pregnant Polly into the house.

“She’s not home.”

Jughead brought his eyes back to Archie, quirking an eyebrow

“Betty’s never really home anymore, only to sleep and cook. She’s the only reason me and my dad are still alive, she makes us dinner everyday. She also stays super late at Vixen practice, hasn’t missed a game, except for the ones against Southside High because… well you know.” Archie rubbed a hand to the back of his neck, Jughead visibly winced.

It had been four weeks since he’d spoken to her, he wasn’t going to let her get dragged into his business with the Serpents and Southside high kept him ridiculously busy. He didn’t want her to be a part of his dangerous and hectic life. But he missed her.. damn did he miss her.

“Other than that she’s pretty much always fixing up F.ps pickup truck in front of Pops where your dad left it broken down. I’m pretty sure the stupid truck runs like a gem now but she can’t seem to stay out of it, always elbow deep in the engine for hours on end.” Archie sighed “everything thing that happened.. her parents, Polly, her long lost brother? And ya know.. my dad.” He whispered the last part “I think she’s coping in.. Well In her own way. That truck is her anchor.”

Archie had grown surprisingly deep, I guess nearly losing your father would do that to you, Jughead would know.

“I better go.” Jughead started backing away, Archie grabbed him by the arm

“You’re my best friend dude but… be careful okay? I don’t know how much more she can take.” Archie’s voice held a warning but the underlying sadness was also evident. They had all been through so much, too much for teenagers their age. With a heavy nod Jughead made his way to Pops.

She was the first thing he saw, well actually the first thing he saw was the huge green pickup truck parked smack dab in the center of the parking lot, Pop Tate was leaning against the door frame watching Betty, his eyes met Jughead and he smiled.

“Hello son, long time no see.” The older man slapped a hand to Jugheads back when he joined him by the door.

“Yeah, couldn’t stay away from your burgers for long.” He smiled back, his eyes drifting back to the pair of blue jeans sticking out from the hood of the truck.

“I was gonna tow it.” Pops said from beside him “takes up half the damn parking lot but when Betty found out it was your dads she begged me to let her fix it up, your old man left the keys in it and everything. Been like this for three weeks. I just don’t have the heart to make her move it.”
With a final squeeze to Jugheads shoulder Pops went inside promising to be back in a moment, he came back through the front door carrying a milkshake in a to go cup.

“I’m trying to stay “hip” I figured If take out is what the kids want I might as well get a foot in the door.“ Pops nudged Jughead towards Betty and headed back inside leaving the two alone as Jughead held the chocolate shake in his hands.

He stared for a moment more, now wasn’t the time to admire her body but god did he miss holding her and there was no denying how good her curves looked in those jeans. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts Jughead moved over to Betty, she was mumbling under her breath as she twisted a wrench over some metal object, completely oblivious to his presence.

“Did you get her running yet?”

Betty nearly slammed her head into the popped hood, her eyes going wide when she saw the dark haired boy speaking to her, her eyes quickly shifted to the leather jacket snug on his shoulders as she dove back into the car.

“She runs just fine, I’ve been working on the engine, all she really needed were a few new spark plugs. But then I noticed it had a little fluid flooding so I wanted to fix that up before it escalated. And then when I turned the Key in the ignition the check engine light came on and that obviously had something to do with the pressure so I…”

Jughead cut Betty off as he placed a hand over hers inside the hood.

“I’m so sorry Betts.” He whispered.

She turned to him with watery eyes.

“I needed you. Where were you? Where have you been?” She questioned, her voice shaky.

He gently pulled her away from the car leaving his milkshake resting on the side

“I got lost for a bit, I’m still lost but it’s getting clearer. I was looking for a home, for some place where I really belonged, but I missed it. It was right in front of me. You’re my home Betts and .. and I want to come home if you’ll have me.” He knew he was begging but in actuality he would have gotten on his knees if she asked.

But this was Betty Cooper and she didn’t need him to beg, didn’t need him to explain, gripping his hand she pulled him back to the truck

“See right here? Once we get this working the mileage will be so much better and ya know, I’ve kind of been wanting to visit Toledo.” She continued fiddling with the truck but the soft smile on her face let him know what maybe.. maybe they would be okay.

“Yeah Betts, Toledo sounds great to me.”

house-mate vibes // (k.l imagine)

Anonymous said: Can you do an imagine of you and kians first kiss. Where you and kian are really close friends (maybe roommates idk) and everybody kinda knows you have a thing for each other. Can you make it quite detailed and cute/fluffy but not too much that it’s cringy?

lmk if it’s cringey, I feel like sometimes i write cringy shit unintentionally so lmk

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What Now?


Genre: Angst

Word Count:3416

Description: You and dean have been together for several years. He met you through a friend of his sometime after his career took off. You knew what his career would entail but you did’t know how cold he would become after it. What happens when you guys get in a fight and you both say things you probably shouldn’t? What will you do and where will you go? Read to find out. 

Inspired by: What Now By: Rihanna 

Originally posted by deantheofficial

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love.exe | ch 5

Originally posted by beautifulshuas

chapters:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 8.5  / 9 / 10

summary: you don’t know what’s wrong, and jun isn’t the same. he wishes he was human, and you wish you knew. but everything gets better eventually, and he feels whole again. wonwoo needs help.

characters: android!jun/female reader, members of svt, members of pristin

genre: angst, hurt/comfort, fluff

word count: 3.0k

a/n: soooo here’s what happens from ur pov. also more angst cause i like torturing yall n it was too much fluff in this story already also im trying to rewire nayoung’s character bc i feel like shes too ooc forgive me ill do it subtly

also i was trying to get this out sooner but i ended up getting headaches and feeling like crap for the last few days so i apologize for that

warnings: cursing, unedited sorry abt mistakes, ya just cursing

Shutting the front door behind you, you walked towards Wonwoo, who was waiting outside his own door.

“Yo.” He greeted, dark sweatshirt still pulled over his tall frame.

“You said you had something to show me?” you asked, looking around for something he might’ve been holding.

He shook his head, grinning bashfully. “Lied about that, sorry. Just wanted to get you out here. Wanted to talk for a little bit.”

You raised your eyebrows. “Okay.”

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crushin’ on you ― pt. 1

member: park woojin || wanna one

genre: fluff fluff fluff

writing type: paragraph

word count: 4.4k

summary: woojin has been crushing on you since forever but you’re super oblivious || highschool!au, older brother!kang daniel

a/n: another reupload lol;;;

my masterlist

Originally posted by alpacadong

“Y/N!!! HURRY UP OR WE’LL MISS THE BUS!” your brother’s voice yells from downstairs. You stood up late finishing up homework that was due today since you procrastinated watching variety shows for the past couple days and you were attempting to not look bad in a short amount of time. 

“I KNOW I KNOW I’M COMING!” You yell back at him, slamming your door shut behind you with your bag in your hand, running quickly down the stairs, almost slipping on the last step. 

“Can you be any slower?” your brother teased, giving you a mocking smile. 

“Shut up Daniel. I just woke up late.” you say, smacking his arm as you walk past him to get your shoes. 

“I saved you a banana since you spent all your time doing your makeup.” he said and placed the curve of the banana on your shoulder where it would lay like a weird shoulder guard. You were too busy trying to put your ridiculously hard to slip on shoes and grunted as thanks. 

“Wow I don’t even get a proper thank you. Rude.” he said and opened the door and walked a couple steps forward, turning back around to look at you still putting on your other shoe.

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S.Coups || Next Door Pt.1

Word count: 2.2k
Genre: College!au, fluff, drama, comedy, slice of life, romance
A/N: This was in my drafts for so long I forgot to post it. *smiles shyly* 
Enjoy reading! 

Y/B/N - Your brother’s name

Pt.1 || Pt.2 || Pt.3

Originally posted by jisoostar

“He deserves a punishment.”

You woke up to the sound of the alarm clock, too lazy to get out of bed and continue the same routine everyday. You couldn’t take it anymore but you had to endure, since the boys you were staying with were the boys you loved the most.

Your nephews, Jaewon & Jaemin- your older brother’s sons. He left them in your care about 3 months ago when he suddenly barged into your new apartment, panting with the kids.

“Y/B/N, you know how much I hate people who don’t ring the door bell before coming in…” you whined as you turned around. “What’s going on? What happened?” 

You saw your brother, who was dead exhausted, soaked from the rain with his sons in his arms and bags behind him. 

“It’s Hana.” he paused. “When I got home from work, Jaewon ran to me, crying- saying their mom brought home another man. Out of anger I took the boys and left. You wouldn’t mind if we stayed here for a while until I save up for a new apartment?” 

With pity you hugged your brother. “Of course.. yes. I’ll let you stay here even it takes years.” 

Looking back at that time, you couldn’t believe how your sister-in-law would do such a move to your brother. When she was introduced to your family, she looked pure and innocent and was someone you trusted. She was the sister you never had. But in the end you confirmed the saying that “seeing is deceiving” was indeed true. 

You cooked pancakes and Jaemin started to cry. “Shh now Jaemin you’ll wake the neighbors.” you cooed him as you carried the almost 1 year old child in your arms. “If you cry, no pancakes from Auntie Y/N.” you singsonged.

Jaewon, the 3 ½ year old, woke up in his pj’s. The little boy tugged the ends of your apron. “Hungry, Jaewon?” He nodded, taking the first bite of pancake, and you knew the smile on his face was enough for him to stay happy. 

“Aunt Y/N. More more?” he pointed at the sliced pancakes. “Alright dear, but only one okay? We have to hurry to bring you to Grandad and Granny.”  

Seungcheol woke up with sun rays that blinded his eyes. It was 7 in the morning and his friends slept over after another party at his place. “Ugh.” he grunted lowly, staring at his group’s drunk dead bodies. “Guys wake up, we have school. Class’ at 9.” 

The rest of the boys, that is, not even half of his squad- Jeonghan, Soonyoung and Joshua. “5.. more.. minutes..” Soonyoung said in his morning voice. Seungcheol sighed at the younger one, pulling the blanket in irritation. 

“Yeah your definition of 5 minutes is an hour.” Seungcheol rubbed his temples. “Get up or I’m leaving you behind.” 

Seungcheol lived alone since when his father kicked him out of the house, which was a little over a year ago. He was against his father’s new intention for the company, much to that it will benefit his family and not the world. His mother wanted for him to come back but there was no guarantee that that’ll change Seungcheol’s mind. 

Breakfast was always rushed whenever the boys were around. Either they all took a bite or nothing at all. This time, they skipped, again. “Are you all ready?” 

Seungcheol yawned, fastening his seat belt. “Cheol, isn’t that Y/N?” Joshua pointed at you, who was now putting Jaewon and Jaemin in the booster seats.

“Hm yeah. She lives next door.” Seungcheol looked at you. “She has kids?” Jeonghan raised a brow. 

Seungcheol shrugged. He didn’t know much about you but this view of you to him was, very interesting. “I think there’s something the entire school doesn’t know about.” 

“I’ll see you later boys.” you kissed their foreheads, Jaemin already crying in Granny’s arms. 

You drove off and to be honest, the school wasn’t that far from your parents but you’d rather drive than to walk. As you arrived by the entrance of the school, a crowd already gathered at your usual spot. “What’s going on?” you murmured. 

You got out of the car and swung your bag to your back. “Why are you all here?” you asked the others, who were slowly walking backwards. Since you got no response, you ignored them and went to your locker. 

Irritated because you felt the presence of people tailing you from behind, your head ached after seeing people crowded the newsboard. Pushing your way through, you saw words of false statement. Y/N has kids. I got proof. 

There was an arrow pointing below, and the picture showed you with your nephews, clearly taken this morning. “Who did this?” you asked. Frowning, you angrily tore the paper from where it was, turning around to the people you knew who were following you. “I said who did this?!” 

No one dared to look at you, after all you were part of the Student Council and never have you raised your voice besides the President. You crumpled the paper and threw it to the ground, and without stopping to think for a second, you entered the meeting room with heavy steps. 

“Pres,” you loudly pushed the door open. “What is this lie?!” you wriggled and shoved the picture to his face. 

“Y/N I can’t see it if you put it that close to- oh wow.” Jonghyun was taken aback. “If it’s that act then we all know who caused it.” He stopped to put scratch his chin. “Oh what’s his name? Seungkwan?” he furrowed his brows. 

“That’s definitely not me, I’ll never do that to Y/N.” Seungkwan butted back, the secretary. 

“It’s Seungcheol, Pres.” Nayoung gave him a glare of frustration, while she continued to count the finance. 

“Mingyu, you better do something about it. I mean he’s your friend,” you sighed. “Can’t you talk to him?” 

The boy just smiled, like he always did. He let his legs rest on the meeting table while he twirled his pen around. “I’ll talk to him.” 

“Make sure you do it or else,” Jonghyun warned as he sat back down. “Anyway, let’s start. Minutes ready?” 

Lunch came and you were in queue to get your meal. You thought anyone could do that but, Seungcheol? He used to be in the Council up until last year. 

The cafeteria became noisy when he came with Jeonghan and Mingyu. “Yawawoh! What’s today’s menu?” Your head fumed, rolled your eyes as you went to an empty table. 

Your phone vibrated in your pocket, assuming it would be your mother, who would always send you pics of the boys at this hour. Flattened lips curved as you saw Jaemin’s face covered with oatmeal. You giggled, at least this one bit made you happy today. 

“How’s your son doing?” you hear Seungcheol approaching your table. 

“Fyi, he’s not my son.” your hands balled into fist as you turned to Mingyu. “Hey I thought you’ll talk to him about it?” Mingyu just shrugged, “Tried to, he won’t listen.” 

You glared at Seungcheol, who smirked at your reaction. Oh how you wanted to kick his stomach for being obnoxious. Just the sight of him ticked you off. “Well Gyu, you’re not aggressive enough. I’m leaving.” 

Seungcheol pulled you as you stood up, your back against his chest. The chairs screeched the floor, your palm slammed onto the table. It was that much force the entire cafeteria had their eyes on you both. “You’re being rude.” he whispered to your ear. 

“Talk about being rude.” you wiggled from his hold and left. 

“She’s so mad at you.” Jeonghan chuckled, popping a fry to his mouth. 

“I like teasing her, with or without reason. She’s cute when she goes all feisty.” he joined Jeonghan and they both laughed. 

“You have to know your limits, Hyung. You and I both know what you plotted was not true.” Mingyu took a sip from his coffee. 

“It was all for fun, Gyu.” Seungcheol wiped his hands. “Just how much longer do I need wait to have a normal conversation with her?” 

Your hand curled in anger as you heard Jaemin cry for the 3rd time. The boys next door were so loud and your nephew couldn’t get some sleep. It was already 9 in the evening and they were not ashamed of themselves. You carried Jaemin in your arms and Jaewon soon hugged your leg. 

Got outside of your apartment and knocked- actually slammed several times- onto Seungcheol’s door. “Choi Seungcheol!” 

The door opened with Chan’s soon-faded smile. He raised his hand and clicked a button on the stereo’s remote. “Y/N noona..” The loud music halted and you stormed into the apartment with no regrets. 

“Choi Seungcheol!” your eyes widened with the amount of boys in his living room. “Where is he?” 

Soonyoung’s lips agape and pointed towards the kitchen. You gave Jaemin to the surprised boy and Jaewon soon sat on his lap. 

You entered and saw Seungcheol drink water. “Ah you’re here. I don’t remember inviting you though.” 

“Cut the crap Seungcheol, my nephews can’t sleep because of you.” 

He nodded, gulping the few litres left from the glasses. “Me? I’m just here. Ask them, they’re the ones who’re noisy.” 

“But you’re the one responsible.” you rubbed your temples. 

“Fine I’ll apologise on their behalf.” he rounded his words with sarcasm. “I’m sorry for being a jerk and spreading lies in school. If you want I’ll do anything you say, to keep you convinced.” 

You stayed silent and noted his sincerity even if there was sarcasm, and honestly, you like where this was going. You left the kitchen and into the living area. “You’ll do anything I’ll say?” 

By this time the rest of the group watched you, curious with the conversation. “Yeah. Anything, no complaints.” Seungcheol scratched his head. 

“Okay, you’ll babysit my nephews on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, and a whole day on Fridays.” you turned to him as you eye-smiled the boy, he raised his eyebrows and you sensed the shock in his eyes. 

He remained his cool. “Hm, already know my schedule huh. Never knew you stalked me.” he stared at you and tried to reach for your waist, but you knew his intentions and backed up a little. 

“I’m not into guys who thinks the girl’s flirting on them. There’s a schedule stuck on your pinboard.” you nod your chin up, pointing to his back. “And it belongs to.. Seungcheol.”

The boys laughed at their friend, flustered in embarrassment. Some of them already hitting each other because they have never seen him so silent. You carried the Jaemin and Jaewon held your hands. 

“F-fine.” he rolled his eyes. “When do I start?” Seungcheol sat down on a massaging armchair. 

“Friday, that is tomorrow.” you kept your smile. He sighed at the sudden schedule. You chuckled with bitter. “I thought you said ’no complaints’?” 

“Too soon.” he excused. 

“My parents went on a vacation and my brother’s relocated to Japan. I’ll be busy for council camp. I’ll leave them to you.” you waved to the rest of the boys. “Hope you have a goodnight.” 

A little over an hour since you left his apartment, Seungcheol received endless of savagery and laughs from the group. 

“If you weren’t such a jerk you wouldn’t have to come to this.” Jun hit Wonwoo so hard from laughing. 

“Hyung deserved it! Noona is so kind to everyone.” Dokyeom swayed in his seat.

“Everyone but me!” Seungcheol stood up, he flung his arms in the air. 

Jihoon laughed, “You just had to spread it.” 

Jeonghan, who knew a little of Seungcheol’s past, decided to cut the conversation. “If you didn’t.. well did that- I bet you, Y/N wouldn’t behave this way.” 

Seungcheol knew what he meant. It was only a mistake and he couldn’t believe you hated him for that. “Up until now you actually believe I was at fault, Han?” 

“I didn’t say anything further and I wasn’t siding on anyone.” Jeonghan laughed as he lightly punched Seungcheol. 

“Okay let’s end here.” Joshua chuckled. “Movie night everyone?” 

Seungcheol rested his head onto the pillow, he reflected on what had happened that time. What the heck has gotten into you Y/N? 

“Here’s the bag for the diapers and milk. The onesies are in here too, good for 5 days. Bibs are at the pockets inside. Remember to read Jaewon books before he sleeps. Put Jaemin to sleep first, then read. If there are any problems,” you handed him the list. “Just call me. I gotta go. Nayoung’s waiting.” you pecked your nephews’ foreheads. “Be good to Uncle Seungcheol.” 

“Won’t I get a peck too?” he pouted with puppy eyes. 

“Keep dreaming.” you left as you shut the door behind you. 

Nayoung waved at you and gestured to hurry up. She had been your best friend since kindergarten. She knew about the incident and was quite disgusted of what Seungcheol had done. Once you got into the car, Nayoung was a little worried. “Is it alright if you leave the boys to him?” 

“He deserves a punishment.“ you said as you buckled up your seatbelt. “Let’s go?” 


Ten Years (Part 4)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,215

Warnings: language, sarcasm, fluff, mentions of past cheating

A/N: I scrapped the original chapter four in favor of this one in which I went a bit overboard. Two more chapters to go, including this one, before the reunion. It’s trying to write itself, I can’t stop it. :) Also sorry if there are errors, I’m super sick rn.

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

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[Miraculous Ladybug]: It’s All Hype!

i feel like i’m severely going to regret taking this much on but fuck it, YOLO, im dead inside :))))

in honor of Ladynoir July i’m going to desperately try and do one multi-chapter for every week of the month! so that means this first week i’m going to be using Days 1-7 to make a multi-chapter, and so on and so forth until the month is over. we……..will see how that goes lol

but in the meantime enjoy the first story!

[Day 2: Banter]

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: It’s All Hype!
Pairings: Ladynoir (Ladybug x Chat Noir), Adrienette (Adrien x Marinette)
Summary: Alya accidentally gets the Internet in a frenzy after announcing that Ladybug and Chat Noir are dating, but the two heroes are adamant about correcting the error and making sure the world knows that they’re just friends. So Alya proposes a staged public break up to set everything right.

In hindsight, she really underestimated how utterly freaking difficult that would be.

Day 1: Patience

“Ah, my lovely Lady, bless our good fortune that I may be able to accompany you home on such a cold Autumn’s night. Perchance the stars may be able to lead us back to your marble palace before dawn.”

Ladybug threw her head back and cackled. “You’re such an idiot, what are you even saying?”

Chat Noir scoffed. “Such a sharp tongue, my Lady. Whatever would your father say? Although, I suppose I could lock this secret away between the two of us should you permit me to seal it with a friendly kiss.”

Ladybug stuck her tongue out. “I’ll seal it with my foot up your nose if you’d like.”

“So not only does that sound impossible, but that sounds like a sinus infection waiting to happen,” he replied. “Do you know where your feet have been? I could catch a disease.”

“The depths of your dramatics are truly unfathomable,” Ladybug deadpanned.

“You know, my best friend tells me the same thing,” Chat Noir wondered. “I was thinking of getting involved in acting. I played a detective once. I was pretty good.”

“You should play a knight or something,” Ladybug suggested. “You know, really play up the whole needless chivalry and romantic waxing that you’re so good at. I mean, you’re getting practice for it right now.”

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Baby, Rock On - ft. Jimin & Hoseok

Summary: Jimin followed the company’s orders about not having a relationship while being an idol, and ended it with you even though he was still in love with you. Everywhere he goes, he gets reminded of you and misses you even more. He’s tried to move on, until you showed up at the dorm one day with, which took him by surprise.

Song: Rock On - Tucker Beathard

Word count: 5695

I guess a Jimin angst, and Hobi fluff


Originally posted by jihope-less

Girl I really did mean it when I wished you the best

“Jimin get away from me!” You slapped his hand away right before it was about to land on your shoulder. He flinched at your loud words, and actions. He was hurt to say the least, he didn’t want to do this, but the company was making him.

“Babe,” he brought his hands to his sides and licked his lips, his eyes were glistening, showing you that he was ready to cry at any minute. “I don’t want to do this.” You could hear the break in his voice, as it became a whisper.

“Then don’t do it Jimin.” The tears were falling down your cheeks, as you used the back of hands to wipe them away. “Tell me to stay Jimin!” You let out a little sob as he shook his head.

“I can’t Y/N.” You turned your head to the side and nodded, then sucking in a great amount of air to hold your tears back a little more. “I wish I could babe, I wish this isn’t how it has to end.” In his 3 years with you, he never thought that he would have to do this. You were both in love with each other, sharing an apartment, motivating each other to chase their dreams. He always told you that you will always be there with him, through thick and thin and not even joining BigHit would make you leave him. That was until they told him he had to get rid of you otherwise he wouldn’t debut.

“I’ll have my things moved out in a few days.” You said it so coldly. You slipped on your jacket, and grabbed your car keys. Jimin was right behind you as you were walking to the door. This was it, this was goodbye.

“I still love you Y/N.” Were his last words to you, as you shook your head and slammed the door. Once you got into your car, you broke down. The love of your life was chasing his dream and you were standing in the way this whole time.

While back inside, Jimin sat on the couch in complete silence with his head in his hands, the tears falling down. He looked up to see all of the pictures you two had taken together, and all of the memories that were created along the way. He wanted you to be by his side for so much longer, but the company wouldn’t allow it. He chose his career over you, and it’s going to haunt him until the day he dies.

Good to hear you’re killing it way out west

You never kept up with Jimin and what he was doing. You would hear his name every now and then on the TV, from talking about music videos to tv shows to radio interviews. But, you always ignored him, and stayed away from listening about him and hearing how he was doing. He promised you forever, and you didn’t receive forever.

In the meantime, you wanted to focus on college even more. You studied as much as you could to get your mind off of him, and after another long 2 years, you finally became a doctor. One of the top students to graduate your class, and you couldn’t be more proud. Your life was just getting started, and even though you were doing it alone, you felt accomplished, and on top of the world.


Jimin always wondered what you were up to everyday. He didn’t have much time to check up on you, but he always thought about you and it made his heart ache even more. What would happen if you two stayed together and he hid you from BigHit? The endless amount of ‘what ifs’ hit him every single day, because he misses you, and is still hopelessly in love you.

While getting his hair done before they went live that night, he was scrolling through twitter when something caught his eye. A university tweeted a picture of their graduates from Med school. He clicked on it because something, or someone looked all too familiar.

And there you were, in your white jacket with your hair pulled back, smiling at the camera. ‘You did it Y/N.’ Jimin thought to himself. All of those night studying at your desk instead of going to bed, all of those nights falling asleep at the library and all of those nights that 2 pots of coffee were consumed, they all paid off.

You got your dream, and he got his.

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Set It Off - the story of trap!mork

If there’s one thing Mork Tuna knows how to do - it’s survive in these streets.

If you’re in some trouble, who ya gonna call? No, not the Ghostbusters bitch. Mork fucking Tuna.

If he doesn’t leave your ass on read receipt first.

~ the most action packed lit ass story of our generation…..based off this dream I just had about mork tuna with some drug money in the strip club. (gifs aint mine but the story sure is)

(I recommend playing Nicki Minaj’s Beez In The Trap for this shit)

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You Do His Makeup


Prompt- could you write one where your boreed or something and you do nialls makeup but like glam girly makeup and he doenst want you to do it but you do it anyway and hes grumpy through out it, id think that will be cute.

~1422 words


“Please baby.” You whined to your boyfriend for the hundredth time. “We can take it off right away.”

Niall groaned and ran his large hand through his soft hair, “(Y/N), babe, the guys will be over soon to watch the game and i really don’t want them coming in when you’re putting all that goop on my face.”

“I promise i’ll take it off right away. Please? I sat here all day watching golf, can i just do it this once?” You cuddled closer to him and gave him your best pleading eyes making him sigh, “Fine. But it better all be off my face by the time they get here.”

Squealing like an excited school girl and got off the sofa and went to gather your makeup. Niall watched you leave the room , he knew he was wrapped around your finger and that no matter how much of a fight he put up it would have happened anyway. He eternally cursed his decision to allow you to do this when you came back with your arms full of palettes, brushes and sparkles galore. “Alright, let’s get started.” You smiled as you sat back on the couch spreading all your stuff out on the coffee table.

Niall turned on the couch cushion so that his arm was resting on the back of the sofa, one leg bent and resting on the cushion between the two of you while the other one rested to the floor. “Good thing you shaved this morning.” You commented as you grabbed the foundation and beauty blender.

“Yeah, now i’m gonna be looking even more like a girl.” He closed his eyes as you worked the foundation into his soft skin, you would have made him wash his face and put on primer but you didn’t want to push it and he wouldn’t have it on for long anyway. “How do you have this on your skin all day everyday.” He asked as he scrunched his cute face when you put the foundation on his nose.

“You get used to it.” You giggled. “Alright let’s go on to eyes.” Niall watched as you grabbed your morphe palette and opened it, he never seen so many shades.

“Why do you have thousands of eye shadow things when this has so many colors.” He asked genuinely confused.

“Because, there is different shades and some are shimmery and some are matte.” You answered and started to put a dark brown color in his crease. “I can’t believe i let you do this to me.” He said grumpily.

“You let me do this because you love me.” You then went to another shade that was lighter and was shimmery.  “My man is going to look so pretty.” You joked.

“Well I better not be looking pretty when the lads come.” Niall warned gently finally opening his eyes when you were finished blending it out. “Can I see what you’re doing to me yet?” He said reaching for his phone but you grabbed his wrist stopping him. “No you can’t look until i’m finished.” You scolded him, putting your pallet down and grabbed you cosmetic glitter to make the eye shadow on his lids a little more glam.

“No. No glitter.” He said pulling away from your hand.

Giving him puppy dog eyes, “Please Ni.” You whined. He gave you pleading eyes, “No one will know babe. Please? For me?” A groan left his lips as he sat up again and closed his eyes allowing you to tap on the cosmetic glitter. “See. It’s not that bad.”

“I haven’t seen it yet.” He grumbled.

After putting simple bar eyeliner on, concealer on his under eyes and did his eyebrows, which again made him cranky you grabbed you contour palette. “Let’s make them cheek bones pop.” You smiled getting the proper bush and started to dust the powder over his cheeks.

“How much does all this stuff cost?” He said looking at all the products on the table. You grabbed his chin and pulled him back so that he was looking at you, “Stop moving. And they all cost something different.”


“What does it matter?” You sighed, exasperated from the constant questioning and grumbles.

“Just curious.”  

“The thing i’m using right now is like fifty dollars.” You answered, referring to contour palette in your hand. His eyes widened, it wasn’t really a problem but Niall would have never guessed that it would cost so much. “Fifty dollars? For some brown dust?”

You couldn’t help but laugh at your boyfriend, “It’s not just ‘brown dust’ babe. But yes fifty dollars.” After you finished the contouring you leaned in and kissed his thin lips. “Now the highlight.” Switching out the contour palette for the highlighter and a fan brush.  Dusting the illuminating powder over his cheekbones, “Look at that glow.” You joked, “Oh, i almost forgot.”

“Please, i don’t want that near my eyes.” Niall complained when he saw you get the mascara.

“Don’t be a baby.”

“Well i’m a baby then, i don’t want that near my eye. You might poke it out.” Rolling your eyes at how over dramatic your boyfriend could be.

“I’m not going to poke your eye out. If you let me do this then we can be done and i’ll never ask you to do this again.”

And with that Niall let out a long sigh, “Fine, but after you put that on I’m taking this all off.”

“Okay.” You smiled and started to unscrew the mascara.

“Better Than Sex?” He read the mascara tube and raised an eyebrow, “Is it really that good?”  

“Shut up Horan.” You giggled, “Look up and don’t blink or else i will poke your eye.” It was a struggle to get him to finally sit still and allow the wand to come anywhere near his face. You felt very accomplished when you were able to get one coat on his thin lashes.

After putting the mascara tube down and looked at your work, you couldn’t help but laugh at how your boyfriend looked, “There all done, you can look now.” Niall took his iPhone out of his pocket and turned on the front facing camera.

“Jesus Christ.” He said looking at his reflection in the phone, he turned his head side to side looking at your work. “This is fucking creepy.” He chuckled.

“Let me take a picture then you can wipe it off.” You said reaching for your own phone to take a picture.

“Alright but please don’t post it, the last thing i need is for the lads or the fans seeing it.”

“I wont post it.” You reassured him, he made faces at your phone as you snapped a few pics before putting down your phone and getting the makeup remover wipes. “I can’t believe you’re making me wash away my beautiful work.”

He took the wipe from you and scrubbed the makeup off his face as you got up to put away everything, “You did a good job beautiful but i never want any of that goop on my face ever again.” You laughed at his remark and kissed his forehead that was damp from the makeup wipe. “Thank you for letting me do it.”


Later that evening you were sitting in the kitchen eating ice cream while Niall and the lads were in the den watching the game but your ears perked up when you heard Deo ask “Niall what the fuck is on your eyelashes?”

“Nothing.” You heard him answer quickly, you didn’t even have to see him to know that he was scrubbing at his eyes.

“Mate, is that mascara?” One of the other lads said.

“No.” Niall said defensively.

“Yes it is.” You heard another say followed by laughter. You felt kinda bad for him but a part of you thought it was so cute how defensive and embarrassed he sounded.  

“(Y/N) was messing about earlier give me a break.” You heard him grumble.

The lads laughed, “Ya let your girl doll you up?” One barked out.  

That’s when you left the kitchen and walked to the den, “Yes he did, and it was very sweet of him to do.” You said walking over to Niall and kissing his lips, “And no you’re not going to see pictures.”

You left the room as Niall’s mates continued to give him a hard time. But you knew you were Niall’s princess so he’d taking some teasing just as long as he knew he made you happy.


Hope you liked it, requests open.

anonymous asked:

what do you think about harumin?



Soooooo….well….UHMMM….She’s hot
Lul ,duh, no shit sherlock.
K, now that we got that out of the way, I wanna say that, ye, i could write an essay about Haru-chiis character, but I won’t, bcuz I’m a lazy fuk, and that would require a lot of pics and quotes that could actually prove my statements and assumptions valid and not formed from thin air.

BUT YES I ENJOY OVERANALIZING CHARACTERS, cuz I love avoiding thinking about my life responsibilities like most of tumblr <3 aye

I really don’t want to go in debt to why i think this or that, so GAH, just bear with me. If any questions arise just message me directly.

To start it off…

I think Harumins a very fragile person when it comes down to feelings and actually keeps a lot of her negative emotions in regards to her own life to herself. GEEE, GUESS WHOM ELSE DOES THIS REMIND US OF. Opposite to Mei who holds her emotions behind a stoic face, Harumin hides behind her humor and ‘’haha-happy-go-lucky-gyaru-in-discuise’’ role SOMETIMES.

Another thing I think is worth mentioning is that she gets really embarassed to show that she cares for people *hints to the picture bellow *. I’m sure it partly has something to do with coming from a rich household where some parents TEND TO not give their kids the affection they need. But u kno, it backfires in relationships and friendships a lot. Life isn’t about working ur ass off @ work and being a heartless potato.

Regardless the fact that she’s touchy with yuzu in a totally-friendly-gal-pal-way, she still has a prob with expressing her feelings or thoughts tbh (cuz we’ve only literally seen her disagree with Yuzu once during the Mitsuko drama, and even then she decided to step back because she saw that conflict would rise- Which i’m assuming is a mechanism to protect herself.)

There are also several other times where she acts clueless and doesn’t question a thing for example about Yuzus and Mei’s relationship. But it’s also implied from a talk she and Matsuri had, that she KNOWS WASSUP. (ch13.5)

Several times the idea of ‘’Did Harumin have a thing for Yuzu?’’  pops in my head, and we only ‘’sorta’’ get a confirmation during the 13.5 special, in which both Matsuri and Harumin admit to treasuring Yuzu dearly, though the idea on how ‘’treasuring her’’ is implied is up to us, I guess.

Without doubt thou I think we can all angree that she’s grown quite a lot as a character when it comes to acknowledging being herself > a GYARU (preach it sista) with the help of our bby girls - yuzus support.

Kiss Me Better (21/?)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Loki x BFF!Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Summary: Bucky wants to be the man reader deserves, and realizes he needs a new approach.

A/N: Guys! I didn’t tag anyone in the alternate scenarios, but they’re linked at the bottom (under the pic) for those interested. They’re just little things that would have happened had Loki de-aged the reader instead of Bucky. There are a couple more on the way.

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Your date went surprisingly well, and though your wounds were still fresh, you were open to another date with Matt. He walked you to the tower and hugged you goodnight, bravely pressing a chaste kiss to your cheek. You texted Loki that you were on your way up, but he appeared in front of you before you could walk inside and teleported you to your room. You told him about your date, and he in turn told you about the movie he’d watched, leaving out his chat with the others. Once it got late, he left you and you fell right to sleep.

Your door flew open, and you were jolted from your slumber. “Whas gon on?” you slurred.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone you were back? We were worried sick!” Bucky wailed. He’d waited by the elevator in the lobby since he left the common room, waiting for when you returned home.

“What? I.. I just… what?” If he weren’t so upset, he’d have found your state of bewilderment disgustingly cute.

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