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hey @the people trashing meta-writers and saying they’re looking too much into things because Your Show Is Bad and the Writers Are Shit/There Is No Depth, maybe think about how meta-writing is how these people are giving back to the fandom/community THROUGH their meta? a fan-work of sorts? and like, whether the Show Is Bad/Has No Depth or not doesn’t negate the fact that meta-writers are doing their very best at giving back to fandom and we shouldn’t be dismissive and cruel about their meta even if the Show Is Bad


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Hideous lol

Not sure on cute and funny, but definitely silly LOL. No Vanderwood, I’m sorry, I don’t know how to write him. Still hope you like this!^^


RFA + Saeran scaring MC


  • You got home and saw his text asking you to meet him at the rooftop
  • It was a beautiful full moon and he wanted you to see it~
  • Well, the beautiful full moon was there, where the hell is Zen?
  • Then you heard it, coming from behind you:
  •  “Awooooo!”
  • Yep, Zen howling… cause it’s a full moon and he’s a wolf. Get it?
  • You could have just shrieked and he would tell you you’re so cute when you’re scared, but you decided to go a little further.
  • So you made a horrified expression and rolled your eyes, falling to your fake fainting
  • He made an even more horrified expression and caught you before you would hit the ground.
  • “Oh no… please babe, I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry, please… wake up…” you open one eye and smile playfully. “Oh yeah, Zenny, you’re right, it’s a beautiful moon, indeed.”


  • You convinced him to play a scary game with you
  • And the boy was doing his best, playing and trying not to let you see he was scared to shit
  • The game was over and you got up, telling him you were going to get some water.
  • Oh… so you’re going to the kitchen… and leaving him alone… here… in the dark… with the creepy soundtrack from the game still playing…  ALONE… IN THE DARK…
  • He was terrified, but didn’t want you to notice.
  • So he didn’t run as he wanted, he went all quietly… trying to keep it cool…
  • “Hey honey, I…” “OH MY GOD, YOOSUNG! WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?” you jump, spilling the water in the sink and floor.
  • He looks at you confused, you seemed so chill playing the game and… wait a minute.
  • “MC, are you scared?” “Wh-what? Of… of course not!” you chuckle nervously, he laughs and brings you for a hug.
  • “Good, I’m… I’m not scared either… I’ll get the cloth to clean this…” he heads toward the laundry, you hold his arm “Wait, I’ll… go with you…” Boy is internally thanking God you’re not letting him go alone to that damn laundry


  • You were discussing some ideas to boost sales
  • You suggested decorating the café for Halloween
  • Maybe some spooky recipes for cupcakes and beverages?
  •  Yep! Lady has been working all morning on these cake pops who look like gory eyeballs
  • You knew she was working on this, you just didn’t get the memo on how… realistic the eyeballs looked
  • Jaehee stepped into the kitchen and saw you staring at the cake pops with a petrified expression.
  •  “M-MC? Do they look that horrible?” “Y-yes…yes, they do…”
  • Oh… she’s not sure if she should take it as in: “oh, they look horrible because they look real” or horrible as in “this sucks”
  • Well, judging from our face they look scary, so… horrible as in horror. And usually she wouldn’t play with you, but your expression is just too priceless.
  • “Well, I hope they at least taste nice…” P R I C E L E S S


  • You got home, completely soaked due to the heavy storm outside
  • You were worried about him, he texted you saying he was on his way home, but the rain probably made him and Driver Kim stuck in traffic
  •  He tried to call you, but the service was bad and all you heard was something similar to static…
  • Elizabeth showed up and jumped in your lap, and you took as a sign everything was okay.
  • Yes… everything is okay. Soon he’ll be here… you better relax and get some dry clothes…
  • You went to the bathroom, but couldn’t finish your shower when the power went off and the water turned cold
  • But the worst thing wasn’t that, it was the figure standing right in front of the bathroom door. When you opened, a lightning struck and you saw them there.
  • You screamed your lungs out, almost falling on the floor until you heard a familiar voice.
  • “MC? Are you alright? It’s me… Jumin.” You would laugh at him stating his name as if you didn’t recognize his voice, if only you weren’t so mad. “Oh my God, Jumin… you really need to start making noises… why didn’t you tell me you were waiting in front of the door?
  •  “The power went off before I had the chance to join you in shower, so I thought I could at least greet you…” you’re so relieved he can’t see how much you’re blushing.


  • The light bulbs started flickering
  • You thought it was just some electrical problem, but… they would only flicker when you would step into the room
  • Then… the light in the kitchen went off out of nowhere… by itself
  • Saeyoung was out to get some groceries, so you called him
  • “Tell me you’re on your way.” You said. “Yeah, I’ll just grab some munchies, why? Something wrong?”
  • “I… I don’t know… there’s something wrong with the lights, I… how can fluorescent light bulbs flicker?” “Uh oh…”
  • “What is ‘uh oh…’?” “Oh, uhm… maybe it’s some electrical interference caused by a spaceship passing by?” What the hell?
  • “What?” “You know… aliens… they could be out there messing with light bulbs and… invading humans bodies… you know?” he is the one messing with the bulbs, isn’t he?
  • You decide to play along “Hum, I see… so there’s no way I can know if I’m talking to Saeyoung or the alien who took him as a host?” “Ah, you’re smart, no wonder he fell for you…”
  • “Yeah? So please, Mr. Alien, tell Saeyoung if he doesn’t stop trying to scare me, he’ll have to sleep in the spaceship… or the couch.” The lights stopped flickering and, in a matter of minutes, Saeyoung was there. Nothing is scarier than when you mention the couch.


  • You guys had a little much to drink that night
  • You woke up in the middle of the night and found his side of bed empty
  • You found him on the kitchen table, staring at something over it.
  • You came close and saw a glass and something else… a board?
  • A little drunk and very sleepy, you could swear the glass moved by itself…
  • Holy fuck! Is that an Ouija board?
  • “What are you doing, Jihyun?” “Oh, hey my love… can’t sleep either? Come here and help me play…” Holy baby Jesus!
  • “I… I rather not, thank you…” “Why, it’s fun, come here…” there was something sinister about his voice…
  • “No, Jihyun! And you should stop with whatever you’re doing! This thing is evil!” “Evil…? Oh my love, there’s nothing evil with jigsaw puzzles…” now he sounded like he was wining and sniffing… he was just drunk too.
  • He asked you in the morning if you remember something about talking about an Ouija board with him last night… “You should start going easy on the wine, Jihyun…” you both, actually.


  •  You were bored and alone at home, might as well watch a movie
  • So you went classic and picked “Psycho”
  • And after you’ve finished watching it, you decided to take a shower. Saeran would be here soon to pick you up for a date
  • You were washing your hair and let the water from the shower wash away the shampoo in your forehead.
  • When you opened your eyes, there was a silhouette behind the shower curtain.
  • You screamed and put your arms in front of your head. “Ahhh, don’t hurt me, please!”
  • “What the hell are you doing? Don’t scare me like that!” you opened your eyes and looked up, only to find Saeran with widen eyes and chest falling and rising quickly.
  •  “Saeran… how did you…? Why are you…?” “You gave me the keys to your place, and you weren’t answering, so I… came to the bathroom to check on you. Why… did you think I was going to hurt you?”
  •  “Oh… I thought you were Norman Bates, I’m sorry.” “Who the hell is that?”
  • So date night tuned into movie night, and it was so much better watching a suspense with him next to you.

anonymous asked:

Wow how do you pick color schemes for your art? They're so amazing

It’s a lot of trial and error and practice but I’ll give some tips!

remember, these are guidelines. I’ve broken all of these on purpose at some point or another. it’s important to just have a good reason and to be aware of it!

  • look up color theory, there’s lots of tutorials and explanations

edit!! I’ll also tack on what @thorsens recommended! 

I would suggest for people to check out Josef Albers “Interaction of Color”. It gives a good understanding of how colors work in relation to each other which is very helpful in general. - Thor

  • I go for two contrasting *enough* colors (they don’t have to be exact opposites, but I try to give at least one color of change difference, so like red and yellow can work, but not red and orange or red and purple.)

pink and blue aren’t nessiciarly complete opposites, but there’s not a lot of purple in the piece. There’s enough contrast between the greenish-blue and the bright pink and magenta.

colors close to each other still work, but observe how it changes the mood of the piece!

the peach and yellow and purple work together, but create a softer, calmer tone. This is partially because the colors aren’t as bright, but also because they’re near in both value and color. It make the piece feel cohesive, which was important in this piece as I was highlighting how they interacted and found meaning to the place they were in!

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✰ * º ❛   buzzfeed unsolved sentence starters  ( pt. four )   ❜

         (   part of the youtube starter series   )

‘  you don’t feel strange at all? not even a little bit?  ’
‘  oh shit, waddup! i’m taking a selfie with some demons, yooo. hell yeah, whaaa!!  ’
‘  you’re insufferable.  ’
‘  yeah, i’m just gonna… get some fucking holy water.  ’
‘  i’ve lived my life with one adage and that’s don’t fuck with demons.  ’
‘  i just love seeing you squirm!  ’
‘  okay, tell your spooky story!  ’
‘  i think this is all bullshit.  ’
‘  we better get out of this house, somebody knocked our little bear out of his little wicker chair.  ’
‘  you’re telling me you wouldn’t be unnerved by going upstairs and seeing a bunch of stuffed animals organized into a little cult circle when no one did it?  ’
‘  what the fuck? oh shit! no!! where’s my holy water?  ’
‘  what the fuck? oh shit! no!!  ’
‘  where’s my holy water?  ’
‘  it’s just a flashlight! it rolls, it’s cylindrical!  ’
‘  here’s the thing– this is what i fucking love about like, paranormal evidence. people are always clamoring for it, right? like ‘where’s the evidence,’ and then when the evidence is finally they’re like, ‘fake!’  ’
‘  if you slit my throat tonight, i’m gonna have a hard time forgiving you for that.  ’
‘  will you haunt me for the rest of my life?  ’
‘  no, i won’t haunt you cause i’ll be dead. ghosts aren’t real.  ’
‘  that demon’s racist!  ’
‘  fuck that demon, he’s whitewashing the history of this house.  ’
‘  this demon’s what’s wrong with hollywood.  ’
‘  whatever, demon’s racist. i don’t respect this demon.  ’
‘  you’ve lost your mind!  ’
‘  here we go! rock and roll, buckaroo.  ’
‘  fuck this house. fuck this house so hard.  ’
‘  here’s the thing, i discount almost 100% of all of ‘i saw it in the middle of the night’ things because sleep paralysis, often times, most people wake up and see shit.  ’
‘  if i wake up tonight and there’s this grotesque looking thing laying next to me and just staring at me with it’s fucking stupid beady eyes open, i’m gonna shit myself. there’s gonna be poo in my sleeping bag.  ’
‘  i’m gonna sleep closer to you, i don’t care.  ’
‘  every little pin drop that you hear, every little creak, it’s gonna make your butthole tighten.  ’
‘  i think it would be a sleep-full night for me if it weren’t for you.  ’
‘  annnnnd nope, i’m man enough to admit that this is not happening tonight. i can’t. it’s not happening ever.  ’
‘  you givin’ up?  ’
‘  i just think it’s silly to give up at the last minute, but whatever. you know, it’s no big deal.  ’
‘  did you just call the demon a motherfucker?  ’
‘  i don’t give a shit now, i’m gone.  ’
‘  peace out, bitches. go fuck yourself. you were truly awful and i hate you.  ’
‘  this is the happiest moment of my life.  ’
‘  i think it was just a wonderful coincidence.  ’
‘  i’m glad it happened because i got to see you turn into a babbling mess.  ’
‘  i’m happy to let you believe in this ‘cause i think it’s fun that you believe in it, cause if we go to more places, it’s gonna be fun to watch you freak out some more. so great.  ’
‘  let’s just call it unsolved, how ‘bout that?  ’
‘  but we sure had fun!  ’
‘  he looks really happy, actually. look at that little face. he looks like he’s eatin’ grapes.  ’
‘  that’s really interesting, let’s get the fuck out of here.  ’
‘  i don’t wanna imagine that. can’t you just let me enjoy the moment for once?  ’
‘  what a trip its been. we’ve seen a lot of stuff. seen spiders, we’ve seen… ghouls.  ’
‘  this looks like disney land. i wouldn’t be surprised if they got cotton candy in there.  ’
‘  yuk it up, man. yuk it up. you’re really enjoying this, but when the lights go off, this may be a little different.  ’
‘  you’re full of shit if you do not feel strange right now.  ’
‘  i assure you in like half of the places you’ve been, people have died there. people have probably died in the chipotle we just ate at.  ’
‘  well then that’s why she didn’t live forever! cause she found a loophole!  ’
‘  i won’t argue that your logic is flawed. i just hate it because it’s detrimental to my argument.  ’
‘  you think the ghosts just checked in every like 3 to 5 years?  ’
‘  this is a theory. i’m just stating a theory.  ’
‘  no one builds a house like this because they have arthritis. no one says, ‘oh, my knuckles feel a little funny. i’m gonna build a house with 500 rooms.’  ’
‘  i hear ya, man. i agree with ya. i’m just saying this is a theory that people believe… and i’m relaying the theory.  ’
‘  those people are idiots.  ’
‘  i mean, you know what the doctor says: ‘nothing’s better for arthritis than a two story drop to the floor below’ right?  ’
‘  although, i will say, i cannot imagine communicating with spirits produces any kind of receipt.  ’
‘  that’d be– yeah. i… i agree with your calling of bullshit.  ’
‘  good! i’m glad we agree on something for once.  ’
‘  i’m gonna lock myself in here with the ghosts.  ’
‘  i knew that you were gonna do that and it still scared me. fuck you.  ’
‘  hey, man. calm down!  ’
‘  you almost scared me to death – i’m never gonna forgive you for that. hope you’re fucking proud of yourself.  ’
‘  there’s a lot of things that you can’t see that are real. you can’t see gravity – that’s real.  ’
‘  i can’t see gravity? yeah, i can drop an apple.  ’
‘  hey, ghosts! tussle my hair. give me a little purple nurple or something, let’s have some fun!  ’
‘  you’re the worst.  ’
‘  if i have to spend one more moment looking at your silly face, i think i might murder you myself.  ’
‘  we’re on our way to a nightmare.  ’
‘  you’re on your way to a nightmare. i’m on my way to a nice retreat.  ’
‘  this is a mistake.  ’
‘  there’s also a thunderstorm rolling in so that’s fun.  ’
‘  he looks fine. look at him! the kids fine and now i feel like a big weenie.  ’
‘  you are a big weenie.  ’
‘  this is the beginning of a horror movie right now.  ’
‘  that’s an ominous cloud in the sky. some very atmospheric thunder.  ’
‘  well, this seems all horrible and awful in general.  ’
‘  look, there’s spiders everywhere, so that’s nice.  ’
‘  see, i’m more concerned about the spiders than the ghosts.  ’
‘  i thought i got bit in the asscheeks by a spider.  ’
‘  anytime i get even remotely spooked, i just look to the monkey with the sunglasses.  ’
‘  is that a bed? is that a guy? should we poke it with a stick?  ’
‘  uhh, sure. if that’s what it’s gonna take to get us out of here then yes, i believe in all of this.  ’
‘  this is a fucking nightmare.  ’
‘  what the fuck was that?! holy shit balls!  ’
‘  okay, i don’t care what his favorite was – fuck that, let’s go.  ’
‘  toodaloo, can’t say it was pleasurable.  ’
‘  fuck everything about that place.  ’
‘  ‘odd’ doesn’t even begin to describe this one. it’s very strange.  ’
‘  my interest is piqued.  ’
‘  they’re making their kids work seven days a week? my parents would maybe be like, ‘empty the dishwasher’ on a… you know, a thursday, and i’d be like, ‘this is bullshit.’   ’
‘  i guess i’d run away from my parents if they made me work seven days a week, especially if i was shoveling horse shit and moving dirt.  ’
‘  i’d fake my own death.  ’
‘  you strike me as one of those idiots who likes to put their phone down and walk into the middle of the woods and experience nature and all that bullshit.  ’
‘  either way, leaving your house in this day and age without your phone, without your credit cards, that’s already a death sentence. you can’t do that.  ’
‘  this is what happens when you live on a farm.  ’
‘  what wide generalization are you gonna make about people on farms right now?  ’
‘  i just think you gotta read some– some culture, eh, watch some two and a half men, i don’t care. just connect to popular media and know what the world is thinking, otherwise you go nuts.  ’
‘  yeah, ‘cause nothing says sanity and civilization like a red robin resturant, right?  ’
‘  how much trouble could a family of farmers get into?  ’
‘  farmers and bears don’t mix. they don’t put bears on farms.  ’
‘  i imagine this is a little bit more than they bargained for when they were trying to find that pikachu.  ’
‘  that’s fucking terrifying.  ’
‘  you just lock your door. you’re in a car, drive away. that’s not that scary. and then, you know, if the doors don’t work and he starts breaking a window, then guess what? time to die. and that’s a bummer.  ’
‘  then guess what? time to die. and that’s a bummer.  ’
‘  what point does the fear come in? about when the life is draining out of my body.  ’
‘  oh yeah, excuse the public for wondering about your safety, sir.  ’
‘  this does make me realize i don’t give people the middle finger enough.  ’
‘  i guess i’ll just go fuck myself then.  ’
‘  i’m not gonna go find my kids if i’m trying to get off the grid. off the grid, no more kids.  ’
‘  alright, well… once again, we’ve solved nothing.  ’
‘  do you think you could become part of a shared delusion?  ’
‘  every time i’ve ever offered even a little bit of a delusional thought, you immediately shut it down.  ’
‘  no one thinks they’re susceptible to shared delusions and then it happens.  ’
‘  what if we’re in a shared delusion right now?  ’
‘  is this all in our mind?  ’
‘  it could be all in our mind. this could be the most elaborate delusion of all and we’re talking we’re talking about delusions which, in term, is actually a weird delusional loop.  ’