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I have been in a rather somber mood these past few days. Well, anyway, this is definitely not canon. Just some thoughts I need to put down on paper. That being said, Jeje’s hair is also not canon LOL (I went with his early design if it helps).

I may or may not continue this I guess, since well, it’s just me…rambling(?) in comic form? 

…I must say though, drawing this emotionally pains me!!!!! //CRIESSS

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How would BTS react as they're saying farwell to their girlfriend at the airport before she has to go to another country. The last time they're going to see her in person for along time.

Oh no, so sad Dx Why give me the feels nonie.

First of all, I think all of them would make sure to schedule time in their day to video chat with you on Skype. They’d also send you letters and small mementoes to remind you of them when you couldn’t talk.

     Always supportive, Jin would try to contain himself as he walked you toward your gate. He saw that you were already crying and swallowed back his own tears, wrapping his arm around your waist. You felt like his arm was the only thing holding you together. You reached your gate, and waited for your zone to be called for boarding. Jin turned to face you and you saw his face crack, before he managed to compose himself again. Taking a deep breath, he held your face and stared into your eyes.
     “Make sure you eat well while you’re over there, ok? I don’t want you coming back unhealthy. And take care of yourself. I don’t want you overworking yourself like you always do.”
     You sniffed and nodded, and both of you leaned in and touched your foreheads together, soaking each other in.
     Before long, your zone was called. You both separated reluctantly, and you gripped your carry on in your hands.
     “Don’t forget to call me every day.”
     “I’ll never forget, dear. I’ll be missing you just as much. I’ll be waiting right here when you get back.”
     He watched you walk down the hallway, looking back at him every few steps. Then you turned the corner and were out of sight, leaving him free to shed all the tears he’d been holding in.

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     You glanced over at Yoongi as you both approached the gate, trying to memorize his face. He had been silent the entire ride to the airport, and if it weren’t for the fact that his hand hadn’t let go of yours since you got out of the car, you would have thought he was angry. He had a hard look on his face and looked straight ahead of him. In reality, he was trying hard not to break down in front of you, and he was succeeding until it was time for boarding. He finally turned his eyes and locked on to your teary ones. His heart clenched, and he blurted out,
     “I don’t cry. I never cry. You know that.” Even as a tear escaped and rolled down the side of his face. 
     “I know.” You said and hugged his face to your neck.
     “Don’t do anything stupid over there.” 
     “I won’t.”
     “I mean it. Don’t get yourself hurt, I’ll be really angry.” His voice was shaking and you could feel his breath hitch.
     “I love you.” You whispered, and felt his chest lurch as he held back a sob.
     “I love you, too.”
     He took a few deep breaths and pulled back slightly, quickly wiping at his face to hide any evidence of tears, then pulled you in for a light kiss before letting you go. You made your way down the walkway, pausing at the end to turn around and give him one last wave. You saw him bring his hand up in response, and then lost him in the crowd.

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     Hobi was usually a ray of sunshine, but today he hadn’t cracked a smile once. You had arrived at the gate half an hour early and spent that entire time in Hoseok’s embrace. He was terrified. How was he supposed to be the hope of the group if his happiness was flying out of the country? What if something happened to you? What if you found someone else? What if-
     His thought’s were cut off by the boarding announcement. You pulled back to look up at him and his expression broke your heart right in half. Both of you had been holding back the tears but now they flowed freely. 
     “You’ll video chat me every day, right?” 
     “Of course. You know I will.” He nodded harshly and choked up a bit.
     “Because I don’t know if I can go a whole day without seeing all those teeth.” You chuckled.
     He barked out a short laugh and you both felt a little bit better. 
     “You’d better come back quick, babe. I Need U Girl.”
     “Oh my god!” You laughed and swatted him in the chest, before turning and heading towards the plane. Hoseok watched you go, and managed to dig up one last, big, genuine smile for you as you looked back. 

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     Namjoon had been in a horrible mood all day, how could he not be? It was only made worse by the paparazzi waiting for you at the airport. He shoved through them more aggressively than usual, holding your hand close behind him. As if him saying goodbye to his girlfriend was any of their business. As if they had a right to photograph his soul cracking. As if-
     His thoughts were cut off as he felt you squeeze his hand. He had been so upset that he hadn’t noticed they had already gone through security and were at the gate. Taking a deep breath, he turned towards you and gave you a small smile. You knew him better than anyone and saw that it was forced, but you didn’t call him out on it. Instead, you returned it with a smile of your own.
     “Be careful, hm?”
     “I will, Joonie. And you? Will you be alright handling the kids without me?” You smiled, thinking of the maknae line with fondness.
     “I won’t make any promises. Except that I’ll see you soon.”
     “Mm. Yeah, soon. I’ll be back.” 
     “I’ll be waiting.”
     You both knew the other’s smile was hiding tears, and fell into a hug. He kissed you lightly on the forehead and squeezed you so hard it almost hurt, before letting you go. 
     “See you soon then?”
     “Yeah, see you soon.”
     He watched you disappear from sight, before walking back to the car in a daze.

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     You’d thought that Jimin would be as sad as you today, but he was more smiley than ever. He joked around in the gift shop, and played mobile games with you while you waited at the gate. You couldn’t help but feel hurt. It was almost your turn to board, and you pulled him aside, already crying.
     “Are you not upset that we won’t see each other for months?”
     His lip twitched down slightly, and you saw his eyes flicker with pain.
     “Ah, come on. Don’t talk about it. I’ll cry, and I won’t look manly.” You pulled back, angry, about to scold him then he grasped you arm and let his face drop.
     “And I’ll also never let you go.”
     “I’ll let myself cry when you’re already on the plane and I can’t stop you.”
     You hugged him tightly, and he held you twice as hard.
     “I love you.” 
     “I love you too. Come home quickly, ok?”
     You nodded and stared at his features for another minute before turning to board. And, as your plane took off, Jimin broke down right there at the gate just as he said he would.

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     The mood was somber as you and Taehyung made your way to the gate. You both were trying to be positive. Well, as positive as you could be. Finding some seats, Taehyung pulled out his phone and you two put on a smile as he snapped a picture. He had taken so many pictures of you two together over the past few days. “For me, so I can look at you whenever I want.” He’d said.
     The plane began boarding and you saw his face fade into a frown. You yourself were holding back tears but you turned to him and plastered on a smile.
     “It won’t be much longer than one of your world tours, hm?”
     He smiled gently at you and ran his fingers through your hair.
     “It’ll be twice as long actually. And it’s different when you’re leaving me.” His voice started wavering. You suddenly felt desperate.
     “You’ll call me every night right?”
     You both sniffled and held each other. He buried his face in your hair and breathed you in.
     “Last call for boarding.”
     Taehyung unraveled his arms from around you, and gave you a small smile.
     “Hurry back to me, ok?”
     You nodded, and made your way to the plane. Taehyung stood at the window, and watched your plane until it was just a speck, hardly pausing to blink.

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     Jungkook held your hand tightly as you stood by the gate. He was swallowing nervously, glancing over at you. He wanted to tell you that he loved you, and that he would miss you, and he wanted you to stay safe, but no matter how badly he wanted to he couldn’t force the words out of his mouth. Little did he know the same conflict was taking place in your head. You were both young and inexperienced, but you loved each other.
     “So-” “Uhm-” You both started at the same time, before blushing and turning away from each other again. You closed you eyes and took a deep breath, turning towards him again. He looked back at you and your voice broke as you took in the face of this boy you cared so much for.
     “I don’t want to go.” You sobbed. 
     The neutral face he had been keeping up immediately broke down and he began crying with you. He didn’t want you to go either. He wanted to tell you not to go and to stay with him, but he knew he couldn’t. Hugging you close, he took a few deep breaths to control his breathing and whispered in your ear.
     “You’ll be back soon, ok? I’ll call you every day. And after you’re back I’ll never let you go again.”
     You nodded into his shirt and sniffled a few more times, before pulling back and wiping your face. Kookie gave you a weak smile.
     “Go. I’ll be here when you get back.”
     He managed to keep up that smile just long enough for you to disappear from sight.

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