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So, if anyone remembers this work in progress i posted two weeks ago, here’s the finished product! (Bonus details under the cut ^-^)

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What about the argument that Dany should've thought of a solution for their economy before disrupting it? Ending slavery was great, but I can't conciliate that with this question...

I suppose Dany could have asked nicely for a transition towards an economy based on fair compensation to free workers for their labour? Not sure how well that would have worked.

Ending slavery inherently involves disrupting the economy. No way around it. There is no way Dany can make her anti-slavery goals work while also preserving the wealth of the Masters and their ability to trade as they had been before. Their wealth and trading power depends on their ability to exploit.

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Why does everyone write the batkids' interactions so lovey dovey? For example, a lot of your fics and headcanons have them hugging and being affectionate and ruffling hair and all, but I thought they're supposed to be siblings? I don't have any siblings so I don't really know how it works but I didn't think a family with mostly guys would be this affectionate I guess. Can you please explain this?

Well, what you’re misinterpreting as “lovey dovey” is really just siblings being close. Hugging, cuddling, kissing cheeks, those are just things that close siblings do.

Like I have four siblings, and we’ve always been pretty close. Granted, my two brothers are still in elementary school, but they hug me and say they love me like a bazillion times a day. And my older sister who’s two years older than me and we only get along about half the time, she does that kind of stuff ALL the time. (Mostly because I don’t like to be touched and she knows it annoys me, but still, if I weren’t so averted to physical contact I would be the exact same.) She always does stuff like hold my hand, randomly fall on top of me when I’m sitting on the couch, crawl into my bed and snuggle me even when I scream at her to get off and punch her a few times, because that’s just what siblings do. Not all siblings are like that, but most are.

So when I write the batkids hugging each other, sharing beds, being affectionate, that’s because they’re just siblings who love each other, so it makes sense that they would act like it instead of being emotionally stunted like some people (*cough* Bruce *cough*) Especially with Dick, because he’s just a very physical person in general, so of course he’d be the kind of guy who would probably ambush Damian in bed with a cuddle attack and hug him like a teddy bear all night.

So to answer your question, the batkids’ affectionate gestures are purely platonic; I’m just writing them as normal siblings.

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Hi, so me and some friends are working on a series of audio dramas and we've noticed that the individual episodes don't gel together super well. Like, it's supposed to be an episodic series with an underlying narrative (think Gravity Falls or Buffy the Vampire Slayer), but we can't quite get that narrative through-line right. Any tips?

Okay, so I think the things you want to think about when you’re working on the overarching narrative, are the main characters’ goals and their responsibilities: what do they want to do in the long term, and what do they have to do in the long term. Also, you want to have an idea of the length, in-story time-wise of the story arc that you’re working on.

Buffy is a great example for this, actually. Most of the seasons are set within a single school year – first season, Buffy has started a new school, and she wants to have as normal a life as she is able, and she wants to hang out with her friends and do well at school. At the same time she has to deal with vampires, demons, the forces of darkness, and being the chosen one.

So you block out the longest narrative arc – the school year. That is the space of the season, from the first day of school to the last day of school. Within that, you map out how many episodes you have (Buffy season one had 12 episodes, each season after had 22 episodes). When you know how many episodes you’ll have in the season, you can figure out how much time you want to have passed/ be covered with each episode.

Think about whether you want to use markers of time, like do you want to have an episode that has a significant holiday? Do you want an episode about the mid-year school break? How do you mark time progressing within your series?

Now, you want to think about the tiers of problems in your story. You want to think about what the overarching issue is going to be for the season (the Master rising, in Buffy S1), and what the clues, and events leading up to the reveal of that are (the prophesies that the Scoobies find, the visions that Buffy has, etc). 

You also want to work out, episode by episode, what problems the characters are going to face (the ‘problem of the week’ structure). 

Here’s a poorly illustrated structure of your hypothetical season.

Quite often you’ll find that the season finale consists of two, sometimes three episodes which deal with the resolution of the overarching narrative that the season has been building towards.

Now, as to how you integrate your overarching narrative into your individual episodes, is through continuity of characterisation and of character drives. There is something that the characters must keep returning to, but which keeps getting derailed by the problem of the week (Buffy wants to go to school and do well and go shopping, but these vampires keep popping up and trying to kill her!) until it gets to the tipping point where the characters know enough or are pressed enough by circumstance, that they must deal with the ‘big picture’ problem.

Audio stories, depending on what they’re about, do something pretty similar. I’ve been listening to a lot of mystery podcasts, The Black Tapes is one that I think could help you in conceptualising how this works. The overarching plot is that the characters are investigating a series of unsolved supernatural mysteries contained in the eponymous black tapes. Through this investigation, conducted in a problem of the week structure, they uncover a conspiracy linking all the seemingly separate cases they’ve been investigating.

I hope that helps, if you have any more specific questions, feel free to ask again!

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What are your 3 fave life paths and why?😊

Thank you for asking! Well, besides my own, I’ve had the best experience with the following:

Life Path 3
They’re the Life Path Number I see those nearest and dearest to my heart having. Although I’m a Life Path 9 and I’m supposed to be the wisest of the Life Path numbers, I truly look up to Life Path 3’s. They make me so happy! They’re ambitious and dedicated to their work. Not only that, but they’re extremely talented and kindhearted people. I don’t think you can find anyone as beautiful, bursting with so much personality than a Life Path 3!

Life Path 5
Another Life Path Number of my closest friends! Life Path 5’s I’ve found to have such tremendous personality! I don’t think they’re boring, that’s not a word one uses to describe a Life Path 5. Nope, they are so full of life. I love how their mind works. They think about others and most are fascinated by how the human mind works and how humans interact. I feel as though they’re extremely wise and all knowing. They’re the kind of people you want to look up to the stars with at night and have a great conversation and also someone you want to go to a carnival with and share a lot of laughs. God, I love them so much!

Life Path 7
I don’t know too many of them, but the ones I do know are beautiful people inside and out. They’re so wise and youthful at the same time! They know a lot of things, can hold the best conversations and at the same time they’re eager to learn more. I find them to be so cerebral. Also, I’ve noticed that they have amazing taste so they are true aesthetes! They can be a little private about their life, sometimes silent, but watchful and aware.

So it looks like I’ll be getting two part time jobs this time around to make ends meet. I had a phone interview with a cool vegan place, but they can only offer me 15 hours a week. The interview went well, and I’m supposed to meet them tomorrow at the restaurant to get a feel for it. If it goes well there, which I feel it will, how do I tell them that I have interviews in the coming week for other part times? I don’t want them to think I’m not serious, I just need to earn enough to live and save, and taking a pay cut from my last job plus only working 15 hours a week isn’t going to cut it anywhere in Columbus.

So what can I say that will show that I am still interested, but that I need to also go to those other interviews before I hop on board with this place? Because the place that offers me the most hours has priority.

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I hear that Jupiter in the 6th is largely negative.. are there any positive things about it? Especially if it's in Sagittarius ?

I suppose being a good influence on others and their work ethic as well as being of great service to man kind!

Abroad Alone, Pt. 1

So it has come to be that I have found myself in Kugane, port city of the far eastern island nation of Hingashi, away from my friends and fellows without a word. Although I suspect that by the time I return they’ll nary have noticed my absence at all, they never do. But my travel diary is not to be about them. No, this is an account of my journey… for myself. A soul searching endeavour one might say. I suppose I should add context, on the minuscule chance that these notes fall into the hands of another. So be it.

My name is Khira Lhizahla, accomplished arcanist and professional investigator of all things arcane. For the sake of promotion, I also work as a Hostess at the Rendezvous establishment in Ul’dah. As of recent moons, I have come to study the ways of… well, magickal fencing one might say, a hybridisation of my own unaspected arcanimic skills and the empowered fencing techniques of the mostly late Crimson Duelists. It was actually at Master X’rhun’s behest that I began this journey of self discovery, to hone this art as my own and to, well… sort out some personal issues. I won’t cover the long winding history of it all, but suffice to say for some moons I have become… disillusioned with my own self. I’m not sure who I am or who I want to be anymore. Should my friends chance to happen upon this I would ask you now to forgive me for not reaching out, this is just something I have to do on my own.

Anyway, yes, Kugane. Specifically on assignment I should say, investigation into a murder of some nobility or other person of import and the theft of an object in their posession. Usually I wouldn’t travel this far out for a mere job like this but it was the theft that ultimately swayed me. Of all the supposedly rare and priceless relics and artefacts this man held, all that was taken was a book. And if there’s a thing I know, it’s books, tomes, grimoires and the like. So I took the offer, full paid trip on a luxury cruiser no less. This man was obviously wealthy if nothing else. All this effort makes me wonder though. Why go to all the trouble of hiring from Eorzea just to solve a murder? Unless of course this is a case that would cater specifically to my skills in which case… what’s so special about this stolen book? For the record as it stands currently, I’m betting all of my gil on ancient tome of forbidden magicks or rituals or the like, with a fifty percent chance that it’s possessed by some dark spirit or some such. For the time being I am staying at the Bokairo Inn, and next sun I shall be meeting with the family proper. I saw little point in meeting them right off the boat, better I get acquainted with the city first I figured. One new, and expensive, outfit later and some local cuisine and here I am, tired bells before I usually would be. So ends the first sun of many in these lands I suspect.

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Really sucks Jen didn't do studio work to. I know she was just guesting but still. It was her last ep she should've been in it more. How off what they did film are they supposed to explain why Emma and Hook are separated, Also we got our answer without having to watch beginning of season no CS kid. do we know how many scenes they did on Tuesday. sucks it seems she only in 3 scenes and probably as short as can be.

Well who’s to say she didn’t do studio, I was told Bobby and Colin but she could’ve also done studio filming, unfortunately that’s the thing when studio, we can’t really confirm.


He gotta give him that air you know

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri

123. The houses all respond to a member coming out as LGBTQ+ differently:


  •  "Wait, you’re not straight" “Nope,” “Haha, nice”
  • Basically every month is pride month in the Gryffindor house
  • “Yo, do you know my aunt? She’s lesbian,” “Do-do you think everyone in the LGBTQ+ community know each other?” “Well, yeah that’s how it works right?” “I-no!”
  • A lot of the wizard-raised ones just kinda don’t get labels so whenever they introduce they also include identities
  • “This is Sarah, she is muggle born, from London, and she is like, super bi so there ya go,“
  • Always wanting to find out more about it
  • “So how do you like… like when you… you know… what’s it like?” “Stop asking.”
  • Are the first to say if they’re questioning


  • “I’m gay,“ “Well, I suppose we all are a little gay, am I right or am I right?” 
  • Lots of hugs and squeaks when they find out because they are so proud of you for coming out 
  • Rainbow pride flags all around the common room (With their other civil rights posters)
  • Sometimes they all wear rainbow stickers or rainbow glitter on their faces 
  • “I’m so happy you are pansexual,” “Why?” “Because!! You are being you!! And I love that and I love you and hell yeah for expressing yourself!!” 
  • While introducing the first years: “So here is the famous Hufflepuff common room. Here we have the Hufflegays,” 
  • This is followed by cheers from the LGBTQ+ students 


  • “I’m not straight,” “Yeah, no kidding,” “Wait, you know?” “Yeah, we knew this whole time, it was pretty obvious.” 
  • No one dares say being LGBTQ+ is the new trend because last time someone said that to Ravenclaw, they threw down. 
  • “Oh really, Sharon? It’s a new trend? Well according to my resources in 1971, July 1st, the United Kingdom had a magazine called International Times that made personal ads for gay men. That same year, November 1st, Canada’s first gay rights magazine came out. It was called The Body Politic. So I am sorry, Sharon, that we, as a society, have progressed so that now more people can open about their sexuality. I really do apologize.“ 
  • This house actually has the most LGBTQ+ students. 
  • &
  • They always march in pride parades during the summer 
  • •Doesn’t treat you any differently because of your sexuality because really, who cares? 
  • Rewriting rewritten history


  • "I’m bisexual” “Aren’t we all?" 
  • God bless the person who insults a member of Slytherin for being LGBTQ+ because when it comes to revenge, Slytherin is ruthless. 
  • Things get real interesting with the hexes… 
  •  "I’m gay” “My dog’s gay,” “That’s cool how do you know?” He told me” “Nice,“ 
  • Has a "Queer Wizard Club” open to all 
  • Pureblood Grandparents: "I too was gay back in my day…“ 
  • I mean all your historic faves are 
  • Honestly, the LGBTQ+ members in Slytherin kick ass so the straight members don’t even care about the others sexuality, they just want to see how ambitious/cunning you are
  • "How much do you want to bet that Salazar Slytherin was gay?” “Yeah, gay for Gryffindor," 
  • If your parents are against your sexuality and emotionally or physically abuse you in any way, you are always welcome to stay at another Slytherin’s house over the break

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“The price of freedom is high, it always has been, and it’s a price I’m willing to pay. And if I’m the only one, then so be it. But I’m willing to bet I’m not.”