well this is shit but idc

tsukihina tho

imagine the positive influence they’d have on each other

  • hinata teaching tsukishima how to push back and stand up for himself to people (who aren’t kageyama)
  • through tsukishima, hinata learns that some things are not worth fighting over and he needs to learn to back off sometimes
  • after they get together, tsukishima starts speaking up more about things that actually bother him (with some prodding ofc)
  • on the flip side, hinata learns to be a better listener (aka he learns how to stop screaming for about 4-5 hours a day and listen. he is still screaming most of the day away but the difference is noted)
  • tsukishima being more sure of himself and headstrong
  • hinata starting to take a step back to think before he acts
  • tsukishima sometimes smiles and it’s beautiful
  • hinata’s at least passing all his classes and daichi has never been happier that the two of them are dating
  • tsukishima coming in with the left field compliments and comforting words
  • hinata learning how to give people space and respect their decisions no matter what they are
  • tsukishima being more open to new ideas
  • hinata learning that sometimes there are things that you have to stick your guns to and can’t relent on no matter how cool the alternative sounds or who’s presenting it
  • tsukishima becoming less guarded around other people
  • hinata understanding that sometimes you can’t take people on face value or trust everything they say (and you certainly cannot just meet them on the street, follow them to their school, and challenge them to a fight ffs idc how well it turned out last time, no more of that shit)
  • and fundamentally they are still themselves. the changes are slight and slow to take. but little by little, through each other, they learn how to be more functional human beings and it would be so good omg
Voltron Fandom Poem (?)

People are just people
And these ships are not real,
These characters are fictional
So what’s the big deal?

Sheith vs Klance
Gets people caught in a crunch,
Others claim the fandom’s toxic
What’s the matter with our bunch?

All these anti’s and the discourse
It really brings people down
The creators and producers probably can’t help but frown

Of course not everyone fights
We have great writers and fan art
With so many creative minds
Maybe we can get a new start

Throw negativity out
Cease the hate, make things right
Appreciate the fandom
Embrace it in a new light

The producers have done great things
The voice actors as well
The visual art is amazing!
Voltron’s pretty swell

Six more seasons left to go
Plenty time for development,
Let’s make these next seasons the best
And appreciate our paladins :)

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you're so cute <3 can i get scenarios where Bakugou and Todoroki (seperate) s/o is late to school, and they're never late. They won't reply to their texts, Half way through class, everybody looks over as the door slowly opens and s/o walks in covered in head to toe with blood and bruises, tries to take a step into the classroom before passing out? (By a villian) Reactions? Angst possibly eeee. Maybe floof You write characters so in character I wish I could too!! I'm always SO ooc ): thank you!!

*hides my flustered face* ahhh…tysm but I-Im not c-cute, you are <3

btw, I only accept one character per scenario request. So, I’m sorry, my bby, Todorki.

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This is one of my favorite scenes in Dragonball. It was most likely put in for the humor and to show where chichi learned her mastery of running a household fit for someone like goku, Who wouldn’t have the time to and keep the earth safe. With the role reversal here, it both breaks the traditional character of Chichi but also stays entirely true and I thought it was a charming thought because Chichi just wants to take care of Goku no matter what. I love this couple. Remember that time Chichi gave a list to Goku to go shopping with, but because she had some foresight, she drew animals for him to look at instead of making him read the words? Well, it both helped Goku out and ensured that the right groceries came home…but it’s still sweet that she put in that effort. it shows she understands him on that level and yet, doesn’t try to change him. And that’s really the message of a good relationship, isn’t it?

I followed @cozymochi ‘s chichi pretty closely because he’s just adorable and designed so well ;A; 

Also, please enjoy this variation.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Before the game even came out I KNEW I wanted to romance the sweet Christian father who bakes with his kids and does kick flips to relate to the youth. I had my heart set on romancing the fuck out of Joseph Christiansen. I was so excited for some positive rep for a religious LGBT figure. I honest to God was. But that was under the assumption that… in this gay DATING SIM… He’d be single and available TO DATE. Because it’s a DATING SIM. And yet the moment I saw he was still with Mary I had to backtrack so fast and wonder what the hell my plan was next.

You could tell that they were unhappy from the god damn start. You could SEE it. But I still didn’t feel comfortable with romancing a married man, no matter how unhealthy his marriage was. It made me feel so BAD, just witnessing the dynamic of their relationship. Just seeing how testy Jo got and how Mary brushes off the concern about their child. It was a sad sight.

I ended up putting his route off. I became attached to Mary while romancing other dads. I saw how good of a friend she is, how nice of a person she could be. I could see how her marriage was taking a toll on her. I knew that she was a good person. But a good mother? A good wife? I knew she was not.

Because I like to get all achievements and finish games I went ahead and romanced Joseph. But I went in hoping for the best ending for both Joseph AND Mary. I felt uncomfortable the whole way through. The first two dates made it so hard to not care for Joseph, there’s just no way you come out at least NOT wanting to be friends with this man. His marriage was a constant worry over my head.

Joseph being sweet with his children was such a sucker punch in the gut because? Is their marriage good for the kids? Don’t they deserve better?

The whole yatch situation and both of the endings were god damn disappointments. I was so disappointed but not fucking surprised. It was such a shame, dude. Like? I was hoping for a good ending… for both of them…

But yknow the devs just wanted to guilt their audience, make us feel bad about this shit. Test our morals in a dating sim.

I don’t even DO romance for myself. I didn’t imagine myself in the game, my dadsona was a completely different being. I didn’t even want to end up with my dadsona dating Joseph. I don’t care if MC gets him or not. I just wanted Mary and Joseph to have good rep, a happy ending, and a well defined story.

We got jack fucking shit. My God.

TL;DR: I wanted the best for jo and mary and look at what we got.

p.s. get fucked, devs.

I think one of the reasons that anti’s piss me off so much is (no it’s not the fact they always have blatantly wrong information or that they obviously have never seen a lot of the marvel movies) that they have no fucking manners!!!!!

What I mean by that is this: i genuinely do not give a shit about Steve Rogers (movies, cartoons, comics whatever) but here’s the thing that you absolute gremlins do that I dont!!! I don’t comment about how much I hate him or that I think he was an asshole in cacw on a positive post about Steve or rather any post that’s about him. I just mind my fucking business, ignore that shit and keep scrolling. I think to myself “hey this character is important to a lot other people so I of fucking course won’t say anything fucking ridiculous”
Now that isn’t to say i haven’t made my fair share of anti Steve posts but that’s my own goddamn post and if you wanna post about how much you hate Tony stark that’s great!! amazing !!! I don’t give a flying fuck!!! Everyone is allowed to dislike a character!!! But y'all take it too far when y'all literally comment on every fucking gif set of him (seriously every gifset!!) saying how much you disagree with him and think he’s a terrible person and that every person who likes him is terrible as well yada yada..
Guess what buddy???? You don’t have to state your goddamn opinion everywhere ..like we get it and we don’t give a fuck!!!!!! (at least I don’t)
Basically what I’m saying is that you should make your own fucking posts and stop trying demonize people for liking a character that you don’t like

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Which characters were the most underrated ?

the entire longbottom family, canonically speaking. then i’ve always thought in my heart that narcissa black must have had a pretty difficult life and that in the end she only made the choices she could make and yeah.. but that’s not really canon
oh and ??? oliver wood???!!!!? like he’s not underrated but hello??? i need SO MUCH more on him like a ton shit like i need a series of his life idc if it’s only him brushing his teeth for ten books i need it okay

Everything wrong in riverdale (hate will be ignored don't test me)

1) bughead - in riverdale especially in the start Betty is seen having a crush on Archie he rejects her because he thinks she’s too good for him, a few episodes after this happens we see oh so randomly jughead and Betty kiss with literally nothing leading up to it no chemistry whatsoever and then they’re dating? This ship is so overrated I stg

2) jugheads asexuality - in the Archie comics there are multiple times where jughead is not shown any attraction to any gender at all he talks about being happy he’s asexual and talks to Kevin about it etc in riverdale jughead and Betty nearly have sex like ? They could have had a chance to give me and all asexuals some character to relate to but no ? They wanna throw in another straight character

3) Betty’s mental illness - there’s an episode in riverdale where Betty and Veronica are torturing one of the jocks named chuck because he messed with Ethel Veronica and probably more women, in it Betty is seen in a black bob wig talking to chuck as if she was some other person she thinks that she was Polly for a moment as she says “say it Jason apologize to what you did to me!” And then that scene is over and it’s like it never happened?
There’s also this: the writers of riverdale confirmed they didn’t show Betty’s mental illness however they didn’t have time and they wanted it to be about bughead instead

4) Archie’s fuckboy mentality - it’s no secret that in riverdale archie is shown having multiple love interests through out the whole show there was ms. Grundy then Valerie then Cheryl (kind of) now Veronica? Like can’t the writers give Archie a better storyline then being a fuckboy it’s tiring

5) The incest plot twist - I know everyone was shocked about this plot twist as was I but to be honest I thought it was disgusting that they’d even think to add that kinda thing in there like they could have brought up literally anything else but no it’s riverdale so it has to be some ridiculous plot point

6) Queerbaiting - in the beginning of riverdale Veronica and Betty kissed it was just an “innocent” little kiss and it was over and not discussed now i don’t know about you but I think this is not excusable ?

7) ms grundy (part 1) - ms grundy at the beginning of riverdale is seen as a love interest for Archie she is Archie’s music teacher and throught the show she is seen perving on him and them kissing there is multiple things wrong with this but I’m going to talk about 2 1 of them being he fact ms grundy just after she leaves is not spoken about ? And Archie’s dad doesn’t do anything about it ?

8 ms. Grundy (part 2) - in Archie comics ms. Grundy is seen as a grumpy old teacher who doesn’t interest in Archie but of course the writers are fucked up and wanna make some bull shit storyline

In conclusion fuck everyone involved in riverdale goodbye


Remember how a bored Slytherin can be “dangerous” aka obnoxiously texting everyone they know and doing like twelve different things to try to entertain themselves? Well, enjoy the shit that I made while sitting around trying to heal a sprained ankle motherfuckers 🙄

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Louis is ugly for his snarky comments about Harry and making people to hate on him as well ! Right after he lost his stepfather he just pull this shit and release a song idc about what y'all say to justify this anyone who call themselves harrie and fuck with this shit better not blog about Harry ever again and just lick Louis ass

There is.. so much going on here I wouldn’t even know where to start and normally I would leave it alone because you’re so rude and angry and you came in my inbox with the worst attitude but now I’ve got STUFF to say so I’m gonna use your message to say it. You can dislike Louis for his comments all you want, I’m not coming into YOUR inbox and telling you what to do, unlike YOU who are telling me what I get to call myself and what I get to do and what I can or cannot think. I will very much keep saying I’m a harrie and a very big and dedicated one at that; I will keep blogging about him, and his projects and his friends and his career and his success and everything about him that I want to blog about, I will keep loving him and loving him and loving him and I will ALSO lick Louis’ ass in the meantime, what can you do? I’m a multitasker!!!!! The observer magazine was Louis’ interview, it was HIS point of view and HIS experience. He didn’t throw Harry under the bus, he didn’t give a free pass to relentlessly hate on Harry. He’s responsible for what he says, not for what some ugly ass people take from it and twist it until they can either hate on Harry or him. He actually said nothing but positive things about Harry, he was extremely complimentary but you can’t see it because you gotta go with the hateful flow instead of thinking for yourself. What he says is extremely self deprecatory, it’s the product of his insecurities and self doubt, he’s basically saying ‘I didn’t want the break because I’d started feeling really confident with my place in the band and I was afraid that I wasn’t gonna get to that place again alone and that a solo career was out of the question for me, unlike someone like Harry who’s just ~ got it ~ and wouldn’t have the same struggles’. He doesn’t say that Harry never worked hard for what he’s got, he doesn’t say that his success and his attention are undeserved, he doesn’t deny that at the end of the day the break was the best thing for them (because let’s be honest, IT WAS) he doesn’t say that everything gets handled to Harry on a silver platter, he just says that compared to him he wouldn’t struggle as much. He doesn’t even mean that he himself wouldn’t have been able to keep working anyways, in fact he talks about writing behind the scenes and stuff, so it’s not like he didn’t think he had options, he just thought the solo career in the sense that we mean it wasn’t gonna happen for him. And you know what? He was wrong, he thought he didn’t have what it took, but this break was good for all of them and especially for him, because he got to prove to himself first and foremost that he could definitely do it and that there are many people, big names if we want to keep calling them like that, who would want to work with him and in fact are doing exactly that. Saying that Harry wanted the break is nothing different than WHAT HARRY HIMSELF has said, and he said it freely and I keep saying it freely because it’s nothing terrible, it’s nothing negative, it’s nothing that deserves hateful comments. So yeah, Louis did nothing wrong, Harry did nothing wrong. You can most definitely be annoyed or dislike either of them for their comments and their decisions abd their songs and whatever else and you’re entitled to it, just don’t come here and police MY feelings and my blog. Have a nice day. (And for the record, don’t use anyone’s death to make a point about Louis and silly fandom stuff. Leave Robin and Harry’s family suffering out of this, that’s definitely going too far.)

jason todd’s post-crisis origins, a summary, pt 2, i read comics so you don’t have to: THE ENDING (pt 1 here)

batman #409

bruce: i just can’t keep my mind off that weird opossum wearing clothes i ran into tonight

bruce: i mean how did an opossum 1) find an appropriately sized leather vest and 2) learn to steal tires?? we just don’t know

bruce: well, time 2 do some stealth detective work

bruce: *walks into free health clinic in crime alley* hi im brucie wayne can u give me all the info u have on catherine todd??

secretary: she died bro :( here’s all her info, btw do u know what HIPAA is? bcs i clearly don’t

bruce: *walks into police headquarters* hi im batman can u give me all the info u have on catherine todd??

commissioner: her husband is willis todd. he died bro :( double-crossed two face

bruce: lol a pun

commissioner: oh shit lol

commissioner: anyway why are u so obsessed with the todds?? creep

bruce: “let’s just say i have an interest in a young man” REAL QUOTE

~~~~on the other side of town~~~~

ma gunn: children please gather round, we have a new student. KILL HIM

jason: what the fuCK ??? i just got here, i thought grammas are supposed to be nice and bake cookies n shit what t hell??

ma gunn: hm it’s been less than half a page of fighting and he’s still not dead, so i guess we’ll keep him :) what a nice gift from mr batman

ma gunn: *lights up*

ma gunn: today lesson is GUNS. guns is good. use guns to shoot people

class: k

ma gunn: drink alcohol it’s really good for u and what my dead sons loved to abuse lol :))

class: k

jason: this lady is batty (o shit a pun), i’m outtie *runs away*

bruce: well it is time for patrol, i guess that opossum was right abt people hiding until today to do crime. oh hey look over there, some rich college kids tryna buy weed lol


bruce: seriously tho “keep ur noses clean and ur butts out of crime alley” REAL QUOTE

bruce: well as fun as beating up nerds is it’s time to head home– O FUCK a civilian needs my help

civillian: help

bruce: did someone stole ur tires?? THAT FUCKIN OPOSSUM doesn’t it know any other tricks jfc

jason: *listening 2 punk records n reading a book in his shit apartment*

bruce: hey

jason: hey

jason: wait what the fuck WHY R YOU IN MY APARTMENT AGAIN stop its weird :/

bruce: U DIDNT KEEP UR END OF THE BARGAIN!!!!!!! *lots of dramatic pointing*

jason: like hell i didnt!

bruce: omg how DARE u use that DISGUSTING FOUL LANGUAGE around me watch ur fucking MOUTH like how dare u SWEAR at me like that u little shit

jason: sorry i mean, like heck. like heck i didn’t.

bruce: ok well wth happened then? y arent u in school rn??

jason: dude that was a fuckin scam school where they teach kids how to do crime (and they didnt even have cookies)

bruce: i dont believe u and i am 500% more committed to taking the word of this scary looking gramma than u

jason: ok well fuck u then. i don’t wanna learn to be no crook. i just boost what it takes to survive.


jason: idc if u don’t believe me. not ALL adults are saints, u know.


jason: tbh i overheard their plans, theyre gonna steal shit from the museum tonight

bruce: lol ya right u ridiculous marsupial, i’m leaving BYE

bruce: *5 seconds later* i better check the museum 2 make sure that nobody–  O SHIT HE DIDNT LIED

ma gunn: lol hi batman im just here to steal these huge fake gems (?????????? why tho) and kill u 

batman: no

bruce: *punches every one EXCEPT!!!! one student who sneaks behind him and is abt to drop a huge fake diamond on top of him–*

jason: BATMAN LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jason: *knocks kid out while making puns bcs its a requirement and otherwise he won’t get adopted*

bruce: nvm NVM i’m ok. thanks for the rescue small nocturnal friend, btw why r u here??

jason: i had to make sure someone stopped them :/// u were being a prick i wasnt sure if u’d show

bruce: get in my car

jason: the fuck

bruce: don’t be a little shit

jason: even tho im a streetwise kid and should know better than 2 accept rides from strange adult men, ok.

bruce: *points to jason* luv that robin

jason: robin????? :o

jason: …hell yeah heLL YEAH damN RIGHT FUCKIGN RIGHt

bruce and jason: *drive into sunset sunrise together*

about my “bts likes black girls = a fucking fact” post ; if you don’t like it then? oh well. if you think that i sound like that blog? then oh well (i would never go out of my way to do and say the crazy shit that they do, im 0% like them). honestly, i hope that some of you don’t think that i look for validation w/ bts or hope that they like black girls (im cringing about the thought rn). i honestly don’t care, i only care about how they feel about blacks as a whole. not just women. but it is a fucking fact that they’re attracted to black. females. idc there’s proof all on the internet. so if you’re mad at me for stating an obvious fact then? oh well. (but if a non black said that they liked/are attracted to black females y'all wouldn’t respond in a negative way, y'all would agree like most of y'all did w/ my other post. i know i’m not lying.) unfollow me block me idk do what you gotta do. cause it’s really not that deep. like i guess i’m the only one that’s seen yt stans say that bts (or any idols) don’t like blacks but y'all are triggered over a little factual post w/ a meme basically.. :/ hell y'all trigger me.

-this is for those who are triggered about the post.

so i thought this would be fun to do !! i do this on my youtube, so why not do it here ?? it’s an awesome way to share with you guys what i’ve been really digging this month + you guys know i’m all about sharing and ~exposing~ other peoples posts (aka. i reblog a shit ton). it won’t be a long list, but hey ! who carez (not me). lets jump into it !!


  • @grimcookies auli’i hair; this is my favourite hair to use…….and i’m definitely going to over use it, but idc because it’s so gorgeous and simple and i !!!! just love it sm thanks 4 making it brother
  • @crazycupcakefr mary dress; this dress is so feminine yet not too feminine, if you get what i mean ? it uses that amazing top from the bowling night stuff pack and it just works so well !! i love it


  • @cupidjuice i love love LOVE her gameplay, especially with the gloom family. the pictures are so pleasing to look at- her edits are really pretty i guess ?? idk i just love looking at them 
  • @eefahsims i love the way she edits her gameplay pics- again, they are so pretty !! and i’ve definitely drawn inspiration from her when it’s come to editing my own pictures. 
  • @sycsh i adore the ‘bloody legacy’ they’re doing- it’s edited and portrayed amazingly and i get so so so excited when i see it come up on my dash. (plus mads is adorable !!!!!!!!)
  • @surprisepeach pretty sure he already knows this, but i am a hoe for his edits like SHIT FAM !!! they r just so GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u for blessing my dashboard with them
  • @sportingsims their alderson legacy is rad- it is soooo dramatic (and a little controversial, but hey ?? who cares ?? not me !). i’m a little behind in it, but it’s fun 2 go back and catch up on it. i !!! love !! drama !! (in a story, fyi.)
  • @wrenpity adore her edits !! probably one of the only non-gameplay blogs i really enjoy following. + the speed edits are so much fun (and kind of relaxing ?) to watch !!
  • @noonicorn her story ‘desolate’ is amazing !! if you’ve been here a while, you know i love anything post-apocalyptic so !! i love !!!


  • my new theme !! i wanted something different 2 what other simblrs have, and i feel like this really suits my personality and the aesthetic i strive for here at desertbloom dot tumblr dot com. 
  • @grimcookies​ for helping me w/ stuff and thingzz (like picking a new theme lol)
  • potentially the new parenthood game pack ?? maybe i should wait until next month 2 really decide that

so thats all for this month !! hope u guys liked this ?? idk but i’ll do it again bc it was fun lol 

[also- if i got anyones pronouns wrong, let me know !! i checked all the blogs 2 make sure] 

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aunt lana what are some book recommendations you'd suggest

okay well u asked for it uve opened the floodgates here we go… im gonna rant sorry

  • you by caroline kepnes (adult thriller - ive read this book recently and im so enamoured by it…. i dont suggest it if you cant handle violence or erotica or if you dont understand the main characters humour….. its a second perspective book from the eyes of our main character joe who is a stalker… its so interesting especially for me who is obsessed with how peoples mind work… kepnes’ writing is so intelligent and beautiful and from a writers perspective, i could not find a bad thing to say about this book. joe is an unreliable narrator but he is so funny and interesting that you start to like him and he does something horrifying and its a jolt back to reality. good writing, good book. would rec the hell out of this as you can see. 
  • lolita by vladmir nabokov (classic - as u can probably tell i love flawed characters that are so unreliable and charismatic that you forget when you’re writing that they are fucking monsters. humbert is a fucking gross asshole but he reels you in with his wit and nabokov’s writing is so obscure and stunning and i learnt a million new words when reading this damn book, thanks vladdy)
  • aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe by benjamin alire sáenz (ya/lgbt/contemporary - rlly beautiful and i loved that there was so much teenage angst and it follows a boy discovering his sexuality within someone else and it really left a mark on me!!! would rec to death)
  • the last time we say goodbye by cynthia hand (ya/contemporary - such a devastating read and an insight into the after affect of suicide and wowowow i cried a lot)
  • battle royale by koushun takami (science fiction - i read this in 2014 and am still so !!! about it. its so controversial and gruesome and violent and takami’s style is gorgeous to read and he polished a concept that many people in his era were to scared to touch and its just a really well thought out book. mangas fuckin good too. the hunger games is gagging on a stretcher.)
  • the great gatsby by f scott fitzgerald (classic - y'all r gonna talk mad shit about me i know its pretentious but i fucking loved it and idc if theres basically no plot. its a good book with good metaphors and its hyped up for a reason people!!!)
  • and then there were none by agatha christie (classic/mystery - one of the first ever ‘who did it?’ books and its just!! so good and this is such a good read if you’re in the mood for a mystery so you shld god damn read it)
  • we were liars by e. lockhart (ya/contemporary - you just have to go into this book without me telling you anything and get wrapped up in the mystery and its beautiful and i cried… as i do in every book but anyway)
Play Me A Song, Write Me A Story

alternative title was ‘i’m aggressively aromantic but i tried really hard to write this and it actually turned out okay so I’m proud of it probably’ but that didn’t quite have the same ring to it

Genre: FLUFF, teacher AU

Word Count: 12.5k wow @ me

A/N: This was supposed to be under 8k but then I got too invested in the little world I wrote and then I really wanted to postpone writing my other fic above 10k (coming soon I promise) and so this was born.

Summary: Dan is an English teacher who loves words but doesn’t quite love his job, and Phil is the new band conductor/music teacher with bright blue eyes that Dan loves to describe.Their friendship blossoms instantly, despite both of them wanting more right from the start. 

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