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Little Things


A/N: This is my very bad attempt at something cute, but you know… Fluff isn’t my best. Also a bit different from what I’ve done in the past, so feedback would be great. I messed up the months, I’m aware. 

Word count: 3,365

Pickering, Canada
April 2024

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Fanfiction Shenanigans [Steve Rogers x Reader]

Requested by: @luxdxvine (I can’t tag you for some reason??) :: The avengers bring the reader and Steve together through fanfictions written for just them.

A/N: I couldn’t stop writing this fic and it’s kinda dragged and veryyyy long, therefore brace yourself. I apologise in advance and thank you for bearing with me. (Criticism welcome.)

Tony Stark strutted into the common room of the avengers, a place where they all hungout when nobody was on a mission. His patent smirk was plastered on his face as he sauntered into the midst of the other avengers, with the exception of you and Steve Rogers.

“What you got up your sleeve, man?” Sam asked, noticing Tony and his grin.

Bucky, Natasha, Clint and Vision looked up at the philanthropist while Wanda busily dealt cards to everyone.

“What I’m going to tell you is more fun than any game of cards you’ve played,” Tony declared, whipping out his phone.

“Please, Stark, we aren’t interested in the new tech you’ve come up with,” Natasha commented.

“It’s not tech, although that would be something. Anyway, it’s about Capsicle and Y/N,” Tony divulged.

“..Really? The fact that they’re attracted to each other? Old news, Grandma,” Natasha said casually.

Bucky looked at Natatsha in horror. “WHat?”

“Ol’ Buck doesn’t know,” Sam interjected.

“Everyone knew? Why didn’t I?” Bucky questioned.

Everyone shrugged at the soldier who looked a little angry.

Tony cleared his throat and continued,”Well it is obvious they’re in love but they’re not doing anything about it and it’s making me crazy. I decided that we must take matters into our own hands.”

“We’re listening,” Nat and Wanda said in unison.

“That’s the spirit,” Tony said, a wider smirk playing at his lips.


You entered the room to find the avengers sitting huddled around Tony who was talking. Your eyes automatically started to look for a particular avenger but you shook your head. You had to stop.

You walked to the huddle and everyone whirled to look at you, a grin on most of their faces. Your forehead furrowed in confusion. “What’s up?”

“It’s nothing,” Tony blurted quickly, starting to put the phone he’d been reading from into his pocket.

Just then Steve entered the room and you stiffened. Why he had this effect on you, you’d never know. But one look at him, his perfect greek-god like built, his kind blue eyes and perfect lips and you were a goner.

You turned your focus to Tony, trying to no think about Steve who walked over to stand beside you. That wasn’t helping.

“I want to know! What were you guys reading?” you demanded.

“It’s nothing, Y/N,” Bucky said, sounding unconvincing.

“Do you want me to use my power to take it from you, Tony?” you commanded.

“Alright alright,” he deadpanned. Steve looked at him questioningly. It was very unlike Tony Stark to give into commands so easily.

“We were reading Captain America into Psych fanfiction,” Tony admitted.

Your jaw dropped. Did Wanda tell everyone? Only she knew about your little crush on Steve. So this is what it felt like, being stabbed in the back with a knife.

“What’s a fanfiction?” Steve queried, his brows knitting in confusion.

“Well..it’s something people or rather fans write. They write fictious stories about people or events that they would like to happen,” Natasha explained.

Steve still looked puzzled. Meanwhile you were sure you were going to drown in embarrasment.

“We were reading fanficition about you and Y/N,” Sam added.

You almost expected Steve to start laughing at this absolute stupidity but all he said was,”They want me and Y/N to happen?”

Where was the nearest balcony? You ought to jump off one.

“Yeah well,”Tony said, trying to keep fom smiling.

Steve glanced at you and judging you by your neutral expression he said, “Well it’s not like it’s real or anything.”

Whoever said about words not harming anyone. What he said made your heart clench with sadness, you always hoped he’d like you back but here was the truth, waving at you in your face.

Hurt, you managed to croak,”Yeah, keep reading Stark, this should be fun.”

That’s right, hurt yourself more.

Tony, obviously enjoying this, obligied immediately. The other avengers sat themselves around him, while you found a place next to Wanda and Steve squeezed himself between Bucky and Clint.

Clearing his throat, Tony continued where he’d left off, “Y/N lay in Steve’s arms, as the soldier whispered silent prayers into the night. Y/N was barely breathing. Steve brushed her hair off her face and caressed her cheek. ‘Please, don’t die,’ the avenger said. ‘Please, Y/N, I love you.”

Tony paused for a second and you wanted to strangle him. Steve glanced at you and you looked back, his face, unreadable.

Why were they doing this? Was this a joke to them? Steve clearly didn’t know and didn’t share the same feelings. It was merely a passtime for him. But hearing everything you wanted to happen aloud, was humiliating. But you were brave, you couldn’t let Steve know.

“Why are you reading soapy, dramatic stuff? Isn’t there anything that’s fun?” You asked, putting on an impassive face.

“Ooh the lady wants fun,” Clint said, grinning at you. You smiled back at him, hoping nobody could hear your heart thudding against your chest.

“Here’s something fun. Do you want me to read smut?” Tony questioned, his eyebrows arched and mocking.

Bucky, Sam and Clint burst out laughing, Nat following in a second later.

Congratulations, you played yourself.

“What’s smut?” Steve asked, earning a groan from everyone.

“It’s sexual intercourse and everything​related in writing, Mr. Rogers,” Vision piped and Steve’s eyes widened at the mention of the word.
His ears redened and he couldn’t bring himself to look at you. Nor could you look at him.

“Not​ that. Go on to something else,” Steve muttered.

“C'mon Capsicle,” Tony urged and before waiting for an answer, started to read.
“Lust and love blazed in Steve’s eyes as Y/N stood before him, dressed in satin lingerie.”
That earned some giggles.
Your head was going to burst, you thought.

“Pining Y/N against the wall, Steve planted small kisses on her neck and moved onto her jaw, illiciting a moan from the beautiful maiden. Y/N pushed herself against the soldier, her hands grasping at his hair. Steve slid his hand up her thigh and Y/N shuddered at his touch.”

Wild fantasies involving the blonde soldier were storming in your brain one after one and if anyone read your mind they’d take you to be christined immediately.

Just when you thought​ things couldn’t get worse, Steve said,“ That’s not how I’d do it.”

Everything went dead still. You looked at the avenger and blinked. He wasn’t looking at you.

And then the other avengers started to scoff, Bucky whistling and Natasha winking at Steve.

You chuckled a little but your mind was already racing with the thoughts of what he would do and you hated yourself for it.

“Wanna write your own fic as to how it would go, Stevie?” Tony teased.

“No thanks,” Steve said, blushing.

You tried to gather yourself for what was yet to come.

“Y/N ripped the shirt off the Captain, and drank in the god-like built of her lover. She pulled him closer, biting at his lower lip. Steve slipped the satin straps off Y/N’s shoulder, his touch burning her skin. Steve trailed kisses down her neck and moved to her bre-”

You couldn’t take it anymore.
“That’s enough,” you said through gritted teeth.

Steve looked at you, he looked a little humiliated too…and was that sorry written on his face?

Tony looked scared for a second and then joked, “Atleast the fictious Steve’s getting some action.”

Steve’s face redened. You almost laughed but caught yourself…the others however, not so much.

“Steve, c'mon man, there’s got to be someone you like,” Sam asked, punching him playfully.

Steve remained silent. So the others, obviously moved on to the next victim, you.

“And you, Y/N?”

Of course there was someone. Of course you wanted to be with him. And obviously you couldn't​ ever have that.

“Yeah, there is someone,” you muttered.

Steve looked at you, a puzzled look on his face. You glanced at him and saw something like jealousy flash over his face. You blinked. All this fanfiction reading was playing with your mind.

Bucky scooted over to you.
“Is it anyone we know?”

Why were you answering?

“Is it anyone in this room?” Clint piqued.

They all knew. Traitors.

“Uhuh.” you breathed, not looking up.

You managed to glance at Steve. He was absolutely still and watching you carefully.

As if noticing your glance at the Captain, Natasha plodded, “Is it our beloved Steve?”

You were going to die.

You could swear Steve looked crest-fallen.
He cleared his throat and said, “I just remembered, I have some work to do.”

He stood up and left, heading to the balcony.

As soon as he left, Wanda scrambled over to you and exclaimed, “What are you doing?!”

“Go talk to him you stupid thing!” Bucky cried.

All of them were talking over each other, asking you to go confront Steve.
Tired, you stood up and reluctantly followed Steve outside.

“Can we talk?” you called after the broad soldier.

He turned around and squinted at you. He nodded and beckoned you over.

Without thinking about the consequences or anything you marched upto him and began, “Listen, you’ve been a great confidante and friend. But everything I said back there was true except for the fact that.. that it is you, Rogers. I’ve been hopelessly in love with you for sometime now and I understand if this is not the case for you but all this,”-you gestured vaguely- “just made me want to tell you everything. I’m sorry if this is too awkward for you.. I just had to do it.”

Steve looked taken aback for a second. He blinked a couple of times before his beautiful blue eyes crinkled as he smiled down at you.

“I was heart broken when you said no to what Nat said and couldn’t take it anymore that’s why I had to walk out. The truth is Y/N…I’ve been in love with you for quite some time now too,” he confided.

You couldn’t believe your ears. The man of you dreams was actually in love with you too? You could almost cry. You, however, hugged him instead, burying your face in his hard, warm chest.

“FINALLY!” you heard Bucky scream from the door to the veranda. You heard a roar of laughter and giggles errupt from his side.

“Oh give us a moment​, you guys!” Steve hollered but he was smiling.

Just as Steve leaned down to kiss you, Nat yelled, “I think I’ll write a fanfiction about this!”

You smiled against his lips and kissed him.

anonymous asked:

For all the boys: The group has been camping for a few days, but the boys' female s/o (who just recently started to date the boy) starts her period and realize she doesn't have any feminine products. How does she approach her boy, let him know her period started, and that they need to go into town for her "supplies"?

As someone who just goes “I’ve been shot!” everytime, this will be rather…unique…


“Shit, shit, shit!” You groaned, you were certain you had been tracking it, but mother nature just loves proving you wrong. You had nothing, and the nearest place was in town about 45 minutes away by foot and only 10 by car, and you already felt the throbbing of cramps creep around your waist.

You stood quickly, marching out the tent, if your new boyfriend was going to be with you for awhile, he was going to have to get use to this part of you as well.



Oh boy, Noctis was a lot of things, an animal lover, a sweetheart and a snarky little asshole, but you figured his sex education was rather, not lacking, but still there must have been some holes. No many guys enjoyed hearing about the red death. So you sat beside the Young Prince, as he was so engrossed in a game of King’s Knight, debating on how to explain it to him. You really didn’t want to gross him out, but this was something you couldn’t stop.

“Hey, Noct…” You whispered leaning towards him, even that caused a cramp to flair.

“Yeah?” He muttered, letting out a groan as he missed an easy dodge in his game.

“I…” You groaned, how to put this without destroying the poor guy. Taking your phone out, you opened your messaging, entering a quick message before hearing Noctis’s phone ping. Your eyes watched nervously as he slide down the message to view it.

The cute little look of confusion, almost made you forget your momentary dilemma, before he type back.


You shrugged softly, before typing back, “Aunt flow, you know Shark Week, red tide.” You hit send, watching his blue eyes read over the message, than watched him actually open his internet browser searching the phrases.

Only to watch as his eyes widen before he turned to you with large almost frighten eyes, you could only nod slightly. Only to nearly jump from your chair as Noctis stood up lightning quick, which did scare poor Prompto who was sitting next to him.

“Dude, what the hell!”

Noctis ignored the blonde, as he moved over to Ignis who was preparing dinner, “I need the keys!” He called, obviously much louder than what he meant.

“Should you need me to drive I can…”

“I need the keys, now!” Noctis repeated, holding out his hand like some child demanding a toy. All but snatching the keys from Ignis’s hand, before marching back toward you and the fire. Never slowing his stride even as he grabbed your arm, dragging you from your chair, all but picking  you up putting you into the front seat of the Regalia, before jumping in. Creating a large messy U-turn before quickly driving off in the direction of the town, leaving a very confused campsite.

At least it wasn’t embarrassing, well in the way you thought it was going to be.



“Something wrong, sweetiepie?” Prompto inquired, as you dragged him away from the campsite in guise of taking a nice picture together.

“Prompto, um…it’s…” You muttered, only to look up to those blue eyes smiling so warmly to you. You were his first girlfriend, but you only had a maybe another 8 hours to get away with what you had.

“Are you sick?” Prompto asked stepping forward, touching your forehead. Being the time of the month you knew that you had developed a glow to you, that meant you were going to get a zit or two within the next 24 hours!

You inhaled deeply, before waving the man forward, cupping your hands around your mouth whispering it into his ear. Stepping back as you noticed the poor boy had went from his normal pale to the bright red of an apple.

“Um…uh, how many things do you have left?”

“I have 1 tampon and a pad.” You muttered softly, only to feel Prompto grab your hand.

“Is that enough, do you wanna go into town with Ignis, I know he needed to go for dinner, you want me to go with him I can pick you up some.” Prompto rambled quickly, his hands holding your’s tightly, as his blue eyes widen in panic.

“I can…”

Yet before you could stop the blonde, he had pushed a kiss to your cheek before sprinting back to the campsite, partially begging Ignis to leave now to head back into town.

“You know what that’s about?” Gladiolus asked, as you approached the campsite just in time to see Prompto shoving Ignis back to the Regalia.

“No idea…” You muttered, only to pull your phone out about 15 minutes later, Prompto was standing in the feminine hygiene department,  taking multiple pictures. Telling him just  a box of whatever was cheapest was fine. Only to be rewarded a few seconds later by the blonde sending a picture of him staring horrified at a Diva cup, that caused you to snicker rather stupidly at your phone.

Your boyfriend was so cute.



“Gladdy.” You called, approaching the buff man who had just gotten done with his pre-dinner workout stretches. He claimed it helped him eat more, but you didn’t know if that was true.

“What’s up, babe?” He inquired, settling down in his chair, meaning he wasn’t going to be getting up anytime soon, an arm jutting out wrapping around your midsection.

“Ugh..” You moaned, you felt so bloated you had to swallow down the urge to push him away. “I…you know about shark week?”

Gladiolus starred, before it seemed to dawn on him, “Oh that, whats up?”

“I need to go in town.” You muttered, this shouldn’t be embarrassing but he was just staring at you like you were asking him about the weather. Does nothing faze this man! “I’m also crampy and bloated.”

Gladiolus chuckled, “We’ll see, you mind getting my muscle relaxer from my bag?”

It took everything in you to not slap the man in the head, as you marched back to the tent, maybe it would have been better to ask Ignis he was the more responsible one. Pulling out Gladiolus duffle bag, you begun digging in the compartment where he held his muscle relaxer, only to stop at the little box, reading assortment feminine hygiene products.

Grabbing the relaxer you moved back outside, standing before the man, holding it out to him, eyes downcast, as you heard him let out a snicker, before wrapping an arm around your waist, pulling you into his lap.

“Why didn’t you just say you had some?” You muttered arms crossed, attempting to pout to the man, only to purr as he begun to apply some of the ointment to the spot on your back that always tightened up during this time.

“You seemed embarrassed.”


Gladiolus’s hand stopped, “I can stop if you want.”

“Do it and I throw you into the fire.”



Ignis was the meaning of maturity, yet you kept thinking of how embarrassing this was. Even when you had to purchase on your own you’d go to a register with a lady, or one of those self checkout. Now to bring it up to your new boyfriend, having only dated for about 3 months, and you were certain to have tracked it so that it wouldn’t fall until next week.

The female body, was a beautiful stupid thing that was out to get you.

“Ignis…” You called, approaching the man.

“Ah, there you are, Y/n, I need assistance in town, it seems we forgot some essentials and I could use your help.”

You blinked in confusion, well this was rather convenient. “Sa…sure.”

As you two jumped into the Regaila, you were confused when Ignis’ hand fell upon your own, it wasn’t that he wasn’t affectionate, but you just weren’t prepared for him to do this while he was driving.

“Are you feeling fine? You aren’t suffering from any menstrual ailments are you?”

You turned toward the man beside you, “How…how did you know?”

Ignis chuckled softly, smoothing your hair from your face, “There a few telltale signs, you’ve been a little silent and have been eating more bitter foods than normal. Yet it seems to have surprised us both a little earlier than normal, by the app we shouldn’t  have had to worry about this until next week”

You stared at the man, tears swelling in your eyes, “Ignis pull the car over.”

Ignis quickly pulled over, as you turned concerned green eyes to you, “Are you fine, do you feel ill? I have some medication should you…” The man was stopped, as you removed his glasses before pulling him forward, pressing your lips to his.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to kiss you so bad.” You smiled, as you placed his glasses back on. “Thank you.”

Ignis chuckled as he pulled back onto the highway, picking your hand up again. “There is no need to thank me, yet I am never opposed to your kisses.”


title: “Wildflower” (Dean Winchester imagine)

characters: sister/angel x castiel, reader x dean winchester, sam winchester.

word count: 1,291 words

warnings: fluff&stuff, swearing

(a/n): this is 100% inspired by an imagine i recently read, unfortunately i can’t for the life of me remember the title of it, let alone the author. if any of you guys figure it out, could you please let me know? thanks loves xxx

:: :: ::

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The Arrangement: Chapter 12

Author’s Note: Quicker update this time!! I’ve gotten a bit off track with the storyline lol so this is a bit of a filler but I hope you all like it :)

I hope you enjoy and feedback is always appreciated!


Originally posted by dentistas-en-mis-noches

“I…I really am sorry, you know,” Kylo said before you both walked up the ramp of the Command Shuttle.

“Perhaps you’re forgetting that you don’t let me know… Anything,” you mumbled.

He sighed, but his expression told you he was half expecting you to not give up so easily, “I mean it.” 

A smirk danced across your mouth, “Well I’m not sorry for pushing you over.”

“I don’t expect you to be,” Kylo said, his tone returning back to normal now.

“Good. And I meant what I said. If you even think about trying that again, I’ll—” 

“I’m perfectly aware of your capabilities, Princess. I already promised it won’t happen again.”

You nodded, “Then I suppose I promise not to ‘pry’—as you called it. Though I really wish you would be honest with me. I’ve hidden nothing from you.”

“I tell you everything you need to know,” Kylo was getting tired of the same argument you seemed to be starting over and over.

“But not everything I want to know.”

“No. I suppose I don’t.” Kylo responded. You were slightly taken aback by his agreement with you, but when he said nothing else you decided to end the discussion.

“If the lovebirds needed their space, they could have just asked for it,” Hux sang as you and Kylo appeared at the top of the ramp.

“Shut up,” you sneered as you strode into the cockpit. In all the commotion, you had nearly forgotten about the pilot that was also on board. 

“Have you connected through to the Base yet, James?” 

“Yes, Your Highness,” he said, standing up hurriedly when he saw you enter, “A starship has been deployed, it will be here by morning.”

You breathed a sigh of relief, giving him a quick smile before exiting the cockpit. 

Your gaze immediately went to Hux, who looked at you with an amused expression.

“Something funny, General?”

“Just admiring your attire, Your Highness,” he smirked.

You hid your embarrassment well as you remembered you were still wrapped in Kylo’s robe. You shrugged it off hastily and went to find Kylo, who had stalked off into his small quarters.

You entered the room to find Kylo leaning with his back against the wall, eyes closed in what seemed to be a state of deep thought. Was he…meditating? 

“What is it Princess?” Kylo slowly opened his eyes but kept his gaze fixated on the floor.

“I came to give you this…” you said, handing him his robe. 

“Keep it.”

“I can’t say it’s something I would wear,” you said, amused by his response.

“I mean it keep it for now. The Shuttle’s power is minimal, it’s not like being inside here is any warmer than being out there,” he gestured to the viewport. 

“…But won’t you need it to stay warm?” You asked, trying to push the robe back to him.

“I think I’ve caused you enough harm today, Princess. Besides, what good will an apprentice be if they’re ill?”

You hesitated for a moment before realising he wasn’t going to take no for an answer, “Well thank you, then.”

He nodded in response.

“W-What were you doing when I walked in?” You couldn’t help but ask.

Kylo shrugged, “Thinking.”

“About what? I um… I can’t hear your thoughts,” you thought you would add that detail.

“I know.”

You looked puzzled. What about this bond he had just told you about? “Well can you hear my thoughts?”

“Do you even need to ask?”

You frowned, “Teach me how to control them.” 

“I can’t teach you how to control your thoughts, Y/N. They are your own,” Kylo responded.

You rolled your eyes, “You know what I mean. You can influence our… mental connection far more than I can. I want you to show me how.”

Kylo pondered your request for a moment before nodding, “As you wish.” 

You also nodded in response before wavering. Where exactly were you meant to go now? The Shuttle was only so big, and you knew that Kylo couldn’t stalk off at night as he usually did… Well, unless he wanted to freeze out on the planet’s surface.

“There are no beds on board, I’m afraid.”

“O-oh,” you said, half in surprise that he was listening to your thoughts.

Kylo seemed to smile slightly at that, “Only when you project your thoughts, Y/N.”

You furrowed your brows. This was funny to him? Before you could retort with something witty, Kylo spoke.

“Just… Stay in here until morning,” he suggested.

“Oh right, I suppose Hux and James will be expecting us to anyway.” You said, recalling how Kylo had acted when your mother had visited your room back in the Palace.

Kylo huffed, “I don’t care what they expect. This room will be warmer with two people in it, that’s all.”

That seemed fair. You looked around for something comfortable to lean on, but soon realised that aside from the metal desk and chair in the centre of the room, it was entirely empty.

You settled on the far right corner of the room, shifting until you found a position that would be decent enough for you to find sleep with. Closing your eyes, you nestled your head into the crook of your arm, the exhaustion finally catching up to you. You let out a sigh as a sudden feeling of warmth embraced you… Wait.

Your eyes snapped open and you gasped slightly when you realised you were face to face with Kylo.

He looked at you confusedly, “What?”

You stood up quickly, steadying yourself against the wall, “W-what are you doing?”

“I was trying to go to sleep.”

You scoffed, “Is this a game to you?! 

Kylo’s eyes narrowed, “Not that I play games, Princess, but I don’t think sleeping counts as one.”

“Well w-why do you have to sleep next to me?”

“We’re trying to stay warm aren’t we…?” He seemed genuinely confused by your agitation.  

“Well then I would rather be cold, thank you,” you mumbled as you walked to the opposite corner of the room.

Your reaction was not quite what Kylo had expected, but he shrugged as he watched you settle into your new sleeping space.

Kylo lied down again, crossing his arms as he stared up at the ceiling. On the other side of the room, you were doing the same. 

“I don’t understand you, Princess.”

“Good,” you said quietly as you nestled into a comfortable position, the warmth from Kylo’s robe helping you drift off to sleep.

“For someone who wants me to be closer to them, you have an odd way of showing it,” he observed.

“I didn’t literally mean I want you physically close to me,” you said, trying to hide your embarrassment as you said those words out loud.

Certainly, you had shared a bed before. But it was as if this side of Kylo was entirely new to you. Perhaps it was because he felt bad for how he treated you… but still, it felt so sudden. You were so used to the cold and distant Kylo. 

But this version of the man was different. He seemed to show that he cared more outwardly… he was almost affectionate.

You could hear Kylo’s footsteps approach you, and you opened your eyes ready to protest.

“—Before you say anything, me keeping you warm doesn’t mean that you’re going to go falling in love with me, Princess,” Kylo said.

You groaned, “When we get back to the Base, the first thing you’re doing is teaching me how to keep you out of my head.” 

“Done,” he smirked, “Now go to sleep, we have a long journey back tomorrow.” 

You couldn’t deny that you were thankful for his presence beside you as a feeling of warmth coursed through you once more.

“Goodnight, Princess,” he said sleepily.

“Goodnight, Commander,” you mumbled, only half-awake now as you recalled the first time you had uttered those exact words to one another. Though it had only been a matter of weeks, you felt now more than ever that perhaps you finally getting through to the man Kylo really was underneath that brooding exterior. 

He still had his bad temper. He was still incredibly stubborn. But then again, so were you. It was like the more time you would spend with one another, even when arguing, was time in which you learned more and more about the other person.

Kylo’s words echoed in your mind, and you prayed to the Maker that they weren’t being projected in to his at that moment. Doesn’t mean that you’re going to go falling in love with me, Princess.

The trouble was, you were starting to feel like that was exactly what you wanted to.

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TITLE Corina


AUTHOR: lokilover9

Original Imagine: Imagine you’re an Asgardian Woman married to a nobleman. After a few years into your marriage, he begins to ignore you sexually. Each time you are both invited to Royal gatherings, he gets a bit drunk and acts like an ass so you avoid him. You’ve also noticed how incredibly gorgeous Loki is and often had to snap yourself out of staring at him.


Upon reaching the palace, Loki had Eir look at her hand and while it was being cleaned up and bandaged, he went to see Frigga. After explaining what happened, he asked if Corina could spend an hour with her while he ventured to the cottage to retrieve her things.

“Of course she can. Will she be alright?”

“I’m sure, but as she was struck in the head, I’d rather she wasn’t alone. She seems fine, but Eir said to keep an eye on her.”

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Leftovers and dances

Pairing: DeanxReader

Summery: Reader wakes up and heads to the kitchen for left overs, only to wake us dean and then fluff 

You’d awoken to darkness. Immediately indicating that it was too early to be awake. This had been happening more and more lately, so it came as no surprise. You turned on the lamp and, silently, headed for the kitchen. Usually there’s some left overs, waiting to be eaten. while preparing your (little) 3AM feast. You put on some light music to help ease the silence. Nothing to loud, the last thing you wanted to do was wake the boys. (They really do need the beauty sleep..) 

To accompany your left overs, you put on the kettle. If this was you for the night, you were going to need a good helping of coffee. As you starred at the kettle, hopping it will make the water boil quicker, you feel arms tighten round your waist. looking over your shoulder, only to see dean nuzzling his head into your neck. 

“You’re up early?” you say in a confused tone. Dean was never known for rising before it was absolutely, necessary. 

“I heard music coming from down the hall, and came to investigate” he mumbles, just clear enough for you to understand. 

You offer him some of your left overs, and coffee, both of which he greatly accepts. You sat in comfortable silence. merely just enjoying each others presence. Suddenly, without saying a word, dean stood up, and looked down at you. Staring up at him, you were able to take in some of his features. Disappointingly you couldn’t see his face that well, due to the room still being rather dark. 

“Up” he calmly said. rather confused, you obeyed. Taking your hands, and placing them round his neck, he grabs your waist. And you start to dance- well sway- to the music in the background. As he’s so tall you stood on his feet, to get a little bit of a lift, making your arms more comfortable. 

Starting to feel tired, you nuzzled your head into his neck. “I love you” you sleepily said. You couldn’t see but you knew he was smiling. “I love you too” he whispered back. This is what made your life liveable. no matter what crap got thrown at you, you always had Dean. And with Dean there was comfort and love. And thats all you needed. 

It seems that Summer is taking her brother’s change into a girl rather well, though Morty still seems horribly confused and embarrassed by the situation. 

The ‘Morticia’ and Summer here are of Dimension C-365, a dimension in which Morty’s change into a girl occurred rather early on in his misadventures with his grandfather, leading to several potential deviations from the events their C-137 counterparts went through.

C-365 Summer and ‘Morti’ were always a lot closer to each other, with Summer being a bit more protective of her brother (now sister). This Summer is more relaxed, easy-going, and confident than C-137 Summer

Though still quite similar to C-137 Morty, C-365 Morty has always been a bit more interested in his adventures with his grandfather, and enjoys going on the weird and crazy trips alongside him. He – now she – still gets easily worried when things go wrong, though. She discovered the existence of the Council of Ricks earlier than C-137 Morty and enjoys meeting and making friends with the various other Morties in the universe. 

Steggy Fic: A Stutter in Time

I’ve written a drabble or short fic for every day of Steggy Week 2k17! This was written for Day 4: Modern Day. Previous days: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3

Note: this was meant to be a short ficlet, and is now the first chapter of a longer WIP. Thanks, characters who went rogue on me! Read at A03

Tony and Bruce were still trying to understand exactly how Peggy Carter had stepped through the door of Howard Stark’s lab and ended up in Tony’s instead. There had been no warning, nothing out of the ordinary - she’d just appeared in a flash of blue light, took a staggering step forward, and thrown up spectacularly all over Tony’s shoes.

“I’m sorry,” she’d said, blinking. “I don’t - ”

They’d stared at each other for a moment, and then she’d drawn her pistol on him, and he’d suited up, the pieces of Iron Man flying together to her open-mouthed astonishment. “Who - who are you?” she’d asked, finally. “Nobody has technology like this. The war would be over, one way or the other.”

“JARVIS,” said Tony, slowly, “Get Pepper to come in here. We have a situation.”


Pepper insisted on calling Steve right away. “I just thought you’d want to know,” she said. “We don’t really know how she got here, or if she is who she claims she is. But she looks exactly like the picture you keep in your wallet, right down to the SSR uniform. According to her, you and the Valkyrie have been missing for a month, and the last thing she remembers is stepping into Howard Stark’s lab on an errand from a Colonel Phillips.”

Steve arrived, pale and wide-eyed, and Tony wondered for a moment if his current pair of shoes was in danger too. He took Steve by the shoulders and steered him through the door to the lounge where Peggy was sitting with Pepper, clutching a cup of tea and looking rather shell-shocked.

Pepper gently took the cup out of Peggy’s hands when she spotted Steve. He took a faltering step forward, and Peggy slowly stood up. Even Pepper could feel the magnetic pull between the two of them, and she took Tony by the arm and not-so-gently steered him out of the room. “Give them a minute,” she said, and for once Tony didn’t argue.

“She has a great-niece who’s a SHIELD agent,” said Pepper, after a moment. “Sharon Carter. We can compare their DNA. But honestly, Tony, I think it’s really her.”


Bruce arrived the next day, and Tony set him up in the medical lab, tasking him with running as many tests as he could think of, both to confirm Peggy’s identity and to try to figure out how the hell she’d gotten here.

“She knows things that only the two of us could possibly know,” said Steve, who’d arrived at the medical lab with Peggy that morning and didn’t seem inclined to leave anytime soon.

Peggy nodded. “We were up quite late last night comparing notes.” Steve reddened a little at that, and Peggy regarded him with a mixture of fondness, exasperation, and not-very-well-concealed desire.

Bruce cleared his throat. “Well, then, let’s think of confirming your identity as a bit of a formality. I’ll draw some blood that we can compare with a family member of yours, but we’ll mostly concentrate on figuring out what happened in Howard Stark’s lab.”

“That sounds quite reasonable.” Peggy turned to Steve. “You go do whatever it is you’re meant to do this morning,” she said firmly. “I’ll see you later on.”

He looked like he was going to object, but then gave in with a sheepish grin. “Okay. Lunch?”

“Lunch would be lovely,” she said. She squeezed his hand quickly, watched him until he’d disappeared out the door, and then turned her attention to Bruce. “Well then, shall we?” she asked, all business. “I, of course, have no doubt as to who I am, but I am rather curious about how I got here, and what is likely to happen now.”

“Well,” said Bruce, picking up his StarkPad. “Let’s try to figure it out.” He smiled at her. “First of all, I need to know everything you remember about what happened. Anything could be significant, especially anything you may have seen in Howard’s lab just before the incident, and whatever you experienced during the transition.”

Peggy frowned. “I don’t really remember anything.” She looked annoyed at herself. “I walked through the doorway of Howard’s lab, and the next thing I remember I was here. But it seems unlikely that just walking through the doorway could have caused this. I must have touched something, or stepped into an experimental beam of some sort, or something.”

Bruce nodded. “It seems like you’ve lost the few minutes just before whatever it was that happened, uh, happened.” He made a few quick notes. “That’s not uncommon with head trauma. Did anyone check you for a concussion? You were obviously nauseated when you arrived.”

“I did feel very dizzy,” said Peggy, thoughtfully.

“Hmm,” he said. “Headache? Light sensitivity? Ringing in your ears?”

She considered. “I had a bit of a headache. It’s gone now.”

He got out his phone and checked her pupils with the flashlight. “I wish someone had thought of this yesterday,” he said. “Do you feel mentally foggy? Confused?”

“Well, everything seems rather surreal. But it’s rather a surreal situation, isn’t it?” She shrugged eloquently.

Bruce frowned. “Well, take it easy and try not to bump your head for the next couple of weeks. And let me know if you start feeling unusual in any way.”

She took a deep breath and bit her lip. “To be honest, I am feeling rather unusual.” She took another breath. “But, I wasn’t feeling well before the incident, either,” she said in a rush, staring down at her hands. “I - actually, it seems increasingly likely that I’m - expecting. A - a baby.”

Bruce blinked. “Oh,” he said, eloquently.

Read the rest on AO3

Female characters with shy fem s/o

// Thank you so much bab! I love your blog and I know you are away so you cant read these now. You really made my day! I am so sorry it took so long my Wifi is crappy. In return have a cute mercy gif! Gosh I am so down for some cute antisocial gay lady. Its relatable for me since I am antisocial person myself..


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💋 Honestly she doesnt mind. After her well.. change Amelie doesnt talk much to others too, obviously because of her lack of emotion. Another cause its due to cold temper everyone is scared of her.

💋 She doesnt mind your fear of human beings relationships and why would she? Amelie has your attention only for herself.

💋 Sometimes she gossip about other people with you about how stupid and puny they are.

💋 ,,Hey chérie dont worry I dont want to talk to others too. I only need you.“

💋 But when you started to keep your mouth shut when you both are out with other talon agents she is a bit worried. She knows whats up. You are the ,,secretive” type of a person.

💋  If your antisocial level gets you to that point when you are scared of people it makes her even more worried. Of course you dont know that she is worried she keeps it for herself,

💋 Welcome to your therapy where traumatized woman without emotions tries to help a small ball of anxiety meet other people.

💋 She tries really hard to help you. REALLY HARD.

💋 You feel nervous? No worries. Amelie gives you her cold hands so you can calm down.

💋 If someone treats you shitty when you try to comunicate she gives them a death glare. You will have to ensure her you are alright because she is ready to give them that BOOM HEADSHOT

  💋 Deep inside Widowmaker knows you can do it she cheers for you tho you might have not notice it due to her resting face. Like come on! You could enamor a deadly widowmaker! Thats a big thing to do and you are scared to talk to normal people? Well she is rather confused.

💋 She doesnt want to pressure you by the amount of comunication so she simply takes you to your apartament when you drink cofee in comfy sofa talking how great you did today. Widow is really a chill lover.


🕊 Angela notices your antisocial behaviour immediately. She has a sixth sense to people. All thanks to her load of empathy!

🕊 She will try to get others in base to know they need to be gentle when they talk to you.Trust me Overwatch agents talk to you the sweetest they can and if someone makes you cry later Angela will kindly kick their ass and give them lecture ,,How would you feel huh?.”

🕊 Everytime you both go out in public and you get anxious about yourself Mercy will take your hand and hold it gently. She gives you her bright smile that says ,, Its going to be okay dont worry my love”.

🕊 Honestly she is supportive to you. You went to order food obly by yourself? ,,Good job y/n!” You talked to mailman? ,,You are doing great my beloved!”

🕊 Encourages you to talk to others often. She isnt harsh. Angela just wants you to take your time and cherish your future friendships.

🕊 If someone makes you feel bad she will try to cam you by combining your hair, make you tea whatever type is your favorite and kiss you in the forehead. Later on she will witch haunt that dude who made you sad.

🕊 As i said she is really determinated to make you feel comfortable around others. She even buys stickers a star ones. You know why? Everytime you make a step likely a conversation you get one.  


🕊 In conversations Angela compliments you a lot. ,, Oh y/n is such a great artist she draw me once it was so realistic I thought its a photo” ( again you can insert whatever skill you have here! )

🕊  But if you want to be alone with her ( yeah not very alone if together ) she will cuddle with you and shower you not with stars but kisses.


🐰 Hana noticed your strange behaviour when she streamed. You immediately ran away out of room. It was kinda weird. She just wanted to introduce you to her fans.

🐰 She has a mission now. Make you more open to others although she feels important when you talk only to her but  Hana wont hesitate until you earn yourself a new friend.

🐰 Really determinated. D.va will take any oppurtiny to give you social connection with others but dont worry a thing she wont let you go alone!

🐰 Complimates you in conversation with others , says how great your skills are and over all how lovely person you are. ,, Yeah y/n is such a badass when she fought these talon agents I am telling you” ( considering you are another overwatch agents but its okay if you are not lets just say you are  )

🐰 Now when she streams she explains to her followers why you act like that. Later you receive ton of cute letters from D.va’s fans! They gently encourage you to be more open.

🐰   ,, Listen y/n I know some people are pure shitheads but please give others a chance I am sure they will like you!“

,, But what if they hurt me?”

,, Nah thats not your problem. They will have my mecha on their face".

🐰 After your training ( yeah thats how you guys name it now). You both go out and buy some milkshakes or if you like boba tea. Whatever you prefer. Sushi? Fries? Burgers?  Heck yeah you deserve those. You did great today.

🐰 She will continue your journey so you can meet some cool people. Tho she is lowkey worried you will fell in love with someone and you will leave her. Just kiss her on cheek and she will calm down.

Mystery Skulls Mer AU

So I had this MSA Au idea after reading a fic sometime ago about Lewis and Vivi coming across a mer Arthur and that got me into thinking about an AU for it.
Like what if for mermaids once they hit the age of say 20 or something they have to go on land and find there soulmate? Other wise they’ll lose all trace of there humanity and turn into Sirens.

So we get Arthur who’s a some what shy nervous mer who usually keeps to himself and has a small collection of broken electronics he’s found through the years and keeps them in a dry cave some where far from mainland. He always dreams about creating these amazing devices and wants to someday find his soulmate and settle down doing what ever the humans call those vehicles.
He just liked fixing things and bringing them back to life but its hard when your usually always under water.

So one day he’s told by his uncle who always came down to the water to check up on his nephew that its time for him to come on shore and find his soulmate.

From there mermaids have it a little bit easier finding the one who there meant for, they can see these things called auras, for normal humans to mermaids there clear and just wavy, sorta like a heat wave. But for there soulmate there colorful and its obvious when they find them.

The problem for Arti is once he gets on land and Lance helps him out a bit he runs into Vivi and Lewis at the Peppers restraunt, at first he saw Vivi’s colorful aura and then Lewis as well. He get’s rather confused because he’s never heard about this happening and Lance has to tell the kid that it happens but very rarely.

Being still confused he tries to become friends with them and finds out that there intrested in the paranormal and crypitds which is what he is technicly classified as.
Arthur tries to get closer to them but after awhile he just feels like a burden, after all Lewis and Vivi are together and he feels like he’ll just ruin what they all ready have if he tries to wiggle his way further into there life.

Lewis is the first to notice Arties pulling away from them and he informs Vivi who’s confused as well. They try talking to him and he just says he’s busy learning all he can about mechanics from his Uncle as he lies through his teeth.

Eventually him keeping away from the two who are his soulmates catches up on him and its noticable, he’s more aggresive, there’s a green tint in his eye, he’s always thirsty and dissapearing a lot.

He’s slowly turning into a siren.

Vivi though donsen’t know and thinks that he may have been possesed when they visited a haunted asylum recently. So she gathers her book and supplies and decides to visit Arthur to help clense him of what ever is attached to him but on the way to Lance’s house that’s located by the ocean she notices something familiar in the water and goes to check it out.

She finds Arthur growling like a fearl animal, his tail is slapping across the water and his skin is turning green and his nails are becoming more claw like.

Anyway, that’s what I have so far but I can deffintly expand on it if anyones intrested? I also have some sketches of Mer Arti to but ahh

This all started from a fic and then an RP idea and now here we are with this AU haha


imakemywing and i have been talking about sense8/hetalia crossovers and this came… 

I OWN NOTHING! Not hetalia, nor sense8 nor mcdonald’s. 

Alfred and Ivan

Alfred was late but Melanie was a dear and covered for him so he got the quietest shift time at McDonald’s. Which is rather nice since he’s tired as hell.  

Being a student and working at a fast food enterprise store was not the most fulfilling thing Alfred ever thought of doing but he had to gain money and his brother explicitly told him he would give him to the cops if he hacked again. So… here he is, working a shitty job at shitty hours as Melanie keeps talking about her boyfriend’s nasty friends.

He was looking at nothing through the window complaining at the hot weather when he sees him.

A tall man dressed with a long coat and a scarf looking at him. The moment he blinked the man was gone and Alfred shook his head.

The heat was making him delusional yet he can’t shake the feeling that he knows that person.

He shrugs and smiles broadly at the costumer who tries to decide what to eat.

When his shift finishes he goes home and since it’s hot he decided to take a cold shower.

His brother is somewhere in his room probably smoking some pot from the smell of the flat but he shrugs it off and runs to his small room to get some clothing ready.

He twists his neck and sighs taking his shirt and throwing it to the ground, he’ll get it later. Then he proceeds to take a look at himself in the mirror.

His hair is greasy from the grill fumes, he hates that but he’s not looking bad. The small pimple on his hairline is gone and- there’s a face on his mirror staring at him. It’s the same man he saw when he was at work and he blinks. The man is gone and he is staring at his own blue eyes.

He cleans the lenses of his glasses and puts them on again watching the mirror suspiciously but nothing happens and he sighs.

Damn heat, he’s starting to see things. He really needs to take a shower.

Ivan loves to be with his sister but father, well, father is not fond of them spending too much time together since she’s getting married and he’s a grown adult.  

Still, he misses his sister, she’s the only family he has besides his father and unlike him, she is rather sweet to him.

She is eating some soup in front of him talking about the wedding plans. He is rather happy for her. Vladimir is rather rich and owns many businesses which will be good for their own business and provide a rather good life for his sister and children.  

He can’t wait for her to have kids. She will be the best mother and he can’t help think he will be a rather nice uncle.

“But father said I can’t invite Victor.” She says sadly and interrupts his thinking.

“Why not?” He frowns rather surprised. Victor is a good friend and business partner of father. He was the man she was supposed to marry at some point yet father decided the man was not good for her and cut all contacts. Ivan rather liked the man, he would be much better to his sister and he got along with him.

“You know…” She murmurs with sad eyes and Ivan clenches his teeth.

“Is it because of what he thinks? Victor is not gay, we were quite close I would know.” Ivan says in a low tone and she licks her lips.

“Vanya… I think he doesn’t want you both to get in contact with each other.” She murmurs and he can see her eyes getting red and wet but he doesn’t care.

“Why? He was my best friend! I don’t even care if he’s gay or not!” Ivan’s voice is low and earnest and she looks down placing her spoon on the table.

“Father cares. I’m sorry Ivan.” She murmurs and Ivan stands up going to the bedroom getting his bag to go home.

When he steps inside the room is not a room but a bathroom with the shower working on. He steps inside looking around and sees a naked blonde under the water.

“Why are you in my house?” He asks frowning and the man turns around with a loud scream.

“What? OMG! WHY ARE YOU IN MY BATHROOM?” The blond yells and closes the water trying to cover his privates at the same time.

“I’m not!” Ivan plainly stated and the man looks at the towel rack as if it would get to him by sheer mind power.

“I’m naked don’t look!” The blond says and Ivan frowns. Well, this is new.

He is quite comfortable with male anatomy and being naked around said males.  

“Should I turn around?” He asks flushing a bit not knowing what to do.

“YES” the man says but Ivan keeps staring at the man trying to hold the towel around himself clumsily.

“Okay don’t turn but… the fuck you doing in my bathroom?” The man turns to him, wet and glaring at him and Ivan frowns looking around not recognizing the bedroom as his sister’s one.

“I’m not I… where am I?”  

“My bathroom.” The man looks at him as if he’s insane and Ivan presses his fingers to his forehead. His head is hurting.

“No. I was… I was in my sister’s guestroom.”  

“No, you’re in… a room?” Alfred blinks and looks around seeing a small room with a bag above the neatly made bed.

“See, bedroom.” Ivan says frowning and steps aside as the man goes to his side.

“Hum… how the fuck did I came here?” He asks but his voice is more subdued and Ivan shrugs his broad shoulders.

“I don’t know. ”

“It’s fucking freezing here! God.” He complains shivering and Ivan looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, you assaulted my house so I won’t give you clothes. You can leave like that.” He smiles pleasantly and both blink and look around.

“What but… shit… my head hurts… now we’re in my bathroom…” The blond says sighing.

“Well… is rather warm in here.” Ivan murmurs confused.

“Of course it is! We’re in California.”  Alfred states  


“Yeah, it’s spring and the weather is crazy. God, get out of my bathroom.” He says reminding himself of his nakedness and the other eyes widden.

“I was in Russia.”

“What?” He stops and looks at the man walking to him with narrowed eyes. “Are you real?”

“I… I am. Are you real?” Ivan asks and sees the blond raising his hand. He imitates the gesture and their fingers touch. He can feel them.  

The blond gasps and steps back.

“Holy shit you are real!”

“So are you…” Ivan looks at his own fingers curiously and the man looks at him frowning.

“What’s your name?”

“Ivan Braginski.”  

They look at each other and Alfred open’s his mouth to talk but he looks away.

“I’m okay.”

“Are you?” Ivan asks and the man turns to him gaping.

“What’s happening?” He asks and suddenly Ivan is on the bedroom and Alfred alone in the bathroom.

“Alfred, who are you talking to?” Alfred’s brother asks from the other side of the door and Alfred looks around searching for the other male.

“Hum.. No one?” He asks and opens the door. His brother eyes are reddish from the weed but he is looking at Alfred concerned.


“Did you saw some guy leaving the bathroom?” He asks and Matthew laughs.

“You wish! Go sleep Al.” He murmurs and leaves him blinking at the bathroom.

/there is more but i won’t post it yet./

niniblack  asked:

31, Damen & Laurent

31. Catching the other before they fall

It was very hard to tell when Laurent was drunk—even Damen might have missed it, except that he had actually watched him down glass after glass of Makedon’s griva, and thus knew it was physically impossible for him not to be drunk.

“My friends are a poor influence on you,” Damen said as he helped Laurent to his feet—still graceful and unyielding, if he had just a little bit of help.

“This was a deliberate choice,” Laurent said gravely. “It is part of a plan. Tomorrow no one will think less of me for going lighter on the griva. Perhaps abstaining altogether.”

“You impressed Makedon enough last time, I don’t think he would think less of you anyway.”

“Reputations are fragile things.”

Damen supposed it was natural that Laurent still guarded his steps so closely, among allies no less than among enemies. The habits that had preserved him for years would not be shed lightly, and perhaps not ever. But Makedon, once won over, was not shed lightly either—which was fortunate, since he had been within full hearing of Laurent’s pronouncement of his plan. He winked and raised an unsteady glass to Damen behind Laurent’s back.

Damen winked back and offered Laurent an arm, which he took with a nod of solemn gratitude. They began walking, slowly and carefully, back toward the chamber they’d been given at Makedon’s fort.

At the foot of the stone stairs, a flustered servant approached with bows and apologies.

“Exalted, forgive me for disturbing you, but one of your men is, ah, somewhat the worse for drink and is attempting, that is, we have detained him at the doorway to the maids’ quarters—”

Damen swore under his breath, propped Laurent against the wall, and took a moment to question the servant and give him orders on where to lock up the offender until he could be dealt with in the morning. When he turned back, Laurent was gone.

“You are very slow,” came Laurent’s voice from above him, and Damen saw with some horror that Laurent, now far gone enough to sway, was halfway up the unrailed staircase alone.

“Laurent, please stay there and wait for me—”

“I want my bed and you are slow.” Laurent glared narrow-eyed at his own feet, carefully raising one and advancing it to the next step.


He slipped. Damen saw it as if it were happening in honey, slow and unstoppable. Laurent’s ankle turned, he stumbled and pitched to the side, over the edge of the staircase.

Damen caught him, clumsy and unbraced so that the weight bore him to the floor with a heavy whumpf, but he’d had much worse falls.

For a moment he just lay there on his back, heart racing and breath wheezing. Laurent fought free of his arms enough to look down at him, eyes glassy and confused.

“Well, if you’d rather carry me…” He collapsed bonelessly onto Damen’s chest and immediately began to snore.

Snarling imprecations—and the occasional endearment—until the corridor echoed with them, Damen hefted Laurent over his shoulder and carried him up to bed.

drunk!Russia x Reader

Bitter tears

So, there are two things important when it came to Ivan and alcohol. Firstly, it’s incredibly hard to actually get him drunk. Secondly, don’t try it because if you succeed, it will result in a mess every time.
Y/N knew that. They also never had the intention to let it happen – it just… kinda did. So, well, basically, Y/N was out running errands because food doesn’t buy itself, sadly. It was cold, because – have you ever been to St. Petersburg in winter? It just is. Because it was a rather hostile climate at the moment, people spend most of their time at home – or at least indoors. So, Y/N was relatively happy when they were done running around in the cold and opened the door to their home. “Ivan? I’m back!” Y/N yelled. They frowned a little as they didn’t get a response. “Odd” Y/N remarked quietly and put the errands in the kitchen. It was shortly after six p.m. so it was way too early for him to be asleep – especially if one considers the fact that he appeared to go to bed incredibly late.
Y/N walked upstairs to the library, a room where Ivan often spend hours in. When Y/N opened the door, there was a stench in the air that they knew rather well. “Ivan? Are you here?” Y/N asked, a bit confused because the entire situation was incredibly unusual. They didn’t get a real reply, but they heard some sort of sob-like sound. Now, Y/N was even more confused. They walked to the back of the room – and then, they found Ivan. He sat on the floor, surrounded by opened photo albums. Some pictures had fallen out of the books and were spread all around him. Y/N didn’t see his face, they saw an empty bottle of some sort of alcohol. Y/N looked to the ground, looked at the pictures. They saw Ivan on them, together with his two sisters. On others, boys were on them, too. Three, to be exact. Toris, Raivis and Eduard. They used to be friends of Ivan, Y/N knew that. But that was a long time ago and Ivan had never wanted to talk about it. “Oh, Ivan” Y/N whispered, pressed their lips together and sat down next to him: “Why are you doing this to yourself?” “…Why? Why I am? Because they left me, Y/N! All of them!!” he replied angrily, “Just like everyone!” “I never left you” Y/N said silently, “Does that mean nothing to you?” It was this question that let his angriness fade into sorrow: “What did I do wrong, Y/N? What did I do to them for them to leave me?” His voice shook, just like his entire body. Y/N took his head and put it on their shoulder: “Freedom, Ivan. I believe they wanted freedom.” “Freedom” Ivan repeated and Y/N felt Ivan’s hot tears of sorrow falling on the ground, “I would have granted it.” “That is it, Ivan. You would have. Not they themselves” Y/N whispered: “You can’t keep what wants to leave. It would end in disaster. You did the right thing.” “… but, I… I don’t want to be alone” he whispered bitterly. “You are not. You just need to embrace what you have now. And I won’t go” Y/N replied and lifted his head so they could look in Ivan’s reddened eyes. He looked back at them, and all Y/N could see in his eyes was anger, bitterness, despair, sorrow. His lower lip trembled: “I… Do you promise?” “I swear on my very life, darling” Y/N replied and smiled at him. He wiped his nose with one hand and nodded. Y/N put their hands on his cheeks and wiped his tears away: “Don’t cry, Ivan. All is save now.” Again, he nodded, and he smiled. “See? It’s easy” Y/N said and kissed his nose: “And no matter how hard things are, you’re a warrior, Ivan. Remember that.”

Something Wrong

content: Castiel is concerned about Dean’s strange behavior and asks Sam for advice.

word count: 1,629

“Sam, I think there is something wrong with Dean.”

Castiel watches the younger Winchester sitting across from him at the library’s table closely as he immediately ignores his laptop and turns toward the angel, his face a mixture of confusion and concern.

“What do you mean?” Sam asks.

Castiel tilts his head and tries to come up with the right words to describe his observations of the last few days properly. In the end he settles with, “Dean’s behavior is … strange.”

Sam furrows his brows before shutting his laptop and putting it to the side. “Strange?” he repeats, sounding as if he’s no exactly sure how to interpret this term. “Um … you wanna elaborate, Cas?”

“I’m registering some abnormalities since last week,” Castiel explains. “It might even reach further back without my noticing.”

Sam wrinkles his forehead, probably trying to recall whether there had been incidents during his interactions with Dean that could verify Castiel’s assertion. But eventually he says, “I’m gonna need more than that.”

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Yugioh the darkside of dimensions English dub vs original Japanese

Also explanation of stuff and questions but OBVIOUSLY SPOILERS

Will add after I see the movie in english again, feel free to discuss/add anything else you noticed

But here’s a non-spoilery review:

Characters 8/10: The original cast is back and characterizaions are kept true to the 4kids version but with a feeling they kept from the original manga as well. Aigami himself is interesting but his motivation/endgoal is rather confusing and falls flat though it is more complex than other ygo movie villains we’ve seen.

Animation 9/10: While I would’ve preferred the 3D cgi kept to lower levels I can understand why with the insane intricate designs of the new monsters. Kagami as lead animation shines through with his style “strong face joey”, beautiful hands, etc etc brings back memories of some of the original anime’s most important duels. A scene with Yugi putting on the new duel disk was keyed by Takahashi himself so a fun easter egg! 

Story 9/10: Story-wise while I can see where Takahashi was trying to go with this but overall the plot was somewhat confusing. “Dimension summoning” i’m just going to straight up call it “we’re not even going to try to follow the actual card game rules anymore summoning” so avid TCG players may have a difficult time figuring out wtf is going on in the duels BUT non-TCG players will enjoy it more since it’s certainly more “flashy”. 

Overall 9/10: Bonds Beyond Time seemed to be a testing ground for Kagami - 3D team and DSoD is where the two really shine. While BBT was for the series 10th anniversary featuring DM, GX, and 5D’s (though extremely heavy on 5D’s plot due to it being the current running series), DSoD celebrates the series’ 20th anniversary and as such provided Takahashi with the means to answer quite a few of the major questions left after the conclusion of the manga. Takahashi brings a good end to certain character arcs and wraps up his original manga in a spectacular must-see epilogue for any original yugioh fan or those who remember yugioh from their childhood. 

Most theaters will only show for a day or two and only through next week so check the list for theaters near you: yugiohtickets.com

And now for the key differences/plot questions (answered?) (SPOILERS AFTER THE CUT)

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soporificsweetheart replied to your post “Send me Atemu prompts? He’s my favorite to write and I’m up for more…”

Post Canon Atem getting used to the modern world and treating himself. Spa day or something cute.

I can’t resist throwing my favorite girl into this, she is necessary for this.

Mai coming over was a bit of a surprise, but it wasn’t unwelcomed.

Atemu happily let her in, but was a bit surprised to find her bringing in a small travel bag with her. “What’s that for?” He asked, rather confused.

“Well, Yugi gave me a great idea the other day when I was on the phone with him. He said that you’ve been adjusting to the modern world and stuff lately, but you keep stressing yourself out over the little thing. So Mama Mai is here to help with that stress!”

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Emerald Green Limerence


A/N: As a Slytherin, I’m here to stand as a representative for all my misunderstood housemates. 

Word Count: 1,459

You awoke from dreaming status when unfamiliar voices could be heard outside your door inside the Goldstein sisters’ apartment. You weren’t aware of any guests who were coming over that day and found it quite odd as well since the sisters would tell you ahead of time if company was to be expected. It wasn’t that you were bothered that there was unannounced guests but rather that you were awfully shy and socializing didn’t come easy to you like it did with Queenie and and Tina.

Queenie knocked on your door and opened it a slight bit, pulling you from thought then looked up to give her a small smile. “Hi, sweetie. Tina brought some boys back for dinner and all. It’s not a problem for you, is it?” She asked and you shook your head.

“No, not at all. I’ll- uh… be out in a moment. I have to freshen up quickly, okay?” You murmured and moved off you bed to change into more appropriate clothes for the house guests. You opted for your favourite emerald green dress and smiled at your reflection. It reminded of you of the Slytherin house you’d spent seven years of your life in, and a tiny sense of house pride still remained despite the fact you knew other people commonly disliked Slytherins. You nodded once at your looks, confident that you looked half decent, then exited into the main room. The table had already been set for dinner, Queenie was bustling about and creating her signature strudel while talking to an awestruck man already seated, and Tina had been chatting with someone. You chose to stand in the back of the room, not wanting to attract attention to yourself but the plan was quickly shattered when the brunette woman looked over at you and greeted you. The man who she was holding a conversation with always directed his gaze towards you, making you blush furiously at the attention you were receiving.

“Well- hello. I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” You squeaked and gave the whole group, who all now had noticed your presence, a timid wave. Queenie had noticed your distress and swiftly announced that dinner was ready and for everyone to be seated. You silently thanked her, letting out a sigh in relief before taking your seat at the head of the table across from the man in the blue jacket.

Over the course of dinner you learned the names of both strangers and why they were with Tina in the first place. The wizard, Newt Scamander, had been in town for magical creature business and had accidentally exposed the muggle, Jacob Kowalski, to a bit of magic. Newt had given you small glances throughout the meal which both made your cheeks hot with embarrassment and heart flutter. ‘You’ve only just met this man! You have to stop these ludicrous thoughts about him!’ Your mind barked at you, causing you to advert your gaze away from the captivating man. You spent most of the time in silence, observing everyone making conversations, yearning for someone to look over at you and start a conversation. Nevermind you couldn’t hold one that well with unfamiliar people due to your shy nature, but willing to make an exception for Newt. As if he was reading your mind (though to your knowledge Queenie was the only person you knew with legilimency) the man looked up at you and spoke.

“Your accent obviously isn’t American so I assume you’re from England?” He gave you a small smile, as if relieved that there was another Brit in New York. You nodded and smiled back. Newt continued. “Then that means you went to Hogwarts, correct? What is your house? I’m a Hufflepuff.” Oh. You definitely could not tell him your house in fear of rejection from such a sweet Hufflepuff like him. You never were as nasty as some of your housemates, but no one gave you a chance to explain yourself or bother getting to know you better, to see that you were actually quite kind, when you would tell them that you were a Slytherin.

You opened your mouth to reply until Queenie cut you off, thank Merlin. She shot you a wink before piping up. “I think it’s time for bed, yea? I know I’m exhausted, aren’t you (Y/N). And surely you are too, Mr. Scamander and Mr. Kowalski. Tina can show you where you can stay for the night!” You hurriedly thanked for the meal and excused yourself from the table to rush back into your safe haven of a room. Newt looked at your retreating figure, head tilting adorably. He was secretly disappointed that you had left before the two of you could chat longer and hoped he could see you once more before he parted ways. In fact, he was quite determined to talk to you some more, to get to know you more and to figure out if you were in school with him during the same years, It would be a logical plause, considering how the both of you were approximately the same age if he guessed correctly.

You laid in your bed, idly fiddling with your old and worn school tie bearing its distinct rich emerald green. All you could think of was the Hufflepuff man you had recently met, and it frustrated you. It was quite an imagination, you thought, if anyone- let alone a sweet Hufflepuff- would want to associate themselves with a Slytherin. It was also childish of you to develop a crush on someone you had just met, but a part of your brain nagged at your pessimistic thoughts. That part of your consciousness argued that you had seen Newt before, most likely at school, and it felt as if old emotions were surfacing. You pondered upon this theory, and before you knew it, half an hour had passed. A knock rapped at your door, and figuring it was one of the sisters you replied with a “Come in,” allowing entrance to the awaiting person on the other side. The person cleared their throat, alarming you and sending you straight up, eyes wide at the sight of said person in front of you.

Newt stumbled over his words, flicking his gaze all around your room, not seeming to catch the bundle of fabric wrapped around your hand. “Um- he-hello. I didn’t mean to startle you… I- I can leave if you would prefer.” He was already prepared to walk out the door, all confidence down the drain and regretting his bold decision of intruding on you.

“No!” You called after him while jumping up and reaching towards the man. Stunned by your abrupt outburst, you immediately shrunk back into your bed and began mindlessly fidgeting with the tie once again. He looked back, surprised you were willinging to let him stay without a good reason and looked at you. That was when he caught sight of the tie and scrunched his nose. He had never met a Slytherin who was so timid, but that wasn’t a bad comment towards you, not at all. When you mustered enough courage to look up at Newt, you regretted it. His expression seemed like he was displeased of your house.

“I don’t want to sound conceited or anything along those lines, nor do I want to come across as too forceful, but not all Slytherins are rotten people you’ve come to know through your schooling experience and such. In fact, many of us are kind people but are usually washed out due to the few cynical people from our house.” You tried to explain, though your voice was meek and trailed off towards the end. But Newt understood what you had said and agreed with it.

“I understand that, love. I- well I didn’t mean to express displeasure but-uh but rather confusion. I have never really met someone like you. Oh dear, now it sounds like I’m talking about a beast rather than a person. I’m deeply sorry about that, jus-just don’t know how to piece my thoughts together.” He babbled, hands flying everywhere as he attempted to express his emotions. You chuckled and shook your head amusingly.

“It’s quite alright, Mr. Scamander-”

“Please, call me Newt.” He interrupted hastily. You nodded your head before continuing, trying to rush before you lost all nerve again.

“I think I would like to get to you know a little more, Newt.” You finished off, curtly nodding as if confirming that you, yes, you actually said that.

“I- I would love that, (Y/N).” He replied with an adorable dimpled smile plastered on his face. You were quite possibly infatuated with this man, and he in turn, quite possibly returned your feelings.  

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Request- Hello beautiful I was hoping I can request an imagine and if yes can you do an imagine where when Lucifer comes back in Castiel’s vessel he comes to find you but you don’t know it’s him. But little did he know you had a kid with him so then out of nowhere little boy comes holding your hand and Casifer just doesn’t know what to do

A/N- OMG If any of you recognize the name… I’m sorry I had to!!! I really REALLY like the name and even when I tried looking for a different one they just didn’t click wit me… If you don’t recognize it… Then well that saves me a bit of humiliation… ha… ha ANYWAYS! i really liked writing this! Tell me what you think! x)

Casifer x Reader

Word Count- 963

The very same day Castiel said yes to Lucifer, worried as you were; you send Cas a message, not knowing what had occurred.

From: Y/N


Hey Cas, how’d everything go? Is everyone fine?

Lucifer found it strange that you of all people were texting Castiel. ‘Why?’ he thought.

From: Castiel


Everything went as expected. Everyone is fine.

Lucifer sighed. It was going to be annoying to act like Castiel all the time.

From: Y/N


… And how is he? Is he… No never mind Are you still gonna come over tomorrow?


“What?” Lucifer said aloud. “Are Castiel and…” he started with a scowl that didn’t suit Castiel’s face. “We’ll see…”


From: Castiel


Yes. Of course.



From: Y/N


Great! See you tomorrow then


“Castiel… Just what is your relationship with Y/N?” he asked as if though Castiel would answer him.

Now all Lucifer had to do was wait around. As simple as it was, waiting, it was hard for him. After all, you were always the one who got to him. He was never himself around you, or; one could say he was an older version of himself. Someone he longed wanted to leave behind and forget.

A part of him was happy that you asked for him. His eyes soften even if just a bit, and a small smile appeared on his lips.


The Next Day~

Lucifer appeared in your home in form of Castiel. He had been here many times before but never as Castiel. He leaned against the kitchen doorway- watching you wash the dishes before he smiled a little. “Y/N,” he said in Cas’ monotonous voice.

You turn around, “Hey Cas!” you beamed. “Um… Sorry about just springing it on you… But I was super happy that you actually want to meet him.”

Lucifer was more than confused, “Yes- well,” he starts but something or rather someone stopped him.

A child, half his size, rushed passed him. He ran to you and hugged you.

“Hey sweetheart,” you say in a happy soft voice. You steer his attention to Castiel, “Hun, this is Castiel.”

The boy held your hand and shrank back behind you. “Mom…” he whispered.

‘Mom!’ Lucifer shouted in his head.

“This is?” Lucifer questioned.

“Well… this is Luciel… I told you about him already,” you respond.

Lucifer shook his head, “Right… Wait… Luciel?”

“Well… I guess with all that’s been going on it slipped your mind,” you respond.

“Forgive me I-” he stammers, not knowing what else to say. He was too shocked to think of anything else.

“No it’s fine. This is a happy occasion. Luciel- this is Cas; he’s your uncle,” you tell him.

“His father..?” Lucifer questioned.

You sighed, “Um… Luciel go play with your toys honey.” He happily complied and ran to his room. “Cas… I’ve only ever been with one person… and I haven’t exactly told Luciel that his dad is Lucifer; the king of hell himself.” You sighed again, “I’m really sorry for asking you this of you but… Luciel’s powers are starting to kick in and… I have no idea how to teach him to control them. Will you please teach him? Please Cas,” you pleaded.

“Powers?” Lucifer asked.

“Well yeah… He’s half human, half-”

“Angel,” he finished for you. “Don’t worry… I’ll look after him,” he said.

“Thank you so much Cas,” you say giving him a hug, “You’re literally the only angel I could rely on… we’ve been fine on our own but I’ve been pretty scared that another angel will come and-” you stop yourself from saying anymore.

Lucifer, internally struggling with whether or not to reveal himself, he pulled away from your embrace, and place his hands on your shoulders. “For as long as I’m alive, he will not be harmed,” he said, continuing his Castile impression.

You smiled sweetly, “Thanks Cas…” you looked toward Luciel’s room then back to Castiel. “So… How… How was Lucifer?” you managed to ask.

“Do you really want to know?” he inquired.

You smiled sadly, “Yeah… I didn’t want to ask… I mean- after all these years, you would think I would have forgotten all about him but… I can’t.”

“I… He hasn’t forgotten about you either,” he responded with the smallest hint of a smile.

You smiled back, “Well… um… When does the training start? He’s pretty eager to start,” you inform.

“We can start right now if you’d like,” he answered.

“Great! I’ll go get him… Oh and… When Luciel gets serious… he kind of resembles his dad,” you inform him.

“Like m… his dad?” Lucifer questioned, hoping you didn’t catch that he almost said me.

You thought about how to explain it, “He- has Lucifer’s confident gleam in his eyes. He’ll try to get two or three steps ahead of you.”

“I see… Can he transport himself?” he asked.

“Only short amount of range I think. He still can’t quite land where he wants,” you respond.

“Luciel!” he called. “Try appearing in front of your mother,” he commanded.

It took a few tries but he did it.

“Hun- Uncle Cas is going to train you,” you tell him.

“Train me? With my powers?” he asked.

You nodded, “Yes. He’s an angel- remember I told you.”

“Like Dad?” he questioned.

You smiled, “Just like your dad.”

Lucifer started freaking out, “Excuse me,” he said quickly, before teleporting out.

“Cas?” you called, but it was too late- he was already gone.

Lucifer reappeared in hell. He let out a long almost shaky breathe, “A kid…” he whispered to himself. “I have a kid with Y/N…” he whispered again. He laughed in disbelief. He took a few more seconds to calm down and let it sink. He let out another breathe and went back to you and Luciel. “Let’s get started.”

Hope you liked it! x)