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Mental Illness in the Horror Genre

Something that pissed me off the other day.

Talking to a guy who knows my parents but doesn’t know me very well, and he tells me that his friend (indeed, a very nice and talented actor) recently put out a horror movie. And I’m interested until I hear the words “So it’s about this guy with OCD…” and at that point my mom and I give each other a sidelong glance.

I say, “I don’t know, because I have OCD and it’s a pretty serious thing for me.”

To which he follows up, “Oh, you don’t have it like this guy! You’re totally functional!”

Okay, dude. Yes, I am standing before you in a fancy club, dressed nice, and looking relatively balanced. But you do not know me. You do not know OCD.

You do not know that I have been non-functional, and that in order to maintain my current balance of sanity, I take daily medication and see a weekly therapist, and I still have downward spirals and panic attacks.

OCD can add to a story, for sure. The Aviator is a great example–albeit, it was on the voyeuristic side, kind of “check out what a weirdo this guy really is”, but his condition was portrayed in a realistic and *sympathetic* manner, because it focused so hard on his anxiety and entrapment.

I don’t need a horror movie about my disorder for a couple reasons.
1. I already live the horror movie that is OCD.
2. Just like people with psychosis, schizophrenia/schizotypal disorders, dissociative identity disorders, and any other number of mental disorder that makes us act in unusual and yes, sometimes frightening ways, I don’t need it to be the hinge for your horror flick, a handy device that makes more people like you scared and misunderstanding of people like me.
3. And for people with the above disorders who may not be diagnosed, they don’t need to be told that they are dangerous monsters and cause them to avoid treatment out of fear. (This goes double for people who experience paranoia or delusions as part of their symptoms.)

This post ended up way longer than I meant, but really, truly, hear me out creators:


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I think the most important question of all time is if Derek prefers belly rubs, or is he the kind of 'clingy when cuddling' boyfriend so he just lays on top of Stiles and lets him rub his back (and sometimes his butt) ? My personal headcanon is that werewolves can get sort of stoned from their mate's scent and Derek once a month likes to climb into Stiles' lap and melt into his arms surrounded by his boyfriend's scent. Bonus pie points if Derek steals Stiles' shirts to wear when he's napping

You have no idea how much I just screamed over this ask. This is being filed under “favourites”, for sure. 

I think Derek is the type of guy who really, really likes cuddles and anything that involves getting to touch Stiles, but pretends he’s completely indifferent to it/does it only to “shut Stiles up”. Which, you know, is complete lies. The first time Stiles sleeps next to Derek in a bed, it’s painfully obvious Derek wants to cuddle but he just doesn’t know how to go about asking. Poor, awkward lamb. Stiles nearly makes a joke at Derek’s expense about how obvious it is because, well, but he refrains at the last minute upon seeing Derek’s face - Derek doesn’t just look nervous, he looks scared, like he might be rejected - and shaking his head (because this adorable asshole) Stiles shifts closer and hastily mumbles something about not having his pillow, “so you’ll have to do, big guy”.

Before they get together, it takes a while for Derek to get used to being tactile with Stiles. Derek is fine touching other people - he has the control that way - but he’s still not good with people touching him. Unfortunately, that’s not a great combination when you are a touch starved werewolf with trust issues, because it pretty much means the only kind of physical contact Derek ever receives is either in life or death situations or during (not so fun and friendly) pack training sessions. Not ideal. Of course, after a while, Stiles clocks this. 

Stiles has known about Derek’s touch issues since he first met him, but it’s better now (he thinks). So he tries small things: sitting next to Derek during pack movie nights and pressing his leg against his; letting himself fall asleep on Derek’s shoulder (desperately trying not to read too much into it when Derek doesn’t move away); and, a few times, hugging Derek goodbye and lingering longer than he should each time he does it. 

After a while, Derek starts touching Stiles back. One day, he just crawls through Stiles’ window and sits by Stiles’ bed until Stiles - very tired and not thinking things through too much - puts a hand on Derek’s shoulder and tells him in no uncertain terms “ to get up here for some Stilinski spooning time”. Derek grumbles at that but he’s in Stiles’ bed exactly twenty seconds later, which gives Stiles major pause for thought. 


And listen, this is how it goes on. They aren’t even together but Derek touching Stiles and being touched by him soon becomes A Thing. For both of them. A very important thing. The life of Derek Hale suddenly becomes about three things: the pack, Cora, and Stiles. 

Sometimes, Stiles sleeps over at the loft. Not for any reason other than the fact Stiles does a lot of late night research there, but after a while it kind of becomes apparent Stiles is there for “research times” and what he has come to call “Derek’s personal pillow times”. Derek’s person pillow times often involve Derek shyly (but somehow still grumpily) crawling into Stiles’ lap and (not so subtly) scenting him. Stiles asked about the scenting thing once and Derek stopped for three weeks, entirely embarrassed - Derek had looked so upset and torn about the whole thing (aka, he looked like a hurt five year old) that eventually Stiles had just marched into the loft, stuck Batman on, and told Derek to get his “fluffy butt in here. I mean it Derek, my neck is lonely now. Don’t leave a bro in need like this, it’s accustomed to your snout!” Stiles expected Derek to either throw him out or snark at him for that but instead, Derek shuffled - actually shuffled - into the room (still appearing out of nowhere, the creepy show off), holding himself rather tight, before crawling into Stiles’ lap and staying there for exactly 2.5 Batman movies, face buried in Stiles’ neck. (Stiles does not grin manically when he feels Derek’s whole body sag against him, like he hasn’t been able to settle without him.) 

During Stiles’ second year of college, they have their first kiss. Well, if a first kiss can be called a first kiss when the dude you are hard core crushing on puts a finger to your lips half way through your perfectly valid rant about why Princess Leia is The Best, stares into your eyes for a solid three minutes (and somehow makes it both awkward and the best fucking thing you have ever experienced when looking at someone), before placing a very soft and intimate kiss to your neck. Stiles has no idea what it even means until he eventually plucks up the courage to ask Cora who instantly threatens him with bodily harm if Stiles hurts her brother. (”So, uh, the neck thing was…..?” “My brother’s traditional, dorky way of telling you he loves you. Duh. Jesus Stiles, and you call yourself our Emissary?”)

From then on out, Derek’s attachment to touching Stiles just becomes more intense. In front of people and the pack he’ll settle for holding hands or being next to Stiles, but in private he becomes like a lazy cat. He gets very pouty when he wakes up and finds Stiles not in bed for morning cuddles; he loves being able to wash Stiles’ hair; back rubs and head rubs are his favourite, especially when he’s reading or they are watching movies (Derek’s introducing all the classics to Stiles, like Rebecca and The Breakfast Club; “no, Spider-man doesn’t count as a classic, Stiles” “says who?” “says me if you still want a blow job later” ). Mostly though, he just loves being in his old position of sitting in Stiles’ lap and burying his face in Stiles’ neck. 

Sometimes Stiles will talk about his day while Derek does this and it works for both of them because Derek is surrounded by Stiles’ scent, his voice, his whole being; and that calms him, settles him in a way he hasn’t been since before the fire. And in turn, having someone to listen to him - really, truly listen - while he’s talking, brings Stiles a kind of happiness he’s never experienced before. Sure, people hear him. They talk to him and hold conversations. But sooner or later Stiles always sees their eyes wander, sees the start of a yawn or is outright told to shut up. 

Stiles knows his attention isn’t anything to write home about but there is a difference between being unable to hold someone’s attention and someone just not wanting to hold your attention, specifically. Of course, Derek still tells Stiles to shut up, that’s never a thing that stopped between them, but now it usually ends in heated make out sessions or sex, so, Stiles really has no complaints. But in moments like these, with Derek in his lap, Derek just listens. He can sit for hours and never tires of Stiles. If Stiles is happy, he smiles into his neck, makes these little happy sounds; if he’s sad, he’ll kiss his neck, and murmur quiet things; angry, he’ll hold him tighter and let him vent, for as long as he likes. 

Some couples have hobbies, have things, but this is their ritual. Just this. Every other day, just having this quiet moment of peace and happiness. A bubble no one can penetrate. It’s a visible anchor, the place they always come back to. It’s a place they both need; the place Stiles needs when he’s feeling insecure and the place Derek needs when he’s feeling lonely. Nothing can touch them in it, no high is better. Especially to Derek who really can feel a little drunk off of Stiles’ scent, sometimes. It’s a kind of closeness both of them have always craved but never really gotten. It’s Derek’s way of saying I love you when he finds it difficult to say it. It’s Stiles’ way of knowing I’m needed when he doubts it. 

It’s just them, and even though it sometimes freaks Stiles out - the stillness, the fact he can be this still, for hours - it serves as a precious reminder that after all the chaos, after all the loss and heart break, that they found this: they found a small and quiet, beautiful thing. And they found it in each other, which is both the most baffling and the least surprising thing of all. 

Loki Imagine - You Realize He’s ‘Odin’

WARNING! Ragnarok spoilers!!!!

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Your P.O.V.

Ever since Thor had left Asgard, going back on Midgard to be with his human friends, Odin had been acting strange. I was a maid in the royal castle and a long time ago I had been great friends with Loki. He had been the only person I could lean on and it was the same for him. Sadly, he got dragged into a pit of darkness and during the chaos with the dark elves, he had died.

I had cried for weeks in row, not being able to handle my crushed heart. A part of me hoped he was still alive and to this day, I mentioned him in my prayers to Valhalla.

It was evening and Odin had returned from his daily duties, which nowadays consisted of theatre and other fun things. The people of Asgard seemed to enjoy the less uptight king but I thought it was fishy.

As I put the books back in place in the library, someone walked in. I stood behind a shelf and held my breath as I saw Odin. He looked around him after closing the door, almost as if he searched for other people. What on earth was Odin doing in the library? I had never seen a book in that old man’s hands.

Odin walked to a tall bookshelf and looked around. Instead of grabbing the book with his hands, he lifted his hand and a golden shimmer appeared around his fingers. Then the book levitated to him magically. A gasp left my lips and I dropped the book I had been holding, making Odin notice me.

Our eyes met and we were quiet for a while. That’s when I put all the puzzle pieces together. Of course! I couldn’t have been this dumb. ‘’Loki’’ I whispered and stepped out from my hiding place. He seemed a little stressed now. ‘’I know it’s you, quit the act’’ I added harshly and felt adrenaline in my veins. My heart was beating harder and I was a little scared.

‘‘Fine’‘ He groaned and let his magic vanish, revealing the truth. Loki stood right in front of me, tall and healthy. His black hair was shiny and he was wearing his usual green clothes. Seeing him alive blew my mind. I covered my trembling lips with my hands as tears stung my eyes sharply. A shiver ran down my spine and I tried to process this all.

‘‘Y/N I can explain’‘ Loki attempted to speak with me but it made it worse. Hearing his voice brought back so many memories. A sob escaped my lips and I closed my eyes, trying hard to contain my emotions but I couldn’t. I had lived long believing my best friend and the man I adored had died!

‘‘W-why didn’t you t-tell me?’‘ I whimpered and looked him in the eye. Loki seemed genuinely worried now. I could almost see a hint of sadness in his pretty blue-green eyes. ‘‘I couldn’t afford getting caught but here we are’‘ He smiled lightly almost like this wasn’t a big deal.

‘‘I thought you were dead!’‘ I raised my voice which caused him to shush me immediately. Loki stepped right in front of me and he grabbed me by my wrists, gently tho. His touch sent another shiver to run down my spine coldly. My entire body was quivering and my mind was running in circles.

‘‘I know, I know and I’m sorry’‘ Loki whispered to me softly. That’s when I couldn’t deny my actions anymore. I freed my wrists from his hands and wrapped my arms around his body, hiding my face in his chest. His scent made me feel like home again. Loki hesitated for a moment until he decided to hug me back, wrapping his arms around my frame safely.

I was crying lightly and my hot tears soaked his clothes. Luckily, Loki and I had been friends through tough times so he had comforted me before. It was bittersweet tho, because he was the reason for my tears this time. ‘’I missed you’’ I admitted and sniffled. Loki’s cool hands were patting my back gently.

‘‘I missed you too’‘ He let me know and it swelled my heart a little bit.After a while of hugging, I looked up to see his face. His eyes were glistening but he wasn’t crying. As he saw me facing him, he offered me a tiny smile. There was absolutely zero signs of mischief. He was actually there and he cared.

We gazed into each other’s eyes and somehow he made my anger fade away. I knew that somehow he could explain this all to me in a way it would make sense. Suddenly Loki’s hand travelled up so he cupped my face, wiping a tear away with his big thumb. His touch felt nice and I was pretty sure my cheeks warmed up.

‘‘I’m glad you caught me’‘ He admitted silently. I couldn’t help but to let out a chuckle. He was back and it filled me with joy. Suddenly Loki leaned down and the tip of his nose brushed against mine. My heart skipped a beat because I was taken by surprise.

‘‘May I?’‘ He whispered and I felt his breath on my lips. My entire body felt tense because I was so nervous but I didn’t back off either. I nodded and that’s when he shut the distance between us by pressing his rosy lips on mine. It felt perfect. My eyes shut and I melted into our luscious kiss. 

For a perfect moment, I forgot about all the pain. Loki fucking kissed me! Our lips molded almost like they were made for each other. I felt like I was on fire because the passion inside me crawled through. I held onto his shoulder and pressed myself closer, devouring his lips with pleasure.

Our emotions were evident in our sweet shared moment. We had both missed each other madly and during that time, we had both realized how much we truly cared for each other. It was obvious now that I cared about Loki in a romantic way and he seemed to feel the same. 

After a while we had to part so we could breathe. A smile appeared on my face and Loki seemed surprised by his actions. Luckily, he smiled as well. ‘’That was nice’’ I let him know quietly. ‘’Indeed my princess’’ He purred and the way he spoke sent a thrill to my body.

 Loki pulled me close again and kissed me hungrily, all our feelings finally pulling through. After years of nervous talk, hinting about our feelings yet never doing anything about it, this was truly an overwhelming moment.Loki bit my bottom lip, asking for access for a deeper kiss.

Just like that, the God of Mischief made me forgive his actions and I melted against him like ice in sunshine. I was just thankful that he was alive and well and all the explanations would be told later, not now.

I was glad I caught him too.


Apparently, Miss Cullen and Miss Hale have a presentation for us.

REQUESTED - Familiarity (2/2)

Request: So, i don’t know if u take requests, but, i would like to make one. I saw u liked some Peter Parker X Reader stuff ( I’m not a stalker, I SWEAR) and i was wondering if u would do a one-shot or something like that about the reader being Peter’s classrommate but for some reason being called to the avengers, and he is there in his suit and he keep seeing her in the school wondering why she was there? pls? - Anon

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 2,306

Warning: Fluff, cursing, violence(?)

(A/N): HELLO! So, Familiarity was supposed to be a one-shot, but  well, some people asked me to do a second part and HERE AM I! Well, It took me long because school is back and it’s killing me like thIS FUCKING TEACHER, IN HER FIRST DAY OF TEACHING, SHE ALREADY MADE US DO A FUCKING MANUSCRIPT WORK ABOUT THE FUCKING POLITICS OF ENGLAND BEFORE THE REVOLUTIONS AND A FUCKING BOARD ABOUT THE HOUSE OF THE LORDS AND THE HOUSE OF THE COMMONS BIIIITCH R U KIDDING ME???????? K, I’m better. 

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I headed out of my chemistry class, yawning and giggling at something my friend said about the fact that Peter had canceled our date.

“I had so much hope for him!” I laughed at her overreact and fake crying, greeting a couple of people on my way down to my locker.

I felt someone staring at me and looked to Peter; he was with his friend, Ned. His friend also looked at me and turned quickly to talk something with Peter, that shrugged his shoulders.

“I did it for a reason! And you know who was there on the Avenger’s tower?” I read his lips, narrowing my eyes and before he could say anything more I said to my friend, knowing that he would probably hear

“You know, doesn’t Spiderman look a little bit too young? Maybe he is someone of this school?” She frowned her brows and looked up, like she was thinking about what I said while I gave him a challenging glance. He pressed his lips and I winked at him when we passed next to him, he tensed his shoulders, taking the threat.

“I never thought of that.” I smiled and nodded, looking over my shoulder and smirking at Peter

“But he seems hot, though.” My crush blushed and coughed, receiving pats from Ned.

“Dude, you need to call her out again!” I read Ned’s lips and smirked, looking to my locker while my friend waited for me, humming a song she heard somewhere.

“He knows that I called you, right, Tarantula-boy?” I whispered and he itched his red neck, making me smile a little bit

“Let’s go?” I nodded and when we passed next to my crush again, I stopped and touched his arm. Damn he has muscles!

“Hey, Peter!” He widened his eyes while Ned choked and my friend laughed “So, I was thinking… Would you like to go on a date with me?”

“W-What?!” It looked like he couldn’t believe that I asked him again and in the middle of the corridor, where some people were already whispering

“YES, HE WOULD!” Ned said and I chuckled

“Thanks, Ned.” He looked surprised at me, making me arch a brow

“You know my name?”

“Huh, Yeah? We’ve been taking classes together for years now.” His cheeks turned red and I smiled gently “Besides, you’re cool.”

“Y/N, we will be late to the devil.” My friend said and I laughed, nodding with my head

“Mrs. Owllyn is indeed the devil. Well, nice talking to you, Ned.” I looked at Peter again and smiled shyly, well, my ‘evil, threatening, bold bitch’ was already gone. “I’ll text you the place, ok?” He nodded, still looking surprised and I turned on my heels, running to catch up with my friend.

“Awn, if you weren’t the evilest bitch I know, I would think you were cute and innocent.” I laughed and smacked her shoulder, making her moan in pain, but she gave me a playful nasty gaze “Harder, daddy”

“Jesus fuck, woman!” I choked, laughing so hard that I almost started crying

“Hm, I didn’t know you two liked this kind of stuff.” Flash said maliciously, making my laugh die right when he finished his sentence “I guess you two would like a threesome, than, huh?”

“Fuck, we would!” I laughed, making his smirk grow bigger “But not with you. You piece of shit.” He grabbed my arm, making me moan in pain while my friend almost screamed at him:

“Let go out her right fucking now, you stupid scumbag!”

Shut the fuck up.” He hissed, at that point everyone were looking at us

“I will give you one second, if you don’t let go of me, I’ll break your fucking nose.” I growled, not feeling the tip of my fingers because of the anger

“Look, bitch, I’ve been good enough with you. You’re going to-” I didn’t let him finish, just pulled my free hand and used it to hit his nose, pulling the strength from my hips and shoulder. He screamed, taking a few steps back and using his hands to cover his nose, since it was bleeding “Y-You BITCH! Y-You broke my nose!” He cried and I looked to Peter, he was behind him, as if he was coming to help me before I freed myself

“I warned you.” I got close, grabbing – painfully – his chin to hiss at his face “If you get closer to me or my friend again, your nose will be your less worry.” He squeaked and I smiled devilish at him “Got that, shithead?” He nodded looking scared, before running away to the boy’s bathroom.

What. The. Fuck. Was. That?” She said before jumping and cheering “YOU WERE FUCKING AMAZING!” I just chuckled, denying with my head and sighing, stroking my own arm, the one with new bruises

“Are you alright?” Peter asked, coming closer with his brows frowned in anger, even though his voice was incredibly calm and soft.

“Oh, yes. I’ve been through worst.” He frowned his eyebrows even more and slid his fingertips on the red marks; I followed his hand, noticing that it was the first time we touched skin to skin.

“That was a pretty punch.” I giggled and shrugged my shoulders as he slide his hand to mine, looking at the knuckled before getting my other hand – the one I used to hit Flash – and gently brushing his thumb on them, they were a little bit red.

“Well, at least he let go of me.” Peter nodded slightly and then raised his eyes at mine

“Sorry I wasn’t fast enough to take him out myself” I couldn’t help but smile at his words, FUCK THAT WAS CUTE

“FUCKING ADORABLE, Y/N, IF YOU DON’T KISS HIM I WILL” Of course my friend had to break the moment, He blushed while I rolled my eyes, staring coldly at her, seeing her apologize silently

“Thanks, Peter. But as you said, I got a pretty punch.” He chuckled and let go of my hands, giving one step away from me.

“Mrs. Y/L/N, if you’re done with making a show, please, enter the class.” Mrs. Owllyn hissed, making me roll my eyes again while Peter smiled

“My place at seven. Don’t be late.” I smiled and waved before turning on my heels and entering the class, giving Mrs. Demon a fake grin

Calm down, Y/N. It’s not like you haven’t been on dates before!” My friend tried to calm me from her house, we were face-timing and I giggled nervously

“Yeah, but I have never liked someone like this and you know it.” She shrugged her shoulders and smiled at me

You’re looking amazing, you ordered pizza, you both are probably going to talk about those nerdy and geeky stuff you both enjoy and in a couple years, you will be wearing a white dress and entering the church to the sound of Princess Leia’s Theme.” I gasped

“You remember!”

How could I fucking forget? When the actress died you couldn’t stop listening to that fucking music!

“Are you trying to make me cry? Because I’m almost sobbing here, why did you have to remember me that?” She laughed loudly and I heard someone knocking on my door, my friend smiled at me and wished me luck while I tried to calm myself down. I put a smile on my face and opened the door, feeling it die when Tony Stark stood in front of me “No.”

“I didn’t even say anything!” He giggled and I denied with my head

“It doesn’t matter! I won’t go anywhere! I was able to call Peter out on a date again, and your old ass won’t ruin it!”

My hands went to my hips as I narrowed my eyes at his shit-eating grin

“First of all, my ass is not old. Second, I’m just here to pay for your work and to give you some new intel we will need you to work on, but don’t worry. It’s not priority.” I let out a sigh of relief and opened more my door, giving him the chance to enter and see that everything was right-placed to a cinema night. Some cushion and pillows on the couch, pizza, sodas, popcorn, some candies and most important: Netflix.

“Three minutes.” He just giggled and handed me two envelopes, one of them bigger and fatter than the other. I presumed that the bigger one had the files and the smallest was the payment. “What will I exactly do with the Intel?”

“You’re going to search those files for something that could help and give us any clue to end the mission or go forward with it.” I nodded and looked inside of it, I saw a pen-drive on the middle of the papers “This is one of the most simple we had, since it would be your first one and you didn’t receive any training, we thought it would be better to you. Besides, you also have the school.” Stark said seeming sincere, he wasn’t mocking me. Just worried and wanted me to get used to it.

“Okay, I’ll take a look as soon as I can. Who do I contact when I finish it?”

“Me, Captain, Natasha, you choose. Inside those files you’ll find everyone’s form of contact.” I nodded with my head and smiled at him

“Thank you, Mr. Stark”

“Oh, please, call me Tony. Mr. Stark was my father.” I nodded and he got up from the chair of the kitchen, heading to the door and I followed him “Oh, before I forget: You must know that you will work on the intelligence. You won’t go out on missions, fighting and this kind of stuff.”

“Thank god! Even though I know how to defend myself, I’m not so sure if my body would be as good as my brain.” I chuckled and he smiled while I opened the door, Peter had his hand raised as if he was going to knock the door, but quickly lowered it down, trying to look surprised with Tony Stark being in there

“Mr. Stark! I didn’t know you were in there!” That made me bite a grin back and deny with my head, Tony smirked at him and stepped out of my apartment

“Y/N, don’t eat him alive. We’ll need him.” I laughed and nodded with my head

“I’ll try.” He giggled one last time before heading to the stairs “You’re late.” Peter shrugged his shoulders and I opened more the door to him

“You know, some bad guys crossed my way.” I smiled and closed my door, heading to my bathroom so I could get my first aid kit. When I got back to the living room, he was standing in the middle of it, looking curiously at the files of the Intel Tony had just handed me.

“That is classified.” I joked, slightly pulling him to the couch, so I could take care of the bruises on his face. He blushed and I soaked a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Peter had his eyes on me while I started to clean his cheek; it wasn’t that bad, actually. Just a little bit scratched.

“You’re… Going to make part of the team, definitely?” I nodded with my head, carefully rubbing his chin now, trying to pay attention to his wounds, and not to his rose lips.

“But I’ll only make part of the intelligence. I’m not as brave as you guys.” He blushed again and I smiled, finally looking into his eyes, just to find myself closer to his face than I thought I was. “Sorry.” I mumbled, getting up and clearing my throat. “So, Harry Potter or Star Wars?”

“Hey! That is mine!” Peter chuckled, trying to get the candy back

“I was the one to buy it!” I laughed and tried to move away from him, already putting the candy in my mouth. He followed me and started to tickle me; I was laughing loudly and almost choking with the red strand of licorice candy, I started to smack his shoulder and just when he started to laugh with me, stopping the tickle, I noticed that he was almost laying on top of me and that he was close. Really close.

We smiled at each other and he took the candy of me, eating it and when he noticed the position we were on, he blushed; if I moved a little bit, my lips would brush against his jaw and I wanted to do that so bad. But I didn’t want to break the eyes connection we were having.

“So you could have just kissed him, and you didn’t? huh… You’re stupid.” My friend’s voice echoed inside my head, thinking that she would say exactly that. And she would be right, I would be stupid.

But I didn’t had to do anything, since Peter lowered his face, gently pressing his lips against mine and I closed my eyes, feeling like my heart was bagging too fast to be secure.

My hands slid to his neck and I pulled him closer to me, gently liking his bottom lip, biting it next.

Strawberry.” I whispered and he sighed, gripping hard to the cushion under us and resting his forehead on mine

“Would it be too cliché if I said I like you since the first time I saw you?” He asked softly at my ear and I smiled, hugging his chest as he laid by my side, releasing me from his weight.

“Would it be too cliché if I said the same?”

And that was our first kiss.

With popcorn on my hair, with some soda cans around us, with Darth Vader saying his iconic line and with strawberry licorice flavored candy, we kissed.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.


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I ship Alba and Verd so much!!!

(( actually @decidxeye and i discussed it and its quite possible that this ship could eventually be cannon.  We even planned out a whole au where they do end up together and that could become cannon if things play out as planned.

The two of them actually have surprising chemistry.  Alba’s more experienced with the darker side of the world and Ver serves as a refreshing reminder to him that there are still good, pure people out there.  Alba also helps teach Ver how to survive and become independent after the loss of his trainer - which honestly Ver really needs because even just the emotional dependency he had on Rosswell alone is damaging for him.   Alba helps inspire Ver to believe that he can be ok on his own and Ver has helped remind Alba that it’s ok to ask for help when you need it. 

They balance each other very well and it’s actually a very nice ship.  v nice indeed.  ~ Magpie mun))

Yuri on Ice BD choreography commentary translation - Volume 1

Since I did all the rest I figured I might as well translate the voiceover commentary in the choreography footage too. As this was not very long, I translated the complete script, it’s not partiaI (I actually wrote down all the Japanese and translated it). The commentary is by Kenji Miyamoto & Mitsurou Kubo.

-It’s two people talking, not a written interview, so expect them to hop from one subject to another within the same sentence… Even if it sounds a bit unconnected at times, that’s how they said it.
-I still arranged it a little to make it easier to understand as written material, by removing lots of “ehm” “uuhm” “you know” “yes” (I especially removed all instances where someone says “yes” in the middle of the other speaking) and fumbled words.
-”tn” in square brackets are translator’s notes.
-Amusingly enough both their initials are KM/MK, but I used the surname initials so M is Miyamoto and K is Kubo.
-I put (LOL) when they’re laughing because otherwise some lines might sound serious while they’re actually joking.

Do NOT use this translation for subtitles, in ANY way.
I don’t support the upload of bonuses contained in BDs/DVDs, as they are meant to be (as the word says) bonuses for the people who spent money to purchase them. If you like a series so much that you absolutely need to watch the bonus contents, please buy the BDs/DVDs.

Actually, one of the reasons I am translating all the content (booklet, commentary etc) is to encourage people to purchase the BDs/DVDs. I know many hesitate because they are expensive and they are only in Japanese, but you have the subs online and now you have translations for all the contents too, so it’s not like you will “not be able to enjoy the contents at all because of the language barrier”. The best way to support the series and help in the possible creation of a 2nd season (or a sequel in any form) is to buy the discs.

Miyamoto: Hello, I’m the choreographer Kenji Miyamoto.
Kubo: Hello, I’m the original planner Mitsurou Kubo. Thank you for today.
M: Thank you~.
K: Thank you for coming. Well then, this is Victor Nikiforov’s free skating, “Aria (Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite)”. So, regarding the choreography, what did you pay attention to when you created it, Kenji-sensei?
M: Yes. Regarding Victor, I created the choreography trying to make his throat and chin look beautiful, like in the stone statues you see in museums.
K: So basically, it’s important to have a clear image when you create a choreography, isn’t it?
M: Yes. When you want to show something, you have to make it so that it comes forward.
K: So that it comes forward.
M: Yes. If you try to express too many things it will just get confusing, so I always try to show the points I want to convey as much as possible.
K: Ok. Regarding this choreography, well, it’s not really the choreography itself, but I would like to explain the reason Kenji-sensei’s clothing style is a bit unfashionable. If the right & left arms and legs don’t look different in some way there is a high chance that they’ll get mixed up when creating the animations, so we asked him to make them look somewhat different, and that’s why he’s like, showing only one sock, using different gloves, and so on.
M: Exactly. And it just happens that I was wearing striped socks that day (LOL). If I think about it now it’s quite embarrassing (LOL).
K: He’s also changing outfits a few times, and this is because from time to time we would like, retake the sequence, or ask him to skate again a part we didn’t have enough material for, and such.
M: This outfit [tn: the white shirt] was used to check how to depict the fabric fluttering because of the wind.
K: Though it was just in the beginning, right? (LOL.) But yeah, Victor’s skating in episode 1 is really, you know, the animated scene was really amazing, but actually “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite” is also the first program that was choreographed.
M: Yes. At the time there wasn’t a clear image for it, but I received lots of input from sensei, so…
K: Yeah, we requested the choreography when the story wasn’t completely decided yet, and I was kind of worried that we had made Kenji-sensei uneasy, but he came up with such nice steps.
M: Well, indeed, I did make it so that you could get level 4. In the program I used deep edges, choctaw, bracket, rocker, counter and all kinds of steps, so if you use it in a tournament you might actually get a good score. I mean, you will get a good score.
K: You do?
M: Yes.
K: See, we can feel at ease because we know that Kenji-sensei will think about all these things too when he creates the choreographies… Ah, this is my camera (LOL). [tn: when Miyamoto looks like he’s skating toward the screen]
M: This is when Kubo-sensei asked me to bring out a man’s sex appeal…
K: Yes, that’s right… (LOL)
M: That was really embarrassing (LOL).
K: I was gripping the camera and going “haaaaah” inside (LOL).
M: I see (LOL).
K: But I think that anyone who watches the final footage that was created for the broadcast will understand right away that Victor is a great skater, I mean, we could get a convincing sequence that conveys that. Thank you very much, Kenji-sensei.
M: Well, I’m not Victor, so it was really hard to skate that (LOL).
K: (LOL). Ok, so this was Victor Nikiforov’s free skating, “Aria (Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite)”.

K: Ok, next up is Yuuri Katsuki’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Eros~”. Regarding this short program, in the anime it’s said that he’s skating it picturing a katsudon, but actually that’s something I added afterwards, so I never told anything about katsudon to Kenji-sensei when we requested the choreography. How did you create it?
M: I created it expressing the passionate feelings that a person straightforwardly directs to the thing they like.
K: Since it’s eros it’s about sex appeal, so we wanted athlete Katsuki to skate it with plenty of sex appeal. When we were creating the image, you know, I believe there are many child skaters who use sexy choreographies, and I heard that when Kenji-sensei teaches children how to perform the choreographies he tells them to imagine having honey on their hands and such, so I thought, “oh, it’s possible to compare it to food”, and that’s how I came up with katsudon.
M: I see (LOL). It happens pretty often that I teach athletes using expressions such as “like when soft ice cream melts”.
K: As a result, I received quite a lot of comments like “what a naughty katsudon”, so I was really happy to have done it, even though the impression might change at some point. Also, I think you have already noticed from the footage, but here we are shooting the sequence without using the full rink. I think it takes a lot of stamina to skate this using the full size of the rink, doesn’t it?
M: Yes, normally it would take about 3-4 strokes to reach top speed, but here I’m using 1-2 strokes, so if you were to do the same using the full rink I think it would require lots of power and skating skills (LOL).
K: But really, I mean, since we have recorded this footage as a bonus, I really would like some people to try and actually skate it in real life (LOL).
M: That’s right (LOL). I also would like to ask my students to try their hands at it (LOL).
K: (LOL). But yeah, this Kenji-sensei… The footage is made by putting together parts recorded at the Edogawa rink and at the Chiba rink, but isn’t your body shape a little different from part to part? You look like you’re getting a lot thinner… Is it fatigue?
M: No well, that’s because here you were saying, what was that…
K: “Do your best Kenji”? (LOL)
M: You said “do your best Kenji” and so I was doing my best moving around as much as I could (LOL).
K: Thank you (LOL). Ok, this was nice. Thank you. So, this was Yuuri Katsuki’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Eros~”. Thank you, Kenji-sensei.
M: Thank you.
K&M: See you~.
K: I’m waving my hands (LOL).
M: Waving them a lot (LOL).

Just a final note in case you’re wondering: Yes I am planning to translate all contents of future volumes (from 2 to 6) as well. I’ll be very very happy if at least a few people decide to buy the discs thanks to the translations.

random thought about Sebastian:

A couple of people, have made this joke to me by now:“Hahaha! Sebastian is probably the worst kind of rogue. Not sneaky at all. Because of his shiny armor!”
And I’m sitting here like: Yes, well. His armor is shiny indeed. Nice. Means, it only shines where there is actual light. Whereas Hawke also has two literal walking glowsticks in his company, an elven woman that can and will talk a mile per hour, a Guard Captain, who traditionally probably wasn’t trained in “sneakyness” and a dwarf who makes actual running commentary of Hawke’s action. The twins and Isabela are probably the only ones, who know how to be sneaky at all.

But you know what else is typical skills of a rogue, which Sebastian should be very good at?
Persuasion/ Deception: That man has a voice like molten chocolate, an innocent looking face and a political position that instills trust in most normal citizens.
Lock-Picking: We know that Sebastian has lead a very rowdy life against his parents approval. How often do you think, did he have to break in and out of his own home in the middle of the night, without making any noise? (Not to mention his origin shortstory, where he literally broke out of the chantry, after being locked into a brother’s cell.
On top of that, he is the only one in the group with an actually practical utility-belt. Which means he’s probably got plenty of goods and bits in those pouches that can be used for trap-building and general material-manipulation.

So yeah. He is not a sneaky-rogue. But from my standpoint, he’s a damn well-balanced and skillful rogue. Fite me.

Sherlock - A Study in Pink - sentence starters

1. “How’s your blog doing?” 

2. “You haven’t written a word, have you?” 

3. “You just wrote ‘still has trust issues’.” 

4. “Nothing happens to me.” 

5. “It just says ‘wrong’.” 

6. “You’ve got to stop him/her doing that. S/he’s making us look like idiots.” 

7. “I thought you were off somewhere getting shot at. What happened?” 

8. “I got shot.” 

9. “Come on. Who’d want me for a flatmate?” 

10. “Are you wearing lipstick? You weren’t wearing lipstick before.” 

11. “I was wondering if you’d like to have coffee.” 

12. “A bit different from my day.” 

13. “Can I borrow your phone? There’s no signal on mine.” 

14. “What happened to the lipstick?” 

15. “How do you feel about the violin?” 

16. “You told him/her about me?” 

17. “Who said anything about flatmates?” 

18. “I’ve got a nice little place in _______. Together we should afford it.” 

19. “Is that it? We’ve only just met and now we’re going to look at a flat?” 

20. “We don’t know a thing about each other, I don’t know where we’re meeting, I don’t even know you’re name.” 

21. “This is a prime spot. Must be expensive.” 

22. “Well, this could be very nice. Very nice indeed.” 

23. “I looked you up on the Internet last night.” 

24. “What’s new about this one? You wouldn’t come to get me if there wasn’t something different.” 

25. “I’m your landlady/lord, ______, not your housekeeper.”

26. “I’ll make you that cuppa. You rest your leg.” 

27. “DAMN MY LEG!” 

28. “No sense sitting at home when there’s finally something fun going on!” 

29. “Look at you, all happy. It’s not decent.” 

30. “Who are you? What do you do?”

31. “That… was amazing.” 

32. “Did I get anything wrong?” 

33. “Hello, Freak.” 

34. “I’m not implying anything. I’m sure ______ came around for a nice little chat and just happened to stay over.” 

35. “You were thinking. It’s annoying.” 

36. “Fun? There’s a wo/man lying dead.” 

37. “Oh, for God’s sake. If you’re just making this up….” 

38. “What is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring.” 

39. “Do you know you do that out loud?” 

40. “You’re not his/her friend. S/he doesn’t have friends.” 

41. “Stay away from ______.” 

42. “There is a security camera on the building to your left. Do you see it?” 

43. “Get into the car, ______. I would make some sort of threat, but I’m sure your situation is quite clear to you.” 

44. “Is that your real name?” 

45. “Any point in asking where I’m going?” 

46. “You know, I have a phone. Very clever and all that, but, uh, you could just phone me. On my phone.” 

47. “When one is avoiding the attention of _____, one learns to be discreet. Hence this place.” 

48. “You don’t seem very afraid.” 

49. “You don’t seem very frightening.” 

50. “What is your connection to ______?” 

51. “I’m the closest thing to a friend that ______ is capable of having. An enemy.”

52. “Do you plan to continue your association with ______?” 

53. “I worry about him/her. Constantly.” 

54. “Could it be that you’ve chosen to trust ______ of all people?” 

55. “Who says I trust him/her/them?” 

56. “What’s wrong with my hand?” 

57. “You’re not haunted by the war, ______. You miss it.” 

58. “Listen, your ______, any chance you could not tell him/her/them where I went?” 

59. “You asked me to come, I’m assuming it’s important.” 

60. “I just met a friend of yours.” 

61. “Did he/she/they offer you money to spy on me?” 

62. “Oh, perhaps I should mention, I didn’t kill her/him/them.” 

63. “Do people usually assume you’re the murderer?” 

64. “Did I just text a murderer?”

65. “Have you talked to the police?” 

66. “People are dead. There’s no time to go to the police.” 

67. “You want me to go with you?” 

68. “I love the brilliant ones. They’re always so desperate to get caught.” 

69. “That’s the frailty of genius, ______. It needs an audience.”  

70. “S/he wouldn’t just come right up and ring the doorbell, would s/he? S/he’d have to be mad.”

71. “I’m not his/her date.”

72. “You don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend, then?”

73. “______, I think you know I consider myself married to my work, and while I’m flattered by your interest, I’m really not looking for any…” 

74. “That was ridiculous. That was the most ridiculous thing I have ever done.” 

75. “You can’t just break into my flat!” 

76. “Are these human eyes?” 

77. “I’m not a psychopath, _____. I’m a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.” 

78. “That was ages ago! Why would s/he still be upset?” 

79. “Oh dear, they’re making such a mess. What are they looking for?” 

80. “______, face the other way. You’re putting me off.” 

81. “Is it nice not being me? It must be so relaxing.” 

82. “So we can read her/his/their emails. So what?” 

83. “______, don’t talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the entire street.” 

84. “No one else will die, though, and I believe they call that a result.” 

85. “If I wanted to understand, what would I do?” 

86. “Does it matter? Does any of it? S/he’s just a lunatic, and s/he’ll always let you down, and you’re wasting your time.” 

87. “I’ve been warned about you.” 

88. “I’ve been on your website too. Brilliant stuff! Loved it.” 

89. “Who warned you about me?” 

90. “Why’d s/he have to do that? Why’d s/he go and leave?” 

91. “______ is a great wo/man, and I think one day, if we’re very, very lucky, s/he might even be a good one.” 

92. “One thing about being a _____, you always know a nice quiet spot for a murder. I’m surprised more of us don’t branch out.” 

93. “It’s up to you. You’re the one who’s gonna die here.” 

94. “You call that a risk? Nah. This is a risk.” 

95. “Wouldn’t be a game if you knew. You’re the one who chooses.” 

96. “You take your time. Get yourself together. I want your best game.” 

97. “Somehow, this is about your child/ren.” 

98. “With each life I take, more money goes to my kid(s). The more I kill, the better off they’ll be.” 

99. “What if I don’t choose either? I could just walk out of here.” 

100. “I’ll have the gun, please.” 

101. “This is what you’re really addicted to. You’d do anything, anything at all, to stop being bored.” 

102. “Why have I got this blanket? They keep putting this blanket on me.” 

103. “Oh, what now? I’m in shock! Look, I’ve got a blanket.” 

104. “Good shot.” 

105. “We can’t giggle at a crime scene. Stop it.” 

106. “It’s how you get your kicks, isn’t it? You risk your life to prove your clever.” 

107. “Always so aggressive. Has it ever occurred to you that you and I belong on the same side?” 

108. “This feud between us is childish. People will suffer. And you know how it always upsets ______.” 

109. “Try not to start a war before I get home. You know what it does to the traffic.” 

110. “S/he’s always been so resentful. You can imagine the Christmas dinners.” 

anonymous asked:

Obviously it was a baseball bat that had been doused in gasoline and set ablaze. I’m not saying that it’s what I would have done, but if you’re trying to throw people off the scent, you need to think creatively and nobody’s first guess of murder weapon is gonna be ‘baseball bat on fire’. Not that I have any experience at all.

Well that is indeed a nice theory, but a bat has got a large area of impact, causing the cranium to shatter, and the fire would be so imense that it would melt the whole face ane not just hair. Good theory though, but lets see if we can solve this together. -Mod Sky

anonymous asked:

I've been watching your vines since 2014, and honestly, watching them always made me happy. I can understand how weird it must be for you to know that there are so many people that you make happy on a daily basis that you will never actually know about. Hope you were actually able to fall asleep tonight, considering how late it is where you are! Please keep it up, your videos are something I really look forward to :)

well that is very nice indeed. thank you!

Photo posted on twitter earlier of David Tennant filming on the set of Mad To Be Normal

Wedding Night (Newt/Tina)

SUMMARY: Newt and Tina on their wedding night. Mostly fluff, heavily implied sex (of course)

She was a practical, level-headed Auror, she would argue; she could handle almost anything thrown her way, and it didn’t take a lot to throw her off. Being married to a Magizoologist would perhaps take some time to get used to, especially as it meant she’d had to move across the Atlantic to England, but she could cope.

What she hadn’t anticipated was the sight of a lacy white shift in her suitcase.

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anonymous asked:

so I saw you did a kyungsoo thighs appreciation spam (which I loved bc that boy is my ultimate!!!1!) so I was wondering if you could also do a jongin thighs appreciation spam please? BECAUSE HAVE U SEEN HIS THICC THIGHS???? THEYRE SO UNDERRATED

I’m happy you enjoyed it. I am very fond (read: LITERALLY OBSESSED) of his beautiful thighs as well. ^^

Yes, Jongin has indeed very nice thighs. 

veeeery nice


I know this is supposed to be about his thighs BUT DAAAAMN

I need holy water

And just like in Kyungsoo’s post I have to include this photo because Nini’s thighs look glorious in this photo. See yourself

And I also need to include these gifs:

Do you see his moves? I like this one very much…

I apologize for this post being shorter than Kyungsoo’s but I don’t have much time at the moment, I hope you liked this anyway tho! ^^

Credits go to owners of gifs and photos.

anonymous asked:

The more I read about the monarchy the more I think young royals are heading into wrong direction. And Im not talking about MM but about their celebrity's ways. The monarchy doesn't have to be liked. It has to be respected. And you gain respect by sticking to your values. You can change a bit small, less important things but not the core of the monarchy because it will all fall. There wont be any wedding. Nuclear anon if I can name myself that. Wise one - a female? Nice :)

Very valid points, indeed.  Well ok, hello Nuclear anon!  Yes, Wise One is female!

My Husband, My Wife - A Newt/Tina Fic

Tagging: @pinkdiamonddolphin


I tried. I really did. I wanted to write hot steamy smut but instead it’s awkward first-time smut. Oops.

This is an outtake/missing scene to a fic I wrote called “Wedding Night”. It’s probably best if you read that one before this, though the beginning of this fic is copied directly – long story short, Queenie snuck a lacy shift into Tina’s suitcase. That’s literally all that I missed out.

It’s kind of fluffy smut (??) – I mean, it’s their wedding night, their first time, so…you know. I felt some romantic fluff was necessary.

(Oh, fine, it’s basically Newt worshipping his wife because she deserves it)

Other than that, enjoy!

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