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You haven't posted in a while, are you okay sweetheart?

Hi, darlings! I’m so touched that you’re concerned about me. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately but I just had midterms and spring break and I’ve been very busy lately because I didn’t do so well last semester so I’m spending most of my time trying to do well in school. Hopefully this weekend and today I’ll be able to post several imagines again. <3 xx


Youmacon random cosplay shots!

Some of my favorite cosplays, as well as some goofy shots :D!  Once again, thank you @loverofpiggies and @alainaprana, as well as my husband, for cosplaying with me Youmacon weekend! It was a blast!  I can’t wait to see CQ again at @shutocon in March! <3

In a different world, we watch the same stars
BTS get used to your sleeping habits

I’ll give you a special Christmas reaction tomorrow (Saturday the 24th) but since many people don’t celebrate Christmas or just don’t like Christmas much, I’ll have a normal one this Friday night, okay? :*

All gifs belong to their rightful owners=creators (see urls right under the gifs as always~) <3 Please support each other and BTS well! 

@ Yoongi’s ear: Please heal well! @ my fellow ARMYs: Please spend a happy weekend! Al eonni loves all 935 of you :***

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Your habit: Falling asleep close to Hoseok but moving away during the night

Hoseok’s reaction: “______! Do you know that each night, you’re moving to the other side of the bed? Sometimes, I wake up because it feels so empty, and you’ve moved all the way the other side.”

You: “I’m sorry~ I guess I just need the space~”

Hoseok: “[slightly disappointed but not for long] Then can I cuddle you more during the day? I want to be close to you at least once during the day~” 

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Your habit: You need a stuffed toy or a pillow or something in your arms to be able to fall asleep quickly 

You: “Omg Jimin, you came all the way to my parents’ home to bring me the kumamon plushie I forgot? Just so I can fall asleep comfortably?”

Jimin: “[insert gif] I want you to sleep well wherever you go~”

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Your habit: You sometimes get up in the middle of the night for a late night snack

You: “Huh? Oppa?  You are awake, too? Did you get hungry, too?”

Jin: “[munching on junk food] There’s nothing better than a late night snack~ [let’s you take a bite from his food~]”

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Rap Monster

Your habit: You sometimes take off part of your clothes unconsciously when you get too warm (like you take off your shirt or your socks)

You: [noticing that you’re only wearing your panties and bra the next morning, and your T-Shirt is buried somewhere at the end of the bed] Omg, Namjoon! Wake up! Did we? You know…why am I missing my shirt?”

Namjoon: “Oh? Ahh, you didn’t know you do that? You sometimes get rid of your clothes during the night when you sweat. I thought you did that consciously.”

You: “Err…I never took off anything too…”

Namjoon: “[figets with the blanket] Of course not! I mean…how would I know, I’m so pure, I don’t even look at you when you’re sleeping!”

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Your habit: You tend to steal the blanket that you guys are sharing

You: “[the next morning, after you stole the blanket once again] Tae? What’s up, didn’t you sleep well? You look tired~”

Taehyung: “Let’s go and buy a second blanket today. I woke up several times tonight because I was freezing.”

You: “Oh no! Did I take the blanket again? I’m sorry”

Taehyung: “You don’t have to be sorry. You even look cute when you take the blanket. Let’s just buy another one so I can take it when you take ours~”

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Your habit: You have nightmares often and therefore sleep very uneasily

Jungkook: [wakes up from your tossing and turning and realizes that you’re having a nightmare once again. Honestly, I think that’d torture him so much to see you uncomfortable like this and not being able to do anything about it. Watches you carefully until you quiet down again, talks to the sleeping you, brushes strands of hair out of your face, covers you with the blanket - anything to make you feel a tiny bit better]

Jungkook: “[whispers to the sleeping you] Nuna, if only you knew it was just a dream~ If only you knew Kookie was right next to you~ Come here~ [cuddles up to your side]”

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Your habit: You tend to move closer and closer to the person you’re sleeping next to until you’re cuddled up to them all cosily

Yoongi: [You can bet Yoongi loves that, provided of course he’s even noticing it and not sleeping like a rock. But even then Yoongi is the kind of person who’d take you into his arms intuitively in a situation like this. Yoongi would also love to wake up and find himself to be the little spoon after you moved closer that night.]

Yoongi: [Doesn’t ever tell you that you unconsciously do it though because he’s scared it might stop then and also he can’t really admit that he likes it so much]

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Bonus Jikook gif that I found while researching this and idk god bless:

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call out post for myself because i never shut up about my girlfriend

sorry guys i just
she means so much to me???
holy moly on a cannoli like
what’d i do to deserve her like h o w

my sister looked over at this and she just said “Well, I’m glad you like drawing”.

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That’s why her hair is so big 

It’s full of bismuth secrets

i died a thousand fiery deaths
and left my bones on a beach to be buried
by the wind and the waves
and the withered hands of time.

i shed my skin like a snake
and slithered into the ether.
took to the air like a dragonfly,
a hummingbird heart
and sky bright eyes staring, staring,
devouring constellations and dark matter
with a sweet smile.

i learnt the secrets of the universe
and wrote them in black marker on celestial wrists.
i let the moon trace them with her fingertips,
cold and soft, hands lingering on bruises
the colour of an ageless purple,
remnants of the earth painted into my veins,

and i became, i became, i became.

l.s. | I BECAME © 2016

Worth It (a klance family reunion au)

(Idk what this is but I hope you like it??) ————————————

It’s Labor Day weekend, and the McClain family is having a huge family reunion. Lance is excited, but also lowkey horrified to have 145 (146 if you count Paulie, but nobody counts Paulie) of his family members crammed into his mom’s little house in the middle of nowhere. Parents, grandparents, grandkids, estranged aunts and uncles, wild cousins of all ages, and siblings all running around a rickety 21 year old house: Lance can already imagine the headache. As he travels back to his hometown, he can already hear the questions he’ll be getting: “So Lance, do you have a girlfriend yet?” or “ay, Lance I bet you’re popular with the ladies, eh buddy?” or “I know you’re waiting for a good [lance’s heritage] girl to be your girlfriend.” when he’s really, really not and he’s actually been more popular with the boys than girls lately but he’d die before he tells his family that.

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