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J A E H Y U N 

soulmate au

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+ words: 1.1k

+ genre: romantic, soulmate

+ summary: jaehyun soulmate au; everyone has a name of their soulmate tattooed on them except for you.

+ i enjoyed writing this. sorry for the slow uploads, ive been so busy between school and work!

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The swirly letters of one of your friends’ tattoos was so enticing. The letters Joshua written along the length of her right forearm evoking jealousy in you for not having one similar. Well, you didn’t have one at all, that was the frightening thing.

What had you done in a past life to be deemed unworthy of having a soulmate? Even if they had passed it should still be there to taunt you but you had never heard anything like this. Not having a soulmate.

“_____?” your friend called, when you returned to her attention she smiled sweetly, repeating her question. “I’ve never seen your tattoo, can I see it?” she asked and you nodded instantly, forgetting of the little predicament you were in.

“Uh, yes, but I actually need to go to the bathroom really bad so I’ll be right back and show you!” you exclaimed, standing from the table and she nodded as you ran to the bathroom with your backpack and into the bathroom.

The stench of the Sharpie wafed into your nose as you uncapped the black marker, writing thickly onto your hip the first name you could think of. Jaehyun. You were surprised of the name but couldn’t think much more on it. Rushing out of the bathroom you went to your friend showing your hip.

“Do you smell that?” she asked, but you quickly dismissed it with a laugh, knowing it was the Sharpie stench. “Wow _____, it’s beautiful. A bit clumsy but its soft, like you,” she grinned making you chuckle nervously.

You noticed a boy pacing back and forth in front of you, watching him look at his wrist and then back to you. It happened a few times before it really began to unnerve you.

“Bora, that guy over there keeps looking this way,” you told her, trying not to make eye contact with him as you leaned forward to whisper to her.

“Really?” she gasped, turning around immediately.

“Bora!” you hissed as she turned back around with a knowing look.

“I bet he’s your soulmate,” she grinned smugly. “I’ll even place money on it, twenty won.”

“You’re on because I’m really sure he’s not, and if he doesn’t come over here I win as well.”


The boy looked over at the two of you before turning as if he were leaving, you watched as his muscles tensed and he turned back heading towards your table. You groaned, at the moment trying to look away until he leaned against the table, a soft squeak emitting from Bora. You looked up to see he was looking straight through you, his left hand holding his weight his wrist turned away from you while his other hand rested on his hip.

“Hello,” he whispered, his voice raspy as if he just couldn’t get the words out.

“Hello? Did you need something?” you asked, looking up to him. His cheeks turned red and his adam’s apple bobbed.

“You’re _____, right?” he asked curiously, his eyebrows furrowing.

“Yes, why?”

“I’m Jaehyun,” he turned his wrists so you could see his tattoo, “And I think you’re my soulmate.”

The next thing he knew, you were on the floor unconscious.

Jaehyun was a really sweet boy. He had cool friends and loved singing and dancing. He was really good at basketball and could speak English. He thought you were the most magnificent thing in the whole world and all you could think was how you’d tricked this poor boy into thinking you were the one for him.

He would try to spend as much time with you as he could and you felt guiltier every hour that passed. He tried his hardest to get to know you and you tried to keep the facade that you were just who he thought you were. The days were growing longer and everyday the ink stained your skin darker. Somedays you hoped it would poison you, so he wouldn’t have to suffer because of you.

You wished you weren’t suffering any longer.

That day was a sunny saturday, the two of you spent it together at the park wearing big sunglasses and eating sandwiches as you talked about each other. You twiddled your thumbs in anxiousness, you knew you had to tell him. It had been a month and you didn’t feel any better for the trickery.

“We need to talk,” the two of you said together. You knew he would say something sappy so you needed to stop him before he proposed or something silly.

“Please let me,” you begged, he couldn’t take your doe eyes and nodded his head allowing you to continue. You sighed in relief, taking a deep breath. “I don’t know how to say this,” you whispered, looking away from his thoughtful gaze. “Somehow by chance it happened, my friend from college was talking about her soulmate and showed me her tattoo. It was pretty and I was jealous. When she asked if I had one I rushed into the bathroom and marked down with a Sharpie some name that first came into my head,” you looked back to him with tears in your eyes. “I didn’t mean to hurt you but you just assumed we were meant to be and I just handed you some fake feelings. Not from me! I’ve grown to really like you but us being meant for each other is a lie. I’m so sorry, I hope you can-”

You were cut off, his lips on yours, you could feel a small grin on his face as he held your cheeks between his palms, rubbing circles on your cheeks until he pulled away with a goofy grin.

“Thank goodness!” he proclaimed, raising his hands. “I need to admit something to you,” he started, you watched him with a glazed look and he waited a moment before it disappeared. “I don’t have a soulmate either,” he whispered.


“I saw you at that cafe, you were so pretty, your hair highlighted by the lights and your face so beautiful by the etheral glow. You looked like an angel. I just wanted you to be mine, and when you came out saying your soulmate was Jaehyun well I just had to take the chance! My name isn’t even Jaehyun, that’s my nickname. I’d overheard your name and scribbled it with pen onto my wrist.”

You stared at him in amazement, he was the exact same as you, you were so relieved. You didn’t want to be heartbroken for the rest of your life while everyone else around you was in love. You smiled wide, before asking.

“So what’s your real name?”

He chuckled softly, “Yoonoh.”

“Oh, how pretty.” He grinned sheepishly, ducking his head. “You know, the universe may not have put us together but I’m glad we put ourselves together. I think that’s even more romantic than any soulmate can say.”

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another meme i won’t finish [9/10 female characters]: Eponine Thenardier

“As you like, but you shall not enter here. I’m not the daughter of a dog, since I’m the daughter of a wolf. There are six of you, what matters that to me? You are men. Well, I’m a woman. You don’t frighten me.”



When I started this post I thought to write about a plane that crashed, one that never took off, one that returned after just minutes and one full of sleeping people apart from a little frightened girl. Well, as it turned out there is a lot more to find regarding planes in Sherlock BBC. Aeroplanes play quite a big role in this story it seems.


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Johnny was a 16 year old boy. He probably did gross 16 year old boy things. Just because he was sweet and protective doesn’t mean he was some “smol” helpless thing. He did kill someone and run into a burning church. He did do well in rumbles, he carried a switch and survived a jumping. He was frightened sometimes, but he knew how to handle himself or talk to a girl without stuttering.

I have watched Marce’s video 10+ times now

Times I have died because John is dying

- I am lost without your love

- I’m really frightened

- Well hurry up please because I don’t have long

- I’m going to die and you’re going to save me

- Sherlock there’s something you need to know









hi my name is cupid and I’m dead

One of the many reasons why Nygmobblepot is gonna happen

Okay fellow Nygmobblepot people, let’s think about this: a season of Gotham has 22 episodes and we’re just seven episodes in. And what has happened so far: they developed the relationship between Oswald and Edward to a maximum, gave us some beautiful moments between the two and in this “short time” Oswald has ”already” confessed to having feelings for Edward.

Now we’ve had Isabella around for two episodes but it looks like she’s not gonna stick around for very long. Why? Well, she seems to become increasingly more creepy (possibly frightening even Edward) and if she doesn’t go on her own, or Edward leaves her, Oswald won’t be able to keep his anger down forever and just kill that woman. Any of these scenarios is possible, but I’m fairly certain: Isabella is not gonna stick around much longer.

So what’s my point? There are still 14 episodes of this season to come, a lot can happen in 14 episodes. What else is Gotham gonna do with Oswald and Edward once Isabella is gone? I’m pretty sure they’ll make Nygmobblepot real for at least a few episodes (hopefully longer), it would just make sense. There are still 14 episodes, and the way I’m seeing this relationship developed, I’m sure we’ll get some Nygmobblepot action somewhere in there. It wouldn’t be very clever or make a lot of sense if they made Penguin and Riddler enemies so quickly so soon (and over a woman at that), story- and character-wise I’m honestly seeing no other path then the two getting together somehow.

So, unless if Gotham decides to completely screw this up and make a lot of their fans go crazy (in a bad way), I would like to keep this hope up that Nygmobblepot is going to happen.

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“Yes. Anything,” Han replied to his son.

Before either boy could move, Y/N stormed toward the pair. Her features were angry and frightened, though she masked the fear quite well.

“Ben! I swear if you even think it,” she screamed, startling both.
“Y/N?” Kylo Ren asked with shock, “You shouldn’t be here.”

By this time, Kylo Ren’s twin sister had pushed herself between her brother and father. She firmly gripped his wrist and started pulling him toward the Resistance ship. Han followed close behind with a slight smirk. Sure, the planet was about to be destroyed, but this was important. The young woman lectured her brother fiercely.

“Why must you be so dramatic, Ben?” she hollered, “I can’t believe you were about to kill your own father, our father! I am so disappointed in you, right now. I’m amazed I’m even speaking to you.”

“You don’t understand, Y/N,” he nearly whined.

“Oh, I understand plenty! And what about mom? Did you even stop to think how this would affect her? Don’t deny you’ve always had a soft spot for mom! You just better hope that the Resistance stops your death machine or you’ll get something alright! Something worse than a mother’s punishment, that’s for sure.”

Y/N continued to pull her brother, ranting as they went. She had stripped him of his lightsaber. Being as sensitive to the Force as he was, she was able to resist any Force-related attempt he made at freezing her. Han couldn’t help but laugh to himself as he followed his two children.

“Mom, I insist you ground him,” Y/N growled.

Leia rolled her eyes, amused at her daughter. She was just happy her son hadn’t left the first chance he had. It turned out, he was terrified of disobeying Snoke and had no idea how to get away. However, his sister wasn’t ready to let anything go.

“Y/N,” Leia cooed, “he can’t redeem himself if he’s grounded.”

“Sure he can,” she shot back, throwing her arms in the air, “Just make sure he can’t use his lightsaber or something. He tried to kill dad! That deserves some type of punishment.”

“Daddy’s girl,” Ben muttered.
“Momma’s boy,” she shot back.

“Stop it,” Leia reprimanded her children before sighing, “She is right about the lightsaber though.”

Ben’s eyes widened with shock.

“Just until we get rid of all the darkness in you, son,” she added softly.

Y/N stood behind her mother with a triumphant grin. Ben just rolled his eyes as his sister handed the lightsaber to their mother. A smirk tugged at his lips. He had missed his sister.

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Just A Number Part 2

Title: Just A Number Part 2

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Characters: Sherlock, Reader

Word Count: 1,101

Request: @meredith9811 @sherlockfan4life @dannysanime @haeminhee @changingtimes @willowtighe @foureyedsiopao @elvirabekere “‘Ohmygod part two of Just A Number?!?!?! Please!!!!!!!!!’- Anon “Are you going to do a part 2 to Just A Number?!?! I loved it so much” -Anon

Just A Number Part 1

Also Check out my Sherlock Imagine Fic Hello Detective!


You sat in your office with your last patient before lunch.

“Well, Dr. Y/L/N, I have this fear of the dark.” She began.

“Okay, well what is it about the dark that frightens you?” You asked, jotting notes on your clipboard.

“I don’t really know.” She answered honestly. Clearly it was something, other wise she wouldn’t be here consulting you.

“Ok, well let’s explore. Often a fear of darkness is a fear of the unknown. It’s in darkness when our imaginations give shape to our deepest anxieties. What image comes to mind for you?” You asked her.

“Nothing, actually.” She smiled, and you looked at her confused. “When everything disappears there’s nothing. Just emptiness.”

“I see, and what is it about the emptiness that frightens you?” You asked, this was slowing becoming an interesting patient.

“It’s lonely for one thing.” She said, her demeanor changing.

“Have you always felt this way?” You asked, sympathizing.

“For a while I didn’t.” She waved her hand, dismissively.

“What was different then?” You pressed gently onward.  

“I had somebody. A guy I really liked, and then we broke up.” She began to cry, you passed her a box of tissues. “I miss him so much. I don’t know how I fell in love again. I mean, I swore I wouldn’t. I knew better, I should have known better. And then sure enough, six months in, he tells me there’s no fireworks. What am I supposed to say?”

“I’m so sorry. But listen to me, you can’t blame yourself for letting someone into your heart. Love is always a risk, but you have to take it. The pain you’re feeling now will pass in time, and you’ll find yourself ready to take that risk again. Until then, take comfort in your friends. They want to help you, they love you.” You said, and she nodded, before jumping up to hug you. Her actions caught you off guard, but you hugged her back. Moments like this make your job worthwhile. You did this to help people, and it brings a smile to your face.

After this session you were putting your notes into your filing cabinet when your receptionist called.

“Y/N, there’s someone here to see you.” She said, and you raised an eyebrow. You didn’t have anyone scheduled for a few hours. You curiously wandered out of your office to see who it was.

A smile spread on your face when you saw Sherlock Holmes standing alone in your waiting room.  

“You didn’t return my call, I was in the area and thought I’d drop by.” He smiled. And you remembered back to when you were going to call him back and had an emergency with a patient.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I meant to, but I has a crisis with a patient. One of my multiples had a new personality emerge - a one-hundred-and-ten-year-old Frenchwoman. It would have been too risky to put off his therapy. Plus I would have missed out on a wonderful recipe for bouillabaisse.” You smiled. He laughed.

“I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure. Lunch?” He asked.

“That has got to be the lamest pickup line in existence.” You laughed, reaching for your coat anyway.

“Don’t worry. That’s just plan A.” He said, and you raised an eyebrow.

“So what’s plan B?” You asked curiously.

“To take you hostage.” You laughed for a moment, and watched Sherlock crack a smile.

“Alright, you win. Erin I should be back before my 3:00.” You told your receptionist as Sherlock lead you out the door.

You and Sherlock walked around London for a little while chatting on the way to a fish and chip stand. The conversation flowed so easily between the two of you. You each felt so comfortable in each others presence, it was just natural. It wasn’t love at first sight exactly, but it was familiarity. Something like oh, hello, it’s you. It’s going to be you. Sometimes you meet a person and you just click- you’re comfortable with them, like you’ve known them your whole life, and you don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything.

“You should know that John is very sorry about what he said.” Sherlock said during a rare lull in conversation.

“Oh he shouldn’t worry about it. I’m used to it. I’ve lived my whole life with people telling me that I’m too young, it rarely bothers me anymore. I enjoy living in my own world and proving them wrong.” You smiled. Sherlock was amazed with you.

“Don’t you feel lonely living in your own little world?” He asked, and a slow drizzle of rain began to develop.

“Don’t you feel powerless living in other people’s worlds?” You turned to him and said.

“You really are quite different.” He observed.

“Oh I’m really not too different from yourself when you think about it. Two people, with above average intellects, struggling to fit into a world where we’ll never be accepted.” You explained.

You looked at your watch, the two of you had nearly been walking and talking for three hours.

“Sherlock, while I’ve really had an amazing time with you today, it’s nearly three and I have my sex addiction group today and I can’t leave them alone for too long.” You spoke after looking up from your watch.

“I’d like to see you again, Y/N.” Sherlock said.

“You can see me anytime you like. Perks of setting my own office hours.” You smiled.

“You do understand that this is all new to me, this whole feelings thing. There’s no denying that I have feelings for you that can’t be explained in any other way. I briefly considered that I had a brain parasite, but that seemed even more far-fetched. The only conclusion is love.” Sherlock said, and your eyes grew wide and looked up into his blue orbs. Had he really just said that? He did, he really did.

“Sherlock, I… I feel the same.” You smiled.

“I just want to be enough for you.” He said, the rain coming down harder now, not seeming to phase either of you.

“You are enough, a thousand times enough.” You said, before Sherlock captured your lips with his. You wrapped your hand around the back of his neck, and in that moment you felt more at home and more understood than you had in your whole life. You knew it was him, that person who enters your life out of nowhere, and suddenly means the world to you.

Love is always a risk, but you have to take it.


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I can’t seem to find the ask for this one, but I had to do this request, nonetheless! And so, I give you Yandere!Korekiyo/Reader/Yandere!Ouma. I remember the ask said that I could follow the story of Onii Yuukai if I needed a prompt, so I did!

Here’s a link to the song if you’d like to see where I got my inspiration from:



-Although you’re not dating Korekiyo or Oma, they both have obvious feelings for you.

-Almost to the point of being obsessive.

-They hang out with you, exchanging smiles and laughs, and you believe all is well.

-However, they exchange frightening glares to each other when you aren’t looking.

-Ouma acts very cutesy and affectionate with you, and he is always latched onto your arm whenever you two hang out.

-Korekiyo, however, is the perfect gentleman. He often gives you nice gifts and will pull out all his best stories to tell you.

-Eventually, the two get into a big fight, and it gets physical.

-They’re both wielding weapons.

-The battle ends in a stalemate, and they’re both panting from exhaustion.

-Neither can seem to win, so they formulate a plan together.

-Ouma is able to lock pick your door and they both sneak in.

-You walk into your room, feeling extremely tired, oblivious to the two males in your room.

-Just as you’re about to lie down, you feel two hands brush against your back.

-The next day, everyone is in the dining room, except you.

-No one seems to notice and life continues on.

-Amami, however, glances up at the clock, a worried expression forming on his face.

-Korekiyo and Ouma slip out of the dining area and sneak back to your room, and still, no one seems to notice.

One Cup of Coffee and an Eggo

A week. It’s been a whole week that Ives girl—er, wait, she likes to be called El—has been living in the grandiose trailer of Jim Hopper. Yet, he admits to himself that the silent presence of a slim frame draped in an old concert t-shirt of his and some baggy flannel pants perched at his kitchen table with the expression of a frightened deer still makes him flinch a little (what? He’s not used to company). He greets her with a short, “Hey, kid,” and shuffles around the kitchen with feigned purpose, as Eleven remains tense as ever and follows him with her eyes. Well, frightened deer doesn’t really cut it for this kid—she’s more like some sort of fox, unnerved and calculating at the same time, tense and ready to bolt at any moment. She’s still just a kid, though….which is exactly causing the problem weighing on Hopper’s sleep-hazy mind as he aimlessly opens door after cupboard door and pretends to rummage through the useless ingredients inside. How the hell is he supposed to feed this kid?! She’s not going to survive on three cups of black coffee, a swig of last night’s beer, and a donut, that’s for damn sure. Their first week entirely consisted of thawing out frozen pancakes that Karen Wheeler whipped up in advance and graciously sent over with her son, who seemed oddly eager to stick around and “make sure El was adjusting alright.” Even Joyce Byers stopped by the station after work to drop off a meatloaf she made, along with some side dishes to help him get back into the swing of things, as she said sweetly. Hopper sighs exasperatedly into the empty fridge. It seems like the entire town was doubting his ability to look after this kid, and yet, they were the ones that saddled him with her! He straightens up and runs a hand through his mussed hair. 

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Leto!Joker x Drunk! Reader

A/N: So I got this idea about Joker having this live in maid and one night after some drinks with friends comes back to the penthouse stinking drunk. And Joker basically takes care of her and somehow she drunkenly admits her feeling for him.

Warning: Profanity

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I giggled as I took another shot of vodka. “Ohhh danggg I should get back my boss would wonder where I am.” I slurred and giggled as I slung an arm around my friend. “Damn girl you’re wasted!” I giggled while pulling out my phone. I scrolled until I found Frosty’s number underneath a picture of a snowman. I dialed and waited.

Joker POV:

I was in the middle of planning my next heist when I heard a phone go off. I growled as Frost looked at me, frightened. Good. “Well? Answer it! And put it on speaker!” Frost did as instructed and suddenly I heard Y/N’s sweet little voice waft through the phone. Y/N has been the only maid who could actually stand up for herself. A little lady with a whole lot of crazy just how I like them. “Frostyyyyyy, can you come pick me up??? Pretty pretty please?” Shes clearly intoxicated and I grin as I watch Frosty stutter. “Um-well I don’t think I can Miss Y/N Joker is extremely busy right now and-” I jump up interupting him. “Nonsense! I will be honored to pick you up Doll Face.” I hear her giggle, a sound that gets my motor running. “Thank you Mister J! You’re the best!!” I smirk and motion for a henchman to get the car. “It’ll be my pleasure Kitten.” 

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I wait outside, shivering a bit. Gotham’s always so fudging cold! I was about to go back inside when I hear the Lamborghini’s roar coming. I start jumping up and down, clapping my hands in delight. “Mister J!!!” I yell, giggling and swaying as he pulled up. He opens the door and smiles. I jump right in. As we’re speeding down Gothams roadways I end up staring at Mister J. His smile looks so pretty. Truth be told, I had a major crush on my boss and in my drunken state I gained courage. “Mister J?” He glanced over, eyes roaming over me. “Yes Kitten?” I take a deep breath and just spill the beans. “I think I’m obsessed with you.” He let out a loud bellowing laugh and grinned. “Oh yeah? Why’s that?” I roll my eyes, exasperated. “I suppose it won’t matter. Ya won’t feel the same but I am head over heels for you  J. I love your smile, your hair, that bright spark in your eyes you get when you’re about to blow someones brains out.” I giggle, shaking my head. “I love that look you get. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me all giddy and excited when you do it even if I have to scrub brain matter out of the tile.” “I love how incredibly and perfectly insanely genius you are but it doesn’t matter cuz you wouldn’t want me.”

Joker POV:

I snap my head around to look at her. “And why wouldn’t I want you?” This woman is going to drive me even more insane. Her devotion to me is deep and I’d admit I’ve had my eye on Y/N for a while. She doesn’t mind cleaning up guts from the walls, she laughs at every joke I tell, shes got one hell of a body, and she makes the best cookies. She’s crazy and I’m digging it. “Cuz I’m broken J. You wouldn’t want a broken girl. You like those pretty and wide-eyed girls who bow to your every whim.” She went on a self-hating rant about how I needed a fixed girl. I growl, my hands gripping the wheel so hard. I decide enough is enough and whirl the car around and putting on the brakes. I grab Y/N’s chin and look her right in the eyes. “Listen to Daddy and listen well Kitten. Daddy feels nothing for the whores who attempt to be my girl. You are my girl got it? All I need is for you to admit you’re mine and then we can have some fun. Got it?” She nodded, speechless. “I need you to say it.” She took a breath. “I’m yours J.” “Ah, ah, ah call me Daddy.” “I’m yours Daddy.” I grin loving the crimson blush spreading across her face. “Now we can have some fun!” I laughed, slamming on the gas and rocketing the car at high speed. Y/N starts laughing with me, a look of glee and joy across her face. This is gonna be fun.

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Newton Fido Artemis Scamander is possibly in over his head.

Certainly, he is well accustomed to rescuing and working with frightened, hurt, and wildly dangerous things. It’s just that they’re almost never human.

Rating: M (may go up way later)
Pairing: Newt Scamander/Credence Barebone
AO3 Tags: 
Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Slow Build, Two people who are bad at People learn how to feelings, Mentions of past abuse, Internalized Homophobia, Self Harm, It’s Credence Barebone guys like Its Gonna Get Rough, Panic Attacks, Touch-Starved, Religious Guilt, Newt has no concept of personal space, Credence gets rid of the stupid bowl cut, POV Alternating, Yea that’s right we’re getting into Credence Headspace so HEED THOSE TAGS, Serious Talks about Possessive Tendencies are Had, Newt Scamander: Beastmaster

The Wee Murray

I don’t know why, but I’ve become a little obsessed with young Ian and Rachel. This story is a follow up to THIS.

“Are ye sure, lass?” he asked, his eyes growing wide and frantic.

“Yes, Ian. I am very sure. I have not had my cycle in two months and I took a home test. I am carrying thy child.”

“Two months?! And ye didna say anything?”

“I wanted to wait until I was sure, before I worried thee.”

“Have ye seen a doctor yet?”

She shook her head, staring down at his hand over her womb.

“Not yet. I… I was afraid and wanted thee to be with me.”

“Of course I’ll be wi’ ye, Rachel. You’re my wife.”

“But I know it frightens thee as well.”

His hand slowly retreated from her and she pulled up the sheets to cover herself.

“Aye. It does. I’ll no’ lie to ye, I’m scared half out of my mind.”

“Is thee angry with me?”

“Angry? Wi’ you? Why the hell would I be angry wi’ you?”

Rachel began picking at a loose thread on the hem of the quilt.

“Because of thy first daughter, Iseabaìl.”

He’d spoken the name to her only once, when he’d confessed his entire relationship with Emily to her. She’d never brought it up or asked him about the child. It was a sore spot in his heart that she knew would never fully heal. But he’d let her see it and she knew it was a special thing.

“I dinna want to talk about her.”

“I think that we must, Ian. Thee is afraid of losing our child also.”

“Of course I’m afraid of it!”

Throwing off the bed sheets, he got out of bed and began pacing. His wolf Rollo got up and followed him. 

“I wasna ready to be a father when Emily got pregnant. I’m no’ sure I am now either! But we talked about it and… Weel… We were gonna keep it. I dinna ken if we would marry or no. Mam wasna happy about it, ye ken.”

“Yes, I do.”

He ran his hands through his hair, pulling at it roughly.

“And then she… She had pains, like she was going into labor, but it was too soon. It damn near killed Emily too.”

“That was what thee told me when thee asked to court me.”

“But you’re no’ Emily. Nothing like her. Ye might be safe. But Rachel…” He stopped and looked her straight in the eye. “I canna lose you.”

“Thee will not.”

“Ye dinna ken that! Ye canna! I want our bairn, but no’ if it costs me you.”

“Then what would thee have me do?”

“I dinna ken. Did ye do this on purpose?”

Her mouth fell open.

“What? Does thee think I planned this?! We agreed to wait a time and I have been waiting.”

“Aye! And I see the way ye look at our nieces and nephews.”

Folding her arms over her chest, she looked away from him.

“Thee knows that I desire our child! We have talked about it for over a year! But I understand why thee is afraid. I would not do this to thee.”

Rollo whined quietly and shoved his nose into Ian’s clenched fist. Ian forced himself to relax.

“I’m sorry, lass. Of course ye wouldna do this on purpose. I shouldna have accused.”

“Thee is angry with me.”

“No, no I’m not, I promise. I just… This scares the hell out o’ me.” He moved slowly and sat down on the bed beside her. “I canna lose you. Or our bairn.”

His hand moved to her womb again, warmer than before.

“Thee will not lose us,” she said, putting her hand atop his. “I promise.”

“We’ll call a doctor in the morning, get ye an appointment. I give ye my word, Rachel Hunter Murray, that ye willna do any o’ this alone. I’ll be wi’ ye every step of the way. Every appointment. Everything.”

“I think thee, husband. Perhaps in the morning, we should tell thy aunt and uncle?”

Ian nodded, pulling her to lay down beside him once more.

“Aye. That would be good.”

Ian hardly slept that night. Every movement in their bed, every fart from Rollo, every creak of their small house had him panicking. She couldn’t be that far gone yet, but the memory of Emily was strong.

“God,” he breathed. “That she may be safe. She and the child.”

She woke slowly in his arms as the dawn broke. He smiled at her and gave her cheek a soft kiss before getting up to shower. Before facing the day, he needed a moment to gather himself, to put his mind in order. Once that was accomplished, he wanted to speak to his uncle.

Jamie was in the Lallybroch stables by the time Ian and Rachel made it out to the house. They’d gone to the hospital and made an appointment for their first ultrasound, which would be later that week. But he was petrified.

“I shall go into the house and search for thy mother. Would… Would thee mind if I told her our news?”

“Nae, lass. Tell her. Ye need her, ken?”

“I do. I thank thee.”

Rachel gave his hand a squeeze and headed into the big house.

“Uncle Jamie?”

“Aye, lad,” came his voice from the rear of the stable. “What is it?”

“Ah… Do ye have a few minutes to talk?”

A colorful Gaelic curse erupted from the stall and Jamie emerged a few minutes later, covered in muck.

“Aye. A few minutes away from that wee devil will do me good. What is it I can help ye with?”


“She’s a good lass, Ian. And she loves ye.”

“Aye, aye. I ken that. It’s just that… She’s pregnant.”

Jamie sighed and sat down on a bale of straw.

“Ah. I see.”

“I’m so scared, Uncle. I dinna how to do this. Last time… I canna lose another of my children.”

His uncle took a very deep breath and looked down at his muddy boots.

“Have I ever told ye that yer auntie and I almost lost Faith?”

“No, ye havena.”

“Aye. We did. Took us a long time to have a bairn and we were both so excited. Yer auntie wanted to be a mam so badly. When we found out, we both wept. She was nearly six months gone when… Weel, she started to bleed. That isna unusual at the start, she told me. But so far along…”

Ian watched as his uncle’s large hands shook.

“Yer auntie was in hospital for nearly a week. I verra nearly lost them both.”

“Chist, Uncle. I didna ken that.”

“It’s no’ something we talk about often, ken.”

“I dinna talk about… Iseabaìl either.”

Jamie nodded slowly.

“Have ye talked about when ye lost her?”

“No’ really. I told Rachel a bit but I… I havena talked about it wi’ anyone.”

“Ye could tell me, if it would help ye.”

Ian looked down and twisted the ring on his left hand. It was a simple thing to make Rachel feel more comfortable with it. But it had a nice celtic weave engraved into the wide silver band.

“Emily was a little over four months gone, we think, when it happened. We didna ken if it was a boy or a girl yet, the doctor couldna get a clear picture at the ultrasounds. I kent she was a girl, though. I canna make sense of how, but I kent it.”

“I kent about Willie too.”

“She just started screaming, grabbing at her stomach. God, I thought she was going to tear herself open… We got her to the hospital but it was too late. The bairn died. My wee Iseabaìl. She was a tiny thing, no’ quite all done being put together. We got to see her. Emily couldna look at me after and I dinna blame her. I wasna ready to be a father wi’ Emily. But I didna want…”

“No one ever wants that, Ian. I wouldna wish that on my enemies, to lose a child. Claire and I got lucky and we didna lose Faith. I canna imagine the pain ye carry wi’ ye everyday.”

Hands shaking, Ian looked up.

“Aye, Uncle. I do. I… The thought of Rachel having a bairn… My bairn… What if it was me? What if I was the reason Iseabaìl died?”

“Oh Ian,” Jamie said, his voice very gentle. “It wasna your fault. Ye had verra little to do wi’ it after she was made. But Rachel isna Emily.”

“I ken she isna. But I canna lose her, Uncle. I canna lose her or the bairn.”

Jamie got to his feet and pulled Ian up into a strong hug. 

“I wish there was more I could do to help ye, Ian. Or that I could help your wee Rachel. All we can do now is take her to the doctor and make sure she’s healthy and pray for her and the bairn.”

“Thank ye, Uncle.”

“Of course. I’m here anytime ye need me, ken?”

“Aye. I ken. I should go and find poor Rachel. Mam’s probably got her in the attic looking through my old baby photos…”

“Och aye. And yer mam has photos ye dinna ken about.”

“Oh God…”

Jamie smiled down at him and squeezed his shoulder. With a sigh, Ian set off in search of is wife.

For The Rebellion

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Let’s be real Bodhi is the real hero of Rogue One

Character / Person: Bodhi Rook
Premise: You help Bodhi recover after Saw tortures him.
1st Person Perspective

The silhouettes of five people made their way towards us against the background of the burning sunset.
The scouts discarded the man in the sand at my feet. “Is this him?” I asked in their language. A couple of clicks affirmed my inquiry. “You’re sure nobody followed you?” They shook their heads. “Alright. Let’s get him inside. We can’t risk being found.”

“Bodhi Rook,” I read aloud from my tablet. “Imperial pilot. Is that true?”
The man stared at me with wide, frightened eyes. “Y - yes. Well, former Imperial pilot.”
“It says here you claim you were sent by Galen Erso himself.”
“Y - yes, ma'am.”
I bared my teeth. “And what does Galen Erso have to offer us besides pain and death?”
“A - a message, ma'am,” the pilot choked out.
“Oh?” I stepped towards him and kneeled down to his line of sight. “And what is this message?”
He looked up at me. He seemed so fragile, and my heart ached for him. I could only imagine what he must have had to go through to get here. I hated this brutal character Saw was making me play. He had trained us all to be cruel and evil so that the Imperials would know what they were facing, and we were allowed to show mercy to no one.
Bodhi swallowed. “My shoe.”
I hesitated. “Excuse me?”
“Th - the message, it’s…in my shoe.” His eyes fell to the floor again.
I glanced up at one of the guards keeping him in place, and he promptly knocked Bodhi sideways. “Hey, be gentle with him!” I said. The guard didn’t listen; he had a job to do too. He ripped the pilot’s boots off, and a comp stick clattered to the ground. I collected it. “Thank you,” I said passive-aggressively to the guard, who shrugged.
Bodhi straightened up, grimacing slightly. I wanted to help him so badly, but Saw would see that as an act of disloyalty.
I stood. “Why does this need to go to Saw Gerrera?” I asked as I was about to leave the room.
“Galen asked for me to deliver it to him specifically. He said that Saw would be the quickest way of getting it to his daughter.”
I paused. His daughter…Jyn.
Jyn and I had trained together under Saw. We had been best friends. Until the day he left her behind, and forced me to as well. Of course it made sense; we were young, but not stupid. We’d heard people grumbling about Jyn’s father. Only rumors, at the time, but Saw had to act before anything more extreme happened. Funny, coming from the extremist.
I hadn’t seen Jyn in years. I didn’t even know if she was still alive. If she was, though, I would make it my duty to get this message to her.
“Thank you, Mr. Rook. Take him away.” I waved to the guards.
“Wait - no!” Bodhi yelled. “No, please! I need to speak to Saw! I - I’m on your side! You have to understand - ” The guards shut the door behind them, and Bodhi disappeared.
I did understand. I wanted to tell him that, I wanted him to know. But I couldn’t - if I strayed at all from Saw’s path, he would have me banished from his group. Or murdered. You never knew with that man.

“I don’t know, sir,” I said to Saw later. “I believe him.”
“Bah, of course you do,” Saw grunted.
I splayed my hands. “But sir, the look in his eyes…”
He shot me a look. “Now Y/N, I can’t have my second-in-command thinking like this about an Imperial pilot.”
“He’s NOT an Imperial - wait, I’m sorry. Did you just say second-in-command?” Saw nodded. “But what about Ratcliffe?”
“Ratcliffe is dead,” he replied simply. “You were the next best thing.”
I didn’t know whether to feel complimented or offended. Regardless, a promotion was a promotion. “Thank you, sir. I appreciate it very much.”
“You’re welcome. But about this Imperial pilot - ” I bit my lip to keep myself from correcting him - “I know how we can figure out the truth.”
It took a second before it dawned on me. “No - no, Saw, not the Bor Gullet.” I could see that he already had his mind set on it though. “Saw, he hasn’t done anything wrong, he doesn’t deserve this - ”
“There you go again, defending the enemy!”
“I’m not defending him, sir, I’m just - ”
“Just what?”
His wild eyes searched mine. I knew that it was better not to argue with him, so I sighed. “Nothing, sir.”

I took up my position beside Saw on the other side of the cage. The back of the pilot’s head was probably three feet away, where he was strapped into a chair. “Don’t do this!” He cried. “I swear, I’m telling you the truth! Galen Erso sent me! Please!”
The Bor Gullet slithered closer to Bodhi.
“The Bor Gullet can feel your thoughts. No lie is safe. It will know the truth.” Saw nearly chuckled as the creature’s tentacles wrapped around Bodhi. “The unfortunate side effect is that one tends to lose one’s mind.”
I again found myself questioning if Saw was really the one I should be following, but I stopped myself. That was the thinking that would get me killed.
We watched Bodhi squirm and scream for a while until I couldn’t stand it anymore. “Saw, he’s had enough.” Saw raised an eyebrow at me. “You have your answer. This is unnecessary. He’s been through enough already, trying to get here from Eadu. Just let him rest.”
“The enemy, Y/N!” His rough voice bellowed.
“He is not the enemy! You know that now; the Bor Gullet told you so, since you wouldn’t listen to me.” Bodhi whimpered. “Saw, you’re killing him!”
“So what does it matter if he dies? We have his message. He is of no use to us now.”
“He’s one of us! Let him go!”
He leaned in close. “He will never be one of us,” he hissed angrily before stalking off.
I returned my attention to the cage. Bodhi had gone limp. There was one and only one thing for me to do.
I unholstered my phaser and shot the Bor Gullet three times in its head.
Bodhi winced as the creature collapsed and its tentacles whipped him. From here, I could see him trembling.
I input the code to open the door. As soon as it did, I rushed to Bodhi’s side. His eyes were scared and distant. His mouth moved, but no sound came out. His nose was bleeding, trickling over his lips and onto his Imperial uniform.
“Bodhi,” I whispered as I swiftly removed the restraints holding him down. “My name is Y/N, and I want to help you escape.”
“Wh - wh - why?” His breathing was rapid.
“Because I believe you.” I didn’t know if he understood what I was saying. He had the same distant look as everybody who had ever been subjected to the Bor Gullet. “Goddammit, Saw.”
I helped Bodhi to his feet. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and stumbled forward.
I had no idea where to go, I just knew that Bodhi couldn’t stay here. Unfortunately, Saw had different plans.
The door slid shut. “Traitors!” Saw’s voice screamed. “Both of you!” His face loomed out of the darkness from the other side of the cage. “I trusted you, Y/N!”
“Saw, please - ” I begged.
“NO!” He slammed his fist into the metal and a loud noise rang through the room. Bodhi flinched and grasped my arm. “You killed the Bor Gullet, and you are helping the Imperial pilot escape! You are just as bad as he is, and you will receive the same punishment!”
I slipped my arms around Bodhi’s waist and heaved him up. His eyes were drooping shut. “Bodhi - Bodhi, hey, I need you to stay with me.” He mumbled something incomprehensible. I returned my attention to Saw. “We are all fighting for the same side, Saw Gerrera! You’re taking this too far!”
“It’s too late, Y/N. You have decided your fate. You will be tried for treason alongside Mr. Rook.”

Six days passed. Bodhi and I were still in this cell. I had spent our time trying to help him overcome the effects of the Bor Gullet.
“Your name?” I asked.
He shut his eyes. “B - Bodhi Rook.”
“Where are you now, Bodhi?”
“I am in a prison cell in Saw Gerrera’s base.”
“Why are you here?”
“I have a message from - from - ” His hands clenched into fists. “From…”
“Galen…” I prompted.
He looked at me. “Galen?” Then he threw his hands in the air. “I don’t know!”
I hushed him. “It’s alright that you don’t know.”
He rested his head in his hands. “It’s not! How can I not remember?”
“It’s the Bor Gullet, Bodhi. It steals your memories and drives you insane. It’s not your fault that you can’t remember, it’s Saw’s.” He lifted his face, and I saw tears in his eyes. He moved to sit next to me, and I took his hand. “Bodhi…” I said gently. “Who am I?”
Although we had only known each other for a week, I was “the only thing he knew for certain,” Bodhi told me. I told him in response that he was the bravest man I knew. He kissed me. Just a little bit.
Because we both knew we were going to die anyway. I had warned Bodhi; Saw didn’t actually ‘try’ anyone. Anyone who he accused of anything was executed.
It wasn’t like we fell in love or anything. It just happened. Though I would probably be the first to admit that Bodhi was incredible.
He smiled slightly. “You’re Y/N,” he said. “The most beautiful person I’ve ever met.”

Another two days later, and Bodhi was finally beginning to remember. It took him a little while to process everything, but he was finally understanding what had happened. Then everything got turned upside down again when Cassian Andor was thrown into the cell next to us.
I recognized his voice and scrambled to my feet. Bodhi was resting.
“You!” I called. “You’re Captain Cassian Andor?”
He looked at me in surprise. “Yes, who are you?”
“I’m Y/N L/N. I’m with Saw Gerrera.”
“If you’re with Saw,” one of the other men with the Captain asked. “Why are you being held prisoner?”
The third man in the cell stood. His eyes were pale, and I realized he was blind. “Who else is in that cell with you?”
I glanced behind me at Bodhi. “Do you know of the Imperial pilot who came to the Rebellion?”
The Captain rushed to the bars separating our cells. “Yes!” He said eagerly. “Is it him?”
I nodded. “You need to get him out of here. Saw is going to kill him.”
“Let him!” The second man said. “He is an enemy.”
“He’s not anymore,” I replied.
“She’s right Baze,” the blind man said. “He is not.”
“I don’t care,” Baze hissed. “Do you know how many of our people he must have murdered, Chirrut? I’m going to kill him.”
“Control yourself,” the Captain ordered. Then, directed to me: “Not to worry, Y/N. We will get you both out of here safely.”
“Thank you, Captain Andor.”
Finally, Bodhi woke and I told him, “We have a way out of here. I’m going to get you to the right people.”
He caught my hand. “You’re coming too, right?”
“Of course,” I grinned.
He tugged me closer. “Why don’t you sleep for a while? You’ve been keeping watch all this time; take a break.”
“I’m alright,” I objected, but he shook his head.
“Y/N, please. You look so tired.”
The truth was, I hadn’t slept since Bodhi arrived at the base. I was terrified that Saw would have someone kill him the second I closed my eyes, and Bodhi wasn’t in a position to defend himself at the moment.
But he was right, I was tired. I sighed. At least Captain Andor and his friends would be able to help if anything happened.
I laid down beside Bodhi. He let me use his arm as a pillow, and he wrapped the other around me, pulling me close to him. He was the only warmth in the drafty cell, and I snuggled into him. I fell asleep almost instantly.

When the ground began to shake, we knew the City was doomed. I watched Saw’s other men taking off in fear, but I didn’t see Gerrera himself.
Captain Andor rigged their cell so that it popped open. He instructed Baze to get Bodhi and I out as well before taking off to find Jyn. Baze whirled around to us with a malicious glint in his eyes, pointing his gun at Bodhi instantly.
“NO!” Bodhi and I both cried, and Bodhi threw himself on top of me as the control panel for the cell exploded. The door rattled up, and Chirrut led the way out of the base.
I froze the second I saw what was going on outside.
It was hell. Jedha City had been completely obliterated, and the blast from the explosion was ripping up the planet’s crust from end to end. If we didn’t get out fast, we would be dead.
“Where’s that damned robot?” Baze yelled over the chaos.
Jyn and Cassian came bursting outside. “K-2!” Captain Andor was yelling into his comm link. “Where are you?”
“The signal’s down!” I called to him. “Whoever you’re waiting for can’t hear you.”
Jyn looked at me, and her eyes widened in recognition. “Y/N?”
I smiled at her. “Jyn.”
She embraced me quickly. “You’re alive! I - I didn’t know - ”
“I thought you were dead!”
“Well we’ll all be dead if we don’t do something!” Andor said.
But I knew what I had to do, and Jyn could tell by the look in my eyes what I was planning. “Y/N, no. Don’t do it.”
“It’s the only way to get you out of here,” I responded. “This group may be the only hope the Rebellion had right now. I need you to get out of here.” I turned to Bodhi while Jyn continued protesting.
“You’re not coming with us, are you?”
Bodhi asked sadly.
I shook my head. “You’re the bravest man I’ve ever known, Bodhi Rook,” I said. I placed my lips on his. “Save the galaxy.”
I started sprinting.
“Y/N!” Bodhi cried.
“Hey!” Captain Andor yelled.
“No!” Jyn screamed.
I forced myself to ignore them.
There was a staircase leading to a watch tower. It was the highest vantage point remaining.
The staircase ripped in half and began to crumble. I leapt over the rift and kept moving. When I got to the tower, I looked frantically for any flares. Thankfully, one lay on the workbench, and I grabbed it. Holstering it quickly, I climbed out the window and scaled the roof until I reached the peak. In the distance, I saw one ship flying towards the base amidst all of them trying to run away. I fired the flare into the sky, and saw the ship turn towards me. As it neared, I directed it towards the ground where the group was gathered. The robot acknowledged me and the ship landed. It was only down for a second before it zoomed away. I took a deep breath and looked at the oncoming destruction.
“For the Rebellion,” I whispered, and the wind and debris overtook me.