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✿ ———— beauty and the beast sentence starters.

’ How can you read this? There’s no pictures! ’
’ Well, some people use their imagination… ’
’ This is the day your dreams come true. ’
’ I’m-I’m speechless. I really don’t know what to say. ’
’ Say you’ll marry me! ’
’ I just don’t deserve you! ’
’ I want to do something for him/her… but what? ’
’ No, no! It’s got to be more something more special than that! ’
’ This is yet another example of the late neoclassic Baroque period. ’
’ If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had feelings for this monster. ’
’ I thought I told you to come down to dinner! ’
’ I’m not hungry! ’
’ You’ll come out, or I’ll-I’ll-I’ll break down the door! ’
’ Will you come down to dinner? ’
’ It would give me great pleasure… ’
’ We say please. ’
’ You can’t stay in there forever! ’
’ Fine! Then go ahead and starve! ’
’ Oh dear. That didn’t go very well at all, did it? ’
’ If she/he doesn’t eat with me, then she/he doesn’t eat at all! ’
’ Who said anything about the castle being enchanted? ’
’ It was you, wasn’t it? ’
’ Oh, you look so… so… ’
’ Not quite the word I was looking for, but perhaps a - little more off the top. ’
’ Maybe some other time… ’
’ _______, you are positively primeval! ’
’ Why did you come here? ’
’ Do you realize what you could have done? ’
’ I didn’t mean any harm. ’
’ Please… stop… ’
’ Who’s there? Who are you? ’
’ I’ve come for my father. Please, let him out! Can’t you see, he’s sick? ’
’ Please, I’ll do anything! ’
’ Oh, there must be some way I can… ’
’ Then he/she shouldn’t have trespassed here! ’
’ The master of this castle… ’
’ Wait! Take me instead. ’
’ You don’t know what you’re doing! ’
’ Yes. But… you must promise to stay here forever! ’
’ Come into the light… ’
’ You have my word… ’
’ For who could ever learn to love a beast? ’
’ Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard? ’
’ That’s not a request! ’
’ I’ve been burnt by you before! ’
’ I’m afraid I’ve been thinking… ’
’ If you’d hold still, it wouldn’t hurt as much! ’
’ Well, if you hadn’t have run away, this wouldn’t have happened! ’
’ If you hadn’t frightened me, I wouldn’t have run away! ’
’ Well you shouldn’t have been in the west wing! ’
’ Well, you should learn to control your temper! ’
’ Now, hold still. This might sting a little. ’
’ By the way, thank you… for saving my life. ’
’ Couldn’t keep quiet, could we? ’
’ Just had to invite him/her to stay, didn’t we? ’
’ I was trying to be hospitable. ’
’ I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. ’
’ I want so much more than they’ve got planned… ’
’ Well, Your Highness, I must say everything is going just swimmingly. ’
’ I knew you had it in you, ha ha! ’
’ You what? How could you do that? ’
’ I use antlers in all of my decorating! ’
’ I-I-I was lost in the woods, and-and… ’
’ Please, I meant no harm. I-I just need a place to stay. ’
’ What’re you staring at? ’
’ I’ll give you a place to stay. ’
’ No, no! Please! Don’t, no! ’
’ I’d like to thank you all for coming to my wedding. ’
’ Sir, close that at once! Do you mind? ’
’ It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. ’
’ Oh, must help her/him to see past all that. ’
’ Well, you can start by making yourself more presentable. ’
’ Oh, it’s no use. ’
’ I don’t know how. ’
’ Come, come, show me the smile. ’
’ There’s a stranger here! ’
’ Pardon me, Master… ’
’ Leave me in peace. ’
’ It doesn’t matter now. Just let them come. ’
’ I’ll show you to your room. ’
’ Do you wanna stay in the tower? ’
’ You must control your temper! ’
’ Of course I came back. I couldn’t let them… oh, this is all my fault! ’
’ You… you came back. ’
’ If only I had gotten here sooner. ’
’ Maybe… maybe… it’s better… it’s better this way. ’
’ Don’t talk like that! You’ll be alright. ’
’ We’re together now; everything’s going to be fine, you’ll see… ’
’ And at least… at least I got to see you… one last time. ’
’ Please. Please… Please don’t leave me. ’
’ Well, perhaps there’s something there that wasn’t there before. ’
’ There may be something there that wasn’t there before. ’
’ Shh. I’ll tell you when you’re older. ’
’ I’ll not have you making up such wild stories. ’
’ Let me go! Let me go, please! Don’t hurt me! I’ll do anything! Anything! ’
’ I’m… I’m about ready to give up on this hunk of junk. ’
’ This castle is your home now, so you can go anywhere you like, except the West Wing. ’
’ I mean it this time! I’ll never get this boneheaded contraption to work! ’
’ Well, what are we waiting for? ’
’ I’ll have this thing fixed in no time! ’
’ You really believe that? ’
’ Be our guest. ’
’ Is it dangerous? ’
’ Oh no, he’d/she’d never hurt anyone. ’
’ Hmmm. Could you read it again? ’
’ Why don’t you read it to me? ’
’ You mean, you never learned? ’
’ I learned… a little. It’s just been… so long. ’
’ Well, here, I’ll help you. ’
’ What would you say if you and I took a walk over to the tavern and took a look at my trophies? ’
Chewbacca And Han Solo (Jughead Jones Imagine)

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Word Count : 3728

A/N: A small disagreement escalates into something Jughead regrets from the minute he says it. But in the time of need, good will always win.

Warnings: Swearing




“Pretty please?”


“What about- “



You put your hand on you hip, “There is actually no way in hell am I wearing that.”

Jughead sighed, “Why? What’s wrong with it?”

“You want me to tell you what’s wrong with wanting me to wear a Chewbacca outfit to a party that our whole year will be at?” You asked with raised eyebrows, not understanding where the hell your dumbass boyfriend got that idea from.

“Well, we can’t both be Han Solo!” He defended, throwing his hands in the air as if it was obvious.

You scoffed. This was the biggest party in your whole social life, you looked forward to it every year. It was hosted by the one and only Cheryl Blossom and the rule was: no fancy dress = no entrance. The past years you had outdone yourself, staring off with Jasmine from Aladdin, followed by a hippie with the full flower-power theme the next, and last year you topped it off with dressing as Bellatrix Lestrange. Now this time around, you had to do even better, which meant definitely not wearing the Chewbacca costume that Jughead wanted you to.

He had brought up the idea moments ago, you were currently at lunch in the student common room, surrounded by the usual group of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Kevin, Jughead and yourself. The people you called your “best friends” all had different reactions to Jugheads couple costume idea. Veronica was looking shocked at the thought of you wearing a furry-onesie to the highest social class event of the year, Kevin nodding and agreeing with her argument that she was loudly spreading to the rest of the group. Archie was in deep conversation with Jughead about the style of his costume and planning a trip the town costume shop for a plastic gun to take royal place as Han Solos weapon. And Betty was in awe at the ‘adorable’ thought of a couple-costume.

You on the other hand, thought it was preposterous.

“Sorry to burst your bubble Juggie,” you shrugged sarcastically, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder, “but I would rather get a sticky maple from Chuck than wear a Chewbacca costume in public…or ever.”

Little did you know, that once you had said your final word and started to have a conversation with Veronica about your actual costume, Jugheads’ heart sunk. He was excited about this, the first time he wanted to do something publicly to show that you were his, and you had turned down his idea.

All he wanted to do was show the other guys that nobody was to touch you.

Looking up from your conversation with Ronnie, you noticed your boyfriend’s sunken eyes that were focused on the floor. He couldn’t be that affected by a simple costume, could he? It was just a costume, a silly outfit that he was taking way to personally to heart.

Jughead looked up and met your loving eyes with a cold stare.
“Fine, you would rather have a fun time with Chuck, then he can take you to the party.” Jughead stated

You were stunned, and as were the others it seemed because they suddenly fell quiet from their various conversations.

“What are you talking about, Juggie?” You laughed lightly, confused with the sudden turn of events.

He scoffed, “Well you obviously don’t care about me, so Chuck can take you. I’m not going.”

Archie place a hand on his elbow, “Jug don’t be an idiot- “

Jughead shrugged him away and stared accusingly at you. You started to felt your blood boil at his sudden accusations and rudeness.

“Where is, this coming from?” You asked with pure shock laced in your tone.

Of course, you cared about him, he was the one person you loved more than life for god’s sake!

“You always have to have your own way! Nothing nice for anyone else,” Jughead accused, his words becoming harsher than expected.

The way he stared at you with a cold, hard glare hurt inside and you could see the tears start to form at the bottom of your waterline, but there was no way you were going to start crying here in front of all the people.

“Fine,” you shouted back, “I will go with Chuck.”

Veronica started to say your name in a rushed tone to make you see reason, but you ignored it.

“I will go with Chuck, because I don’t want to go with someone who overreacts about a costume party and starts making accusations!” You furiously said with the anger you felt being clear in your face.

But Jugheads expression only grew angrier and suddenly, you were frightened of losing him forever.

“Well that’s good then because I don’t want to go with someone who doesn’t care about anyone but herself and acts like goddamn royalty and superior, but is actually just a fake and never gets anything right. Because guess, what I hate people like that, and guess what again, that is a definition of you.”

He spat out the words like poison, and the way they stung your heart certainly felt like it. Your stomach felt heavy, as if all the broken pieces of you heart and fallen. A single tear rolled down your cheek and the vison of Jughead was blurred.

But when he saw how much damage his words caused and how he had just destroyed anything the two of you had, the anger inside his bones was washed away and instead, he was filled with regret.
He hated the fact he had hurt you, the way he has just broken the person he loved and needed to get by.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, I did-“He began to stutter with remorse obvious in his voice. His eyes met yours but you looked away. It hurt to do so.

“No, it’s ok, you made your feelings pretty clear,” you spoke clearly, brushing the tears way with the palm of your hand and picking your back up from the couch. Without another word, you left the room.

You were closely followed by Veronica and Betty after they both started at Jughead with confusion and frustration plastered on their face and left the room, running after you to make sure you were ok. Kev left behind them, but not before putting a hand on Jugs shoulder to show he cared for him, but the fact he left to come after you showed he was concerned for you more than Jughead. Archie was still sat on the couch, just staring at his best friend as he had a mental battle with himself.

Jughead was furious with himself at the way he had overreacted and hurt you so deeply. He never meant for it to go that far, and his heart hurt at the idea of you crying somewhere feeling damaged and defeated.

Archie rose to his feet and looked Jughead straight in the eyes. No matter how much he wanted to say something to make his best friend feel better, to make him ok and tell him that there was a light at the tunnel. Archie desperately wanted to tell him that you two would make up and you would forgive him, but he couldn’t. Instead he picked up his back and made an exit for the door.

Jug’s eyes followed him out, and when Archie stopped he was hopeful that his best friend was going to be there for him in the time of need.

But all that came from Archie’s mouth was:

“You really fucked up this time, mate.”

And he left.

Jughead just sighed.

“Yeah,” he mumbled to himself. “I know.”

The tears in your eyes started to fall quicker and quicker as you stormed down the school corridors, looking for one person in particular. And when you saw him, you knew exactly what to do.

“Hey, Chuck!” You yelled down to him. Chuck was standing next to Reggie, and when he heard his named called, he turned around quickly. Your eyes met each other’s and you felt a sickening felling grow in your stomach.

“Hey, babe,” he smirked, throwing an arm around your shoulder, “what’s up?”

You shrugged his arm off – it wasn’t the same loving feeling as Jugheads. Chucks simple gesture felt dangerous, and you suddenly wanted to back out from making a mistake.

But there was no way you could go back to Jughead, not after he had hurt you like that.

So, gathering up courage, you managed to force out the words.

“Do you want to go to Cheryl’s party with me?” You spoke through gritted teeth, trying not to think about the fact you should be doing this with Jughead and not a play boy like Chuck.

You heard running from behind you and saw Betty and Veronica nearing where you were.

Betty placed a heartfelt hand on your elbow, trying to pull you away from Chuck, but your shrugged her off, “Don’t do this Y/N, you know Jughead didn’t mean it- “

“Shut up, Betty!” You spat out, not intending for it to come out quite so rude, “Sorry, it’s just that Jughead has made his feelings clear, so I’m going to take his advice.” You said, looking them in their eyes and trying to show them that you knew what you were doing.

Chuck pulled you back into his side and smirked down at you, “Yeah baby, we can go together, and after we can have a little fun.” He laughed and whispered in your ear.

Your stomach grew tighter as you felt your breakfast almost making a re-appearance. You forced a smile and just nodded at Chuck, pulling yourself out of his arms and walking towards a worried looking
Betty and a confused looking Ronnie.

“Jughead made up his mind,” you defended yourself, biting back the tears that were ready to be unleashed, “and now so have I.”

But of course, your heart took over and the tears began to spill once more. Veronica quickly pulled you into her arms, the comforting smell of her Yves Saint Laurent perfume making you feel safe for the moment. Betty joined in, and the three of you remained silently hugging in the middle of the hallway. Unbeknownst to you, Kevin and Archie has witnessed the entire matter, and when they noticed what was happening between you all, rushed over to be part of the group hug.

‘These people are here for me’ you thought to yourself. But no matter how much you wanted to be happy at that moment, you couldn’t.

Because your heart was shattered, and unfortunately, the only person who could fix it was the person who destroyed it in the first place.

And little did you know, that very same person was watching all his friends comfort you in the middle of the hallway, whilst you cried quietly because of something he did.

And he was determined to make it right.


Saturday night. Party night.

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IxxJ Friends

~ Based on our INTJ, INFJ, ISTJ and ISFJ squad ~

- Complains about his lack of romantic life 24/7.
- Only likes doing / watching / reading stuff that makes him feel good.
- Always cheerful, never happy.
- Absolute bookworm.
- Seems shy and friendly.
- Judgmental.
- Awesome fashion style.
- Hair is always on point.
- Can’t watch a show or read a book if he dislikes the main characters.
- Also emo trash™.

Common phrases include:
- “But that’s not practical”.
- “Don’t think about it so much”.
- “Learn from me”.
- “We are cleaning up right now”.
-“That’s adorable”

- Witty and sharp humor 24/7.
- Emo trash™.
- All the yes to fictional worlds.
- Awesome writer.
- Her characters are more likable and complex than most real people.
- Better psychologist than 80% of professionals.
- Loves video games.
- Needs to be in the mood in order to do something smoothly.
- Understands anyone better than they understand themselves.
- Master puzzle solver.
- Whenever she does something moral but stupid, she compares herself to James Kirk to feel validated

Common phrases include:
- “I was joking"
- “That is hilarious, dude”.
- “*Explanation about how she started saying something in an ironic way, and how she is now doing it unironically*”.
- “Everything is meaningless. I wish I was dead”.
- “Fuck you, too”.

- Very busy person.
- Everything is scheduled (revenge included).
- Prefers to read non-fiction.
- Nerdy af.
- Learns physics in their free time.
-Quotes Spock in random situations.
- Very practical and driven.

Common phrases include:
“I already did it”.
“*Smiling in a very sweet and frightening way* Well, they shouldn’t have done that”.
“World domination is the best solution”
“You have to see this”.

- If it doesn’t teach you anything then what’s the point?
- Either so driven that they ignore physical needs, or so demotivated that they can only exist in the dark™.
- Once investigated intensively to find out if it was really true that Heavy Metal had a bad influence on mental health.
- Dark humour, which increases exponentially with INFJ’s presence.
- Likes bullying ISFJ, gets bullied by ISTJ.
- Existential crisis at least twice a week.
- Seems serious and intimidating on the outside, the social anxiety is real on the inside.
- 🎵Animals are better than people🎵

Moto: If I can understand it, I can fix it.

Shared characteristics
- Avoid crowds and noisy people.
- Avoid people in general.
- 99% of our meet ups are in either one of our homes.
- Allergic to stupidity.
- Perfectionism™.
- Different manifestations of condescendence

- Shows them a meme trash™ video

- Has already seen the same meme trash™ video 10 times.

- Can be mildy amused about the meme trash™ video. Will complain anyways to put his own video of liking.

- Doesn’t get and/or hates the meme trash™ video. Pretends to enjoy it.

(Bonus: INFJ notices)


xNTx squad

xNFx squad

Pro revenge from a revenge pro.

(long story. TL;DR at the end)

If you think about it cynically, one of the functions of the police is to provide a sort of society-wide revenge service. Unfortunately for this sub, it’s usually kind of boring. When cops do take exceptional revenge, it’s usually unfortunate and icky, like a dirty beating in the no-camera areas of the copshop, or giving someone the silent-patrolman treatment during transport. Fortunately, most cop revenge isn’t dramatic - it’s procedural. You misbehave, we do the paperwork, and eventually some consequences happen, or not.

Sometimes, however, you get a chance to take a bit of vengeance that is (i hope) the very definition of professional.

For a time, I was a small-town Canadian cop, working in $hicksville, $province. Several years before I came to work in the town, there was an event which entered town legend (and made national news - the funny little throwaway story they go to just before the end of the broadcast). Some kids committed an act of spectacular and iconic vandalism, and cost the town quite a bit of money. They were all caught, tried and sentenced to probation terms with restitution. I would love to provide details, but anything more would be immediately identifying.

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okay okay okay new list: top ten favorite critical role eps. IN ORDER

This is difficult, holy cow! I thought about defying this post and making a list of my ten least favorite eps, but was tragically unable to come up with ten episodes I disliked so, uh. Probably should’ve seen that coming. Okay, you win, here goes nothing, I’m definitely missing a bunch, this list changes on any give day, etc. etc. etc.

10. Episode 31: Gunpowder Plot. Every now and then, despite its huge cast, the show gets to highlight one-on-one interactions between Matt and a player. Scanlan spends the better part of an hour alone, a single gnome bard trying to navigate an ambush in an enemy stronghold. The process involves turning into a triceratops, defeating a dozen guards, breathing fire, and shoving a goliath off a flaming rooftop in the rain. That sequence is legendary for a reason.

9. Episode 25: Crimson Diplomacy. Mainly the first half, although Kit Buss is wonderful as Lilith and gets more screen time in the latter half. I think this episode kind of jump-started the more serious RPing on the show (which isn’t to say there weren’t great moments earlier!)–for the first time, it felt like it wasn’t so much the players worrying about losing a character as it was the other characters worrying about losing a friend. Vax completely failing to talk his way out of the Briarwoods’ chambers, “Jenga!”, Vex storming in with double natural twenties, “Sylas!” Matt did a phenomenal job juggling the tension in order to make this encounter feel like a difficult situation that was still winnable.

8. Episode 69: Passed Through Fire. I remember seeing a post from somebody who happened upon this episode on Twitch without having seen any of the rest of the show, and they said they were blown away by the emotional extremes in this episode alone. Pretty much everyone was crying, and then pretty much everyone was crying with laughter. There’s also the wonderful letter from Kerrek, VM doing shots, and the start of several RP threads that unravel over the course of the next few episodes. Also, the cliffhanger at the end of this one jumpstarts the endgame in a big way.

7. Episode 57: Duskmeadow. This was a really unexpected episode watching live, because the entire cast had been out doing interviews about CR all day and then came straight from that to this, so it’s a wonder anyone was coherent. And yet, true to form, we get Matt playing a dozen different recurring characters expertly, we get the long-awaited confrontation between Vax and the Raven Queen, we get a bunch of other wonderful character beats, and we get one of the most genuinely startling cliffhangers in the show, with a callback that stretches 36 episodes.

6. Episode 49: A Name Is Earned. The first half is a really archetypal low-risk fight for this show in that it showcases each of the characters’ strengths and weaknesses, often in hilarious ways–Keyleth accidentally disarming a trap, Percy attempting to hit someone with a lance and finally giving up and just shooting him, Vax stealthing by sinking into the snow up to the tips of his ears, Vex sending Trinket barrelling out as a cannonball. It’s a good time. And the sphinx’s puzzle is wonderfully fun and just complicated enough to keep everyone guessing–on rewatching, it’s great to see how Matt manages to drop hints without being too obvious about it. And, of course, the utterly heartbreaking moment where the whole Craven Edge arc comes to a head with Grog accidentally hurting Pike… oh man. So good.

5. Episode 63: The Echo Tree. The climax of the Feywild arc wound up being the payoff for a lot of character beats for Vex, and I’m not sure there’s been a villain who so easily and immediately got to the root of a character’s insecurities. Matt having this baddie incorporate the details of a short story that Laura wrote about Vex was vicious. It’s also so impressive that he was able to create a character who immediately brought up all of Vex’s insecurities and worries about putting her friends in danger, about being cruel and unwanted and never belonging, and there’s still that horrible guilt when she finally does fire on him. The sequence between Vex and Sondur is phenomenal.

4. Episodes 43/44: Return to Vasselheim/The Sunken Tomb. I’m counting this one as a two-parter because it features the same guest stars and makes up a pretty coherent little standalone. Absolute goofiness with amazingly funny little interpersonal moments between party members, guests, and NPCs; I’m a big fan of any time we get to see VM from an outsider’s perspective, and Zahra and Kash’s perspective is just the right mix of fond and sardonic. We get an oddly sweet after-school-special Grog moment, we get a beholder fight… and then we get everything going just unfathomably wrong in the last thirty minutes, completely out of nowhere. Half the party’s character arcs shifted permanently because of one failed saving throw.

3. Episode 89: Curious Tides. There aren’t a lot of recent episodes on this list, just because I generally only get to watch ‘em live and so they kind of all blur together and it becomes tough to remember specific episodes. But this one stood out. Any episode that can balance the extreme of a ritual that involves promising one god you’ll dedicate your life to killing another with the extreme of a well-meaning robot sketching the entire party while they’re sleeping? It’s a good time. Intense foreshadowing of some of the plot to come alongside hilarious (and wonderfully soothing) downtime shenanigans.

2. Episode 40: Desperate Measures. The completely world-shattering shift in the previous episode was startling enough, but it’s a testament to the RPing chops of the players and DM that they took the time to carefully play out the consequences of that change. What do you do when all the major population centers are being destroyed and any attempts to fight back are squashed? How far are you willing to go for a slim chance to instantly reverse what was done? Everyone in this episode is hurting and confused and frightened, and that comes across so well in the ways they lash out at each other. Despite the absolute crushing bleakness of the situation, this episode lays the groundwork for the emotional and plot-related beats of the next fifty episodes in the form of a tattered, piecemeal sort of hope.

1. Episode 52: The Kill Box. It’s one big battle, it should by rights drag out, but it’s so good. Every single member of the cast is so invested (Travis: “I can feel my heartbeat in my face…”), and it isn’t often that the party manages to catch Matt off-guard in a combat situation, but in this episode they just keep managing to surprise him again and again and again. And even their clever strategizing wouldn’t have been enough to save the entire party from the very real threat of a wipe once things start going sideways, if it weren’t for an absurd series of natural twenties to save the day. There have been a lot of mega-epic battles on this show since then, but none have hit this absolutely unreal combination of strategy and luck. This is the game-y part of the show at its absolute best.

Moon Signs:

The Moon rules your emotional self, the way you think and react to others.It also represents your inner mood. It is the second most important thing in your birth chart after your sun sign.

Aries Moon:Moon Sign Aries is happy, optimistic, and impatient. They live for the moment, forgetting all else. Instant gratification is their middle name. They are passionate and have no qualms about sharing how they feel. At the same time, they can be very independent. They don’t like to take no for an answer. They have the self-confidence to put themselves out there and they want to make a strong impression. Subtle does not describe this Sign. They are well-suited to meeting challenges that may destroy lesser people. 

Taurus Moon:Taurus Moon likes the familiar instead of the exotic. They will be prepared to put up with just about anything to preserve this familiar sense of security. Strong-willed, they are set in their ways. They want to create a solid, comfortable existence so they feel secure and happy. Moon in Taurus is steady, and makes those near them feel comforted. They can be very conservative and set in their ways. Sociable, Moon Sign Taurus loves companionship. They are emotionally balanced, and like to finish one thing before starting another.

Gemini Moon:Witty and charming, Gemini Moon is fun and pleasant to hang out with. Their twin aspect also makes them moody and irritable, though. If you can put up with the constant switch from one to the other, you will find that they are very interesting people to be around. They like to have a hand in everything, are usually well-informed and are the basis for the saying “curiosity killed the cat.” Their inquisitiveness is all-encompassing. Like other air signs, the Moon Sign Gemini is adept at saying what they think is expected before they have a chance to think about it.

Cancer Moon:Cancer Moon has a knack for being in touch with their feelings, as well as those of others. They may be so in touch with their feelings that they become very self-absorbed. At the same time, they are so in touch with others’ feelings that they can see through any superficial statements of well-being. They have a terrific memory, especially for emotional things. The Cancer Moon Sign looks for familiarity and security. They tend to cling to their home, their family and friends, and their possessions. They really appreciate peace and quiet, and they are not big fans of change.

Leo Moon:Leo Moon likes to be the center of attention… when they are comfortable in the situation. They may do a lot of entertaining at home and they have a great sense of comic timing. Those born with the Moon in Leo are talented organizers, and may bring that out of the point of trying to organise and  control their friends and family. They want to create and entertain… although they may end up being too lazy to actually put things together as often as they would like. Their natural bossiness helps them be good at delegating chores to others, although deep down they really want to treat others fairly.

Virgo Moon:Virgo Moon looks to the little things in life for their happiness and security. They may deny it, but they actually enjoy activities like running errands, taking care of details, and so on. They may complain about it, but as long as they feel appreciated they will  do their best to not only take care of themselves, they’ll take care of you, too. They will usually be the first to volunteer to help someone else. They may be a bit low in self-esteem, but many are very happy to have a normal, pedestrian life. Simplicity is their mantra and they feel most at home when they can go through life without a lot of public attention. 

Libra Moon:Libra Moon does not like to be alone… they thrive in a partnership. Many will get married young or choose to move in with someone. In order to facilitate this, they may make a lot of concessions to their partner in order to keep the peace. They are social, sympathetic and they love a rousing debate. They need someone they can feel an intellectual and emotional rapport with.Libra Moon wants someone with them all the time… even for that little trip to fill up the gas tank. They believe there is strength in numbers. Charming and attractive, they are often found flirting. They are usually very gentle and refined in their manners. They make friends easily, and may be fickle.

Scorpio Moon:Scorpio Moon lives for emotional intensity. They have the ability to see through anyone right to their innermost feelings. This can be disturbing to some people and intriguing for others. They have a need for change and rebirth. Their life may be full of drama and upheaval which they feel is out of their control. But if their life begins tofeel “normal” they are the first one to create some test for someone in their life just to create excitement. Emotional drama fulfills them.Scorpio Moon wants it all… they don’t do anything halfway or waste their time with meaningless relationships. They want commitment. They may also expect their partner to give up something for them, although they have a deep fear of betrayal. 

Sagittarius Moon: Sagittarius Moon is happy-go-lucky and free-spirited… as long as they aren’t cooped up. They need space and personal freedom to be happy. They love to be physically active. Travel, sports, socializing… it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is active. They love open spaces, indoors and out. Optimistic and cheerful, Sagittarius Moon is always upbeat, even when they’ve disappointed you for the third time because they once again forgot the lunch date you had planned.They are competitive and love the outdoors. They are usually natural athletes, or if not, they appreciate athleticism in others.

Capricorn Moon: Capricorn Moon needs to feel useful and productive. They are competent and collected, even when their emotions are churning beneath the surface. They want realistic goals and clear boundaries set. They are not risk takers. They much prefer security and safety and plan ahead for every eventuality.Capricorn Moon does not deal well with all those messy emotions… they are frightened of dealing with them. While they can have some mood swings and can dip pretty far into the darkness themselves, they don’t like to delve into this side. The Capricorn Moon Sign person is their own worst critic, and they can be really hard on themselves. They often hide their own sensitivity behind a sarcastic demeanor.

Aquarius Moon: Aquarius Moon is very observant. They love to study human nature and analyze why everyone around them acts the way they do. They are often shy themselves, and may appear a bit detached. If you sit down and talk with an Aquarius Moon, they will probably tell you that they always felt “different” when they were growing up. While they can be sociable, at heart they would rather be on their own.They may have a strong ego, and they"ll do their level best to be unusual. It is not their lot to be mainstream or “fit in." 

Pisces Moon: Those born with a Pisces Moon will often have strong psychic abilities. They find it easy to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and are amazingly compassionate and full of love. Unfortunately, this capacity also makes it easy for them to lose themselves in others’ problems. They are natural romantics, and never forget a gift on Valentine’s Day or someone’s birthday.Pisces Moon appears to know all the nuances of human behavior. They are easily amused. They may be labelled as "spaced out,” but they are deeper than most people think. They are easily misunderstood since they often get lost in their dreams.


Ivar x Reader

Warnings: Alluding to abused Reader, Protective!Ivar, Posesive!Ivar

“You, where is my daughter!” Your mother bellowed, looking up at the Ragnarssons as they lazed about outside the main hall. Ivar could hear Sigurd snickering next to him as the angry woman glared at him.

Everyone knew Ivar was fond of you, in fact no one dare came near you or lay a hand on you lest Ivar find out, which amused Sigurd because anyone who wanted you would simply look for Ivar.

“I do not know where (Y/N) is, perhaps you should keep a closer watch over her.” Ivar drawled and your mother turned a faint shade of red.

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The Son(g) of Ice and Fire

I saw someone commenting on a George RR Martin interview where he talks about why he named the series Ice and Fire. This person seemed to assume that George’s answer meant that Jon and Daenerys represent Ice and Fire together, respectively, which is something I have always very vocally disagreed with, and will continue to do until Martin himself tells me I’m wrong (that means Dan and David and their fanfic freakshow and magazine covers are irrelevant to me). 

Originally posted by to-eternal-darkness

I read/listened to this interview a long, long time ago, and it never gave me the impression that my idea of what the Song of Ice and Fire means, is wrong… 
Here’s why:


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Studio Ghibli & Mr. Miyazaki starters

- suggested by Anonymous and pulled from various films/sources

  • “You cannot alter your fate. However, you can rise to meet it”
  • “A heart’s a heavy burden”
  • “I’ve got something I want to protect - it’s you”
  • “I think we ought to live happily ever after”
  • “Once you’ve met someone, you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return”
  • “It will protect you. It’s made from the threads your friends wove together”
  • “Nothing that happens is ever forgotten, even if you can’t remember it”
  • “We need to find our own inspiration. Sometimes, it’s not easy”
  • “I make friends, then suddenly I can’t bear to be with any of them”
  • “Here’s another curse: may all your bacon burn!”

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Mafia AUs

Masquerade Ashida

“Just say the word.” came the whisper as Victor stepped close, behind them Yuuri was aware of guns out and at the ready, of confused men and questioned loyalties, here Victor was offering, and Yuuri was too selfish to say no.“Ok.” Yuuri smiled as this game of masquerade came to an end, what would happen now, he didn’t know, he would probably die, his family would come after him and try to put a knife in his back or a bullet between his eyes, none of it mattered, because together they would fight, and the rest of the world would finally burn.

Omerta - Kashoku

Minako had said he was a blessing - that his pockets were deep and Yuuri was lucky to have caught his eye.But Viktor Nikiforov was a curse, and Yuuri finds himself trapped in a world of blood and death where it takes violence to mend what is broken.

Separation Anxiety Okaeri_Kairi

Deep in the dark and unsettling back alleys of St. Petersburg, a network of crime rings and rival families makes up the heart of the mafia that runs the city’s underground. Of these, none is more feared than the Nikiforov family, an infamous group that is said to be led by a man of cold blood and steel. Viktor, the son of the previous boss, knows only too well just how frightening and unstable this man is.He is, after all, married to him.

Offer Me That Deathless Death - marihy

Yuuri was just trying to be a gentleman by walking the red-haired woman home.He hadn’t meant to get whisked away by the top members of the Russian Mafia, he definitely hadn’t meant to get two of the most powerful men in the world trying to kill him, and he definitely definitely hadn’t meant to seduce the pakhan.But now that he’s in this mess, he’s going to fight to the finish.

Kintsugi - witchbane

Yuuri Katsuki is a hitman burdened with a debt he can never repay. His target: Viktor Nikiforov, next Pakhan to one of the most dangerous families in the Russian mafia.When the two are drawn into a treacherous alliance after a mission gone wrong, the bonds of love and loyalty to family and duty begin to unravel—even as they get more tangled up in each other.

A lack of Invitations - AphroditeB00w  

Viktor is ex-Russian mob knife for hire, with a terrifying reputation. Yuuri is a Japanese mob boss. They encounter each other at a party and for some reason, Yuuri is intrigued enough to hire Viktor on.

Settle Down - artemisgrace  

Viktor Nikiforov was born into this life of violence and crime. As the son of a top-dog in the Russian mafia, there was no other path for him to take, and yet, it doesn’t really suit his nature. He seeks an escape, some semblance of a normal life, and in a café on a Wednesday morning, he finds his shred of normality in the form of Yuuri Katsuki.
Yuuri Katsuki is a broke college student, struggling to balance grades, finances, and his passion for figure skating. He would consider his life to be rather plain and uninteresting. That is, until a whirlwind of a man by the name of Viktor blows into his life, and he soon finds himself in deeper than he could ever have predicted.

White Rose - keppokeppon098

Twenty seven years old and unmated. The heir of the Nikiforov Group, Viktor Nikiforov almost died if someone with a black women kimono with white rose pattern hadn’t saved his life. He didn’t know who it was but a white handkerchief which had the same pattern as the kimono would bring him to his savior…And maybe his fated mate.

My Sugar Daddy Can’t Be a Mobster! - PockyofNyanyaland  

Student-athlete Yuuri Katsuki is struggling to balance his training, schoolwork, and expenses. When his roommate introduces him to the lucrative prospect of being a sugar baby, he meets Viktor Nikiforov, an enigmatic man whose pockets run deeper than the Mariana Trench. Viktor wants Yuri at any cost and Yuri is smitten enough to ignore the fact that there is indeed, a gun in Viktor’s pants.In the process of keeping Yuuri safe, his friends don’t notice their own benefactors’ oddities. For instance, Otabek has just signed his first exclusive contract to a teenager with an anger management problem and three body guards. Chris’s lawyer ‘daddy’ spends half his time spoiling Chris and the other half cheating the legal system. JJ’s sugar mama is as supportive as she is psychotic. Guang Hong’s boyfriend’s studio may be a front for illegal weapons trade. And Phichit?Well, Phichit may be their pimp.

Glutton for Punishment - claimthatbooty

Yuuri Katsuki, the secret leader of the largest mafia in Russia, had just ordered him to suck his cock in his office. What could he do to surprise Yuuri more than Yuuri’s ever surprised him?

Hiding in Plain Sight - Rin Asami (TsumetaiHakumei)

How well can you really know someone? The person you’ve spent weeks or months with, could they really be nothing as they appear? Can two world-known figure skaters be, not just superior athletes, but also superior killers for their respective mafia syndicates? Victor and Yuri are about to find out if the other is really who they appear to be or if they’ve been hiding in plain sight the entire time. When the Russian Bratva and Japanese Yakuza collide, how can it not end up in a bloodbath?

The Red Triangle - basedHermes

“Beauty isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.”

On Ice - littlemisslawyer

A skating accident leads Viktor Nikiforov, five time world champion and the current pakhan of the Blue Rose Mafia, to the hands of one very adorable doctor.

Wine Colored Days Warmed by the Sun - Erushi

Yuuri turns to regard him. “You look very young for a businessman,” he says. Victor laughs. “Mine’s a family business, too.” It’s not exactly a lie. Or: The Mafia AU in which Victor’s an heir to the Russian mob, Yuuri just so happens to be visiting St. Petersburg, and there’s a hitman loose in the city.

Teach Me How To Say Goodbye - otayuri_oh_nice

“You fooled me once, Altin,” Yuri said tilting his head lightly to the side. “I won’t make the same mistake twice.” “I don’t understand!” “Sure you don’t, traitor.”
“Traitor?” There it was, that spark Yuri had been waiting for. It was there so briefly he would’ve missed it if his eyes weren’t glued to Otabek’s. But he’d seen it. He was good, but Yuri was better. Obviously. Otabek was chained to the chair and not him.


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(gif cr; respectful owner)

AOMG Gang AU // Word Count; 1,897

AOMG x Reader - Angst // Part 2

a/n; this is part 1, idk how long this series will be but I had fun writing it! <3

“Mmm, what a delightful looking snack!” A deep voice sneered while circling your chair in the dim lit room.

“Hello!” You giggled not afraid of the current situation you were in. The male that was circling you stopped behind you and tugged at your hair, forcing you to look at him. The only thing that was visible was the smirk he held over his face, you giggled once more finding the whole situation entertaining.

“You won’t be laughing when we torture you.” The deep voice resonated through the room, causing you to shiver at how deep the voice of the male was and how close his lips were to your ear.

“Threats, empty threats!” You breathed out, your chest rose and fell as you took deep breaths. Your heart beat quickened and your smile only grew when he growled in your ear, letting go of your hair.

“Do you know who we are?” He questioned in anger that his threats didn’t frighten you. “AOMG a very well known gang, I’ve stolen from you before” You beamed while eyeing the blonde haired man who was now standing in front of you.

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Flood my Mornings: The Difference

Notes from Mod Bonnie

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.

That same night

“Are ye alright, Sassenach?” 

“Mmhmm.” My sleepy sound resonated through his chest and thrummed back against my ear, bringing me into greater consciousness. “Why?” 

“You’re still awake.” 

“As are you.” I turned onto my side and snuggled against him once more, throwing an arm over his bare chest.

He laughed a soft, low affirmative. “Can I get ye anythin’?” 

“No,” I yawned, “’m’fine…. Just can’t seem to fall fully asleep.” I laid a kiss on his breast. “Enjoying this too much.” 

Both his arms wrapped more securely around me. Peace

As much as I still felt huge and sore and foreign in most parts of my body, it was heaven beyond imagining to be laying in our bed, NOT pregnant, and with both children asleep. The rest of the evening had been a blur of feeding, nappy changing, the bliss of a hot (but too-brief) shower, squalls from Ian to be soothed, a glass of water for Bree to be fetched, a hasty sandwich to be scarfed down, another glass of water, another squall, and finally, bed. 

There we’d lain for an hour or more in the quiet, just holding each other, healing the ache that the separation of the past week had occasioned. Not that we would trade a single moment of the past week—we had our son, now, and that was everything and more. Still, it was restorative, vital to touch one another again, held tight together in peace with no distractions. 

“I dinna think I’m wrong in recalling,” Jamie said suddenly, absently stroking my hair, “that folk didna fuss over new bairns so verra much back in our time. My time.”

Like a flash, hurt barreled up within me, bordering on rage, and I had to bite my tongue to keep from snapping back in indignation. I closed my eyes. Jesus H. Christ, I’d forgotten the intensity of those postpartum mood swings. My throat was tight as though (or no, because) I was about to cry, and it showed. “Have I been fussing?” 

“No! No, no, forgive me, lass.” His complete lack of hesitation eased the knot. “Even if ye were, I’d no’ blame ye for it.” A warm squeeze and a kiss on my forehead served to soothe my irrational ire entirely. “But nay, it was all the pamphlets and warnings and such, I meant.” 

“Ah. Don’t blame you, there.” 

It hadn’t been lost on me, today, how tight and grave Jamie’s face had gone as the maternity discharge staff conducted their seminar of infant-care advice. ‘Advice,’ forsooth: for over an hour, they’d delivered lectures and preemptive scolding over all the errors we—he, being the implied subtext, with many a censorious glare cast in his direction—were evidently going to make, not to mention all the gory details of the harm that would come to the baby when we did. By the end of it, Jamie—who had entered the room rosy-flushed and summer-tanned—was positively pallid. 

“I tell ye true, Sassenach,” he said, “I didna ken a tenth of all the things that might go wrong from the smallest negligence—That there are so many wrong ways to lay him down to sleep, or times and ways in which to feed him, or sounds and coughs for which I must be on alert—That he might suffocate or suffer God-knows-what terrible illness or pain or lasting damage unknowingly at my hand. It’s all….It terrifies me.” The tone of his voice told me far more than the words themselves.

“It is a lot,” I agreed, rubbing his arm. “It’ll be an adjustment, but there’s no shame in that.” 

I felt, rather than saw him cock his head to look down at me. “It doesna frighten you, then?”

“Maybe it ought to. Well, it does. I don’t think there will ever be a day when raising a child doesn’t bring worries and grey hairs. But on the whole, no, I’m not afraid.”

“A mother’s gift, I suppose,” he mused. “How I envy ye that calm, Claire—that it comes so naturally.”

“Hardly!” I laughed ruefully. “Would that it did.” 

“No? Oh!” I felt him stir. “But of course it will all be easier for ye this time around, seeing as how ye’ve done it all before wi’ wee Bree.” 

“Well, experience helps, certainly, but—Even if I were—What I mean is, even if you had—Oh!” I sighed in frustration, my words feeling slow and stupid in my current state. 

He was about to say something, then stopped. 

“…When Bree was born,” I said at last, tracing slow patterns on the planes of his abdomen to avoid his eye, “It was over a year before I found Penelope, you know? There was a minder who I’d hire for an evening or two a month when I was on the verge of breaking down, but I—” I struggled to keep my voice under control. “I had isolated myself from all forms of connection and help, at that point, so….It was just me.” 

Jamie tilted my face upward and brought his mouth to mine. He knew.  

“It’s the way I wanted it, I told myself,” I continued when we separated again. “It was worth it for my independence, for the life I wanted us to have, but God, it….Forget ‘scared’—Every goddamn moment, I was petrified that I’d make a mistake and end up hurting her. I went into a dead panic every time she so much as cried or spat up. There were so many nights, for months and months and months, that I—I just—would sit alone and shake and sob (even when all was well with her!), because I was just so bloody afraid that I’d do something, that day, or the next, or ten years down the road to harm her, to destroy this perfect little joy—my last link to—” my voice broke, “—to you.” 

Jamie clutched me, fiercely, and I clutched him back, letting his nearness warm me, dull the edge of that remembered pain. “I came out the stronger for it. I did, undeniably. BUT,” I laughed weakly, “I also learned that self-imposed isolation does absolutely no one any good, in the long run. Things got so much better, brighter once I learned to ask for help, once Penelope came.”

A tiny, pitiful wail sounded from the closet-nursery. Jamie and I both made at once to jump up, but I was fastest to my feet. 

There, now, winky, love,” I crooned as I lifted Ian from the bassinet. “Hungry again?” I held him securely against my shoulder as I turned back to the room, joying in the closeness of him there on my skin, even as he continued to cry.

Jamie was kneeling at the end of the bed now, facing us, eyes wide with concern for Ian….and yes, with the question that still remained. 

“I’m not afraid this time,” I said simply, coming to stand before him, “because I’m not alone.”

Never again to be.” Jamie rose high on his knees, his hands reaching to hold us close, his face and voice breaking with love as he whispered, “We are neither of us alone.”

anonymous asked:

So here's an ask for ya! So some OW peeps of your choice get into an argument with their s/o, but they strike them way hard in their blind rage. This causes the s/o to flee in fear for a few days (but they're found!) How would they react? What would they do to get their s/o back?



  • Immediately knows he’s fucked up. The hurt look in your eyes is enough to change him back… but it’s too late. You’re already sniffing as you’re out the door. He tried to chase you but you’re already gone
  • When you’re not there at Overwatch the following day, his mind is restless, give it three days and he’s full blown panic mode.
  • They sent out a team to find you but days went by and he was growing restless. Blaming himself and pacing. His focus was off, he’d sometimes have to leave a room because of how close to tears he was.
  • They found you after 10 days. McCree walked into 76’s office to find you curled up in a chair with a blanket around you. Cuts on your cheek and bruised
  • He was by your side immediately. Apologising through the tears and almost shaking. You just kind of melted into his arms, glad to be safe because you really did miss him.


  • Accepted the fact that he messed up and that you needed time on your own. He did beat himself up over it for the whole night, regretting everything he said
  • Stayed pretty cool on the outside but when you didn’t turn up for a few days, he began to panic internally. He’d request for a party to search for you but it had to be kept quiet
  • Shut himself off from everyone whilst you were gone. He couldn’t deal with everyone’s questions about you and why you weren’t at Overwatch.
  • Broke down the minute he lay eyes on you. Pulled you into his arms. It was the first time you’d seen him show such emotion so you were a little shocked
  • He swore he’d never do anything like that again. He was a fool but he thought you were even crazier for wanting to stay with him.


  • He slipped up, lost control and became someone you’d never seen before… it was terrifying
  • Like Hanzo, he kept quiet until he found you. He’d make it his mission to find you on his own. It was his mistake, not anyone else’s to fix for him
  • It only took him 24 hours after the fight to find you because of how well he knew you
  • You were still frightened when you lay eyes on him, backing away from him. He held his hands up, lifting up hos mask and throwing it aside.
  • You took this as a sign that the real Genji was back. You ran straight into his arms and cried into his chest, he stroked your hair, apologising frantically.

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Hi honey, I was thinking if you could do one of Dunkirk. Like you're one of the few girls that are in there, and you fall in love with Alex, so you start a kind of relationship, but in the end you get hurt. Thanks!

I changed this up just a liiiittle bit but here’s some Alex for you because we all need a dose of Alex. x

Warning: Spoilers!


You sat beside George on the boat’s floor, stroking his hair gently as he slept.

“Y/N? Dad wants you.” Peter came and said, staring at you with a sad expression as he glanced at your friend who slept on the floor with his head wrapped in gauze. You nodded and sniffled before getting up and walking up the few stairs before walking slowly in order not to fall to your dad.

You shot a look at the man who had himself wrapped in a blanket with a terrified expression. “How is he? The boy?” The man asked.

“His name is George.” You said with an attitude.

Peter walked over to you, putting his hand on your back soothingly to make you calm down. “He’s going to be okay.”

The man nodded shakily before looking in front of him.

“Dad? You wanted me?” You asked, moving closer to your dad who was stirring the boat.

He nodded with a small smile on his face before he put his arm around your shoulders, kissing your forehead. “I’m proud of you, kid.”

Despite the fear you had in your guts, you smiled. If you died, then you can’t think of another way to die. If you died, you’ll die with the honor of serving your country, your home and that was what kept you standing to your feet.

You wrapped your arms around your dad, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity, dad.”

About two hours later, you squinted your eyes when you saw something in the water —an airplane, more precisely, your country’s Spitfire.

“Dad! Dad! Look!” You shouted, pointing at it. “We have to go! He could be alive.”

Mr. Dawson looked at where you pointed, directing the boat to the air force plane. Peter got a cane that you had kept with you and began hitting the glass with all his power. You nervously watched before your face softened when the glass broke and Peter reached to grab the man inside.

You hurried to get another blanket from the lower part of the boat, glancing at George for a moment before walking back to where they all were, wrapping the blanket around the pilot who shot you a thankful look as he shivered a bit.

“You can go down to the cabin, it’s warmer there.” You told the pilot. Peter helped him down to the cabin. Moments later you heard murmurs.

“I don’t really know, son. You were right not to move him.” Seconds of silence, “You’ve done the best for him you can.”

Moments later Peter entered, his nose red and his eyes welled with tears.

“Is he alright?” The shivering frightened man asked.

“No.” Peter replied, glaring at him, making you take a sharp breath in, “No, he’s not.”

Minutes later, you were all watching the last pilot in the air after the enemy before Peter’s sound struck you.

“There’s men in the water!”

You all looked in disbelief before you rushed to get the blankets ready, standing with a stack in your arms already, excited to see the brave survivors.

“Oh, we’re getting into oil!” The pilot stated. Your dad was quick to put the screw into reverse to stop the boat.
You watched as Peter, the pilot, your dad and even the soldier start helping soaking wet soldiers into your yacht.

With a grin, you gave every soldier a blanket and directed them to the cabin.
Your breath hitched once your eyes made contact with green ones who watched you with the same astonished expression.

“Uh, below deck.” You said, handing him a blanket. He gave you a small nod before your attention was then on the soldiers going to the deck, “Hey, careful!” You looked at George’s sleeping figure.

The green eyes soldier was bending down to go to the below deck when Peter was then by your side, “Careful!

“He’s dead, mate.” The green eyed soldier said as he turned to look at your brother.

Your breath hitched and you felt your eyes well up with tears before you swallowed the lump in your throat.

“So be bloody careful with him!” Peter snapped before walking to the front again.
You watched as the green eyed soldier gently pushed George to the side before sitting down and looking at you, frowning when he saw your tearful eyes.

After you helped your dad and Peter with the yacht to turn as the 109 was approaching, you had managed to stay safe as you smiled, remembering what your brother told you all about this before he died.

You stood beside Peter as he stirred the yacht before finding the green eyed soldier and his, apparently, friend come up.

“Below, please.” You said politely, trying not to stare at the green eyed soldier who you still haven’t known his name.

“We just want to see the cliffs.” His friend said, staring out at the view.

“Alex.” The green eyed soldier said quietly to you as he leaned closer to your ear. “My name is Alex.”

You blushed, looking at him. “Y/N.”

“Dover?” Alex’s friend asked.

You shook your head, “Weymouth.”

Alex looked at the view sadly before looking at you and Peter, “We let you all down, didn’t we?”

Neither of you replied. You only looked at Alex, your hand reaching up to push his wet hair out of his face. You shook your head, offering him a small smile to which he returned.

The other soldier got below again, leaving only Alex, you and Peter standing.

“Are you warm?” You asked Alex.

He nodded warily, “Think I lost control over my body temperature.”

You smiled sadly at him before sitting down the small couch, patting beside you politely.

Alex was quick to sit beside you, opening his blanket for you to share. You shook your head with a smile before hugging your legs close to your chest, leaning on him as he subconsciously wrapped his arm around you, an act that had felt so right. The most right he had felt since war started.

“We’re going home, Alex.” You whispered, your eyes closing.

2 hours later, you were shook awake. You woke up to you sleeping on the couch, Peter looking at you with a grin. “Everyone got off, we’re home, sis.”

You sat up, looking beside you, disappointment settling in as you noticed no signs of Alex.

“Romeo didn’t want to leave, he was pushed by the eager soldiers, think he might be near.” Peter told you.

You quickly stood up, taking the blanket that was draped on you in your arms. “George, d-”

“I’ll take care of him. Go.”

You gave him a sad smile before giving him a quick hug and getting off the yacht, pushing through the crowd of people with the blanket in your arms.

You stood on a stack of 3 metal boxes, looking for any signs of him.

He had seen you. Despite being tall, Alex was standing on his tippy toes, wanting to at least just get a glance at you one more time before he saw you, taller than everyone as you stood on something high. He pushed through the people, giving his tea and toast to a random stranger before he hurried towards you, his hands on your waist instantly, making you gasp in surprise before feel in awe when you noticed it was him.

He lifted you and placed you on the floor, both of you having the same thoughts as you placed your lips against each other.

That was the rainbow after the rain.

You both pulled away, gasping for air as he held your face in his hands, your forehead pressed against each other.

“Come with me.” He whispered against your lips.

“I can’t. I can’t leave my family.”

Harry closed his eyes in frustration before placing his lips back on yours, “I need you. I need to see you.” He said breathlessly once he pulled away.

“Then stay.” You whispered, putting your hands on his face, bringing your body closer to his.

“German!” You both heard a shout before a gunfire.

Your breath hitched. Alex hid you in his arms, stepping quickly behind the 3 boxes with you. “Are y-”

You collapsed, Alex holding you just in time before your head hit the ground, falling with you. He looked at you in a panicking and confused expression before his eyes moved to your side, watching as blood poured down from you.

“No, no, no,” He said, tears falling down his face, “Stay with me, Y/N. Somebody help!” He screamed, gaining the attention of people.

“Hey,” You said before hushing him, your hand on his cheek, “It’s okay, it-it doesn’t hurt,” You said in a low and shaky voice, struggling to catch your breath.

“This isn’t supposed to happen!” Alex screamed, adding pressure to the bullet hole.

“Hey, look at me, look at me,” You said with tears falling. “T-Tell dad and Peter I l-love them. You made us proud, so proud.” You cried, blood now coming out of your mouth as Harry kept wiping your lips with his hand.

He cried. You were supposed to be his happy ending, he was supposed to be yours. This was supposed to be a story to tell to your grandchildren and kids. He had met you not long ago yet he knew; he knew you were the one for him.

“I love you, yeah?” He cried.

You smiled painfully, closing your eyes, “I love you, too.”

Alex watched as your hand fell from his face, your body getting heavier in his arms.

And despite feeling gutted and surrendered before, with a newfound pump of adrenaline, Alex was ready for war with a new taste of hatred, promising to avenge for his love and all the ones who never got to go home.


Plot twist. Only because you wanted to. Dramatic, too. Hope you liked it! x

More Regency AU! \o/

Now I know that so far there hasn’t been much interaction between Tony and Steve and Bucky, but there has been in the background! There have been chaperoned meetings where they make very stilted and awkward small talk. (Natasha chaperones as an alpha for Tony and Clint chaperones for Steve and Bucky. They gossip about how awful the ‘dates’ are going afterward and laugh and laugh.) Steve and Bucky quickly come to realize that Tony really doesn’t have much to talk about. He wasn’t allowed to do much when Obadiah came into power. He was often confined to his room where he read, and when he was allowed out, it was to meet and make nice with Obadiah’s flunkies. On the bright side, this means Tony is very good at dealing with people that he doesn’t like, which is a plus in politics. And Tony is especially well read because of all the time he was locked away with nothing but books for company.

(“Is—is Steven reading?” Sarah whispers, hand going to her chest in shock, because after being a bedridden child with nothing to do but read, Steve hated reading unless he had to. “I had thought he’d become allergic to books.”

“Anthony suggested it,” Bucky replies, amused. “He has little to speak about other than books, so Steven wants to be able to discuss them with him.”

Sarah clutches the string of pearls she’s wearing. “Anthony has gotten my son to read,” she whispers, impressed.)

But onto more angst. On the next morning after his arrival, Bruce approaches Tony with a chalice full of a dark green liquid, and tries to offer it to Tony, but he explains he’s already had his dose. Dry. Bruce raises an eyebrow, then looks at Tony’s plate and opens his mouth, then shuts it again with a sigh and scoops some more cut up fruit onto it. “You’ll take your doses in tea from now on,” he tells Tony, and then wrinkles his nose at the food on the table before he leaves. Tony blushes under the looks everyone’s giving him and barely manages to clear his plate in embarrassment. He eats all of the fruit though. And he obediently drinks the tea that Bruce brings him every morning.

(Sarah raises an eyebrow when Bruce requests an audience with her but accepts. “Is Anthony alright?”

“Anthony?” Bruce asks blankly, before realizing and saying, “Oh! Yes, of course. I actually came to ask about Ton—Anthony’s diet. All of your food is very… rich and hearty. He can’t eat a lot of it. Do you serve anything lighter?”

“I—” Sarah says, surprised, because it never occurred to her that this was something to worry about. “I don’t believe—no, we don’t. Please forgive this oversight. I will have the kitchens provide something lighter.” It pains her to think that Tony has been too uncomfortable to mention that he is unaccustomed to their food and would prefer food from his home country.

Tony has no idea why there are suddenly bowls of crisp garden greens on the table and a bowl of delicate broth at his seat but he eats gladly and for once doesn’t feel like he’s going to throw up after eating. Sarah wants to fuss and put more food on his plate but she has to admit that this is probably the most she’s ever seen him eat.)

Tony realizes his heat is coming up and he’s frightened, but he goes to Steve and Bucky with the information anyway. He waits for them to make their decision, sweat cold and clammy down his back as Steve and Bucky do that thing where they have a discussion with just their faces, lots of eyebrow movements, and then finally they turn, looking contrite, and say that they aren’t ready to bed him yet, especially—especially since Tony still isn’t accustomed to them touching him platonically yet. Tony is both relieved and guilty. So he asks where he should go. And they smile at him, baffled, and say that he doesn’t have to leave just because they’re not going to bed him. But Tony is terrified now, and the next morning asks Natasha where he’s supposed to go, and she raises an eyebrow at him, tells him to just stay in his room. Tony wants to throw up with how frightened he is and seeks audience with Queen Sarah who is bemused because her soon-to-be son-in-law doesn’t have to ask for an official audience with her—but that bemusement turns to horror when Tony bursts into tears and asks where he’s supposed to go, the guards gave him dirty looks when he asked about dungeons and Steve and Bucky don’t want to bed him.

(“Sweetheart,” Sarah gasps, gathering Tony to her chest, clutching at him as he sobs into her shoulder, running a hand through his hair. “Honey, what’s wrong? Take a deep breath, there you go. There now, you’re alright. What is this about?”

“Steven and James don’t want to bed me but no one will tell me where you keep omegas in heat!” Tony wails. “I can’t just go into heat in my room, someone will smell it, they’ll come in and take me-!”

Darling,” Sarah gasps, leaning back, cupping Tony’s cheeks so he has to look up at her. “Why would you think that?”

“That’s what they told me,” Tony explains miserably. “Alphas—they’ll smell when I go into heat and they won’t be able to help themselves-! And I won’t be able to protect myself, I’ll just have to take it. I was—they always put me in a cell away from the other prisoners when I went into heat, so no one would smell me. But when I was asking where your cells were, the guards—they got so mad at me, I—I just want to be a good omega for my future husbands. They won’t want a used omega, why won’t anyone tell me where to go—

“Anthony,” Sarah whispers, heartbroken, using her thumbs to wipe away his tears. “Oh, Anthony, no. No, my sweet darling.”

She holds him as he cries and cries because he’s so frightened and no one will help him, no one understands that he’s scared and wants help even though he’s specifically asked for it, does this mean that no one cares about what happens to him?

And Sarah cries a little as well, because she hadn’t realized how frightened this poor boy had been behind his smiles, and she wonders how many other lies were put in his head about his own body.)

A Sentimental Gift

You were warm as a bug in your knitted [letter] sweater that Molly had so graciously made. It seemed high time to the Weasley’s that you’d receive your very own sweater. You joined them for the holidays for years now. Ever since your first year to be exact. You had grown up in an orphanage and the ladies were more than happy to give you away once your letter had been mailed stating that you were indeed as strange as they had thought.

You had met Molly first at Kings Cross Station and she remembered very well the little frightened girl with the biggest of all doe-eyes. Trying to give you the boost of confidence, she gave you some good advice and sent you off to find her twin boys, saying that they would take good care of her. Little did she know, you actually would and would eventually become part of the family. 

“[Y/N],” George hollered over the sound of Harry and Ron yelling over the game of Wizard’s Chess. 

Pushing off from your spot against the counter, you followed the sound of your name being sung by a pair of boys who could easily get under your skin and not at the same time. You found them sitting in the living room by the fireplace, their eyes gleaming and glittering with mischief. 

Walking cautiously towards the ginger-haired twins, you cocked a brow in their direction. “And just what do I owe the pleasure of having you two sing a rather beautiful song of my name?” 

Fred leaned his lanky body forward, yanking you by your hand to sit with them on the floor in front of the blazing fire. “Come, join us, [nickname]!” 

Huffing and crossing your legs, you felt a little weary of their chipper mood. You were no exception to their pranks despite having told them the next time they decided to dye your hair purple and or make your skin turn bright orange, you were going to hex them into the next year. “What is this about, children?” 

George chuckled, “You’ve given us your present, now, it’s time for us to give you ours!” Pulling out a small box from behind him, he held out in front of you. “Go on.” 

Shaking your head, you became fearful. “Um, I don’t-”

Fred rolled his eyes, “-blimey, dear. We aren’t going to prank ya. Promise.” 

George nodded, “Promise, love.” 

Hesitantly reaching for the small box, you could feel your heart racing. You had witnessed a lot of different things come from small packages when it come to Fred and George. Just last month you watched in horror as Angelina become covered in a sticky pink goo from opening a package similar to the one in your hand. 

“Seriously, [Y/N], it’s not a prank.” Fred murmured.

“I assure you, it isn’t.” George added. “We took into consideration your threat the last time we pranked ya. Gave us a bit a hell for it and we love you too much to have our friendship end.” 

“Couldn’t imagine living life without ya, [nickname].” Fred smiled. 

Sighing, you undid the knot the kept the lid on the box. You clamped your eyes tight in fear of getting anything gooey and sticky in them as you took the lid off the container. After hearing the boys sigh in irritation, you decided to open your eyes. 

What sat in the box was not a prank in any sorts. You could feel your heart swelling with happiness and appreciation. Pressing your lips together, you looked up at the boys who were anxiously awaiting your expression. 

“I love it.” You whispered. 

The boys high-fived one another as they began to gush about how long it had taken them to find you a present. It was absolutely perfect. It was a bracelet with a gleaming gold band, with four beautiful gems. The two in the middle were jet black while the two on the outside was a scarlet crimson color. Immediately you knew this was ode to your obsession with Phoenixes. 

Slipping it on, you marveled at how beautiful it was. 

“But wait,” Fred said in a tone that made you narrow your eyes.

George giggled, “there’s more.” 

Fred took your hand and placed it near the fire, “You’re mad!” You yelped but watched anyway as a flame broke apart from the fireplace and danced on the band of your bracelet, making the crimson gem glow fiercely and the dark gems grow even darker. “Oh!” 

George nodded in approval, “We’d figure you’d enjoy that perk.” 

Fred nudged his brother, “See, we did pick a good one. Georgie was nervous you wouldn’t like it.” 

“Oh but I do.” You brought your wrist to your chest and looked at the twins with loving eyes. “I love you two so much!” Lunging forward, you attacked the both with a hug, giggling when George yelped in fear of his hair catching on fire and Fred cursing loud enough for Molly to scold him for. 

anonymous asked:

Can you write an imagine where you and Justin spend the day in bed doing lazy and cute stuff?

YESSS Omg I love Justin! This is my first imagine on an ask but I don’t think I like it very much


Originally posted by 13reasonssource

     You woke up tangled in bedsheets, your hair in your eyes and a warm body next to yours. You were partially naked, only in a pair of underwear, but one long arm was stretched out over your chest, covering your breasts. It was Justin, your boyfriend, and he was snoring lightly, his hair a mess of brunette curls on your sheets as he nuzzled his face in your shoulder. 

“Justin,” You whispered slightly after glancing at the clock and seeing the time. It was nearly lunchtime and you had never gone to sleep so late before in your life. “Wake up, sleepyhead.” 

You twisted your fingers through his curls and tugged slightly, causing Justin to groan and open his eyes a fraction. A lazy smile sprung up on his features as he saw you leaning over him, and he stretched his arms out before wrapping them around you tightly and dragging you into his chest before peppering kissed all along your face. 

“Justin!” You giggled, grabbing onto his face and finally giving him a proper kiss. After you pulled away and go onto your knees on the bed, crossing your arms and staring at him. “You told me you were going to take me to the beach today, but I’ll bet all the good spots are taken now because of your persistent late night activities!” 

Justin laughed and ran a hand through his hair while adjusting himself so he was laying on his back with the other hand behind his head. “Don’t act like you didn’t like those activities.” 

You rolled your eyes playfully before memories flashed in your head, causing you to shift. “Yes, but I’m sure the neighbors didn’t.” Justin just chuckled and closed his eyes again. 

“Seriously Justin! Come on, take a shower with me and then we’ll head somewhere.” You shed your undergarments but as soon as Justin neared the door you shut it and took a shower by yourself. 

“Y/N, come on!” Justin whined, opening the door while you washed your hair. He knew not to open the shower curtain without your consent so he stayed by the sink, grabbing his toothbrush and lathering it in toothpaste. “The beach is lame, I just want to stay here and be with you.” 

“You had me all last night, Justin.” You said while rinsing yourself off of strawberry scented bubbles. 

“That’s not enough, babe.” He said around his toothbrush. He walked over and tapped the curtain. You made a noise of consent and he pushed it open before climbing in. “I want to be with you not just sexually. I want to watch your favorite movies and feed you your favorite snacks, and I want to lay with you and breath in your delicious scent.” 

Justin had a mouthful of toothpaste but you understood him clearly. Your heart warmed at the thought of what Justin had just said, and when you had first met him at Monet’s you never would’ve guessed he would be this kind of cheesy. 

“Okay, Justin.” You smiled, but it quickly faded when he spit out the toothpaste that nearly hit your foot. “Oh, grosss, Justinn!” 

Justin let out a barking laugh as he washed his mouth out before you grabbed his toothbrush from his hand and stepped out of the shower. He started to wash himself as you dried yourself off. Who knew that having your own apartment to yourself was the best thing ever? No sisters to walk in on you and beg for the restroom, no parents walking in during intercourse with Justin. Just you and Justin. Because nothing else really mattered at the moment or at any moment. 

When Justin was done showering and you were both fully dressed in pajamas (you were actually in one of his shirts and a pair of socks) you ran to the kitchen and started up the microwave. 

“Kettle corn or buttered popcorn?” You asked Justin when you heard him enter, standing on the tip of your toes to look at the boxes you had. Justin walked over and picked you up from behind so you had a better view. 

“Are you kidding, Y/N? Is that even a question?” 

“Kettle it is then.” You grabbed the box before Justin set you down, going to grab some candies from a bowl you had. 

“You know all of this candy isn’t healthy, right babe?” Justin asked while stuffing skittles in his mouth.

You stuffed the bag of kettle corn in the microwave and pressed a button before turning to him. “It’s only unhealthy if you eat it. I haven’t touched that stash since last Monday.” 

Justin closed his mouth and then narrowed his eyes, nodding while pointing at you. “You right.” 


Three hours later you two were laying in bed while letting music play in the background, just laying in each others arms. Your head was on his chest while one leg was laying over his torso and he was running his fingers through your hair. 

“I love being like this with you, Y/N. I just can’t get en-” 

“OH MY GOD!” You gasped and then jumped up, causing Justin too as well. He looked frightened but when he saw you run to the radio and turn it up he rolled his eyes. 

“Really, Y/N?” 

“Shhh, it’s System of a Down.” You hissed as the intro to Toxicity played loudly. 

“You really surprise me with your music taste.” Justin sighed, watching you play air guitar. 

You jumped onto the bed as the chorus came on, flipping your hair and bouncing on the soft mattress.”DISORDER! DISORDER! DISORDEERR!” 

At first Justin was pushing at your ankles, trying to trip you, but then he joined you. He stood up and threw his head around, pretending as if he were playing the drums. Soon the mattress was creaking under the weight of the two of you jumping on it. 

“Y/N, you’re changing me!” Justin panted when you two were done, throwing himself on the bed. You followed and gave him a questioning look. “I used to hate rock, chick flicks, and kettle corn.” 

You returned to the position you two were in before, looking up at him with a smile. “Is that bad?” 

“No, I’ve never felt better in my life.” 

“Even when I was throwing skittles trying to get them in your mouth and you accidentally choked on one?” You laughed lightly. 

“Even then, baby.”