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Right now i am playing Rise of the Tomb Raider and i can't tell you how much of a good game it is. It's so unfortunate that you're too small minded and fanatical to experience this joy :)

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lol I got tagged so: me in 2014 (a Mess) and me in 2017 (still a mess but with a better fashion sense and more artistic skill)

I tag: everybody!! I want to see people’s pictures so tag me in them tbh  👀

Other people when they replay: Makes a new character, chooses a different background and class, romances someone else, chooses totally different dialogue options, takes different companions.

Me when I replay: Plays as the same character, romances the same person, chooses slightly different dialogue options, takes the love interest all the time.


Samurai Jack (2017)  || Ep. 2: Nuts and Bolts 
“Aku doesn't know, and he hasn't shown himself in years. He keeps thinking one of these machines can defeat me. It always seems bad at first. But then I find a way. They’re just nuts and bolts…. Just nuts, and bolts.”


“Your Guardian Angel”

Tried out some new techniques after binge-watching speedpaints on YouTube – gotta say it turned out way better than I expected!

(Also - just realized I haven’t drawn mercy properly until now, lol)

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kingdom hearts appreciation week
↳day one// favorite outfit


izzy or luke (asked by @bane-magnus) and izzy or clary (asked by anonymous)

“we turn our fears to downworlders just as valentine did, and just as he did, we will end up turning on each other”

i just love how there was such a stark contrast between jake telling amy he still has feelings for her (”i know you’re with teddy and nothing is going to happen, i just wanted you to know”) vs teddy telling amy he still has feelings for her (”why are you with him” “will you marry me”)


i’ve never done a panel redraw before and this is super messy because there’s a million things I should be doing instead but THIS CHAPTER HAS KILLED ME

please click to make them less blurry ;_;