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trimberly dating in secret and the team finding out?

This became a oneshot length fic, I’m not sorry. I got lazy proofing so sorry for any mistakes.

It started out small, they would show up at each other windows late at night, after long, gruelling days of training, after tough battles, or even bad days at school, they would check in on each other, they would talk for hours, they were just there for each other, it became there thing, and as each other’s feelings for the other grew, every night was more tension filled then the last, so when they eventually kissed, they didn’t think much of it, so every night after that, there would be a lot less talking, and much more of something else, which neither of them minded.

The team also noticed a shift in their dynamic, they began to act different, Kim and Trini had always worked well as a team, they were the two arms of the megazord after all, but after the late nights spent doing a lot more than talking, the tension in the air around them was so thick, you could probably cut it with knife. Trini and Kim’s sparring sessions would get much more intense, their gazes only on each other, their eyes were filled with intense passion, rather than the usual playful, teasing banter. Jason usually had to force his gaze away, or he would most likely get much more than a fiery glare from Trini. The team noticed the changes, but they didn’t push or press, knowing that both the girls could kick their asses without a second glance, so they just let it be, but they noticed.

Zack being the closest to Trini, the two wild cards, the bees, black and yellow, which the team teasingly sang whenever they sparred or did anything as a duo, Zack and Trini both had an equal distaste for the names, but they knew it was just friendly teasing, it was part of the team dynamic, so it didn’t surprise Trini when he was the first to try and figure out what was going on with the girls. He dropped little hints and questions about Kimberly, vaguely asked about girlfriends, but each of his attempts failed, always met with a “I only want to spend time with you, bee” or “yeah, sure, me and Kimberly”. He backed down, but Zack knew something was up, he was the captain of the ship after all, he was determined to know if it was canon.

The girls knew the boys were catching on, the boys didn’t know exactly what was happening, but they did know something was different. They still hadn’t discussed when or if they were going to tell the boys. They loved the late nights, the secret glances, holding hands secretly when they could, they enjoyed just being, no ones expectations or worries clouding there mind, they were just them. So they kept it that way.

After a couple of months of them sneaking into each other’s rooms, kissing, talking, among other…activities, they knew they should tell the boys, whom were very clueless about what was happening, each of them asking non to subtle questions, desperately trying to figure out what had changed between the girls, but to no prevail. So the next day, at four o clock, the made there way down to the pit, arms intertwined, Trini’s small frame leaning against Kimberly, and for the first time ever, they were acting blatantly like a couple, in public, and they’d both be lying if they said it didn’t cause warmth to radiate through their bodies.

The boys were already down at the pit, the sound of pads being hit, gasps and grunts, a piece of rock dislodging from the structure “Zack” they both muttered. Trini could feel butterflies in her stomach, she was defiantly nervous, they both were, but these were their friends, their brothers, they knew they’d be accepted and safe, but that didn’t make it any less nerve wracking. They had agreed to be very subtle with there “coming out” it wouldn’t be the power rangers without a little teasing and fun.

As they walk down to the pit, their hands and fingers intertwined, no space between their bodies, the boys noticed, but they didn’t really bat an eye, the girls had been slowly becoming, much, much, closer, not just emotionally, but physically. So they returned to sparring, back to their norm, but the girls did notice Zack narrowing his eyes, a small smirk plastered on his face. They began to spar, circling around the other, jabs and hooks were thrown, roundhouse kicks, take downs, with each move, the girls gazes grew more intense and heated. As the girls circled around each other, the boys started paying more attention, getting curious again, which the girls noticed. Kimberly glanced quickly over her shoulder at the boys, while throwing a sloppy jab, which Trini caught, flipping her over, Kimberly falling to the ground with a loud thud, her breathing ragged and sharp. Trini offers her hand to help Kimberly up, while the boys are still watching, forgetting about sparring. Kimberly takes the opportunity and yanks Trini’s hand and smashes their lips together, carefully grabbing Trini’s small frame and bringing her to the ground, and flipping them around so Kimberly is on top, pulling their lips apart. The girls both gasp for air, while the boys looked like they’d seen a ghost, mouths agape. Kimberly helps Trini to her feet as Zack yells gleefully, “I KNEW IT!!!” Trini smirks, while Jason and Billy are still stumbling for words. The girls chuckle before returning to sparring, and moments later, Billy and Jason both exclaim. “WHAT!!!” Alpha finally speaks, “Humans confuse me.” leaving the power rangers giggling as they returned back to sparring, Trini and Kimberly both joyful beyond words, as they got back into a rhythm, the world fading away.

I feel like Katie McGrath gets typecast...

into the role of the young woman who finds out that who she thought was her father is not actually her real father and someone else is her father…

Examples *spoilers*:
In Merlin as Morgana Pendragon (she is the king’s ward and finds out that he is her bio father)
Slasher as Sarah Bennett (finds out that her “parent’s” murderer is her bio father)
Supergirl as Lena Luthor (finds out that her adoptive father is her bio father)

Now, I know that we only saw a little of her in Jurassic World but… you know…

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I've enjoyed all of your Ravenclaw MBTI posts. Any chance you could do one for ISFJ Ravenclaws?

  • often get mistaken for hufflepuffs
  • the biggest procrastinators but have never handed in an assignment late
  • will end up doing the entire group project by themselves
  • ‘did you know there’s 142 staircases in hogwarts?’ ‘…..why do you even know that?’
  • take ‘your house will be like your family’ to new levels
  • seriously they just love their friends so fucking much
  • hate when people start debating because a. they don’t deal well with criticism and b. debates can quickly escalate to arguments
  • would actually use those homework diaries hermione bought 
  • often get frustrated with the lack of empathy a lot of ravenclaws show
  • find it really hard to settle in in first year
  • especially muggleborns because it’s just so different and they don’t really deal well with change at the best of times lol
  • they probably don’t know that many people outside of their house because they tend to make friends with people they see on a regular basis
  • will bring down a blanket for the people who fell asleep over their essay in the common room

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Hi mama! I'm going to ask you something about LeviHan. Does Levi has any type of feelings like love on Hanji? And Hanji on him? Can I have an hug from Armin? I'm waiting for him. ;-;

Well since there are different kinds of love I think there’s no denying that Levi feels some kind of love for Hanji. Which one is up to you. And I think it’s very evident that it’s mutual as well. 

Unfortunately Armin isn’t allowed to play outside this late anymore, but feel hugged anyway ;)

The whole “kids can’t be ace” is disturbing on a totally different plane.

Like, it could very well be truscum like fear springing up of “ meh meh meh too many identities ur all just trying to be cool when you’re really not these identities,” but the other option, which seems really fucking obvious to me, is that these people clearly don’t see asexuality as a real orientation. They think of it as some sort of cult that aces are initiating people into or some bullshit.

I don’t know how you can divorce this logic from its homophobic origins, but there it is. They push these ideas that learning about asexuality will somehow brainwash kids into identifying as ace. They think kids exposed to one of many options somehow will convince them to pick this one, or that aces are somehow recruiting lmao.

Someone identifying as ace has good fucking reasons. They have to recognize a difference between them and the people around them to even be looking for a label, and age doesn’t make that label any less useful in their situations. Ace kids are going to identify as ace.

The others who you seem to think are adopting “new” identities willy nilly because somehow the stigma of it makes it appealing (???) are certainly no more likely to choose asexuality over any other identity.

Its disturbing, because it’s clear y'all think two things: that asexuality is a club they’re “recruiting” to, not a real inborn identity that people have no control over just like any other orientation, and that its not an identity people should be using ever regardless. That people should not learn about it even if they are ace.

People, of any age, have a right to choose the words to describe their experiences, and people looking for those words have the right to be educated about them. I don’t know who died and made you decide you could be the grand judges of what realities people are allowed to learn about, but restricting access to identities in some sort of power play is directly from the book of your oppressors and nothing else. It won’t stop aces from realizing themselves; but it WILL make a bunch of young people confused, ostracized and alone, much longer than they need to be.

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Hey, I was wondering if you could list the prominent differences between well-rounded INTJs and intelligent ISTJs, because it's almost impossible to tell them apart. They seem to possess enough qualities of each other to be profoundly similar, don't exactly fit their type's archetype, and have very subtle differences. I'm pretty new to MBTI, so I would like clarification. Thanks.


  • INTJs are likely to be into something “nerdy” such as video games, documentaries on space exploration, theoretical or fantasy-based novels, and art. ISTJs are more likely to be into things that are practical, such as physical activities, engineering, working with computers, and analysis of numbers/systems. May be into shows that show behind the scenes of factories/inventing/political systems.
  • INTJs make it very clear to you early on that they’re intelligent–and will probably make it so they sound a lot more intelligent than you. ISTJs may be “fussy” with their beliefs (like get irritated if you have “stupid” viewpoints) and be critical, but they will probably not match INTJ’s air of superiority.
  • INTJs tend to have more N friends, ISTJs tend to have more S friends
  • INTJs tend to dress somewhat unfashionably, ISTJs tend to have something sophisticated about their clothes (though a good deal of males dress just like all other males lol)
  • INTJs love to argue and defend their reasoning, ISTJs are plain stubborn
  • INTJs are more often attracted to positions of power but may not get the power easily, and ISTJs are not as attracted to power but find it easier to obtain (it IS an SJ world that we live in, after all)
  • INTJs on first impression will be confident and shrewdly intelligent, ISTJs on first impression will be meek but sassy
  • INTJs hate drama, ISTJs low key love it  – just not when it happens to them
  • INTJs dislike social spheres, ISTJs don’t mind them
  • INTJs find it harder to make friends, ISTJs make friends more easily

Again, these are just generalizations!

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I feel bad because i love rwby, but i have had a hard time getting into rooster teeth just general them being them. Like i listened to always open and started to watch some lets plays, but like always open is like kinda crass in a way that i don't find that funny, the lets plays kinda just seem like some people just being dumb, idk i'm just having a hard time connecting with their other content. Maybe I should watch red vs blue?

I think that’s expected, especially if you find RWBY first because RT on the whole is much more adult in it’s content then RWBY is . Like for me personally, I’m not a big fan of a lot of RT scripted shows - I don’t think their comedy works as well if it’s not spontaneous. I like RWBY because it’s different and more grounded

But like…if the rest of it isn’t your thing then that’s okay. I’m certain there are a lot of people who watch and love RWBY that don’t follow other RT content. A lot of them probably follow me lol. RWBY is very different and that’s totally fine and Rooster Teeth understand that.  

Red vs Blue is a lot like the humor of the company if I remember correctly (it’s been a while since I’ve seen it) at least in the early seasons. 

Honestly though, it’s nothing to feel bad about. If RWBY is the only RT show you follow then I’d still say you’re a part of the RT community. 

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(anon from before) Buenos Aires, la plata, chaco, and mar de plata are the places there I'm going to I think, oh and I just wanted some advice about learning spanish I guess? All I know is santa picada and puta bida from you tbh

Well keep in mind that Spanish varies even from different regions within the same country.
Idk, i learnt English mostly on my own by just talking to people from other countries. That’s how I did it

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I hope kendrick doesn't block harry from getting a #1 😩

How would he? Kendrick’s releasing an album isn’t he, Harry’s releasing a single? They’re doing two different music styles as well, Kendrick’s fans will buy/listen to his album, Harry’s fans will hopefully buy/listen to his song.. There’s always several artists who come out with music on Fridays, that’s just how it is. We just have to do our job and get him to #1 :)


Macey: Great, you’re up in time to have some breakfast! C’mon, I made it myself. 

Vivian: Oh, uh, that’s nice.

Macey: What’s wrong? It’s not like you’re gonna get poisoned from it, I’m not that bad of a cook.

Vivian: No, it’s not that. It’s just, I was going to grab something to eat at school.

Macey: Since when do you eat breakfast at school?

Vivian: I don’t know. Just figured I’d try something a bit different.

Macey: Well, come on, it’s getting cold and it’s a lot better than whatever they serve in that cafeteria anyway.

Vivian: Y-yeah. You’re right.


Here’s some other shots on the design/size difference between the two episodes. Figured there’d be a perspective thing brought up so I grabbed a few shots (specifically her hand next to Yellow Pearl). 

Characters fluctuate in size in shows (though SU does it a lot more often) to create a feel, show their vulnerability/strength, or to really boot in some perspective. 

Even in these specific shots the Pearls change sizes throughout but they keep the same /general/ size. Peridot usually stays in the same size range as well, but the difference between these two episodes in particular is quite a contrast.

I mean I don’t have a problem with it, I just figured I’d point out that Peridot isn’t the only one, or in some cases the worst one, to change in size.

All in all it seems, comparing shots of Greg with the Diamonds and the Pearls with Greg, that Pearls ARE relatively hand sized since Blue Pearl and Pearl both are around the same height as him, and he fits snuggly in Blue Diamonds Hand.

Also here’s the design change between Yellow Diamond in the episodes since a lot of people latched onto that as well.

Sorry for the shitty quality I don’t have good internet and I don’t feel like waiting 80 years for a post about cartoon rock sizes lol

I didn’t think the original post would get as much traction as it did, I only have like 15 followers, so I figured I’d make this to round it out.

Batfamily jobs as adults

Bruce: We all know this one.

Kate Kane: I feel like she is busy as it is with Batwoman. In her free time though, I see her being a big support for LGBTQ. Volunteering at the different organizations to help them. 

Dick: Police officer. I know he was that in Pre 52 era, but it fits him so well.

Barbara: She has had a few different ones. I like the librarian one the most and feel like that works for her. Of course doing computer work for the police as a side job.

Jason Todd: English teacher. Also like English teacher at the public schools maybe in the Narrows. He would be the teacher who actually cares about his students and wants them to succeed and get a better life after school. He might also teach self defense classes after school.

Tim: So he was working at WE Pre 52, I could see him being good at business. I feel like he would best be suited for the design department or IT. Anything to do with technology.

Duke: I feel like he would start a new line of social workers in Gotham. A department focused on helping children whose family has been affected by crimes committed by the rogues. If not then a detective. 

Cass: Professional ballerina for the Gotham City ballet or an instructor at the community center. Maybe teaching marital arts classes or self defense classes.

Stephanie: Doctor or nurse. Most likely working in the free clinics in Gotham. The ones she would have gone to as a child.

Damian: Veterinarian. He cares a lot about animals and for him would be very rewarding.  

Harper: Electric engineering. She has the skills and can create amazing items that can help others.

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What are your faves to podium in Helsinki?

Well, I mean, my prediction won’t be much different from everyone else’s. In women’s event with Miyahara out it’s pretty much a given Russian 1-2 unless Pogo has a disastrous day. The bronze will go to… idk, I’d say Mihara or Carolina. Don’t see AshWags on the podium this time. 

In men’s event the main question is can Chen do it. And he can, actually. Also Uno joined the leaders’ pack so if Fernandez has a bad day he might be left without the medal. Although last 2 years he came to Worlds in good shape:) so we’ll see.

Pairs is the most interesting discipline this season and I honestly don’t know who’ll win - S/M, S/H, T/M and D/R all have serious chances. ‘d want it to be Aliona because I like their programs the best but may the best one win.

And in dance I’d say the GPF podium might be repeated in exact same order. Unless P/C make serious mistakes - then the Shibs are 2nd.

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do you know if any cs ff's where some of their relationship is like texting if that makes since or there's like texting involved

there are a few, but here is my favourite complete one

The Very Thought of You- Killian and Emma by karindalynn 

Emma/ Hook AU- Emma and Killian start a relationship over text messages and chaos ensues…lots of mistaken identity/sassy exchanges. They meet and go on an adventure against Gold, mess (in a playful way) with each other and you know, try not to get themselves murdered. Humour, adventure, romance and well… Even Victor…Funny, different.