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Serendipitous Fate Banner Art Contest

Hey guys! I’m jumping on the art contest bandwagon, cuz I guess it’s the cool thing to do these days ;D

But wait, what’s a banner? Well, basically, I don’t need covers since I don’t post on wattpad (yet), but I do post on tumblr. And whenever I post a new chapter, I’d like to have a “banner” that goes across the post, kind of like a cover. Something that staples the post as Serendipitous Fate related–like a stamp. This art will be included in every chapter preview/update that I post. 

Submissions will end on September 30th!

There will be two first place positions. One will be my personal favorite and one will be the favorite voted on by all of YOU! How, you ask? At the end of the submission period, I’ll make a masterpost linking to all the submitted banners, numbering each submission. Then, you will all simply submit the number of the banner you like best to my inbox (anonymous or not makes no difference to me) and I’ll tally up which banner got the most votes :D 

Prizes: The two winners will get a short story written by me (probably between 5,000 and 10,000 words long) on whatever Miraculous Ladybug related subject they desire, so long as it’s not something I’m uncomfortable writing about (I’ll discuss such things with the winners personally). The winner of the majority vote banner will have their art posted with my Serendipitous Fate Previews and the winner of my personal choice will have theirs posted with my Serendipitous Fate chapter updates


- Up to Two Submissions per person. 

- Large, since some tumblr themes show things quite largely. But, overall, size doesn’t matter as long at they’re horizontal rectangles in shape (they don’t have to be overly skinny like a banner–do whatever is going to be best for your vision so long as it’s a horizontal rectangle).

- Tag submission(s) as “SerendipitousFateBanners” and feel free to tag it as “Serendipitous Fate” or “SKayLanphear” if you want, and you can mention @skaylanphear in the post as well. If you’re worried I didn’t see it because I didn’t reblog it, you can also shoot me a message. 

- You’re welcome to illustrate/design whatever you want, so long as you feel it represents Serendipitous Fate!

I really hope this can be a fun contest for everyone! No one be shy! Whether you win or not, I’ll reblog your work (so long as it’s not NSFW, lol). It doesn’t matter if you’ve made art for SF in the past or not, whether we’ve talked or not, whether we’re friends or not, whatever! I want to see everyone’s art and interpretations! 

Feel free to message me if you have any questions :)


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And yes, I will be posting character designs of Tortue de Fer and Queen Bee shortly, so if you need those references, I’ll have them up soon. I just needed to wait for my new tablet to get here XD

diabolikal-something  asked:

Branching off from the werewolf anon, how would the guys handle living with a werewolf s/o in the house?

Yuma: Well, I wouldn’t fuckin’ care too much… If anything, that would be fuckin’ cool! We can go around together or some shit…!

Azusa: Ahh… I would try to make them… mad at me… or have them angered… Fufu~ I wonder how their fangs and claws would… feel like…

Ruki: I rather not have a werewolf in the mansion, however I will not mind if they controlled themselves from outrages that could destroy our home.

Kou: Hmm… I would prefer if they were a neko person… but I guess I can get use to it if they have something in common with me…

  • the gang’s postgrad camping trip + donalduke secret relationship trope ok they spend a week camping with their friends hiding the fact that they’ve been dating for 3 months
  • ben lowkey asks hero if she’d be cool with john sleeping next to her because he doesn’t know everyone else that well & ben doesn’t want him feeling left out and she’s like…ok I guess I’ll take one for the team
  • john makes a Serious Effort to get to know bea because he knows how much she matters to hero, but bea just thinks it’s so weird like why does john care how her degree is going??? And where she got her new boots from???
  • she gets out of the lake and john brings a towel over to her and says she’s a good swimmer. bea asks hero if john donaldson knows she’s very much dating benedick hobbes
  • bea talks to meg about this and asks meg to watch his behaviour to see if she’s imagining it. this is how meg ends up realising donalduke are a thing, when she sees john being really extra and handing hero a flower he found on the ground and and she blushes like he just gave her diamonds

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I just thought of an AU where the FotA existed in the commonwealth. It would be a minor faction, but with effects on the world as you continue, (ex. Setting up a base near diamond city to help out.) and if you could become accepted among them, you could try to teach the Minutemen or railroad about things as well! I just thought about this and I hope this is cool idea for something.

adjfjsk ngl, ive thought a LOT about how well the FotA and the Minutemen would mesh together!
the fact the minutemen really dont take offense, they just try to rise up and protect people at the minute i think would really coincide well with the Followers! and it would be really neat to set up a Follower at settlements like how your able to set up railroad agents!!
i mean in all honesty i dont really see them being able to go aaall the way across the coast, but well the BoS did so i guess its not too far off?

simplyaboveothers  asked:

Hi Ro!!! Are you having a glorious day? Because you deserve to have a glorious day 😋😋😋😋 it's nice to have you back among the living [active] that's so cool you have a collar!! I got my friend (boyfriend?) (It's it's so complicated rn) a tag with his sona's name on it the other day to put on his collar and he absolutely loved it. I don't have anything yet tho I hope I can find something I can have or wear everyday

Glorious as a victorious gladiator! Things are starting to get really good again <3 

it’s so cool that you got him that, I was thinking on getting one for me as well, but I guess I will wait until I have accomplished my more desired goals first~

I’m sure you’ll get something nice for yourself, in the end, it just have to be something that you like, doesn’t matter what it is tbh, it can be a hoodie, a plush toy, a collar, anything! :D 


(´。✪ω✪。`) Jacksepticeye- Pixel art


I’v received soooo many fan art recently! A bunch of them were Pixel art and oh boi. I LOVE pixel art. I can’t do it mahself buuut today i pushed my kyotie patootie face for this one !Took meh all mah morning but i guess it maybe worths the time passed on it ! i had fun!  (⊙ꇴ⊙)


Favorite Poe Party arrivals: H. G. Wells

reasons to date each type


  • isn’t really that shitty
  • long car rides
  • might let you win at mario kart


  • cute couples grocery shopping
  • can bake
  • has great music taste


  • surprise hugs
  • will stay up late with you
  • just imagine movie nights
  • adorable oversharing of things they like


  • wants you to be your best
  • chivalry is not dead
  • they have good wifi


  • will share cool wikipedia articles with you
  • never run out of things to talk about
  • i mean they never leave the house so lots of time together i guess


  • will bring you flowers the saps they are
  • your parents love them
  • enjoys cliche romance more than they will admit


  • probably super hot tbh
  • never boring
  • really good at hugging


  • good hair
  • always ready to make out
  • aLWAYS


  • sometimes they’re funny
  • memes
  • might share their pizza with you if you ask nicely
  • well why not


  • couples halloween costumes probably
  • wants to buy you things
  • says i love you a lot


  • always texts back
  • will mother you
  • is friends with all your friends


  • will share a love for dogs
  • too large sweaters


  • just wants you to be happy
  • doesn’t judge
  • listening to music together


  • um
  • they own a cat
  • how about we forget this dating thing and just pet the cat


  • is adorable
  • makes playlists for you probably
  • good company


  • will fight people for you
  • is good at gifting
  • will never ignore you
  • Jaune:So Ruby, why did you pick a sniper scythe as your weapon?
  • Ruby:Well duh- it's obvious, isn't it?
  • Jaune:It is?
  • Ruby:Yeah! I picked it because it's so freaking cool! The rifle part is all like "BANG BANG BANG! CLICK, CLICK- BOOM! EXPLOSIONS!" And the scythe part is all like "SLICE AND STAB! WOOSH, WOOSH- DECAPITATED!!"
  • Jaune:Wow... I uh, won't argue with all of that, I guess.
  • Ruby:*sighs happily, hugging Crescent Rose* Most people don't.

anonymous asked:

What happen to tyler at the concert?

ok so i read a really long post earlier [here] from someone who was there and i guess the whole show was kinda messy? but tyler tried to crowd surf i believe and people were grabbing and getting very rough and when he climbed up on  his platform..well this was the result?

ripped shirt, mask torn off, and stolen shoes, [another post about it here]

so yeah thats really shitty and not cool at all, doesnt matter if youre a fan of twenty one pilots or not, what happened to tyler was not cool at all and pretty dangerous if it got anymore out of hand. He couldve gotten seriously injured or groped even further which is the shitty truth and theres the proof  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i hope he’s alright, but i have to say..and lord it pains a bit to say it, because what a world right.. considering the stories(+personal experience) ive heard of not only their crowds but the reading festival crowds (lord remembers the Brendon bottle incident) and what happened to josh a while back. I am. Not. Very surprised. this happened. Which is shitty. And i hope that changes?

again, i hope he’s alright. Being in that situation is shitty all around. They ended the show early, i believe, which is- holy shit -completely fine considering the circumstances.

binoculares  asked:

Oh i finally listen it!! Is really amazing, dan and phil are truly really good role models. Thanks for sharing!

Ok cool, yeah sorry i didn’t reply earlier I was working. They honestly are and they’re just really genuine and down to earth. No problem, and actually I’ve got to thank my mum for this. This is what happened:
Me: *comes home from Uni*
Mum: Oh hey! guess what?
Me: *so tired from the day* hm? what?
Mum: Dan and Phil were on the radio
Me: *Drops bags and canvas* WAIT WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? OMFG
Mum: Well not on it but they were mentioned on ABC radio
Me: ABC radio?!?! National fucking radio?? what did they say?  
Mum: They were talking about boys and the stereotype boys are faced with about their feelings and needing to be/look strong and the host was talking about how she went to TATINOF with her daughter and said that Dan and Phil are perfect role models for that and how they talk about their feelings or something 
Me: OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG *runs around the room and dies*
Mum: Which they are, I mean they seem really nice, clean cut and just natural. 
Me: *hugs mum*
Mum: aww whats this about? 
Me: I need to get my hands on the show, they would upload the talk probably right?
Mum: Probably
Me: I need to show the Phandom this
Me: *runs upstairs shuts the door and proceeds to research*

some stuff

i just wanted to say THAKN YOU to all the people who sent me an ask or a msg over chat about my fake subs and how they made you laugh, or how much you enjoy them. 

thank you for taking the time to write out such kind words, i didn’t even think these fake subs could make people laugh out loud or cheer up so many shitty days so thats really cool. i dont reply to all of them but know that i read and appreciate every single one 

hope you’re all having a good day or night!!!

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I mean, I'm sure that's true but you can't deny how different malachite is to garnet. I guess it could be coincidence that garnet happened to look normal while malachite is a colossal monster but I don't really think so.

in short, I think both the affinity gems have to one another and how neat the design is plays a part in how fusions look

well if they said the “closeness = human look” isn’t a rule I think that’s how it’s supposed to be (although it’s still a cool headcanon)

but as for the rest keep in mind when they say the fusion design is just based on it looking cool, it’s not just that, I think it goes without saying that it reflects also the kind of feeling it’s supposed to give off, that’s kind of what you do when you make a design of some kind 8′)

so yeah Garnet and Malachite looking like they do wouldn’t really be coincidence..

*listen bro, you ain’t taking the kid.

I have no idea what I’m doing honestly.
I guess you could call this a fanart for the @underfellfangame. I’ve never been so excited for a game. Well of course that I’d be, it’s my favorite AU, the sprites are really cool and even one the best voice actors (imo) is in the team aaaaa. (ノ°▽°)ノ

Also, I haven’t been very active lately because my style changed sooo much, I didn’t know what’s going on. I literally just woke up and started drawing in a completely different style.


Tom- thanks for the soup,

Matt- yeah! no problem!

Tom- it would have been better with a spoon though….

Tom- yeah.

Tom- its not ‘stupid mutation’ that’s a trigger, it’s people being assholes.

Matt- I-I know, I’m sorry. I just lost my cool, I’m really sorry. I don’t know how to help you… well now I guess I do. I wont do that again I promise!


Matt- y-yeah,,,

Tom- yes. he did.

Tom- its the worse, your brain and body gets fuzzy and all that you can even think about is what this jack-ass said.

Matt- I hate using it, it hurts my head too, but I only did it because I felt like I had to,

Tom- shut up.

Confession Time.

I’m so tired of seeing people defend lolicon and shota and all of that other stuff.
I’m so tired of seeing “But it’s only DRAWN.:)”
I’m so tired of all of it.
You want fucking proof that those things hurt minors then heres mine
When I was about 10 or so I discovered a lil website called deviantart.

I LOVED deviantart and I looked up lots of art of my fave characters (mostly child characters)


Thats right : lolicon.

And of course as a 10 year old I thought “Well these older people think its cool so it must be!”
So I became obsessed with it.
Thats right
At 10 fucking years old I became obsessed with sex because of lolicon

So what happens? Thats right I FUCKING TRIED TO SEEK IT OUT!!!!!! I Put myself in so many dangerous situations. So many times that I could have been kidnapped and taken away from my family forever, so many instances that I could have been raped.
A 10 year old girl had no fucking clue it was bad for her to have sex.

A 10 year old girl didnt know to he safe

All because some disgusting pig decided it was sexy to rape children

hair’s a mess, i’m a mess, & that isn’t even my url, but hey this is cute so it’s fine.