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Prometheus created man... out of Clay

Claybourne…. born of clay.

According to Greek Mythology, Prometheus built man from Clay, and Athena breathed life into them.

Arrow is trying to reflect a whole ton of Greek Myth while staying true to the superhero theme. Therefore, instead of being the Father, the one who creates Claybourne, Prometheus is the son, a direct contrast to Oliver Queen.

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I talk more about the Prometheus myth and how it relates to fire stealing in Arrow HERE

I guess the question posed is, who or what is the fire that Prometheus is looking to steal from Zeus? His joi de vivre? His humanity?

(Also, all the fire stuff in 5x06 was really cool, and a great nod to the Fire-Stealer)

Prometheus told Oliver that ‘this was so much more than revenge.” Well, if Prometheus is Claybourne’s son, then,

…what else is there?? What is Prometheus’s reason for making Oliver suffer than revenge?

Also, Felicity mentioned that the Son was illegitimate. Yet Claybourne had a wife? Wouldn’t that make him legitimate?

I think that Claybourne had an affair with some chit, got her pregnant, and his wife found out. She filed for divorce, and as part of her claim for the divorce, was his affair and his child. And that’s why his name wasn’t mentioned.

Somehow, Oliver killing Claybourne resulted in Prometheus’s vendetta, with him dedicating four years of his life, tracking down an elusive trainer (Talia Al Ghul) and making himself known after Damian Darhk. (how convenient).

Where has he been all this time? Why now? ( i know it’s the legacy theme but still). And the question that bugs me most of all, WHY. What is his motivation besides revenge?


Also, I think Prometheus’s mother might be named Athena. Wouldn’t that be cool.  

Favourite Bands - 1/? || Green Day

Hail, Warriors of the 12 clans

Hail, Commander of the blood


“The face you wear now is only one of a thousand possible faces.”

I want a fanfic where Marinette discovers Chat Noir’s identity and instead of becoming shy around Adrien she just messes with him- making him flustered in class and being overly oblivious when Chat Noirs slips up and hints towards who he is. E.g.

Ladybug: Chat, I have the biggest crush ever on this boy at school…

Chat Noir: Oh really, My Lady? And who might that be?

Ladybug: His name is Adrien Agreste and he is gorgeous! A model too!

Chat Noir: *Internally screaming* O-Oh, um.. Thats c-cool…

Ladybug: Everytime I see him I just want to pull him close…

Ladybug: *Sits closer to Chat Noir* *Leans in*

Chat Noir: *Internally screaming* Y-yeah?

Ladybug: And tell him…

Chat Noir: *Leans in* Yeah?

Ladybug: To fight you- because obviously you’d never let me date him..

Chat Noir:

Chat Noir:

Ladybug: Oh well, guess it just isn’t meant to be *walks off*

Chat Noir: *cursing under his breath*

Good and Bad Side of The Until Dawn Squad
  • SAM- 
    • Good: aw man what a sweetheart.  
    • Bad: spends way too long in the bath smh people are dying
  • MIKE- 
    • Bad: he can eat a dick for that prank tho
  • MATT- 
    • Good: People pleasin’ good guy, heart o’ gold right there. 
    • Bad: Why even have player choices as him i mean really we’re just gonna do what Em wants.
  • JESS- 
    • Good: If she ain’t feelin’ it you ain’t gettin’ any, MICHAEL. 
    • Bad: Girl don’t go outside DONT GO OUTSI– god dammit jess.
  • EMILY- 
    • Good: it takes effort to kill this bitch she’s resilient as hell. 
    • Bad: shut up just shut up just stop pls shut up
  • JOSH- 
    • Good: hes a cool dude aiight and his production skills A+  
    • Bad: Homie y u punish only the most innocent friends.
  • ASHLEY- 
    • Good: i mean i guess she took that punch pretty well?
    • Bad: “actually ya know what im pissed at you for accepting my offer to sacrifice myself for you how about i let you die now” 
  • CHRIS-
    • Good: A+ dance moves, shotgun skills, witty humor, cute af, etc.
    • Bad: lol the fuck you thought, Chris is perfect bye.

Commish for Chicky 
Aaahh I went overboard and stuff, I’m sorry that it took so long chicky I wanted to make it nice for you ahsuidff and I kept adding stuff and now it ended up like this wahhhh I hope you like it tho!
Well they are about to do something and I hope the person who cleans this limousine knows what he is doing /laughs

  • Steven [in the ocean, searching for Malachite]: this calls for desperate measures
  • Steven [cupping his hands around mouth to shout]: JASPER SUCKS
  • Malachite [rising from the water]: what the fUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?!
  • Steven: there she is

(´。✪ω✪。`) Jacksepticeye- Pixel art


I’v received soooo many fan art recently! A bunch of them were Pixel art and oh boi. I LOVE pixel art. I can’t do it mahself buuut today i pushed my kyotie patootie face for this one !Took meh all mah morning but i guess it maybe worths the time passed on it ! i had fun!  (⊙ꇴ⊙)


tfw your prediction is extremely off but hey

[translation] Free! Creation Book Vol.2 End Card Skit ep.10

○ After a joint practice, locker Room, evening

Makoto: Ah, that’s right, Haru.
Haruka: Hmm?
Makoto: I found this when I was cleaning my room yesterday.

Makoto takes out a photograph from his bag.

Haruka: This is…
Makoto: Brings back memories, doesn’t it?
Nagisa: (Really curious) Mako-chan, what’s in the picture?
Makoto: It’s a picuture of us when we were in primary school.
Rei: It’s a… photo of you measuring your heights?
Makoto: Yeah. This was taken when Rin was just transferred to our school, and they were both really worked up about it.
Haruka: I wasn’t.
Makoto: Hehe.
Nagisa: Mako-chan totally kept his cool~ well, I guess Mako-chan was already the tallest back then.
Rei: I can understand though. When the height difference is that slight, it really does stir the competitive spirit all the more!

Rin appears.

Rin: How long are you guys gonna chit chat for?
Nagisa: Rin-chan, come see this!
Rin: Hmm?

Nagisa passes the photo to Rin.

Rin: A picture of us in primary school, huh.
Nagisa: Yeah. You were really worked up, right? That’s what Mako-chan told us~
Rin: I wasn’t.
Rei: Haruka-senpai said the exact same thing, too.
Rin: Hmph, don’t copy me, Haru.
Haruka: Look who’s talking.
Nagisa: Hey, Mako-chan, what else did Haru-chan and Rin-chan compete against each other in?
Makoto: Hmmm… what else was there~…… ah! I remember!
Nagisa: (Really curious) What, what?
Rei: (Really curious) What is it?!
Makoto: They compared their own lengths.
Nagisa: Rei-chan broke character!
Rin: Ah! Hey, Makoto! Don’t go blabbering about it!
Haruka: Don’t say it, Makoto.
Nagisa: So? What’s the verdict!? Them comparing their lengths!
Makoto: Rin won.
Rei: Wi(e)nnnnnneeerrrrr!!!
Nagisa: Oh no! Rei-chan has gone mad!
Rin, Haruka: Makoto!
Makoto: What’s the big deal? It’s just leg hair.
Nagisa: Le, leg…



Favorite Poe Party arrivals: H. G. Wells

I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you. You know that don’t you?“

"I never do know when you’re lying to me anymore. Your lies sound so true, and I’m such a fool.”

“Well I guess there’s two of us. You can’t get rid of a fool who has already fallen.

—  from a book I might write by @jwfeelings