well this is a shocking news

BREAKING NEWS: Cult Leader Charles Manson Ill, Requires Surgery.

Infamous cult leader Charles Manson, 82, is currently in an unstable condition in a Californian hospital after experiencing intenstinal bleeding earlier this week. Manson requires invasive surgery immediately, but his condition is currently ‘too weak’ for surgery to be performed safely.

Manson has been a prisoner within the Californian prison system for over forty years, and was the ringleader behind the horrific “Family Murders” that shocked Los Angeles in 1969. Manson has pursued a music career behind bars, and also participated in the FBI’s well-known serial murder study.

Happy “Bump” Day!  Hahaha!!! Well here is some pretty big news!  I figure many will be excited, some will be shocked, some may stop following.  Oh well, this is a part of my journey in both life and fitness.  Follow me as I grow and lose my abs but maintain a healthy pregnancy and then take the time post delivery to regain my fitness figure!  This will be a true fitness test!   

a few uplifting stories about music teachers in light of yesterday’s election:
I have orchestra first hour and I had obviously been crying before school upon finding out the news. My director saw me and waved me into her office and we hugged and cried together and said we would be okay. Before we began rehearsal, she had us huddle and sing Let There be Peace on Earth as we had sang for our previous concert. I’d say about 10-15 kids were crying that I could see, and maybe 5 of us were fully sobbing. It was disturbing yet oddly calming, and I appreciated her letting us have a few minutes to vent and express our feelings together, considering the news was so recent and so shocking. We then went about rehearsal as usual. Holiday music. A few kids remained crying but played their instruments nonetheless (me.)

Then, after school, my private teacher picked up on my heavy mood, and she was feeling it as well. About half way through the lesson, she said “Do you need to play some Bach? I think you need to play some Bach.” And she let me choose my favorite movement of Bach and play it just for fun, taking a break from my assigned work. It was so kind. It felt so nice. She said “Take it easy this week. Play lots of Bach. Use your cello as a coping mechanism. And your pets too.”

This may sound harsh but I’m just curious…how long before all the liberal white tears stop falling and everyone stops crying about Trump 2016 in favor of excitement over pumpkin spice lattes or whatever else? Because let’s be real- this public outcry against the American presidential election probably only has the strength of a news cycle. I’m sorry, was that too brusque? Trust me I know this is a sad/sensitive time- I’m black, queer and I rep North Carolina for better or worse. But every “shocked”/“horrified”/“scared”/“I’m so abysmally sad” social media status has left me more confused than I expected to feel. Did y'all just realize that racism is alive and well in America? I mean, I can’t tell you how many people hit me up with photos of the impromptu KKK presence in the streets of Mebane, NC yesterday. Those fuckers have been stars of my nightmares since I came out of Tangela’s womb, but did y'all just remember them? Is that why you’re so “shocked”/“horrified”/“scared”/“…abysmally sad”? For the record, they’ve always been present. They weren’t eradicated just because you thought we live in a “post racial America,” whatever that means. Y'all, this isn’t a different America than the one we woke up in on Tuesday morning. Stop acting brand new. Stop looking for sympathy where it isn’t deserved. Dry your tears and use all that thumb tapping power to bring good energy and positive action into this world, not stroke your own ego. If you’re feeling guilt because you didn’t convince your relatives/loved ones not to vote for the Donald, then admit it. If you’re a person of privilege and you’re struggling with personal responsibility for the election results, acknowledge your privilege and use it for good. But please calm down with all this foot stomping and tear sniffing- it doesn’t create strength or action, it just reads like the ramblings of a disappointed kindergartener. Regardless of US presidency, we have all the tools to live in harmony with one another. But we have to accept our own responsibility and stop looking outside of ourselves for the answers to our problems. Leggings- @rainbeaucurves Fingers + Toes- @yogapaws 📸 by @lydiahudgens (at Durham, North Carolina)

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“So,” Kelly smiled, looking across at Jared, “I hear you’re just back from a vacation with your fiancée.”

“Uh, well,” he huffed a small laugh. “Actually, it was my honeymoon with my wife.”

Kelly gasped, feigning surprise.

Of course, you’d informed them before that he’d be breaking the news on Live With Kelly, but it would be a shock to the viewers so she reacted accordingly.

Jared grinned, scratching the back of his head and showing off his new wedding band.

“You guys tied the knot?” she clarified, and Jared nodded.

“We did. We had a small ceremony in Hawaii with some friends and family,” he expanded, “And then the two of us flew to New Zealand for our honeymoon.”

The camera cut to you as you were grinning, your husband shooting you a wink.

“Well, congratulations to the two of you,” Kelly stated, and Jared shot her a dimpled smile back.

“Thank you.”

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You see… Percival Graves wanted to wait for the perfect moment to confess his love to Newt… but one damned day Theseus Scamander came to MACUSA with the plan of taking his little brother back with him… to England.

So Percival reacted as the respectable and professional Director of Magical Security he was.

Or at least that was what he thought.

But instead his possessiveness got the best of him and he ended up baring his teeth at Newt’s older brother while wrapping himself around the confused magizoologist in the process.

“You can’t take my intended away from me!” he growled.

Except that Newt wasn’t his intended… yet. So that was the reason everyone around looked at them in shock.

Newt… his precious Newt was so flustered he couldn’t even talk.

And Theseus… he didn’t take the news very well.

Ok so my friend gave me this news and I thought it’s another joke..but now as I can see it’s true, My heart is absoutely broken.

I think it came as a shock for each and everyone of us because we had 0 clue about her health. I personally thought she was fine..doing well.

And now thinking about her 2 years olds breaks my heart even more.

I have no clue what Dan, Louis and his siblings must be going through..considering how Louis has always been a mama’s boy.

My heart goes out to Tomlinson/Deakin family.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but… RIP Johannah. You were such a kinda heart soul, always smiling. I really adored you a lot and..I’m really devastated right now.

Hope you’re happy wherever you are. God bless!

Breaking News: High School of the Dead Manga Creator Daisuke Satō Passes Away

He was 52.

I don’t read the series, but I heard tons of things, including being hiatus. That said it’s not only unfortunate that the series will never be completed under his supervision, but the fact his untimely death even happened shocked me. It’s such a young age as well. I fear for anyone that will lose their life before not only to finish the work but carry on with life itself.

Rest in Peace, Daisuke Satō. My condolences to the family and loved ones.

Hello and Hap'piraki!

I hope the news of a new Mod of askaceattorney wasn’t too much of a shock, because as of today, there will be two!

That’s right!  I am the second new Mod, who will be working alongside the new Mod (as well as the previous Mod) to keep the flow of letters going from curious askers to quirky characters, and back. To avoid any confusion, you can refer to me as the “Co-Mod” (or the “commode” if you’re feeling particularly jokey).

As with the Modthorne, I’m very honored to be a part of this show, as well as extremely excited!  (Seriously, I slept for a grand total of zero hours last night.)  My hope is that together we’ll be able to make it just as entertaining, hilarious, and thought-provoking as it has been up until now.  We’ll do our best to be as authentic as we can, but we won’t be revealing exactly who is writing what – it’ll be up to you to try and tell us apart.

So, a few quick things about me:

  • I’m a lover of music, art, and creative writing (which is a big part of why I love the Ace Attorney series).  If you’re interested in seeing what I’ve created so far (including Ace Attorney fan art, among other things), check out my main blog at imnobodyuknow. However, please keep in mind I won’t be answering questions related to this blog from there.
  • I’ve been an Ace Attorney fan for a few years now, and a fan of video games in general for much longer.  Questions on the topic will be welcomed!
  • I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to humor, as you can probably tell from what you’ve read so far.

So, in conclusion, if it pleases the court, I’d like to thank everyone here for keeping the blog going with your questions, compliments, jeers, etc., and I hope we’ll make this an Ace Attorney experience to remember!

Also, I’m kind of new to this, so…go easy on me, all right?

See you ‘round!

Last Call: Part II

hey guys! finally, fINALLY last call part ii is here! i took my time, but it paid off i promise. as always, it was so much fun. i swear, nothing brings me more joy than writing nessian. and finally, FINALLY I GOT TO WRITE NESSIAN FLUFF. as always a big thank you to @nightcourthighlordrhysand for proof reading and a nod to the Skype Court for helping me as well. you guys are the best! Hope you all enjoy! Feedback is always really truly appreciated.

Part I / AO3

Cassian was looking at her with pure shock in his eyes, a hand buried in his shoulder length hair and the other in the pocket of the cargo pants he was wearing instead of the usual ripped jeans. He seemed livid, as if this surprise was almost too much for him, as if he’d had too many of them already in his life. But it was a hopeful look, like something good had just happened, like this was the best news.

Nesta’s own mind was reeling, wondering what the hell was going on. What was he doing here, and how did he know her sister?

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to anyone still confused: sakura is NOT pregnant with sarada in this flashback.

this happened around the time when naruto was already the hokage, and sakura couldn’t possibly be pregnant with a child that was already around 8 y/o and taking part in the ceremony.

what that means? sasuke already didn’t care about the child BEFORE taking on that oh so called ‘important’ mission, and we yet have to see sakura pregnant.

shocking news, I know.


Request: Imagine you and Eddie signing up the other for dating apps (I can see this being hilarious)

“Don’t be mad” you start, anxiously chewing on your lip as you watch your brother carefully, attempting to judge his mood before you give him the news. “But I kind of signed you up to a dating app.”

“You what?” Eddie practically stutters in shock, his eyes going wide as he simply stares at you, as if expecting you to yell ‘it’s a joke!’. 

“Look, I know, I know, you can get your own dates, but that hasn’t really been happening lately, so I thought I’d step in. Just, just give it a go, please?” you pout, knowing damn well your big brother would never refuse you.

“Y/N” Eddie sighs, a rather odd mixture of amusement beginning to play through his surprise. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know,” you begin, starting to doubt your idea for the first time since having made the account in his name. “But I just want you to be happy, and let’s be honest here, ever since you and Iris broke up, you have been anything but.”

“Alright, I’ll use it, but on one condition” Eddie smiles encouragingly.

“Anything” you cheer, excited that your brother was actually willing to move on from his previous relationship.

“You have to use the one I made you too.”

'The Flash' Boss, Grant Gustin Dissect Those Shocking Twists

Well, that was quick!

As fast as the Scarlet Speedster’s engagement happened, it was also put on hold during Tuesday’s episode of The Flash — and for good reason. It turns out, Barry (Grant Gustin) didn’t just propose because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Iris (Candice Patton). It’s because he knew she wasn’t wearing an engagement ring in his original flash to the future, meaning he hoped that by asking her to be his wife, he could prevent her death at the hands of Savitar.

“That’s a moment that Barry then has to own up to the reality of, which is, he does love Iris more than anything, but he did propose because he wanted to save her life and change the future,” Gustin tells EW. “Initially, he denies that to himself and everyone around him. But Wally calling him out on that, it ticks him off and he pushes Wally away a little bit for sure. But I think he knows that it’s true and that he did have a motive that pushed him to propose that wasn’t necessarily just from the heart — it was out of fear.”

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Unplanned Pregnancy - BTS

Seokjin: *Shocked but happy and confused on why you’re crying* “This is good news baby, what’s the matter?”

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Yoongi:Damn it, we fucked up..”

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Hoseok: “You forgot to take your pills didn’t you?”

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Namjoon: “Well fuck, that’s not good is it?”

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Jimin: *stops breathing for such a long time you actually get worried*

“A what? B-baby?”

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“Would you like to explain to me how the hell this happened? We were so careful.”

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Jungkook: *tries to stay calm for your sake, gestures to your belly with a small smile* “Can daddy feel?”

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The bachelors finding out you’re pregnant with your second child + Can we get the bachelors (+Shane) reacting to finding out their wife is pregnant with twins? 

You hadn’t been feeling well lately. You scheduled an appointment with Harvey, and he checked you over. Once he was done, he was grinning.

“Well, Farmer, I have good news.”

“What is it?”

“You’re pregnant. With twins.”

You stare at Harvey, shocked, then leave to tell your husband.


He hugs you tightly.

“I’m so happy, my love.”

“I’m in shock.”

“What?” He immediately pulls back and looks you over, then back up at your eyes.

“You’re not in shock.”

“Not medically, no. I just… I can’t believe this.”

He pulls a chair over and sits, then pulls you into his lap.

“Three babies? Harvey, can we handle three babies?”

“We have friends that will help us. And you’re a wonderful mother.”

You nod, leaning against him, hoping everything will be okay.


When you get home, Sebastian isn’t anywhere to be found, but you knew he was going on a walk today. You sit on the couch, planning on just relaxing, but you end up falling asleep. When you wake up, Sebastian is holding you, and smiles when you open your eyes.

“Sleepy today, huh?”

“It’s your babies. They’re sucking my energy.”


“Twins.  We’re having twins.”

He looks surprised, but ultimately grins and kisses your cheek.


When you walk out of the clinic, you go right to JojaMart. Shane is in there, working, but when he sees you, he smiles and walks over.

“How was the doctor? Is everything okay?”

“Yes, Shane.” You laugh. He’s a little overprotective of you.

“What did he say it was?”



“He said it was twins. We’re having twins.”

“Twins? We already have two babies.”

“Well, now we’ll have four.”

“Oh my god.”

“Marnie will help, it will be okay.”

“I need a drink,” he mutters, but you can tell he’s happy.


“Sweetheart, you better be ready to read more pregnancy books.” You call as you walk into the house. Elliott grins.

“Another baby?”

“Two more babies.”



He looks down at your child in his lap, who he was reading to.

“You hear that, baby? You get two new brothers or sisters.”

Your baby is asleep, but you smile and watch anyway.


Before you go to tell Alex, you decide to tell Evelyn. You walk to where she’s working in the gardens, and kneel next to her. She smiles at you.

“How are you, dearie?”

“Good. I have good news for you.”


“I’m having twins. You get two new great-grandbabies.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful.” She hugs you tightly. “Now go tell Alex.”

You nod, going home quickly. He’s throwing a ball around the yard, and you smile. He sees you and runs over, hugging you.

“How’s my baby? How was the doctor?”

“Babies. And I’m fine.”

“We have another baby?” He grins, resting a hand on your belly.


“Well, yes, you’re my baby, too.”

“Alex, we’re having twins. Babies.”

“Oh.” He looks shocked, then grins. “Babies.”

You smile and hug him, and he picks you up, walking around and talking about all of his ideas for your two new little ones.


When you walk out, Sam is waiting there with Vincent and your little boy. You smile, taking your child.

“How are you, sissy?” Vincent asks. You smile at him.

“Good. You’re getting two new cousins soon. Did you help Sam today?”


You turn to Sam, who is staring at you.

“Twins, babe.”

“Oh my god.”

You laugh.

“You’ll do fine. We’ll have a lot of help. You’ll help your brother, won’t you, Vincent?”



Sam doesn’t look very comforted, but follows you home anyway.

Golden Globes 2017: The 8 Most Shocking TV Snubs and Surprises -- 'Stranger Things,' Milo Ventimiglia and More!
Hollywood's biggest party delivered a big list of small screen favorites, but there are a few snubs and surprises that left us scratching our awards show-loving heads.

SNUB: Sam Heughan and Outlander. Sam Heughan has, once again, been denied the well-deserved awards show love for his courageous portrayal of Jamie Fraser, and this year, Outlander has also been snubbed from the Best Drama series category. We know the fandom is ready to rage a Battle of Culloden-level war on the HFPA, but dinna fash, Outlander fans! The series wasn’t completely shut out of the Globes race! Caitriona Balfe was nominated for Best Actress in a Drama, thanks to her hauntingly beautiful performance in season two of the Starz hit series.

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Prompt:  Could you do a Bones x reader where Bone’s gets sick but he’s being stubborn about it and the reader is just fed up with his stubbornness. Just totally takes over either hypoing him or not giving him a choice.
Word Count: 479
Author’s Note: I just imagine Bones with like 6 blankets burritoed around him

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I Thought You Were Dead (Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader)

Prompt:  can i have a sith!reader x obi wan imagine where the reader was a jedi and gets lost on a mission. and the council told obi wan and everyone else she was dead. and she gets obi wan to come over to join the dark side?


Obi-Wan had once thought that the most painful thing he’d ever experience was losing his beloved master Qui-Gon Ginn. But the pain he’d felt then, as excruciating as it had been, was nothing compared to what he felt when the council announced that you’d been killed on your latest mission. He remembered standing in the council room, mouth open in shock and mind furiously working to process the news. Dead? But you couldn’t be. You’d…well, you’d been so…alive. Your smile was so vibrant that it could light up a room. Your laugh had echoed through the halls of the temple from the time when you were a padawan. Your eyes held such luster in them that, to Obi-Wan, they outshone entire solar systems. You couldn’t be dead.

But the weeks went by, and you didn’t come back. And Obi-Wan was broken inside. Because of the Code, he couldn’t reveal to others that his heart had been completely shattered by the news. He suffered in silence, more often than not waking up to the sound of himself crying after dreaming about you yet again. He’d never told you, but he was so deeply in love with you that it physically pained him, and now he was left with the knowledge that he’d never hold you in his arms.

However, despite the depression that had overtaken him, a year passed by and he was still fighting, carrying out his duties and trying not to think about what would never be with the person he’d never see again. He was needed in the war; more and more battles were raging, and the Separatists weren’t backing down anytime soon.


“Cody! Where is General Skywalker?” he shouted into his comm, deflecting yet another shot from the enemy droids in front of him.

“He should be here by now, sir,” came the reply. “I don’t know what’s taking him so long!”

“I swear by the stars…” the Jedi mumbled, rolling his eyes at his former padawan’s antics. Speaking once more into his commlink, he sighed and said, “Well let me know when he gets here with the supplies.”

“Yes sir,” was the Commander’s reply.

Turning back to the fighting, Obi-Wan tried to ignore the soreness of his muscles and the fatigue that plagued his mind. He’d been fighting for several days, barely stopping to eat or rest. Plus, for the last hour or so, he couldn’t help but feel that something was…off. Something was wrong within the Force, but Obi-Wan couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. It was as if he was sensing something familiar to him, as if he was feeling the presence of someone that he knew. But there was a twist to it, something unfamiliar within that left him completely puzzled. Over the course of the hour, he could feel it growing closer and closer, and he guessed that its source was making its way through the battle towards him.

Now, the presence was incredibly strong, flooding his senses. As he fought, he kept his eye out for anyone or anything that looked suspicious, dreading the thought that someone like Asajj Ventress or General Grievous was closeby. Upon hearing the buzz of a lightsaber and seeing a blade of red light, he thought that his suspicions were correct. That is, until he looked up and saw the face of the person who was wielding the weapon.

“(Y/N)?” he breathed, halting all movements and staring at you in shock. There you were, standing tall in the midst of battle, clothed in long black robes and holding a red blade in your hand. A small smile was perched upon your lips, and you were walking towards him. Your hair was longer than it had been a year ago, and your eyes were a golden shade of yellow, but there was no denying that it was you that now stood before Obi-Wan.

“Hello, my friend,” you greeted, a hint of sadness behind your grin. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“(Y/N)?” he said again, stepping forward and gripping your upper arm with the hand that wasn’t holding his saber. “Is it… Is it truly you?”

“Yes, Obi-Wan,” you nodded. Hesitantly, you deactivated your lightsaber and hooked it onto your belt before bringing your palm up to his cheek, drinking in the sight of him.

Shaking his head, he swallowed, mind whirring as he tried to work through what was happening.

“The council said you were dead,” he murmured, almost too quiet to hear. With a scoff, you rolled your eyes.

“I’m not surprised,” you said cooly. “Considering the fact that they were probably too ashamed to admit they abandoned me and left me for dead.”


“I was sent on an impossible mission,” you sighed, staring over Obi-Wan’s shoulder as you recalled the events that had transpired. “And, when it inevitably went south, I called and asked for help. Help which they didn’t give. They said that they couldn’t risk anybody else to save me, that I was on my own. And then they stopped answering my calls.”

“But,” Obi-Wan sputtered, disbelieving, “How could they have done such a thing? And how did you-”

“The council never cared about me,” you bit out, looking back into his eyes. “But I managed to survive when Count Dooku found me.”

“Dooku?” the Jedi repeated incredulously.

“Yes. At first I fought to against him, but he took me to his secret base and patched up my injuries. I was broken hearted by how the council had betrayed me, and I was angry that my loyalty to them meant nothing. So when he offered to train me, to take me as an apprentice…”

“You’re a Sith?” Obi-Wan whispered, looking into your yellow eyes and putting the pieces together. He’d known from the second he saw you, but hearing your explanation made it all too real to him. “How could you? After everything you were taught, how could you turn to the Dark Side?”

“Do you blame me?” you questioned, leaning closer to him. “They sent me on a suicide mission. And the Jedi way of life was slowly killing me, Obi-Wan.” Several blasts from nearby troops headed your way, and you pulled your old friend off to the side into a shaded corner away from the fighting.

“Do you know how much it killed me to live day in and day out, not being able to tell you that I love you?” you asked, placing your hands on his shoulders. Sucking in a deep breath, Obi-Wan squeezed his eyes shut at your confession, shaking his head and trying to get rid of the overwhelming butterflies that had taken up residence in his chest.

“(Y/N), I… I should be fighting you,” he murmured, bowing his head. “You’re a Sith.”

“But is that really so bad?” you questioned gently. “Do you really think that I’d dedicate myself to an evil way of life? Being a Sith isn’t as wrong as you think, my love.”

Wincing, Obi-Wan kept his head down, overwhelmed with everything that was happening. Your eyes softened at the sight, and you lifted his chin so he’d look back to you.

“I won’t fight you,” you declared, “But I won’t go back with you, either. I’ve made my choice. I’ll find you soon, Obi-Wan. Think about what I’ve said.” With that, you leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his cheek before sprinting away, disappearing into the fighting and leaving him with a heavy heart and twirling mind.


You’d been honest when you said you would find him soon. A few days later, when he was back on Coruscant, he saw you standing across a busy street, watching him from the shadows of an alleyway. Wordlessly, he walked towards you, and you turned to saunter further into the narrow passage, glancing over your shoulder to make sure he was keeping up.

Turning around once the crowded road was far behind you, you smiled and pulled down your hood, exposing your face as you looked him over.

“Hello again,” you greeted, and he managed a tight smile.

“Hello,” was his response.

“Have you thought about what I said?”

Sighing, he nodded his head, looking down to the pavement beneath his feet.



“And what?”

“What do you think?” you prompted.

“What do I think about what?”

“Everything.” With a deep breath, Obi-Wan looked back up into your eyes.

“I’m angry with the council,” he said with a small voice. “Angrier than I’ve ever been. And I don’t know how to feel.”

“About the council?”

“About you,” he clarified. “I’ve been in love with you for so long, and I’ve dreamed of seeing you again ever since they said you’d… Well. Anyways. You’re here now, but you’re different, and you’re a Sith.”

A wide smile stretched across your face when you heard that he’d returned your feelings, and you tentatively took one of his hands in both of yours, letting out a sigh of relief when he didn’t pull away.

“I’m still the same person,” you assured him. “But I’m not held back by the council anymore. Obi-Wan.” Looking deeply into his eyes, you dropped your voice to an earnest murmur. “These feelings you have for the council, this hate… Doesn’t it feel good? To finally feel something towards them other than obligation?” Hesitating for a moment too long,he shook his head.

“N-no, (Y/N),” he said weakly. “It’s wrong.”

“It’s not wrong to have feelings,” you insisted. “It’s natural. In fact, it’s wrong of them to make us fight what we feel. And, Obi… I know that you must have felt it at some point: the call to the dark side. The desire to break free from the rules and regulations of the code and the council and just…be free.”

The Jedi before you didn’t trust himself to answer, and you smirked and leaned in to whisper in his ear, knowing that you were striking a chord within him.

“I could show you,” you said. “If you come with me, I could show you the ways of the dark side. We could finally be together, Obi-Wan. And nothing could tear us apart.”

Shaking his head, he muttered softly, “I would be giving up everything I’ve ever known and believed in.”

“You would still have me,” you assured him, flicking away a strand of hair that had fallen into his eyes. “And the force. The force will always be with you, love.” Pausing for a moment, you leaned further towards him until his lips were just an inch away from yours. “Come with me.”

With that, you pressed your lips to his, eliciting a soft whimper from the both of you after having waited so long to feel the other’s kiss. Cupping each other’s cheeks, you two stood as close together as you could, almost starved for touch.

Pulling away with a gasp, Obi-Wan stared into your eyes for several seconds before nodding slowly.

“Yes,” he gasped. “I’ll go with you.”

Grinning, you laced your fingers through his. Pressing your foreheads together, you stared into his eyes deeply before speaking once more.

“Then, while you’ll always be my Obi-Wan, to others this name will cease to exist,” you whispered. “From now until the end of time, you’ll be known as Darth Valor.”

With that, you claimed his lips once more, and the blue of his eyes slowly flickered away as he welcomed his new fate, feeling love and darkness blossom within his heart and he held you.

When I got the news that Uncle John was going to be Elena’s father, that was a bit of a shock to me seeing as how I’m only seven years older than sweet, sweet Nina [Dobrev]. They told me that news and they were like, “Whatever you do, do not tell Nina about this.” I didn’t. I was a good boy and when they finally did tell Nina that that was happening, I remember she called me at like four in the morning and somehow my phone was on and she was just like, “What the? You’re just like a spit older than me, how does that work?” And I was like, “Well, I play older, as has always been the case in my career, and you play younger, so I guess it’s going to work.” That was a fun thing to play with.
—  Vampire Diaries: David Anders reveals the Uncle John twist that made Nina Dobrev call him at 4 a.m.