well this has been in my drafts for about six months so why not

Dog Days Are Over

Summary: You were already having a bad day, and then in walks Mr. Perfect and his best friend’s puppy. Oh, and he needs you to hurry because he’s got a blind date tonight, and he’s really nervous.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,993

Author’s Note: Do you know how long this has been in my drafts? Anyways, here’s more fluff. Sorry I’ve been the Ebeneezer Scrooge of fluff, but I can’t help it that I’m a cynical, angsty bitch who likes to make people suffer.

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There were certain rules to being a veterinary technician.

Number one, waterproof mascara and eyeliner always! When the customer cries, you cry. Number two, carry a lint roller on you at all times; it’s best to get the pocket-sized one, because Mr. Twinkles sheds a lot! Number three, iron your scrubs! And it’s probably best to keep an extra pair in your car, because Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell likes to pee on people.

Even though you knew these rules by heart, and you followed them every single day of your work-life, today was an exception. It was just one of those days that absolutely nothing- no matter how hard you tried- was going right. You were covered in fluffy cat hairs, Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell peed on your leg twice, and you had run out of waterproof mascara; so when Mr. Langley brought in his thirteen year old Labrador to put her down, he cried, and so you cried, and in the end you looked like the raccoon that liked to sneak into the office dumpsters at closing.

Today just wasn’t your day.

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After the Beep.


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: All of the in-between moments of a relationship, captured in the one-sided monologue that is voicemail. 


This has been sitting in my drafts for over a week whoops.

This isn’t the Untitled Garbage Fic that I’ve been rambling about but hopefully it will hold you over until that one is post-able.

Basically, I wanted to start getting words flowing again for the first time since we finished WYCH and that manifested in me choosing the absolute worst format for telling a narrative story. Honestly, this may or may not be the dumbest thing I’ve ever posted like @ becca why would you think this is a good structure for a fic? 

I hope you get a kick out of me fumbling my way out of writer’s block lmao.

Also ps shout out to @fragmentofmymind​ for being great at all times and for reading through this monstrosity for me (and providing that gif), she’s super awesome and super talented and if you aren’t following her already then honestly where have you been??

Word Count: does it even matter? the format on this is weird I’m so sorry.

The number you are calling cannot be reached. Please leave your message after the beep.

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The Long Way Home (1/10)

OMG, it’s finally here!  I started this story in 2015, back when I was writing for pleasure with no intention of ever sharing any of my work publicly.  It fell to the wayside when I finally got around to joining the fandom and began writing fic formally, and it wasn’t until the opportunity to do the Captain Swan Big Bang came around that I remembered I had it and decided to try to flesh it out and turn it into a completed work.  7+ months later (after a LOT of consternation and whining and “Why did I ever agree to do this?”) it’s HERE.  And I’m SO relieved that it’s done, LOL.

Special thanks to my beta, @captainstudmuffin, and the amazing @lifeinahole27 for their help and patience with me, to @clockadile for lending her sword fighting experience, to @ladyciaramiggles for her feedback on early drafts, to @phiralovesloki for heading this year’s CSBB and fielding my questions, and to @kmomof4 for always being my cheerleader.  Thanks also to everyone who took my nerdy little survey on nautical terminology in fic (yes, that was for this project), and those of you that sent me words of support about it.

Lastly, deepest thanks to my wonderful CSBB artists, @waiting-for-autumn and @giraffes-ride-swordfishes for giving feedback on early drafts and providing some gorgeous artwork to accompany this fic!  Links to their illustrations of certain scenes (*) will be in the text - please be sure to go show them some love!

Thanks to you all for reading.  I hope you enjoy.  XOXO

Find it on AO3.  Nautical terms glossary here.

Summary:  After an unnaturally long life fraught with personal tragedy, Killian Jones has become known throughout the realms as the infamous Captain Hook, an opportunistic ne’er-do-well and one of the most formidable pirates to ride the waves.  When he crosses paths with a mysterious young woman with no memory of who she is or how she arrived there, he recognizes the chance to claim a monetary reward that will constitute his biggest score yet.  But a journey across the world to get her home leads to a series of adventures that reveal that her value lies in far more than gold and jewels.  A Captain Swan Anastasia AU - sort of.  (Captain Swan Enchanted Forest AU.  Romance & Adventure.  Rated E.)

Warnings: Brief but graphic depictions of violence, peripheral character death, and smut.

“Captain! Captain!”  

The sound of pounding feet approaching the door to his quarters causes the gentleman in question to lift a heavy, dark eyebrow, even as his gaze remains on the leather-bound inventory log he’s hunched over with the ship’s quartermaster.  The Jolly Roger is preparing to pull into port at Vicarstown, and he always prefers to finalize the list of supplies they need to acquire at a stop prior to docking.  It would go better without interruption.


He gives a long-suffering sigh and drops his head resignedly, his weight pressed forward on his right hand.  “Yes, Mr. Smee?” he drones.

Having been waiting for permission to enter, his slightly pudgy first mate flings the door open, the bearded man’s features twisted into an anxious grimace.  “Sorry to interrupt, sir, but a ship’s been spotted in port.”

He looks up sharply. “Who?”

Smee swallows and licks his lips nervously.  “Blackbeard.”

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anonymous asked:

Got any stuckony recs?

YES! Absolutely yes!

My apologies this took until today. I had a busy weekend and had to rest a lot, but I’m here now. :) Also, I don’t have my old bookmarks list (long story) so I’m having to go through and look for my favorites, old and new. Long process! (This took me over four hours, though I was doing a few other things as well. Still, I’m a bit of a slowpoke.)

See below the cut for some of my favorites, and don’t forget to leave kudos and comments (even just an “I liked this!”) for the authors, to let them know their hard work is appreciated!

(If someone knows an author’s Tumblr handle, let me know or tag them so that I can edit this rec list and tag them appropriately!)

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kcg4  asked:

Hi Charity as you are an ENFP I wanted to ask you how to do you see Si and Te in you? How was it clear for you that you were Ne dom and Fi aux and not the contrary? You said in the past that you cinsidered yourself socially introvert or shy, which I think is my case and I'm not sure about INFP or ENFP for me. Thanks a lot

My main way of recognizing my status as an extrovert, beyond my need for external stimulation all the time (NOTHING HAS HAPPENED IN TEN MINUTES, MY LIFE SUCKS) is that I am not a Fi-dom. So excuse me, while I once again travel into the land of indecisive Ne to illustrate my point; then I will return to your initial question.

If you compare the INFPs on this blog to the ENFPs, you will notice that the INFP’s Fi is often very prominent and “runs the show.” This is also true with real life INFPs, who as judging dominants, have and express very strong opinions. Since they are in contact with their inner self most of the time, they often know what they like and dislike, what they want to do or refuse to do, and how they FEEL about most things. There is rarely indecision on that point, especially when it comes to the strength of their inner moral focus.

While I have extremely strong opinions in a few areas, in the broader scope of reality, I am far more indecisive and disconnected from my feelings, to the point where half the time, I rationalize them out with Te, or question my “right” to feel this way at all, rather than just use them. Something I admire about INFPs is they tend to be more decisive than I am, especially in their likes and dislikes. As a Ne-dom, my likes and dislikes can change from day to day.

An INFP I know had a fight with her friends once and door-slammed all of them. She knew how she felt, that they were dissing her opinions and not respecting her true self, and after she had enough, she was done. And she did not waffle on that decision. She just quit. She made up with them much later on, but only after her temper cooled, and she had space and time to mature in her own way (and they matured also). She knew what she wanted: them gone. For now.

I complained the other day to my mother about Elizabeth of York in Philippa Gregory’s novel / miniseries, The White Princess. She is so indecisive. She changes her mind from one chapter to the next about who she is, what she wants, and answers “I don’t know” to half the questions posed to her. Some days she likes her husband, some days she doesn’t; she intends to give up on him, then turns around and falls for him again. It’s seriously annoying.

Once I got done with my rant, my mother smiled and said, “So she’s basically you, in literary form.”

Gee, thanks mom.

My mouth hung open for a couple of seconds, while my Fi had a little tantrum, and then my Te immediately snapped in and I went: “I guess. But I’d make a BAD heroine. Heroines need to be decisive! Books need plots! Heroines need to know what they want, or at least figure it out, and get there, not be lost in indecision! The plot must move forward!”

Unlike me. =P

Ne-dom makes me changeable. And it annoys me. One day, I might want this. The next day, I might not. One day, I might decide that this friend sucks. The next day, I might think I was wrong and they’re awesome. They did not change. My Ne flipped the situation around for a different perspective. It runs right over my Fi and what it wants, all the time. This means that I either do not KNOW what I want or cannot ADMIT to myself what I want, nor give myself permission to want it. It annoys me, it annoys my parents, it annoys my friends, and it annoys my cat. But that’s how it is.

I WISH I had some Fi to haul Ne’s ass into a chair and decide: NOPE. But no, instead Ne hauls me around with Fi going “Um… I don’t know how I feel yet?”

But anyway, rant aside: back to your question.

How do I see Si and Te in me?

I see Te a lot when I ‘temporarily loop’ in order to avoid dealing with my feelings. I do not LIKE my feelings. I consider them a major pain in the butt. When my grandpa died, I was a wreck before it happened. I didn’t even know him that well, but it took him a long time to die. His organs slowly shut down. I was so immersed in the pain of what was happening to my loved ones, that I cried way more than any of them. But after his death, my Te immediately kicked in. Mom wanted to clear out his house. Like, immediately. That’s how she copes.

So we did. I put aside my emotions, went into that house, and went through all my grandparents’ stuff. We filled a dumpster. I organized everything we decided to keep in piles for the family to choose from after the funeral. A lot of my decisions were people-motivated – my cousins loved playing these games with Grandma. Shall we keep them? I’ll make sure they have all the pieces and put them in nice piles. I did the funeral video. Everyone needs a Ne-dom for that. It wasn’t just about Grandpa, it was about his life. His dreams. His parents. The culture he grew up in. I managed the voice-over, without falling to pieces.

And then, I moved on.

My Si is very poor. I may be adverse to CHANGE when people announce it (and I have to deal with it a lot, my parents literally cannot live six months without changing their house around, the yard, etc) but I am not stuck in the past. Half the time it never comes to my mind. The past flows beyond me. A day can seem a week ago, and three years ago can seem like yesterday. I gaped when a friend showed me a picture recently with 2014 stamped on the bottom. That was that long ago!? My grasp on time sucks. My awareness of time sucks. My own carelessness with time… sucks. A Si-friend recently said, “You should take more pictures with your cat. You will want them when she’s eventually gone.”

I stared at her. “I will?”

See, I don’t think like that. When people, places, things, are gone, I miss them. I love them. I still think about them sometimes, but they are gone. I do not pour over pictures. I do not sit and endlessly talk about the past. I do not want to think about the past. I moved on.

Sometimes, people tell me I should slow down, or take more time with that, since they do not want me to “look back one day, and regret this moment.”

Thing is, that probably won’t happen. I rarely go back.

Unless I hurt someone badly, and never received their forgiveness, or am beating myself up about something I should have done to stop something bad from happening, I don’t look back and regret. You cannot drive a car staring into your rear view mirror. In that way, I am careless. But I don’t know how to NOT be careless. Things matter right now, and then they’re gone. I loved that show, but it’s canceled. There’s new stuff to watch. I take in so much of it (as a Ne-dom), only a few things stick longer than six months.

And sometimes, I desperately want them to stick. I sit with someone or something loving it, immersed in its beauty, and think, “How can I hold onto it? I already feel it slipping away! WHY CAN’T I APPRECIATE THIS MORE?”

Inferior Si.

This is going to sound weird, because it is weird. But, under stress… I start obsessively tinkering with sensory elements. I’ve been editing and rewriting a book for what seems like forever (forever to me is four months, but I don’t want to talk about how this is the eighth draft of the fourth version of this book in two years) which is very tedious, Si-driven work. My Te is happy to help out with deadlines, and charts, and word counts, and I have a nice little sheet of paper with things marked on it, where I enter my progress each day to keep myself motivated. But I swear on my soul, yesterday when I opened the file, my Si went nuts and said: I don’t like this font. It curls funny. Change it.

So I did.

And then I sat there for at least ten minutes, changing the font, again and again, then the sizing several times. I printed out a page to see how it will look in book form, then promptly forgot which configuration I used (poor Si!) and had to print several more sheets in different sizes. I never did figure out which was the font and what size I used for that first sheet. (Shame, I like it the best.) Then I resized the file across my screen, to try and get the font to ‘curl’ how I like it, so I could read it. I cannot read it, unless it’s the right size. And font. And I must edit so there are no paragraphs that end with one word on the next line.

(Are you laughing yet? Is that not pathetic? Welcome to my life.)

Screw inferior Si. It’s bullshit.

I never know how to say this without hurting feelings but… Fi-doms are sensitive and since INFPs have higher Si, they do not forgive you fast.

Think about two terrific insults against NFPs (from future husbands) in literature and compare them to how you process things.

Gilbert Blythe pulls Anne Shirley’s braid and calls her carrots. The little INFP smashes her slate against his head and screams at him in class. She then tells Diana “the iron has entered my soul: I shall never forgive him,” and proceeds to ignore him, compete with him, and refuse to speak to him. For years. Gibert has to grovel to get on her good side, many times. She is super sensitive and her emotions flare up immediately. “You hurt me EXCRUCIATINGLY,” she says. She means it. He DID.

Mr. Darcy insults Lizzie’s appearance (she is not handsome enough to tempt me into a dance – ie, she’s not that pretty) in Pride & Prejudice. ENFP Lizzie gapes at him, then promptly turns it into a joke. She never brings it up again. She’s mad, but more mad about what he does to Jane than his insult. She finally confronts him when he proposes, but not about that. No, it was not the insult that hit her; it was the impression she formed of his character, based on it. And when he writes her a letter that basically calls out her family for being loud, obnoxious, inappropriate trash, she is pissed but has enough high Te to realize: he has every right to feel that way about us, based on what he saw. Once she realizes WHY he thinks how he does, her anger cools. And her mind changes about him. The anger dissipates.

Did he hurt her? Sure. Deeply? Not so much.

Someone walked up to my INFP the other day and insulted her appearance. It hurt. A lot. She will probably never speak to him again.

A person insulted me to my face at dinner a few years ago. He basically implied the people I work with and the caliber of their work is poor, and I should do a better job selecting the material we work on together. (IE: Wow, you suck.) I bitch-slapped him good with a Te-snarl comeback and … promptly moved on. I was mildly annoyed by it, and it certainly colored our interactions from that point on, but I wasn’t hurt by it so much as annoyed. We stayed “friends.”

I can count the number of times people have actually hurt my feelings on one hand. My Te is strong.

How do I know this?

I’m one of the first people to come up with a rational, non-emotional “fix it” to problems. I often discount my own feelings or put them aside entirely, to get a job done. I remember one time, a friend PM’d me after I wrote a movie review and said, “But did you LIKE it?? You wrote an excellent review, but it was so non-emotional I don’t even know what YOU thought of it.” I criticized the poor elements and talked about the good ones, but there was none of “me” there.

I admit, I was a little more emotionally reactive as a child / young teeanger, but Fi still wasn’t running the show. Most Fi-dom children are very sensitive. When asked what I was like, various family members (without consulting one another) have laughed and said, “Your focus was on being a comedian. You wanted to make people laugh. But you were not especially emotional.”

I’m not. It’s true. Sometimes to my own determent.

- ENFP Mod

PS: If you get to the end of this certain you are an NFP, but you don’t know what you do in a situation in order to compare it to Lizzie or Anne’s emotional reactions, congrats: that’s shitastic inferior Si. You are an indecisive Ne-dom.

So this is a light little Sterek drabble I’d ALMOST finished ages ago and then forgotten about until tonight, in which Derek and Stiles are neighbors.

Word count: a little under 2k

EDIT: just posted this to AO3 as well.

Laura tells him it’s cowardly and unromantic to confess feelings over text, but too bad. Derek can’t think of anything more terrifying than showing up on Stiles’ doorstep (conveniently, the apartment right below Derek’s) to tell him to his face. And Derek wants to know, okay? Has to know. He needs closure. He can’t keep second-guessing every microsecond of every interaction with Stiles, trying to guess how he’s feeling, and he can’t keep hoping like this. He’ll go insane. Stiles has been his neighbor/friend/hopeless crush for almost six months already, and Derek definitely can’t take another six.

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Never Say Never

Four times Lexa said she was never having kids and one time she didn’t.

A Quality Ingredients one shot during full chapter hiatus time.  Kids keep popping up in Lexa’s life to remind her of why she’s never wanted any.  Came from a prompt about kids.  Takes place in November.

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“The trust bond between the two of them was formidable. Mister Agni’s devotion to Prince Soma as well. I am left with no words.”

“Young Master?” The butler asked with concern in his warm voice.

“I was just thinking.” The young Earl started, looking his demon straight in the eyes.

“Whatever might that be, if I may ask?”

“About trust. I was just thinking, that we used to share a similar bond not too long ago. How frail that was.” 

“If you are still being bitter about that I have to just say something if you allow me this much.” The demon said trying to search for the boy’s blue eye.

“I don’t need your explanations. It’s too late for that, I could never trust you again, nor anyone for that matter.”

“It pains me greatly, Young Master to hear such words. But I will still say what I wanted even if it might not change anything. No offense my little Lord, but for a child prodigy, you can be quite stiff in your thinking sometimes. I only wanted to awaken you. I never intended to actually murder you. I needed that vibrant soul to return to me, the soul that managed to take my breath away that fateful night. I do realize now that my method lacked some finesse but I saw no other way at that point in time.”

“Such big words you use now.” Ciel scoffed, looking quite irate.

Tears started to form in his bright blue eye for the first time in god knows how long, the events of the day finally catching up to him. He hated the idea of letting that awful creature see him in such a state, so before he let those tears fall, he tries to make it to the door. 

Strong arms caught him before he could even reach the door knob.

“Young Master, please…Look at me.”

For some reason, he felt compelled to do as he was asked and in the instant, their eyes met, the stream of hot tears fell on his reddened cheeks.

Sebastian then did something he never once thought he would. He curled his arms tightly around the other’s petite body and held him tightly. 

He was so close to him now he could hear his erratic heartbeat, take in his intoxicating scent. 

For the first time in forever, he felt something he never thought he would feel, the need to console someone, to protect. 

He realized a long time ago that the small human signified something to him, but he could never put his finger on it, neither did he want to know what it meant in the slightest. 

So he just kept on shoving those emotions he felt down, deep down. And in the moment he held him, it all started to flow through him.

Ciel buried his face in his chest and start sobbing like he could never be consoled by anyone.

“You didn’t even give me a choice.” he said through hiccups.”You betrayed me. I never thought you would… Not you.”

“You betrayed me first, you realize that, don’t you? Abandoning your revenge halfway through is against our contract. To be quite frank if you decided to abandon it though.. I would have given you six years, to do whatever you please with the short time you had. When that time would have passed I’d come to collect your poor unsatisfied soul.” He said, without hesitation.

“Six years? Why?“ Ciel asked his heart settling down, his crying ceasing as well.

“Usually a contractor gets ten years. Since you asked for my assistance at all time and we spent four years together as it is… But I know you, my Lord. I got to know you even better than you do yourself by now. I know you’d be miserable should you not achieve your revenge.That’s why I pushed. If I am somehow mistaken, by all means, I’ll give you six years but if you are to take up on my offer that means that I will have to take my leave as of now.”

“ So does that mean I’ll never get to see you again? I mean until you’d come to collect?” He asked his head resting peacefully on the man’s toned chest.

“Interesting that this is the first question you ask. Do you loathe my this much now? I have to say that hurts a little, Master.” Sebastian said his tone softening.

“Um… No, I just…I was just weighing that in. The thought of never seeing you again.” The young Lord said as his heart beat picked up again.

“Oh, I see.I’d feel your absence as well, my little one.” The demon cooed, a playful smile on his face.

He then put one of his hands at the base of Ciel’s chin, lifting it slightly to see his face. As expected the young little Lord was blushing furiously making him look adorable in the demon’s eyes.

“As if I’d ever miss you! You are mistaken, alright? It’s just that …That you are familiar by now. Seeing you every day is more of a …Of a habit! Yes, that was the word I was looking for!” Ciel tried, blushing even more by the second.

Sebastian couldn’t contain himself anymore. He was looking absolutely mesmerized at the tiny blabbering human he had in his arms. Almost couldn’t believe his eyes that Ciel was displaying such strong emotions in front of him.

“Stop staring at me like that! This means nothing!!” Ciel yelled trying to free himself of Sebastian’s grip.

“Adorable…“ Sebastian muttered to himself.

“What in the blazing hell are you mumbling about, demon??” He yelled.

Sebastian then reached out, pulling him close again and placed a chaste kiss on the top of the boy’s head.

“Did you just….?” Ciel started as he was caught off by Sebastian’s shifting eyes.

The demon in front of him went from being extremely playful to being deadly serious. He gracefully refused to answer the Earl’s question by simply asking another one, one that was indeed in need of asking at this point in the conversation.

“What will it be then?Shall I give you your 6 years of peace and possible happiness with the lady, or will you have me stay here? Complete the contract that bound us together 4 years ago?”

His eyes were nothing but serious and for a reason or another Ciel suddenly felt weak in the knees. He wanted his revenge, yes, but just hearing Sebastian talking about his departure yet again for the second time in a day got his blood boiling in his veins. Yet he tried to compose himself, wanting the other to feel the gentleness that those words he was about to say actually held.

“I choose you…” he said looking down. ”I will always choose you.” His voice dropping a bit, a single tear threatening to fall yet again.

He was given another chance, a chance to maybe live his life happily yet he chooses his untimely death yet again.

Sebastian reached out and kissed the tear that was about to fall away. Ciel looked at him in awe and he couldn’t believe what was happening. 

What did this mean? Why was the demon acting like this towards him? Why was he so tender all of the sudden? Why did his usually cold eyes show so much emotion now? Was he.. Courting him?! 

His line of thoughts was cut out by the demon’s words.

“I cannot express how pleased this makes me, my little one.” He said accentuating the words at the end of the sentence.

‘Mine.’ Ciel thought. ‘He’s mine, as I am his.’He nodded to himself slowly.

“Let us learn to trust each other again.” The demon took one of his delicate hands and lifted it to his lips placing a kiss on every knuckle. He then continued his line of thoughts his voice soft.” Let us take those emotions we both hid for such a long time and let them grow. Let’s grow together, Young Master.”

The gentleness in his words and in his actions made Ciel’s heart beat race in his small chest yet again for what it felt like the hundred time that day. He could barely keep up with what was happening anymore.

Sebastian then took Ciel’s face in his hands and placed a single kiss in the corner of his mouth.

In that moment Ciel knew he was right, he was indeed being courted by his demonic butler.

And just then realization hit him: that he’d been wanting this ever since their eyes met for the first time that night.

Paper-Thin Disguise — Eisuke Ichinomiya (Chapter 7)

Chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Summary: Despite everything, kings were still human.

Genre:  Romance, Fluff

Pairing:  MC/Eisuke

a/n: HOLY SHIT I FINALLY FINISHED THIS SONOFABITCH AFTER SIX MONTHS;;; legit i had so much damn drafts for this chapter and i hated them all lmao. i thought i was never gonna finish this, and tbh, i was tempted to discontinue this fic because i could not think of what to write….but thanks to you guys for encouraging me :’’)))) I anyhow, I hope you all like this chapter! 

thank you so much to @2bedroom-baddestbidderlove @alolan-lillie for sharing their ideas with me!!! ILYSM

@bolt8826 @tsundere-eevee @themysticaldaydreamer @ada254 @chillaxe @mareecesnpieces  @zyglavisss @aiyunique @sherlynteoh @carinecaldre69 @humorcomchantilly @7sc @celebranehelyanwe@otomefromtheheart @lifestyle-of-an-otaku @fri3dsushi @otomejesus @liebengirl @theplanner101 @fri3dsushi @scorpybaby @sunflowerblackrabbit @phaedra-worldswalkinghell @xcoticallyxquizit @hue-my-love

              Through his wet bangs, he could survey the pandemonium he caused.

              The whole party was in complete disarray with the crowd directing their full, unadulterated attention at his display. From his peripheral vision, he could see the auction managers in the corner of the room, not even disguising their shock at his boldness. In front of him, the socialite was seething. Her nostrils were flared, and her fists were clenched so tightly that he thought her hands would bleed from the sharpness of her manicured nails.

              But unfortunately for them, none of that mattered right now. All he could see was red.

              Someone hurt ____. Someone hurt her because of him. If he wasn’t completely concerned with social protocol, blood would have spilled—and it definitely wouldn’t be his.

              “How dare you, Eisuke Ichinomiya!” she screamed. “Don’t think that I’ll ever do business with you again in this lifetime!”

              “Good. I don’t need connections with a bitch who doesn’t know her place. Now get out of my sight before I call security.”

              Get out before I do something you’ll regret.

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Embracing the Changes

During National Novel Writing Month, there isn’t a lot of time for second guessing yourself. You’ve got to write 1,667 words a day on average to make it to 50,000 by the end of the month, but sometimes you have a realization, like - wait, a second, this book would actually be so much better if I made the HUGE ENORMOUS CHANGE. I’m talking today about why you should go with your gut, especially in the first week. 

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You Can Never Go Home - Part Seven

From The Other Side

Emily rubbed her temples as JJ set the, thankfully large, mug of coffee down in front of her.

“Thanks” she smiled at her “But I’m starting to think it would be more effective to just hook myself up to a coffee IV”

“Don’t let Reid hear that that’s an option” JJ joked. She, Emily and Luke were at the station while the rest of the team were on their way back from y/n’s family home.

“I just can’t get the image of her parents out of my head” said Emily, taking a sip.

“How is she doing?”

“She’s devastated of course. She was all over the place at Coleman’s house. She wanted to be involved but…”

“She’s a victim now” finished JJ.

“If we don’t solve this I don’t know what’s going to happen to her”

“She’s strong” said Luke, turning away from where he had been studying the crime scene photos until he couldn’t bear it any longer “But she’ll be blaming herself right now”

“She thinks she shouldn’t have come back” nodded Emily. JJ frowned. “What are you thinking?”

“Not 100% sure yet. Is the Sheriff around?”

“Yeah he’s in his office”

JJ bounded out, grabbing her phone on the way. She was passed in the hall by the rest of her team making their way back.

“The coroner has made the bodies her top priority “ said Rossi “She’s even drafting in a few colleagues from out of town”

“Is COD the same as out other victims?” asked Luke.

“Actually no” said Tara “They were shot. We think he took her father out first, he was shot in the kitchen and then dragged to the table. Then he shot the others where they were sitting”

“The eyes were removed post mortem just like our other victims” added Reid.

“This is a message obviously” said Emily “Were we getting too close and he got spooked?”

“We barely got a profile together and Garcia hadn’t finished compiling the list of newly released prisoners yet. If she had it would be a long one.” Rossi said “As much as I hate to say it we weren’t close at all”

“Could it be about y/n’s history in the town?” asked Tara “We’ve all seen how the locals regarded her. Could it be revenge?”

“It’s so at odds with the previous victims though” said Luke “And yet it feels so personal”

“That’s because it is. We think we’ve got something.” said JJ marching back in looking like she could take on an army “Garcia you’re on speaker. Y/n could have been the focus from the start”


“So a few years after Toby died, y/n left Eddowes Creek right?” said JJ

“Yeah she went and lived with family, an aunt and uncle” confirmed Reid.

“The week after y/n was registered at her new school Selena was blinded by our UNSUB” said Garcia.

“Trigger number one” said JJ “Trigger Two, Sasha was murdered a month after y/n joined the BAU”

“To the day” said Garcia.

“Isn’t that kind of a stretch? I mean there were two murders before that and the BAU weren’t called in until” frowned Luke.

“Close the door” said Emily suddenly. She lowered her voice as she continued. “We weren’t called in after Kaity’s murder”

“But we need to be-” began Reid.

“We were called in after Sasha’s” Emily cut him off.

“What? We aren’t usually called in after one body” said Rossi.

“That’s why we didn’t take the case. He was quite persistent, seemed convinced it was a big case but the Sheriff had a lid on it and at the time it wasn’t serial so…”

“If it wasn’t the Sheriff who requested our help who did? asked Tara

“Deputy Dale Coleman”

The room went silent but there was a charge in the air.

“Garcia pull up-”

“Already done. Dale is the only child of Sheriff Coleman and his wife. She died when Dale was two, an aggressive brain tumour. Nothing much until after the death of Toby Peterson.”

“What happened then?” asked Luke.

“Dale started getting in trouble a lot. He would pick fights, lost quite a few of them based on hospital records but Dad would always bail him out of trouble and then…oh jinkies”


“Financial history shows that eight years ago, Dale’s dad got him onto a program for “troubled kids”. He used his wife’s maiden name and the program was based in Morning Springs and Elizabeth Meadow’s body was found during the six weeks that Dale was there.”

“How about five years ago?” asked Emily.

“Well between Elizabeth and Melanie’s murders Dale applied for the army three times and was rejected due to failing a psych eval and he also applied for four different police forces outside of Eddowes Creek, same story there. The week that Melanie was killed Dale joined the Sheriff’s department.”

“Needing his father to get him in to law enforcement may have made him feel like a failure” said Reid “He needs to be in control, when he isn’t he lashes out. He lost his friend - he attacks a prostitute. Then y/n leaves, his only other friend and he driven to attack again?”

“No” said JJ, a look of horror on her face “Look at them. They’re similar enough in looks that y/n could be the woman they are substitutes for. Toby and y/n were dating right? Dale got jealous, kills Toby and then the object of his desire leaves so he goes after women who remind him of her.”

“He stops killing after joining the Sheriff’s department because while it isn’t what he wanted, he does have some power so his desires are somewhat satiated” continued Emily “Then he must have heard y/n joined the BAU and thought a serial killer would be the perfect way to lure her back home.”

“Our profile pissed him off” said Rossi “At the river y/n described him as weak, impotent. He went after her family to prove her wrong.”

“We need to get over there now” said Emily.

Part Eight: Who We Are In The Dark up next week

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Welcome to Heathrow Airport, II


Words: 1225

Author’s Note: A few anons asked for part two, so here it is! (Even though it’s been months. Oops?) Let me know if you want a part 3 or have any other requests!

Warnings: there are a few curse words and it’s kind of long, but that’s it? haha

”Well, hello, stranger,” Lin was walking down the aisle with his carry-on in hand. You had already been on the plane for a few minutes, somehow being one of the first boarding groups.

This was one of those obnoxiously large planes that had too many rows and carried too many people. And you had an aisle seat. Naturally.

“Wasn’t expecting you to be riding back here with us plebeians,” you responded, giving a bit of a laugh as he stops a row ahead of you and places his bag in the overhead compartment.

Glancing back at his ticket and then to the numbers overhead, he points to the window seat one down from you, “That’s me, actually.” Smiling, you stood to let him into the row, and you kept talking, pausing briefly every time someone would pause by your row, silently praying it wasn’t the guy in B. But takeoff was getting closer and closer and seat B remained empty, so you continued conversing with Lin.

Eventually, you were in the air and the guy from B never showed up or the ticket had never sold. Whatever the reason, you were thankful.

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top fifteen angst fics

1. things have gotten closer to the sun by starseas (49k)

it’s strange, making the choice to face his past—it almost feels like he’s heading for the sun straight on, like he’s screaming come on and burn me, i deserve it.

when a solar flare is announced to end the world in twelve days, harry reunites with the people that he used to know better than the back of his own hand.

2. hold onto your stars by vashtaneradas (16k)

au; harry’s in the army, louis’ back home, and ninety days is a lifetime.

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we are all fools in love

A/N: Jumping on the textfic bandwagon. This was so much fun to write, I completely understand the obsession now. Title from pride and prejudice (the book)

James Potter to Lily Evans: do u think my english lit paper could just be a review of the kira knightly pride and prejudice movie

Lily Evans: james it is 3am

James Potter: yes it is

Lily Evans: pls go to sleep

James Potter: cant this is too important 

Lily Evans: im not even in english lit ask remus

James Potter: hes asleep lily obvs it is 3am

Lily Evans: wow what a novel concept 

James Potter: but actually have you seen the kira knightly p&p its so good

Lily Evans: ofc i have ive been in love with mr darcy since i was 10 

James Potter: lily evans! how could you?!! in love with another man?!!! i am heartbroken!

Lily Evans: i am going to sleep now

James Potter: wait i actually need to know do u think i can write my paper on that

James Potter: lily? 

James Potter: lily im not kidding

Lily Evans has left the conversation. 

Sirius Black to Lily Evans: can u pls make ur boyfriend shut up abt pride and prejudice

Lily Evans: sorry i think hes ur boyfriend in this situation

Lily Evans: that reminds me can you make ur boyfriend shut up about pride and prejudice

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Come To Me

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Word Count: 1062

Summary: You miss Jin, Jin surprises you.

A/N: This is one of the first things I wrote on this blog. I did a bunch of drabbles to stretch my writing muscles (as I hadn’t written in awhile). Enjoy!


His voice dances around softly through your mind like a leaf on the wind. “Y/n…” A little louder. You can almost see the smile on his wonderfully plump lips. “Y/n!” Louder and louder… Happiness is radiating off of him. “Y/n! Y/N!” Wait… he sounds so close? 


Your eyes flutter open as his words become loud enough to disrupt your dream. However, you are met with a silence that so greatly contrasts the noise in your slumber. You sigh dejectedly as you eye the empty space on the fluffy white comforter to your right. Lazily, you slide your hand up to where his chest would be, rubbing circles into the soft material. As lovely as it feels, your fingers are itching to caress his skin instead.

Jin has been gone for three months now. Every night, you’d wrap yourself up in the sound of your name falling delicately from his lips through the foggy connection of the phone. With a few I miss you’s and I love you’s, you’d be out like a light. Last night, he couldn’t take your call. He wouldn’t tell you why- and you were left to imagine him calling your name in your dreams. With another sigh, you close your eyes and shift your head back to a comfortable position. You miss him so much and the sadness weighs on your heart like an anvil. A few more hours of sleep to numb the pain sounds like the only solution. You’re about to drift off, until-


You shoot up from the bed. That was way too loud to be a dream.

“Y/N! I know you hear me!”

“Jin?” You mumble, scanning the room like a hawk. Was this some kind of prank?

“Y/n! My love!” He’s…. here?

“JIN?!” You immediately fling yourself off of the bed and sprint through your apartment to the front door. Heart racing, you squish your face against it to look through the peep-hole. Nothing. Nobody.

With a slight melody in his tone, you hear him call again, “Y/nnnnnn, jagiiiiiiii…”

“Jin?” You shout, opening the door and instantly shivering at the draft of your apartment building’s stairwell. “Where are you?” You glance around your floor and step to the ledge in the middle that looks down on the lower six floors. You almost lose your balance and lean too far over the railing upon seeing him. “JIN!”

“Ah, finally! I thought you’d never come out!” He laughed loudly and outstretched his arms up to you as if asking you to jump into them. He stands proudly in the center of the first floor. “Come to me!

“Are you crazy?!” You laugh with him and run your fingers through your hair in disbelief. “You should be coming up to me!” you shout down to him, bouncing down the first few steps, too enlivened to care about putting on your slippers or any clothing other than Jin’s oversized blue t-shirt. You shift your gaze from your flying feet to your boyfriend who is starting his own path up lowest stairs. After almost tripping upon leaning over the railing again to see him, you stop and catch your breath. “Jin, I-”

“Don’t stop now, jagi!” He beams up at you as he runs, laughing even more.

“Kim Seokjin, I swear to God-”

“Come on, come to me!”

His long legs bound up the stairs, two at a time now, easily clearing another flight. Your legs start to burn as you continue, but you don’t care. You’re both so close… two, maybe one more flight until…


“Oof! Y/n?” Jin laughs breathlessly as his back hits the wall and you land in his arms. You weren’t looking at him as you rushed down those last two flights, determined to be in your boyfriend’s embrace once again. You lost your momentum on the last few steps of the third floor and flew straight into Jin, the both of you stumbling into the wall of the stairs together. As you regain your balance and your adrenaline rush subsides, you look up to see your handsome lover smiling at you, face slightly flushed from the brisk run. You feel his arms gently constrict around your waist. You had almost forgotten how warm and secure they felt… “Hey Y/n,” he says softly, drawing you closer to him until your fluttering heartbeats are practically talking to each other.

You waste no time gripping the front of his shirt with both hands and pulling him down for a frenzied kiss. Finally, after three long and despairing months, your beloved Seokjin has returned to you. The aching cold in your chest is soon replaced with the blooming warmth that only your boyfriend can give to you. You pull away with a breathy laugh, and gaze up at him with watery eyes. “Jin,” you sigh happily and tilt your head as you drink in his appearance.

Neither of you speak for a moment; you both simply enjoy the silence and each other’s presences. Your eyes flit around his facial features as your love for him practically overflows- that is, until you remember last night. “Why didn’t you call me last night?” You playfully smack his arm and half-scowl at him.

He chuckles and leans his head back against the wall before looking back at you fondly. “I was about to get on the plane to come back to you early. I wanted to surprise you.” You soften your gaze at his words and place a light peck on his lips.

“Well, it worked. You freaked me out this morning, yelling like that! I’m surprised our neighbors haven’t come out complaining.” You laugh lightly and lace your fingers with his, swinging them in the small space between you. He looks down at them and grins until he notices your slipper-less feet.

“Jagi, you’ll catch a cold! Here, hop on.” He leans down a bit in front of you, motioning to his back. You hesitantly climb onto him and cling to him like a koala.

“You’re gonna carry me up four flights of stairs?” You mutter in his ear as he stands up straight and shifts your weight, securing his arms around your bare legs.

“You came all the way down here to me barefoot,” he jests, looking back at you and planting a sloppy kiss on your cheek. “I think I can take you back up.”


Hiya lovely Richonners! We have another wonderful and insightful interview with a talented Richonne fanfiction writer.  Please take some time to get to know @richonnelandfill!

Richonnefics (RF): Hi richonnelandfill.  Thanks so much for taking some time to interview with us.  Are there any websites or resources that have been helpful to you as a writer?

Richonnelandfill (RLF): I always try to challenge myself to stretch my vocabulary so I faithfully keep a tab with Thesaurus.com open. I’m still new to writing so I love using other authors as resources. I remember trying to learn how to transition from scene to scene within a story and I was reading a fanfic at the time. I was like ‘oh, okay this person did it effortlessly. Let me study how they used transitions throughout their work.’ We have some very talented writers in this fandom, so they are great models for writing. I also have a wonderful beta, @yourwonderingwoman who is phenomenal.

RF: What is something memorable you have heard from your readers?

RLF: I completely loved when someone told me that I made them like a character in my story that they hated on the show. That’s a big deal.

RF: That is a great compliment because there are so many unlikable characters on the show.  LOL! How do you brainstorm your story ideas?

RLF: I think most of my story ideas come from meta discussion honestly. I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with the holes that we don’t see in the show so I love hypothesizing the details of those unseen events.

RF: That’s an interesting method to use for brainstorming.  What is your favorite place for thinking?

RLF: So there’s probably a permanent butt print on my couch because I sit there to brainstorm, draft, and type all my stories. It’s pretty unhealthy how long I will sit there and work on stories.

RF: What was your first fanfiction and how have you grown since then?

RLF: My first fanfic was Be Safe. First off, that story took me three months to write and I wrote the whole thing word for word on paper, so it was like 10 pages that I had to type into a document. I’ve since learned the art of outlining. I also think my imagery has gotten better. I’m still working on developing plot; that is my Achilles heel so I’m challenging myself to write more multi-chapter fics.

RF: The more you write, the more you learn about yourself and the art I think.  What are some ways in which you promote your work?

RLF: I love posting on Tumblr. I always post a gif that coincides with my emotion about the work I’m posting.

RF: What do you think makes your stories stand out from the crowd?

RLF: Interesting that you ask this. I am as much a fan of Richonne fanfiction as I am a writer, so I am constantly reading stories. I think every last one of my fanfics, has been influenced by another story by another author. So there’s a sort of six degrees of separation thing going on lol. I think what makes my stories stand out is the fact that I take Richonne meta and try to keep it as close to canon as possible. For ex: In the show Rick has yet to say ‘I love you’, so for all my stories set in season 7 or earlier I haven’t had him say it yet. I like hanging onto realism, although I love reading all genres. (Realism in a ZA, laughable right?)

RF: I personally love fics that keep the characters “in character” so to speak.  As a reader and lover of the ship I appreciate that very much.  How long have you been writing?

RLF: It’s been a little over a year.

RF: And many more to come, I’m sure.  How do you find or make time to write?

RLF: This is the hard part. When I first started I was still in school, so free-time was pretty common. Now that I work I’m usually up late at night typing or random early mornings. I have this thing I call “mad scientist hours” which is when I randomly wake up around 4:30 am and I have the most productive writing spurts, whether it be drafting or typing.

RF: Now for the fun, semi-related question.  What would be the first thing you did if a ZA were to occur?

RLF: If a ZA were to happen I’m pulling a Beth. Let me watch the kids. I’m not trying to risk my life going on runs and what not let me just hold the baby lol. That’s how I’ll earn my keep.

RF: Haha! I appreciate a self aware woman. Well, thank you so much for your time. You can find richonnelandfill’s fanfiction on fanfiction.net HERE! And if you’re not following her on Tumblr you should, to make sure your getting all the updates for her Richonne fanfiction.

The Speech- Mitch Marner- Brother Sister Imagine

Originally posted by breakmystrings

So I watched this video of this funny speech and I couldn’t stop laughing and it gave me this idea and i thought Mitch would be prefect this! I don’t know why but I love writing brother sister or father daughter imagine I don’t know why but I do! So enjoy

Y/N sat beside her now husband Joey her maid of honor was to her right followed by her bridesmaids Joey best man to his left and some more of his friends. Everyone was having a great time and Y/N couldn’t have been happier with her husband. He gave her a kiss just as there was a light tapping of a glass. Wherever one looked over to the sound there stood Y/N little brother. Mitch Marner had a microphone in hand his suit jacket was off and he sent his older sister a smile.

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Life Doesn’t Always Turn Out the Way You Plan

I was trying to post this on AO3, because it’s going to be a multi-parter. But AO3 is being grouchy tonight. So the first part will go up here, and get put up over there when the database starts behaving itself again. Then the rest of the chapters will go up over there too.

“While You Were Sleeping” is one of my all-time favorite movies ever. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas unless I’ve watched it at least once. And because I love it so much, I won’t be able to resist slipping verbatim quotes in here and there. So, watch out for those. Also, I know this is a Valentine’s challenge, but this movie is so wrapped up with Christmas for me that I had to set it then.

I’ll be honest - after this chapter, the rest of this so far is pretty much an outline interspersed with scene scraps. I’m hoping to post at least twice a week, but the schedule may be, ummmm, flexible. I’ll still try to get it all done in the month deadline.

That said, enjoy!

Life Doesn’t Always Turn Out the Way You Plan

My dad used to say something to me all the time when I was growing up. He would get this distant look in his eyes and he would tell me, “Iris, baby, life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan.”

l just wish I’d realized at the time he was talking about my life.

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Tagging @scandalmuss and @iblamejackzimmermannsass

Also on A03!

It’s after kissing Bitty for ten minutes straight under the popping and sizzles of color in the clear Georgia sky that Jack realizes that he has to say something.

The thing is, he doesn’t want to. He’s perfectly content in lying down on the layers of a Bittle family quilt and two sets of pillows, feet propped up on the hood of the truck. The last of the fireworks spit and sputter, like falling stars, and Jack imagines the guests still clustered outside the Bittle’s house applauding, then murmuring their goodbyes. His parents will be expecting us home soon, Jack realizes, wondering how long they can stay out in the blue pickup truck until someone came looking for them. Bitty hadn’t dared to simply drive off with his father’s car, but had received the keys with a gruff, “Take care of her,” after he’d asked to borrow it to show Jack around town.

Instead of a tour, Bitty had driven to an empty field, then pulled out a picnic basket filled with two bottles of his grandmother’s homemade root beer and two mini apple pies from the blanket-padded trunk trunk. “Happy Fourth,” he’d said, with a shy smile, and Jack kissed him for the second time. They’d only broken apart with the loud boom of the first firework, and only briefly stopped to eat the pies and drink the still-cool root beer. For the longest time, they simply just watched the fireworks burst in reds and blues and whites and all sorts of colors, not saying a word.

Bitty’s head is now on his chest, arms wrapped around him. If this was Canada, Jack would have draped his jacket over him, but Georgia’s hotter than any place he’s been in his life. 

The whole time, Jack had wished for an ice rink.

Bitty had only laughed. “It’s only going to get worse from here on out. Why do you think we’re going to the lake today?”

The afternoon had been pleasant, if a bit crowded and loud. The Bittles had invited all their friends and family, potato salad and burgers as far as the eye could see. Jack had talked to someone who’d fought in World War Two and another whose mother had been a nurse there, too, before someone in the Bittle clan roped him into the annual football game. Bitty’d only played a little, immediately leaving to chat with his grandparents after a particularly nasty tackle that left both of his knees skinned, though Jack suspected it was from the chirping that had been going on all day: at least you’re in a real sport now, eh, Eric? and you do look a bit less girly now that you’ve beefed up some. Jack had opted out of the next round, and he’d joined Bitty and the younger cousins in the lake, splashing each other and trying to skip stones before toweling off to drive back to the house for dinner and fireworks. 

Their skin and clothes still sort of smell like lake water and ketchup and dust, which isn’t exactly pleasant, and there’s dirt and small pebbles in between his toes and in his socks. His muscles still ache from practice three days earlier, and he has a six AM flight back to Providence in the morning, where he’s going to spend all day and evening in conditioning, PR training with Georgia, and brief on the ice practice with the team.

Here with Bitty, though, it doesn’t seem to matter.

But Jack still needs to tell him.

“Bits,” he whispers, then gently shakes his shoulder. “Hey, wake up.”

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I’m Fine Update #19

Why hello there. Long time no update.

Why no update?

Well…you see. I’ve not been my most productive self in the revision realm. With a couple little family trips and a horrific stomach virus, I got a bit thrown off my game for two weeks. I worked a lot on other projects, namely brainstorming, so it’s not like I didn’t get anything done, I just didn’t get any of this done. Even though this is what I’m supposed to be doing. 

At the start of the month I wrote the new scenes I needed to add to I’m Fine, but I finished those several weeks ago. Unfortunately, instead of jumping into this draft immediately, I only started yesterday. Shame on me. 

But I started, so that’s what matters?

And, more than that, I’ve been productive af. 50 pages a day yo. That’s right: 50. pages. a. day.

(Pages are 1.5 spaced, 13pt. Garamond)

Manuscript length: 75 911

and the word count is on the rise once again

Pages edited: 100/232

What did I do today? Today I edited 50 pages, which is my goal for each day, and at this rate I’ll be done within three days. This is draft 5, and so I’m really just reading through and doing more of a proofread, as well as trying to get the scope on the story a reader could have. A few sections have voice issues, but for the most part I’m happy with the prose. Elevating it was hard, and I suffered, but I think it’s almost there.

The other thing I’m doing for this draft is documenting the timeline. This just in: I suck at timeline. I can’t keep track of timeline. My timelines make no sense. Like the timeline in The Dragon Tear? Sorry. Is that book set over three months? Six months? A year? I have no idea! 

I’m Fine was meant to take place over two weeks, but I think if I count it out, it probably takes place over a longer time frame. That’s fine as it doesn’t affect the plot, but there might be continuity errors. It probably makes sense for the story to unfold over a month instead, and in that case I’ll move the end of the book to mid-March rather than early-March, a change as simple as changing Andie’s birthday, which is where the book ends.

I’m not editing on paper for this draft because I don’t want to read the book in chunks, and because I just want to power through this draft as quickly as possible. Later on I’m sure I’ll do more on paper edits, but for now I want to read the book quickly and seamlessly as if I were reading a novel that wasn’t my own. 

Music: no music today, since I don’t listen to music while doing these types of edits. I can listen to music while I write, but not while I read. I’m weird.


These are both from the first 50 pages, but I made note of them yesterday so here we are:

(it’s also possible I’ve shared these before shhhh)

Someone must have told him. Then again, no one—not even my own family—talks about that car crash and the life it took anymore. My life must be the same as that girl he knew from grade ten art class, the quiet one who took pictures and told him she liked his painting of koi fish when he caught her staring at it. He let her flip through his sketchbook, even. They sat at the same table; he helped teach her perspective for her cityscape. He’d never lived in the city, so she helped him with the details of his. She never said much to him, because she was shy, socially anxious, and even more shy and socially anxious around boys she had crushes on. She still liked being around him, he was easy to talk to. They liked similar books and similar bands and similar movies. They could talk about art together. But of course, he was a senior and he graduated and finally got to live in the city. Then, by the time he moved back, she wasn’t the same. A loss had carved out all the things he might have liked about her: happy but soft smiles, an enthusiasm for tiny things like a painting for koi fish or a new watercolour set, her restrained and comfortable happiness. He still thinks I’m the same person as that girl from art class. We’re clones. Nature and nurture. We may look the same, the ugly time has whittled a different person out of me.

And, after that sadness, some Andie/Kara banter:

          “I was kind of a dick about your panic attack thing.”
          “It’s fine. It’s um…it’s nothing new.” The blanket slips down my shoulders, cold scratches the nape of my neck. A shiver rolls down my back.
          “Oh, me being a dick is nothing new?”
          “That’s not what I meant.”
          “Take a joke,” she says.
          “Sorry.” I wrap the blanket tighter.
          “Don’t apologize for everything.”

Also, it’s art time fam. Yeeeee.

First of all, @coffeeandcalligraphy made this beautiful cover:

AND I ACTUALLY DIE BECAUSE THE AESTHETIC™. Rachel’s cover skillz have blessed me i’m blessed bless.

Also, @sssoto blessed me with this gorgeous portrait of Andie. I’ve already shared this on my blog and will again in a character profile and probably will find other excuses to share it more times, but until then here it is again, because I personally can’t stop starting at it:


Notable things:

1. Andie’s eyebrows are on fleek.
2. When Andie actually does her hair, the girl has waves for days.
3. That sweater tho. 

On that amazing art note, that’s all for now folks!