well this has been a constructive use of my time

My life as an openly fat woman

My life as someone openly fat has been amazing. It has also been hard as well. Currently I consider myself an activist for Muslims, feminism, lgbtqia+, the disabled and for fellow fat people like myself. Typically, most people would rather fat women such as myself were invisible. I am different.

I am loud and proud about my fatness. Most of the time people see me wearing low cut and form-fitting clothes and lots of makeup. I believe that all women no matter their size should feel beautiful and I am no exception. My openness with how fat I am has also lead to ridicule as well. Much of the time I get stares from strangers and judging looks from what I choose to wear. Every once in a while, I get a rude person that tells me to lose weight for my health. This doesn’t really affect me as much as it used to because I know that health is a social construct.

In speaking of my health, I am also judged for what I eat. I have always naturally been fat so whatever I eat won’t change my weight. Over time, I have become I unafriad of eating a burger or pizza in public. I’m also not ashamed of what I eat in private because it is my body and my choice.

Being openly fat has also contributed to weight discrimination I get at the doctors office. Every time I go to the doctor to get a perscription for something like strep throat, I get told to lose weight. It annoys me how fatphobic some doctors are because skinny people get sick too with the same things I get and they never get told to lose weight. The doctors also tell me that I might not get sick as often if I lost weight, but since I’m naturally fat, losing weight will never happen.

My weight has also made it harder for dating but that still hasn’t stopped me from trying to find the right person for me. As you may know, I am very choosy with who gets to date me. My philosophy is that if someone cannot meet the requirements, they were never worthy of me in the first place. My fatness does not lower my value and I want to change the way society views fat people. I also notice that even though people will pretend to like people like me, they never want to romantically be with me due to my weight which is fatphobic. More people need to be okay with dating someone fat and I want to eliminate fatphobia as much as I can by being openly fat.

Overall, being fat is a blessing and being openly fat has given me more confidence and happiness than I would have never thought possible. Since I have this confidence, I am grateful for being openly fat.

things that are social constructs: gender, sex, virginity

things that are also social constructs: money, language

social construct ≠ unimportant, false

social construct are determined by society, are things that only exist because society agrees (or the majority agrees, or those in power agree) on standards for it, etc

what you should take from phrases like “_______ is a social construct” isn’t that it doesn’t matter or is all a load of crock, you should take from it that there is room to grow

gender as a construct means that we can shift the world’s societal concept of gender to include non-binary genders and eradicate prescribed gender roles and so-called facts

sex as a construct means  sex was “determined” by science but interpreted by society when it didn’t have to be, and we don’t have to place importance on the specific nature of anybody’s chromosomes

virginity as a construct means we can dismantle its worth, leaving it entirely up to the individual to define for themselves what sex means to them

language as a construct means we can take down or reclaim words we don’t want like slurs and add new words as we find need for them

money as a construct means we don’t have to define people’s value by their income or spending habits

there are more social constructs and there are more and more changes that could happen with of all of the above constructs as well, of course

“_______ is a social construct” reminds us that there’s hope, that even if it takes years, some day, we can make the world a better place, because the ideas that are harming us are also ideas we have power over, and the only way to take that power away from us would be to take away our voice

social constructs are things that we can change

we remind ourselves that these things are social constructs because it gives us the power to keep shouting no matter how many times others try to shut us up