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87 and 58 with zico please

58. Trust me, I’m a doctor. Well, kind of, not really. I have Hello Kitty bandaids though.
87. I just tell myself things will get better.

‘I don’t even know why you’d bother coming all the way here to see my dumpy apartment.’, you said as you nervously tried to fish your keys out of your chock-full bag.

‘We’ve been dating for a while now, isn’t it normal i want to see where you live?’

‘Well, i guess.. But don’t expect too much.’, you murmured, pushing the door open and slightly blushing in embarrassment, knowing it’s a mess inside. You slapped yourself mentally for not cleaning up earlier, you should’ve known Jiho would come visit one day.

You threw your keys on the kitchen table and shimmied out of your black leather jacket.

Jiho dropped down on your couch and smiled at you lovingly, making you blush again as you stood there awkwardly fumbling with your thumbs.

‘Sorry it’s such a mess in here… If i had known you’d come over-‘

‘It’s fine baby, it is. It’s not that messy, trust me. Come sit with me.’, he softly spoke and motioned you closer.

You flopped down beside him and he instantly wrapped his arms around you.

‘wait! Let me just clean the kitchen!’, you tried to escape his embrace but he pulled you right back.

‘___-, relax! Your place is really fine it’s… it has character. It’s cozy.’, he chuckled as he locked you inside his arms again.

You groaned loudly. ‘People only say that when they think it’s ugly Jiho.’

‘No they don’t. I like it. But if you don’t, why don’t you look for something else?’

‘i just tell myself things will get better. I thought of redecorating and painting everything but i just haven’t gotten around to it yet.’

‘Well, i’ll help you with that first thing next weekend! It’ll be fun!’

You smiled wildly. It’s things like this that remind you of just how much you like him.

‘Yeah, alright. I’d like that.’

‘Great.’, he whispered as he inched his face closer to yours.

You closed your eyes and leaned forward to catch his lips with yours and soon you found yourselves entwined on the couch, mouths devouring eachother, hands roaming through eachother’s hair. His tongue glided over your bottom lip, as to ask entrance, and you happily opened your mouth to let him in. His wet muscle massaged yours thoroughly, making you dizzy with arousal.

You backed away for a moment to catch your breaths and as you sucked in some fresh air, you noticed how dry your throat has become.

‘I think i need a drink because boy, you’re making me thirsty!’, you tried to say in the most suave way you could manage.

Jiho bursted out in laughter at your feeble attempt to be sexy.

‘Too bad you already have me because i would’ve thrown myself at your feet for that pickup line.’, he said chuckling before standing up and pecking a quick kiss on your lips. ‘Where do you keep the wine glasses?’

‘In the cupboard above the sink, top right.’

He hopped over to the kitchen and grabbed two glasses from the shelf. A loud, shrill noise echoed through the room when he accidentally dropped one to the floor, leaving shattered fragments of glass scattered all over your kitchen floor.

‘Shit! I’m so sorry, fuck…’, he apologized, his face getting flushed in embarrassment.

‘Hey are you okay?’, you jumped up from the couch and headed over to go check on him.

‘Yeah i’m fine, let me just clean this up-‘

‘Not with your hands!’, you yelled, trying to warn him. But you were too late.

‘Ouch! Aaaah..shit.’, Jiho yelped as he yanked his hand back in pain after cutting his finger on a sharp smithereen.

‘Ahw baby… Keep your finger under cold streaming water, i’ll be right back to fix you!’

He did as you told him and got over to the sink to let the cold water ease the stinging pain until you came back with your first aid kit. You started pulling out needles, scissors, surgical knives and other suspicious stuff. Jiho looked confused as panic was slowly rising inside of him. You noticed the distressed look on his face and chuckled to yourself.

‘Trust me, I’m a doctor. Well, kind of, not really. I have Hello Kitty bandaids though.’, you assured him as you held out your cute bandaids.

Jiho let out a relieved sigh and his face lit up again.

‘I love Hello Kitty!’, he exclaimed excitedly while offering you his damaged finger so you could wrap the bandaid around it.

‘God that’s so hot.’, you whispered before smashing your lips on his again and pulling him into another hot makeout session.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise but eagerly went with it, before slowly pulling back again, pouting.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘My finger…’

‘Fine baby, i’ll take care of your boo-boo.’


open your heart to love, it is so worth the risk

for @inloveswan from your csss ♥


Elena the Wise - an adaptation of the Russian fairytale

⇰ a tale of witchcraft, the rattling of bones and those who cheat death

with olga kurylenko as elena, luke evans as the soldier, mads mikkelsen as the devil and katheryn winnick, natalie dormer and imogen poots as his three daughters

(this got kinda long, hence the cut)

I will admit that I’ve not been 100% aboard the virgin!Thorin train before, this because the explanations I’ve seen have mostly been along the lines of “he’d been busy” and that seemed a bit too vague.

Like, okay he was busy, but there’s roughly 150 years between arrival and departure of Smaug. That’s very busy indeed. And like Balin said, not all years have been horrible. They eventually had a good life in Ered Luin.

But- (and I’m sorry if I’ve just missed all the awesome meta)

But if Thorin p much repressed (suppressed?) all romantic and sexual desires, maybe subconsciously, maybe on purpose, to focus on being a good leader and being there for others, then I could easily see virgin!Thorin. 

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I'm glad you got a charger!!! How bout some Tyler planning a surprise party or people planning a surprise party for him and his reaction (Of course people would yell Iiiiii'm tyler instead of surprise)? I dunno, I was trying to make it celebration themed and it didn't turn out so well

I can work with that! Be gentle, I’ve never really received any hc’s, so this is is my first one!!

-ethan comes up with the idea to throw tyler a surprise party and decides to plan it.

-mark is an asshole (not really) and sits on the couch while eth, kathryn, and amy work on decorations.

-amy and eth spend a long ass time trying to bake a cake and it ends up horrible, but at least the cake is alright.

-ty gets back from buying stuff for the upcoming charity livestream and opens the door, and it’s dark. he assumes no one is home and sets the stuff down.

-eth leaps out from behind the door, and mark, kat, and amy almost fall over each other trying to get out of their spots.


-ty is overwhelmed and kinda just stares at them before bursting into laughter at their poorly made cake/decorations but says he loves it anyways.

edited // 02-??-15 //

rule 63!Wadda whose sprite needs updating IMO, my design of Tosatsu-ouji [ gonna post the a real reference of the design soon ( ; v ; ) ] screw the design above I made a new one and the two forms of Tsumiko-ouji, nanasenanako’s design and my canon rule 63!Mikotsu of choice (see note below). Credit goes to Mogeko of course !

Design notes for Tosatsuhime and plans I’m genuinely surprised people can see this. For those who still see this post, surprises under the cut !

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The shop was her own; women usually didn’t even own businesses let alone run them, but Kili couldn’t afford the help and wasn’t really looking for it anyway. It was a small place, but she maintained it nicely, and worked hard to make her pastries as good as the coffee she brewed. Soon enough, she had a steady stream of regulars coming in, and then… one day a cute man came in, ordered a coffee, and waited for a date. He came in once a week now, always off on some first date that didn't go well.

Ori had no idea why he had agreed to the blind dates. They never went well. He certainly did not mind being single or the third wheel when going out, but his friends had other plans in mind and being the man that he was, he could not exactly turn them down. His first blind date was a disaster. The girl that was set up with him was just a bit too clingy, especially for a first meeting. But at least there was one good thing about the date, he had found a sweet little cafe that just spoke to him. The coffee was good, the baked goods were amazing, and he just felt so calm there. Blind date jitters away went away when he had a cup in his hand. Today was his weekly blind date and to prepare himself for the next failure, he went to the shop early to just relax. “Hi, the regular for me please.” He smiled at the pretty barista.

Adam finished buttoning up his shirt after cleaning himself up with the little fun he had over text with Evan. He had a special night planned for her birthday; he wanted it to be the best birthday she has ever had. He slipped his phone into his pocket, grabs the bouquet of roses and headed out. Adam hoped this night turns out well and memorable for Evan. When he arrived at her room, he knocked on the door and held the flowers behind his back. He didn’t know why he was so nervous but the butterflies in his stomach were going crazy as his heart was pounding. @dwnevan

Westlance AU: Sara and Iris are best friends and college roommates. Who occasionally, platonically hook-up.

“Good morning.”

“Morning. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t our plan to find a couple of hot boys last night?”

“Yeah, well, the boys here are lame.”

“And we’re so much hotter than them.”

“Exactly. Coffee?”

“Ooh, yes.”

Happy Post-Valentines Day!
  • Will *barges in Hades cabin*: Ohh Niccoo...
  • Nico: Will, what're you doing here? You weren't supposed to be back till summer.
  • Will: What? Can't I see my favorite son of Hades on day to day bases?
  • Nico: Well, considering the fact I'm the only son of Hades...
  • Will: All the more to come by, right? Specially on a day like this...
  • Will *Pulls out a tiny box with heart designs from his pocket*: For you, O' great shadow of dork-ness
  • Nico *takes box, rolling eyes*: Gee, thanks sun-burn...*notices the heart designs over the box, arching an eyebrow* Uh, you do know that Valentines Day was yesterday, right?
  • Will: I know.
  • Nico: Soooo why didn't you come then? *blushes* Not that it matters...
  • Will: Reasons. Now open it!
  • Nico *blinks and does so, pulls out a package of band-aides with skulls on them and smirks*: Nice. Just what I needed. Thanks, Will
  • Will *shrugs*: Ah, it was nothing, read the back though!
  • Nico *turns to back*: 'Happy post-Valentines Day'....wait, so you planned not coming here on Valentines Day in the first place? *Will nods* Why?
  • Will: Well...After you told me what happen to you with Cupid...and Valentines is, like, dedicated to him, you know? I just thought, 'hey, why give that guy the last laugh?'...So, that's why I came to give you your present the day after....*blushes* Stupid, isn't it?
  • Nico *tears form as he jumps up and bear-hugged the startle blonde, whispering*: No...no it's perfect.

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don't be spiteful just because my father defends me and yours doesn't.

random ||  @killthebxy

▌☠ ▌❝ Oh!!! Is that so? Well….. you’re gonna have a new daddy now, and his name is Ramsay fucking Bolton. Since you want to be that way. Come in here playing MY games. And you have no say in this whatsoever. It’s already been decided, kiddo. Now come sit next to daddy & shut it. ❞