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How to Successfully Adopt a Lifestyle Change

Not a diet. Diet implies temporary, and what we need to do is form a set of new, sustainable habits for the rest of our life.

A lot of you probably have a daydream of taking a black, billowy trash bag and planning a SWAT-style assault on your fridge and cupboards and then setting fire to the dumpster you hurl it into. Naturally, you’ll dash over to the grocery store and purchase a ton of strange-looking foods you don’t regularly eat, or never eat! Then you’ll slap on a pair of shiny new shoes and go run a 5K. This works for–some people. Honestly, few people.

The reality for many people; however, is they get off their foray after a few weeks. Why is that?

Think about it. How long did it take you to really get into the groove of your current habits? Months? Years? If you’re trying to simultaneously kiss soda and chip’s ass good-bye, change every bite of food you eat, and start a fitness routine. Guess what? Stress, stress, stress! Your stomach was used to those portion sizes (whether too large or too small) and some of your favorite snacks, your brain is literally addicted to it. A lot of people will reach nuclear meltdown levels trying to transition to a healthy lifestyle this way.

Just like it took you time to form your current habits, it’s going to take some time to form your new habits. I truly do empathize with the feelings of wanting everything to be different right now, but realistically we can only handle a certain amount of stressors and change at one time.

Start With Nutrition Habits: While I really would recommend finding a few cheeky ways to get more active, you’ve probably heard some variant of “can’t outrun your fork,” or “it’s 80% nutrition.” Well, it really is true. Being more active is absolutely crucial to improving overall health in the “endgame,”  but we’re still playing the “tutorial” and the dietary aspects of our lifestyle change are the bulk of the impact. It goes beyond that, though. I’ve written more about it here, but being a beginner can be genuinely hard at times!  It takes a lot of time and effort to get oneself to a point where they can physically and mentally handle what entails “regular, moderate exercise.” One part of making that transition easier will be better nutrition and hydration.

Start With an Easy Target: I always tell people if they drink a lot of soda, juice, or sweetened tea/coffee to start here. Sugar provides us pretty much no nutrition and removing the pulp from fruit makes juice not that great for us, either. Drinking more water is not negotiable and replacing these beverages with water will do a surprising amount of good for how you feel–all by itself. I recognize how hard this one can be to kick, but sweetened beverages really do load many people’s lifestyles with a lot of bad juju.

If you don’t have a beverage problem, maybe you do have a condiment/dressing problem and can reduce the quantities and find alternatives. Maybe you party-hardy a little too much and need to cut down on alcohol. While I said “easy target,” no one said it would be that easy, but you probably have an idea where most of these so called “empty” nutrients are coming from.

Transition Bad Habits a Few at a Time: The opening of this probably already made it clear, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. You probably have an idea of what some of your most problematic habits are, so choose one; maybe two, and see how you adjust over a week or two before considering the next step.

Small Swaps: Start switching out various items in your pantries, fridges, and lunchboxes with simple alternatives. Change white breads, rices, and pastas to brown. Take the bag of chips from your lunch and turn it into a few servings of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Pick out a leaner cut of meat and use a little less dairy, if you eat them. Little changes can have massive results.

Learn Moderation: Remember that whole sustainable part at the very beginning? Our lifestyles do need to reflect our real lives. Well, my real life has a love of chocolates, pastries, and candies. So, it’s not realistic for me to say “no chocolate, pastries, or candies.” Food molarity can be a pretty toxic outlook on eating and life in general. Instead of labeling foods as “bad,” just learn and respect the limits. There are times where you have to say, “enough, is enough,” but living in a constant state of “no” is not realistic or mentally healthy for most people. It’s OK to love indulgent food. Think about how long your life is going to be. So, now think about how dinky an occasional treat will be in retrospect.

Depending on Your Struggles, Consider Therapy: As we know, many aspects of unhealthy eating habits are actually unhealthy mental habits. Depending on the severity and exact nature of those problems, never be embarrassed to seek professional help. I struggled with stress eating and even binge eating for most of my adolescence, and finally getting help for my anxiety disorder played a pretty crucial role in improving both my physical and mental health. If it’s not a possibility at this time, consider journaling.

Walk Before Your Run: Literally and figuratively. I’m going to recommend this previous post I recently wrote again, but when you’ve gotten a few habits cracked and feel like you’re ready to start amping up your activity, start with low impact and low equipment exercises. If it has been years, or if you’ve never exercised, it takes some easing into it. I recommend walking to all beginners because we already know how to do it, have what we need to do it, and probably won’t hurt ourselves.

So, there you have it. Tackle small challenges and get your body acclimated to them before you consider some of the overarching and holistic goals you have for your lifestyle. That said, we’re all different. If you still want to try and do that 180-flip, I can’t stop you and some people are successful that way. No two people or personality types have the exact same problems or strategy for overcoming them. However, if you’ve gotten frustrated and thrown in the towel a time or two, consider the scope of change and how to realistically implement it over a period of time.  We didn’t form our old habits overnight.

wasn’t sure if I was going to post this, but I have to start being proud of my accomplishments.

I went from having an eating disorder and dealing with self harm to learning to love myself and knowing that a number does not and will never define me. I still struggle 10000.5% but that’s okay. I’m still learning and everything takes time.

I know that I’m beautiful and this is the only body I’ll ever have so I have to treat it with the upmost respect & love.

learning how to do things the healthy way and changing my mindset & outlook on life, has saved me.


Last weekend, I went on an adventure and explored Phoenix and Sedona.

As some of you may know, I’ve been going through a lot of issues, including issues with my health and work, which has made it tough to stay positive. For the past few months, I haven’t felt like myself, and it’s felt like everything is going wrong. However, this trip was so beautiful and really help change my outlook on things. I had the opportunity to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit in Phoenix and got to hike in Sedona. For some reason, this trip felt incredibly magical, and it was one of things I’ve ever experienced in my life. As silly as it sounds, it revived me.

On top of this amazing trip, I got to come home and start a new position at the company I’m working at. My first week in this new position has gone extremely well! I feel like I’m making a difference and doing more of what I actually like. I’ve actually been so happy at work that several people have commented on it. Although it was really difficult to move from my previous position to this new position, it was worth it.

I’d like to thank everyone who gave awesome suggestions for where to go on my trip and for everyone who has offered support and love during these tough times. Love you all ❤️

Dear Frank,

I want to personally thank you for continuing to be yourself throughout your entire experience with fame. I also want to thank you for your art, your creativity, and your ability to do what you do and do it well. One year ago today was one of the happiest days of my life and I have you to thank for that. Your creations have changed my outlook on life in the most positive of ways, they caused me to see the beauty in the things around me and to appreciate life, and without them, I don’t know where I’d be. Your art is untouchable, incomparable, and there will never be anyone like you.

Thank you.


Lust For Life ask meme

Love - have you ever been in love? with who? how old were you? 

Lust For Life - what/who keeps you going? 

13 Beaches - do you like alone time? do you get it often? what do you do with it once you have it?

Cherry - most difficult moment experienced in a relationship?

White Mustang - ever been in a relationship with someone who swore they would change their ways? 

Summer Bummer - ever had a summer fling? describe it.

Groupie Love - ever met a celebrity? hooked up with one?

In My Feelings - tell about your worst breakup.

Cochella- Woodstock In My Mind - what’s something you hope for for the next generation?

God Bless America - And All The Beautiful Women In It - something you admire about women?

When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing - can you dance well? favorite dance move?

Beautiful People Beautiful Problems - tell about one of your ‘beautiful problems’.

Tomorrow Never Came - tell about an unrequited romance.

Heroin - do you know anyone who’s choices make you concerned for their life?

Change - tell about the changes you hope to see in the world.

Get Free - do you have a positive or negative outlook on life? 

Cato Stryker for cawthorntales Against the Odds BC

Cato is an ex-military man ready for a new adventure.

// Athletic // Brave // Friendly // Handy // Natural Cook //

Hair | Facial Hair [#3] | Freckles (pt.1) (pt.2) | Tattoo | Everyday Top | Jeans | Vans | Sweats | Tanktop

Private Download

I’ll be reblogging Cato’s shenanigans in the BC and will be tagging it “Team Cato” so do with that information as you need.

Interview below the cut…

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Like the Sky Trusts the Sea

Modern AU + Soulmates

Based off: au where you have a stripe of your soulmates haircolor on your wrist and if they dye their hair your stripe changes colors



“Your soulmate is weird.”

“I know.” Bellamy looked down at the stripe on his skin and smiled. “But, at least they’re interesting.” Interesting seemed to be the only appropriate word. Or at least, the most accurate word his friends could use without offending him.

Nate was probably the only person who could get away with calling Bellamy’s soulmate ‘weird’ and not get a punch to the face.

As a kid, the golden band cutting through the perfect tan of his skin was his favourite thing about himself.

Because it meant, that despite the mess that was his family, there was someone out there destined to love him, no matter what.

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anonymous asked:

Please forgive this out of the blue, non spn ask. I just feel terribly alone right now and I think I might be having a mid life crisis. For real. Like panic attack, hate my job, worried for my future. I'm just...looking for some hope. I love your positivity and outlook on - well, everything and I was hoping you might just have something to say that will help me. You've made me smile many times already. So yeah, thanks for being in my life, even if it's just on my screen.

Aww, thank you so much.

Feeling that way is normal, and it’s never too late to make a change. I spent years in law school and a year practicing law only to discover it wasn’t for me at all and I made a change. 

Change is scary, but sometime we have to do things that scare us to grow and get better. I’m so sorry you’re feeling alone but there are always people out there that love you and care and will talk if you need to.

Need to remind myself that I have made progress. It’s hard when you’re stuck in a plateau for so long to remember that you have done well so far. I have achieved so many non scale victories and I am so proud of myself for that. Like comfortably wearing shorts for the first time ever, wearing a bathing suit confidently, going for hikes and being active outdoors, and just overall having a better outlook on life. I want to experience things and be happy instead of hiding myself in my room every day. I actually want to eat well and not feel like crap everyday. It’s amazing how becoming healthy changes so many aspects of your life without even realizing it. I love my body so I want to treat it well and feed it well, and that is something that I have finally learned.


Rebecka laughed, “Well, no, but I was expecting something else.”

Rory shook his head. “I’m not saying anything bad about the guy. I’m trying something different.”

“Turning over a new leaf? Again, that’s a bit of a surprise to me.”

“Hey! What’s so surprising about that? Can’t a man change himself?” Rory laughed. “If you can change your hair colour every few years, I’m going to change my outlook on life. When I come back from Sixam I’ll be a new man, just you watch.”

jhopeismybutthole  asked:

Hey Lori! I haven't said hey in a while so how the hell are ya? 😙😙😙

Alyssa!! Hiiiiiiii❤️❤️❤️ I’m doing okay. Things have been rough and emotional but I am honestly okay. My mood has been good lately, things are changing in my life in a way that makes me feel kind of excited and hopeful for the future and I have a generally positive outlook on life at the moment. I hope you are well. I hope something makes you smile today😁❤️❤️

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So what is your relationship like with Zarya?

Zarya, huh? Well… she’s alright I guess. I suppose you would call us friends? If anything, we are acquaintances who view other in a positive light.

…That’s being a bit too linear. There’s no doubt that I owe her my life, after she saved me. She had no real reason to, but what matters is that she did. I would like to think that my interactions with her had changed her outlook on omnics, but it’s hard to say. She is human. There’s no logical explanation as to why they do the things they do. She is a product of her own context, just as I am a product of man.

@zaryaspeaks, what do you think?

Stone Cold - Part thirteen

A/N: So this is a bit shorter than most parts i post, also shorter than i wanted it to be. Im really hitting a writer block with this story, if i don’t come up with any ideas or you guys don’t send any in, i think I’m going to be ending it soon! anyway, enjoy xx

Characters: Jensen, Jared, reader

Pairings: Jense x Reader


Flashbacks are in italics

“Are you sure this is what you want y/n?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. It’s not permanent, but i think it’ll be good for me” You softly spoke giving him a sad smile

“Okay, What am i telling the boys?”

“Nothing” you spoke shrugging your shoulders. I don’t really care for their input or opinion. I’m sorry if it’s an inconvenience for you guys”

“Not at all, we never really had the end planned out all too well anyway, will give the fans something to feed off of, Don’t worry y/n”

You gave him a grateful smile “Thank you for understanding, a few months off to get my shit back together is going to really help get me out of this dark hole i’ve been stuck in for years”

He gave your hand a squeeze over his desk “Of course, a new perspective, a new outlook on life can really change everything. So i’ll see you” He paused to glance at his watch “I’ll see you next week for the finale table read”

You nodded, giving him another smile and a small wave before exiting his office, shutting the door behind you.

You made your way down the set hallway only to bump into him, you two both stood there staring at each other, neither of you saying a word.

“Hey Jensen, did you….Y/n” Jared breathed out, after coming around from the corner a few minutes after Jensen did.

You hadn’t seen or spoken to either of them since you told them to leave you alone at the hospital.

God, did your head ever hurt. It felt like someone was jumping up and down on it, you peeled your eyes open lifting your hand up to block the bright lights. Squinting and yelling out the best you could for some water. Minutes after nurses and doctors rushed into your room, doing standard checks, once you passed all the tests, most of them left except your main doctor, who stayed behind to ask you some questions.

“What’s your name?”

“Y/n Y/L/N”

“How old are you?”


“What do you do for a living?”

“Im an actress on Supernatural”

“Do you know why you’re here?”

“I got into a car crash”

As she was writing down a few things on her notepad, she lifted her head giving you a smile “Well y/n, it looks like you got your memory back! Congratulations.”

You scoffed at her remark, thankfully she didn’t notice. Congratulations my ass, the reason you were here in the first place was because you were drinking to forget, you wanted to forget everything. You hated your life, what you would have given to never remember your past life.

“Y/n you have some visitors” She softly spoke, nodding in response you knew exactly who it was, just the people you wanted to speak to.

Jensen and Jared took slow strides into your room, shuffling to stand directly at the end of your bed.

“Y/n..” Jared quietly spoke

You put your hand up motioning for him to stop, you took a deep breath “I remember everything, I think it’s best if you both leave..”

“But, y/n..”Jensen started, you only cutting him off “No, i’ve had enough Jensen, I’m exhausted of this constant pain i’m in. I just think it’ll be the best for all of us, if you guys just keep your distance from me for awhile, i understand it can’t be like that at work but please, im begging you do this for me, please, just… Just leave me alone”

They both gave you a sad nod, Jensen wiping away a few fallen tears “Okay” He croaked out, following Jared out of your room.

Jared put his hands in his pockets “How have you been Y/n?”

“Jared, don’t.. please” You softly whispered out

He gave you an understand nod, you pushed past them, making it a few feet away before you heard Jensen calling your name, you stopped dead in your tracks but not bothering to turn around, you waited a few seconds for him to say something but when he didn’t you went to take another step, pausing when you heard him whisper out “I love you” Standing there in shock, taking in those three words you always loved to hear and hoped you would hear again come out of his mouth, you wiped away a single fallen tear before continuing down the hallway and out of the building to your cab. You didn’t feel safe driving, so you haven’t since the accident, which was a little over six months ago. So you cabbed mostly everywhere, if not you were walking or biking.

You arrived at your apartment 10 minutes after leaving set, it was a short trip, you paid the cab driver making your way up the steps to your building. Honestly, you were on edge lately, you had your first and temporary last day on set tomorrow before you were going to get some long overdue R&R, You were going to an out patient treatment centre for 4 months, to get some help with your alcohol problems as well as your depression. As scared as your were, you were excited, excited to finally get back on track and hopefully pull yourself back together. You wanted what you had before, you wanted to be who you were before, you wanted to be who you were when you were with Jensen, you wanted what you had with him back.

Hearing the ding of the elevator brought you out of your deep trance, unlocking your door taking in your apartment, with the same feelings you had every time you seen it, all you could feel was the negative vibes that you got from this apartment, it held so many memories good and bad, but the bad overtook the good. You knew you needed a change, you went over throwing your shoes off, grabbing a glass of water and heading over to your desk, opening your laptop starting to google places for sale that were both close to your treatment centre as well as set for when you finally returned.

Getting distracted by the twitter tab, you opened it. You haven’t been on twitter in about 8 months, you still haven’t made any public announcements about how you were doing. You went along to creep the boys twitters, Jared’s consisted of tweeting the fans, and Jensen, well he hasn’t been on twitter since your accident, his last few tweets was reassuring the fans that everything was going to be okay and that you were the strongest person he knew, that you weren’t going to put up without a fight. You smiled, you were thankful he at least took the time to reassure the fans. You favorited his tweet about being the strongest person he knew, and decided to finally make a long overdue tweet.

Tweet: I’m not okay yet, But I’m sure as hell going to fight my way to get there x

You refreshed the page and within seconds it was getting thousands of RT’s and favourites, replies, all that twitter jazz. Two favourites caught your eye, Both Jensen and Jared faved as well as RT’ing it which of course made fans go crazy. You know you told them to leave you alone, it was going to take a lot to get back to where you use to be with both of them, but you did want to be there again. Jared was, is your best friend, you knew he was speaking out of anger, which still gave him no right but you loved him regardless, you all made mistakes, especially you.

The next 30 minutes was spent reading fans tweets, both old ones and new ones. Catching up on the gossip on yourself, favoriting tweets, god you missed the fans, the endless dedication and support they always brought.  

After sorting through your thoughts with a clear head for the first time in years, you came to the conclusion you wanted a happy ending, and you wanted it with Jensen, sighing you decided to give in and send out a risky tweet.

Tweet: If you love me you’ll wait for me.

You waited and waited to see if Jensen would favourite it like your other one, or even subtweet at you, when half an hour passed, you sighed deciding to take a nice hot shower, and continuing emailing places for rent nearby.

An hour and 45 minutes passed by before you gave in and decided to check, you typed in his name in the search bar, taking you to his page. A small smile taking over your face, your stomach filling with those ever familiar butterflies you never thought would or could return.

@JensenAckles: Id wait forever and a day for you.

anonymous asked:

Kinda getting a bitter outlook about life, the world in general. I kno there are a lot of good in this life but sometimes I just feel bitter. Somehow, this bitterness drives me to do well in life. Idk why im telling u this but ure a good listener

i know what you mean. that was how i was the entirety of last year, and i realized my bitterness was motivating me, but it wasn’t what i wanted to motivate me. so from there i figured out the main reason i was so negative, changed it and now the world is so much easier to deal with! i suggest you sit down and think about what seems to be the common denominator of what is making you so pessimistic. for me it was my major, and it was hard to come to terms with it at first, but i promise you’ll feel better once you stop dissociating and figure out the root of your negativity

hope all goes well!!! my inbox is always open

December’s male character, the voice of Shiwasu Kakeru:
Interview with Kaji Yuki-san

Q. Three years have passed since the start of Tsukiuta, which song has been the most memorable one for you?

A. In the music of the Tsukiuta series, no matter which song it is, each of them has their own charm, and each time I receive a song demo I look forward to it – I even listen to them as I go about my everyday life. But of course, amongst them, the one that was especially memorable has to be the very first song [I sang], 聖夜も労働ingなう!” (Seiya mo Roudou-ing nau!), right? Or so I think. Up til now, I’ve felt honoured to be the first part out of this entire long-lasting series, and together with the fact that [each part] is completely filled with each months’ charms, it’s been very to understand [the series], and it’s easy to get into that mood – as the very first song that you come across, it’s not difficult to feel those things. (???) Christmas has a very sparkling feel to it, and the bright and cheerful Kakeru-kun matches that atmosphere quite well – it was a very fun song to finish, please definitely give it a listen. Other than that, for me personally, イノセンシア (Inocencia) as well [was memorable], that was a song people liked a lot. It was a duet song with [Kakeru’s] partner Koi-kun – the lively atmosphere that those two always have changed a little bit to give off a mature melody, and with the beautiful harmonies overlapping, when you listen to it you feel very calm.

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Heya everyone! A lot of changes have been in the motion and taking place before the new year even begins, and with the change of scenery, I thought it would be a good breathing point to change paces here as well.

I lot of things have been going in a certain directions currently in my life, somethings I’ve shared with a few friends, others I’ve kept to myself for personal reasons ( why I’ve been pretty absent lately ) but I want to bring I more upbeat and positive outlook on things. And while this blog has served me well for a good number of years, it also has a lot of old weight I don’t need anymore. There have been a lot of good laughs, but it’s time to keep going on. 


  • you can find my main blog over - HERE
  • as well as for my FFXIV friends I’ll be tossing the new blog over - THERE

and of course by no means are you guys obligated to keep up with me anymore, this is going to be a refresher point and if you guys have decided to move on as well, then congratulations!! Take care of yourselves first and foremost! And for those who want to stick around a bit longer, better buckle up tight! There will be no breaks for a LONG while. 

I’ll be keeping this post queued to cycle through this entire month while things are being moved, once December has run its course I’ll be taking down all my side blogs, but for memories sake, this one will stay.

It’s been fun you guys, hope to keep in touch with as many of you as I can \ o /



Happy birthday to our very own ball of sunshine, Jung Daehyun! It goes without saying that B.A.P just would not be quite the same without your smile, without your laugh, without your kindess and energy. You bring so much happiness to this world and that is something I can never thank you enough for. Your positive outlook on life and charasmatic attitude will never fail to bring a smile to my face. You are my sunshine, my ray of hope. Please never change, I miss you, I love you and I hope you enjoy your day and eat well!


I’m pretty sure the same person sent both of these, so I’m going to answer them together. 

For starters, of course I realize it’s a book about people with cancer, but it’s about so much more than that too. It’s a story about heroism and love and friendship and family and life. 

No, I do not have cancer. But let’s think about books here for a moment. I connected with Harry Potter, but I’m not a wizard. I connected with The Book Thief, but I’m not a German during WWII. That’s the beauty of books. They transport you to a place you might never have otherwise gone; they give you a glimpse at a life you may not ever have. 

So no, I’ve never had to put myself in that position, but I do know a very young girl who is currently in that position, and tfios allowed me to better understand what she is going through. 

Honestly, who the hell are you to decide what can and cannot change someone’s life? Do you think you’re God or something? Because honey I’ve got some news for you… You’re not. You have no right to shame people for the things they love. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but wtf makes you think it’s okay to come to MY askbox and leave hateful messages like this? And on anon no less. At least have the courage to face me if you’re going to send vile messages like this. 

The movie didn’t change my life. It was good, but it was the book that changed my life. You want to know how? Well, take a seat because it may take a while. Tfios has allowed me to recognize heroes that I would have otherwised overlooked because I now realize that a hero’s journey can be that of strength to weakness. Tfios has allowed me to realize that a short life is not necessarily a bad life. Tfios showed me that relationships do not end when a person dies. Tfios taught me that love is keeping the promise anyway. When I finished this book, my perspective had been renewed. I had a different outlook on life (and death for that matter). So to me, this was not a “stupid fucking book.” It is an amazing book, and if you don’t see it that way that’s fine. I hate that for you, but you don’t see me sending people hateful messages telling them how “fucking crazy” and in need of “immediate medical attention” they are, now do you? That’s because I’m a decent human being who’s capable of respecting opinions that differ from mine.