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Hi Will. Are you as disappointed as me that Tumblr, formerly a major proponent of Net Neutrality, is quiet as a mouse on Net Neutrality Protest Day? It can't have anything to do with them being bought by Verizon, can it? LOL

I saw that Staff still did a thing today, which is really good, but since Tumblr was bought by Verizon … well, it’s such a crazy coincidence that as a platform, the official Tumblr stance seems to be less adamant about protecting the open free unfiltered Internet that made it possible for websites like Tumblr to exist in the first place.


Favourite friendships
↳ Shuji, Nobuta and Akira | Nobuta Wo Produce

I never understood what loving others meant but because of Nobuta I think I understand.
Like eating together and having fun, seeing the same scene and thinking i’ll never forget this moment or laughing like crazy, at times getting worried and thinking you wanna spend more time with them.

Simple happy things like that…

With all the celebrations that go around for characters and ships, this year I thought it would be cool to focus on one day for Drew! Everyone’s favorite cool, cute, and classy Hoenn coordinator. B)

Why June 12th? At first it was a bit of a joke with it being one of those random holidays in the United States…National Red Rose Day to be exact. But then @cynpai pointed out it’s also Mitsuki Saiga’s birthday, who is Drew’s amazing Japanese voice actress! That’s too good of a coincidence to pass up. ;D

So Drew Day is just…well, a day of Drew stuff! Do you like to create art or headcanons? Edit gifs or videos? Just want to bring up some fun content from the past? It’s all welcome! You can tag your posts with ‘#drew day’ so everyone can easily find each other’s content. 

See you on June 12th! :D

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I've never thought Haylor was very deep relationship, for me they weren't in love because they were together only 2 months, and I even used to think that it was fake relationship. But I have to admit that "Two Gosht" sounds for her. Taylor's song "Styles" talks about white shirts and red lips. If you say for all the Larry theorie that things aren't a coincidence, this can't be a coincidence as well. You need to be reasonable. Maybe the song is for Louis and H did that to tease us a bit? Maybe.

Harry literally admitted he wrote “Two Ghosts” ages ago, long before Taylor wrote “Style”. Also, why in the ever-actual fuck would Harry write an intimate, beautiful love song about an obvious PR relationship that lasted but 5 weeks and not about, oh, I dunno, his long-term love, Louis? Use your brain, please

Why Sherlock Remembers George Clooney
  • *Sherlock is lying on Molly's sofa, while she's in her kitchen making tea. He emerges from his mind palace just as Molly's phone, which is on the coffee table, rings. Sitting up, he glances at it and sees her phone wallpaper. She arrives with the tea and ignores the call.*
  • Sherlock: *casually* Caroline's setting you up again?
  • Molly: *unsurprised* Yeah. I'm still traumatised from my last date with one of her so-called friends. *shudders*
  • Sherlock: *sips from his mug* I thought you were into that Hiddleston actor and that Cumberbatch actor?
  • Molly: *stunned for a second* Yeah. *turns to him* You remember that?
  • Sherlock: *ignores her question* So who's the new man on your phone wallpaper? I never pegged you as someone that's into much older men. And who's the woman?
  • Molly: *giggles* Oh, that's George Clooney. I've had a crush on him since 'ER'. *sees his blank expression* That was an American medical drama series. Anyway, he's also a director, screenwriter, activist, and humanitarian. And the woman he's with is Amal Alamuddin––well, Clooney now, since they just got married. She's a barrister that specialises in international law and human rights.
  • Sherlock: *mumbles* My brother might know her.
  • Molly: *excitedly* Really?! Do you think Mycroft could let me meet them?
  • Sherlock: *annoyed* For God's sake, Molly. You're not a teenager anymore.
  • Molly: What? *pouting* I just want to meet them and tell him how much I loved him in 'ER'. I'm not going to steal him from her.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* Let me guess... he's one of the reasons you decided to become a doctor?
  • Molly: *laughs* Well, not really. You know I've always wanted to be a doctor. But, for a time, I wanted to be a paediatrician because of George Clooney's character.
  • Sherlock: *gives her a small smile* Barts should be immensely grateful that you changed your mind.
  • Molly: They are. And their gratitude comes in the form of promotions and pay raises, which is really nice.
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* Mycroft is also thankful. Probably.
  • Molly: So are your parents. Your mum knitted me a scarf for the first Christmas you were away dismantling Moriarty's network. And she's always inviting me to spend a weekend at their cottage.
  • Sherlock: *raises an eyebrow* Really? What about Mycroft? How has my brother expressed his gratitude for everything you've done for me and my family?
  • Molly: *shrugs*
  • Sherlock: *gasps in shock* What?! Not even a half-hearted 'thank you'?
  • Molly: Well...
  • Sherlock: *sits back, furious on her behalf* I don't even know why I'm surprised. But I can't believe that that pompous arse didn't even bother to thank you!
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Says the man who never thanked me until I told him to and who brought me out to solve cases with him when his best friend was mad at him.
  • Sherlock: You said you had a lovely day!
  • Molly: I did!
  • Sherlock: And our crime-solving day WAS always my way of saying thank you. John being angry with me was just a coincidence. *crosses his arms* At least I did something to thank you properly.
  • Molly: *smiles* And I appreciate it, Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: *uncrosses his arms* *stands up and takes his phone out of his pocket* I'm going to yell at him until he—
  • Molly: *sighs* He gave me updates while you were away!
  • Sherlock: *sits back down* But he never—
  • Molly: You weren't supposed to know. Anyway, he offered me anything in exchange for my help. But I only asked for updates. It wasn't even a regular thing. Just... when he noticed I'd been worrying too much about you or when something significant happened.
  • Sherlock: *puts his phone back in his pocket* Like when I got injured.
  • Molly: Well, yeah. He didn't tell me about Serbia or that you were coming back though.
  • Sherlock: Oh. *after a brief silence* Well, he was probably busy with my return.
  • Molly: I get that. Plus our reunion in the locker room wouldn't have been as... pleasant as it was if I'd known you were coming back.
  • Sherlock: *chuckles* Yeah, the look on your face screamed 'pleasant'.
  • Molly: *blushes* Shut up! *rolls her eyes and smirks at him*
  • Sherlock: *smirks back*
Can't Be A Coincidence...

Y'all…I just had a thought…

Remember after Markiplier TV he said they’re all in the same room for a reason?…and now jack finally has 5 egos (anti, Schneeple, chase, Jackaboy man, Marvin magic) to match his 5 (counting google as 1 as well)…and now they’re gonna be in the same state at the same time and both hinted at “something” happening that they couldn’t talk about…it’s probably far fetched but I see an ego battle or something xD that’s just where my mind went this early in the morning after this site shook me up with all the theories 😂

red robin issue 4 part 4

This is more tell and not show for me. He’s compromising his unwillingness to what, kick women in the face? Work with Ra’s? He seems to think he’s being a lot more edgier than he actually is. 

Back to the confrontation with Dick, who states his reasons for believing Bruce is really dead. In comics it’s hard to sell sometimes that death is permanent, and Jason should be enough to have doubt. Dick lampshades a couple of reasons why we should buy into thinking ‘yep this is the end’ and at some point you do have to say ‘yes, these characters can die permanently’. In the grand scheme of things, it’s only particular characters who come back, and it’s not assured. 

Dick wants to talk it out with Tim, and I hope that now Tim will finally reveal why he’s so adamant that Bruce is alive. 

Like…Tim. Come on. throw me a bone. If you have not previously disclosed a reason you think Bruce is a alive then you’re literally acting like a crazy person and making yourself out to be persecuted by your friends and family while refusing to explain your reasoning beyond ‘just trust me’ which…doesn’t work. You have a reason, Tim. I know you must. Share it. With the audience at the very least and maybe a flashback to show you providing this reason to someone and not keeping it to yourself. 

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I just started learning about Elisa Lam, and case is completely terrifying to me. I watched the full video of her being in the elevator little over a week ago and it still freaks me out. I can't believe they said her death was accidental, that seems impossible to me, but I kind of guess they did that because they come up with nothing else. And then there are the the strange coincidences with her death as well. It's all just very strange and scary. I was wondering what you think happened though.

I don’t know. Something related to untreated mental health issues seems the most plausible explanation. That’s more logical than some theories that I have read.

I’ve seen some conspiracy theorists say how the door to the roof was locked, but she could have locked it behind her or climbed up the fire escape which is visible:


It was also said she couldn’t have climbed up on to the tank herself, but again you can see the tank is easily accessible by climbing onto a railing beside it:


Another conspiracy was that she couldn’t possibly have opened the lid herself, but it was only 40lbs, and lastly people said she couldn’t have closed the lid herself, yet the lid was on a hinge, meaning she only had to open it wide enough to slip in and it would have closed behind her.

I don’t believe in the paranormal, nor do I believe anybody killed her. She died by drowning. Surely if she was killed they would have done so before placing her in the water tank, no? There also would have been signs of struggle/defence wounds on her hands from trying to claw her way out of the tank. Also, throughout the video she keeps standing outside the elevator. Surely if she was trying to hide from somebody, she would just stay in the elevator, not out in clear view.

What’s your theory as to what happened?

Today is Star Wars Celebration Day, so here's how the Batchildren would cosplay for the event
  • Dick: *as Luke Skywalker* I'm Luke Skywalker I'm here to save you !
  • Barbara: *as Princess Leia* Aren't you short for ...
  • Dick: Wait I can't be Luke. Luke's Leia's brother. Jay !
  • Jason: * as Han Solo* Over my dead body *draws his blaster*
  • Tim: *as Obi Wan Kenobi* Really Jason?
  • Jason: Han Solo said it in the cantina scene. It's just a happy coincidence it fits me so well. Fight me over this!
  • Tim: If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
  • Bonus:
  • Damian: There is no way I go to this childish event
  • *Dick, Jason and Tim glance at each other*
  • Dick: Hold him !
  • Damian: *ends up dressed as an Ewok*
  • Jason: I was thinking about a Darth Vader costume but this is even better!

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Ah, you caught the "WED 1901" plate! Even better the line right before: "Trust me, you don't want to be around for that!" And then the way the supposed portal for Hook opened: "This is about you Emma, it's your love", the 'Handsome hero' flies/attaches to the door, her tear burns and a giant spider is coming out of it, to wrap her in deadly webs?? I mean, think about this...

Thanks for the ask! I didn’t expect my answer to be this long but there was more to analyze about this than I originally thought. My apologies haha :) Since I mention a few concepts from my meta last night, here’s a link in case you wanna reference it again.

Yeah so I thought the way it played out was very interesting. Emma was about to open the portal to reach hook, but right before she could, Gideon (Emma’s internalized homophobia) summoned a giant spider instead. I see it as cognitive dissonance, which is a common theme with Emma. 

One part of her believes she is pursuing a happy ending with her “handsome hero,” but the other part of her mind is frantically trying to get her to understand that Hook is really a spider. 

She’s like a fly caught in Hook’s web, and she tries to fight back but by the time she realizes what’s going on–that GIdeon (her homophobia) betrayed her–it’s too late. (And not only Gideon, but also the Black Fairy [societal homophobia] who is controlling his heart). 

Emma would’ve lost her life if not for Rumple. Which comes back to the idea of Rumple being the origin of Emma’s sexuality, and how he’s going to experience his redemption in correlation with Swan Queen development. 

Ok this is my fave part. I like how you picked up on the fact that the napkin holding her tear, which she cried when KiIIian left, ends up getting burned as the spider is summoned. It’s almost like her sadness and guilt over Hook burned away as his true form was exposed and she was faced with her own death. 

I’ve been meaning to make a post about this but never got around to it—and I think it will help us analyze things a little deeper. 

I believe the whole purpose of Season 5 was to show that a key part of Emma’s darkness is her inability to let go of Hook. There are two reasons. 

1. Remember, she turned into the Dark Swan the moment she saved Hook’s life in the most twisted way possible–by disregarding morals and logic and her family’s safety. By turning him into the Dark One. 

At the end of the first half, when she makes the decision to kill Dark Hook for the good of everyone, it shows Emma transforming from the Dark Swan back to Emma Swan, complete with red leather jacket and curly blonde hair. 

2. In addition, Emma putting her family in danger to follow Hook into the Underworld is NOT portrayed as romantic in the show. It is portrayed as what it is–disturbing.

However, when Emma makes the decision to leave Hook behind in the Underworld for the good of everyone, it is portrayed as the right thing to do, even if it’s painfully sad. The metaphor here is not tricky at all: Emma literally walks out of Hell and returns to Earth when she lets go of Hook.

Thus, letting Hook go was associated with goodness and strength. Holding onto Hook was associated with Emma giving into darkness.

However, Emma’s lesson is incomplete. Both times she left KiIIian to die, it was more out of desperation and a lack of other options. That’s why he had to be resurrected and returned to her. Because Emma needs to find the strength within herself to let him go by choice, instead of being forced into it. 

To bring this back to yesterday’s episode, that’s why I love the bit about the tear getting burned by the candle (which Emma lights herself, using magic). It seems to foreshadow Emma overcoming her unhealthy dependence on Hook.

And that’s what the Final Battle is about as well.  Emma is going to have a fight to the death with her internalized homophobia–around the same time that the wedding is set to occur. It’s no coincidence. These two stories carefully complement each other.

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I actually believe in God *because* of science. I believe that our universe the planets our body math chemistry physics can't be a coincidence. Somebody something must have thought of it prepare this huge machine to work together. As for sickness death I think that we were never meant to live here forever. That life is just a road you pass in order to meet i'm not gonna say God I'd say the truth. And religion well I don't know yet. I believe that acting according to human morals is enough.

Our universe was not created by some boring god or deity. Our universe is governed by laws which we can observe and quantify, and some laws that we are still working to understand as we discover them on the quantum level. It’s not “coincidence” that things turned out the way they have for us as a planet, it’s a matter of statistics. Considering the vast expanse that is our universe, it is mathematically irresponsible to assume that we are the only life in the universe or that because we are so complex when compared to other organisms that there must have been some intelligent design. The universe is too large for us to consider ourselves special enough to have been created.

  • [As Sirius puts a lightly dozing Harry in his crib.]
  • Remus: [softly] Sirius?
  • Sirius: Mhm?
  • Remus: About my gift, you remember I told you not to get me anything, right?
  • Sirius: [innocently] I'll get you maybe one little thing.
  • Remus: The owl you were planning to get was pretty expensive.
  • Sirius: How did you know that?
  • Remus: I didn't. You just told me.
  • Sirius: [amused] All right, it was a bit beyond the budget, but it's our first Christmas together, you know? After this one, I swear I'll behave.
  • Remus: [smiles] Sirius, I promise you, even if you don't get me my own vacation island in the Pacific, I'll still be here next Christmas, and every Christmas after that. Probably still telling you to ease up on the gifts.
  • Sirius: Well darn Moony, now I can't get you an island in the Pacific.
  • Remus: [chuckles softly] I'm serious.
  • Sirius: What a coincidence! So am I.
  • Remus: [groans] I told you the next time you pull a lame name pun on me that I would punch you in the face.
  • Sirius: You said that in seventh year.
  • Remus: And you were so good for so long. How could you, Pads?
  • Sirius: [embraces Remus] Sorry. I'll wait for ten years to drop the next one.
  • Remus: [lightly bops Sirius on the nose]
  • floundering-ssdlt.tumblr.com/mywork
And Then There Were None sentence starters
  • Have you anything to say in your defense?
  • It's the end, you see--the end of everything.
  • It would take a lot to send me off my head.
  • I feel quite sane at the minute, thank you.
  • Be sure thy sin will find thee out.
  • Why make me say it when it's on the tip of your own tongue?
  • Fits too damned well to be a coincidence.
  • I'll be dangerous when I get a hold of him.
  • Always carry that about with you?
  • Many homicidal lunatics are quiet, unassuming people.
  • It's true, isn't it? We're all waiting for the end.
  • It's only in books people carry revolvers around.
  • Do try and restrain your feelings.
  • I'd stake my reputation on your sanity.
  • You know, that's a clever idea of yours.
  • Sleeping the clock round, shows you've got an easy conscience.
  • That's hardly proof of an unbalanced mentality.
  • The trouble with you is you know too much.
  • I can't feel that you've got enough imagination for this job.
  • I was brought up to keep my head and never to make a fuss.
  • The damned fool, he believed every word I said.
  • My god, she's dead!
  • It's mad! Absolutely mad! We're all mad!
  • Somebody must have taken it!
  • Of of us is a murderer.
  • I'll be damned if I'll give up my revolver!
  • Suspicious devil, aren't you?
  • I'll tell you it's been stolen from me!
  • Remember, if we separate, the murderer gets his chance.
  • A question of time? Time? We can't afford time!
  • You've got your wits about you, even if you've been scared half out of your life.
  • How can you tell such a wicked lie?
  • Don't be a damned fool.
  • It's damned odd.
  • When did I lay claims to being an honest man/woman?
  • One feels safer here, out in the open...
  • Isn't it very risky?
  • One has got to trust someone.
  • We've come to the truth now, and it's the end.
  • The whole thing might be a dream.

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James, Sirius, Remus! What are your opinion on female musicians? (I'm a a female bass player and I often don't get respect because many believe that girls can't play music)

Sirius: Bass? Sexy. 

Remus: That’s ridiculous… there are incredible female musicians in the world! To be perfectly honest, I actually prefer listening to female musicians. I find female altos to be some of the most soothing and comforting vocals I’ve ever heard. 

Also, what a coincidence. I play bass as well! 

Sirius: Also sexy. 

Remus: What?

Sirius: Nothing. 

James: Girls kick ass. Just look at Lily! 

Sirius:… Lily doesn’t play an instrument James. 

James: *grinning* huh? 

Sirius: Omfg James. 

loki .

    the norse trickster god. murderer of baldr, god of light; he whom heralded ragnarok, the end times. a shapeshifter; an icon of cunning & deceit. occasionally has been depicted to use his wit to get the gods into trouble, as well as get them out of it.

XIreversed justice

    indicates dishonesty to yourself and others. it shows an unwillingness to understand the deeper meaning of why an event has occurred and shows that you are missing some opportunity for a greater understanding of yourself in life. you are not actively accepting responsibility for your actions and may be trying to dodge the bullet and blame others for your mistakes.

alignmentlawful evil

     one who manipulates the law for his own benefit. selfish, yet loyal. merciless. methodical. he who believes in order and is obedient to instructions, however will exploit the law for his own gain. adheres to one’s own code of honour, and does not endorse deviation from it. can and will use others for his benefit.

dirty cop / pragmatic villain 
noble demon / affably evil
judge, jury & executioner
control freak / god

I started drawing this two nights ago as a combination of needing to draw fucked-up Jean and wanting to draw Droplets fanart. By a complete coincidence rainbowd00dles drew the exact same scene except 500% better, though, so now I just feel silly posting this, haha. ;;;

Oh well. Can never have too many fucked up Jeans on your dash. P:

Debating whether or not Armin is the Narrator

Pondering whether or not Armin is actually the one narrating this story is something I haven’t given much thought to in the past. At some level I probably accepted it, since it tied in to my belief that Armin would be one of the few guaranteed to live to the bitter end. Lately, the theory is being brought up yet again because it gives other fans hope that Armin isn’t doomed, and that he must live at least to the end. 

Naturally, there are also arguments rising simultaneously to counter this theory. These also bring up valid points. Enough to make this theory seem doubtful. That’s well and all, but y’know, given that these theories are popping up mostly to inspire a flicker of hope in a lot of desperate fans, I can’t really bring myself to shoot down this theory completely. That’s like kicking someone when they’re down.

So I’ll add some fuel to the fire. Just for you Armin-fans.

This post provides some solid evidence, exactly as the title implies. Armin is able to narrate the events because he was either present when they occurred, or was informed of it at some point. 

For what it’s worth, narrating in the third person isn’t unheard of. That all depends on how you want to present a story, so not referring directly to yourself is understandable. If Armin is meant to be the narrator, it’s likely Isayama didn’t want this to be explicitly clear, so speaking in first person would be too obvious. Third person narration muddles that.

As for the arguments that the theory is discredited because the voice actor for both Armin and the narrator are credited separately, the same logic as above still applies. Not everything in this series is immediately obvious at first, and a good writer lets the audience think for themselves without stating it for them. 

Also it isn’t just the original Japanese dub that has both Armin and the narrator voiced by the same person, it’s the same for the English dub as well. 

Here’s the IMDb for Josh Grelle:

This looks like more than a coincidence to me. It comes across as deliberate. Had it only been true for the original Japanese dub, you could argue that the voice actress was chosen simply because her voice sounded nice for narrating. But this doesn’t seem to be the case. 

Make of that what you will.