well they're probably sleeping but STILL

the signs when you first get to know them vs. when you really get to know them (based on people I know)
  • Aries: outgoing and friendly, albeit loud and mildly overprotective, sunflower who probably carries bandaids in their backpack. immediately proves to be the best human ever. // mind-bendingly loyal marshmallows who will fix all your problems by punching your problems in the face. radiates magical radiowaves, and is waaaaay cooler than you could have ever thought??? they're out of this entire galaxy's league. they're kinda sad, but they only use bad experiences to propel themselves forwards an help others
  • Taurus: A genius who is waaaaay above you (they aren't pretentious you just KNOW) They probably know everything and can correct your entire life, somehow get the proper amount of sleep, while still doing well in school?? /// they are super smart but not in a know-it-all way, walks the line between lively and laid back, making them very good company. v cool you should probably be more like them
  • Gemini: chill yet could probably snap ur neck, not to be dated because you'd probably have to make a sad poetry blog on tumblr about them afterwards // somewhat naive munchkin with the best intentions at heart. lionhearted and kind of like an older sibling to you
  • Cancer: a queen who won't slay you, but could def if they wanted to. loved by all, and its only because they're so easy and so much fun to talk to! they reach out to people and kinda help them out, super nice and sweet /// unintentional squad mom, actually a walking tumblr post. totally knows what you're going through and, like you, has no idea, either. even more fun to talk to and gossip with than you could have ever thought. the number one person you'd wanna be stuck in a bad situation with, because they'd totally fix everything.
  • Leo: Somehow knows everyone?? Not ready for the stage but still has a personality big enough to be the center of attention, always says the right thing, super charismatic and friendly /// freakin cinnabon baby that is super funny and a great friend, not afraid to call you on your shit, very supportive, offers great real life advice, seems like the best friend who's life is a movie that you're honored to be a part of
  • Virgo: quiet and maybe kind of cool, hard to strike up a conversation with if you don't know them, really warm and friendly to their friends and they don't talk much to other people /// absolutely hysterical, also they're gonna be the one cool mom. if there was a party popper filled with witty sarcasm, unintended humor, and super cool shades, and it was popped, a virgo would come out.
  • Libra: super friendly, awkward but in a sort of cute and relatable way? little ditzy yet somehow gets better grades than you /// super smart ninja who takes no shit, and roasts hypocritical people. really funny and kinda always lowkey sad but won't ever let that stop them. you could hang out with them for a whole week straight and you'd only have more fun as time went on
  • Scorpio: kinda shy, very diminutive person who doesn't speak much and probably doesn't have a lot of friends, and you probably won't remember very long. kinda weird /// hilarious, loyal as frick person who you will instantly become enchanted with. turns out they know everyone??? and also everything, including how to hide a body and the best sex positions. you'll never forget them ,no matter how briefly you know them.
  • Sagittarius: super sassy, smart queen who will slay bitches with magic /// kinda sorta ditzy, really cute flower child with a heart for others, probably magic
  • Capricorn: almost sarcastic but in an offbeat way, reclusive, silently judgy but not too much. not everyone talks to them but you *know* they'd be the coolest friend ever. /// adorable, shining cinnamon roll too pure for this plane of existence, def made out of sunshine and happy songs, maintains the sweet air many of us lose as we lose our naivety - but they're not niave. really smart and sooooo much fun to hang out with!
  • Aquarius: (i'm an aquarius so my friend wrote this one) smol and scared /// always giving hugs and basically owning everyone because they're g13
  • Pisces: pretty chill, laid back kinda friend, although somewhat unapproachable because they're way more badass than you /// freaking cool af cinnamon roll,secretly so rad and friendly and a really great conversationalist. the legit coolest person you'll ever meet