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Just Roommates?

I like this one a lot because Auston is my babe.  I would defend this boy with my life ok?  Anyways, please remember my requests are always open and i am a huge fan of positive criticism.  


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           “Just roommates?  Are you sure? You’re definitely his type so I don’t think you’re just roommates.”  That’s all you’ve heard since the minute you picked up Auston’s sister Alexandria from the airport.  She just didn’t seem to understand why the two of you shared an apartment and she continued to ask.

           “How many times do I have to say that your brother and I are only roommates, friends too I guess but definitely just friends” you say turning up the radio so she wouldn’t say anything else.

           “See, perfect example” she says reaching out and turning the radio down “he blasts the radio so I shut up, it doesn’t usually work.”

           “I think most people do that, well here we are” you smile parking the car in your regular parking spot “thank goodness” you add quietly.

           The ride in the elevator up to yours and Auston’s apartment was quiet, thankfully, and you were thankful to be home until you realized Auston wasn’t home.  Still at practice, the reason he couldn’t pick his sister up.  So, you decided to be a good roommate/friend and pick up his sister.  

           “Would you like anything to eat or drink?” You ask politely helping carry in her bags.  For someone only staying a week she had a lot of bags.  “Auston should be back soon, practice was over at 2:00 and it’s 3:00 now.”

           “We can just wait and go out for a late lunch thing” she smiles sitting down on the couch.  “So, what do you do?  This doesn’t seem like a very cheap place”

           Is she asking if you and Auston share the rent equally?  Is she insinuation that you’re mooching a place to live off Auston. “I’m a student, and I work part time and my parents also help me out a little bit” pausing before I continue “If you’re asking if I pay equal rent I do.”

           “Alex you’ve been here an hour and you’re already pissing off my roommate” thank goodness Auston got back now, Alexandria is a lot to handle.

           You retreat to your room letting them have a little alone time since it’s been so long since they’ve seen each other.  “(y/n)” Auston yells from the living room “we’re going to lunch, come on.”

           What?  You had assumed lunch was going to be a sibling thing, why were you being asked, scratch that told.  Never the less you grab your phone, wallet, and jacket, meeting Auston and Alexandria in the front room.  “Sorry, I didn’t realize this wasn’t a family thing.”

           “(y/n) you’re Auston’s girlfriend you are family” Alexandria shakes her head.

           “Sorry my what?” Auston nearly yells looking directly at you as if you did something wrong.

           “Ok Auston no need to look at me like I have ten heads, she’s been going on about us dating since the second she got in my car” you say slipping into your shoes “plus would me being your girlfriend be that bad?”  One look at his face causes you to break out laughing, causing him and Alexandria to laugh as well.  

           You and Auston have a regular friend/roommate relationship, with a few tequila induced, deep secret confessions here and there and sure he’s an attractive guy but you would never feel ‘that’ way about the Leafs number one rookie.  You couldn’t because he would never feel that way about you.  

           Lunch went by with a lot of questions, Alexandria making comments about you and Auston dating, but mostly laughing at Auston’s expense thanks to Alex’s stories about Auston’s childhood and some more recent ones too.  Alex had passed out around 11:00, after a long day of travelling you were a little surprised she made it that long.  

           You went to be shortly after but spent ages tossing and turning.  Deciding it’s pointless you get up to use the washroom you pass Auston’s room noticing the light still on.  Blaming it on your sleepy brain you knock quietly on his door when a quiet “come in” results you open it standing in the doorway.

           “You’re still awake?” he asks concern laced in his voice and your heart flutters.  Boys didn’t usually show much concern for you, especially boys like Auston.  “Is everything ok?”

           “I couldn’t sleep so I got up and saw you light was on” why did you knock on his door in the first place?  “Why are you still awake?”

           “Too much going on in my head.  Come in, I don’t want to wake Alex up” he says patting a spot on his bed for you to sit.

           “Are you stressing yourself out about hockey again?” This is how conversations have started before.  When Auston was in a scoring draught you talked to him and cheered him up, when every time he got a point the Leafs lost and he thought he was a curse you talked to him and cheered him up, when Matt Martin got into a fight for him and he hated himself for it you cheered him and countless other situations too,

           “No just thinking about some stuff, nothing to worry about.”

           “If it’s keeping you up it is something to worry about” you say quietly while pushing his hair back, a habit you picked up because it annoyed you when it fell over his face “Do you want to talk about it?”

           “Just what Alex was saying about me and you” he paused laughing a little “she’s crazy.” BANG! Did someone just shoot you in the heart? Because that’s definitely what it felt like.  Every muscle in your body stiffening.  Auston took notice because his hand turned your face to look at him before continuing. “Unless she’s not crazy and what she said isn’t crazy and maybe me and you dating isn’t so far fetched.”  

           “I take back my previous statement asking if you wanted to talk about it” you say quickly starting to get up but all your efforts being halted when Auston grabs your hand.  

           “No way, I started there’s no way this conversation isn’t happening.  But if Alex is crazy and you have absolutely no feelings for me we can pretend this never happened” do you have feelings for him, that’s the question here.  “Judging by the pink in your cheeks and the fact that you’ve moved closer to me, and haven’t moved back when I moved closer to you, I don’t think that you think Alex is crazy.”

           Wow, the both of you are really close.  So close you can feel his breath on your face.  When the hell are you ever going to get this chance again?  Based on this you make the decision to just close the space between the two of you and kiss him.  You kiss Auston Matthews.  The kiss is sweet and tentative neither of you really sure it’s happening.

           “I knew it!” is what causes you to pull away “That happened a lot quicker than I thought it would but I knew you two would be together.”

           “Go away Alex!” Auston yells throwing a pillow at her.  

           “I guess now you can go to sleep since we’ve cleared this whole thing up?” you ask him starting to get up from his bed.

           “I’m doing anything but sleeping now thanks to you” he laughs pulling you back down on his bed and bringing your lips back to his.  

           “No sex while I’m here” Alex yells out again causing you to laugh and Auston to tell her to shut up again.  

Magic and the Marks It Leaves

So somehow “Ludo in the Wild” and a comment from @starcotp has lead me to having another trans Marco theory.

So a lot of this is conjecture but I’d still love to hear what you guys think.

Anyway in the book “Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension” Star mentions that magic leaves a mark when you have been around it as long as her and her family. These marks taking the shapes of the various playing card suits and other objects that seem to appear on the cheeks of her family.

My theory is what if those marks aren’t always physical but can be mental as well.

Anyway in “Storm the Castle” the wand blows up and Marco, Star and Ludo are all within the blast radius. Marco and Star protected by the crystal box and Ludo by his egg. This must have blasted loads of magical energy throughout the blast radius and theoretically possibly some residual energy when Marco and Star leave the crystal box and Ludo, their egg. So my theory is Marco and Ludo are exposed to this energy. Star is already marked by magic so.

Now, in “Ludo in the Wild” Ludo has a vision of Star that guides them to the new wand. Something Ludo has wanted since the beginning of Season 1, a wand to call their own.

In “Red Belt” Marco has a “stuck in life” dream. All we know is it is recurring (or at the very least similar dreams) but we don’t know how long it has been going on. All the dream is indicating is Marco feels stuck, like everyone in their world is going ahead of them while they are stuck in the same place. We also don’t know if these dreams are continuing or if they ended after Marco got their red belt.

And like I said, it is purely conjecture but what if exposure to magic in the way Marco and Ludo theoretically experienced causes them to have dreams and visions guiding them to their deepest desires.

We still don’t know a lot about magic and it is possible. Plus let’s assume Marco is trans and their dreams are continuing, if they don’t really know they are trans perhaps the magic exposure is struggling to guide them. Like Marco needs some knowledge of what their desire is for the magic to guide them to it.

And as I said, just a theory with a lot of conjecture but make of it what you will.

Enjoy :)

Woah Woah Woah....hold on a second...

When the hell did I get 110 followers?! Like, my blog is total trash omg. A GREAT BIG thank you is well overdue for you all that have just recently hit that follow button or have been a stalker for a long time now. Old friends or new, welcome aboard the crazy train. You’re in for a ride!

Seriously though it means a lot to me that this blog has done so well. I know 110 followers might seem like a small number but I honestly never expected I’d get 10 followers never mind bloody 110! Hell, I was going to delete this blog a few months ago! I didn’t think anyone would be interested in writing or interacting with me. Thank you all so much! I’ve had a blast so far and hope to continue to do so. The other site I use to write has been dead for me for a while. So this has literally become the only place for me, and its great to see people more and more interested in approaching me and plotting.

I just want you all to know as well to feel free to message me any time. No matter what its about, whether you’ve had a shitty day and just need someone to rant to, whether you’re just bored and fancy a chat, or want to plot something, honestly feel free to send me a message. I love that! Honestly, logging in and seeing IM’s and asks makes my day and brings a smile to my face. Take this post as a personal invitation to interact with me and Harls. You will NEVER bother me or be seen as annoying. 

Anyways, I feel its only fair to mention a few people that have made my time here enjoyable. Spread the love and all that!

@one-bad-day-one-bad-clown - My lil’ Clown. You’ve stuck with me for a long while now. I love all our silly and whacky threads. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t still have this blog. So thank you, Puddin! <3

@loganhowlettx - We haven’t talked or interacted that long but I’m LOVING our threads. I feel we’re gonna be good friends and I hope we continue to talk/write. You’re awesome. 

@ofblood-and-fxngs - Another new contact but again, I’m loving our threads and you’ve been so nice and approachable. Thank you for that! I hope we also continue to keep in touch and write. Harls totally adores Belle lol!

@oldmxnlogan - It was awesome getting to chat to you yesterday and get to know you better. You’re an awesome writer and I’m enjoying our thread. Apologies for any “ask spam” I may send in the future lol!

@damagcdjokes​ / @cheerysociopath​ - You’re another sweetheart that’s been super nice to me during our threads. I’d be honored to continue to write with you. 

@shewolverine - Laura is such a sweetheart and our thread has been real fun so far. I’m looking forward to writing with you more in the future!

I also figured I’d mention people that I’d like to write with more!


I feel this post has gone on enough, so I’ll end it here by saying yet again thank you to you all for everything. You’ve made Harls and I feel very welcome. I hope to continue to be a good writing partner for you! Much love!

Mun x

Neoz School x Babysitting

Sure thing! I enjoyed writing this out~~

Chani: Even though Chani is the youngest, he seems pretty mature for his age, so I feel the kids would overrule him a little bit. He’d be quick to show them who’s boss, but in the end, they most likely would’ve tied him up with their clothing, and keep him hostage in a fort.

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Dawon: This boy is a fun one, so I’m sure he’ll have a blast. But seeing the way he reacts to Chani trying to be chummy with him, Dawon would most likely have lost his cool if the kids tried to act like they are in charge. This would result in a pillow tournament.

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Hwiyoung: Hwiyoung would be patient with the kids, it seems like, and they would be patient with him as well. He would have a blast with them, and at the end of the day, wouldn’t mind coming back again.

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Inseong: Inseong being similar to Hwiyoung, he’d be patient with the kids, and wouldn’t mind getting a little dirty with the kids, whether it be baking something with them, or playing outside.

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Jaeyoon: Another fun character, Jaeyoon would just LOVE the kids. I bet he wouldn’t mind if they took advantage of him, because he’d just let it happen. As long as they had fun, he did too.

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Juho: Would probably take the kids out to the pool to relax, and help out the babies in the baby pool, if he was taking care of any. A chill activity for a chill guy.

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Rowoon: This member would probably put on a movie for the kids, and tend to the baby in his comfort if there was one. He’d want to control the kids in a way where they still enjoyed themselves, but were less hyper.

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Taeyang: Taeyang would probably play dress-up with the children to make them laugh and soon fall asleep.

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Youngbin: Him being a leader already would understand the struggle of children, and would fulfill their every command (that he was capable of doing). Such as playing them a song, or maybe even dancing for/along them.

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Why do you seem to dislike Ex-Aid so much? I mean Sure, it's not at Drive's level just yet but it's way more fun than ghost was (at least in my opinion)?

uhhh, well ghost is my favorite season of kamen rider (and i’ve seen every heisei besides hibiki which im currently working through) and i thought it was a blast all the way through so we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on that one

the rest of this is under a cut so i don’t clog up everyone’s dashboard with Mean Ex-Aid Opinions

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walburga: view one

Walburga Black had made an art of mourning. She made a striking figure during her daily stroll, dark robes billowing around her, her face shielded by a black veil. There had been a time in her youth when she’d been seen in her house’s trademark green, but the house of Black was one of many storied traditions. For every family member struck from the tree, each disappointing relation eliminated from her life, Walburga donned her mourning attire. She seemed to relish it almost as much as she enjoyed the physical act of blasting a name off the family tapestry, acting out the symbolic deaths of those who had crossed her.

By the end of her life, her husband dead, her son dead, her other son dishonored and imprisoned, alone in her big house apart from her loyal house elf, her mourning clothes were well-worn. And some thought that, perhaps, had she known what was to come, she would not have worn them so cavalierly in the past.

The Angel of Darktown

A few months went by, and Oswald continued to help Anders some in her free time as he taught her spirit healing. She seemed to have been recruited into Hawke’s group as well, occasionally joining them on adventures. Justice had yet to have reason to take over, so Oswald had yet to see him release his full power.

One day they end up in a fight against Templars, and as usual when they end up in a fight together, Oswald attempted to keep all the enemies off of Anders, even if that meant having them on herself instead. This time however, it didn’t seem to work as well as it usually did.

Four Templars on her at once, she attempted lightning them all aflame, freezing them with a cone of ice, even a mind blast couldn’t get them off her.

The Templars drained her mana, making it impossible to heal herself. She was eventually knocked out, yet, from any other perspective outside the wall of attackers, she appeared to have possibly been cut down.

people asked her all the time
“do you know what it feels like
to fall in love?
her response was simple
never fall in love
never have your heart stolen
but alas she met a girl
(a very lovely girl)
who spun stories out of air
and found light
in all things dark
and one day
just like she came
she disappeared from sight
dropped off the edge of the world
(she seemed just like the type)
and for some reason
(but not love! she swore)
her heart aches for the touches
that never were
and her eyes well with tears
whenever she thinks of this blasted girl
but it was not love she swore
love was evil and stole
this girl left her with something more
—  it was love 

ASHES RISING || @allthemutts

Lukas was, well- not in a good mood. But it seemed that these days he was never in a good mood. He’d always been cold and distant from people, relying on his twin sister as the only positive form of human contact while he attended school in what he could only call the cursed halls of the cheerful school he despised more than anything. He could still remember the day he’d been sorted, the blasted hat he hated more than anything having the audacity to tell him that he’d been too dark for Gryffindor, even if he was brave enough for it. A few months in Slytherin and he hated the hat’s decision less- Gryffindors were annoying and pompous and he wanted nothing more than to throw them off the top of Ravenclaw tower. If only he could do it without getting caught.

Which is where his plans had started. Secret plotting and blackmail to gain the most powerful students’ loyalty, late nights in the restricted section of the library, practicing all the dark spells he could get his hands on, under the protection of whatever spell had been cast over the school so the tracking spell all underage wizards had couldn’t track his wrongdoings. Not that that mattered anymore- his own spell had been broken nearly a month before.

Now, he was in the Forbidden Forest, biding his time until graduation, when the real movements of his plans could begin. When the real chaos could begin. Hearing a twig snap behind him, he rounded, wand out of his pocket within seconds as his eyes narrowed into the darkness, waiting for another movement and ready to kill.

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I don't want to sound ignorant, but I'm a white female and I have no culture. My family is a cesspool of the unknown. I see how a culture can really tie a group of people together, but I've never experienced that. 1/?

I’ve identified as “pagan” since a was 12 (I’m now 22) and I’m just a secular witch who is too scared to label myself as a specific religion because I don’t want to inadvertently appropriate a culture. 2/?

I feel very lost in the pagan community, not knowing where I belong. Different people seem to differ on what cultural appropriation is (like some black people have no issue with white people having braids and others do). 3/?

And things I’ve been doing for a decade is suddenly wrong (well, not suddenly but it seems like it was just blasted at me since my introduction to it being appropriation was a very pissy anon), like the word smudging. 4/?

Anyways, I just feel like I shouldn’t be a part of any culture I wasn’t born into but I wasn’t born into any particular culture. Even writing this, I’m only on anon because I feel like everyone will jump at me for complaining 5/?

(If there was a part 6, we didn’t receive it.)

You’re not alone in your fear and concerns, and the fact that you’re aware these concerns even exist is good.

Definitions of cultural appropriation do differ even between members of the same community.  The best thing you can do is educate yourself about racism, classism, other -isms, and specific cultures as well as you can; be aware of what actions can perpetuate racism/stereotyping/other like things; and be willing to listen when a member of the relevant community speaks up.  The most common line for appropriation/not appropriation seems to be drawn between those things that are intrinsic or sacred to a culture (Native headdresses or religious images, for example) versus more mundane, everyday stuff (like common food dishes).  But this can change from culture to culture, community to community, and individual to individual.

You’re going to make mistakes, and that’s okay, as long as you’re willing to learn from them.  I think of some of the stupid shit I’ve said in the past, some of it not as long ago as I wish, and I know I’m no doubt going to say stupid shit in the future.  It’s an ongoing process, especially for those like you and me who were born into certain kinds of privilege, and while the circumstances of our birth isn’t our fault it is our responsibility to do the most good with it that we can.  This includes examining our own behaviors and words and using the privileges we do have to support others’ voices rather than talking over them and assuming we can know what these cultures/communities are all about.

Unfortunately, Neopaganism has a lot of inherently problematic elements, so we have some added challenges on top of everything else.  But it’s worth the effort, and not just to better ourselves as individuals and as Pagans.  There are plenty of open paths to explore and plenty of people willing to answer questions and provide support.

- mountain hound

RWBY theory.

Wait a second.

When Glynda fought Cinder in the first episode, their powers were clearly shown to be parallel. 

Glynda doesn’t appear to be armed with a real weapon (she never uses that riding crop to attack, only to gesture, and it doesn’t seem to have any particular functionality), but we see her create energy shields, fire energy blasts, summon storm clouds that fire bolts of ice, and use telekinesis. 

She and Cinder are the only characters that use the ‘glowing runes’ effect, and she is the only character to ever give Cinder trouble in a fight.

So maybe Glynda is one of the maidens. We know that the powers pass over to young women, and Glynda is - well, she looks about mid thirties, but Qrow looks like he’s twenty and he can’t be younger than forty, so she’s pretty old, but since the powers don’t change hands until the maiden dies, she could easily have just inherited them when she was young.

Also, we never see Glynda using any power other than telekinesis after that fight. Why? Because the maidens are a secret. Telekinesis is her natural Semblance, so she can use that freely, but her other abilities are the result of her seasonal powers, and she only uses them because she’s tracking down Cinder at the time.

My name is Bri, and I’m from the West coast of Florida! I’m 14 years old and after this summer, I will be in my first year of high school! I grew up as a Primitive Baptist and, I don’t think ever really believed in God anyways. I didn’t know what atheism was until 5th grade, where I met an atheist friend. Around a year later, I realized that I was atheist as well. I have currently been an atheist for about 3-4 years now! I’m very interested in languages and learning them. So far, my main languages that I’m learning are Italian, Swedish, and possibly Spanish, German, or Russian. I’m can’t seem to make up my mind on which ones to focus on!

Personal Blog in case anyone would like to visit: http://vacuostheelf.tumblr.com/

Hello young, adorable, atheist! How cool that you are so ambitious about learning languages. :D Congrats on starting high school soon. Have a blast!

So my BFF bought me this pillow book of Elsa and Anna, because I am a huge fan of Frozen and Elsanna. Anyways while i was reading something interesting caught my eye:

“At the ball that night Elsa and Anna got into an argument. Anna said she had just met her true love, and they were now engaged. ELSA WAS FILLED WITH JEALOUSY AND LONELINESS. A freezing blast shot from her bare hand, sending a sheet of ice across the ballroom! ”

That up their does not seem like sister love. That right there seems like Elsa didn’t want anyone to have Anna, the way they wrote it down in the pillow.

This is cute btw, reminds me of some fics I’ve read back in the days :P


people are always saying why we ship these too, well BECAUSE do you not see these hints and clues. Goodness!

As I have said multiple times, Eddie Thawne is probably Malcolm Thawne/Cobalt Blue. In the comics, Malcolm gets his powers from a talisman that allows him to access the Thawne family’s power of the mystical Blue Flame. The power of the Blue Flame allows Malcolm to unleash energy blasts as well as create energy constructs.

What does any of that have to do with this picture? Eobard took a sample of blood from Blackout after the guy’s death way back in episode 7. As he did so, Eobard mused about wanting to know exactly how Blackout disabled Barry’s powers. In the time since, it seems like Eobard was able to create something out of it.

Why is this relevant to Cobalt Blue? Another thing that the power of the Blue Flame allows Malcolm Thawne to do is temporarily disable the Flash’s speed. This will likely begin Eddie’s descent towards evil, as well as be the origin of his powers. Eddie will become a metahuman as a result of this. And he’ll be a very dangerous opponent to face.

shit I actually came up with a Junkrat ship I kind of like, and it’s him and Lucio

  • Junkrat being a fan of Lucio is an incredibly realistic prospect within the game’s lore, if Junkrat heard about what Lucio did to Vishkar
  • their age difference is one year, so there’s no uncomfortable stuff there
  • their abilities could work well together, with Lucio healing Junkrat from his own blasts, and using his sound attack to knock opponents towards Junkrat’s traps
  • Lucio seems like the type of guy who’d see the tragedy in Junkrat’s situation and have sympathy for him, having grown up in a less-than-stellar environment himself
  • if there’s anyone on the planet who could make a shithead like Junkrat into a better person, it’s Lucio “Literal Human Angel” Correia dos Santos

It dawned on me the other day that I have never – not even once – done a follower shoutout. Well, it’s long overdue! While this blog is primarily a roleplay blog, it seems that most of the followers are here for the Zoro content and to them, I have to say, thanks for sticking around! Zoro is pretty great, isn’t he? :-D

While I appreciate all of the followers of this blog dedicated to Zoro love and roleplay, I need to give a shoutout to the roleplayers who make this blog an absolute blast to play on!

This list is not all inclusive, but I particularly sought out to pick those who have interacted with Zoro frequently or simply those who I see on my dash and their posts entertain me! That’s what this is all about, right? Having fun! Even if we haven’t roleplayed, each and every one of you make logging onto tumblr enjoyable (and for real, a giant distraction sometimes x’D!).

Alright, here it is! The names in bold are those people who are either particularly special to Zoro or even better, special to me, Ele, the mun behind this madness (or both! :D).

The Captain:

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The Swordsmen:

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The Witches:

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The FireFists:

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The Laws:

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His 12 week run as Hedwig just flew by. I still can’t believe it’ll be over after this Sunday. And apart from his amazing performances every night and his general generosity to stage door every night as well, his time in New York has offered more. Much more than I could have imagined.

I mean he interviewed the stars on the red carpet of the Tonys (still not ever that and probably never will) and it seemed so effortless. I was so impressed (more than I thought I could be tbh) and the stars were gushing just as much about him as he was about them. I will never forget that night.

When marriage equality hit all 50 states of the US he did celebrate with everyone else and was just so over the moon, followed by a colourful NY pride parade that was so much fun to watch and he seemed to have a blast as well.

Apart from that he hosted and performed at several Broadway related events and while he was at it threw not 1 but 2 photoshoots our way.

I will never forget these past 12 weeks. I really hope that the role of Hedwig was everything Darren had hoped for and he’ll look back at this time as this unique, amazing and extraordinary happening that it was. It was such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and he took it and made the most of it.


My thoughts on tonight…

Willow- such a cutie! Nice job! Super sassy! Definitely has potential!

Robert-so fun to watch! He was having a blast!!! Want to see him every week…such great energy! Side note…is this seriously going to be the “showmance” couple this season? Wasn’t expecting that…

Riker- idk why, but he seems a little strange to me. I have to say, he killed it for it being the first week! Well done! Curious to see him do some of the slow ballroom dances though.

Charlotte- not a fan of that first meeting skit at all! aww, but she seems sweet, even though she forgot the steps in the middle :/ came together a little towards the end. Definitely better than Lolo and such a positive attitude! Really hope she comes back next week…would hate to see Keo go home first again.

Patti- such a sweetie OMG! Great smile and great attitude! The dance was nice and graceful, but a little “blah” in my opinion.

Chris- much better than I expected tbh. Didn’t WOW me, but he wasn’t bad. He has potential. I’m sure he’ll be around for a while.

Michael- OMG I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! I love him! Soooo cute! He did great for week 1 in my opinion! (even though his feet were a little sloppy) So fun! Can’t wait to see more of him!

Nastia- she’s obviously good. The choreography was a little too much for me, but that’s not her fault. Don’t know much about her, but she seems like a sweet girl. I’m sure she will go far.

Redfoo- love me some Redfoo! He was fun to watch! Room for improvement, but pretty good overall. I hope they go far!

Noah- CRYING…CRYING SO MUCH! That was beautiful!

Suzanne- great entertainment! She missed a few steps, but she was good! The routine was fun! THIGH MASTER! haha