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Sweet summer child Yugyeom’s struggles during girlfriend-related missions

Birthdays Bite

Josh Dun x reader

Summary: Josh has expressed his lack of fondness of you for the past three years, but will he be able to set aside his differences for Tyler’s birthday?

Words: 1,837

Requested? Yup

A/N: Based on Tyler’s 28th birthday at Sky Zone.

“Hey Ty” you said as you entered the lobby of Sky Zone.

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Sweet Tooth

Lily and James were best friends growing up, but when he moved away and they drifted apart they thought that would be the end of their friendship. But fate has a funny way of working out, and Lily can’t keep herself away from the brownies in the grocery store.

written for @jilyfest + read on AO3

Lily had gone to the grocery store to buy tea. That was it. Really. She had no idea how so much ice cream had gotten into her basket. Perhaps she had picked up someone else’s by mistake.

Who is she kidding? She wants some comfort food and this was what was happening. It was all her stupid sister’s fault. Having her as a bridesmaid in her wedding and making Lily watch what she ate in order to fit into that ugly purple dress. Lily couldn’t pull off purple. Petunia knew it too. The wedding is finally over now and Lily is flat-sitting for the newlyweds. She doesn’t know why she had agreed to it but the deal was made now so she may as well stuff her face full of the chocolate she’s been craving for months.

She rounds the corner of another aisle, thinking that if she finds some brownies she can make a kick ass sundae, when she sees him. It takes her a moment to recognize the bloke who’s standing with two different packages of cookies in his hands, trying to decide between them. He goes for chocolate chip. That was always his favorite.

“James?” she says his name before she can stop herself.

Her childhood best friend whips his head around and gapes at her. The first thing she notices is that he got new glasses. Then she wants to slap herself because of course he did- it’s been twelve years for heaven’s sake.

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@cosmicdogs -senpai made a text post on their page about half Indian half Japanese Yams and I could nOT RESIST THIS GOODNESS also seeing as my art SUCKS I added some headcanons as well

- Yams loves his heritage

- adores both cultures and thoroughly lives his life immersed in both cultures

- This comes with ups downs and in betweens

- He likes to wear things from both cultures

- comfy kimonos are his bed and bath time choice

- He wears the typical button up shirt + lungi around the house

- Unfortunately

- as you can tell, he inherited v bad fashion choices

- Firstly and most noticeably, The Shoes™

- Every Indian woman knows The Shoes™ ….do not let ur husbands/sons/brothers out of the house in these

- He loves them. He wears them eVERYWHWERE

-  He wore them out unironically in front of Tanaka, Hinata and Noya once and they NEVER LET IT GO

- He also wears socks with thongs (flip flops for the Americans out there) bc his Japanese mum wears them all the time

- He wore these at training camp and Tsukki seriously reconsidered ever talking to him again

- speaking of the camp

- Yams has double the Asian to get past when he wants to go out

- He loves seeing friends but he has to plan Years in Advance if he wants to go to see them because his parents need to do Police background chekcs

- he had to get Takeda Sensei to MEET UP with his parents to let him go

- heaven forbid he utters the word ‘sleepover’

- He is in the smart class not because he’s some genius but because if he doesn’t study he gets both THE STICK AND THE PAPER FAN WOOPING HIS A$$ at the SAME TIME. LEMME SEE U GET A B+ AGAIN SON

- he likes to meditate! It calms his anxiety. He tries all the different Indian methods his dad knows and the traditional Japanese ones his mum knows

- can eat 8778640928439589823745743 chillis without dying. Laughs at people who think things are spicy (Tsukki in particular)

- when he was first born his parents laughed @ him because it was like???? lil Indian boi but….??? freckles everwhere???? they been laughing ever since (except when he come home w/ an A minus in English)

- He loves both his parents and culture in the end and he’s grown up with such a rich background that he adores being part of

DID YOU KNOW crows in India are brown? When I first went to India to see the fam as a child I was FASCINATED because Aussie crows are enormous and black as the soul of hades but Indian crows are smol and brown and precious like yams.

TL;DR Half Indian half Japanese Yamaguchi is the best thing in the world.

@cosmicdogs thank u for saving my life ples everyone go follow them give them love


Random doodling of the day~ 

Well, I really adore Sans’ human form, both old and young version so here we go. 
And the above one is Gaster and Grillby. When Gaster was still around, he might be Grillby’s great pal since both of them holds something similar. Ah, by the way, in this pic Grillby was lighting Gaster’s cigarette. Somehow I felt their bromance thing is so dopeeee.

—– I’m working on GasterFrisk comic. It should take about 2 or 3 days to finish all the inking, maybe.

14th of January: “Percico Ocean Nights”

Since I already did a Solangelo, Jercy and Jasico piece, I thought I’d add Percico today.

Also thought it would be a good idea to try out how to paint water.
I’ll have to work on that ;)

Though I like how the splashy bit in the very front turned out ;3

Nico+Percy © Rick Riordan, PJO/HOO
Art © Tári

Oh come ON! How can you be having a war over who is cuter when you are both ADORABLE!!! The one who isn’t cute is me! I mean I tried to draw you guys and I failed horribly it’s awful and you can boyth draw so well! You both have adorable personas and mine is awful! Everything points to you guys being adorable sweetharts with amazing art! And I’m an ugly awful person with awful art! see the war has ended and you both won and I lost!

@swaysway4433 @dimini @wolffloof

More wonderful purchases from @right-in-the-vhenan! I did not plan it, but apparently this was my ancient elvhen haul: Arlathan bath bomb, Elvhen Glory candle, Dirthamen candle, Fen'Harel candle, Foci soap, and Dread Wolf’s Heart soap. 🐺 ❤️ The candles smell soooo good and are so pretty with glitter! Both soaps have great scents as well! In particular I personally ADORE the foci scent!


Rei-chan, if that were true, it would negate like 95% of the point of this show.

Dorian realising people at Skyhold are actually supportive of his relationship with the Inquisitior is my jam.

“I don’t care what people think about me. I care what people think about US.” well, joke is on you Dorian because people think you are both adorable af.

Imagine his confusion tho.

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What's with this fandom and corgis? Not dogs in general, just corgis. I don't get it. Are they magic?

Anything that can condense that much energy and adorable floofiness in one tiny body is magic. Or that’s just dogs in general but shhh

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Honestly, I have no clue where it originated, but it’s all centered around Richard Speight Jr. I read somewhere that RSJ said his spirit animal was a corgi (not sure how true that is, and he changed his answer to an otter in a recent King of Con Q&A on Reddit), so maybe that’s what happened?? Idek, don’t quote me on it. x)

In fanart and fanfiction, if he doesn’t have the Jack Russel Terrier from S02E15 Tall Tales, Gabriel’s dog would be a corgi (my personal favorite is when it’s name is Loki :3). His animal interpretation would be a corgi in fanart as well.

And why not?? They’re both fun, adorable, lovable, silly, energetic, and of course, magic!! ♥

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Celebrating David Tennant’s father, the Very Rev Dr Alexander (Sandy) McDonald

David and his dad have appeared together on television (and on DVD special features) many times:

  • Ready, Steady, Cook (2005)
  • David’s Doctor Who video diary for Season 2 
  • David’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are (2006)
  • A cut scene from The Runaway Bride (running past David’s parents & nieces - he playfully gives Julie Gardner grief on the commentary track for cutting the scene that featured his family)
  • When David won the Spirit of Scotland award but couldn’t attend the ceremony (due to Doctor Who filming), he sent a video message and his dad picked up the award in-person (2007)
  • Doctor Who episode The Unicorn and the Wasp
  • Doctor Who Confidential for The Unicorn and the Wasp (Nemesis)
  • The National Television Awards (2015)

“I was someone and I didn’t know who.”

“Don’t hurt her! Don’t hurt… me?”

“How… I feel?”

I’m just really struck by the fact that we get to see the very first time Garnet referred to herself as “I”, this whole start of her becoming an individual, and emerging and defining herself as an entirely new person. I wrote 3000 words of fic the other day while trying to both wrap my head around it and get this out of my system, so this entire episode is a gift.

Thinking of the variety of influences that drove her to become the mysterious stoic leader she presented herself as during most of season 1 feels very sad now - the effects of the war, the feeling that it was necessary in order to assume leadership in Rose’s absence, the uncertainty of how Steven would take to her and if he would understand, everything. But I adore seeing how she’s dropping that front more and more, especially with Steven - though with Pearl and Amethyst too, quite noticeably - how she clearly feels safer being herself more openly, the very existence of this episode as a story she’s telling, or, hell, even just how often she’s taken off her shades recently.

I also find it interesting that this first beginning happened while she was begging the “terrifying renegade pearl” not to kill her (I love the very visceral sense of self-preservation kicking in in that scene, as it stops being Ruby trying to keep Sapphire safe and instead becomes Garnet wanting to live on) - and this after that first accidental fusion which happened during Pearl’s attempt to kill Sapphire.

The whole start of their relationship brings to mind this bit from the Guidebook, and gives it an extra dimension:

It also makes Week of Sardonyx hurt me about 500 times worse, wow thanks.

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Ha! Seconded, yes you are. You bring out fun and silliness in one another and it's rather adorable ☺

well, we both missed the boat on behaving like children when we actually were children, so…

ume-chan's "kou-chan" compilation
Umehara Yuichiro & Nishiyama Koutarou
ume-chan's "kou-chan" compilation

rare moments umehara yuichiro called nishiyama koutarou “kou-chan” from 宏太朗と裕一郎 ひょろっと男子 #2 wherein they decided to call each other umehara and kou-chan just in this radio program

note: it was kou-chan who put the heart heart on the photo i used, not me (lol)

So many people have asked me for my NJCon ops to be posted on tumblr already, so while I wanted to wait for my JPEGs from Chris (the wonderful photographer at these cons) I figured I’d give you all a preview.

Here’s my adorable Mishalecki op!! If you don’t get the joke behind the sign, you are better off :) However Jared very carefully read it and laughed, along with all the Creation volunteers as well. Both Jared and Misha are so adorable and sweet, and Jared gave me a big hug afterwards.