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*insert joke about Orochimaru looking like Michael Jackson here*

I stopped reading destiel meta posts and unfollowed all meta blogs already some time ago. But, sometimes, when I’ve mental fortitude to deal with them, I’ll check out some posts. Welp, the latest gem I found plainly states that 12x23 is exactly how OP imagined destiel going canon at the end of the show - Cas confessing his love and dying.  And they had this image since s9, Carver era. Which would mean that as a meta writer they seriously considered possibility that Cas has to die to give us a hint at canon destiel. 

I don’t know if these are only OP personal ideas or was it discussed privately among meta writers. I don’t remember a destiel meta post that explicitly predicted Cas death in the name of canon destiel? I think some people mentioned it as one possibility among others but I don’t remember discussion about it. If I’m wrong, please link me some meta. 

I remember neven-ebrez predicting Cas death after 12x12 in her tags. And I’m grateful for this fair warning. I wish more meta writers would have talked about Cas’ death. Instead of making fun of concerned Cas’ fans with their “lololol, annual Cas panic, here we go!” posts. If there’s some understanding between meta writers that Cas could possibly die at the end of the show, then why Cas’ fans were ridiculed so much? All those times when positivity police said that TPTB are not going to kill Cas/fire Misha because they love him so much?  Did they mean - not going to kill as long as there’s another season, but probably will kill him in the final moments?

So, is this what destiel positive meta folks meant by destiel endgame? Is this why they so unilaterally insist that IF canon destiel is going to happen it will be only at the very last moment? /because then the show doesn’t need Cas anymore for baiting purposes?/ And make no mistake, Cas still can die at the end of the show. OP could still be proven right. Shouldn’t we talk about this as Cas’ endgame on the show? 

And how about all those talks since s8, when  meta writers said that Dean and Sam are not going to die at the end of series? That it’d go against the new message of the show? Apparently Cas was not included in this “everybody lives” scenario? And nobody bothered to tell Cas fans this?

I’ve seen Cas’ fans accusing destiel meta folks of not caring about Cas as a character but valuing him only for destiel purposes. I never expected to get such a solid confirmation from a popular meta writer. And I already knew that a lot of destiel meta folks would gladly throw Cas and his story arc under the bus if it meant getting canonical bi Dean making out with some random dude. Like I knew it, and yet. [disclaimer - I’m pro bi dean. I’m just surprised that some fans seriously thought that the show would give us canonical bi Dean but not canon destiel.]

This post was intended as a rant about one particular opinion - that Cas is supposed to die at the end of the show. Since then, I’ve seen more posts about Cas’ endgame, angel vs human, and I was taken aback by the tone of discussion. Apparently, meta writers who support human Cas endgame are telling angel Cas fans to change their mind because of textual evidence on the show. I guess they forgot to mention death as possible Cas’ endgame? 

To all Cas fans who feel let down by this discussion. Please remember that this group of meta writers are primary destiel and Dean fans. Which is great! But character bias exists and their opinion about Cas’ endgame is in no way more important or right than Cas’ fans opinion. They have mentioned that they don’t connect to Cas on a personal, deeper level which was supported by their happy, content meta posts after 12x23. And now, the discussion about human Cas endgame is framed as something angel Cas endgame fans have to agree with, even going as far as changing personl opinions. Which is simply ridiculous. We all ship our faves as we want. Some of us connect to Cas on a gut level. And that is not something I can switch off or easily replace with other opinion. 

Classic Rock Fan Problem #1

When someone asks who your crush is and once you answer they reply with “who?” So you tell them to google them and once they do they’re like “ewwwww he’s a raisin”……ya kinda just sigh, take their phone, and type in ‘young’ after their name.


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“So what’s it gonna be, huh? Long sullen silence or mean comment?”

Since I’m on a superhero kick at the moment and I just got to see Deadpool, have a late night sketch of some Negasonic Teenage Warhead!