well these tags got deep

thank you to the wonderful @cosmicphandom2k16 for tagging me :) x
THE HAPPY ALONG! :) When you get this, reply with five things that make you happy and pass along to ten nice people.
1) reading & writing. i like that you can just escape when you need too and fall into a world. also, with writing, i love creating something that other people (as well as myself) are able to enjoy.
2) music. just music.
3) stargazing, especially when i have someone i care about lying next to me. we may speak about the world or just admire the intricacies of the universe with no words.
4) hugs, cuddles. lying on a bed and just cuddling in silence because the silence speaks comfort. i hope to experience that one day.
5) i guess there are people that make me feel happy. ‘happy’ is a subjective and relative term but there are people that i can’t help but smile around.
well that got deep very quickly! XD anyways here are the tags–-
@nerdylibrary @yulaloopa @danisnotonfuego @iblise @harajukuhowell @odetosleepwalkers @insanityplaysfics

(ps i’m only tagging 7 bc i don’t have anymore tumblr friends that haven’t already done this)