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small au for hyungwon or the8 please, if it's ok💖💖✨ (p.s : i really love your writings i check them out all the time, the characterization feels so real and the ideas are very good too ! and i hope you're doing well with school and whatever too 💖🌸))

oh my,,,that’s so nice of you to say!!!!! tysm!!!!

  • single dad!hyungwon 
  • loves his son to pieces and hates having to drop him off at the daycare because he’ll literally just hold him like in his arms
  • and his son cries everytime he has to leave and it breaks hyungwon’s heart
  • and the daycare workers are always like ,,,,,sir,,,,,it’s been twenty minutes,,,,,,you might be late for work
  • and hyungwon, hugging his son is like, this moment is Too Precious. I couldn’t give less of a Shit about work
  • (he’s late to work everyday if i didn’t make that apparent enough)
  • wonho and kihyun keep trying to get hyungwon to hire a babysitter and maybe go out drinking with other co-workers but hyungwon is so like,,,,,,suspicious of everyone
  • and he’d literally rather spend the weekend inside with his son helping him learn the alphabet and watching saturday morning cartoons
  • if his son does something like super cute,,,,like once he picked a flower and kept playing with it,,,,hyungwon takes like one million videos of it
  • im not lying, he has like two phones one is full of videos and pics of his son he loves him so much
  • you’re a dog walker who’s always in the park the same time as when hyungwon takes his son there after daycare 
  • and you see this tall,,,,handsome dad with his kid at the kiddie swings and you think it’s really cute
  • and you’re always like wondering where the mom is or something because you bet she has to be gorgeous to be married to someone who literally looks like a model
  • and one day as you’re getting the dogs back on their leashes you notice another owner left the dog park door open
  • and you’re like “that’s rude” but before you can get up to close it you see this tiny boy come waddling through the gates
  • and your eyes widen because!!!!! that’s a kid,,,,,,the dogs,,,,,,,,,,he could get hurt!!
  • and you drop the leashes, running straight over to pick up the little boy and you’re like “you can’t come in here, it’s only for puppies!!” and you look around for their parents but you can’t see anyone
  • but then you notice,,,,,,that hey,,,,,this is the handsome guys son??? and you’re like ??? because where’s his dad 
  • so you close the door to the dog park and try to look around and you don’t notice but the boy wraps his small hands around your neck and cuddles into your shoulder
  • and finally you find his dad running around the park frantically and you’re like “sir!!!!” and hyungwon stops to see you and his son and he’s like oh my god i thought i was going to die,,,,,,i can’t believe he ran off on my like that
  • and you’re like “he came over to the dog park, but thankfully nothing happened but um-”
  • and hyungwon is looking at you and you’re like “i think he’s asleep?” 
  • hyungwon’s eyes go back to being wide and he’s like?????asleep????but he never sleeps in anyones arms but mine??????? 
  • but it’s true when hyungwon leans over to look, his son is asleep in your arms like it’s the most natural thing
  • and you want to hand him over but he’s holding your shirt bunched up in his fist
  • and you’re like “um,,,,,” and hyungwon is like,,,,,,,,,,this is a bit,,,,im sorry
  • and you’re like no it’s fine but actually i need to get the dogs and i cant,,,so could you,,,,,
  • and that’s how hyungwon ends up walking the dogs for you around the block as you hold his sleeping son and you get to talking and he’s so cute, ranting on about how much he loves his boy 
  • and you’re like “what does his mom do?” and hyungwon kind of sighs and is like she’s not around anymore
  • and you’re like oh,,,im sorry and he’s like it’s ok anyway,,,,i think the dogs have had enough,,,,,,,,which dog should we drop off first?
  • and you go around and every one of your customers is like winking at you and pointing at hyungwon like ooooo,,,,i didn’t know you had a husband- and you’re like hES NOT
  • even though you’re literally holding his child and he’s helping you walk dogs. like what do you look like? a family
  • and finally his son wakes up and happily goes from your arms to hyungwons 
  • and you’re like “well, see you whenever??” and hyungwon is like “uh,,,,,actually,,,,,,,if it’s ok with you,,,,,,,,,,,im gonna take him to the zoo this weekend. are you free?”
  • and you’re like OH,,,yes,,,,,,,and hyungwon smiles and it’s the most,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,handsome smile you’ve ever seen
  • and he’s like “good, i think he’ll really like it if you’re there,,,and you know coughs,,,,,so will i” 

“I think generally, as various existential philosophers have said, what’s important is authenticity because if you try to be successful, or popular, or liked by people, but you’re not being authentic to yourself, then you’ll never really be happy… if you’re true to yourself, then in moments of quiet thought, when everything else is stripped away, when you’re laying awake at night alone in the darkness staring at that ceiling you’ll think ‘yeah well everything’s shit but I love myself.” -1/24/17


Bts V x SHINee Minho trying sour buns

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how cute they are. (Imma cry real quick with this Hwarang shit cuz Hansung didn’t deserve to die, fight me on this)
Also, i LOVE how close they are *-* and TaeTae is such a cute lil bunny trying to act it out like it’s not the most sour thing he’s ever tasted so he can get Minho to try it as well. Just let me die.


*makes political comment*

*shit!  did I go too far?*


for @dtappreciationweek day 6 -favourite 2015 moment

list of scenes where beauty and the beast shook me (tbh the whole film got me shook it was so wonderful):

  • i love the way they told the curse/prince’s background like a tale in itself, it was horrifying and magical at the same time
  • the musical numbers were lovely and so well-done, they just make you happy: - ‘belle’ and ‘gaston’ were pouring out life it was great, ‘how does a moment last forever’ was touching and heartwarming, ‘days in the sun’ was all kinds of mixed emotions and it all went too fast they got me sad, ‘something there’ was simple yet very heartfelt - it explained how things were going too fast, their ‘falling in love’ was driven by curiosity and impulse decisions i love it, ‘be our guest’ was enchanting it was so good
  • listen ‘evermore’ is the fucking shit; that scene was literally so fucking sad and heartbreaking fuck; the irony of its happy and hopeful melody contrasting to the beast’s reality - it was all too much i fucking cried the moment he let her go ugh why i’m so emo (i’m still sobbing damn it)
  • that scene where they went to belle’s old home; it felt very real and genuine; and the fact that they both lost their mothers really makes you see how they could easily understand each other after all the fuss
  • i love their book nerd scenes, beast straight up dissing belle for loving romeo and juliet and all kinds of romance, but he ends up reading one too and ahhhhh they’re so cute, i love how enthusiastic and happy he was and just gave her the library lol and she was like what??? (just like the audience) and just screamed - tbh me
  • i love how awkward they were at first bc they just dealt with a life and death situation and now they can’t remain strangers lmao the otp
  • the waltz scene got me crying it was perfect, the palace staff were adorable too ahhh
  • but then when he was alone in the roof i legit felt all the sadness i wanted to hug him
  • when all this time he referred to himself as ‘a creature’ but when he fought gaston he finally said ‘i am not a beast’ i’m so fucking proud forreal i threw a fist in the air
  • he fucking got shot 3 times, shit went dark real quick; he jumped far to get to her - i was crying again, and omg her tears and his eyes it was all just ahhhh the way she said ‘i love you’ my heart broke, the transformation scene was magical
  • dan stevens is so handsome i was imploding, i loved how charming and dashing yet simple and ordinary he looked like, the prince’s and belle’s beauty was the kind that wasn’t showy/flashy, they were just ordinary excluded people with beautiful hearts, his eyes and his smile!!!! damn!!! the kiss was so good!!! and then the dance in the end!! when she joked ‘maybe you should grow a beard’ and he growled, i legit melted, so fucking cute and hot at the same time, this otp i swear just get married and have babies already they’re too cute (there are more great stuff about this movie but these are my first thoughts and i’ll do a proper review once i get myself together i’m too emo)
  • watching this film is truly the happiest i’ve ever been
Should you fight NCT?
  • Taeil: no. what the f cuk??? taeil wouldn't even get in the position to fight he's too good and even if he did he'd cry because he thought he hurt you or even worse he'd cry because you hurt him. not to mention Taeyong would whoop your ass if you did. in short: dON'T FIGHT MOON TAEIL FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T-
  • Taeyong: absolutely go for it. you MAY get your ass whooped we all know taeyong could kill a man with a glare alone but if you could land one punch, just one punch, you would have achieved a feat. punch him. but only out of love. but if you do square him too hard i'll fight you personally 1v1 meet me in the pit
  • Doyoung: FIGHT HIM. FIGHT KIM DOYOUNG. well you wouldn't have been looking for a fight but the moment the very millisecond shit-talk about the vroom vroom talkshow left your mouth this kiD WOULD BE READY TO WHOOP YOUR ASS and he would so you would have no choice but to fight him. and lose
  • Ten: do it. fight him. figHT THAT LITTLE BINCH JUST KICK HIS ASS DON'T EVEN HOLD BACK. he may come from the land of the most vicious boxing tournament in the world but this boy is the opposite also who hasn't thought about fighting ten at least once. take the opportunity. fight him.
  • Jaehyun: look i'd say don't fight jaehyun on the premise it would be kind of boring. i can't imagine jaehyun whipping anyone's ass. play some hoops with him instead i mean he lived in america for four years that's why-
  • Hansol: oh my god. why would you fight ji hansol. you'd have to answer to nakamoto yuta and that would be a very very bad way t o go what colour would you like your coffin??
  • Yuta: if the way he kicks a soccer ball is any indication on how he'd kick ass i would strongly advise against fighting yuta. he is deep down full of rage.
  • Johnny: fight him. finally he has an outlet for the rage of all the 8 years he's been left in the basement. he probably got bored a lot, and i don't doubt he probably did a lot of rage boxing. fight him with caution and let him win. lov u johnny
  • Kun: this sn ake. this mf snake. fight him. but beware. idk what i'd expect. he'd probably leave your ass beat and say you tripped or some shit i wouldn't put it past him. though i'm not stopping you. fight him
  • Winwin: the fact this kid can do aerials and flips is a fair indication he is really a ninja. he'd probably do everything with a smile on his face too, he's that sort of guy. you could try fight him, but you may end up dead. for this reason i would recommend you do not fight dong si cheng
  • Mark: firstly why would you fight him??? he literally stays in his own lane all the time. don't fight mark. he's too chill for fighting. let him rap instead. and if you did fight him, i assume xiumin wouldn't be happy and you've seen how ripped xiumin is don't do it
  • Donghyuck: this kid would fight you alright. i can just tell. hyuckie would throw relentless punches. fight donghyuck. but don't hurt him. he's only small. that's what he wants you to think
  • Jeno: no he's too busy looking like donghae to care
  • Jaemin: no????? his face should not be rearranged it's too pretty for that and jaemin is too peaceful let him live
  • Jisung: why would you fight a 14 year old

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My soul ascended the second these boys came out in their robes and velour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kind of leaned on my friends for support a few times a bunch of times!!! so there are some moments I zoned because it was so intense, but daaaaamn that shit is too much live.

Namjoon DABBED!!!!!!

I loved his attitude so much, he was so cool and cute and cocky at the same time I really yyeeeeesssss

Hoseok was lubejvdh;qfbwch;dsbfh;bfi;ebewf;db; !!!!
I can’t even go into this, he owns my soul, he owns it, he just possesses the stage so well when he’s doing sexy rap and !!!!! >.> lots of hip moving, riding the beat and grinding it  *still not okay*

Yoongi was….
I love his voice….he just…..I fell at this point….
Like, I literally fell down, my friends had to hold me up !
He always does that dang counting on his fingers thing and I may as well just fling myself into the sun because my ears heated up.

The rap line always gets the job DONE, Namjoon is such a great hype man and so dang good at balancing everything out in a rap group and I neeed to emphasize how much he really guided/owned that whole stage YEEEEEESSSSSSS~~~!!!!

!!!!!!!  K    I    N   G   S !!!!!!!

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Let's say early Cold War (like immediately post-WWII) and up, rifles of any caliber are ok. After all, even today some countries still have a battle rifle as their service rifle.

Well shit, I am no-gunz at the moment, but favorite just based on aesthetics would have to be-

The FN-FAL (baby shit/vomit colour or not).

M-16-A1 just has a nice look to it.

Any rifle that has been modified into a squad support weapon or GPMG is just great.

Right, the TKB-022PM is fucking ugly, but it is quite fascinating.

The G-11 is really a solid example of what german engineering is.

And the HK-21 looks like a sci-fi weapon in my opinion and that makes it lovely.

And that’s it off the top of my head, anon.


Every time I revisit this story I’m just…. *sniff*

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let's just take a moment to appreciate matt's instagram profile pic... i mean he looks REALLY F-ING GOOD, but notice photography skills there, just look at the play of light... i mean... it's f-ing amazing! this photo is somewhat spontaneous but at the same time kind of indicative and sooo expressive... i mean... i don't want to exaggerate things, but... well done helders, this is some legit artistic shit right here!


Matt is without a doubt an excellent photographer. I hope more people acknowledge this AND that he puts these skills to good use for the new era of the band. He hardly takes pictures of himself but when he does, boy if it’s worth the wait. I mean

I love the somehow stern/serious/focused look in his eyes plus the furrowed eyebrows, and the way his big hands holds the camera, his fingers wrapped around it, I can almost see him adjusting the lens before he takes the picture… And the lightning indeed, I was thinking how it was some good reference for my drawings, I think that’s the main thing he wanted to capture in this one. the perfect line dividing his face, specially his nose; and how one eye is reflecting the light and the other immersed in the shadows, his hair, his black shirt, I love love love this photo, as I love everything about him. Thank you for sharing the feeling with me ❤️

Big Special Thanks

I just wanna take a moment to thank @gaylorswift @aussiekaylor @princessandsunshine @beachwolf92 and @tenerife-lucy and @kaylorklosset as well as all the positive anons with the shit that happened yesterday!

I would also like to say I am decently sorry if me ‘queer baiting’ and calling myself gay offends you. Because assholes act like being bisexual isn’t real. Though don’t worry, I’m okay, and none of that bothered me. But again thank you to these lovely ladies. Who mean a lot to me, and are just so nice, and if you don’t follow them, please do. They are supportive, funny, beautiful, and caring. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better friend group.

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and if any of you EVER need anything, I will always be here


- boukoku no akito finally ends. i was expecting that they’ll include up until suzaku pwns EU (he’s the white shinigami after all), but eh, at least this ended in a happier note
- surprising hyuga/jean moment, i didn’t expect hyuga to be dere in the end orz
- yukiya lives and ashley is part of the gang, all is well
- i didn’t expect akito/leila to be canon w/a happy ending, (it doesn’t help that i’m just meh and neutral about them) but at least. it wasn’t a downer ending to their love story.

but who cares about all those.

holy shit suzalulu lives on!!!!

- well yeah, suzaku tried to kill/choke lelouch earlier on, but this makes up for it orz
- “let’s return together, to nunnaly” mY HEART suzaku stop being dere
- suzaku letting lelouch sleep on his shoulder i cannot take this asdfdflhjd
- and this very cute and sweet scene happened after the title card of “to beloved ones”, right after the canon kiss of akito/leila. was that a hint, sunrise? ahahaha

- bonus: i was wondering how they’d escape the prison. surprise, a wild rolo appears!

Well, I know Kirigiri’s death affects Neagi the most and all but let’s have a moment of silence for Aoi too (I love her too much) Even though NaeKiri died but they were together for a good amount of time, everyone was in the same division except Aoi, she finally gets to see Kirigiri and others after a long time and this mutual killing shit happens. Aoi has lost her best friend(Sakura) in DR1, has lost her brother aka THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON TO HER in AE:UDG and now she lost her another best friend in DR3. It just seems so sad and tragic and unfair that she has to go through all these bullshit when out of the survivors, she is the most sentimental and emotional. Everyone lost equally much, yes, but Aoi seems to be at the worst end half of the time and my heart just can’t bear it.

I want to preface this by saying I love the black ranger because he’s chinese and I am conditioned to immediately stan for literally any east asian character. I also loved the scenes with his mother. There were some good friendship scenes and one moment that’s just…. really well orchestrated comedy-wise, not in the gut-laughter way but like…. conceptually. Stuck in the cavern. Also at one point black ranger yells that he’s a leg and blue’s like ME TOO and they’re v enthusiastic, it’s the sort of energy that really should’ve been central to the movie. blue ranger’s pretty great & while he gets shit it *is* legit framed as bad, and I didn’t notice anything that shitty done with him, but I’m not super good at picking up on that. Yellow ranger doesn’t put everything out super clearly but 1) doesn’t deny ‘girlfriend problems’ and 2) says her parents 'doesn’t like labels’ so she might as well be doing a powerslide with the biggest possible bi flag as a cape.

okay so number one, I’m right about everything all the time. movie severely suffered from Gritty Hollywood’s Desperate Appeal To Teen And Up. The first gag was about giving a bull a hand job, so like, that’s. well. I don’t really know what else I can say about that. It also had like, grotesque (off screen) murders and jumpscares and a lot of talk about killing. They just kind of jump straight to 'oh we gotta kill rita then’ and it’s just p uncomfortable. I don’t think you can this nostalgic goofy concept and throw death around everywhere, it’s like… who is the audience for this? I wouldn’t recommend people take kids to this movie, there’s a gag about jerking off a bull and people dying. I wouldn’t recommend people who liked the original power rangers, there’s none of that campy idealistic energy.

Designs were bad. You see the suits and like, oh, that’s bad. You haven’t seen all the bad. They made the robot look……. real bad folks. I don’t know, I guess you can logic it to alien robot design not meant to appeal to humans, but it’s just. Bad. Everything’s grey and gross. The zoid whatevers literally only have shooty guns and the fight choreography is incredibly boring (but at one point everyone’s cheering each other on while they train so that was nice). The soundtrack was super generic except at one point they have the old power rangers theme and it’s so out of place yall I felt like I was split between two parallel realities and stuck in the shittier one.

This movie just takes itself way too seriously tbh. It wanted to be fun, and there are a few seconds of fun scattered throughout, but it didn’t want to be seen as a fun movie for god knows what reason. It’s really thoughtless and sometimes incredibly vindictive in a way that doesn’t make sense (pink confesses why other girls are being mean and she did a legit super shitty thing to one of them, says she feels guilty, I’m sure it was something about her being cheated on but why did she have the photo & why show it to ex bf, also sidenote the girls literally show up and say 'we’re cutting you out’ and LITERALLY brought a pair of scissors to cut a photo it was ridiculous where was I going OH YEAH anyway pink laughs when 'mean girls’ get a chunk of monster that messes up their car which 1) how did she see from so far, 2) legit danger of dying maybe not the time to be petty)

Space politics don’t make sense yall. If rita wants power why destroy the life crystal. Is she trying to destroy every one? Does destroying it give her power or does she just want to kill everyone? spoilers someone comes back to life (which is good because I was LEGITIMATELY ready to walk out of the theater) but it makes no sense and isn’t really explained except 'morphing field. only one chance. only one person apparently.’ Also there was some really intense krispy kreme product placement it was…. strange. Oh also at one point yellow & pink are goofing off at the krispy kreme and it’s real cute.

Anyway I absolutely hated this movie. It’s bad. But if I knew it was bad before going in, I would’ve watched it anyway because I’m already ride or die for blue & black & yellow so I guess I’m trapped in shit mountain. Hey @lionsgate fire your writers/directors and hire me to be in charge of power rangers I didn’t even care that much about its original run but you’re making this shitty off-brand non-toku that’s really bringing me down man it’s bad

did anyone tell you that i love to write? well, here’s something:

it’s not about getting everlasting happiness

it’s about finding and appreciating those MOMENTS of happiness

be it in the company of others, or by yourself,

from music or food or places and people

something that makes you glad and happy, just then, right then.  

it’s easy to forget those moments

when a waterfall of shit cascades all over and around you

but just remember to be aware of these fleeting, happier times  

and to smile in remembrance

as time will pass

you will laugh and smile again

with friends

and with love.

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I'm not going to do a "my day" thing as my day started at 4:30am but I will say that you are amazing and I love your blog so much. Today may be shit, tomorrow might be as well but there will be a time when the good things outweigh the bad. I am waiting for those good things at the moment but I'm sure they'll come. So just give it time okay?

Good things come to those who wait. I promise you they do. I’ve waited a long time to have really really good friends, and I have that now. I’ve waited a long time to start seeing myself as worthy, and in starting to. Sometimes, the good things happen when you least expect them. Right now I’m currently in a slightly lower place, but I’m sure it’ll be better soon. And thank you for your message, love. I wasn’t able to respond last night and I just realized I hadn’t. I hope your day went well

Can we just take a moment and look at this?

Juvia, the one that’s always *sarcasm* clingy with Gray, is talking to Lucy, with Gray not too far her.

See?! Juvia isn’t all about Gray! She’s all about Fairy Tail, and that means Gray as well! So, please, Juvia haters, don’t come up with shit just to make a point because in the end it just makes you look bad.

Also, my two girls are having a bestie moment! Ek! I love those two so much! I hope we see more of them together and all bestie like. ^^ Maybe another Unison Raid?