well these are pretty shitty but oh well~

I never would have guessed Fraxus would be my first ship art on this site, but after I drew Freed today I had too


uh so I was bored and decided to kinda doodle some of you cuties (I’m bad at drawing so they look bad)
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Rapunzel and Flynn Rider tree bros,,,,,,,,,

hecc yo, also i haven’t seen tangled in a long time sorrryryyy. also the only reason connor is rapunzel is that he has longer hair lmao

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Connor sighed. Just another day in this stupid tower. He should be more grateful, he knows that, but he isn’t today. Honestly he kind of just wants to jump out the window, flying down to the ground and slamming into the grass however hard gravity permitted.

He would never really, he had just been thinking recently how boring it is here.

He gets to paint, sure, and he gets to read, sure, and he gets a nice room and place all to himself, but that’s the problem. He’s all alone.

And his hair is getting too messy for this. Connor’s knows about the fucking magic, but he just wishes he could cut it. At this point, it just gets in the way. He had tried to style it so that it was relatively contained before, but he had always failed. These days he just tied it into a big knot that still fell to his lower back.

Connor was sitting in bed, enjoying a new book that his mother had gotten him, when the heard a crash. He dashed down the stairs, into his main living space. There was a man standing there, looking out the window.

Who is he? Connor thought, And what is he doing here?

He quickly grabbed the closest weapon to him, a heavy cast iron frying pan which was hanging on the wall, and wielded it like a sword. “Who are you?”

The man turned around, instantly raising his arms in surrender. He had a brown satchel over his shoulder. “I- My name is Evan.” The man said, “There’s no need to- threaten me- with that.”

Connor narrowed his eyes. “Why are you here, Evan?”

“I- I just found this place, ok? I needed a place to hide so I climbed up.”

Connor looked at him in disbelief.

“I swear!” Evan sighed. “Listen, you don’t have to believe me.”

“Good, because I don’t.” Connor lowered the frying pan, mostly because it was too heavy to hold up in one position for a long period of time. 

“Well…The fact that you don’t trust me makes me trust you more, I guess.” Evan chuckled. 

Connor shook his head in confusion, taking a step  away from Evan to place the pan back on it’s hook.

“Like uh…Like I feel safer because I’m with someone who doesn’t trust strangers.”

“Oh, well…” Connor smiled. “Thanks.”

They were silent.

“Listen sorry if this is…Awkward. I haven’t ever spoken to another person who isn’t my mother before.”

Evan’s eyes widened. “Never?”

Connor blushed. “Never.” 

Evan tilted his head. “You’re doing pretty well.” He made his way to the window, “I like your hair.”

Connor’s face got redder.

Evan swung his legs outside of the window, removing two sharp arrows from his satchel. (So that was how he had climbed up.)

“Well?” Evan prompted, “Are you coming?”

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I don't know if the AU question was rhetorical, but yes!!! Please????

I assume this is about the Arcade AU? 

- Jared gets Michael a night shift job at the Arcade and Michael absolutely loves it. Loves the smell of the place, the noises of all the games, the old music that plays in the Arcade, the cheap shitty prizes. Everything about it speaks to him and hes one of the best people at his job.

- Jeremy himself worked at Pottery Barn for awhile. Before he and Evan even knew that Jared and Michael were each others friends, they got a long pretty well. Always socialized with each other while there wasn’t much going on in the store.

- Evan can kick literally everyone’s ass at any game without even meaning to. He just gets so focused in the game he doesn’t realize hes doing well till its over and its just like this moment of realization like ‘Oh…woops.’

- Jeremy is very aggressively competitive at DDR. Michael points out to Jared Evan that not even he was able to win against him. 

- Fun Fact: Evan beats him at DDR and Jeremy just sits in the corner and quietly dies inside like ‘How did he even do that? Where did I go wrong’

- Michael helps any little kids at getting a lot of tickets/tokens because he just loves the kids okay. Michael is a good person and hes glad to see people still interested in old games like these.

- Jared finds it absolutely hilarious that Jeremy is having a break down over DDR.

- Jeremy spends a lot of time with Evan during work hours. Like they always help each other out. Evan handles older people while Jeremy handles the younger ones.

- Michael a;ways gets high scores on a lot of games and then helps kids beat them just so they are more confident in themselves.

- Michael spends free time with Zoe and Alana to gossip about how boys can be annoying sometimes. Hes an honorary woman leave him alone.

- Zoe has probably tried to style his hair lbh.

- Rich always tells Michael he really scored with Jeremy and his job and Michael just laughs like ‘If anything you scored with Jake.’

- Rich doesn’t get along super well with Jared, In fact Jared is kinda a dick to Rich and Rich has always been this close to full on punching Jared. But he doesn’t want to be an ass and stoop so low.

- Rich just comes to the arcade to watch Jeremy suffer at loosing at DDR with Evan lbh. Jake however, enjoys the games a little bit.


We're going down down in an earlier r o u n d
and SUGAR, we're goin down S W I N G I N G

【I'll be your number one with a bullet】
A 〖loaded〗 god complex
c.o.c.k it and pull it

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"in the south we don’t say “you’re a dumb fuck” we say “bless your heart” and i think that’s beautiful. the more mind-obliteratingly stupid we find you, the more descriptive we get. “bless your precious, sweet, mama-loving heart” means we’re not 100% certain how you possess enough intelligence to draw breath." is this a thing bitty does?

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Male Mc Mystic Messenger ZEN Route: Day 5 {Hour 21:12 + Yoosung Call}

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Hour: 21:12 ZEN vs Jumin

Zack spent the rest of his time looking out the window watching the storm slowly reach a calm. Now only rain was drizzling onto the flooded sidewalks and a gentle breeze was swaying the burnt tree branches. He held his phone in his hand and sighed in annoyance. What was he so upset for? It wasn’t like he was attracted to ZEN. Ha! 


Well maybe just a little. Well it’s not like it even mattered. J-just attraction is all nothing else. 


No that was a lie. Zack gripped his forehead and let out an exasperated sigh. This was stupid and ridiculous. It was too much trouble to be thinking about all of this. Right now he just needed to focus on the RFA, not high school butterflies and crushes. AGH! It wasn’t a crush! Well it was but… Forget it! 

His phone buzzed and suddenly the computer lit up. He looked down to see he was getting a barrage of emails and text messages. Guess the power and signal was back on. He got up and checked all the items in the freezer before checking the computer. Everything was up and running. He rubbed his face in annoyance, he just wasn’t in the mood to do anything for the rest of the night. He was pissed off at ZEN and pissed off at himself. 

He unlocked his phone and saw a chat open. He could just ignore it. Shit. Fine he wouldn’t he was too addicted to talking to these people. 

He froze when he saw it was ZEN. Dammit… He already swiped to join and it was logging him in. He could just press the home button but- 

ZEN>: Ah, I had such a great workout!
ZEN>: Zack! Heheh how’d you know I was done? You stalking me~? Hahaha!

If he logged out now it’d be too obvious that he was trying to avoid him. Dammit. 

     <: I think everyone would know you’re done working out.  
     <: You seem like the type of person who posts his workout on all the social media’s 

ZEN>: Someone’s being a bit sassy heheh! 
ZEN>: But
ZEN>: You’re right. 
ZEN>: Sit tight little prince~ I’ll show you! 

     <: Little prince? What? 

ZEN>: Hahaha! I don’t even know why I put that. 

Jumin Han>: Oh brother. 

     <: Jumin, hello, did you get hit by the storm? 

Jumin Han>: I didn’t but my company did. Everything is fine of course. 

     <: I see. 

ZEN>: Here ya go!

ZEN posts a picture of himself drinking a beer and wearing a towel over his shoulders. 

Jumin Han>: You drink, smoke, and exercise. 
Jumin Han>: You might as well stop acting as if you’re healthy for all of that leads to nothing. 

ZEN>: Hey! It does! I don’t smoke all the time! 

     <: And the beer? 

ZEN>: We can’t all be pure. 

     <: It’s not like you’re getting drunk all the time so I guess it’s okay. 

Jumin Han>: You are just another man forgiving his actions because of his looks. 

     <: Oh damn. 
     <: Someone bought the wrong cat food for El. 

Jumin Han>: Elizabeth 3rd. 

ZEN>: You are being more of a jerk than usual today. 

Jumin Han>: I’m just stating a fact. You are not a good role model. 

ZEN>: Oh whatever, you’re own dad isn’t a good role model. He just picks up beautiful young girls who are stupider than a bag of rocks. 

     <: Okay let’s stop now. 
     <: We’re all in a pissy mood. Let’s just shut up and change the subject. 

Jumin Han>: I am nothing like my father. I am a good role model. 

ZEN>: No you’re not! You flaunt your money and live alone with a cat. That’s nothing to strive for! 

Jumin Han>: But I am successful. 

ZEN>: Oh my god you infuriate me. 

Jumin Han>: And you can be successful as well if you do the commercial. 


Jumin Han>: Cat’s are truly the joys of life. 

      <: I mean they’re cute but dogs 

Jumin Han>: Don’t even finish typing. 

     <: Oh. 

ZEN>: Hey, jerk, leave my prince alone. 

Jumin Han>: This again? Your prince? 

ZEN>: Ha! I’ve just been messing around. 

Jumin Han>: It seems you make poorer decisions than I thought. 
Jumin Han>: For one your ‘pet name’ is confusing. 
Jumin Han>: And secondly you keep letting the fact of not getting along with cats prevent you from a great business opportunity. 

ZEN>: It’s not that I don’t get along with them, it’s that I AM ALLERGIC. Why can’t you understand that? 
ZEN>: And besides, I just say my prince because he looks like one. He knows it’s friendly don’t you Zack? 

     <: ya 

Jumin Han>: Perhaps you’re allergic to cats because you were evil to them and God plagued you with a curse. 

ZEN>: What even? 

Jumin Han>: You can overcome this obstacle with love. You would be doing a service to these blockades if you did. 

ZEN>: I’m allergic! 

Jumin Han>: That isn’t the only thing I’m speaking of. 

ZEN>: ??? 

      <: So… I understand the allergy issue. It really does suck. 

ZEN>: See! Zack always gets me!

Jumin Han>: Whether it be professional relationship or not you must understand that there are limitations to your fame. 

ZEN>: What are you even going on about? 

Jumin Han>: So choose wisely and take opportunities while you can. 

ZEN>: Choose wisely in what? Your stupid cat commercial? You know what? 
ZEN>: I’m done talking about it. 

Zack lowered the phone. Was Jumin reiterating what Jaehee had said? He sighed and rubbed his tired eyes. This sucked, it was like everyone but ZEN knew what he was feeling. Maybe to feel better he could just blame ZEN for his sudden obliviousness to all this. No. He wouldn’t even though he childishly wanted to. 

ZEN>: So Zack? I take it the storm has moved onward. Is everything okay? 

     <: Yes, a tree caught on fire but everything is good. 

Jumin Han>: How rude to dismiss my generosity. 

ZEN>: Wow! A tree caught on fire? That’s insane. 

Jumin Han>: It’s rude to ignore people trying to help you. 

ZEN>: Geez, you go about it so annoyingly. 
ZEN>: You can’t win me over like that. 

Jumin Han>: I thought you wanted someone else to win you over. But if you insist. 

ZEN>: Wait! 
ZEN>: No that’s not what I meant! 

Jumin Han>: I’ll send you roses. 

     <: Kinda old school. 

Jumin Han>: Have you ever received flowers Zack? 

      <: …..No :( 

Jumin Han>: I’ll find a way to send you roses then. 

ZEN>: Don’t! 
ZEN>: Don’t send me roses and don’t send him roses! 
ZEN>: Zack if you get roses 
ZEN>: burn them! 
ZEN>: And get rid of the ashes. 

     <: seven days… 

ZEN>: What? 

    <: I dunno it sounded like they were cursed 
    <: It was the first thing that came to my mind okay! 

ZEN>: Hahaha! Cute! You are my prince. 

     <: Um… can you stop calling me that? 

Especially when you don’t mean it. Just stop. 

ZEN>: Oh.
ZEN>: Sorry about that. 

     <: It’s fine. 

Jumin Han>: Either way you’ll still have ashes. 

ZEN>: shut up. 
ZEN>: It’s like you’re saying I can’t succeed without your help. 
ZEN>: You offered to advertise my musical and then go on saying that I shouldn’t ignore the power of money. 
ZEN>: You’re just wasting your breath. 

Jumin Han>: It’s like you have something against me. 
Jumin Han>: Are you perhaps
Jumin Han>: Jealous

ZEN>: No, you’re just annoying. 
ZEN>: I’m doing fine without your help. 

Jumin Han>: Congrats. 

ZEN>: You know what? I’m tired of thinking about you so much

Jumin Han>: Weird. I didn’t know I occupied your mind so much.

ZEN>: and your insufferab

Jumin Han>: Is it me who you actually have feelings for? 


     <: This is interesting and also frustrating. 

ZEN>: He’s probably smiling right now! It pisses me off. 

Jumin Han>: I am. 
Jumin Han>: You know me so well darling. 

ZEN>: I don’t need you to do well!

Jumin Han>: Ya

ZEN>: I’m done. 
ZEN>: You’ll see! I’ll do amazing in my new roll! 

Jumin Han>: Ah so I motivated you. 

ZEN>: I’m gonna break my phone!!!! 

Jumin Han>: I’m happy to be of service. 

ZEN>: Gah! 

Jumin Han>: What a fun conversation. Perfect before I go to bed. Good night. 

     <: Night. 

Jumin Han>: Thank you. 

        Jumin Han has left the chatroom. 

ZEN>: I’m gonna cuss

     <: It’s cool. That was kinda frustrating on my end too. 
     <: buuuuut that being said
     <: I’m smiling too. 

ZEN>: I don’t mind if you’re smiling. 
ZEN>: You being here helps, prince
ZEN>: Oh sorry. 
ZEN>: Zack. 

     <: It’s fine. 

ZEN>: I’m gonna go practice. 
ZEN>: Get some sleep yourself :)

     <: Yeah I will. 
     <: Thanks. 

ZEN>: Heh! See ya! 

        ZEN has left the chatroom 

     <: You’re the prince. 

He closed his phone and sighed. What an annoyance. He watched the flooded streets send it’s small waves of water run down the hills. He felt his phone buzz and let out an annoyed grunt. Without looking who was calling he picked up. 

“Hello?” He said tiredly. 

“Oh!” It was Yoosung. “Sorry did I wake you?” 

“No you didn’t. Just relaxing is all.” He said as leaned back and rested his head on the pillows. 

“Oh good! I was calling to see if you’re okay. I mean I checked the weather again and saw it finally passed.” 

Zack slightly smiled. “Yeah, thanks, it’s all good here.” 

“Oh I’m- cast cure you shitty idiot!” 

“Woah. Damn.” 

Yoosung sighed and then made a blabbering noise. “Ah u-uhm s-s-sorry I didn’t mean to get all angry. It’s just been a… trying battle.” 

“Heh, well don’t break your keyboard.” 

“No way! It’s my lifeline. B-but I uh called for another reason.” 

“You mean my well being isn’t at the top of your list?” 

“No. I mean yes!! Ah I mean-” 

Zack chuckled. “I’m kidding.” 

“Ah… you’re mean.” He faked crying. “You and Seven always tease me.” 

“You’re an easy target.” Heh, Yoosung was pretty cute. He was pretty ni- 

No stop. Now wasn’t the time. 

“That’s! Not…. it is true isn’t it. Ah! I don’t want to forget, uhm I called to ask if you could get me ZEN’s autograph? I mean I’m sure if you asked he would gladly give it to you. Plus he knows where you work so you can ask in person.” 

“Gonna sell it?” 

“Well…. no. Actually I want to flaunt it. I can go around saying I’m friends with someone famous. And have him write “To my loving friend and brother, Yoosung.”” 

“You’re… not serious are you?” 

“Yes totally serious.” 

Zack pinched the bridge of his nose. “Ahm… yeah okay.” 

Yoosung chuckled. “Great! Okay I need to pre-order something so I’ll let you go! Good night!” 

“Night, loving friend and brother Yoosung.” 

“Nnngh…. yeah… okay I hear it now, I’ll think of something else.” 

Zack laughed and hung up. Heh, Yoosung. 


He really was cute and nice. 


June 28, 2011

“Jesus, Aida,” Sky grimaced, “this is a pretty terrible spread! Look here, you have The Tower over here in this position”

“And what the hell is that?”

“Well, it’s a card to signify either a chaos or a major change. Look at the card, the tower is being struck by lightening.”

“Yeah that’s pretty grim. So what the hell is gonna happen to me then?”

“Well usually it signifies that something major is gonna happen. Death, job loss, health problems, that sort of thing. Usually it’s something significant that completely changes your perspective on things. So, basically, something shitty is gonna happen, but you can learn and grow from it.”

“Well, thank you for that, Sky,” I said sarcastically, “I’ll be sure to think of you in my time of suffering!”

“Oh don’t be like that,” Sky huffed, “there’s a lot to learn from the cards.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” I snorted, “just don’t tell me if you predict I’m gonna die or something.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Sky giggled.

I try to be a good friend and let Sky practice on me, but I fucking hate this spooky-magic bullshit!

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We arrive at Lucky Shack! Gunther is once again killing it at karaoke..

……….’it’ referring to Lucky Shack’s business. 

-And now for my next song, Nickelback’s How You Remind Me!

OMG IT’S MEADOW THAYER. The default replacements may have ruined her iconic look but I firmly believe she and Gunther are a slutty pair made in heaven. Always the tease, she leaves as soon as she enters and I have Gunther run after her but we couldn’t catch her </3 ONE DAY MEADOW

Victoria is unsurprisingly slaying at poker..

-Don’t fuck with me, fellas. This ain’t my first time at the rodeo.

..while Komei continues his life’s work of bankrupting us. Seriously, whatever amount Vic won, Komei managed to lose in the next 10 seconds.

-Man, ok.. So if I match 4 of the same color I get a power up?

…..the sound of divorce bells getting louder and louder.

After bimbo Cinderella Meadow ran off, Gunther quickly bounces back by getting drunk with local milf Ivy Copur.

-Ha, I like you kid. Let me come a little closer, I have something for you..


Oh. Well that’s fine then!

-HAHA. Thought you were gonna get lucky in Lucky Shack, did you, brat? 

Ivy who knew you were such an asshole?? Your face template is only rivaled by the Kaylynn Langerak one in how annoying I find it but with that shitty personality it looks like you might be Union material after all!

LMAO oh we got you now, Ivy, this is the Union area of expertise. Land this flatulent plane Gunther!

-You were raised by cats? Well that’s pretty cool.

-Not only that, I also used to sleep in the litterboxes when I was little! But unfortunately I can’t fit now </3

Wow I can’t believe she left after that sexy convo about cat excrement. Sorry Guns. But not that sorry, way too old for you.

-This night blows :(

Fucking tell me about it. I don’t even want to look inside, Komei has probably lost us the house by now..


-There’s really something.. deeply comforting about your facial features.. 

Yea could it be the fact that you share a good 70% of them??? TIME TO LEAVE

The obvious choice to drive us home: our drunk 15 year old. Jesus take the fucking wheel. 

At the exact moment that Komei is disgustingly dreaming of Marisa’s sweet embrace..

..she’s out in our yard stealing our newspaper! Talk about a ~love connection. I’m so emotional about Marisa’s furious thought bubble showing Jojo instead of Victoria tho. The little ones are all grown up ❤