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My idea for the comic is that the Boneheads are doing their activities for their bucket list.

That wasn’t the original idea for the boneheads comics, but that’s an interesting headcanon you have there.


Jesus Christ this fandom…“Worth It 1.0 Edition”…Part 68/? 🎷🎤

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What are some skills Zed is utterly terrible at? Does he acknowledge the things he's bad at with a certain level of humility, or does he purposefully avoid discussing them/bringing attention to them out of personal pride? Does he have ways he compensates for whatever he lacks, such as looking for people who can do what he can't, or doing self-study, or maybe figuring out a different way to do things entirely to get the same result?

Most things unrelated to fighting/strategising/manipulating, actually! He puts so much time into ensuring he’s the best of the best at what he does that he doesn’t dedicate much time to hobbies/unrelated things. Consequently, he’s not good at a lot of things. To name a few:

  • He can’t draw. At all.
  • He can write formal, politics related letters. He can write journals. He cannot tell stories. Well, he can, but not engaging ones, and certainly not fictional ones.
  • You don’t want to hear his attempts at singing.
  • He’s a good liar, but not a great actor. Like – he can act as a merchant, if he needs to be Not Zed, but it’s not as if you’ll catch him performing Shakespeare anytime soon.
  • He can’t play any instruments. He has tried. He cannot.
  • He is a very average chef. If you give him a recipe, he can follow it, but beyond that? Nah. He can do very, very little food-wise without someone giving him instructions right there and then.
  • His empathy skills are poor.
  • His knowledge of technology may be the worst in Ionia. He’s adopted a lot of it for his temple because it’s easier, but he’s distrustful of it and has never put in any effort into learning how it works. Lightbulbs are honest-to-god magic to him.

…And so on. I wouldn’t say he acknowledges them, no. He’s much more likely to simply avoid bringing them up. Like, in a conversation of food, he doesn’t need to mention that he can’t cook very well – he’ll simply ensure the conversation stays focused on the other party, because people love talking about themselves. 

For areas that he’s lacking skill and requires those skills in his day-to-day life, he does employ people with those skills. He has some very, very good chefs working for him, as well as several talented healers. He purchases antiques and art and books instead of making his own, and one or two of a certain individual’s paintings can be found lying around his temple. 

If it’s something he’s bad at that he can’t very well get someone else to do for him, he studies the hell out of it until he’s good. For example, Zed’s handwriting is impeccable – but that’s only because it used to be the most horrendous thing this side of Ionia and he wanted it to be prettier than Shen’s. Sure, he probably could’ve dictated letters to other people, but that means sharing confidential information, so he overcame it. 

As far as other ways of doing things – that’s not something he really considers until it’s necessary. For example, if he wants to steal a piece of information from someone, and they have… I dunno, anti-shadow magic wards set up, then, yeah, he’ll use an alternative method (ex: calling on traditional ninja skills instead of the shadows), but there’s not much of huge importance to him that he isn’t capable of becoming adept at. He’s a good learner, and consequently, the skills that are of most importance to him, he is good at. He’s stubborn and loathes relying on others, so he doesn’t allow himself to for the vast majority of things.

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Hey. I'm writing a story, which takes place in the zombie apocalypse but I'm kinda stuck. My MC is a member of a big survivor group. The other thing about him is, that he's a thief. He's been caught on stealing many times and has been punished for it, but he doesn't get kicked out because he's favoured by one of the leaders. One bonus thing is, that a herd has recently passed their camp. Why would he want to sneak outside the camp walls, even though there's a curfew? Thank you for your answer.

  • Well you said he’s a thief so maybe he goes outside the walls to find things that can’t be found inside and sell them to the people. 
  • or the way around. Maybe there are random groups of travelling survivors and he steals things from the inside to sell to them.
  • Maybe he’s actually doing some jobs for the leader and that’s why he’s favoured.
  • He’s looking for something or someone specific and he thinks he can find clues outside.

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What is your overall ranking for m6 ships?

Notice how there’s no “dislike”

There are endless combinations of these six, like, I didn’t even cover the ot3s lol. But yeah, take the pink as my go-to ships and the purple as my “*cringe it’s too cute to not say no”.


Truth or Dare -Taylor Caniff Imagine for allysparkless

“Aren’t we a bit old for this?” You said pouring some juice in a glass and giving it a zip. All the boys were already sitting down in a circle, laughing hard, singing and making annoying sounds. “Come on Ally” Nash said taking your hand “it’s going to be fun” all of them looked at you with puppy faces and you just couldn’t say no to the puppy faces. You smiled and sat down and everybody clapped. You were nervous about playing truth or dare, and the only reason for you to be like that was the one and only, Taylor Caniff. You had liked him since the day you met him but you of course said nothing and played it cool. Well, Nash, Cam and Matt knew: Nash and Cam only knew because they overheard a conversation with you and Matt, who already knew because he was your best friend. You didn’t want to play because you knew they would do something that will embarrass you and make you blush and therefore, Taylor would discover that secret kept for so many years. “Ok let’s start sweeties” Cameron said in his high pitched voice. “Um… Carter” he said pointing to Carter who was sitting in front of him. “Truth or Dare?” Carter hesitated for some seconds until he chose his answer “dare” he said. “I dare you to lick Gilinsky’s armpit, who by the way hasn’t taken a shower since monday” everybody laughed including you and Carter’s face turned white. Jack g lifted his arm showing a hairy armpit. Carter came closer and slowly licked it. Everyone of you bursted out laughing and you felt like you had pissed yourself. “Ok ok funny” Carter said gargling some water with the hope the awful taste would go away. The game continued until it was Nash’s turn and you expected the worst. “Please don’t pick me Grier, please don’t” you whispered to yourself. “Ally” he said without hesitation “truth or dare?” “Um truth?” You whispered. “You chicken” Matt said rolling his eyes. “Fine dare” you decided and by Nash’s look you knew it was the worst decision you could ever make. “I dare you to kiss the hottest guy in this room” his eyes narrowed and a smile slowly spread along his face. “You bitch” you said to him telepathically, he just chuckled. “So sorry guys, but i don’t find any of you attractive, so sorry” you said trying to sound serious. “I know for a fact that’s not true” Cam said raising his eyebrows. “Ok maybe you need a little push” Matt said grinning. “Taylor” he exclaimed still looking at me. “Truth or dare?” ” but its her turn” he said arranging his red bandana”i don’t care, truth or dare?” “Truth” he said straight away “Do you like Ally, yes or no?” Nash asked. Silence irrupted in the room. “Yeah” he said looking down, everyone laughing at him and at your very red and shocked face. This couldn’t be happening. He couldn’t like you. You laughed nervously and looked at them three with killer eyes. “Well I guess theres your answer” Matt said. You sighed. You got closer until you were inches from his head, he looked up slowly so he could meet your eyes. You pressed your lips against his and the kissing began. You felt fireworks and all that stuff girls feel when they kiss a guy. You could feel him smiling during the kiss an the boys laughing and taking pictures. From that day on, you dated Taylor, who turned out to be the love of your life. Although you didn’t want to admit it, it was all thanks to Matt, Nash and Cameron.

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okay but what kind of farm girl Lexa are we talking about here? because I'm totally weak for modern au farmgirl Lexa in soft blue dungarees, smelling faintly of hay and mud and the long sweet summer grass. waking up with the sun through thin curtains, feeding the the cats and the dog and making the rounds of all of the like injured animals she looks after (probably goats okay, i'm extra weak for goats) and stroking the nose of the old horses she's adopted and just generally being pure (1)

and she like collects all of the eggs from the chickens and lets them out to scratch at the ground and checks in on the sheep and the new lambs and then by the time she’s finally finished the sun is rising and the air is warming and she rolls up her sleeves and pushes back the one tendril of hair that is falling out of her french braid. And Lexa has flowers everywhere we all know it: flowers in the vegetable garden, flowers in hangers, flowers in beds and then wildflowers in all of the fields

And on her way back up the the small farm house she picks bluebells because they are everywhere rn and pushes a piece of lavender behind her ear. Then she brews coffee and quietly takes it upstairs to where Clarke is waiting, a cat curled onto the bottom of the bed, still sound asleep all wrapped up in their thin sheets and presents her with the coffee and the bluebells and Clarke smiles all sleepy, with half lidded eyes and pulls her in for a kiss 

and finally, when Lexa is losing her breath, she pulls away and is like “babe you smell of goats, stop cuddling the babies” and Lexa blushes because no matter how much she doesn’t have time for it and she tries to be Professional she cuddles the kids every morning, she can’t help herself, and hides herself in Clarke’s shoulder.

OR are we talking about fairytale au farmgirl Lexa with swinging wooden pails of oates and shoes worn down to the sole, collecting dried hay in the sunlight, all bending back and swinging arms, rhythmic and patient. And then she leans up to wipe her hand against the sweat dripping down her forehead, probably smearing dirt across her skin, and spies a girl on the corner of her field picking wild berries…

i’m crying this is so atmospheric and pure. you need to write more farmgirl lexa, ray.

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