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a finite list of fave aces: JUGHEAD JONES

Yeah, well, it’s why I can think clearly and see this administration for what it is! I’m not hobbled by these hormonal impulses!

Jughead 2015 (Chip Zdarsky & Erica Henderson/Derek Charm)

Happy Asexual Awareness Week!


“I see you for what you are and what you could be. We can do great things together. Not as master and slaves, but as the warriors you truly are - free to continue your crusade without the shackles of outdated faith.

I’ve gathered this crew and they’re loyal. Because I am loyal… and because we share a vision. One where the blood we spill and the treasures we plunder are in the name of our own free will and nothing more.

So, one last time. Choke to death on your leash?

Or… join us?” [Halo: Tales From Slipspace - Hunting Party]

Random Ango fluff stuff cause I promised @goddamnitdazai​ i’d do it weeks ago! Sorry if they aren’t the best uwu)/ Also sorry if there’re typos;;

  • No matter how much practice he has, he’s really bad at cooking. If his s/o cooked him meals or at least helped him a little with it, he’d be so damn grateful.
  • He melts if he sees his s/o in an apron.Something about the domesticity of it really gets to him so it also happens when he does laundry with them. He’ll start staring at them with this dumb dreamy look on his face and honestly it’s too cute.
  • If his s/o ever happened to meet Dazai, he’d try to stay as close to them as possible if he wasn’t already physically touching them in some way. He rarely, if ever, makes such a blatant protective gesture which causes his s/o a bit of confusion until he explains who it was that they met. Ango knows that even if he acted detached and uncaring towards them Dazai would see through it and he’d be an anxious mess trying to make sure Dazai stays away from them.
  • He gets small bouts of insecurity about how he thinks he doesn’t deserve his s/o and worries about the danger he might be putting them in by being close to them. It’s during these times that he’s actually afraid to touch his partner at all so it’s up to his s/o to snap him out of it and practically smother him with affection.
  • Due to the all the sleepless nights he spends doing paperwork, he gets sick every so often. He’ll try to go to work like that if no one is there to stop him so it takes a stubborn s/o physically dragging him to bed again and calling up his office to tell them he’s taking the day off.
  • The man practically cries with gratitude if his partner starts giving him a shoulder massage while he’s hunched over paperwork. If they keep going lower he’ll literally stop and lay down for them to continue promising that he’ll get back to his work. He either ends up moaning about how good it feels for about an hour or falls straight asleep depending on how tired he is.
  • He’s constantly late from work so he’ll text ahead of time telling his s/o not to worry about making him something for dinner. Of course his s/o won’t listen and makes sure he has something to come home to anyways even if they can’t stay up before he gets home.
  • Sooner or later he’ll start buying matching stuff for the both of them. Matching umbrellas, toothbrushes, coffee mugs etc. start popping up every so often and Ango acts like he didn’t mean for it to happen that way they were just having a 2 for 1 sale.
  • He can’t tell his s/o a lot about his job but he never leaves them in the morning without at least a kiss on the cheek and promising he’ll be home as soon as he can.
  • Prefers to be the small spoon actually. If his s/o wanted to switch it up he’d be fine with it but sometimes he just needs that feeling of security.
  • Like simple, shorter dates tbqh. Going to a restaurant or cafe and heading home after are easier since he doesn’t have much down time but even when he has a little he’d rather spend it in privacy with his s/o or alone. He gets tired pretty easily too if the date drags him to multiple places.
  • His kisses are usually slow and sweet like he’s afraid he’ll break his s/o if he’s too rough. Usually he’ll let his s/o take the kiss where they wanna go rather than taking the lead because whatever they go for he’s 100% up for it.
  • Even if he doesn’t blush much, he ends up flushing a really deep red when his s/o climbs into his lap. Even if they do nothing else and just sit there he’s red from his ears to his chest and there’s no way he won’t beg them to do something about how turned on their getting him.
  • Everything about this man is sensitive whether he likes it or not, though he’s good at hiding that something affects him if he has to. Nibbling on his ear or neck right before he goes out the door for work has him thinking about it practically all day though he’ll still be able to do his job properly unless they really try to tempt him into taking the morning off.
  • Didn’t really know where to put his hands the first time he made out with his s/o and had to have them show him where he was allowed to touch or else he’d end up in some weird make out purgatory where all he does is hold their hand. He’s a quick learner though especially if he can get a good moan out of his s/o.
  • He loves when someone runs fingers through his hair when they’re kissing him and if they tug a little he’s putty in their hands.
  • Gets cold easily so he’ll snuggle up closer to his partner wherever they are. Sometimes he suggests sitting next to them under a kotatsu so they aren’t shocked if his cold ass feet touch them. 

Just saw the new Supergirl episode and let me just say…


And Maggie’s and Alex’s chemistry was beautiful! I am so convinced that Alex is the gay character. I mean come on! Did you see that longing look that she shot after Maggie when she left? God bless. I am so happy.

But honestly, I don’t know who isn’t gay on this show anymore. THERE WAS LIKE ALL THE GAY MOMENTS!! Lena and Kara. Kara’s obvious crush on the President (but like what’s up with her???). Alex and Maggie. I need me some more Alex and Maggie scenes! ALL THE EYE-SEX!

My gay heart can’t handle this. I AM SO FUCKING HYPED FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!!!!


I miss Cat though

So, “Welcome to Earth” clearly took a few pointed jabs at issues long and recently on the radar - LGBTQ identities and isolationism, xenophobia, racism, the meaning of personal freedom and agency, and just where the lines are drawn with regard to the concept and application of safety and security.

And we had some plot elements (and twists) right out of the comic books - a gaylien… I mean alien… safe-haven dive bar (that a high-ranking DEO agent wasn’t aware of?? and that screamed of BtVS), revelations of the “last” progeny of dead planets and extinct civilizations, and a president who is not what she seems (but was a sight to behold… jfc, I hope they bring her back). Oh, and also all the smolder and spark that was flag-wavingly-proud in every scene between Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer.

And that’s just it, there was a lot packed into this episode. Maybe too much, but that remains to be seen based on what comes next. Introducing rather relevant storylines is a great move *if* you continue to explore and build in that area, and to do so with some measure of conscientiousness and respect. Otherwise why engage in the cruelty of giving the audience a morsel of a meal that you don’t intend on delivering?

It seems a certain thing that the overtly hinted at queer romance of season 2 is going to be between Alex and Maggie. It seems a certain thing that this theme of what it means to be a a refugee looking for a home, both on a physical and emotional level, is going to be seen through not just from Kara’s viewpoint, but also that of Mon-El, J'onn, and maybe some of the denizens of the sanctuary bar. It also seems a certain thing that we will dive deeper into the darker side of government/political/military institutions and all that Project Cadmus has wrought.

And all this begs the question - will these just be flashpoint scenes interwoven into the typical hero-show pitfall of a “monster of the week?” Or will we see some good, solid crafting of the narrative, to include character development, and the ever-wavering moral gray?

Ultimately, yes, Supergirl is a show based on a comic book. It’s going to have some camp, it’s going to have plot holes, it’s going to have a considerable amount of far-fetched flash and flair. But will it rise to the figurative occasion to present episodic television that is both thought-provoking (and feel-inducing) as well as entertaining?

Here’s hoping.

afdkgladfgkLGKAFDLJGALDFJGADFL i just watched 1 (one) khan academy video and i feel like i learned more than all my math (linear algebra) lectures so far combined im so mad at my prof