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your Voltron headcanons are amazing and hilarious and a gift to this world

once again i’m in awe that my gift to humanity is shitposts

  • “where’s pidge” “i don’t know probably planking on a robot or something”
  • lance is a treasure trove of very specific and random skill sets that come in handy at very specific and random moments
    • one time he goes undercover as a circus performer and manages to distract the bad guys long enough for the team to stage a whole prison break by juggling for half an hour straight
    • can totally pick locks with bobby pins
    • king of limbo, once avoided death by lasers by shimmying under them
  • “oh my god guys guys if keith were a superhero he’d be the sandman. get it. get it because he lived in the deser-”
  • keith and lance use the buddy system whenever they have to walk through the castle because they still don’t trust it not to kill them and there’s strength in numbers shut up pidge
  • not that either party knows this but hunk can deadlift more than zarkon
  • allura’s vibe is “don’t fuck with me” while shiro’s is “you could pour soup in my lap and i’d probably apologize to you”
  • *in the middle of a fight* pidge: “tag yourself i’m that galra guy who just straight up ran away when he saw us“
    • lance: “i’m the ship that just blew up”
    • hunk: “i’m the cold, crushing void of space”
    • coran: “can you kids lighten up a little???”

but seriously, like, akuma attacks have to happen when adrien and marinette are in the shower or duing some other equally inconvenient time. why do i never see that in the show or in fics

  • like marinette’s in the shower and her phone goes off because the news stations are freaking out over the akuma
  • and marinette’s like “shit i’m in the middle of shaving my legs” but oh well, gotta save the city again
  • so she just has to jump out the shower and doesn’t even have time to get dressed before she transforms. 
  • so she shows up with her hair soaking wet and conditioner still in her hair and she’s gotta fight an akuma. probably like in the middle of winter too to make it worse.  
  • meanwhile chat shows up with a freakin’ croissant in his mouth because he was just in the middle of breakfast and needed to transform but there’s no way in hell an akuma is going to prevent him from skipping the most important meal of the day
  • or like one day ladybug shows up with eyeliner on only one eye and chat shows up with only one cheek contoured
  • because marinette was in the middle of her morning routine and adrien was in the middle of makeup for a photoshoot when the attack started
  • both showing up to fights at 3AM with bed heads and retainers still in because they literally just jumped out of bed
  • and it probably gets to the point where it’s super normal for chat and ladybug to show up looking super weird and unkempt bc they were in the middle of something random but they had to just drop everything and go

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Well, if we're talking about drinking, I'd like ask: what type of alcohol "adult" part of series would prefer: Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai, Guy, Genma, Iruka, Yamato, Jiraya, Tsunade, Shizune (Of coursr, please do the caracters you've met already)?

I thought long and hard about this and I’m pretty confident with my answers. I had to do some serious research for these headcanons.

Naruto Adults’ Favorite Alcoholic Beverages

Kakashi loves Hennessy Black. It’s sleek black packaging is very appealing to the eye. He prefers to drink it over ice. While it can have a variety of undertones in its flavors, Kakashi tends to notice the honey taste more than the others. 

Asuma is a beer drinker. His favorite is actually Irish Dry Stout. It’s dark in color and it goes well with the barbecue he often eats with Team 10. It’s a little bitter in flavor, which mixes well on his palate with the taste of cigarettes.

Kurenai likes her red wine, particularly Pinot Noir. This wine pairs well with a variety of different foods, especially with Japanese dishes like sushi and salmon. She likes how delicate it is as a beverage and how she can easily pick out the fruity aromas like strawberry or plum. 

Guy likes hard cider. He finds the crisp apple flavors to be very refreshing after a long day of training. It can cool him down and stimulate his tastebuds without making him so drunk he can’t function. 

Genma prefers bourbon - the kind that will instantly make you grow chest hair with how much it burns on the way down. He likes the kind that has aged a bit more so he can really pick out the vanilla notes that he can’t find in younger whiskies. 

Iruka loves Baileys Irish Cream. While he has tried many flavors of this liqueur, he tends to stick with the original cream. To Iruka, nothing is more relaxing than coming home after a long day and brewing a cup of dark roast coffee and pouring two shots of Baileys in. It’s not the strongest alcohol, which he appreciates, but it definitely helps put him to sleep when he needs it.

Yamato actually appreciates white wine. His favorite kind is Gewürztraminer, a German wine. It is very sweet and pairs well with Asian cuisine. He likes to sip it over dinner. He likes the hint of peach flavor in the wine and likes how dry it is.

Jiraiya loves Belgian Quadrupel beer. Pairing well with smoked meats, Jiraiya can often be seen with his type of alcohol at his table. He likes the sweetness of brown sugar that he can taste. It has a high alcohol percentage, so it usually doesn’t take him long to feel the effects.

Tsunade really enjoys white wine, particularly the more velvety kinds of Chardonnay. It goes down smoother than usual dry wines and has bold hints of citrus flavors. On occasion she will drink the fresh barreled kind for the taste of vanilla and coconut. She can go through two bottles in one night if she isn’t careful. 

Shizune loves Merlot red wine. It’s a softer wine which she only drinks on the occasion where she needs a hardcore relaxation period. She likes how she can taste plums and other herbs on her tastesbuds. It was this wine that really introduced her to alcohol when she became old enough to drink. 

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Could we get some mattsun/makki polyamory headcanons? Keep up the good work! Hope you had a nice day!

mY BOYS ARE BACK. Always hype to write for my favs <3 Hope you have a nice day as well uwu

• it’s an endless circle of borrowing each others sweatshirts whether it’s too big or small- the circle goes round and round 

• bc why wear your own shirt right

• cooking and baking together on a lazy date day is a thing that happens often and with “cooking and baking” it’s more like sneak-eating before the dish is actually ready 

• the pranks are outta control with these seijou dudes and sometimes the third party questions why they even dates these bois sometimes


• takes turn on who is the middle of the cuddle pile, sometimes it’s Makki, other days it’s Mattsun and sometimes the other

• share the love! share the hugs! 

• very healthy relationship with lots of love and affection and don’t forget the communication bc it’s important to be able to talk to your lovers 

• the PDA is also outta control, sometimes just between makki and mattsun so they can embarrass the other… why r u like dis bois

i have a strong trans!dipper headcanon. here’s my evidence/headcanons

  • there aren’t enough trans characters in mainstream media, especially in media directed at kids, so why the fuck not
  • dipper’s very hung up on appearing “manly,” but learns that being a man isn’t about falling into certain stereotypes
  • he goes by “dipper” because he hasn’t chosen a first name for himself yet
  • he was bullied at school and didn’t have a lot of friends – maybe this is part of the reason why?
  • my headcanon is that mabel and their parents took it very well and were amazingly supportive about it 
  • grunkle stan acted like he didn’t care one way or another, and for the most part, he doesn’t (he loves him either way) but knowing dipper was trans probably contributed to him wanting to toughen dipper up some, knowing he’d probably get bullied for it
  • mabel will literally fight anyone who makes fun of dipper or addresses him by the wrong pronouns or name, even if dipper tells her not to make an issue of it
  • why the fuck not

please consider this kurodai au:

  • kuroo is a professor at local uni who goes jogging in the park every morning
  • he sees one man so often that after some time he approaches him to introduce himself
  • it comes out that the other one, daichi, works as a personal trainer
  • they get along well and jogging together becomes their daily routine
  • somehow they end up meeting on the weekends too, going grocery shopping together because they live so near or just hanging out at each other’s houses
  • after few months an old lady who lives next to kuroo asks him why he’s not living with his boyfriend if he’s already spending there most of the time
  • kuroo gets very flustered because why does she think daichi is his boyfriend??
  • he tells it daichi as a joke and they both laugh but for the rest of the evening daichi is oddly quiet 
  • obviously kuroo thinks he did something wrong
  • he also realizes he’s very gay for daichi
  • they start to meet less frequently because they have too much work and it continues until daichi arrives at his doorstep with his things and asks him if he could stay over for a few days because neighbours flooded his flat
  • after few days kuroo realizes that living with another person is actually really nice and he wouldn’t mind doing it for a little longer
  • when daichi gets ready to go back to his flat kuroo suggests him moving together. because rent would be cheaper. right? obviously that’s the reason
  • daichi refuses and they don’t see each other for a week
  • then daichi texts him and explains that the reason why he does not want to live with him is that he kinda likes him and does not want to make him feel uncomfortable
  • the next day in the park daichi starts running from kuroo the first moment he sees him and it somehow ends with kuroo chasing him and screaming “please go out with me”
  • when daichi finally stops running kuroo can’t even look him in the face because he thinks he may faint
  • yes they kiss
  • it ends with daichi moving with him
  • someone please write a fic
May and Steven headcanons

•Norman can’t stand the thought of his little May dating anyone. So when Steven introduces himself to him, Norman goes berserk grabbing all his pokeballs, wedging them between his fingers and throws them all at once at Steven unleashing his Pokemon.

•Norman reacts the same way to the paparazzi and constantly threatens them. One of the reporters was daring enough to ask about Steven and May’s relationship. This just makes Norman snap and he unleashes all his pokemon onto the paparazzi.

•Whenever Steven would come over, May’s mom would swoon and spoil him with gifts which causes Norman to become even more agitated.

•Don’t leave Norman alone with Steven, ever.

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Give me some Spark fluff!!! I love that guy!

Spark is my favorite from Pokemon Go, let’s get some good headcanons going :D

Spark fluff headcanons

- He can dance. Not very well but it’s the thought that counts. He know all the latest dance moves, but that’s about it, so he does a ton of improv dancing at clubs. It still woos his s/o because of his dedication.

- This is the kind of dude that goes to the gym but also sits his ass down infront of an Xbox playing Overwatch drinking Mountain Dew and eating Doritos. Get a man who can do both. He’ll play any video games with his s/o and I mean any. Barbie Horse riding games? He loves that stuff. Dead by Daylight? He’s a crying child but he’ll still play it with his s/o.

- He’s extremely loud and obnoxious when he’s home, joking and teasing his s/o with a light heart; he gets noise complaints from his neighbors when he sees a spider he can’t kill, leaving his s/o to the task.

- Spark cuddles are warm and soft, he makes sure to wrap both him and his s/o up in a blanket burrito before plopping on the couch to watch movies or take a nap. He finds the most interesting ways to make his and his s/o’s life fun!

Pokemon/Haikyuu Crossover AU KageHina

I saw some fan art for this and a little bit of some other headcanons but I wanted to do my own. ))

-Kageyama goes for strong Pokemon and doesn’t pay attention to the weaker ones.
-However, he forms amazing bonds with his Pokemon and they all really love him.
-People think Kageyama abuse his Pokemon or something along those lines because of how grumpy he is.
-Hinata Shouyou does not think these things.
-Hinata loves any and all Pokemon.
-His team isn’t organized but they work so well together that they’re very strong.
-Hinata does not like fighting weaker Pokemon than this own so he often has tons of Pokeballs to catch them and heal them.
-Hinata and Kageyama meet because one of Kageyama’s newly caught Pokemon runs off and finds Hinata’s group.
-Hinata laughs when Kageyama comes running and then he realizes, “o crap im gay af”

Add on if you want. I’m thinking Kageyama has Pokemon like Empoleon, Absol, Bisharp, Lapras. Hinata has Arcanine, Zorua, Espeon, Dedenne, Furfrou.


You know how every alien just calls Alex like, “human”, or whatever. Well, when shit goes down and after Alex blows all the ammo out of every gun, rocket launcher, AK, Rifle, Water gun, what have you, that she has and Astra comes to save her, and kick some alien ass, general boss ass bish should just whisper, very threateningly, “my human.”

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Hey! :D Horrible to hear about your laptop charger breaking D:. I remember when mine broke as well, we had to get another charger from another country (the country of the laptop's origin) but hope it goes well :D And Voltron's coming back! When your laptop comes back, how about some celebratory gifs/headcanons about em? No pressure and your choice if you wish :) Just miss them a bit on your page xD. I hope you have a good weak~

I’ve missed doing Voltron headcanons, so I’d be glad to write some! And hopefully I will get my charger soon. For now I’m using this cheaper substitute charger so that I can still write for the time being

mathewryf replied to your postWhat would your ideal voice for Vanilla be?…

That makes a good degree of sense. I mean she definitely LOOKS in her twenties (though not as young as Vector). Also, as far as enraging her goes, I headcanon her as having a high tolerance for most things, but pushing her past those limits would send even Omega running for the hillside. 

Exactly! Vanilla is definitely older than Vector, on account of having a six year old kid, but she’s still very young! And yes, that’s exactly my headcanon on her getting enraged as well XD High tolerance, but when shit hits the fan, EVERYONE runs away in fear lol 

Oh, I also just remembered some other “voice templates” for Vanilla: Delia Ketchum (Ash’s mother from the Pokemon anime) and Sukuyo Mankanshoku (Mako’s mother from Kill la Kill)! I wish I could provide a link to the latter but no video of her English voice is on YouTube -_-


So uhmm according to some bonus pages from Weekly Shonen Jump that Organicdinosaur was so kind to share with the world, it’s snake-son’s birthday today. And Boruto discovers the cencept of “reverse friends”.


A few Robron headcanons I've been thinking about...

Mostly domestic- all fluffy.

• Every week Aaron and Robron have a date night. When they live in the pub it’s the night the two of them go out somewhere, just them. When they have their own place it’s the night that Liv goes to a friends or (more often than not) it’s the night she stays at the pub. It’s usually Wednesday night because, as Aaron so lovingly put it, “There’s squat on TV so I might as well spend some time with you.”

• Sunday is ‘family day’ It’s the day that Aaron, Rob and Liv go and do stuff together. They go to theme parks or to the cinema or shopping, just the three of them. Liv will never tell them but she looks forward to Sunday’s now.

• Robert is strict on the “no phones at the table” rule. It’s the hour or so they can chat to each other and talk about their day. Aaron rolls his eyes but loves it. He loves how Rob interacts with Liv.

• Robert makes the BEST pancakes. He doesn’t make them often as they don’t always have a lot of time in the morning (As Rob says its totally Aaron’s fault for looking so delicious when he first wakes up) but some days he makes them for Aaron and Liv. For Liv’s birthday one year he made her every version she wanted. She now demands it every year.

• Roberts favourite and most used mug was a gift from Liv when she went on a school trip. He was so touched she got him something that he didn’t know what to do, it still makes Liv smile to see him use it every day.

• Rob takes 'business trips’ every couple of weeks so Aaron and Liv can have sibling time together. He usually just crashes at Victoria’s and hangs out while Aaron and Liv do their thing. Aaron tells him he doesn’t need to do that, that they’re a family and they do things together but Rob knows how important his bond with Liv is. Aaron falls in love with him even more when he says it.

• Robert nearly cried when Liv asked if they could do something together. He took her on a day trip and he had concerned messages from Aaron all day. Liv told him she didn’t really want two brothers but if she had to then she’s glad it’s Robert. When they got home Aaron was nervous as hell about how the day went but seeing Liv hug Robert with a smile on her face made him happier than he could say.

• Aaron and Robert make out that they have set sides of the bed but they always end up in the centre of the bed, wrapped around one another. Not that they’ll admit that.

• Aaron can’t cope in the morning without a cup of tea. If Rob has to be up before him he’ll take a mug up, kiss his head until he’s semi conscious and leave the mug on the bedside table. Aaron grumbles that he wakes him up but when Rob is away its one of the things Aaron misses most.

• Robert 'sweet tooth’ Sugden has a hidden drawer of chocolate and sweets. Aaron pretends that he doesn’t know but it’s hard not to notice 14 packs of Twix underneath the sweaters.

• One year on his mums anniversary, Robert asks Aaron and Liv to come with him to the grave. They’re unsure but they do it for Robert. They go and he tells his mum he misses her and then introduces his family and says that she would be proud of them, that she’d love them as much as he does. Aaron holds his hand as Robert tells his mum how much he wishes she was there. Liv hugs him and tells him she loves him too.

• Aaron goes to Liv first when he decides he wants to propose. He asks if she’d be alright with that and she shrugs and says 'whatever’ but the tears in her eyes when they announce they’re engaged tells everyone just how happy she is to have a real, proper family.

mort-ician’s headcanons and art of younger Belcher kids are so cute so I just somehow doodled over some of those. (Credits for all headcanons here as well as the design for tiny Tina and Gene goes to mort-ician, consequently. I’m so sorry, I’d have done more and in more detail I guess, but I ran out of time and energy for the time being.^^”)

Gene tries to eat everything as a baby. If you aren’t watching him he’s sticking something new in his mouth. 

When Louise is born , Gene had a hard time saying Louise so he called her Lou Lou for a while.

Of the three of them, Louise cried the most and the loudest.

On Tina’s first day of kindergarden, the whole family walked her to school. Gene carried her backpack for her the entire time! (he was a little upset when he found out he couldn’t come to school with her) ( i made a drawing of this )

(I know it only said ‘a little upset’. I took waaay more artistic liberties than I should’ve. He… Probably got over it though. XD)


I know the devs of Overwatch have said Lúcio’s leg armor isn’t prosthetic (which sure fine, whatever, isn’t like they do well with depicting marginalized groups so I don’t exactly trust them with Lúcio). But can I submit for everyone’s consideration, Lúcio with braces?

Like, it could be scoliosis, because it goes all the way up as we can see with his cute little back pack. Could be something like Vertigo, or Arthritis/Chronic Pain Syndrome. He would definitely need some sort of assistive device in battle with any of those.

And his headphones! His gun must get loud, so Autistic Lúcio using them and his goggles to make sure he doesn’t go into sensory overload in the middle of battle. And/or they could be function as hearing aids if Lúcio is deaf or hard of hearing.

Just… I love Lúcio Correia dos Santos, please talk to me about this wonderful young man.

headcanon that while in Haven City, Artemis and Holly visit the LEP training academy and do some practice. On one of the simulators, artemis somehow gets the lowest score ever recorded in LEP history, lower than both Lili Frond and Grub Kelp [well, personally, I reckon he had a fairly alright score]. Anyway, after that, he hacks foaly’s system to delete the record, not wanting it to be his legacy. So, of course, Foaly restores it. only for Arty to delete it again.

it goes on and on for quite some time, neither wanting to yield to the other.

How the boys react to the MC going blind - OTBS Request!

I’m having a bit of a lousy couple of days, so I felt like writing some angst today and well, throwing myself into my writing, working on some requests…

I received an OTBS request similar to the EITM one I had a while back where the MC goes blind.

So here we go -

Minato - When the news reached Seasonelle that you had been in an accident on your way back from an interview, Minato panicked.
Telling Akiyoshi that he needed to go to you, the Chief recognised in an instant what was going on as he agreed.
‘Keep us updated. I want regular updates.’
That; Minato could handle.
It was about the only thing he could manage. Shusei had insisted on going along with him, if only to drive Minato to the hospital, knowing he was in no fit state to drive.
‘She’ll be okay, she’s been with us a long time and has become stronger than any of us.’
Shusei wasn’t even sure if Minato could hear him. He was completely lost within himself. How had this happened? Why hadn’t he insisted on joining you?
He knew it was absurd to blame himself, but he was doing it anyway. He had promised himself from the moment he first went chasing after you that he would protect you, and now he had failed you.
Being directed to your hospital room, there was something of a commotion going on as the doctors gave you something to calm you down.
‘What the hell is happening?!’ Minato demanded, forcing his way past the nurses who tried to usher him outside.
‘She is my Fiancee, I deserve to know what’s going on!’
Though at the Doctors insistence, Minato was sent outside, with Shusei assisting the nurses in pulling him into the waiting room.
‘Let them do their jobs,’ he muttered in Minato’s ear, trying to appease his best friend, though he didn’t stop pacing the hallway, waiting for news.
‘Mr. Okouchi?’
Turning at the sound of his name, Minato was ready to through a barrage of questions at the doctor who approached him, though what he had to say rendered your fiancé speechless.
‘Your fiancée suffered several injuries in the accident. None life threatening, but she became distressed when she regained consciousness. She told us she couldn’t see anything. Upon closer examination after we helped her to calm down, we discovered that she has suffered loss of sight. I’m afraid we do not yet know if it is temporary or permanent.’
Minato was at a loss for words…He could remember how happy you were that morning, bright faced and smiling as usual.
How had it all gone so wrong?
‘…Does she know?’ he asked, unable to recognise his own voice.
‘Yes…she asked that we be honest with her. We will do more tests once she is better recovered, but of course, we do not want to give her false hope.’
‘Can I see her?’
‘Yes, of course. She’s been asking for you.’
Leaving Shusei in the waiting room, who put a hand on his shoulder, unable to say anything, Minato walked into the room to find you huddled up away from the door, the sound of your sobs quietened by the pillow as he closed the door and walked around to you.
The moment he was at your side, you could breathe in his cologne in an instant. Feeling his hand wrap around yours, you felt so pained that you couldn’t see him.
‘Minato…’ you uttered, your voice barely a whisper as Minato stroked your tear stained cheeks.
‘I’m here,’ he breathed, brushing his lips against your forehead.
‘What if I…what if I can’t…’ you tried to choke out, though the words failed you as Minato wrapped you up in his arms, sitting with you on the bed as he held you close to his chest.
‘I don’t care. We’ll get through this no matter what. You’re mine and always will be…’ as he cradled you in his arms, you were unsure of what the future would hold, but Minato had promised himself a long time ago that he would never let you go, and that wasn’t about to change.
‘I love you…my beautiful girl,’ he whispered, kissing the top of your head.
‘I love you too,’ you responded, holding onto your love as though he were the only thing keeping you grounded. You could only hope and pray that you would one day be able to see again, but with Minato by your side, even if just for a little while, things got a bit brighter.

Shusei - It had come as such a shock when Shusei discovered you were in the hospital. He had been covering an event and was met by an angry Minato when he got back to the office demanding to know why his phone was off.
‘Missed me have you?’ Shusei grinned, when he realised by Minato’s grave expression that something was wrong. That’s when his eyes fell on your desk. You weren’t there…
Rushing to the hospital, Shusei had felt as though the ground had swallowed him whole when he was told the news.
‘She might never be able to see again?’
‘I’m afraid not…we don’t know the extent of the damage. But as it stands, she cannot see anything. Until we have more time to monitor her, we cannot yet say whether she will regain her sight or not.’
Running a hand through his hair, Shusei had been shown to your room, though as he put a hand on the door, he stopped himself.
He knew how much pain you must be in and yet he couldn’t help but feel like he was going to break any moment.
He wanted to punch a wall, throw things, yell, demand that something be done. He had never felt so angry in his life…all because it was something he could not control.
As his eyes fell on you, sat up in the hospital bed with your arms wrapped around your legs, Shusei felt a pang of guilt in his heart.
You needed him right now.
He could be angry later.
Walking into the room, Shusei tried his best to be whatever you needed from him. Whispering your name, he saw you look up slightly, evidently listening for his voice again as he gently placed himself beside you on the bed.
‘What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into this time? Huh?’ he asked, trying to sound as light hearted as he could when he noticed the tears slipping down your flushed cheeks.
‘I’m sorry…’ you whispered, your voice pained as Shusei placed his hands on yours.
‘You don’t have to say sorry for anything,’ Shusei insisted, though you surprised him in your reaction as you threw your arms around his neck and sobbed into his chest.
Pulling you as close to him as he could manage without hurting you, Shusei stroked your hair, listening to your pained voice as it slowly broke his heart.
‘I won’t be able to play video games with you anymore…I won’t be able to work with you and see your face every single day…who can love someone like me?’
‘I do,’ Shusei insisted, his own voice losing strength as tears fell down his cheeks. ‘I love all of you. We will get through this. Nothing is ever going to keep us apart. We’re getting married, we’re going to have a beautiful family and I will do everything I can to help you get your sight back. No matter how long it takes. But I am never giving up on you…never.’
He had never been more sure of anything in his life.
Taking your right hand where you wore Shusei’s ring in order to keep Seasonelle from guessing your engagement, Shusei removed it, and placed it where it belonged on your left hand.
‘I love you,’ he whispered, putting his hands in your hair and grasping it lightly as he leant his forehead against yours. ‘I love you and I always will.’
‘I love you too Shusei,’ you responded, feeling his tears on your fingertips as you found his lips and kissed him.
At that moment, it felt like there was no one in the world but the two of you.

Tsumugu - ‘Ya have to do some more tests. What do you want? I don’t care how much it costs. I ain’t concerned about any of that!’
‘Mr. Kido, please understand, it’s not about money. We simply don’t know whether the effects of your girlfriend’s accident are permanent or not. It is a matter of time over anything else.’
As you sat silently beside Tsumugu, you placed your hand on his, as if to say it was okay. Glancing to you, Tsumugu’s heart sank as he wracked his brains, trying to think of a way that he could help.
You had hardly smiled since your accident. You were withdrawing from everything and everyone. You refused to answer Akiyoshi’s calls and had stayed firmly away from the boys at Seasonelle.
Tsumugu would rather see them all over you than this…he never believed it would be possible that he would ever think that. But he wanted so much to do something.
What you hadn’t confided in him was your fear that he wouldn’t want to be with you anymore.
Since you had lost your sight, you were almost convinced that he wouldn’t want you. You felt no one could ever want you when you had sunk to levels so low that you hardly knew how to bring yourself out of them.
As you left the doctor’s office with Tsumugu, he promised you that everything would be okay, though as he squeezed your hand, your lack of response had him worrying even more. Looking into your face and seeing the tears that silently slipped down your cheeks, Tsumugu stopped you and brought you into his arms.
‘Talk to me,’ he pleaded.
‘I’m sorry…’ you whispered, your voice raw and pained.
‘Stop sayin’ sorry, damn it, you stubborn woman,’ Tsumugu responded, though their was no trace of anger in his words, only frustration.
Why couldn’t he make this better?
It seemed like a last resort, but Tsumugu was willing to try anything to bring you out of the low that you were in.
Going to Seasonelle on his day off under the ruse of going to the store, you had agreed to stay at home, which Tsumugu had been counting on.
He had never believed that this was how your relationship would come out. But he was desperate.
Going to his colleagues and asking for their help, he explained the nature of your relationship, though in spite of that, they seemed relieved by his request.
‘Like you even have to ask Tsum-Tsum,’ Shusei remarked.
Bowing to them in thanks, Akiyoshi made Tsumugu stand up straight as he insisted that Tsumugu needn’t thank them.
‘She is important to all of us. It’s time we made her realise that.’
After stopping off to get some additional food and supplies, the others went to the home you shared with Tsumugu, though the elitist Tsumugu was prompt in running a hand through his hair as the walked in through the front door.
‘I’m home!’ Tsumugu called out, hearing a faint response as he left his shoes by the front door and encouraged the others to walk with him.
Finding you in the living room, you were curled up on the sofa, listening to a comedy program that you both enjoyed while being wrapped up in a throw.
‘Ya watchin’ it without me?’ he asked, feigning a hurt tone and getting the smallest of smiles from you.
‘C’mon now.’
Switching the tv off, Tsumugu took your hands, seeing the uncertainty in your features as Tsumugu encouraged you to stand.
‘Don’t go gettin’ mad at me now. I did this because I love you…an’ because I’d do anything to see that smile of yours again.’
Taking you into the dining room, you had been about to ask what Tsumugu was doing when you heard another familiar voice.
‘I never thought I’d be so happy to see you.’
‘Don’t give him all the credit,’ Minato cut in, his voice kind as Tsumugu stood aside, guiding you by your shoulders and letting the Seasonelle boys greet and embrace you.
‘We miss you…’
‘I’m sorry…’
‘Stop with the sorry stuff already,’ Akiyoshi remarked, a wry smile on his face. ‘I don’t expect see an endless array of “I’m sorry” in your next article.’
‘We’re getting in some specialist equipment so that you can continue your work while you’re recovering. I’m not letting one of my best journalists quit on me for something so ridiculous.’
‘But I-’
‘I’m not accepting no for an answer.’  
Feeling tears well in your eyes as you were embraced by your friends and colleagues, you looked round and reached out for Tsumugu.
‘You did this…for me?’
‘I wanted to make you happy…I missed your smile so much,’ he admitted.
‘I thought…I thought you wouldn’t want to be with me anymore.’
Your own revelation was enough to render Tsumugu speechless for a moment as he lost his usual elitist composure.
‘You have gotta be kiddin’ me woman? Ya really think I’d ever want someone else? I love you…an’ after everything we have been through together, I ain’t lettin’ ya go for anyone,’ Tsumugu remarked, cupping your cheeks and leaning his forehead against yours.
In the next instant you had thrown yourself in Tsumugu’s arms, the extent of your feelings coming through as Tsumugu welcomed you with open arms and held you flush against his body.
‘I love you…I love you so much,’ you whispered, evoking an emotional response from everyone around you at the display of affection before them. For the first time since losing your sight, you really believed that everything would be okay.

Chiaki - It had come as such a shock to Chiaki when he discovered you had been in an accident; but it hurt him dreadfully when you were refusing visitors.
He had no idea why you wouldn’t want to see him. Were you trying to lessen his worries? Make him carry on with work as normal?
It was unthinkable. He couldn’t function like that without seeing you. He had to know you were okay. He wanted nothing more than to hold you in his arms and let you know that it would all be okay.
‘Please, I am her fiancé,’
‘I understand, but-’
‘Mr. Yuasa?’
Turning to see a Doctor, who told the nurse he would take it from there, Chiaki braced himself as the Doctor requested that Chiaki walk with him.
‘What’s wrong? What do you know?’
‘At this point, not much. After our initial examination and analysis, we are unsure whether her sight loss is short or long term at this point.’
‘But she will get it back?’
‘I cannot say…right now she is very distraught, understandably so, given her situation.’
‘Doctor, please, I have to see her…’
‘Please. Tell her I know…Tell her I love her and that I have to know she is okay.’
Relenting to Chiaki’s pleas, the Doctor requested a moment while he went to your room. The next two minutes felt as though they dragged by as Chiaki waited for a response, when the Doctor emerged with a single nod as an answer.
Standing aside, Chiaki wasted no time in rushing into the room, only to discover you curled up in the hospital bed, your complexion pale as your body trembled lightly.
Were you scared at the idea of seeing him?
There was so much he wanted to ask you, but only one word would come out.
As you shrunk even smaller, Chiaki came a little closer, reaching out when you finally spoke.
‘I thought you wouldn’t want me…’
Your voice was so meek, but the emotion you evoked from your fiancé was all too much to bear. You still loved him.
Without having to give it a second thought, Chiaki’s body moved on impulse as he pulled you into his arms, his voice wavering as tears welled in his eyes.
‘Nothing in this world is more important to me than you…’
He had never been more sincere about anything in his life.
‘I don’t want any woman if she’s not you. You taught me to love. So please…don’t ever leave me…’
Losing yourself in his arms, Chiaki refused to let you go, even when the normal visiting hours were finished. He didn’t care what it took, he would never leave your side. No matter what. You would get through this.

Kaoru - When Kaoru heard the news, he felt as if his heart had stopped for a moment. It was as though history were repeating itself until Chiaki reiterated that you were safe.
That was all that mattered.
He couldn’t lose you.
When Chiaki had given him the details, Kaoru had left without another word. He had never run so fast in his life as he did that day.
By the time he was allowed to see you, Kaoru was instantly at your bedside, holding your hand in his as he felt your gentle warmth relax his tension.
‘Yeah, I’m here,’ he smiled, his voice tender as you gripped his hand.
‘Did you speak to the doctors?’
He didn’t have to ask what you were referring to. It was all too clear.
‘They think it may be permanent,’ you choked, your voice breaking as everything came flooding out.
‘I can’t see you. What if I can never see your face again? What if I can’t keep my job? I’m scared Kaoru…what if I can’t do this?’
‘You can do anything,’ Kaoru responded, sitting on the edge of the bed as he caressed your cheek before pulling you into his strong embrace.
‘You are strong. I know it will be okay, because you showed me that there is nothing to be afraid of. That I could be happy and smile. I just have to show you…like you showed me.’
Smiling at Kaoru’s overwhelming kindness, you felt the warmth of his chest against your cheek as you listened to his gentle heartbeat.
‘Tama and I will both help,’ he promised, earning a smile from you as he silently vowed to help you overcome your situation. No matter what.
When you had been released from the hospital a couple of days later, you were still awaiting test results, though you were told they would take another few days to come through.
While you felt apprehensive about going home, you had also yet to speak to everyone at Seasonelle. They now knew about your relationship with Kaoru as well as your sight loss, making you even more anxious.
Though what you hadn’t expected as you were wheeled out to the waiting room and reception was the flurry of embraces that you found yourself met with.
Breathing in the various scents and colognes, you knew in an instant who was there as tears filled in your eyes.
‘What are you all doing here?’
‘What do you think silly? We’re here to see you. We miss you,’ Shusei remarked, his voice kind as ever.
‘We’re bringing you back to work soon, Kaoru’s miserable without you there and it’s getting unbearable,’ Chiaki remarked, his sullen voice making you laugh. Though you couldn’t see it, the boys were overwhelmed with relief to see you. They knew you had a long road ahead, but they also promised that they would do everything in their power to help you, just as they knew you would always help them.

Akiyoshi - ‘You’re certain?’
‘We have done all that we can do. Now it is just a case of time. We are hopeful her sight will return. We do not believe the damage to be permanent but we cannot accurately predict how long it will be before it returns. It could be a month, it could be a year. We just don’t know at this stage.’
It had been two weeks since your accident and two weeks since you had lost your sight.
Throughout your consultation with the doctors, you had remained silent, while Akiyoshi asked the questions and talked over your possible options.
‘Is there anything you would like to ask?’
Knowing the question was directed at you, you merely shook your head as you rose from your seat.
‘No, I have nothing to ask. Unless there is anything else…’
‘No, you are welcome to go. You have your next appointment scheduled-’
‘Thank you Doctor,’ you remarked, your voice devoid of emotion as Akiyoshi also got to his feet and took your hand.
‘Thank you,’ he added quietly, leading you out of the room.
Throughout the drive home, you had remained completely silent and Akiyoshi respected your desire not to talk.
He knew that losing your sight had taken a huge toll on you. While you were simply granted time off to help you recover, he knew that you were worried about losing your job at Seasonelle.
It didn’t matter what he had to do to prevent it, you were not leaving his team. Regardless of what he had to do to ensure it.
Even though it had already been discussed with his superiors, who confirmed they were not turning their backs on you for a second, Akiyoshi knew you struggled to believe them.
It had been hard for you to find much positivity in anything lately.
Once you were home, you were able to navigate your way around without assistance, though Akiyoshi promptly took your hand and led you upstairs to the room that you now shared.
Sitting you down on the bed, Akiyoshi waited for you to speak before saying anything.
‘Are you mad at me?’
‘The opposite…talk to me,’ Akiyoshi implored.
‘I don’t know what to say. I feel as though I am…functioning. Going through the motions. I can’t understand why Seasonelle would keep me when I’m all but useless. I don’t understand why this had to happen. Every morning, I wake up and I’m reminded over and over that I can’t see your face. I can’t look into your beautiful eyes. I miss watching you when there was a nature documentary on, or anything to do with animals. I loved seeing a side of you that no one else even knows exists.’
Feeling yourself breaking as the walls you had desperately tried to build came crumbling down, your hands clenched in your lap as everything came out.
‘I am so scared that I will never be able to see again. I am terrified of losing you if this doesn’t get better,’ you admitted, feeling the tears spill down your cheeks as Akiyoshi suddenly pulled you into his lap.
You didn’t have to see anything in that moment to understand your fiancé. His actions spoke louder than anything else as he held you as close as he could muster, his hands intwining in your hear as he rested his forehead against yours. How could you ever believe such a thing?
‘I love you…I love you more than I have ever loved anything or anyone in my life. I am not going anywhere and neither are you. I asked you to marry me and I am never letting you go,’ he remarked, the emotion in his voice a tell tale sign that you knew only too well as his hot tears fell against your skin.
‘I love you…’ he repeated, his voice earnest as you wrapped yourself around him, burying your head in his chest as he kissed your head softly.
‘I love you too…’
‘We will get through this, together. I promise you. You will see me again, but until then, I will keep telling you exactly how I feel and reminding you just how lucky I am…and I’ll continue to do it even when you can see it for yourself once more…’

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Prediction for Caryl in season 6

My rough prediction for Caryl this season:
Daryl get abducted and goes missing
Rick has some sort of reason why they can’t stage a rescue
Carol feels ‘well f#$ this’ and stage her own rescue
At one point our favourite couple fights zombies
For some reason Carol ’s tough exterior breaks down and she confess to Daryl what happened to the two little girls in the previous seasons
Aka some ‘hopefully’ great Caryl scene

Captain’s Note: