well there goes my morning before work

I went to Starbucks this morning to get coffee and after I ordered I realized my card only had $2 left on it. So after I ordered I asked if I could add $5 to my account and gave my most charming smile because I’m pretty sure I did it in the wrong order and that’s annoying. 

And he get’s kind of flustered and drops the money and then I can’t scan my phone and I figured it was because I had fucked up the whole thing.

So I say, “Sorry I’m the worst.” 

And he blushes before he says, “No you’re not, it’s just - well you have a really nice smile.”

And then I’m flustered because how dare someone compliment me? HOW DARE?

But I’m also really awkward and I was like, “Oh well I can stop smiling if that helps the situation.”

So then he laughs and shakes his head before he finished my order and goes back to work. 

And I’m just… how dare someone compliment me. It was such a strange way to start the morning. Happy Tuesday everyone. 

Puppy Love (Rafe Adler x Reader) SFW

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A/N - Finally I’m able to get back to writing! I’m very rusty so this is probably not my best. I wanted to get at least 2 christmassy based stories out of my boys. I worked on this on and off but hopefully I can get the Sammy fic done before xmas! I hope you enjoy this one! These were also to help me get back into writing before getting to those prompts! I want them to at least come out good! This is also my kindof own personal headcannon story that Rafe had a dog when he was younger while his parents were away on business trips. It came out longer than I anticipated

“And finally my keys?…yep that’s everything.” you smile as you pack up your handbag in the front room.

It’s about 2 weeks until Christmas and you have been pestering your fiancé, Rafe Adler, to take a day break from work and go visit his parents. You both will be getting married in the New Year and you don’t know anything about your soon-to-be in-laws, much less anything more about Rafe himself. But, Rafe being Rafe, he refuses, mainly to see his dad at this time of year. Well from what he has said “he can be very difficult at this time and I don’t like being around him during this time of year.” But that isn’t going to stop you getting to know them, even if that means you visit them by yourself.

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TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Strangest cancellation reason

Out of my four years in pizza this one definitely beats them all. I work in a smaller chain of pizza restaurants in Dallas, TX that mostly caters to businesses in the mornings.

I got a call as soon as I walked in the door at 8 by a woman freaking out that she needed to place a large order to be delivered at 11:30. I take her information, place the order, and all goes well. We start making the orders before hers and all’s quiet. We finally get to prepping hers at 10:15 and she calls asking us to cancel the order. She tells us that she’s just been fired and instead of buying pizza for the office would rather go and get a drink. My cooks didn’t believe me at first, but they’re still laughing their butts off.

Do you guys have any crazy stories?

By: thatpizzaguy1

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So who wakes up early, and who uhhh doesn't?? (For rp night))

(I only included the companions who canonically sleep, + Nick because I saw him sleep one time for 24 hours straight for no reason…)

CAIT: Depends on whether I bothered to sleep at all. 

CURIE: Sleep is new to me, but I do enjoy it so very much… Surely it cannot be unhealthy to get too much sleep, yes? 

DANSE: The Brotherhood won’t tolerate soldiers falling asleep at their posts. It’s important that I maintain a constant daily schedule. I prefer to start my day at 6 am sharp, every day. 

DEACON: Wake up early? And miss all the fun? It’s amazing what people will do after hours. That’s when you get all the best intel. 


Hancock: Do my best work after dark… why would I wanna ruin the fun by going to sleep early? Course, ‘going to sleep’ and ‘going to bed’ don’t always mean the same thing…

MacCready: Sure, go ahead, wake me up before 10. I dare you. 

Nick: I don’t sleep, but I got a fondness for early mornings. Feels like a new start. 

Piper: Well, I can’t say I enjoy waking up early, but I have to do it if I want to get enough copies of the paper printed before Nat goes to school. I keep a candy bar under my pillow to make it a little easier on myself. 

Preston: I have to get up bright and early to make sure I have enough time to get everything done. Truth be told, I don’t mind it. There’s something peaceful about the early morning. 

lookit me, still being a piece of shit, lmaooooo

Still working on TMTOWTS, but I will take a few moments to reply to asks before I have to go to work (I got switched to morning shifts goshfreakin’dangit I hate morning shifts but oh well)

On the plus side my mom’s back is getting better so she doesn’t need me on the paper route anymore but I’m still paranoid she’s gonna do something fuckin’ stupid and bugger up the healing process so we’ll see how that goes

In the meantime, I have some stuff in OneTab I’m gonna reblog before I go, too

Hopefully will reply to RPs when I get back later, and have the new chapter update out within the next few days, but again we’ll see how it goes!



We’re discussing this.

Dedicated to sheisagenius. She sent me this lovely prompt - Happy and Walter having a conversation about their respective feelings for Toby and Paige, because although they, being the stubborn geniuses they are, deny these things/avoid talking about these things, they both have recognized that talking can be beneficial.

Walter took Toby’s advice and raced over to Paige’s apartment. He didn’t know what he was going to say, or how he was going to explain himself, but was there, outside her window. When he saw her and Ralph with Drew, it upset him in a way he wasn’t familiar with. He knew he couldn’t face Toby after the shrink went off on him earlier so he went to the only place he could think of, Happy’s apartment.

Knocking on the door, he could hear movement before the door opened. “What are you doing here, Walter? Did something happen?”

Taking in her appearance, Walter took a step back. “Did I wake you up?”

“No.” Happy was barefoot and her hair still in a ponytail, only now she wore a black tank top with what looked like green plaid boxer shorts. “I’m at home, this is comfortable.”

“Are those Toby’s?”

She scoffed, “Subtle, Walt, real subtle. If that’s your way of asking if I’ve had sex with the doc, the answer is no. They were an old boyfriend’s. I got rid of him, but kept these.”

He stood awkwardly in the doorway until she invited him in. As he sat on the couch, she finished making her tea. “You want anything?”

Walter shook his head and she shrugged, hopping onto the breakfast bar and sitting cross-legged with her mug in hand. “Why are you here?”

Walter decided to forego any pretense and just asked. “What’s really going on between you and Toby?”

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So I just saw Victor Frankenstein

Lolol I saw the 22% it has on RT and mentioned it to @schmaptainschmamerica and she goes “yeah but it looks like something we would like”

And omg yes it is. Ship all the things.

So good. Seriously I need to draw some Victor/Igor. Well….if I feel well enough to sit at the cintiq.

Also need to get home and eat before 8 because I have to fast before tests tomorrow morning. Then into work for 2 hours and then off to more doctors.

A fun filled day.

But the important thing to take away from this is you should go see Victor Frankenstein so you can join me.

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what mornings would be like with the rfa members

(Thank you so much for sending this in~! I just woke up so this is kind of perfect and I had a lot of fun with this lolol.)


•You’d wake up to his arm wrapped around your waist and light breathing on your neck.

•When you both get out of bed, as always he comments on how pretty you look in the mornings.

•You’d make breakfast together. It wouldn’t be anything big, as he has work very soon, but even if it’s a bowl of cereal you’d make it together.

•Loads and loads of morning kisses.

•"Good morning, my beautiful princess. How was your beauty sleep? I dreamed of you.“

Jumin Han:

•With Jumin, you’d wake up to find him already out of bed.

•He would have made you breakfast, or at least opened a packet of pastries for you.

•"Elizabeth 3rd needed feeding as well.” of course she is the reason he’d get out of bed.

•Before he goes to work, he’d take you by the wrist, drag you onto the couch, and bring his arm around your shoulder; pulling you into a morning cuddle, you’d then receive little kisses on the forehead and cheek.

•Despite having to wear one for years now, Jumin still struggles to wear a tie. While you’re changing (you’d get changed at the same time), you may have to stop what you’re doing to fix his tie for him.

Jaehee Kang:

•"I made you a coffee, it’s on the worktop next to your toast.“

•She’d also be awake before you.

•While you’re eating breakfast, she’d be rushing to get changed.

•You don’t see her much in the mornings.

•But when you do, she’s very affectionate. She knows you don’t see much of her at these times, so when you do get a few minutes to relax she wants to savour it.

Yoosung Kim:

•He would wake up later than you. He’d probably be spooning you when you wake up.

•You’d whisper in his ear to try and wake him up for school, but he wouldn’t listen.

•"Not now, baby girl, five more minutes.”

•When he does wake up, he’s very out of it.

•This boy would use salt instead of sugar on his cereal.


•Wake you up with a song. It would probably be a song from a musical. Or Shrek, that always works too.

•"What? You said you needed to set an alarm. That’s me, I am your alarm.“

•Tickles. Lots of lots of tickles. He finds the whole thing funny, but he knows when to stop as you’re not the most lenient in the mornings.

•While you’re frantically rushing to get to work, he’s spinning in his chair making cute noises.

•When you’re almost ready, he’d take a hold on your wrist and bring you over to the chair so you can spin on it together.

old ass skype log of kenn and i talking about the fourth ghost cousin in the au
  • son chorizos: so when's the bishounen training dummy happening
  • son chorizos: ,': 3c
  • wang dongler asster: NO GET OUT
  • wang dongler asster: IM NOT HUMANIZING ANY MORE DUMMIES
  • son chorizos: okay but what if training dummy is just another one of their cousins and he literally lives in the fucking apartment with them but he's just so unassuming that they always forget he actually lives there
  • son chorizos: nobody has actually seen him in like three years because he minds his own damn business
  • wang dongler asster: what if he like lives in the room closest to the apartment door and nobody sees him leave and he eats outside every day and goes to work early and parties till late and is never home and when he is he's just locked in
  • son chorizos: goD
  • wang dongler asster: nobody ever entered his room
  • son chorizos: PAPYRUS COMES OVER
  • son chorizos: "Hey, Mettaton, who lives in that room right there?"
  • "Oh, well that's.... that's, uh...... huh. Well, shit, he does live here. Ain't that the darnedest thing."
  • wang dongler asster: OH MY GOD
  • son chorizos: and every month Mads get a fucking check just slid under their door in the morning before they wake up and when they see it there's always a moment of "wait what the fuck is th- oh. oh yeah."
  • wang dongler asster: IM LAUGHING HOLY SHIT
  • son chorizos: Blooky is the only one that's actually constantly aware of his precense because Blooky isn't a fuckin shitlord but they definitely haven't seen him in like
  • son chorizos: at least a year
  • wang dongler asster: THE MYSTERY COUSIN
See You Soon

Mystic Messenger, Jumin Han / MC, might contain some spoilers to Jumin’s route with how he reacts to situations and to MC. Read with caution if you have not gone through the route. Second person.

“…so once I am finished with my morning work,” Jumin sighed, grabbing his tuxedo and putting it on, “I will be returning for lunch.” He smiles softly at you, taking your hand as he bows softly. “I’ll see you soon, my angel.”

“I’ll look forward to it,” you say with an even softer smile, checking over his tie before patting his chest softly to give confidence. “Have a good day, Jumin. I hope your work goes well.”

Jumin nods, placing his hand over yours and holding it tightly before turning away to the door. “Your words of encouragement are all that I need.”

“Say hello to Jaehee for me!” You call after him with a grin, waving to him. Once he leaves the building, you turn to the Chief of Security with a glint in your eyes, grinning as you ask, “Could you take me to the seventh floor, Chief?”

With your body exhausted after a couple of hours in the gym and wandering through the building, you decide to turn your interest towards the private garden on the rooftop. Jumin had spoken of it being a nice place to take a stroll in the day, and a stroll seemed like fun at that moment. The security guard assigned to you was watching from afar, allowing you your space as you wandered the garden. With the sun shining brightly above you, you began to feel tired. You spotted a group of sun chairs. Your feet moved on their own towards the chairs and you sat on one, immediately relaxing your body with the sun’s warmth on your skin.

Jumin quickly moves towards his house, smiling as he thinks about being greeted by you once he arrives. Upon arriving at the penthouse, however, he looks around the immediate room in confusion. “…Honey?” He called hesitantly, continuing to look around as he hung up his suit jacket. He turned back to the entrance, looking for the security chief.

“Chief,” he spoke lowly, his patience running thin as his worry began to build, “where is my partner?”

The chief bows to Jumin in respect before speaking. “Mr. Han,” he answered with a air of formality, “I have assigned one of the guards to the Miss. They were last reported to be in the gym.”

Upon arriving at the gym, Jumin and the twelve guards he took with him were told that the Miss and the guard had left a couple of hours ago. As Jumin orders the guards he brought with him to spread out and search the building for you, he readjusts his tie around his neck as he sprint walks to the elevator. Her eyes had lit up when he spoke of the garden during dinner last time, he thought to himself as he took out his phone to call other parts of the building. If she isn’t there, where could she be?

Had you seen him enter, you would have thought that Jumin must have seen the angels from above when he entered the garden. He moves towards you in large strides as you slept, halting his movements when he reaches your side. He kneels beside you, placing his hand over yours softly as he begins to brush his other hand through your hair. “You’re always so beautiful when you sleep,” he murmurs with a smile.

You then subconsciously decide to awaken, your eyes fluttering as you shake away the drowsiness. “Ju…min?” You mumble, blinking as the train of thought returns to you. “Ah!” You cry out, jumping up from the sun chair as a very important memory returns to you. You turn your eyes to Jumin, bowing your head in shame. “I’m sorry, Jumin,” you apologize profusely with your mind still murky, “I’m sorry for not greeting you when you returned! I exercised until I was very tired and then I came up here and the sun…”

Jumin only chuckles in response to your flustered apologies, caressing your face as your words begin to fade. “I was afraid that you got lost, or hurt,” he murmured to you softly with a smile, “but I’m glad that you enjoy being here.”

You can’t help but smile to his words as you place your hand over his softly. “Welcome home, Jumin.”

If you have an idea that you would like for me to write, you can submit an ask (read the rules first please, they encompass what I will accept and what information I need to write!), and you will receive a story of maximum 500 words unless I really like the prompt! (It will probably be more than 500 words cause gosh darn i can’t make short stuff for the life of me lmao…………………… also feel free to constructively criticize me because even though I kind of watched Jumin’s visual novels way too many times, I probably didn’t characterize him very well and I know that)

Waiting - One Shot


This is a one-shot I have written that is based in the same future as my Second Anniversary fic so it has hints to the future for the gang. I think I may end up doing quite a few of these as I can’t get this version of them out of my head lol.

I hope you all like it :) Enjoy!

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maeno tomoaki blog update (24/12/2014)

“Christmas Eve”

Starting from this morning I was running around

Frequently moving the Christmas tree around on Christmas Eve.


It feels like it’s this period of the year.


I haven’t done anything Christmas-ish, but I want to at least eat some chicken.


Though I still have some work to do,

All this year as well the circumstances of my work went very well.


I was also able to work out at the gym,

Up til now, it’s also good that I haven’t had any health reasons which have caused me to miss work.


I heard before that drinking cocoa to prevent colds is very effective, so I drink some every morning.

And so today is the final recording of the year.


When this goes on sale the cherry blossoms will be in bloom huh… With this thought it feels like the year passes by very quickly (°_°)


Then tomorrow is the final broadcast of Famitsu Gamers DX for the year.


If you have the time please take a look m(_ _)m


My formula for self introductions is that I watch sports and go for car rides.

“You look like you don’t drive a car.”

I received this comment a lot of times.

So just before I stopped the car and took a photo.


Inside the car I also took off my face mask.

Although it’s Christmas Eve, I’ll go ahead.

Merry Christmas (^。^)


I’ll undo the Christmas enchantment later.

I can’t say when I’ll change the photo to one of a dish of fish and radish.


I hope that everyone has a beautiful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day m(_ _)m


Always, thank you.


T/N: Maeno wrote this blog post on the 24th, then updated it a few days later to delete his selfie and replace it with a photo of a dish he cooked XD Luckily some fans managed to save it!! (translation source)