well there goes my morning before work

• I was off work today. Someone asked to switch so I did, I’d still rather have Friday off but I was nice.
• Since I saw the first 50 Shades, I’m seeing the second one as well. I’m going solo Friday morning before work.
• This weekend is also Disney on ice
• I got an e-mail about eharmony. I have been on there since last February 15th. My dad was bugging me to date, I said if he paid I’d join. Almost 1 year later and you know how many guys I’ve met in person? None. Know how many I’ve talked to? Maybe 5 in a year.
• The girl goes to the orthopedic doctor tomorrow for x-rays of her arm.
• The puppy turns 3 next month
• You’ve been on my mind a lot lately
• Thanks for all the support about the adoption stuff. It’s still put away.

So I just saw Victor Frankenstein

Lolol I saw the 22% it has on RT and mentioned it to @schmaptainschmamerica and she goes “yeah but it looks like something we would like”

And omg yes it is. Ship all the things.

So good. Seriously I need to draw some Victor/Igor. Well….if I feel well enough to sit at the cintiq.

Also need to get home and eat before 8 because I have to fast before tests tomorrow morning. Then into work for 2 hours and then off to more doctors.

A fun filled day.

But the important thing to take away from this is you should go see Victor Frankenstein so you can join me.