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CLOSED: Bird Art Competition!

To celebrate my getting married next month I’ve been thinking of holding a competition for a little bit of fun.

Now, I wanted to do something that I would enjoy seeing but also that ANYONE can enter. Some of your birds don’t like their photos taken (I know mine doesn’t), and I know some people feel disinclined to enter art competitions because they feel that their drawings aren’t good enough.

Whilst yes this is an art competition, it’s NOT about who draws the best. Far from it. If you wanna win, make me laugh, make me smile, give me your worst.

There will be three categories to this competition, as following:

Blind Bird Drawing

With your eyes closed, draw a bird of your choice. Things are guaranteed to be out of place, and that it excellent. Please go only with your first drawing attempt, as that’s probably going to end up being the worst one (plus I don’t want to take up too much of your time).

Non-dominant Bird Drawing

With your non-dominant hand, draw a bird of your choice. These are honestly some of my favourites because they can end up so messed up. I myself am right handed, and my left handed drawing is even worse than my blind drawing. Even if you are ambidextrous you may have one hand that draws worse than the other. If not, then… well, there are two other entries you can make. Again, please only go with your first drawing attempt.

Bad Bird Drawing

Draw a bird of your choice… deliberately badly. If you suck at drawing, you can draw badly. If you’re great at art, you can draw badly. For this I don’t mind if you go over your drawing to ‘correct’ it, I want the stupidest derpiest bird you can manage.


  • You may only enter one drawing per category, and you are allowed to enter all three categories.
  • You may send another and ask to switch entry, but you still only get one entry. (although if you draw further pictures I won’t mind you sending them to me, just state that it is for fun rather than competition)
  • Obviously no vulgar content.
  • If you want to colour that’s up to you, but abide by the category rules if you choose to do so.
  • You do not have to be following me to submit an entry, anyone is welcome.
  • Entries must be submitted before midnight GMT on April 18th 2017.
  • Please send your entries via submit on my home page.
  • Winners will be announced after the 18th, possibly on the 19th.
  • Anonymous entries cannot win, but will still be accepted because I get it if you still wanna play but feel too embarrassed.


So what do you get for winning? …well… …a measly postcard. Like, I’ll try to pick out one with a nice design. And on that I will draw a bird of your choosing (species or individual), either in the styles of the categories of the competition or just a nice drawing (attempt). I will need some form of address to send the card to. If you’re uncomfortable revealing your address you may still enter, but if you win a runner up will be chosen in your stead. I will send to anywhere in the world, but be aware that it’s gonna take a hella long time.

Remember, I don’t want good drawings. This is just for a laugh, and if you make me smile then that’s points towards you. I will be judging along with my partner and posting winners and runners up when I get the time.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Good luck!

Edit: The competition is now closed! Thanks to everyone who entered, I will be deciding the winners later.

In my experience as Filthy Papist ™, both irl and online, there are 4 main general categories of Catholics and Catholic culture (of course this varies by region):

Category 1)
Disgruntled Ex Catholics: (like me) often educated in The Mother Church and it’s bullshit, which is why they’re now lapsed. Can still argue the finer points of theology due to the education they received as kids and teens, but think it’s crap, and mainly use their childhood/teen education to antagonize Catholic category (3). Like category 2, likes alcohol, although cat. 1 usually goes in harder than cat 2 (but not always, beware lest you get your ass drunk into a coma by some sweet, polite liberal Catholic girl). Still has a weird fondness for Mary though because tbh she did seem pretty badass, outside of the church portrayal of her as the perfect submissive woman, and may do the sign of the cross as a reflex when nervous

Category 2)
Catholics who are still observant and very well educated in the church, but also willing to criticize, listen to other people’s criticisms, and have a non-meanspirited sense of humor about the whole thing, because they recognize that spirituality, even in Catholicism, is more than just mindlessly taking marching orders from another person. Generally are naive at worst, but usually sweet hearted, well educated, and don’t try to impose on anyone who isn’t interested. If you want to talk about it, they’re enthusiastic about it, but they’ll wait until you ask, and try to not not pressure you

Category 3: Conservative Catholics. Absolute insufferable fucking demons who are the most boring people around, due to the fact that they have the entire popemobile jammed up their eternally clenched ass. Category 1 and 2 usually hate them, although cat.2 is usually less belligerent and more low key about their hatred. Category 3 lovrs to whine about decadence and heretics, which is why categories 1 and 2 think they’re annoying, bigoted, no fun having fucks. Category 3 also includes right wing gits who convert to Catholicism because they think it’s more Authentic Evropean without all the Degeneracy and heresy. Loves to accuse other Catholics if being ~cafeteria Catholics~

Not listed as a category because fuck you nerds: sedevacantists, Mel Gibson and his dad, literally anybody who whines about Vatican II. Literally every other Catholic hates these annoying fucks, even the Virgin Mary thinks they’re lame as shit

better with you ft. dean

smut, angst, vulgar language

word count: 7345 


it had been two months now since you had broken up with him. he could never admit to anyone that he was devastated. when you left him, he fixed himself a drink which only led to more. sadly, he was an alcoholic now.

he’d spend most of his days and nights in the studio by himself, working on songs. sometimes he would sleep there and it wasn’t because he got tired or too drunk to drive home, but because he couldn’t sleep in his bed. it would only remind him of you.

other than his bestfriends hyoseob and millic, he talked no one else. they were all that he had, they really cared for him. on the days that he wouldn’t eat, they’d bring him food and say that you wouldn’t want him to not eat. reminding him of how you kept him fed and brought homecooked meals to the studio when you could’ve just bought him fast food.

as of right now, he had been forced by them to go out to the store with them. he needed some fresh air, he needed to actually get out instead of just hopping into a car and going straight home.

“i’m happy that you’re out hyung.” millic said to his pouty faced baggy eyed bestfriend, hyuk.

“so happy!” hyoseob patted hyuk’s back and smiled. “how are you feeling? do your eyes hurt from the sun?” he tried being sarcastic.

“i’m fine.” he sighed. “can we just hurry and leave? i need a drink.”

“no. it’s too early in the morning to be drinking. you drink too much, you know that isn’t healthy.” hyoseob said, in an annoyed tone.

hyuk stayed behind them, watching them gather up groceries in the cart made him even more pissed than he already was. he remembered going grocery shopping with you and how fun it was.

you would throw healthy stuff into the cart that hyuk couldn’t stand eating. he’d try to fill the cart up with junk food before you could fill it up but usually failed at that attempt. the food that you cooked was good to him, it’s just that sometimes…he wanted to have candy and cake for dinner. he could be a kid at times.

“hey isn’t this what y/n made on hyuk hyung’s birthday?” millic “whispered” to hyoseob.

although hyuk was zoned out, he heard that. he looked at the boxes on the shelf one time before he knew he was about to break. he bit down on his bottom lip and walked out of the store.

there was a bench by the door so he sat there and pondered. “why? why the fuck did she leave me?” he asked himself.

when you broke up with him, you told him that it was because he never had time for you. of course his career was a priority but so were you. but it seemed as if he put you to the side without thinking about your needs or wants. you needed and wanted him when he wasn’t there. you needed and wanted his love. but he barely ever gave you that. he thought that you would never leave him, he thought that you two were doing good but he thought wrong.

“dean? dean!” someone shrieked which made hyuk turn his head fast.

it was a fan. she was a teen so that explained her high pitched voice and non fully developed figure.

“can i…can we take a picture?” she asked.

he couldn’t let down a fan just because his life was shit…so he nodded and stood up. she stood beside him and pulled up the camera app on her phone. in less than a minute, she was gone.

that was another thing that reminded him of you. in the mornings, you would wake him up by kissing him but as soon as he opened his eyes, you’d snap a picture of him and run away. he’d never catch you, but it was a fun way to wake him up.

little did hyuk know, you still had those thousands of pictures in your phone.

“hyuk? we were looking for you!” hyoseob literally shouted.

“why did you come out here?” millic asked while he repositioned the plastic bags in his hands to prevent them from falling.

“i needed air.” he responded dryly. “let’s go.”


you were sitting with your friends, waiting on a move. ever since your breakup with dean, all you’ve been doing is going out. other than the romance category, your life was going well.

“how about we go to the club?” elkie suggested.

“ahh i don’t know, you know we have to meet up with chaeyoung at eleven.” yeun sighed.

you were kinda affiliated with a gang. the leader was your ex boyfriend from a long time ago, five years. your reason for still being around him was because he was also one of your close friends.

when you told him about the break up, he along with elkie and yeun was there to help you back to your regular self. the fact that it took you only a week to go back to regular old y/n showed a lot about their commitment.

“alright, let’s go to the club for about two guys hours then, we can go to the house.” elkie said as she grabbed her car keys.

the ride there was way more lit than the actual club since elkie brought her aux cord. of course you all were in vip since the money that you all made from dealing could buy you just about anything.

unlike you, elkie and yeun were dancing their asses off, doing sexy dances together. they urged you to participate in it but, you just weren’t feeling it.

you and hyuk met in this club and the same exact slow jam was playing. you remembered like it was yesterday, he smoothly sat beside you and just started taking to you. the both of you were drunk so that helped keep the conversation interesting and funny. his goal at first was to have a one night stand with you but, he fell in love. the funny thing is…you were sitting in the same booth.

“now i know you’re not thinking of dean.” yeun sat down beside you, poured a drink and then she gave it to you. “drink it y/n and let loose. i’m not asking you to drink it all.”

you took the liquor bottle from the table and took a big gulp, receiving a look of shock from both of your friends. you thought, fuck it..why not. you hated to be in your feelings especially in your feelings over someone who never had time for you.

“alright let’s dance!” elkie grabbed your hand and pulled you up.

honestly, you hated to dance in the club because you already got stares from just entering but it was something about tonight that you realized after drinking, you felt like getting loose was something that you needed to do.

five songs later, you were exhausted. “i bet you’re tired! y/n you killed it out there!” elkie sat down beside you and high fived you.

“there were some dudes that wanted talk to you but i handled it. they were hot though.” yeun laughed as she followed elkie.

you giggled before fixing yourself another drink, but right when you were about to take a sip, something told you to look up. and there sat hyuk.

he was sitting in another vip booth by himself, sipping a brown drink and tapping his fingers on his lap to the music. he looked bad. with his puffy eyes, bags, and messed up hair, you could tell that he wasn’t doing good.

you were still close friends with both millic and hyoseob. every now and then, you’d call them to check up on him and they would tell you that he’s doing okay. but he damn sure didn’t look okay.

half of you thought that it was best to just ignore his presence and the other half felt bad about leaving him, you still loved him but he could never love you again after what you did to him.

“hey it’s eleven.” you tapped elkie.

“it’s te-”

“it’s eleven now let’s go.” you got up and left to the car.

when you arrived to the house with the girls, it was actually eleven which made you feel a little better after what had just happened.

“eleven o'clock sharp, it’s always best to leave early.” you said with pride as you got out of the vehicle and headed to the doorstep, elkie and yeun followed.

you did the secret knock and waited for the security to slide the handle so that the door could be opened. after an additional two minutes, he came to the door.

“y/n? is that you?” a familiar voice asked. it was the ex, chaeyoung.

“yeah fool, let us in!” you shouted.

soon after hearing a bunch of locks being unlocked and chains rattling, the door was open. just as usual, the place was filled with smoke from blunts and smelled of alcohol.

“you do know that the meeting was at ten? and that y'all missed it. what were y'all doing?” you all sat down in the sitting area.

“we we’re going grocery shopping.” elkie lied, thinking that it could be believable since you three live together now.

yeun and you nodded in agreement and plastered the scariest smile on your faces.

“bullshit!” he slammed his hand on the coffee table which made elkie and yeun jump. “i told y'all to be here by ten because this meeting was what?”

“important!” yeun spat out in fear.

“yeah yeun, the meeting was important. who deals the drugs as of now since our other guys got killed?”

“us..” you grunted. you weren’t in the mood to hear this, so you got up and signaled for the others to follow behind.

“where are y'all going?!” he rose from the chair and rushed in front of you.

“home.” you pushed him out of the way and left out of the house.

“i love you y/n!” he shouted from the doorstep.

you turned your head sightly, and sent him a heart with your fingers before getting in the car and leaving.

he’d always tried to be strict with you, but it would never work because you’d never be in the mood to hear it. your relationship with him was bipolar, but that’s what made it special.

“how do you get to talk to him like that?” elkie asked.

“you keep forgetting that we used to date.” you responded.

“hey let’s do bad shit when we get to the house cause i still got energy.” yeun suggested as she hopped around in her seat.

you nodded and continued driving.

“hyung?” millic slowly knocked on the studio door before entering with someone. “jae is here.”

“hey dean.” she said as seductively as she could, making millic leave quicker than the last time.

jae was the girl who would drop everything and come over to satisfy this man’s needs if he called. but, she could only get him off with her mouth or cuddle with him because he would never fuck her. she couldn’t even call him hyuk or touch his hair because he wouldn’t let her.

“you look like you’re tired, we should cuddle?” she suggested.

hyuk nodded and finished saving his work before sitting on the couch. jae climbed under him and then, he wrapped his arms around her.

since she was also black, he’d imagine you in his arms at these times. he’d hold on to her so tight that she would often think that he had feelings for her. she had damn sure caught feelings for him. the only thing that didn’t stop her was that she didn’t know about you. she just thought that he was a lonely singer who needed love.

“goodnight.” she spoke, still in a seductive way.

hyuk didn’t reply, instead he just went straight to sleep. but unfortunately, he was awakened by a scream. he hopped off of the couch, literally making jae fall on the floor and sped to the location of the familiar voice.


“millic, you’re still here!?” hyuk asked the younger man, who was sitting in the dimmed lounge with his phone up to his face.

“hyung come look at this!” he rushed him to come over.

once he did, he gave hyuk the phone and the video played again. his eyes widened and his jaw dropped at what he saw. he didn’t know what or how to feel. it was you on the screen, waving a gun in the air with a collosal bag of weed up to your ear.

“gang! gang! gang!” you shouted.

hyuk plopped down in a chair and sighed, while still watching the looping video. “what the fuck happened to her?”

“dean?” jae walked into the room but quickly got sent back when hyuk told her to go back to sleep. but, she only hid by the doorway to ease drop.

“why is she like this?” his voice came out shaky, he needed answers.

“i don’t know…maybe she was or is suffering just like you and this is her only way to relieve stress.” millic shrugged.

“that’s impossible. just look at how happy and stupid she is. i have to see her..i have to stop her from fucking up her life.” he bit down on his lip. “you know..i keep her number saved cause i hope one day she’ll get the sense to call me and say she’s missing me as much as i’m missing her. but i know that isn’t happening so i-” he stopped himself once he felt tears fall down his face.

“please don’t cry hyung.” millic rushed over to his side and hugged him.

millic decided to stay over at the studio with hyuk and jae finally knew about you..

it was early in the morning when hyuk woke up, he ate a few granola bars that he kept in his bag before going back into the engineering room.

“dean? you’re awake?” jae’s voice filled up the comfortable silence.

“you’re still here?” he asked her.

“listen…we need to talk.” she grabbed a chair and sat beside him. “why are you so rude to me? and why don’t you ever talk to me?”

hyuk turned his body to face her. once their eyes meet each other, he spoke. “does it really matter?”


“i can’t talk to women.” he told her.

“you’re talking to me though. stop playing with me and spit out!” jae yelled in frustration.

“i fucking told you.” he responded coldly.

“but you were talking about some girl last night.” jae said, which caused hyuk to squint his eyes. “you were saying some female’s name in your sleep. y/n? who the hell is that?!”

hyuk huffed and leaned over, resting his head on his fist. “it’s none of your business.”

“you’re an asshole and a liar!” she punched him, in the chest causing him to hyperventilate and her eyes shot open wide. he then fell over onto the floor, he was a coughing and breathless mess.

“millic!” she shouted. “help!”

in less than thirty seconds, millic came running into the room.

“what the fuck happened!” he got on his knees and pulled out his phone. “hyung hang on! do you have your asthma pump?!”

he nodded his head and pointed over to his bag. millic moved as fast as lighting to the bag and back. “here!”

unfortunately, there was only one pump left.

“do you think that y/n might have your other one?!” millic asked and after receiving a hesitant nod, he dialed your number.

you had just showered and was about to leave the house with elkie and yeun to deliver some drugs to customers.

“y/n your phone is ringing!” elkie shouted from the bathroom.

you slowly walked to your ringing phone, seeing that it was millic. “yeah?”

“do you have hyuk hyung’s asthma pump?! please tell me you do! we’re at the studio and he’s about to die! please if you do bring it now!!” millic was panicking, screaming at you over the phone.

“im on my way.” you started to look for the pump that you kept just in case something like this happened.

once you found it, you swung open the door and jumped over the porch steps to your car.

“where are you going?!” yeun ran onto the steps and asked you.

“im sorry!” you got in the car and started the engine.

once you got to the studio, you jetted to the back where you knew that he always worked.

“hyuk! millic?” you shouted around until you found them.

you ran past the female that stood in the doorway and down to the ground beside hyuk. you handed him the asthma pump and helped him sit up. as you watched him give himself air, you became overwhelmed with mixed emotions. you hadn’t been this close to each other for two months and for some reason, you were about to break down into tears. you missed him so much.

once he could breath regularly, millic and you helped him up to his chair. immediately after he was seated, he wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his head on your abdomen.

“how did this happen?” you asked, not caring too much about who answered you.

“i don’t know, he was in here with her and i was sleeping. but she woke me up and called me in here.” millic said as he watched hyuk pull you closer to him by your waist. hesitantly, you put your hand in his hair and ran your fingers through it repeatedly. he closed his eyes and nuzzed his nose on your sweater. it fucking broke your heart.

“are you his girlfriend?” you asked jae, afraid of what she might say. it would hurt a lot if he moved on so quick.

“yes.” she hesitated.

“you’re not.” hyuk mumbled more to himself than to you, pulling you onto his lap.

“please just stay here with me.” he whispered.

you were fucking confused at this moment. if he had a girlfriend, then why was he doing this? especially in front of her.

as bad as you wanted to stay,  you knew that you had to go. you pulled yourself out of his grip and grabbed his asthma pump.

“if he ever has an asthma attack, please get him to use this as quickly as possible. and when he’s back to normal, run your fingers through his hair, it calms him. and also, if you cuddle with him, it’ll help him relax, okay?” you told jae, while handing her the pump.

“okay.” she nodded.

and with that, you left.

“im so sorry hyuk.” jae spat out after she heard the door close.

“don’t fucking call me hyuk. as a matter of fact, don’t call me anything cause you’re fired.” hyuk slowly but sternly responded. “please millic, please get her out of here.”

millic nodded and attempted to show jae the way out.

“i know stuff about her.” she shoved him away from her.

hyuk laughed because he didn’t believe her, how could she possibly know anything about you? “what do you know?”

“that she’s a drug dealer and she works for chaeyoung.” she crossed her arms and smirked. “and she stays with two other girls who drug deal too. i bet they do drugs while licking each other’s pu-”

“millic please get this bi- woman out of here!” hyuk shouted.

millic snatched the asthma pump from her hand and threw it on the couch before grabbing jae’s wrist and literally throwing her out.

hyuk pulled out his phone and went to the caller id. he sat for five minutes and pondered on whether or not he should call you.

he started to scroll down, until he saw your name. it didn’t even matter to him that you were probably mad because, he just needed to talk.

“who’s this?” a deep voiced male answered the phone, causing hyuk’s heart to drop. he hoped that you had changed your number. he hoped that nothing bad happened to you and he damn sure hoped that you didn’t move on that fast.

“is this y/n’s number?” he asked.

“give me my phone chae!” hyuk heard you shout and giggle.

right after hearing you shout that name hyuk remembered jae saying something about chaeyoung. was it true? he thought.

he tried hard to not think about it but, he couldn’t get it off of his mind now. he wondered what made you turn to drugs if you were the one who broke his heart. if anything, he needs to do drugs, not you.

“hello unknown who are you?” you asked.

“can we talk?” he asked.

“hyuk….? text me tonight.” you whispered before abruptly hanging up.


you were just now leaving chaeyoung’s house after discussing with him about what happened today. luckily, he understood so you didn’t receive a punishment.

it was about seven pm when your phone started to ring. you answered it when you turned to take the back road back home.

“hello who’s this?”

“you wanna know what’s funny.” hyuk’s comforting voice echoed through your phone.

“ohh it’s hyuk…what?”

“your number is still saved in my phone but mine isn’t in yours. is that step one of moving on?”

“haha very funny. it’s not.” you hid your laugh.

“listen y/n, i know that you’ll probably say no bu-”

“but what?” you rushed him.

“well if you would’ve let me finish…i was gonna ask if you could meet me.”

“meet you where?”

“you know where im at.” he was telling the truth. you knew that he was always at the studio. it was his life.

“okay…im on my way.”


you parked your car in the parking lot of the studio and checked yourself in the mirror before heading in.

“y/n..” hyuk’s head popped up when he saw you. he was about to hug you but you curved him and sat in the chair beside his.

“how have you been the past 64 days, 1536 hours and 5529600 seconds and counting?” he asked you as he proceeded to take a sip of a brown substance but you stopped him.

“since when have you drank alcohol here? you only drink when you’re out and you barely go out.” you asked.

“since you left me to be a drug dealer.” he said this while looking into your eyes, it affected you greatly.

“hyuk… it’s my only source of income and i thought you were doing fine. i mean, you do have a girlfriend.” you said, it was best to tell the truth.

“your only source of income? are you fucking kidding me y/n? you just graduated from college and you’re telling me that the occupation you chose is drug dealing? and what’s up with that video you posted last night? you’re fucking up your reputation.” although hyuk was more than angry with you, he spoke calmy. “and she isn’t my girlfriend. just someone that sucked me off if you want the honest truth.”

“hyuk..i got so used to you caring for me that i couldn’t go out in the real world and look for a real job. chaeyoung, the guy you fought over me years ago offered me…well i’m not in his gang but im cool with everyone and they protect me. and you know that i had problems with those “dirty” girls from daegu. he told me that it’s what i had do or just like you know, he knows…i could’ve gotten killed. so as the weeks passed, those girls stopped fucking with me and i decided to stay because i was so thankful.“

“then why did you leave me? you wouldn’t be in all of this shit if you were still with me y/n.”

now was your time to tell him why. you often thought to yourself, ‘why did i break up with him on his birthday and not even tell him why?’ at the moment, it didn’t seem like such a bad thing, but thinking back on it now, you felt like a bitch.

“you never had time for me. you know, when you came home late…i thought that you were cheating instead of working like you said you were. we were so distant yet so close in bed. did you only use me for sex or was i just your little shiny trophy that you loved to show off?”

“i would’ve made time for you if you talked to me. or if you wanted me home early, i damn sure would’ve came home early y/n because i fucking love you. i love you so much and the fact that you think that i was using you hurts me. i loved sex with you, i loved showing you off, but what i loved the most was that i could come home to you. now i can’t because you left me and i’ve been fucked up ever since.”

hearing him say all of that was enough to make you cry. and so you did. hyuk leaned over and pulled you close to him.

“im so sorry hyuk.” you said although it wasn’t all that you wanted to say. your words just choked up. you got out of your chair and straddled him, only to ly your head on his shoulder and cry some more.

“i won’t accept your apology until you quit your little job.” hyuk spoke with honest words.

“but i need money.” you sat up, resulting in dean putting his hands on your thighs.

“i’ll take care of you.”


“shit…” you woke up in your former bed, in your former house and with your back against your former boyfriend’s chest. you looked down and noticed that you weren’t wearing anything but an oversized shirt.

you didn’t even have to wonder how you got here, because you knew. right after hyuk and you made things up, he asked if you could stay “for a while longer” since he was gonna be alone if you left.

“y/n wait..” hyuk grabbed your wrist just before you could get out of the door.

“what is it?”  you asked.

“i know that we agreed to start over as friends but…can you stay for a while longer? i missed you being here with me and now you’re finally here. i can’t let you go. at least not now.”

you sighed, noticing how desperate and hopeful he looked. you gave in and sat in the sofa that was located a few feet away from his work area.

“why are you so far? come here, please.”

you got up and sat back in the seat that you were previously in. “better?”

“better.” he said as he took a sip of his alcohol.

“hey let me try some.” you reached for his cup and gulped the whole thing down receiving an annoyed but surprised look from hyuk.

“since when have you been this prone to alcohol?” he laughed as he reached under the table and placed a hennessey bottle in front of you.

“take a guess.”

“oohh, so i see that you weren’t doing too good either.”

“eh.” you held your hand up horizontally and shook sideways it to show that you were in between not good and good.

“well, let’s drink and forget about the past, just for the night.” hyuk suggested and you agreed.

that’s all that you remember.

“hyuk?” you semi whispered while you nudged him.

“yeah baby?” he murmured which sent chills down your spine. it had been a long time since you heard his sleepy voice and he knew what it did to you. and feeling his morning wood on the back of your thigh didn’t help but, you had to be strong.

“i’m not your baby…hyuk.” you accidentally moaned his name when he tightened his grip on you and little big hyuk had transcended to your ass.

“you are my baby. you’re my everything.” he pecked your neck.

“no, i’m your friend remember?” you exhorted him to stop playing around.

“the both of us know that we could never be just friends.” hyuk continued to kiss your neck, receiving quiet and soft moans from you.


“that’s right baby say my name.” he snuck his fingers into your panties. “you want me just as bad as i want you. you’re wet. don’t hide it.”

“you’re fucking slick..” you managed to say since you could barely breath with hyuk’s fingers inside of you. for two months you hadn’t done anything sexual so this was like a breath of fresh air.

he chuckled and took those two fingers to his mouth before disappearing under the sheets and pulling off your underwear. he grabbed you by your thighs and-

“god bless america!” you moaned aloud without even thinking of what you said.

as soon as hyuk’s tongue hit your spot, your toes curled and you arched your back in pleasure. you pulled the sheets down to see him in action. you had the urge to push his head up to let him know that you were ready and so you attempted that.

“you want me inside of you already?” hyuk asked you with a cocky smirk plastered on his face.

“yes hyuk…i want you now.” you said through gritted teeth.

that was all that he had to hear before climbing on top of you and positioning himself at your center. “you know, we still haven’t kissed.”

you hesitated but surely tilted your head up and puckered your lips. he smiled down at you and leaned in. the kiss turned disgustingly wet, enough to distract you from what hyuk was about to do.

he pushed himself inside of you slowly, letting you get readjusted to his size with every inch. you who was totally unaware of what he was doing, gasped and tilted your head up.

“you’re so beautiful.” hyuk said as he moved the strings of hair from out of your face.

you couldn’t reply with words, just with moans that drove hyuk to keep going slow, deep and steady. you missed sex with hyuk, you missed how he took his time, how he would call you beautiful all while fucking the shit out of you.

he managed to get his shirt off and prop up on his elbows. “take your shirt off.” he told you while he still grinded inside of you. purposely making it hard for you to remove your hands from his shoulder and back. you attempted to, with your shaky hands you pulled your shirt over your head and threw it on the floor. success.

he pulled out of you, making you whimper from feeling the emptiness that was once the opposite.

“all fours.” he helped you turn around and arch your back just how he liked it. and little did you know that he had the biggest smile on his face. he was finally having you again, in your bed.

he grabbed you by your hips, and positioned himself, once again at your entrance. with only his tip touching you, you were a mess. you needed him bad.

“i want you so bad.” you bit down on your lip when you heard him reply with a chuckle.

“i want you too princess..” he entered you, feeling that warmth that he loved and would kill for.

the room was quickly filled up with both moans and groans coming from the both of you. as hyuk sped up his pace, he smacked your ass, making you arch your back a little more than it was. you buried your face in a pillow and literally screamed out in pleasure.

“you like this? is this pretty kitty all mine?” he asked after he slowed down and began hip rolling himself into you with full force.

“yes hyuk…it’s all yours.” you gripped the sheets and took every inch of what he was giving you.


soon after the both of you came, you showered together which only led to round two. you were currently in the bathroom, detangling your hair and grooving along to the music that hyuk played through his speakers.

hyuk was downstairs, fixing a basic meal that you taught him how to cook a few months back. chicken and waffles.

as you finished up, you moved back to the room to make up the bed. while in the process, you thought about how fast you and hyuk made up and how fast the “make up sex” came about. neither of you didn’t think of it as make up sex though, rather as just…something casual.

when you lived with hyuk morning sex wasn’t anything new. he was a freak for you, and nobody else. you craved him just as much as he craved you and that’s what you loved about your relationship with him. young, carefree sex.

when you were finished, you threw on one of hyuk’s shirts and grabbed your phone before heading downstairs to the kitchen. when you got there, it looked like he was almost finished with the waffles. he was standing at the drive, bobbing his head..in his own little world.

“hello..” you said while you snuck behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist, causing him to jump.

“you scared me.” he laughed and turned around, he pecked your lips and handed you a plate.

“it looks good!” you said in shock, receiving an annoyed look from hyuk.

“what are you trying to say? i made this before remember?” he scrunched his face up at you.

“i remember you sending me a picture of chicken and waffles and you saying that you made it but i also remember seeing a logo from a cooking show on the bottom left corner.” you giggled, before pouring syrup all over your waffles.

“ahh shut up and eat.” he looked down while laughing at himself. it was cute to him…how you remembered.

“hey hyuk?”

“yeah?” he looked up.

“you said that you didn’t have a girlfriend right?” you asked him, remembering yesterday.

“i do..” he rested his head on the palm of his hand and stared at you.

and with that, your heart dropped. after what just happened you couldn’t believe it. he had to have used you for sex. does he think that you’re just some toy? what could you have possibly done to deserve this? he was looking more like a fuckboy as the seconds passed.

“are you serious?! i thou-”

“it’s you.” he cut you off.

“ooh…” was all that you could say. you were embarrassed, you were surely about to spazz on him.

“move back in…we can start over. and i promise that i will have time for you.” he grabbed your hand, anticipating your answer.

you felt wishy washy about it. yeah he promised, but could he keep it?

“i’m gonna to need some time to think about it…is that okay with you?”

“yes, that’s perfect. it’s better than a no.” he squeezed your hand before letting it go and carrying the dishes to the sink.

suddenly, your phone started vibrating… chaeyoung was calling. you hesitated at first to call him once you saw that he had called twenty times earlier. it was most likely gonna be a bad conversation if you answered. but you had to answer or else, you’d be tracked down by now.

“hello?” you got up from the island and walked a distance away from hyuk.

“where the hell are you? elks and yeun are telling me that you have the drugs in your car. the guys are here! get your ass here now before we have to have a shootout!” he hung up.

you turned around to meet eyes with hyuk, he was ease dropping. your loud phone and chae’s yelling made him able to do so.

“i’m going with you and you’re gonna end things with him alright?”

you nodded and proceeded to get ready to leave.


luckily you left a few pair of pants at hyuk’s house when you broke up. if you hadn’t made that mistake, you’d be walking into chae’s ‘house’ wearing men’s pants that would be far too big for you.

once you got to the door and did all of the things that you needed to do to be able to enter, you signaled for hyuk to lock the door. before you left, you showed him where your gun was just in case someone tried something.

“y/n!” elkie and yeun ran up to you, giving you hugs and kisses.. everywhere including your lips. not that it was surprising.

“where were you? you were gone for so long! and you know, chae is upset with you…like very.”

“hyuk’s.” you whispered. “he’s in the car so please be helpful and watch him for me please?” you asked them, quickly receiving nods from them.

“y/n you’re in trouble.” chaeyoung crept up behind you, placing a gun on your shoulder.

“you’re seriously trying to scare me? it’s not working and here’s the bag that you so desperately need.” you turned around, handing him the drugs.

“chae, this is who you have working for you? what does she do? set people up?” some random guy said to chae before getting hit in the mouth by one of chae’s gang members.

“i don’t work for him.” you spoke. “i’m done with this lifestyle chae.”

“what?” he asked you.

“you heard me, i could be doing better than this. i didn’t go to college to be a drug dealer chae. im done.” you proceeded go out of the door until he grabbed your wrist.

“i thought that we could be together again one day. you were supposed to be my bonnie y/n.” he said.

you managed to wiggle your wrist from out of his grip. “well you thought. bye chae.”

although you got out of the house, him and at least five other guys followed you.

“you really brought him to my territory?” he asked you, after noticing hyuk. “you know..” he came closer to you and pulled you into a forced hug which triggered hyuk. just as expected.

he got out of the car. “let her go.”

“ooh we meet again? it’s always nice to see the guy who broke my arm and stole my girl from me.” chae laughed. “listen, you gonna have to fight me if you want me to let her go. and if you want me out of her life, i suggest you make me bleed. i should warn you, my fighting skills have advanced.”

hyuk didn’t hesitate to pull off his jacket and throw it at elkie. “yahh jackass…” she murmured as she caught it.

chaeyoung let you go and put all of his focus on hyuk. “if you lose, my boys will kill you.” he said, getting in his stance.

“alright bet.” hyuk did the same.

“god please..” you whispered to yourself. you couldn’t bare to look, you wished that you didn’t even let him come. it’s not that you didn’t have confidence in him, it’s just that this is a dangerous game.

as expected, chaeyoung tried to cheap shot hyuk but he had a quick reflex to it. he ducked and hit chae with a low blow, causing him to lean over in pain.

“your fighting skills are what?” hyuk asked with a smirk on his face while he watched chae suffer from the hit.

he hit him again, this time making him fall to his knees. chaeyoung quickly reached for his pockets, looking for anything that could to help defend himself. what he was doing was barely visible to hyuk, only you and the girls could see.

“dean he’s got a knife!” yeun shouted before you could.

hyuk backed away just when chaeyoung swung his knife, targeting his legs. this drove hyuk with anger. he kicked the knife out of chae’s hand and climbed on top of him.

“you are fucking weak!” he threw several punches at him and didn’t stop until two big guys threw him off. “if you fuck with my woman again, i’ll knock your fucking head off.” hyuk threatened him, he grabbed your wrist and dragged you to the car with elkie and yeun following. they both ended up in the passenger and driver seats so hyuk and you ended up riding in the back.

“hyuk are you okay? are you hurt?” your girlfriend mode instantly kicked in. you grabbed his face by his cheek and turned his head to the side to look for any bruises or cuts.

he laughed and put his hand over yours, massaging it with his thumb. “im fine mocha. he didn’t even let a finger on me. his fighting skills advanced alright.”

the car filled up with laughter. “you two back together or something?” yeun asked.

“yupp.” you said. “and i’ll be moving out.”

hyuk turned his head to face you so quick that it almost snapped. his eyes were as wide as they could get and he wore a broad smile. he couldn’t believe it, everything was gonna be back to normal.

“yes!” yeun and elkie cheered in unison, while they high fived each other.

“what? why are y'all so happy about that?” you asked, feeling a little hurt.

“because, we don’t have to hear you two having sex anymore.”

“it was only like five times and i moved out so why are y'all holding such a grudge?” you laughed along with an embarrassed hyuk.

“no, it was at least twelve and yeah you did move out, but we are scarred forever.” yeun said.

“yeah see, it’s good that you two are back together but it’s even better that you’re moving back in with him. what if you weren’t? we’d have to get use to hearing the headboard hitting against the wall at like one in the morning and ‘hyuk! hyuk! daddy!’ and all those moans and grunts..ugh i remember like it was yesterday.” elkie cringed at the memory.

“anyways you should call millic and hyoseob for a chill session. we should do it at the studio.” you changed the subject and suggested to hyuk.

he nodded and wrapped his arm around you. “sounds cool, i’ll call them now.”


when you arrived at the studio, hyoseob and millic were already there waiting. they were excited about the news and they couldn’t wait to see you and hyuk together in person again. seeing hyuk happy made them happy.

“y/n!” hyoseob shouted as he ran over to you and hugged you, he attempted to run his fingers through your hair in which he always failed. it was a playful thing that you and him did.

“we properly meet again.” millic hugged you and then, hyuk.

there were already a bunch of shots lined up on the table along with small snacks that went well with alcohol. there was even a playlist waiting to be played. everything was perfect just like it usually was.

“turn on the music.” yeun said.

millic went over to the soundboard and started the playlist. some jazz song came on but whatever it was, everyone was feeling it. the mood was relaxing and chill. dimmed lights, alcohol, snacks, and hyuk was all that you needed to feel free.

you sat in his lap and fed him the small snacks while you shared a drink. “so, you know i gotta make this official. would you like to date me y/n?” hyuk asked in formal korean.

“yes i would love to date you.” you kissed him teasingly, letting his tongue slip into your mouth for a split second until you pulled away. “wait until we get home.”

“mhmm..i love you y/n.”

“i love you too.” you replied.

and you meant it. you loved that man so much, you’ll never leave him again.

ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ +thanks for reading! •.̫ • ♡ and please excuse any grammar errors or anything along those lines.

drinking-sangrias  asked:

Jen, after your last reply you left me wondering if there are more matches between the numbers of different "types" of songs between the albums.

That’s an interesting question! Someone the other day mentioned that she thought Divide was like a new version of Multiply with correlations between the different songs. I haven’t gotten around to answering her yet, but let me see if I can find the ask and we can talk about it now… Ah, here it is: 

I think that in order to find similarities between Ed’s songs so that we could decide which ones fit into each different category, we would first have to decide what criteria we’re using to create the categories. For instance, this anon is establishing a correlation between Shape of You and Sing, and I totally see it because they were both the first single from their respective albums and both are upbeat bops which did well on radio, both seem a bit different from Ed’s usual style, and both put him a little out of his comfort zone to perform. But I think if I were using my own criteria to establish correlations between the songs, I would say that Sing is more like Galway Girl than like Shape of You. Both Sing and Galway Girl tell similar stories about meeting a girl who is immediately intriguing to the speaker and dancing, drinking, and having fun with the girl in a very casual setting (notably not falling in love – just having fun for a night). Both songs have that fast-talking type of singing that Ed does really well, and both songs have a noticeably Irish influence (Sing with the football chant and Galway Girl with the trad music). And they still are both a bit different from what I would consider his usual style.

I think that the primary difference in my categorization versus the anon’s has to do with what the songs are actually about, rather than how they sound and the circumstances of their release… I can see it both ways, though.

Let’s look at some of Ed’s other songs. I’m going to create some pretty broad categories and see which songs I think fit into each category and which are the odd ones out. We’ve already done Love Ballads, so I’ll start there. 

Love Ballads:

  • Plus: Wake Me Up, Lego House, Kiss Me
  • Multiply: Photograph, Tenerife Sea, Thinking Out Loud 
  • Divide: Perfect, How Would You Feel (Paean), Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

Autobiographical Storytelling:

  • Plus: The City, You Need Me I Don’t Need You
  • Multiply: Nina, Take It Back
  • Divide: Eraser, Save Myself

Character Studies:

  • Plus: The A Team
  • Multiply: Runaway
  • Divide: Nancy Mulligan

Songs of Uncertainty:

  • Plus: Little Bird
  • Multiply: I’m a Mess, Touch and Go
  • Divide: Dive

Pining/ Loneliness/ Difficulty Moving On:

  • Plus: Drunk, UNI, Give Me Love, Sunburn
  • Multiply: One, Bloodstream
  • Divide: Happier

Frustration/ Anger/ Betrayal:

  • Plus: ?
  • Multiply: Don’t, The Man, Shirtsleeves
  • Divide: New Man

Death of a Loved One:

  • Plus: Small Bump, Autumn Leaves
  • Multiply: Afire Love
  • Divide: Supermarket Flowers


  • Plus: Gold Rush
  • Multiply: English Rose
  • Divide: Castle on the Hill

Bops About Admiring Various Women:

  • Plus: Grade 8
  • Multiply: Sing
  • Divide: Shape of You, Galway Girl

Okay, so… I don’t really think this categorizing thing works for most of the songs. I mean, some of these are pretty clear correlations, but others are fuzzy at best. For instance, I do think that The A Team and Runaway have some similarities, but they’re not really like Nancy Mulligan except that all three songs are the story of a person’s life (a character study). But I don’t see another correlation for Nancy Mulligan besides Afire Love and Supermarket Flowers, because all of them are about Ed’s grandparents, but obviously AL and SF are about death and NM is about life. Hmm. 

There also doesn’t appear to be an angry song on Plus. I was kind of surprised to find that, but The Man and Shirtsleeves were written in time to make it onto Plus and were held back, so Ed was writing that type of song back then… I would also have put Love Yourself in that category if it had been on one of Ed’s albums.

The songs that I couldn’t figure out how to categorize at all are Even My Dad Does Sometimes, I See Fire, This, What Do I Know, Barcelona, and Bibia Be Ye Ye. None of them seem very much like each other or Ed’s other songs to me. The anon put Barcelona with New York (I assume because they’re both place names?) but I feel like New York is primarily about new beginnings and could really have taken place anywhere, whereas Barcelona is a celebration of that particular city and having fun going there with someone you love. Honestly, I feel like Barcelona is the natural evolution of Sofa, but I didn’t place them together since Sofa wasn’t on any of these albums. 

There are of course lots of other ways that these songs could be grouped and arranged, and I’m sure everyone would have a different way of organizing them. For instance, I almost had a category about substance abuse as a coping mechanism with Drunk, Bloodstream, and Eraser in it. I also think I’m a Mess and Save Myself would fit neatly into a category about self-reflection. And of course YNMIDNY, Take It Back, and Eraser seem to fit together in their own separate category as rap songs even though I’ve grouped them here with other narrative songs… 

I suppose what I’ve learned from this exercise is that Ed doesn’t appear to be using a strict formula when it comes to deciding what type of songs go on his albums - at least not an obvious formula that has remained constant over all three. But I would be interested in doing this again after the next album comes out. If there are three love ballads and a single rap song, we can at least observe a continued pattern there. :) 

PS. You always send me the most thought-provoking questions! I’m sorry I haven’t answered more of them. I always save them for when I have more time to think, and then they get buried in my inbox. I’ll try to stay more on top of this. 

Zack enjoyed leaning on Rachel, not in the emotional sense but in the physical one. Sure it started off small, he would put his head on hers no force really behind it.

Yet something seem to give inside of him one day. She could be minding her own business, folding clothes or fixing something. And he’d come up behind her and drape himself on her. Of course when she was standing he wouldn’t put his full weight on her. He knew her knees would buckle like a plastic bottle being run over by a car.

But really it was those days where he caught her reading a book in their living room. And a odd sense of calm would come over him, which made skin crawl. Those feeling lead to these intrusive acts. Maybe he wanted her undivided attention. Although he though to highly of himself to be that shallow. But that hadn’t stopped him, from approaching Rachel on the couch. Shoving past the book, to lean on her, she crumpled with ease as he pressed his head gently into her stomach. Sitting his stomach and lower half long ways across the old sofa they owned. She wouldn’t be able to move even if she wanted too.

She must have heard him approaching. Because the book she was once reading didn’t clatter to ground, losing the page she was reading. But instead had been gently placed on the coffee table beside them. His head rested in her lap and she only shifted slightly. Ice cold fingers began making their way into his hair. He grunted and pressed into the touch. He couldn’t see her face and he didn’t really care. He knew she found some type of enjoyment running her fingers through his hair. Occasionally getting stuck in knots that she would gently pull apart. Her hands would stray to his face, he had long ago allowed her to loosen the bandages around his neck and chin. At first just the idea of her seeing any part of his face without the bandages put him in a bad mood. Even at one point, he would have tighten his grip around her wrist. Stoping her insisted petting, grumble something before getting up.

But now even though she had never seen his face 100%. She could feel the coarse, rough almost lumpy plastic skin. It was worse around his neck than his face. She would gently trail her fingers along his face. She could see his dark complected skin. Brown flesh that lead to his wild eyes. He could feel the hesitation in her hand as she pulled the bandage from under one of his eyes. He opened his eye to look at her. A sea of black stared up at sky blues. He narrowed his eye at her which looked more like squinting.

“Your very warm,” she spoke up, her hesitation seem to disappear as she continued her petting. He rolled his eye, he could have easily answered back with a “And your really cold.” But he would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy it.

There was something about these silent moments between them. That reminded him of the interrogation room back when he had turned himself over to the police. In an act of desperation to save Ray. The room was only truly quiet when the two officers left. He remember all the question they asked him. Did he know just how many people he killed. An when they realized they weren’t getting anywhere. Trying​ to guilt him with his past victims, they brought up Ray. Using a tone of voice that implied things that never happen. He was a lot of things but he wasn’t a rapist, nor had he ever force her to do anything. He had felt unbelievable anger build inside of him and that when the cops knew they had won their little game.

Every little thing afterwards got under his skin, the things they would say. Seem almost racially-charged, they could call him a beast and technically they wouldn’t be incorrect. He hadn’t realized what was happening at the time, he still didn’t understand it later. Not that he cared really, but they seem to try and put him in a category. That they knew damn well he didn’t fit. Not with the shooting or beating, he was on a whole other level above that. A true monster, and they were trying to racial profile that.

Thinking back on it, it was kinda laughable. Of course they did have a point. Zack reached up and touched Rays face. Their skin color was different, which meant the news reacted differently. He wonder if Ray had seen any of the news papers. Disgusting nonsense from a bumbling police force.

With a huff, he willed himself to stop thinking about it, as he brushed his bandage knuckles across Ray cheek. That when he noticed something was a little off. His hair was a lot looser than it was before. He could feel the cool air caressing his left cheek. He blinked and reached up to touch his face. An in his deep thought Ray had loosed more of his bandage. He looked at Ray who didn’t have a bit of guilt on her face. She didn’t even act like it wasn’t her fault.

“I’m going to strangle the fucking air out of you.” A light threat, but all it did was cause Rays eyes to widen a fraction.

“Finally?” She asked her head turned side ways. Her eyes had changed from back then, they held something. Maybe it was life but then he would have killed her weeks ago, hell years ago when he took her from the hospital. He couldn’t figure it out, leading to his frustration and her words just killing his blood lust. He became agitated, and he could swear he felt like she enjoyed watching his annoyed jitters until he turned on her.

“Argh! I’m gonna fuckin smother you!” He attack her, if you could even call it that. He had gotten on his knees and went to encase her in his hoodie/body. Trying to smother her and really it ended up being more of a bear hug than anything else.

“Watch cha looking so smug for, are you fucking laughing!?” Agitation clear in his voice, everything had devolved into this childish fight that wasn’t really a fight.

(I haven’t written anything for a while for this pair so I thought eh why the hell not. Plus i have never been more happy to see that Zack is cannonly brown or black which ever you wanna call it! So writing coded black Zack is my new life now.)

anonymous asked:

hi, got a Q! (i'm a linguist so curious) why are people in norway in a constant state of not being able to understand each other? e.g. eva's accent, in s3 isak's boys correct each other on how to say things a lot, tarjei has an interview where he doesn't understand the interviewer, in another interview he talks about 100% success and josefine is like ??? what does that mean, basically is this because norway has 2 sort of sub-languages? b/c it never happens in english so it's really interesting!x

hi, lovely! 💖

ahhh, i wouldn’t put it like “in a constant state of not being able to understand each other”? are we really that bad omg

norway is a country of deep fjords and high mountains - it’s also long and narrow. there’s a lot of distance between people. because of this distance (and other factors), there are a l o t of dialects. this map shows the main dialects, but there are lots of sub categories under these as well. it’s impossible to say how many dialects there are in norway, but there are a lot. 

eva doesn’t have an accent, she speaks “bergensdialekt”! here is an explanation of the difference between dialect and accent. 

some people (esp. people who grew up and still live on østlandet) have difficulties understanding certain dialects. words, pronunciation and grammar differ somewhat from dialect to dialect, so it’s challenging for some people to understand. for the most part, these differences boils down to how we pronounce words, but some dialects have words that are unique to them. we’ve been exposed to dialects on tv, radio etc. all our lives, so i think we understand each other 95% of the time. 

an example of a dialect that is difficult for a lot of norwegians to understand is setesdalsdialekt

to illustrate my point, here’s a picture that shows how different dialects say “jeg”.

but i think the examples you listed for the most part just boils down to people phrasing themselves the wrong way or pronouncing things weird. e.g. when isak comes out to magnus and mahdi, mahdi says “homofob” and magnus corrects him by saying “homofob” because mahdi put pressure on the wrong syllable (idk how to day that in english omg i’m sorry, i hope you get what i mean).

i hope this answered your question, anon (^:

just-dread-wolfing  asked:

Oh, I had a good question that I just thought of! What was bro!Ryder's first opinion on Jaal when he woke up and saw them together? How long did it take him to warm up to Jaal?

Scott met Jaal when he was still in the Hyperion med bay, going through some post-coma physical therapy. He was fairly well on his feet, but it took him some time to get his body to adjust to physical activity without tiring himself out. 

Scarlett was in a relationship with Jaal by that point - a detail she had neglected to mention to Scott, as she figured it was better to explain that bit once the two of them had a chance to actually meet. 

Given that he still hadn’t seen the outside of the med bay, this was Scott’s first encounter with an angara - made all the more confusing when the very happy smiling giant squid man gave him a hug that was more than a little too tight and started beaming about how glad he was to finally meet him, how much Scarlett had told him about her brother, and how relieved he was for both their sakes that he was well. 

So Scott’s first reaction to Jaal was essentially shooting his sister a look that said “who the hell is this?!”

Scott and Jaal still don’t really know each other all that well by the time Andromeda’s main story draws to a close. Unsurprising, given that he’s only briefly seen his sister over the course of the game and spent most of that time stuck in recovery. So as of right now in the timeline, Jaal still kinda falls into the same category as pretty much every one of Scarlett’s boyfriends or girlfriends in the past - as long as she’s happy, then Scott doesn’t feel the need to involve himself in that part of her life. Jaal seems nice enough. A bit enthusiastic, maybe, and not the sort of guy Scarlett usually goes for - but he clearly loves her and she seems to care about him.

Time will tell how long it will take for him to really warm up to Jaal or truly understand that the alien now sees him as his own brother because the angara take dating very seriously. I don’t think it will take long, though. The largest barrier between them is cultural, as Scott hasn’t had nearly the same exposure to the angara that Scarlett has had. 

Ups and Downs

Requested by a very nice Anon.  I’ve never met a Bipolar person so I’m really sorry if I don’t write it well. Please forgive me.

This is part is written from Jerome’s POV

At first I didn’t think much of it, we were all very different and unique. Of course being admitted to an insane asylum will automatically put you in that category, but we were more unique than the others. My Sweet cheeks though, she was something else entirely, I fell in love with her the moment I made her laugh. Oh that beautiful laugh, how I miss it. 
“Jerome, is your Pet still in your bedroom?”
I bit my tongue about that pet comment and looked over at Theo before licking my lips and speaking
“Yes she is and I’m starting to worry, she hasn’t eaten anything and every time I try she just pushes me away and pulls the covers over her head after shouting at me to leave her alone”
I take a breath before continuing
“What if she’s starting to become afraid of me…I couldn’t handle that, she’s the only one I care about” I look towards Theo, his eyes showing mixed emotions, it was then that I realised how soft I sounded. I smirked at a thought and let out a chuckle, “I know what to do to get her out of bed~” before making my way out of the dining room and towards our shared room.

Switching to your POV

I stared at the lamp on the side of the table, a feeling of nothingness drowning me as I laid on the soft mattress. I couldn’t even get up, I’m not sure If I even wanted to. I rubbed my face tiredly before hugging the covers closer to me. A knock on the door followed by Jerome’s voice was the only thing I could hear. I felt so sluggish and slow in the head, and the thought go him trying to get me out of bed displeased me.
“Afternoon Sunshine~” Jerome sang as he practically skipped to my side. I stayed silent begging for him to go away.
“Come on sleepy head we’ve got places to go” I just wanted him to go away, I wanted these feelings to go away, I wanted to go away.
“Leave me alone” I said tiredly and groggily
“Come on Sweet cheeks, I miss you. You’re just so sad and flat and I just want you to be happy” he kissed my forehead before stroking my hair. I pulled away from him and just curled up tighter.
“Come on gorgeous, please tell me whats wrong” You’d leave me
“Go away” I said softly
“Not until you tell me whats wrong” I felt the bed dip and his body heat at my backside. I never wanted him to see me like this, he’s going to leave me I know it.
“Sweet cheeks…Please”
I snapped and lashed out at him 
I felt his body leave the bed and heard footsteps approaching the door. 
“Everything alright in there kiddos?” I heard Barbra call out. “No, its not” Jerome whispered quietly before ripping open the door and storming out.

Jerome didn’t sleep in the same bed as me that night, heck I wouldn’t blame him, he’s probably going to leave me anyway right. I mean nothing to this world or to him, I’m meaningless and a burden.

It was probably six or seven days later, I lost track of time in my soft bed. Without a warning Jerome barged into the room and threw himself onto the bed, just barely missing me. His puffy red eyes and dark circles told me that he hadn’t slept and was crying only a few minutes ago. “Please tell me you’re not leaving me” I was shocked.
“Me leave you?! I thought you were going to leave me! And its all because of my stupid, stupid genetics” I started crying before throwing my pillow at the wall. “What’s wrong with your genetics?” Jerome asked, completely unfazed.
“My mother had this disorder.. And it was passed down to me” Jerome sighed before hugging me, “Nothing will make me leave you, not even if you tried to kill me” I laughed before being pulled into a hug. “What ever it is, we can go and rob a chemist, I’ll take care of you” I looked up at him with a teary eyed smile “Even if its Bipolar?” He grinned and hugged me tighter “No matter what, I’ll love you”.

((This was probably so terrible I’m so sorry))
i promised an omgcp forensics (speech & debate) au, so here are some motherfucking bullet points:

(fair warning, i don’t know much about collegiate forensics\the NFA, so i’m writing on the premise that they run pretty much the same)

(cw for all the usual canon stuff)

  • SO. let’s start with Jack.
  • Jack’s dad is Bob Zimmermann, aka one of the big CSDF (Canadian forensics) success stories. he competed in whatever their equivalent of extemp is, as well as debate, and won a shitton of awards before becoming a prominent Canadian political figure. 
  • meanwhile, Alicia competed in interp categories before becoming a model and actress. both Bob and Alicia are vocal supporters of speech and debate, but usually the only people who care are other speechies.
  • and Jack is comfortable speaking in public. he grew up watching his parents do it all the time. he still gets nervous, but it’s not this big, scary thing.


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I’ve been thinking of a way to explain to straight white men how life works for them, without invoking the dreaded word “privilege,” to which they react like vampires being fed a garlic tart at high noon. It’s not that the word “privilege” is incorrect, it’s that it’s not their word. When confronted with “privilege,” they fiddle with the word itself, and haul out the dictionaries and find every possible way to talk about the word but not any of the things the word signifies.

So, the challenge: how to get across the ideas bound up in the word “privilege,” in a way that your average straight white man will get, without freaking out about it?

Being a white guy who likes women, here’s how I would do it:

Dudes. Imagine life here in the US — or indeed, pretty much anywhere in the Western world — is a massive role playing game, like World of Warcraft except appallingly mundane, where most quests involve the acquisition of money, cell phones and donuts, although not always at the same time. Let’s call it The Real World. You have installed The Real World on your computer and are about to start playing, but first you go to the settings tab to bind your keys, fiddle with your defaults, and choose the difficulty setting for the game. Got it?

Okay: In the role playing game known as The Real World, “Straight White Male” is the lowest difficulty setting there is.

This means that the default behaviors for almost all the non-player characters in the game are easier on you than they would be otherwise. The default barriers for completions of quests are lower. Your leveling-up thresholds come more quickly. You automatically gain entry to some parts of the map that others have to work for. The game is easier to play, automatically, and when you need help, by default it’s easier to get.

Now, once you’ve selected the “Straight White Male” difficulty setting, you still have to create a character, and how many points you get to start — and how they are apportioned — will make a difference. Initially the computer will tell you how many points you get and how they are divided up. If you start with 25 points, and your dump stat is wealth, well, then you may be kind of screwed. If you start with 250 points and your dump stat is charisma, well, then you’re probably fine. Be aware the computer makes it difficult to start with more than 30 points; people on higher difficulty settings generally start with even fewer than that.

As the game progresses, your goal is to gain points, apportion them wisely, and level up. If you start with fewer points and fewer of them in critical stat categories, or choose poorly regarding the skills you decide to level up on, then the game will still be difficult for you. But because you’re playing on the “Straight White Male” setting, gaining points and leveling up will still by default be easier, all other things being equal, than for another player using a higher difficulty setting.

Likewise, it’s certainly possible someone playing at a higher difficulty setting is progressing more quickly than you are, because they had more points initially given to them by the computer and/or their highest stats are wealth, intelligence and constitution and/or simply because they play the game better than you do. It doesn’t change the fact you are still playing on the lowest difficulty setting.

You can lose playing on the lowest difficulty setting. The lowest difficulty setting is still the easiest setting to win on. The player who plays on the “Gay Minority Female” setting? Hardcore.

And maybe at this point you say, hey, I like a challenge, I want to change my difficulty setting! Well, here’s the thing: In The Real World, you don’t unlock any rewards or receive any benefit for playing on higher difficulty settings. The game is just harder, and potentially a lot less fun. And you say, okay, but what if I want to replay the game later on a higher difficulty setting, just to see what it’s like? Well, here’s the other thing about The Real World: You only get to play it once. So why make it more difficult than it has to be? Your goal is to win the game, not make it difficult.

Oh, and one other thing. Remember when I said that you could choose your difficulty setting in The Real World? Well, I lied. In fact, the computer chooses the difficulty setting for you. You don’t get a choice; you just get what gets given to you at the start of the game, and then you have to deal with it.

So that’s “Straight White Male” for you in The Real World (and also, in the real world): The lowest difficulty setting there is. All things being equal, and even when they are not, if the computer — or life — assigns you the “Straight White Male” difficulty setting, then brother, you’ve caught a break.

—  By Anonymous, found on FB  (via feministingforchange)

Is it just me or NCT’s Yusol/Hanta (Yuta + Hansol) ship looks like the same replica of EXO’s Hunhan (Luhan + Sehun)?

I’m a Hunhan shipper since 2012 and I can’t help but notice the massive similarities between these two ships and maybe this is the reason why despite all the other great OTP’s in NCT, I got totally pinned down with Yusol.

1. Yuta and Luhan are both foreigners. Luhan is a Chinese and Yuta is a Japanese. However, Luhan was casted; Yuta auditioned.
2. Hansol and Sehun are both Koreans. Sehun came from Seoul and Hansol came from Busan.
3. Yuta and Luhan are both androgenously (if that’s a word) pretty. Also their personality matches really well. Both are shy but really talkative.
4. Hansol and Sehun are both fucking (excuse the cursing) sexy. Personality-wise, Sehun is as shy and as quiet as Hansol back during his 2012 days.
5. Yuta and Luhan both play soccer.
6. Hansol and Sehun are in the same category of dance. The “seductive-but-gracious” kind.
7. Inseparable during pre-debut.
8. Pretty much really close.
9. Hunhan has been famous for their twinning game. Nowadays, some people are claiming Yusol looks like twins as well.

There are other similarities but I can’t point it out since I’m still not sure regarding those. For now, here are my observations.

Either way, this is an opinion and no, I’m not comparing Yusol to Hunhan as they also need their own identity. My point is, I’m just amazed with how similar my OTPs are. *sighs with hearts*

Saturday is clingy girlfriend day.

Went to Mark’s shoot just because. He was kind of busy the entire time, and I was just there to eat and read. I spent most of my time alone, but I really didn’t mind. Mark would just pop every chance that he gets to check on me, and I really appreciated that. 🌸

During my ~free time~ yesterday, I was able to finish “Always and Forever Lara Jean”. While it was predictable, it was still a good read. Very charming and fits well into the YA category. After the shoot, we tried to look into places to stay with hopes of spending more time with each other. We ended up going home, though, because of the terrible traffic and because Mark was too tired from the day’s events. Bought some cookies for my mom as a mother’s day present. Mark brought me home and stayed a bit for dinner.

Saturday was a good day. I hope today would also be fine even if I started it by disappointing people because I wasn’t able to go to the morning church service. If only they knew my daily struggles of getting up in the morning to function… 😶

PS: Happy Mother’s Day to everyone’s moms!!!

Kevin gets thrown out that old oak door and into the bright, bright light because he fundamentally cannot perceive worth of any human being who does not contribute to ~productivity~. Kevin gets thrown out because he represents a town where accommodating disabled people is seen as a chore, and “fixing” them as presented as a solution. All those annoying wheelchair ramps. All those annoying elevators. Kevin represents capitalism, and capitalism demands that people be restructured and shaped and moulded and changed until they can fit the system, regardless of how much harm it causes them.

Capitalism sorts us into “high functioning” and “low functioning” categories: it is a doctor telling me that I should be proud at how well I have learned to disguise my autism and calling me “high functioning” for learning to keep my hands still and my smile demure and my being confined. It is being upheld as a “good” disabled person for not needing accommodations at my workplace, where there never are any other disabled people because god forbid that someone might actually have to take a few minutes out of their day to make work possible. It is the capacity to work being considered fundamental to value as a person; fundamental to the right to exist at all. Kevin does not recognize Janice’s right to exist while inhabiting her body.

Treating disability as something to correct instead of accommodate means that, in one way or another, disabled people have to be eradicated. Kevin knows this underlying truth to ableism, and condones it. He blames bad markets on people being “sad and lazy” and tells depressed people to cheer up. It is hatred, and it is a threat: get better or get out; be fixed or disappear; assimilate or die. 

Disability isn’t the problem–ableism is. And capitalism is inherently ableist. Anything that reduces people to their capacity to work, and categorizes them by the degree to which they can be productive, and permits their existence only so long as they are convenient is inherently ableist, and inherently evil. Strexcorp is inherently evil, and as long as Kevin represents them, so is he. 

Kevin gets thrown out of that old oak door because he is the voice of violence; of assimilation and imperialism and capitalism and ableism. He gets thrown out because he sees all imperfection as disgusting and damnable and in need of correction or eradication. He gets thrown out because he sees Janice as a problem instead of a person.

stop pretending bts being nominated to a billboard award isn’t a big deal. yes, it’s a social category but still, they’re the first k-pop group to ever be nominated, that’s huge. not to mention it opens the doors to other kpop groups as well. it’s okay if you don’t stan bangtan but pls stop trying to minimize their achievements, everything they’ve acomplished so far is thanks to their hard work and armys’. bts deserves this.

anonymous asked:

Im considering getting a hedgehog within the next few months but first i want to get a basic over view of their care to make sure i can care for it properly. I don't have a room for a C&C cage, so what size of cage do hedgehogs need as a minimum?How do I pick one up with out getting pricked? (I don't mind getting pricked it would just be better to avoid it) What's brand of cat food do you recommend? Where did you get your heating system? And any other important things I should know about hedgies


Well, there’s quite a bit that I can go on about if you let me (but it would be quite long). I’ve made quite a few posts already covering the basics. I can link them into categories for you so they’re easier to find. If you still have any specific questions or you’d like me to go more in-depth on a topic, you’re always welcome to message me or send another ask.

Before you get a Hedgehog:

Questions to Ask Yourself

On Hedgehogs and Money

Where to Get a Hedgehog

List of Hedgehog Breeders (in the U.S.)

On Budgeting your Supplies



How to Read Nutrition Labels

Healthy Treats

Harmful Foods

Other Toxic Items for Hedgehogs

Water Bottles vs. Water Dishes


Pros vs. Cons of Various Heating Sources

Ceramic Heat Emitter (CHE) System (video)


Various Types of Cages you can Use

C&C Cages

The Wheel

On Potty Training and Litter


On Hedgehogs in General:


How to Socialize your Hedgehog

Hedgehog Personalities

Male vs. Female

Things to Have in your Hedgehog First Aid Kit

Anointing (behavior)

Nail Trimming

How to Scruff Your Hedgehog (for nail trimming)

On Overweight Hedgehogs

Things to Expect your Hedgehog’s First Week Home and Other General Tips

On Hedgehogs and Hamster Balls

Some aspec terms

All of these terms have pride designs to go with them! You can find them all [Here] as well as more info and sources for many of the terms and designs.

You can reblog the longer version here if you want to get into people’s faces more or something: [Link]

Gray-A- Being between a- and allo- (asexual/aromantic/etc and allosexual/alloromantic/etc); feeling attraction rarely, vaguely, or weakly.
For example, a gray-a may:
-Experience attraction but not very often.
-Experience attraction, but not desire the type of relationship associated with that type of attraction.
-Gray-a can be used as an umbrella term or as its own orientation.
Gray-a may also prefix to a label, as in “Gray-heteroromantic, gray-homosexual”

Demi- An a-spectrum orientation where one does not experience attraction to a person until they have developed an emotional connection to them. There is no guarantee that this attraction will develop after an emotional connection is formed, but it is required in order for attraction to be possible.

Some demi people may choose to further define their orientation in terms of genders they are attracted to (demipanromantic, demihomosexual). Others do not find this necessary, or feel that they have enough experiences of that form of attraction to figure out who they’re attracted to.

Fray- or Ignota- When someone only experiences attraction to individuals they are less familiar with, but the attraction fades as they get to know the person. (Sometimes known as reverse-demi)

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I want Discovery to be treated well so badly. I can deal with it not being perfect or even bad sometimes. I can deal with it stumbling on portraying the ideals of Trek. I can deal with personally unpleasant showrunners or bts drama. All of that is grating, but it’s nothing we haven’t gone through with every other entry in the franchise.

For every crappy bigoted storyline or lazy piece of writing DS9 or TNG still had amazing character arcs and a stellar story. They got to be

But if Discovery gets dicked around by the higher-ups and to a lesser extent fandom like VOY and ENT had been, I will be genuinely disappointed. Those two had so much potential that was completely wasted by this sort of idiocy, that will never be realised. That’s the true tragedy of those shows, not the mere fact that they had flaws.

Calling all Killjoys and Candidates!

Introducing Better Living Industries’ very own all-inclusive catalog of Danger Days-related Tumblr blogs, or, as we like to call it: The Index.

The Index consists of a list of blogs categorised neatly into three different categories: “Better Living Personnel” (for BL/ind-run blogs), Killjoys (for the blogs of various Killjoys), and “Other” (with convenient “Aesthetic”,  “Headcanon”, and “Fanfiction” subtitles to help you find exactly what you are looking for!).

It looks vaguely like this currently, but the list will soon expand once we are notified of further blogs! (A lot of sorting still needs to be done too… And, eventually, I am hoping for a fourth tab as well… For the best aesthetic blogs for finding images that could easily be a part of the Danger Days universe… But I have no idea what to call the tab.)

With this being an all-inclusive thing, anyone with a Danger Days blog can have it added to the list, and there is no application process (unlike networks and stuff)… Just send me a message or an ask or something and you will be added. (And, if you don’t, I will find you and add you to the list anyway!)

There are quite a few blogs on the list already, please check them out!

Click here to visit The Index

King/Queen of Hell Award: Best Other characters

@not-so-natural-spn won runner up in this category in the Wayward Scandi Bitches Awards I co hosted with @winchesterswoonathon

Stef requested: Of course I would love it to be with Cas. Maybe something dirty, but without the actual smut. Like, some innuendos here and there, foreplay, dirty talk, but without actual smut 

It turned a littel smuttier than planned cause … well Cas! Hope you still like!

You had been hunting a Rit Zien all week. You were tired, and the suffering the angel had caused had made you angry. So angry, in fact, you had started taking it out on poor Cas. Biting at him everytime he tried to make sure you were okay, or blaming him for everything under the sun that had gone wrong on the hunt. You felt bad, but that hadn’t been enough to stop you in the moment. His hurt puppy dog expression made you cringe, but still it wasn’t enough to make you stop. What did stop you, however, was Cas’ change in demeanour.

“Why do angels have to be such dicks!” You growled at the Winchesters, who shifted uncomfortably in their seats, silently glaring over at Cas who stayed expressionless on the bed. And that was when it hit you. The now very familiar feeling of his grace caressing your thigh, dangerously close to your core and his voice echoing in your head.

“Not all angels are dicks, Y/N. Just like not angels know how to use one right.” The line was so cheesy it almost made you giggle, but the anger over the case still boiling within you, stopped it.

You just sent Cas an ice cold glare, but he stayed expressionless as his grace all of a sudden cupped your sex. Making you wet instantly as his voice sounded in your head again

“Not all angels know how to punish, bad little girls either, Y/N.” The low rumble of Cas’ deep voice seemed to travel your entire body, and you had to fight not to visibly shiver as he continued, “Luckily, I do, and you have been a very bad girl. I think I might have to punish you when we get back home.”

A sly smile slid over Cas’ face as he watched you shift in your seat, glaring over at the Winchesters who had their noses buried in their books yet again, oblivious to what Cas was doing to you.

You bit hard down on your lip, stifling the moan that threatened to fall from your lips, as you felt Cas’ grace slide past your folds and caress your wet heat, making a warm feeling course through your entire body.

“Or I could try and improve your mood right now? Is this helping, Y/N? Or maybe I still need to spank you when we get back home? Bend you over that desk of yours and pull down your panties. Make you feel the sting of my hand on that perky little ass of yours.”

“Jeez, Cas!” You thought, knowing full well he was in your head and able to hear every sinful thought you were having, feeling your need for him. He knew just how badly you wanted his cock inside you. He knew just how painful your desire for him to fuck your brains out against your desk really was. And he knew just how close you were to whimpering his name out loud for Sam and Dean to hear.

“You want me to make you come, don’t you Y/N/N? You want me to make you come feeling my grace inside of you as you are imagining my dick slamming into you.” Cas’ voice was a low growl in your head, and you practically screamed yes at him internally, as you fought to keep your breathing even.

Cas’ grace started vibrating slowly inside of you, pushing you closer and closer to the edge, and when you thought you could take it any more, his voice sounded again.

“I’m sorry Y/N. You will have to wait. Bad girls don’t deserve to get off that easy.” And then you were robbed of his grace ,feeling empty and hollow in its wake. With Cas’ grace gone, you could no longer control yourself. You spun around on your chair facing the bed as you screamed at him.

“What the hell, Cas?!”

Cas just smirked at you, seemingly pleased with himself as he got off the bed, “I am going to get. Do you guys want something to eat? So you have energy for later.” Cas looked you straight in the eye as he uttered the last part of his sentence, and then he was out the door. Leaving you alone with the Winchesters’ confused stares.

“Did we miss something?” Dean questioned with a grin and you felt your cheeks flush red, silently cursing your angel, hoping he would here and punish you for that later as well.

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The fandom-held notion that “Pearl gets the most attention in the show out of all the Crystal Gems” is a blatant lie

Something has been bothering me lately.

Whenever a new episode centered on Pearl comes out, everyone seems to post about how Pearl is the Crystal Gem that gets the most episodes centered on her and her development. This happened again recently with Last One Out of Beach City. Out of curiosity (and a rather large amount of boredom and desire to avoid uni homework), I decided to take a look at every single Steven Universe episode, the characters that “star” in each, and what percentage of episodes each character “stars” in out of the currently released 110 episodes.

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