kISS KISS FALL IN LOVE (like these two nerds weren’t enough in love as it is)

“Starfog do you think that just maybe you should consider drawing something that isn’t alphyne-” NO!

But in all honestly ok  maybe, maybe I’ll do something else, at some point, soon. Maybe. If I can resist the lesbians. Probably can’t.

So nurses.....

…if you’ve got a young male patient, alert and oriented, who’s been stable but all of the sudden his heart rate starts to climb, and you decide to go in and check him, just…..announce your presence first. Don’t just walk in.

They get bored in there, I guess. I’m sure you see where I’m going here.

There’s no such thing as privacy in the hospital.

What has been seen cannot be unseen, and so on.

Thing I just realized: Circles are pants-free zones

Literally no one who resides in one wears pants. Mages, priests, and Tranquil all wear robes, and Templars wear skirts with their armour. There are no pants anywhere to be seen

Even that random quartermaster in Origins (who seems to be there more for the player’s convenience than anything else) is wearing leather armour, which is also a skirt

Apparently someone pretty high in the Chantry hierarchy at some point really, really hated pants

  • <p><b><p></b> <b>han solo:</b> i can't feel my chest when im with you<p/><b>han solo:</b> and i hate it<p/><b>han solo:</b> and i hate it<p/><b>han solo:</b> i can't feel my chest when im with you<p/><b>han solo:</b> bc there is a moTHER FUCKING LIGHTSABER IN IT, BEN<p/></p><p/></p>
BTS Comeback Reaction

October: *days go by and BTS comeback is nowhere to be seen*

Me: They must be resting. On the bright side, I am so ready for this!!

Big Hit: Yeah, sorry. Comeback has been pushed until November 30, but hey! More time to get money, right?

November: *Exo, Vixx, B.A.P and more possible comebacks for the same month*

Me: Oh my Walleteu…