well their pokemon at least

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Something fast and stupid, work was crazy and I could only manage to sneak in a little doodle. Archie would love all water pokemon, uwu, even the useless ones.


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New Summary for XYZ047, crdit goes to Dephender

Satoshi vows to meet his friends again as the time to part with them arrives!

Before everyone parts with each other, Dedenne goes missing!?
The day to say goodbye is finally here for Ash and his friends, who have traveled together up to this point. Ash, Serena and Clemont have now all decided on what road they wish to follow after being so undecided on what to do next, and give each others blessings for their respective future plans on the airport, promising to definitely meet again one day. But when it is nearly time to board the plane, Dedenne runs away from the others. Dedenne is still young and acts up because it doesn’t want to separate from the others.

*(top) As Ash swears to meet everyone again, he once again swears a bond with Pikachu and his friends.
*(right) Ash heads to the airport in order to say goodbye to the Kalos region he traveled through with Clemont and the others and return to the Kanto region.
*(bottom) Desperately opposed to parting with everyone, Dedenne hides itself.

As you can see in the one of the pictures of the whole group, Greninja is missing, I wonder why

Oh i am also glad that we could be getting a nod to the mosquito issue with UB02 Expansion (I talked about how invasive mosquitoes, by spreading avian malaria, have decimated bird populations in Hawaii in this post - obviously the plot isn’t going to reflect this, but perhaps having a sinister looking mosquito character could lead to some hints towards the real issue, as we have seen with alolan rattata and yungoos for example)

XYand Z 12

Ok so far this episode confirmed some stuff I’ve been thinking:

  • The fact Elle sympathized with Serena was because, unconsciously, she saw her old self in her (as stated by Yashio that Serena really reminds her of “the old Elle”).
  • Elle has been talking to Yashio about Serena regularly, trying to make her noticeable for Yashio.
  • Ash still can’t dance. No matter which kind of dance it is.
  • Miette is not just ‘mean’, she has a himeka complex over Serena (aka that one punk sister that will push you and call you looser cause she wants you to improve and wants to see u doing shit right away cos she cares but won’t admit it).
  • Serena will always make prevail what’s the best for her pokes over her thirst her wishes, that’s why she picked Citron and Horubee for the party.
  • Ash and Serena still best double battle partners.
  • Miette strategy skills are something else.
  • James adaptability capacities (for battle partners) are something else.
  • Being Serena is suffering.