well their pokemon at least


Some old pictures to remind myself everyone of Sycamore Cove. :3 I really do miss it and I hope I have time to play soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! :)

In a way I dislike headcanons like “oh this character is awful at cooking and other character(s) has to take care of them”

I really dislike it rn with my current obsessive ship for Blanche/Candela/Spark

they’re all good leaders and care deeply for their pokemon and being scientist in their own rights they would most likely have a good grasp on food science as well to keep their pokemon in tip top shape so they’d be at least decent enough to make food for themselves 

travelling around the world on pokemon journeys and gaining knowledge often means having to cook your own food at times since there’s not always going to be a place to stop and get a meal

Spark is good at balanced, healthy meals but mostly focuses on breakfast and lunch type of foods

Candela is really good at big, filling meals such as dinner and meals that boost your energy and metabolism ( as well as desserts ) 

Blanche is really good at making high protein snacks, juices, and quick meals in a pinch

Lakefront A.K.A pokemon heaven

So yesterday we decided to go check out lakefront park at kissimmee since everyone was telling us to go there. and man it was worth the 45 min drive over there.Right after parking we found about 3 new pokemons, but the main thing happened about 30 min after we arrived, when a guy shouted the he had a lapras on his near bys and everybody flipped we asked him where the lapras was and …..

we were at the red circle and the lapras was all the way over the blue one and it was about to respawn in about 2 min said the guy so we ran there like there was no tomorrow to catch it, I’m just going to clarify that we were like probably 200+ players running to get the lapras. we got there in time to catch a whooping 41 cp lapras

well At least it was a new pokemon for me…

all catching lapras and there’s more people coming our way.

the second one was an arcanine

and then a freaking porygon appeared.

these are the pokemon I caught there.

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At the end, I began to hate this pokemon XYZ anime plot -_-"

For the last time, why won’t you let satoshi win, author-san? From the beginning of the pokemon very first anime until pokemon xyz anime, satoshi NEVER get a chance to win a champion league, even when he got his satoshi-gekkouga, just let him win already.

(Well, I also admired alain though hehe)