well the words are lame

princessdan’s positivity posts !

ok so i just hit 3k and i have ,,, no talents. so i decided that the only thing i can do is be nice !!! so here we go :)

what heck is this mo?

~you can send me an ask with an emoji or a song rec or anything and i will give you at least two compliments and a word that represents you !! is this lame !! oh well !

why are you doing this? why dont u do something cool??

well like i said i have no talents and blogrates take forever and i feel like sometimes theyre too impersonal ?? for this, i want to make all of you feel special by giving you compliments that are unique to you !

is sending the ask all i need to do?

no ! here is the list of criteria:

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post
  • send the ask !
  • do something nice for someone today :)

ill be tagging these as “mo loves her friends” if u wanna blacklist it :) 

also i will be taking breaks in between to actually reblog dnp stuff but i do kind of want to dedicate this day to you guys ! so i apologize for lack of content today but i want to get to as many people as possible !!! i love you all :))

Dear D&D and GOT cast,

A Stark sibling rivalry makes about as much sense as Jon Snow dead for good in S6.

In other words…



Here for the Starks fangirl

P.S. Sophie, hope you get your raise. 😎😎