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But if you feel like I feel
Please let me know that it’s real
You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you

It’s still the 25th where I am so… one last happy birthday pic for Vitya!

Ok so I’ve finally gotten around to doing this highly requested post based off this post and I’m sorry to all those who had been waiting for ages for it to come out but here it is!!!

How to Annotate a Novel Efficiently

Look I’m actually doing the play Medea at the moment so this can be used for other texts apart from novels too!

Like I’ve said before, I know lots of people don’t want to taint their texts with writing and highlighting, but to me, it is so so satisfying when I finish with a fully annotated book with tabs flying out of every page and all that, plus it acts as a sweet resource once it’s done.

((Hopefully by the time you’ve gotten around to this level of annotating, you’ve read through your text already and maybe even put down some initial thoughts in the margins.))

To put it simply, I have three levels of coordination when it comes to annotating a novel: words, tabs and sticky notes.

1. Sticky notes

  • Use for big chunks of text you can’t fit in the margins of your book, such as summaries of characters, themes, etc
  • They can also get those big chunks of info to stand out from the rest of the novel
  •  If you’re reading a larger text with chapters, it’s quite handy to use big sticky notes to summarise each section. 

2. Tabs (and highlighting)

  • Yep so these are the tabs I have sticking out of my book and they’re used for quick references, where I can easily search up a type of quote quickly in the novel without having to flip through every page.
  • The colours of the tabs I use are the same colours as my highlighters, so it is easy to see where the quote is and which tab it corresponds to.
  • ACTUALLY HIGHLIGHT the specific quote rather than leaving a tab there by itself, for future reference when you need a specific quote, but if you’ve got a massive chunk that is just too important to pick out a small quote, use a square bracket on the inside margin. Smaller quotes are better.
  • Have a tab for broad topics such as characters, themes, literary devices, plot developments, context, etc. If you have more colours, you can always make your categories more specific (for me, the character of Medea is separate to the rest of the characters)
  • I write the main idea on the tab itself, a.k.a. the reason why I highlighted or tabbed that quote there.
  • Which quotes to highlight depends on

a)     What we go through in class

b)     What is written as an important quote in the text guide we are given/the internet suggests

c)     What I think is important. If you’re not sure, ask yourself WHY is that quote important and if you can answer that, highlight it!!!


3. Words

  • The further explanation of quotes is written on the actual pages, and often right under a tab to elaborate.
  • I recommend using a thin pen as in 0.38 to really fit in as much as possible.
  • This step as well as tabbing is so so important, because you can highlight as much as you want, but it really won’t mean anything until you’ve written down its significance, and even if you have an amazing memory, this is vital ok. Even a few words along the margin explaining the quote can mean the difference between good writing and great writing in your upcoming essay.
  • What do I actually write? If it’s a literary device, I’ll name it (e.g. Metaphor) and explain its symbolism, or the author’s intention for putting that in. If it’s a theme related quote, I’ll explain the message that the author is trying to convey through that quote. If it’s a character related quote, I’ll explain how that quote adds to their character, maybe finding contrasts, etc.
  • Supplies that I used were:

- Mildliners (pink, orange, yellow, blue, aqua; gotta get that colour coding)

- Pilot Frixion Point

- Uni-ball Signo TSI (erasable like the frixion pen so that if I’m not too sure about what I’ve written as an annotation, I can check with the teacher and erase if need be)

- A set of 1000 tabs in total, divided among pink, orange, yellow, green and blue

- Pastel square sticky notes

As an optional step, I highly recommend making use of the back cover or spare pages in the book. I use them for writing definitions of recurring words, good vocabulary to use in the future when writing the essay and also character maps, explaining the relationship between each character.

I hope you all find this helpful!

((disclaimer: this is just how I do it so don’t shank me pls))

Kate xx

Random Rambles of Toshinko and stuff

(This is a bit of a long ramble, I apologize!)

One of the things that surprises me about My Hero Academia is that out of all the ships I could possibly ship I really only ship Toshinko. This isn’t anything against any of the other ships I’ve seen in the fandom. A lot of them are really cute and I can appreciate the art and thought put into them.

I just love the potential that Toshinko has for all the characters involved, Inko, Toshinori, and Izuku. One thing that always struck me when Toshinori came to their apartment to talk to Inko were the posters of him on the wall of their apartment.

I don’t quite think Toshinori peeked into Izuku’s room because that would probably be rather rude. I think the posters might in fact be in their living room and next to (what I’m pretty sure are) their family pictures.

In the top one there are 2 adults who I assume are Inko and Hisashi, and I think Izuku is between them. The second pic shows more than likely just Inko and Izuku (a subtle mention that Hisashi is literally out of the picture? Sorry for the pun. OTL). Right next to them are posters of All Might, to me (and judging by the look on Toshinori’s face, to him as well) this feels a little odd. Unless perhaps, you take the possibility that All Might became a source of strength/comfort for Izuku. He indirectly filled in some of the gap that Hisashi left behind. (In my opinion, Toshinori probably doesn’t know this, yet.)

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Celeb Women In The Signs

#internationalwomensday has passed, but there’s no reason it can’t be a woman-themed month, a woman-themed year, or a woman-themed life. In spirit, here are some cool celeb women born under each of our signs, plus I gave each sign a woman-positive quote I feel fits each of you zodiac sisters well. 

Aries: Selena (singer, born April 16, 1971), Maya Angelou (historical author, born April 4, 1928), Lady Gaga (singer, born March 28, 1986) 

“I’m tough, i’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.” -Madonna

Taurus: Adele (singer, born May 5, 1988), Tina Fey (actress, born May 18, 1970), Grace Jones (caribbean star, born May 19, 1948), Nina Garcia (fashion journalist, born May 3, 1965)

“Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe that you must become it’s soul.” -Coretta Scott King  

Gemini: Lauryn Hill (singer, born May 26, 1975), Heidi Klum (fashion designer, born June 1, 1973), Angelina Jolie (actress, born June 4,1975), Marilyn Monroe (actress, born June 1, 1926)

“Freedom, by definition, is people realizing that they are their own leaders”- Diane Nash

Cancer: Malala Yousafzai (nobel prize winner, born July 12, 1997), Frida Kahlo (painter, born July 6, 1907), Meryl Streep (actress, born June 22, 1949) (Wow! Lots of cool women are Cancers!!!)

“This is what my soul is telling me: Be peaceful and love everyone.” -Malala Yousafzai

Leo: Jennifer Lawrence (actress, born August 15, 1990), Jennifer Lopez (singer, born July 24, 1969), J.K. Rowling (author, born July 31, 1965), Halle Berry (actress, born August 14, 1966)

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”-Eleanor Roosevelt 

Virgo: Mother Teresa (charity founder, born August 26, 1910), Amy Poehler (actress born September 16, 1971), Taraji P. Henson (born September 11, 1970), Beyonce (singer, born September 4, 1981)

“If you’re in a movement and not following a woman of color, you’re following the wrong movement”- Linda Sarsour

Libra: Serena Williams (tennis player, September 26, 1981), Gwen Stefani (singer, born October 3, 1969), Margaret Thatcher (only female prime minister of the UK, born October 13, 1925), Lilly Singh (youtube star, born September 26, 1988)

“Apparently it’s better to be a corporation today than to be a woman in front of the supreme court.” -Cecil Richards 

Scorpio: Kathy Griffin (comedian, born November 4, 1960), Allyson Felix (olympic track and field medalist, born November 18, 1985), Marie Curie (first woman to win a nobel prize, born November 7, 1867), Scarlett Johansson (actress, born November 22, 1984)

“The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.”- Gloria Steinem

Sagittarius: Sojourner Truth (historian, born December 1, 1797), Shirley Chisholm (first black woman to run in politics, born November 30, 1924), Britney Spears (singer, born December 2, 1981), Cicely Tyson (actress, born December 18,1924)

“Don’t underestimate how much antagonism there is toward women and how many people wish we could turn the clock back.” -Nora Ephron

Capricorn: Aaliyah (singer, born January 16, 1979), Betty White (comedian, born January 17, 1922), Michelle Obama (former first lady, born January 17, 1964)

“Men: their rights, and nothing more. Women: their rights, and nothing less.”-Susan B. Anthony

Aquarius: Jennifer Aniston (actress, born February 11, 1969), Ellen DeGeneres (comedian, born January 16, 1956), Oprah Winfrey (host, born January 19, 1954), Rosa Parks (civil rights activist, born February 4, 1913)

“Words actually matter. They’re significant, they can transform and open up our imagination for others.”- Opal Tometi

Pisces: Rihanna (singer, born February 20, 1988), Eva Longoria (actress, born March 15, 1979), Queen Latifa (actress, born March 18, 1970), 

“Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything evolves, everything flies and goes away.” -Frida Kahlo


“Not all those who wander are lost.” ⚘ -J.R.R Tolkien / Adventure mood board! So I was tagged by my lovelies @limechangkyun & @jinkimon do to the bias + selfie + mood board challenge (thank y'all so much :)! The theme took a while to decide but for me, nothing beats books, a nice cup of coffee, the desire to travel & Im Changkyun. ♥︎ It’s more like a getaway, if anything~ I’ll be tagging @spring-jealousy @urmomstax @keeyoun @jooheonster @hyungjooki @ckihyun @sugaxri @dat-town and I know it’s always the same people but I adore y'all all so very much! ☀︎

This is my pic for the @ccficwithapic, a companion piece to @stillthewordgirl‘s amazing fic “Second Chances“. 

The instruction said to include at least one of the four words in the pic, and those words were capsule, contention, grasp and fumble.  I wasn’t entirely sure how to fit at least one of those into my drawing, so I had Sara kinda grasping her leg…  I really hope it’s good enough. :3

Anyways, the theme quote is: And sometimes, against all odds, against all logic, we hope. - Anonymous

I had an absolutely wonderful time working on this and taking part in the event, as well as a delightful time working with my fic partner. :)

Movie Designs and Other Things

Hi there! I really haven’t spoken much in this fandom for the long time I’ve been a part of it (and I’ve been watching the show since the pilot). However with the upcoming release of the movie and the noticable negativity from some people in the fandom, I thought I’d weigh into the situation with my own opinion on the subject.

First of all, many people have criticised desig contrasts from the series to the movie. Well I believe for the situation and artistic themes that the movie had decided to portray the different designs fit. With Kai’s hair being the way it is, despite people’s complaining they shouldn’t have touched it becuase of that one quote from season 5, joking asided was a good decision on their part. With the setting of the movie being reminiscent of modern Eastern cities, like Tokyo, the character designs had to lend themselves to more Eastern idea as well. Kai’s hair can be seen as a nod to the overexaggerated hairstyles of anime protagonists, and a very subtle one at that. Another example of this would be N-Pop, even the name is a reference to K-Pop and J-Pop as modern Eastern genres of music, who has a striking resemblance to the Japanese UTAUloid ‘Teto’ with the twin drill pigtails and coloured hair also being typical of many animes.

Second, would be the change in voices and well… We need to understand that the show and the ovie are set in two universes. Meaning the Ninja in both univeses won’t be the same in every way including how they sound. That is also the same for mannerisms which has been commented on by a few people, as mannerisms are built by watching the people around us and choosing our own appropriate way to react (which yet again will be the same for the Ninja in both universes as they have led different lives).

Next would be Zane’s smiling in the trailer being almost constant and being described as ‘creepy’. I don’t even know with this one because who cares? He’s smiling. Let him smile, it isn’t hurting you.

Lastly is the lack of genuine ‘ninja-ing’ by the Ninja in the movie trailers. I think that’s the point though, they are learning to be ninja at this point in their story. To solve the problem of not actually knowing how to be ninja they have giant mechs which seem pretty handy.

Overall, I hope that this…Rant? Has offered people a different veiwpoint for what we’ve seen of the movie so far.


The Beatles onstage at the Top Ten Club, Hamburg, spring 1961 (photos via The Source, copyright unknown).

“In my opinion, our peak for playing live was in Hamburg. You see, at that time we weren’t so famous, so the people who came to see us were drawn in simply by our music and whatever atmosphere we managed to create. We got very tight as a band there, as most nights we played until the wee hours. We developed quite a big repertoire of our own songs, but still played mainly old rock ‘n’ roll tunes. Back in England all the bands were getting into wearing matching tire and handkerchiefs and were doing little dance routines like the Shadows. We weren’t into that bit, so we just kept on doing whatever we felt like.” - George Harrison in an interview with Ritchie York, September 1969 [x]

“Before Hamburg, we didn’t have a clue. We’d never really done any gigs. We’d played at a few parties, but we’d never had a drummer longer than one night at a time. So we were very ropy, just young kids. When we arrived in Hamburg, we started playing eight hours a day - like a full workday. We did that for a total of 11 or 12 months, on and off over a two year period. It was pretty intense. At first we played the music of our heros - Little Richard, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers, Ray Charles, Carl Perkins - anything we’d ever liked. But we still needed more to fill those eight hour sets. Eventually, we had to stretch and play a lot of stuff that we didn’t know particularly well. Suddenly, we were even playing movie themes, like ‘A Taste of Honey’ or 'Moonglow’, learning new chords, jazz voicings, the whole bit. Eventually, it all combined together to make something new and we found our own voice as as a band.” - George Harrison, Guitar World, 1992 [x]

The Undertale Cast if they had Tumblr Blogs

Toriel: A blog filled with pretty, calming photos and post helping people in their everyday lives. She sometimes finds sad people on her dashboard and sends them encouraging messages.

Papyrus: A theme that makes it impossible to see any of the posts he made, that was apparently made by Papyrus himself. Constantly shitposts and reblogs photos of Spaggheti. He has a music player that only plays this song.

Sans: Has the default theme, barley posts but when he does it’s horrible puns and memes.

Undyne: A blog where she constantly brags about how strong she is and posting videos of her breaking stuff. Has a music player that plays songs that she trains to.

Dr. Alphys: A theme that’s filled with glitter, pink and Anime characters. She constantly posts about the recent anime she is watching, and fits some science posts in there as well. She sometimes makes post under a readmore line about her day and about Undnye.

Metatton: A blog advertising whatever he is in at the moment, some behind the scenes posts and whatever is popular. He constantly posts selfies in his EX form and has the most followers out of anyone on Tumblr.

Asgore: A beautiful aesthetics blog of flowers and scenic places. He also posts positive quotes and photos.

W.D. Gaster: Blog? What blog. His posts just show up randomly on someones dashboard, and it’s physically impossible to follow him.


Allison has been a vital character in Teen Wolf for so many years
and just because she is gone, doesn’t mean we can forget about the
amazing part she played. The purpose of this appreciation week is to
spread Allison love all over tumblr.

Allison Argent Week will start Monday 6th July to Sunday 12th July.
Each day will have a set theme so make sure to tag your entries with
#allisonargentweek and it will be reblogged to this blog. Everything
no matter what skill level you have will be reblogged so don’t worry
just make sure it fits in with the days theme. :)

                            ~ SCHEDULE ~
Monday- Favorite Scene / Most empowering moment
Tuesday- Most Memorable quote
Wednesday- Favorite Ship**
Thursday- Alternate Universe [AU] / AU Fics
Friday- Hair / Outfit / Any part of her appreciation
Saturday- Favorite episode or season
Sunday- Memorial / tribute to her death / free choice

**you can include fics/playlists as well.**

Please make sure you tag #allisonargentweek in the first five tags
of your post or else it won’t show up. Thank you 

You can message me here or here if you have any questions.

The beginning is the most important part of the work -Plato. (Day 2 of 366)

Also I just realized today that there will be 366 days this year. Maybe I have bitten off more lettering than I can chew by one whole day. Maybe I should get one free homework pass in light of this discovery to use when I can’t be bothered. I make the rules so I’ll do what I want.

I am very excited about the beginning of another year, there’s already so much I’ve learned since the beginning of the first lettering project and much more that I will be learning. I’m virtually attending the Modern Calligraphy Summit in a few months and that should really step up my game.

I’m collecting quotes to letter and that was one of the toughest parts the first year, well, at least most time consuming, but I generally prefer the quotes to individual words or phrases. Probably because I’m cheesy and love motivation (and goal-setting and New Years and dreaming big).

If you have some favorite quotes or quotes that fit a theme (holidays, weather, seasons, months, moods, motivation) I’d love for you to submit them via the ask function on this tumblr! I can’t promise to use submissions given that I pick quotes that speak to me on a given day (not in some profound way, but it might be that it’s raining and I find a good quote/snippet about rain that I like). I also typically won’t choose a movie/tv quote if I haven’t seen it before, and I know that makes me lame. I also don’t often letter profanity for this project, my mom has made me very resistant to cussing on the Internet. So I apologize for that as well. So if all of those caveats don’t prevent you submit away! I’ll also try to answer questions but you can also check out my resource page. It hasn’t been updated in ages but I’m sure I will during the year!

Hooray, it feels so good to be back!

NaNoWriMo is in four days. By now, a good handful of guides on how to survive this challenging, writing-packed month have already been published, and most of your friends within the writer community are probably already finished outlining their stories’ twists and turns and have a whole set of full, round characters. But you seem to be in a dark metaphorical void of discouragement; your usual inspiration and creativity has left you and you’re beginning to doubt whether you’ll even have the slightest idea for a story by the time November 1st rolls around. Who’d have known that the biggest challenge of NaNoWriMo became before it even started?

Well, with the help of a challenge one of my friends made, I’ve come up with this guide to plot-building:

  1. List your top 10-20 favorite movies, books or tv shows (whatever you feel is fitting).
  2. Now, pick out you favorite thing from each of the titles - it could be a message, a character, a particular scene, a feeling you get from it or even just a quote.
  3. Play around with the list of things you now have. If you’ve picked out some characters, try to find out what makes them so endearing. If it’s a theme or a message, try to think of other movies/books/tv shows with the same message to see how it can be incorporated differently.
  4. By now, you should have some ideas floating in your head. Remember not to copy these things completely - use them for inspiration, not as a first draft. Try to put the things together and change little details from each thing until you have something that’s yours, but still has the core elements that you loved from the original.
  5. Go for a walk, listen to some music or write a drabble - anything that gets you thinking of the list of items and what you can make of it, and try to mold it together. It’s going to be hard work to develope a plot idea in just four days, but you can do it!
  6. If you need more help, try checking out my guide [here]. There’s a compilation of more good material for you WriMo'ers in there :)

Hey friends!

Thanks so much for all of your responses to our survey! Fiona and I took some time to discuss everything that you guys suggested, and we just wanted to address a few of your specific responses here.

  • “Can you add a tags page?”

We discussed the possibility of adding a tags page by topic and by author. As of right now we have nearly 7500 posts on the blog, and unfortunately neither of us have time to go through previous posts to tag by topic, so there won’t be one of those appearing any time soon. (But we are thinking very hard about starting to tag by topic in forthcoming posts.) 

We’ve ruled out the possibility of an author tags page completely, because this is much more efficient to search via tags, and a full tags page would already be much too large and unwieldy (and would only grow more so), so generally any kind of tags page is not in our future. We are working on re-vamping the search option to make it more user-friendly, and this should help a lot when it comes to finding quotes by author and by topic.

  • “The rules are too strict.”/“You can’t expect us to do all those searches! That’s your job.”

Sorry if you feel like there’s a lot of rules and formatting for submissions! The strictness of the rules and our request for you guys to do searches is because of the sheer number of submissions we receive. The fewer spell/source checks we have to make, the faster quotes can get posted. We get plenty that don’t follow the rules anyway, so the more of you who do, the nicer the experience is all around. And for everyone who follows our format for quote submissions, you have our most heartfelt thanks!

  • “Can you post quotes from the Harry Potter books?”

Sometimes we do! Whenever we hit big follower milestones, we post special sets of quotes taken from the Harry Potter books. The best way to check those out is to check the JK Rowling tag.

  • “Can you create groups/blogs for each separate house?”

We thought quite a bit about this one. The answer we came to for right now is no, because we as a blog try to promote house unity; we think creating blogs or groups like that would very rapidly separate everyone. There’s also several other Tumblr users who already have blogs similar to this idea, and we think doing quotes for all the houses is something that makes us unique.

  • “You post the rules too frequently!”

We apologize to people that find the rules are coming up on their dashes too much. The thing is, we gain so many new followers every week that we really want to keep the rules circulating, so people know they can submit to us. As of now, however, we are using the tag “sorting hat rules” on those posts, so if you feel you’ve gotten everything you need out of that post, you can now use blacklist to avoid seeing it.

  • “The (specific house) posts are too (specific house trait)!”

We definitely see where you’re coming from with this one, but please remember that this blog runs on submissions. We already moderate the submissions for plenty of reasons, but just keep in mind that if you want to see more of a certain trait in a certain house, the best way to do that is to submit some! We also love to see some variety in the house traits.

  • “You should try (specific social media site).”

We are currently trying to decide which social media sites to expand to! Our best options right now seem to be Instagram and Pinterest. Some of you also suggested Facebook and Twitter, but we most likely won’t be expanding to those two sites, as we don’t feel they are a good fit for us for various reasons.

  • “Have you thought about changing the designs of your quotes?”

Yes! And we are working on that! We will debut a new quote design and page theme later this summer.

  • When are you going to dominate the world?

We consider ourselves well on the way - there are already enough of you lovely people to populate several small island nations. Soon HPHQ shall take over the world! One of us. One of us.

This is not, by far, the grand list of every idea that we received, nor the grand list of everything we are working on. There are things to come which will soon be revealed…so stay tuned!

Thanks again for all of your responses, and for all of the sweet words that have been sent to us (both within the survey and without). We wouldn’t be here if not for you guys!

anonymous asked:

Thank you for posting that youtube video as an example of major pieces of fan art or edits that leave out Michonne and other female characters. I thought I saw some good pro-Michonne comments that pointed out the omission yesterday including one of mine. I don't see them today. Could the comments have been removed or hidden? I gave it a thumbs down because it was an obvious Michonne omission.

Okay, I have a separate anon, but is about the same thing, so I’ll add that as well:

Are you following the responses/comments to the people that asked about Michonne being left out of that TWD video ? The same old thing. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

First Anon: I’m Jill Robi.  I can still see the comments you’re referencing via Google, but not on the page itself, so perhaps they deleted it/blocked it.  I can still see my comment, but they never bothered to respond.  The creator claimed that they didn’t feel ANY of Michonne’s quotes or scenes fit the theme of this vid.  NOT ONE, SINGLE, SOLITARY SCENE IN FOUR SEASONS WAS GOOD ENOUGH FOR THIS FOURTEEN MINUTE VIDEO.

Due to the censoring, and because I am still so incredibly pissed that I wrote an article about it and submitted it to @blackgirlnerds.  I don’t know if they want it/will pick it up, but if in the event they don’t, I’ll be posting it to my website HouseofFangirl.com.  This is just a great example of what is prevalent in this fandom–the erasure of this strong, supporting character, sacrificed screen time for characters that were in five episodes or less.  Hell, the walkers got more play than Michonne did.

Second Anon:

Oh, I surely was.  When the creator claimed he couldn’t find a quote that fit, I presented him with the following list: 

And that was just off of the top of my head.  

I cannot stress how important this character is, and I appreciate how @thewalkingdead and Gimple & Co. have treated this character with reverence and grace, allowing her to be a fully formed character who has her dignity, who can be strong, who can be practical, who can be appreciated, who can be loved, who can be tender, who can be a nurturer, and a fighter all at the same time.  There are no stereotypes with Michonne.

Sorry, didn’t mean to wax poetic, but her treatment beyond AMC is offensive and insulting and I am so over that shit.

This is my white elephant gift for @eclecticpeacegarden ​.  It is past midnight so technically 12/23/15 – here goes. I have to admit that I am not at all gifted in the art department. So I begged asked my teenage son, who IS very artistic, to pretty please because Mom loves you so much and gave birth to you after an all-day labor do an Outlander photo edit for me. It is maybe not as “pretty and feminine” as I would have done on my own, but there is an honesty in his picture that I think portrays Jamie and Claire very well. Life is not all pretty; it’s about the difficult times too. I hope you enjoy it and my two snippets from Written In My Own Heart’s Blood. Of course I love the whole series and every novella and Lord John Grey book, but my favorite is “Mature Jamie & Claire”. I think the way he did the picture makes them look older, especially in the center photo, which fits with my book quote timeline well. My theme is “a deep, lasting, unshakable love”. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!! 

(thanks again to @ninjakittypants for going to the trouble to arrange the exchange)

Chapter 24: Welcome Coolness In The Heat, Comfort In The Midst Of Woe (p. 154) [after a deep, conflicted, and, at times, angry conversation]

He looked at me for a moment, then drew a deep breath and, reaching slowly out in turn, pulled me against him. I didn’t resist. In fact, my own arms went round him in reflex and we both sighed in unison, in the sheer relief of embrace. 

I would have been quite content to sit there forever, breathing the musky, dusty, cabbage-laced smell of him and listening to the thump of his heart under my ear. All the things we’d said – all the things that had happened –hovered in the air around us like the cloud of troubles from Pandora’s box, but for this one moment, there was nothing but each other.

After a bit, his hand moved, smoothing the loose, damp curls behind my ear. He cleared his throat and shifted a little, drawing himself up, and I reluctantly let go of him, though I left my hand on his thigh.

“I wish to say something,” he said, in the tone of one making a formal statement before a court. My heart had quieted while he held me; now it fluttered in renewed agitation.

“What?” I sounded so apprehensive that he laughed. Only a breath, but he did laugh, and I was able to breathe again. he took my hand firmly and held it, looking into my eyes. “I don’t say that I dinna mind this, because I do. And I don’t say that I’ll no make a fuss about it later, because I likely will. But what I do say is that there is nothing in this world or the next that can take ye from me – or me from you.” He raised one brow. “D’ye disagree?”

“Oh no,” I said fervently. He breathed again, and his shoulders came down a fraction of an inch. “Well, that’s good, because it wouldna do ye any good if ye did. Just the one question,” he said. “Are ye my wife?”

“Of course I am,” I said, in utter astonishment. “How could I not be?”

His face changed then; he drew a huge breath and took me into his arms. I embraced him, hard, and together we let out a great sigh, settling with it, his head bending over mine, kissing my hair, my face turned into his shoulder, openmouthed at the neck of his open shirt, our knees slowly giving way in mutual relief, so that we knelt in the fresh-turned earth, clinging together, rooted like a tree, leaf-tossed and multi-limbed but sharing one single solid trunk. 

Chapter 145: And You Know That (p. 812)

“Ye lost your parents young, mo nighean donn, and wandered about the world, rootless. Ye loved Frank” – his mouth compressed for an instant, but I thought he was unconscious of it – “and of course ye love Brianna and Roger Mac and the weans…but, Sassenach – I am the true home of your heart, and I know that.” He lifted my hands to his mouth and kissed my upturned palms, one and then the other, his breath warm and his beard stubble soft on my fingers. “I have loved others, and I do love many, Sassenach – but you alone hold all my heart, whole in your hands,” he said softly. “And you know that.” 

USS Caryl's 'Heaven, hell, and Everything in between' Quotation Inspired fanfiction/fanart Challenge
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As promised, get ready to embark on a brand new fanfiction/fanart challenge! It is our first of the season so I hope to see a lot of new faces this time around!

Last week, I asked for quotes surrounding the theme of Daryl’s angel wing vest and Carol’s cross necklace. I figured we could get a handful of quotes and people could trot off into the sunset with some little tid-bits of inspiration.

Well, hello - did we ever get quotes in spades! You guys rock

Religion has been and continues to be a major element in the show, so this should fit in nicely and hopefully provide some interesting material to work with!

How this works:

* This is a fanfiction/fanart challenge where you base your entry in some way around one of these quotation prompts provided below. How you incorporate it is up to you and explained further in the rules and regulations.

* Your first step should be to scroll through the quote list, which is chopped up into categories, choose one/or more that strike you and start brain storming.

* Your second step should be scrolling down to the bottom to read through the rules and regulations. They will tell you how to post your entry, tag appropriately, and let us know when you have completed your entry. - Please keep in mind, I know we have bunch of newbies out there, that reading the rules and regulations is mandatory. In order to be included on the masterlist, we don’t want to forget anyone so please be sure to read the rules and regs and let me know if you have any questions.

Deadline: You have until the afternoon of the mid-season finale. Sunday, November 30th 12pm noon PST. This gives you lots of time, 2+ weeks to get in your submissions. As always, the rules, regs, and quote list is under the cut. Enjoy!

- first mate thereadersmuse

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